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Jean Shepard

Ollie Imogene Shepard (born November 21, 1933), better known as Jean Shepard, is an American honky tonk singer-songwriter who was a pioneer for women in country music.

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Some Jean Shepard and Hawkshaw Hawkins in memory of Hawkshaw, always loved that name!
4 years ago today, Jean Shepard, and Bobby Braddock were announced as the newest inductees for the
The free-form narration on the title cut on "The Clown" is by Jean Shepard, the guy who wrote and narrated "A Christmas Story".
Listening to - Various Artists ~ Ferlin Husky and Jean Shepard: A Dear John Letter with
Jean Shepard - You Win Again lyrics and translations
Norma Jean MacPhee, Robert Shepard, Susan Corte, Emily Ramsey, we thank you for your generous support!
"One night I thought my German Shepard jumped on my bed to sleep with me but when I felt around for him, I felt another…
Jean Shepard, a great author, American..and Gun lover.
watch Jean Shepard reads the poem by Robert service "the cremation of Sam McGee" on YouTube
THE BAKERSFIELD SOUND The Bakersfield sound was a genre of country music developed in the mid- to late 1950s in and around Bakersfield, California.[1] The many hit singles were largely produced by Capitol Records country music head, Ken Nelson.[1][2] Bakersfield country was a reaction against the slickly produced, string orchestra-laden Nashville sound, which was becoming popular in the late 1950s. Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, Tommy Collins, and Merle Haggard and the Strangers, are the most successful artists of the original Bakersfield sound era.[1] Other major Bakersfield country artists include Wynn Stewart, Jean Shepard, Susan Raye, and Freddie Hart. The Bakersfield sound was developed at honky-tonk bars[3] such as The Blackboard, and on local television stations in Bakersfield and throughout California in the 1950s and 1960s. The town, known mainly for agriculture and oil production, was the destination for many Dust Bowl migrants and others from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and other parts of the Sou ...
Just saw another great show at the Grand Ole Opry! I got to hear the Legends Jeannie Seely perfrom Ode To Billie Joe, Jean Shepard perform The Tennessee Waltz and Second Fiddle (with her infamous Yodel), and Jim Ed Brown sing the Three Bells once again! I got to see the Opry debut of an up and coming star named Mo Pitney and wonderful performances by The Isaacs, The Steeldrivers, The Riders In The Sky and many others. Such an awesome night at the Opry!
This coming Saturday, June 21 at 7:00 come join us for a night of music with local favorites as well as Donna Cunningham and the main attraction for the evening Allen Karl, CEO and founder of Century II Records, one of the top Indie labels in Nashville, TN. Mr. Karl is a recording artist and founded Century II in 1987. Singers who are signed to the label are the legendary Jean Shepard (Slippin' Away") and Jim Ed Brown ("Pop a Top Again"), Helen Cornelius ("I Don't Want to Have to Marry You"), Bobby G. Rice ("You Lay So Easy on My Mind"). Also signed to Century II is local recording artist, Donna Cunningham. Mr. Karl will sing a few songs and also spend time speaking with anyone interested in recording and/or songwriting. He has been in the country music business since the age of 14. He has toured with such greats as Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Skeeter Davis and Gene Watson just to name a few. He has toured Europe, Canada and the United States. In the last 3 years alone, Century II has had 14 songs on the I ...
Jean Shepard to unveil new book Friday at Country Music Hall of Fame
Hey Shepard. Wanna go grab some drinks tonight?
Country Music Hall of Fame® member, the legendary Jean Shepard has had quite a story to tell about her life and career, but never had the right opportunity. Understanding its potential historic significance, Gus Arrendale, President of Springer Mountain Farms Chicken and Larry Black, Executive Producer of "Country’s Family Reunion" put their heads together to help her publish and distribute her long-awaited autobiography.
Just finished reading the new biography by country legend jean Shepard. Read in two days. Kinda disappointed in it. I waited for two years for it to come out. It talked more about other stars than her life. I feel I wasted the 25.00 buying it.
Country Music Hall of Famer Jean Shepard posed with fans at the R.O.P.E. banquet
*holds your hand* I'm sorry Shepard. I just wanted to make sure everyone got back safely *smiles back*
Alright, Shepard. If it'll make you feel better *rests on a bed in the med bay*
*emerges from a pile of rubble* Oh Goddess. Shepard. I'm so drained.
I'll be fine, Shepard! Garrus might be in trouble! You need to make sure he gets back safely! *throws a singularity*
Get Garrus and go, Shepard! I'll hold them off *stays behind to stasis some geth and shoot others*
Thank you, Shepard *smiles back* And with your skilled leadership, I know we'll be alright.
Had to wear my cowboy hat (of course) to see country classic Jean Shepard and a bunch of others last night--there are a few advantages to living in Nashville after all.
What's up with not having Jean Shepard books OR vouchers this morning?! What am I supposed to do now?
The country music industry publication for which I am a contract feature writer is Larry's Country Diner and Country Family Reunion Magazine. This monthly publication focuses on traditional country music and the musicians who performed and still perform it. The television show airs Sunday nights at 6 p.m. and Saturday nights at 10 p.m. on RFD-TV on cable, Dish or Direct. Yesterday I spent the day at NorthStar Studios in Nashville watching the filming of four episodes that will air in July and August. Guests were Johnny Rodriguez, Jamie O'Neal, Jean Shepard and Gene Watson. To read my columns for this month and for subscription information visit I have interviewed a very interesting list of beloved performers already and cannot wait to finish the series and see it published over the next year.
Monday, June 2, 2014 Weldon Myrick One of the greatest, if not the greatest, steel guitar player in the history of country music, Weldon Myrick passed away earlier today after suffering a stroke. Weldon was a member of the Grand Ole Opry Staff Band for 32 years, beginning in 1966. While he retired from the Staff Band in 1998, he remained active in the music business. He was a former member of Bill Anderson's Po' Folks Band from 1963 until 1965, after which he joined Connie Smith's band for several years. He also toured with Jean Shepard, Bobby Lord, Billy Walker, Norma Jean, Loretta Lynn, and a host of others. He was also a songwriter and performed movie soundtracks. He was also featured on a number of television shows including those hosted by Johnny Cash, Jim & Jesse, Stu Phillips, Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dean, Hee Haw, and more recently, Marty Stuart. Many associated his work with Connie Smith and he performed on a number of her recordings, along with recordings by Bill Anderson, Billy Walker, Jeanne Prue ...
Wow! Wow! Wow!!! We played to a PACKED house Monday night at The Nashville Palace!!! EVERY table and booth was filled!!! And there were folks standing! What a great night and what a great show!!! Our 2nd Generation friends did a super job singing and paying tribute to their legendary parents!! (And 2C4N wasn't bad either!!) ha/ha.And how cool to have Jean Shepard and George Hamilton IV there as well!! Thank you to everyone who made it out! Hope you had a fun night! We sure did!! :)
shared via Donnie Winters who said:'Country music hall of fame member Jean Shepard and...
*leans on the desk* You know I can handle myself, Shepard. And you'll be right there with me *comforting smile*
Of course, Shepard *rubbing your *** It's been a while since we did a mission together. I would love to. featured in NBC s Science of Love
*smiles back* I love you too, Shepard. More than anything.
I would like to have a drink with you some time Shepard, sounds like a good idea
Don't forget the show tonight! Its a special treat that Ms. Jean Shepard will be performing with her son Hawk and...
Hello. I do not believe we met. I'm Commander Jean Shepard.
*I pull you onto me, kissing you all over* Make me your Goddess tonight, Shepard...
And I'll always be proud of you for doing so, Shepard *smiles*
*kisses your hand* Nor I, Shepard. I'm always happy here when I'm with you.
Hang on, Shepard. I'm trying to find a version of the picture which is clearer ;)
*sobs* That's not funny Shepard. Anyway I am not the type of girl who wants to get married.
(I grunt as I try to speak) Jean Shepard. Spectre and Commander for the Alliance as well.
(The flashlight on my suit turns on in the dark. I walk slowly inside and press forward) Shepard to log; council believes Geth (c)
I love you too, Shepard. Nothing could change that *holds her close*
Shepard has saved the day again. *laughs* . You deserve her Jean. She will never hurt your feelings.
Shepard! Miranda won't keep her hands off me!
*slips her clothes on* If it were up to me, we wouldn't wear clothes at all, Shepard *winks*
*smiles back and kisses you back tenderly, blushes* I love you, Shepard.
*** on Jacks neck with a look on Shepard that says* This could be you
*pressing our bodies and our minds together to make us one* I love you too, Shepard. I want to be yours forever too. And only yours
Of course, Shepard. I wouldn't have it any other way *sets mine down too*
*smiles shyly* You're so poetic, Shepard. I feel the same way. If you're ever called to action again, I need you to come back to me
*lights up* Oh yes, that sounds wonderful, Shepard. Time with just us sounds wonderful *takes your hand*
That's really sweet, Shepard *sips* I've always admired your bravery and beauty.
Sounds good, Shepard. I'll change into nicer clothes and be right over.
*smiles back* I missed you, Shepard. I quite enjoyed our... encounter last night.
I'm talking about the private Shepard. The Jean inside the armor not the alliance.
Pah. You wish. *goes down between your legs and comes up a long time later*. Tasting good Shepard.
Mmm... Shepard. I had no idea you were so... passionate. *kissing you back lovingly, wrapping my leg around you*
*kisses you back, looks into your eyes* Shepard, I can hardly believe this is really happening. I've always cared... deeply for you
*keeping myself close to you, our lips barely touching* I've never seen you so flustered Shepard >>
*blushes* Goddess... I... thank you. So do you, Shepard. It's good to see you again. I am very well, thank you.
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Friday night's show---Kathy Mattea, Jimmy Newman, Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top X- Press, John Conlee, Henry Cho, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Skaggs, Jean Shepard, Jim Ed Brown, Radney Foster, Marty Stuart, Connie Smith and Mary Gauthier. I could have sit there all night! Such a experience of past and present country music stars.brought tears to my eyes b/c I wanted to share the experience so badly with my Mom and all my family!
*pushes you off me*. You said later. Shepard. And now you just get me later. *smirks as you land on the ground with a fump*
Trivia The love interest in her song, "Tim McGraw", is named Johnny. Taught herself to play guitar. Sister of Austin K. Swift, a photographer. He photographed her Fearless Tour. With her first No. 1 song "Our Song", at age 18 years and 9 days, became the fifth teen-aged female singer to top the Billboard magazine Hot Country Songs chart. The others were Jean Shepard (19 years, 9 months in August 1953 with "A Dear John Letter"), Tanya Tucker (14 years, 7 months in May 1973 with "What's Your Mama's Name"), Marie Osmond (14 years, 1 month in November 1973 with "Paper Roses") and LeAnn Rimes (14 years, 4 months in December 1996 with "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)"). Was ranked on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 of 2008 list. She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania and her job was to rake Praying Mantis pods off the trees. Was in a relationship with Joe Jonas [June 2008 - October 2008]. Best friends with Selena Gomez and Emma Stone. She won the award for Best Female Video at the 2009 Video Music Awards. ...
This Day in Country Music History, May 22 2011 Reba McEntire, Jean Shepard and songwriter Bobby Braddock are inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame 2002 Brooks & Dunn and Alan Jackson win three times each in the 37th Academy of Country Music awards at Los Angeles' Universal Amphitheatre. Brooks & Dunn take Entertainer of the Year; Top Vocal Duo; and Video of the Year, for "Only In America" 2000 Garth Brooks' "Double Live" sets a new record for country concert albums, as it's certified for shipments of 13 million units 1993 CBS airs "Willie Nelson The Big Six-0: An All-Star Birthday Celebration," with Ray Charles, B.B. King, Paul Simon, Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Travis Tritt, Lyle Lovett, Bob Dylan, Marty Stuart, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson 1975 Freddy Fender gains his first gold single, for "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" 1961 Bass player Dana Williams is born in Dayton, Ohio. He joins Diamond Rio, a band that wins the Country Music Association's Vocal Group award three time ...
We just found this, and it is the best video representation of the vast and weird alternative universe of classic country music. Its so David Lynch. Don Helms looks like Woody Allen playing steel, and poor Jean Shepard must have lost her luggage, having to wear the hotel bathrobe and use a Sharpie on her eyebrows. There's also an uncharastic band mistake at 0:15. Shepard - You Sent Her An Orchid - You Sent Me A Rose.
Nashville, our first time ever to be here in downtown and for the Grand Ole Opry with Vine Gill, Larry Gatlin, a young man named Chris Janson performed so wonderful and amazing! There was Jean Shepard an oldie Jeannie Seely, Connie Smith many more! Thanks to our friends from Pensacola Fl. For inviting us to come here with them! All of us our first time! god sure blessed those performers with a wonderful talent of song and music! Would recommend anyone go see it! Wish I had come a long time ago but thankful I came this time! Missing my church family this morning! We are spending the day here to see some more Nashville with Ralph an Jan! Love them and their family !
Just played: if teardrops were silver - jean shepard
Jean Shepard - Two Little Boys: think you could remake this song
Here is Jean Shepard Howie for your use.
"Dear John oh how I hate to write dear John I must let you know tonight" Jean Shepard
Jean Shepard riding it's a small world at the World's Fair is priceless
Best country sad song ever is dear John,,by Jean Shepard
Come out to Jean Shepard Community Center today for The 3rd Annual Overstock Sale from 1 to 4. Many Vendors Alberts Jewelers will be there to buy unwanted silver and gold. Eat lunch there with Haven Houses famous taco dinners. Come visit my Tastefully Simple booth and find out whats new. Address is 3031 Mahoney Dr, Hammond. Off of Kennedy Ave.
Jean Shepard - Someone's Gotta Cry --- musical composition administered by Sony ATV Publishing -I do not own the copyright to this music "Copyright Discl...
Haven House Overstock sale is today at Jean Shepard Center, 1 to 4, hope to see you there!
What a day, started out going to the Market Days in Hallettsville with my daughter, went to Wal-Mart, then on to some antiquing in Yoakum and surrounding towns, bought some old 45 &78 records: Merle Haggard/Leona Williams, Jean Shepard, Brenda Lee and Bill Anderson/Jan Howard. Had a great time...but gosh I'm tired.
GoodMorning & GOODafter noon! Wata night syated up till 11 w/ mama & 1st all nighter sleeping. Mama was here! Good visiting/coffee 2gether & blueberry pancakes . Feel so good , still seeing unable to do something for herself hurt so much n heart. But GOD KNOWS I COULDNT LIVE W/ OUT U MAMA!!!_Them mamas break ure hearts, but not like them youngins do. Lol We got a few thing to do today & i get to b w/ mama & we have a very very close lady who's been w{ us since my childhood mamas one & only beautiful friend . Best lady n the world to mama as if she was blood. MS JEAN SHEPARD. PROUD TO THE WORLD. GOD BLESS U ALL W{ THE ONES U LOVE
: Ms Jean Shepard I am a 27 years old Aussie boy and just worship the ground you walk. Also love all your music, true COUNTRY.
Riding in the car with my dad. He's listening to old country crooners. Last up: Jean Shepard showing off yodeling talents. 😳
Sharing some photos that our Midwest Country friends sent mailed to us. Our good friend Larry Rose, Jean Shepard...
Shepard Fairey, RISK team up again to paint a wall on L.A.'s skid row
Please watch this number one hit from 1957~. Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky - Dear John Letter: via
Thanks for letting me join in since I was a little kid I liked talk radio better then music my friends loved kiss I loved Jean Shepard I cant wait to find out about pod cast I never heard.
Learn something everyday. I never knew Jean Shepard was Hawkshaw Hawkins' wife.
Jean Shepard & Ray Pillow - I'd Fight the World ---I do not own the right to this music
Jean Shepard on the 1963 plane crash that killed her husband and Patsy Cline Video Library The T
From her 3rd LP released in 1959 ' This Is Jean Shepard'
The last great voice on the radio of my youth has passed. Jean Shepard and Scott Muni have opened the door and invited Ralph Kiner in for a chat. A part of my life for 52 years, and will be missed by all Met fans. Sleep peacefully, Mr. Kiner. We love you...
“I’ll Take The Dog” – Jean Shepard and Ray Pillow A divorced couple straight from the courthouse are dividing up their possessions, but can’t agree on who gets custody of the dog. So instead they decide to get back together. This duet cracked the Top 10 in 1966, making it Pillow’s highest charting single.
Friday Night Opry tonight with John Conlee, Joanna Smith, Jimmy C Newman, Connie Smith, Bobby Osborne, Chuck Wicks, Jim Ed Brown, Wade Hayes, Del McCoury Band, Riders In The Sky, Elizabeth Cook and Charles Esten. Grand Ole Opry on Saturday night with John Conlee, Greg Bates Restless Heart, Connie Smith, Billy Dean, Elizabeth Cook, Jim Ed Brown, Jean Shepard, Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys, Riders In The Sky, Francesca Battistelli and Del McCoury Band. Allie is in Nashville for the weekend and tried to talk her into going to the Grand Ole Opry, but no go. Meanwhile, back here in Ohio, it is just plain old snowy and cold.
Cooking while watchin my Hee Haws, & Country Family Reunions. This cfr, with John Conlee, Jean Shepard, Lary Gatlin, Little Jimmy Dickens, others, & one of my favorites, Mr. Vince Gill! Love my legends!!! 󾌬󾌬󾌬󾌬 Since I got Dvr, I guess it'd be a waste to get the Dvd collection, huh!? Lol
Happy Birthday to Jean Shepard, member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, Matriarch of Country...
Im back! Was thinking of someone ILuv & so so dear 2 my family but the heart of my mama as well as she is hers. Ms Jean Shepard hasn't been up to par from her knee surgery haven it hard.just asking if u know her don't forget her either. Never know a sweet & luv human being sine i was lil gal
Seeing the great Jean Shepard sing "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels" at the Grand Ole Opry last Saturday night =
Hi Jean Shepard, this pretty much sums it ALL up!
If only I could yodel like Jean Shepard...
New favorite place in Dayton.Mendelson's Liquidation. That place is so awesomely weird. Like something out of a Jean Shepard story.
from A-Z: Jean Shepard's "Another Lonely Night" hit on the country charts in 1970:
Their version of Jean Shepard in A Christmas Story... the line's starts there...
Jean Jean Shepard Hahn this made me think of you.
Ha! Jean Shepard, she was a great writer, LOL, not sure you've seen that movie!
Listening to my dad talk about his "yout" is like listening to Jean Shepard narrate A Christmas Story. Gotta love it!
This Song has been in my head all night! Jean shepard - Slippin' Away: via
There are gods in radio comedy - Bob & Ray, Jean Shepard, *** Orkin and the TRULY gifted Stan Freberg - Happy 87th.
I added a video to a playlist Jean Shepard -- A Satisfied Mind
Bobby Fischer, the great World Chess Champion, was also a passionate Jean Shepard follower! :D
An episode from Jean Shepard with cussing in it.
“For the Law Came bY Mo$es but Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ” St John There’s a Reason they call it the “NEW” Promise verse the OLD promise, as in OLD… i'm an 8th Day Adventist and Keep the Feast of Tents because the Old Promise says to keep it “Forever” and Zechariah 14 teaches it will be required of Gentiles of all Nations in the New Xristi Millennial Order” New Promise xX(M)Oo just making a scholastic and sarcastic point so try and follow me: Why do some people dare call themselves Christians and yet bash *** with Romans 1? But never get around to the point in Romans 2? Silly Monkey, he’s talking about you: “DuMmY!” Red Foxe “For thou art inexcusable… that judges another, in that thou does the same thing” St Paul Romans 2:1 7th Day Adventist ~ While the “smart one” got it the first time (The Great Disappointment) there are those who still hold to the teaching of the Farmer: William Miller. But i will give him credit for one thing, after all, he is the only Prea ...
BACK home!! Had a good time in Nashville the Grand Ole Opry ain't the same a lot of the older ones have passed on but the ones we did see like Connie Smith, Jimmy C Newman, Ray Pillow, George Hamilton IV, and Mrs. Jean Shepard they still got it. For the new ones they were good to Eric Paslay, Jimmy Wayne, Lennon @ Maisy if your wondering who they are all u have to do is watch the TV show NASHVILLE they play the daughters of the red head and the mayor I foget there names lol, and ofcourse the main attraction Carrie Underwood which sounds and looks better in person lol. Then my favorite the Grand Ole Opry Square Dancers who were awesome as usual.
Music really is the best way to escape...what's your favorite "escape" music??
"She rebelled against recording pop. Her heart was in country music but her voice was just too good to emulate Kitty Wells or Jean Shepard. She fought 'em alright, she fought 'em hard. But in the end, Owen Bradley knew what direction to take her. When she started selling records, she stopped fighting so much"
Sharing Jean Sherman Shepard Design as Outdoor Entry into 'PIC'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY CONTEST ' ' looks so much fun and activity here ...nice place . Thanks for your entry & good luck. ''Encouraging feedback is always welcome and appreciated.'' Ty :)-Jann
Carrie, wishes you would yodel tonight like Jean Shepard did!! Pretty PLEASE!!! Its been SO long since Leno. ;)
Beautiful afternoon. Jack Plante took over driving for Jeri Shepard
den he sayin bad jokez 2 jean shepard nd homequrl was rollin ! LMFAO she 2 silly.!
.WONDERFUL time at the Grand Ole Opry! My parents use to make us go when we were kids and we hated it. It was nice to see some of those country legends tonight.Bill Anderson, Jean Shepard and Jim Ed Brown. Also saw comedian Henry Cho and some other musical acts. But was THRILLED to see The Band Perry and Carrie Underwood. Uploading some pics, stay tuned.
The Opry was awesome! Rick loved the "seasoned" entertainers while I loved The Band Perry and we both, of course, loved Carrie!
Wanting to get a pup or a young dog for Andrew.any ideas to find Andrew a best friend!
The FBI is now investigating this case of a swastika burned into a yard.
My dog can _: 1. Roll Over 2. Sit 3. Give a Paw 4. Speak 5. All of the Above No matter what, they deserve a Milk-Bone!
WOOHOO! Gonna be a party!!! Sistah Sue has her boots on and ready to roll!!! The Opry is on tonight! Grand Ole Opry: Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, The Isaacs, Striking Matches, Mike Snider, Jean Shepard, Stu Phillips, Jim Ed Brown, Jesse McReynolds, Henry Cho, and more to be added.
I had a great time yesterday with my loved ones Amy Jean Gooslin, Owen Gooslin, Knick North, Erica McGuigan, Thomas Shepard, and of course Yvette Jean. Whatever you're doing, always appreciate the loved ones around you. They are the ones who really care and will always be by your side. Who are your loved ones and do they know?
With great regret we must cancel the fireworks display tonight. Our lovely Delaware River is running too high to safely tug the barge and anchor for our show. Next weeks forecast shows little precipitation and we anticipate the river to be at a level that is safe for us to operate.
Warm weather = morons playing music so loud the walls shake! Been on night's.sleeps over rated anyway!
Ludlow Kissel and the *** Bomb that Struck back by Jean Shepard ... Find it and read it... Trust me. Best 4th of July writing ever.
Jay you might convince some and or most people that you are "Basquiat" but...c'mon...please stop comparing yourself to Jean-Michael..there can be no comparison. I don't think the late great artist and visionary would associate himself with yourself..just my thoughts...listening to Magna Carta btw. Sounds good but stop comparing yourself to Basquiat please..tryna make $$ off of JMB name.
What do short stories mean to you? For a long time I shied away from ever picking up a collection, always preferring the lengthy weight of a novel. I enjoy novels because it gives me more time to b...
Looking for james Shepard who was in Neuchatel in 1971 and was a USA citizen and came from sandy hook lane, Illinois. Others in our class were Eddie, Ruth who was Russian. Our teacher most mornings were jean Marc and we used to translate the news from the war in Vietnam.
Movieplex channel has a movie on with Jean Shepherd narrating.
Started my road trip with a really loud Jean Shepard on to Dolphie's for some more awesome singing with Nicole!
The Benicia Herald Review: C.C. Civic’s ‘La Cage’ loaded with fun Theater review by Elizabeth Warnimont Special to The Herald CONTRA COSTA CIVIC THEATRE of El Cerrito is currently staging “La Cage aux Folles,” the funny and heartwarming story of a nontraditional family that must re *** its values and expectations when son Jean-Michel (Daniel Quezada) decides to marry the daughter of a reputedly intolerant politician. Peter Del Fiorentino is terrific as drag queen Albin, the lead role and key to the success of any “La Cage” production. Del Fiorentino is confident and sassy and has the requisite diva personality down. Dan Kapler is strong and charming as Albin’s straight man — if you’ll excuse the expression — counterpart George, owner of La Cage aux Folles, a drag nightclub. And the dancers! One would think this troupe of “Cagelles” came to audition together as a group, they are so well tuned to each other, and comfortable and lithe in all of their costumes (by Lisa Danz). The ...
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I love his duet Dear John Letter with Jean Shepard!
OK seriously don't bad mouth a police officer that was doing his job. It was sad to see a Rottweiler being shot and killed, it broke my heart. The owner knew what he was doing he put the dog in the car because he knew he would not have positive control of his pet. When the dog jumped out of the car and attacked the officer he has the right to defend himself.
David played for Jean Shepard on the Opry for 19 years, hearing Jimmy Dickens say "what else can I do while I am down here"! I immediately thought of him when I read this. However.whatever works! LOL!!! :)
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Pictures of 13D-1151 (5/25) a Labrador Retriever/Bulldog Mix for adoption in Rome, GA who needs a loving home.
Ok everyone. I need ideas for puppy names!
SH! I need you all to keep this a secret, but it looks like I found the perfect Birthday gift for my sweet angel girl. She turns five next month. Just put a deposit down on the most adorable female Shepard mix, only six-weeks old. Promise to post a photo of the the two finally meet face-to-face!! This will be her first!!
Here, in the heat of July, my life is sizzling in so many, many ways -- more than I can go into here -- but first and foremost let me bid farewell to June and its extraordinary gifts: the marriages of beloved friends Alexandra to her dear Jesus, as well as Ian to the lovely Irina. And huge thanks to Irina for sponsoring the tremendous workshops of Suhaila Salimpour, to Mark Balahadia for sponsoring the informative and challenging Leila Molaei workshops, and to Ranya and Anasma and the hard working, talented staff, teachers, and performers of the Theatrical Bellydance Conference. But most of all, deepest thanks to the devoted, brilliant, and sublime cast and crew of Blood on the Veil, which closed just one week ago on June 24th. Elizabeth Free: what can I say? You have been the backbone of this show since its beginning, whether you are stage managing, running the box office, or shaking your groove on the stage -- you are awesome and I am honored to have you as a friend and colleague. And then the divine Mi ...
Jean Stafford (July 1, 1915 – March 26, 1979) was an American short story writer and novelist, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Collected Stories of Jean Stafford in 1970.
Jean Sherman Shepard shares this gorgeous room to show the use of color in design, which is our current Smart Home Designing Tips topic. Purple and white work so well here with hints of gold, and some green plants for contrast. Thanks for sharing! ~MizPat
Had a BLESSED day in church at the Kinsman Ave Church of God. So glad I decided to visit. Ila Taylor Jean Akeeba Lovinhertwo GwollaBandz Velvie Mzprettylady Johnson Michael Sanders Danielle Spearman
A huge thanks to my best friends Whitney Childs Soule and Erica Jean Clark for hosting an amazing engagement party last night!! We had such a great time. Also, thank you sooo much to Kayleen Shepard Childs, Hank Childs and Chris Shepard Evers for all your help!! Love you guys!
This page is to post updates for the Christmas Story 30th anniversary tour 2013 North Tonawanda NY show.
Tomorrow Im gonna Look for some non christian Friends ,My page used to rock
This is everyone we saw tonight at the opry :) Riders in the sky, Kristen Kelly, Jimmy C Newman, Bobby Osborn and the Rockey Top X-press, Mike Snider, Andy Gibson, The Whites, Larry Gatlin, Jean Shepard, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bill Anderson, Tate Stevens and Crystal Gayle :)
Getting ready to go see the Grand Ole Opry with my sweetie!
I would like to thank my great friends Julie Moore, Pauly M. Everett, Amy Jean Gooslin, Amanda Kat Shaw, Geary Roe, Justin Faber, Thomas Shepard, Rowdy Roulette, Tabitha Graham, and many more I've met last night. You made it a night never to forget. I had a wonderful time even though we got rained out! Thanks for all the fun Jules. You put on quite an event and if you ever need help for future events, please let me know. I'd be happy to assist. :)
Going to The Grand Ole Opry tonight. The line-up includes The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Larry Gatlin, Jean Shepard (the first woman to sell a million copies of a country record post-WWII), and Loretta Lynn's younger sister, Crystal Gayle. I'm pretty excited about the large line-up that consists of decades of experience and all levels of the music business.
Went to Popcorn Park saw a beautiful Rottie-Shepard named Brandy. Hope she'll be here soon. Keep your fingers cross!
I just love some of the clever names people have for their What was the name of your first pet? Please share!
Alicia Jane Shepard. Here's the menu for you to look at!!
As I write this, it is 11:24 p.m. Miss Lorrie's birthday is coming to a close. "We All Love You, Lorrie" wants to specially thank everyone who took time today to post birthday wishes, comments, photos, for Miss Lorrie Morgan. I am sure that, wherever she was today, she felt the positive karma. All of the love, appreciation, and support she receives from her fans, friends, family, could be felt by her. I do hope that she realizes how precious she is to, not only the world of music, but to the world in general. The day Miss Lorrie was born is indeed a reason for celebration. We do all love and respect you Miss Lorrie...on your birthday and everyday, for always.
YED is sharing the very first entry for YED Fantasy Contest. Thank you Jean Sherman Shepard for your beautiful entry. YOYI
Fascinated with the water in the tub, Bundy the Labrador Retriever figures out how to get more water to play with. That's the last time Bundy's humans can leave him alone in the bathroom! Bundy's human, Lisa Ipkendanz says, "I keep the door closed when we are at work but when we are home, he prefers...
Hillbilly Fever's comin' right up at 7:00 PM est on East Tennessee's own, WDVX...89.9 102.9 and 93.9 in the Knoxville listening area and on the web at's 3 hours of ALL classic country music - who's ready?
Dedicated to the founding fathers of electronic music I hope you have a crazy night! download session to
Just so people who don't know. Here a list of most of the animals we have. The best was Brandy a wonderful yellow lab (RIP, you gave us 10 wonderful years) Shadow, black lab. Bailey, Shepard retriever mix. Numerous fresh water fish in one tank along with two bata fish tanks. Two hamsters named Levi & Eli ( No, I didn't name them). There are also a number of different types of Squirrels, gray, red and Chipmunks. As seen in some of our photos LOTS of different birds!! I don't have enough time to list all the Creepy crawlers. I'm sure there will be more as time goes on... Seem more and more like a zoo every day... 󾌰
Seriously could Port Pirie be any more boring? Thank goodness for Thursday night footy.
Hi Friends! Just wanted to thank those of you that saw me perform on Midwest Country tonight. I was just as surprised as everyone to see myself tonight. Wish I could have let you all know in advance about it. I was very pleased to have sung one of my fav. Marty Robbin's songs,"Begging To You" Hoped you enjoyed it too. Don't forget I'll be performing with my old friend, Jean Shepard on July, 13th in Sandstone. Mn.. Look forward to picking with my old friend Larry Rose and the band. They all do such a great job for me. I'm so proud to be a part of the Midwest Country family. Thank you Kathy, Joe and Jeff, for the chance to play for all my friends that enjoy my music. Take care and God bless all. Your friend, Frank James
Rest in peace to an old friend and bandmate with Jean Shepard...Ray Emmit passed away June 2nd..great bass player and vocalist also long time band member of Faron Young s..God be with his family..
TY for following. My Country stars are more like Red Foley, Tex Ritter, Hank Thompson & Jean Shepard. :)
The state of Oklahoma has given us so many great country artists and several Country Music Hall of Fame members among them; Jean Shepard, Vince Gill Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, and more. Our thoughts are with our friends in Oklahoma where many suffered great losses when deadly tornadoes ripped through the state earlier this week.
Jean Shepard shares her Festive Cinco De Mayo room with us. Great use of the Restaurant Theme in Yo with a combination of the Spanish she has created a colorful and awesome room. Great Job!♥ Each picture is a work of art and positive feedback encouraged. ♥ Bearwolfpic
Strawberry Lemonades with 18 Hunna is indeed a very wavy mix. We call that the “Skinny Jean” 😂. One of many drinks.
If technologist and uber-philanthropist billionaire Bill Gates has his way, we will all be eating meat substitutes in the near future. But the jury is still out on whether the mainstream accept hi-tech foods as readily as we have smartphones.
Jean Sherman Shepard shares this great design with us for Cinco De Mayo Holiday.Check this share out and Remember Encouraging words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” .. Thanks.. Adi
Sharing Jean Sherman Shepard Fabulous Cinco de Mayo design be sure ti checkout her comments all about it great read Awesome design Tysm for sharing with us. Remember every design is special created with Loving care. Feel free to give Encouraging feedback ,To The designer's Hugs ~ Crystal gem
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Jean Sherman Shepard is sharing this very festive scene to celebrate the date. Looks like lots of fun and good food to be had here! Be sure to read the historical information she gives in the caption. Thanks for sharing! ~MizPat
Three Whoops and a Holler for Jean Shepard and this awesome old song
Ya'll, I just want to be Jean Shepard when I reach 79.
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy walk into the Pentagon...
"I'm going to have a baby? With Jean Ralphio's sister? What have I done... like, to humanity."
I'd leave my wife for Jean Shepard for this alone: I'm taking the pets if things go south. She can take the house.
Jean Sherman Shepard shares some home-made motorbikes for our Smart Home Design Tips - Wheels topic. These are so clever and they are sittable, too! Very creative use of items, thanks for sharing! ~MizPat
Jean Sherman Shepard shares with us her Chinatown! Look at the levels! Click the pic and leave a nice comment YOs! ~Princess Shyla~
Your you're-a-riot-ness doesn't cease. We need an NPR program built around you. Hey, Jean Shepard voiced some pieces.
LONESOME 7-7203 ~ Hawkshaw Hawkins ~ 1962~ King Records. Recorded at the end of 1962 and released on March 2, 1963. LONESOME-77203 was composed by Justin Tub...
My comedy troupe when we entertained at THE LIMELIGHT.
Our new Artist of the Month for May is Jean Shepard!
Now you'll also see how accurate the Pagenaud/Jean Girard comparison is. Minus the German Shepard training husband.
I think you girls who complain bout jean shopping need to try & find me a pair cause I'm working with a skinny waist & thick thighs & a big🍑
Catch performances by Jean Shepard & Johnny Lee on today's "Gettin' Together" @ 12P E/P!
If you like Jean Shepard - Honky-Tonk Heroine: Classic Capitol ..., connect with other fans at
Mockin' Bird Hill by Jean Shepard was played on Precious Memories /cc
» An Affair To Remember:The 50th anniversary of the plane crash that took the lives of Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas and Hawkshaw Hawkins will be remembered at the Grand Ole Opry's first Tuesday Night Opry of the year March 5. The evening will include performances of their hit records by Jean Shepard, Mandy Barnett, Terri Clark, John Conlee and Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knoll Boys. Also on the night's bill are performances from Florida Georgia Line and Riders In The Sky.
Just returned from another night at the Grand Ole Opry. Started with a VIP backstage pass. Then setting in front of the stage in the second row. Watching the stars come out and preform. Jim Ed Brown, Kristen Kelly, Connie Smith, Mike Snider, Jean Shepard, The Band Perry, John Conlee, Holly Williams (hank jrs daughter) The Henningsens (from Illinois) Opry Square dancers, Whispering Bill Anderson, Then Scotty McCreery takeing the stage. Jan had her name on the progarm as well as having it announced over the air. What a night.7 more days in this secret trip to go.
Tune in Trash to Treasures featured artists Johnny Horton Hank Williams & Jean Shepard now on wcrs1450am & streaming on
Come home & learn I missed the legendary Jean Shepard calling out Blake Shelton from the Opry stage (see comments)
If you missed the Celebrity Salute to Eddie Stubbs last night at the Counry Music Hall of Fame you can catch it here: of the Best Live Radio I've every had the privilege to be a part of. Josh Turner, Gene Watson, Daily & Vincent, Jean Shepard, Duane Allen, Ray Price, Ricky Scaggs, Larry Stephenson, Shawn Camp, Ronnie Milsap and More all singing songs and telling stories. AMAZING! Take a listen
With the fam' after attending CSU's "A Christmas Story" by Jean Shepard, where Bryan played four - count 'em,...
OK EVERYONE, IT'S TIME FOR THE FIRST GIVEAWAY OF THE DAY!! Here are your 2 trivia questions. Please leave your COMPLETE answers in a SINGLE response to this post. The first person to answer both questions correctly, will win a bottle of "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" - Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson play brother and sister in what Christmas movie? - What novel is the basis for the movie "A Christmas Story" and who is it written by?
FYI, the guy narrating is also the writer - Jean Shepard. He had an entire series about his childhood on PBS. This m...
I know. I love your Pizza Reno story better than Jean Shepard's Christmas Story. Let's write a screenplay!
Any Jean Shepard "Christmas Story Fans" out there? Long before that movie became a classic, I would fall asleep...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
LOVED as the narrator in Ted; it's right up there w/Jean Shepard's narration on A Christmas Story. Well done,
Met early ladies of country music Jean Shepard/Lorrie Collins/Kay Adams/Rose Lee Maphis/Rosie Flores today at Country Music Hall of Fame!
Lorrie Collins will be among the ladies (Jean Shepard, Rose Lee Maphis, Kay Adams, & Rosie Flores) appearing this...
Larry and Lorrie - their story in less than 10 minutes.
"What is the name of Jean Shepard new book?"
I feel like drawing something during Christmas break, my own personal Christmas gift :-) What do you think, which female comic book character should it be? I'll draw one with most votes!
Here's another reminder to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame this Saturday at 11am CT to see Jean Shepard, Rose...
featuring an all-star band: Jackie Phelps on guitar, Don Helms on steel, Tommy Jackson on fiddle.
Jean Shepard I have notice you also have visited my page and liked a photo...if you see this please come back and if you would come and join showing your support would be greatly appreciated, you will be helping me to reach many many more people. Just click on the LIKES block next to the photos block above to the right..Thank You for you time.
  Our out of print video documentary in an obsolete electronic media format––this tape is an extremely rare collectible item! No longer available a...
Olmsted Performing Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the creative expression of the residents of our community through participation in different aspects of theater. Both on-stage and behind the scenes and presenting programs which their creative spirit through v...
Ok, everybody. Serious question. Does anyone know of any shelters, non-profits, veteran service, child service (or otherwise) organizations that PICK UP food donations? It's getting harder for us to unload our leftovers without having to drive them somewhere every day. Thank you in advance!
The Jean Shepard soundalike sounds like he's trying to poop.
What Holiday Movie does your family look forward to each year?
Love that lamp. Needs to be in the front window. :-) Favorite Christmas movie, big Jean Shepard fan. Met him at book signing.
Update your maps at Navteq
The Palm of Your Hand by Jean Shepard/Ferlin Husky... now at KWBC.FM
EQ3: Who narrated as "adult Ralphie"? bonus point: what is he famous for?
Well my old mates I have just popped in, to let you know I'm still alive and kicking, ha ha I was without a computer yesterday, so was unable to do Ellie's Birthdays and special events , so as not to leave anyone out I will do yesterday's first, North Queensland MP and Ellie's friend *** Trout had his birthday ,also the wonderful Jean Shepard was born on this day in1933 ,Jean was signed to Capital Records right out of high school .She notched up her first hit"A Dear John Letter in 1953 before she was 21 she is still singing to this day I'm led to believe, she is still sing. Flatt and Scruggs's first Columbia recording session too place on this day in 1950. Not much on the Calendar, for today but Australian Country singer Wally Sparrow has his birthday today, so far for the month of November these people had birthdays Roy Rogers born Nov 5th 1911 Bill .Anderson born1937". Oh there- are too many to go back so we will just move forward and we will have more tomorrow.,Ellie.
OK I am trying my best to be nice this morning but I cannot hold back sorry, but give me a break already STOP CALLING TAYLOR SWIFT A COUNTRY SINGER! I LOVE Real and Good Country Music and calling her a country singer is just Wrong! you want to listen to real country then put a Tammy record on, or a Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dottie West, Connie Smith, Jean Shepard. THESE AWESOME LADIES ARE COUNTRY FOLK NOT TAYLOR! Ok Whew I had my say LOL
Went on vacation with sister Elmyra. Stayed the 4th at Oglesby, IL. Then went to Nashville, we ate that the Opry Mills mall and then went to the Grand Ole Opey. Saw John Conlee, Ricky Skaggs, Tyler Farr, Jean Shepard, Jimmy Dickens, Jesse McReynolds, Jaida Dreryer, Stever Wariner, George Hamilton IV, Connie Smith, Kelleigh Bannen, Jim Ed Brown, Jan Howard, and Rodney Atkins. It happened to be the 87th birthday of the Radio Station so they had a big cake (we didn't get to eat it)
maybe they couldn't get the proper consent, but everyone who loves country music knows that's Jean Shepard!
as a fan of country music it broke my heart to see Jean Shepard's face like this for but i understand.
Jean Shepard was a legendary pioneer for women of country music. She laid the groundwork for Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and those to follow. Jean has graced t...
Jean Shepard, Jan Howard, Lynn Anderson seen out on the town last week!
While on my walk, I'm going to leave this little gem for commentary. In recent weeks, people have approached me about doing things that should make me all sorts of $$$. However, they have rose-colored glasses on and they don't have to do all the scutwork whereas I'll be the Little Red Hen, as per always. Also, bitter experience has taught me the return is NOT worth the effort. Here are the latest crop of suggestions I've been hit with. 1) Write a book. Yes, I've a ton of stories from my life experiences. Whether delivering a pizza, inking a comic-book, or refereeing a wrestling match, I usually have a story about it. Some have wanted me to write satire of those experiences and publish it as have Jean Shepard, Garrison Keillor, Chris Johnson and others. Sure, I can stop my art career, spend most of my waking moments typing up stories from my single-digit youth, early adulthood to now, but is it WORTH it? Not so much getting the book published, but will it sell??? Let's say I have a thousand copies ...
yes, and I like that they still have Connie Smith, Jean Shepard, Jim Ed Brown, and Whispering Bill Anderson on regularly.
Just got home from Nashville Tenn,Hubby bought us tickets to the Grand Ole Opry...OMG we had a blast like a blast from the past lol...Little Jimmy Dickins was there and Roy Clark,Jean Shepard,Connie Smith and the band Exile,a new guy in country music Andy Gibson,he was really good...If you've never been to the Grand Ole Opry you should go...We loved it and it was only a 2 hour drive for us...
Two of my favorite country songs keep coming up in my mind. today I know why. Mel. pull up jean shepard, two little boys. then pull up hank thompson, how far is heaven. They are so fitting. love you girl. stay strong.
Jean Shepard - April 1960 WALTZ OF THE ANGELS (Jack Rhodes - *** Reynolds) The waltz of the angels I hear each time I hold you tightly in these arms of mine...
The message is in the music: Jean Shepard's 'Two Whoops and a Holler' (1954)
Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky (1953) FORGIVE ME, JOHN Forgive me, John but I don't love your brother I realize now that you're the only one Write and tell me d...
I live close to one of the only intersections where you can't turn right on red after a stop. I had my grandson with me the other day and went through this intersection and turned right on red. I expressed my regrets about forgetting that I couldn't do that. My grandson said 'That's OK. The policeman behind you just did the same thing". I asked him if the policeman's blue lights were on. He said " " The policeman came to my door and looked at me and said, "your eyes look red. Have you been drinking?" I said No I don't drink, but your eyes look glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts? He gave me a very expensive ticket. He was nice about it though. He told me to have a good day and then gave me the "peace" sign. After he turned his back, I gave half of it back to him. As told by Jean Shepard at the Grand Ole Opry last Friday night.
Birthday Greetings to Craig Martin, Nashville singer, songwriter and restaurant owner. Sharing Craig's birthdate were Joe Patek (Texas born bandleader, he would take over leadership of the Patek Band of Shiner, later renamed the Joe Patek Orchestra), Harley Huggins (western swing guitarist, appears on Johnnie Lee Wills' classic "Milk Cow Blues," plus Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys' 1945 hit "White Cross On Okinawa") and Don Walser (country yodeler, born in Brownfield, Texas, he earns a National Heritage Fellowship in 2000 from the National Endowment for the Arts). In 1938 Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers record "When You're Smiling The Whole World Smiles With You" at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio. Al Dexter's "Wine Woman And Song" single would hit in 1946. Capitol would in '53 release the Jean Shepard & Ferlin Husky's duet "Forgive Me John". A television critic for "The Los Angeles Times" writes in '69 that "Hee Haw" is "the most irrelevant, stupid and ghastly program in recent history." Hosted by Roy Cl ...
Hey all my New England Peeps.the Challenge is about to hit the New England area in a MAJOR way! 2 of our Founders are going to be in Newton.This is WORTH the drive if you are ready to make a change in your life that is a GAME CHANGER!!! Tag: Elaine Shepard, Jean Shepard, Chuck Pehowic
Jean Shepard- Born to Lose, Ernest Tubb- 'Til the End of the World,Davis Sisters- I Forgot More, Jean Shepard- I Love You Because
Going to the Grand Ole Opry too night. To see Bill Anderson, Joe diffie, Connie Smith, Little Jimmy Dickens, Sarah darling, Jimmy c Newman, riders in the sky, Jean Shepard, Florida Georgia line, Ricky Skaggs, the whites, and John Conlee. Can't wait!!
a longer version of Jean Shepard's visit to Country Style USA
Jean Shepard and the other Grand Ladies of the Grand Ole Opry (Jan Howard, Jeannie Seely, Wilma Lee Cooper, Jeanne Pruett and Connie Smith) perform "It Wasn'...
I love listening to Pastor Larrison preach. It's almost like Jean Shepard [The Narrator from A Christmas Story] is there. :o)
Birthday Greetings to Totsie Slover, dj and host of "The Real West from the Old West" heard every Wednesday on KOTS, 1230 AM in Deming, NM. Sharing May 19 with Totsie were Zeke Morris (a N.C., singer and musician, joined J.E. Mainer's Crazy Mountaineers in the early 30's), Johnny Hicks (singer and songwriter, was co-producer of the Big D Jamboree, Johnny Hicks & his Troubadours would record "Hamburger Hop" and "Sweetheart Waltz"), Martha Carson (Kentucky born singer, was a member of the *** Creek Girls and a significant country gospel singer, working for 12 years with husband James Carson on southeastern radio stations), Merle "Red" Taylor (fiddler, played with Tommy "Butterball" Page and Cousin Wilbur, joins Little Jimmy Dickens' band, playing on "A-Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed" and "Hillbilly Fever") and Mickey Newbury (a Houston songwriter, credits include "I Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye," by Johnny Rodriguez and "An American Trilogy," by Elvis Presley). In 1953, Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky reco ...
Happy Birthday to Delia Bell (Texas born singer, songwriter, bluegrass, old timey music, performed as a bluegrass duo with Billy Joe Grant well into the 80's, the duo was inducted into the National Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame). Sharing the April 16th birthdate were Jimmy Pierson (singer, yodeler, played banjo and guitar, was part of the Novelty Boys with Cora Deane, Jimmy would be a dj at WABI in Bangor Maine in late 40's), Judy Lynn (at a young age was asked to fill in for an ill Jean Shepard during an Opry road show, was named 1954's "America's Champion Girl Yodeler"), John DeLaFose (zydeco accordionist, leader of Eunice Playboys, best know song is "Joe Pitre A Deux Femmes") and Mary Catherine O'Brien (a British singer, nicknamed The White Queen of Soul because of her many hit cover versions of songs by black artists, would join a trio called the Springfield's, using her stage name, Dusty Springfield, her "Son of A Preacher Man" would be a hit in 1968) In 1940, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys record "Ne ...
All Alone in Austin by Jean Shepard... now at KWBC.FM
You've seen the movie. Here is Jean Shepard himself reading his "A Christmas Story."
Reba McEntire, Bobby Braddock, and Jean Shepard become newest members of Country Music Hall of Fame: Reba McEnti...
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