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Jean Grey

Jean Grey-Summers is a fictional character, a comic book superheroine appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Sophie Turner Sansa Stark Emma Frost Phoenix Force Scott Summers Famke Janssen Dark Phoenix Tye Sheridan Charles Xavier Xenia Onatopp Bobby Drake Janet Van Dyne Alexandra Shipp Scarlet Witch Kitty Pryde Carol Danvers Mary Jane

Nothing wont make me unsee what I saw. Judgement is on my mind: no access *jean grey atm*
Ghosts of Emilys of Halloweens past. Furiosa (2015), Elizabeth (2013), Jean Grey (2012), and Debra Morgan (2011).
You sure you not Jean grey when she was Phoenix? 👀
I ended up having to wear a plain grey Columbia jacket for my senior pics :-)
when i was a little girl and watched The X-Men i shipped Storm and Jean Grey to the fullest extent of my being.
Could someone introduce me to a Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Jean Grey, or Warren Worthington III? I think we'd all get along
Wouldn't be surprised if Lana makes Rusev call her Jean Grey.
I love when Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix in x-men: apocalypse. Gah. She's awesome.
I just want to live to see a whole school cosplay the entire Charles Xavier/Jean Grey School
Uh. . .no. For you, Aaron, it's clearly Jean Grey!
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: ⚡️Yanuk Grey Corduroy Jean Jacket L. via
Cyclops deep down knows Jean Grey wants Wolverine. He can go.
"In honor of it being Halloween, I'm dressing up as Jean Grey."
I want to dress up as Jean Grey, but we don't do Halloween here.
if you don't like Sansa you could try with Jean Grey
Passing out candy as a low key Jean Grey/Phoenix. Not pictured: sweat pants. .
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Depends if you are going for a Jean or Rachel look. Classic Jean Grey lock: wig, more modern Rachel Grey look: no.
As jean grey, I am back to stop it from happening.
I called Jean Grey, when Jubilee would have been enough 😂😂. So Cody, find n call ur crew n well get in this another time.
*superhero name* *superhero name* *superhero name* and Jean Grey (because her superhero name would be spoilers). :).
Like, Sophie Turner playing Jean Grey in X-Men or Deborah Woll playing Jessica on True Blood. That look? Is something to write home about 😍
she turned into a Pontiac Firebird... or was that Jean Grey...
"Jean Grey is a sacred cow. At least we agree on half of that." -Emma Frost.
I want a satiric dramedy with Storm, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Psylocke and Rogue as the main characters
Jean Grey apareceu em how to get away with murder linda como sempre
Rereading the classic Dark Phoenix saga and this panel of Jean Grey always reminds me of from "Dallas." htt…
Sue Storm, Janet Van Dyne and Jean Grey were the original Marvel super heroines but I don't think they had a woman-solo book until Ms Marvel
she-hulk, sue storm, the wasp, the Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey were already created
Jean Grey & Rachel Summers will always be my favorite 😍
Greetings, Jean Grey, I am Beta Ray Bill.And worry not. I am use to mentions of my appearance
Natasha Romanoff. Maria Hill. Sharon Carter. Daisy Johnson. Jean Grey. Kate Bishop—. Oh, his? No ideas for that.
Plot Twist: Franklin Richards forgot about Jean Grey so she was never reborn in the new universe.
//Should I make a Jean Grey account or Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers, not Kamala Khan) account?
Oh well. You'd think the next trilogy will focus on Sophie Turner/Jean Grey anyway. Won't need a ton of blue paint for those movies...
I felt like got all of the characters right, especially Nightcrawler and Jean Grey. Now I have a crush on a blue guy.
Sophie Turner is honestly the worst choice for a Jean Grey...I mean really? Famke must be furious seeing this crap🙈
"At least we can all agree that the third one’s always the worst". Jean Grey, X-Men: Apocalypse
Magneto and Charles X are dead. Mystique looks like Rebecca Romijn again. Storm and Jean Grey look great. No one cares for Wolverine.
I wanna see X Men. But I miss when Rebecca Romijn was mystique, Halle Berry was Storm and Famke Jenson was Jean Grey.
Sophie Turner on Jean Grey and joining 'X-Men: Apocalypse': Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner i...
Sophie Turner made a great Jean Grey in
If Fox can't do a decent Phoenix Saga with playing Jean Grey, then they have no business making movies.
Just like Jean Grey, I will rise in Phoenix... That doesn't sound right, hmm... Either way see you at soon!
Sophie Turner played her role as Jean Grey admirably. I hope she gets a solo movie for this.
2. I kept portraying Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark not Jean Grey. Her face is nothing but Sansa's tormented face.
WITH IS LIVE!!! We talk about her roles as Sansa Stark in & Jean Grey in
Aside from that karakterisasi gak jelas, I enjoy very much. Sansa Stark is so gorgeous. Eh, I mean Jean Grey. ❤️
I guess I wasn't paying attention earlier and didn't notice Sansa Stark was the new Jean Grey. Movie looks intriguing.
Oh Sophie Turner, i meant Sansa no..she's Jean Grey
I still can't shake off the slight confusion when looking at Jean Grey in and still recognizing her as Sansa Stark. 😂
Fox should do House of M, but with Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force as an explanation as to why no one knows of mutants in the current MCU
Jean Grey is more than "The Phoenix" and the "She's going to go crazy" personality Fox makes her out to be
Styles P, Earl Sweatshirt & Jean Grey are South African Citizens. As their Maternal/Paternal figures are descendants of the Republic
date Bae Suzy instead, she has phoenix as her alter ego, just like Jean Grey.
to be fair the Phoenix is more of a cosmic force than a mutant power. Phoenix > Wanda > Jean Grey
I think we're going to get a glimpse at Jean Grey's Phoenix Force in this new XMen movie... And it's going to be done the…
I'm speculating that in the below scene Apocalypse is deflecting Phoenix Force by Jean Grey. What's your thoughts?
Perhaps randomly, I think Werner Roth drew the best Jean Grey. I love Walt Simonson's Cyclops. John Byrne for Wolverine.
Do you think Jean Grey could sit on the Iron Throne?. .
Or not. lol, darlin' if you need work, just ring up Kevin Feige or Zack Snyder. Older Jean Grey was misused, but her time came & went.
Storm, Invisible Woman, & Jean Grey...can't touch 'em. Why they still haven't pushed forward with a is weird, tho.
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"Jean Grey writes me a letter everyday/ We're keepin' the school safe while Xavier is away..."
Will ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ redeem the Jean Grey and Scott Summers story?
Need a Jean Grey to my Scott Summers hehe
What?!? I was lied to. Someone told me it was Jean Grey. No? Gwen Stacey? No? Tara Markov? No? Am I at least close?!?
Jean Grey in the streets but Emma Frost in the sheets
Glad to see Ghost Rider, Godzilla, Jean Grey and Ganondorf's horse were all available for the Metal Gear Solid 5 prologue.
You will never be "wrong" for saying Jean Grey died at the end of the Dark Phoenix saga even now decades after the Phoenix retcon.
Might watch this Hannibal Buress show often, just for Fly Lo's mixes. Jean Grey killed it too
That scene was hilarious and just like with Jean Grey after Dark Phoenix Saga I felt betrayed. He should be dead.
We all love mentioning how much Bruce Wayne's parents or Uncle Ben get killed off but no one ever mentions Jean Grey dying every 5 issues?
Did you see Jean Grey in that trailer I can't wait for her to use the Pheonix force on Ramsey
And to be fair to the other company: Jean Grey, Mary Jane Watson, Janet Van Dyne, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff
Jean Grey or Sansa Stark? Check out the stunning Sophie Turner!
« she was expecting to see Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Jean Grey, or Scott Summers. This man was new, and she ». [
Finished face chart! Inspired by Jean Grey's Phoenix, leaning more towards the comic than the…
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It would have meant a lot to me to see Jean Grey, Lana Lang, Mary Jane etc, played by ginger women. So I get this representation thing.
I wonder if the Pheonix Center has a Jean Grey that works there? 😋
Why don't we just hire Jean Grey and Charles Xavier to conduct interrogations?
Jean Grey - Dark Phoenix by Philip Tan, colours by Elmer Santos *
Jean Grey also known as the Dark Phoenix 💕🔥
aid love DP in an XMen movie... But only if it was on Rogue or Jean Grey.
The son of Cyclops AND JEAN GREY. It takes two to make a baby, guys.
Jean Grey watercolour base colours. Drying time
since you're Jean Grey, do you have an actor you'd like to play Cable? Since, he's your son.
eh eh salah deng rupanya anaknya Scott sama Madelyne Pryor who is a clone of Jean Grey. very confusing i know.
fyi, Cable is actually Scott Summers (Cyclops) & Jean Grey's son, Nathan Summers who was tossed into the future.
Xmen apocalypse will be epic.can,t wait for jean grey in action
Jean grey whit telekenetic and telepatic abilities and one if charles most prises student in xmen apocalypse
I'm *** shaming Jean Grey in a previous life. . Put the Prof down!
“Jean Grey Playing Psychic Chess with Saturn Girl by Meaghan Carter from the collection of James Wright.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jean jacket, grey tank top, black skinny jeans, black sandals, black bag & ... -
I think Jean Grey did a pretty good job
Any time I see Jean Grey in any form of media, I automatically presume she's either gonna be crazy as *** or die at the end.
Jean Grey's battle sounds sound like sex sounds in the animated xmen show from the 90s.
tagged me in this screencap of Jean Grey's updated look in asking if…
Every time I see Sansa now, all I can think of is Jean Grey. Curse you
Yess for Jean Grey on this BB King tribute.
Jean Grey was giving it to the guitar.
just realized jean grey is a bonnie raitt tribute LOL
No show will ever compare to Grey's Anatomy
How many times do we have to deal with Apocalypse. He's back and forth more times than Jean sodding Grey.
Fan theory - [X-Men: Apocalypse] Jean Grey could somehow become one of the Four Horsemen: First, I know that A...
Jonathan, Jim, and Kathryn have Coffee, Jean-Luc has Earl Grey, and…
before i started watching Grey's Anatomy vs after
Wyclef Jean just had the worst Reddit AMA ever: . “Hi wyclef. As a young songwriter myself, I have a question f...
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6. Jean Grey and Wolverine were one of my very first ships/ otps because I too, think Cyclops is a ***
5. Jean Grey and Rouge were always my favorites on the cartoon
Every young performing arts teacher got that plain tee-grey blazer-jean fit with the converse
Tonight's x- files had a x men feel to it with children being mutants we even had a Jean grey and Xavier...
*He roars, running toward Jean Grey and The Phoenix Force on the ground, his claws igniting in purple flames*
*she grew wings, laughing and flying forward, moving to help her beloved and kill Jean grey*
I just noticed yesterday the chick who played Jean Grey in the X Men movies was the mom from Taken.. Lol..
The next character in Deadpool 2 is the son of Cyclops & Jean Grey
the trailer 4 looks so epic and it starts of with Jean Grey
Hey your recent article about no TV superheroes dying.. what about Jean Grey and Scott Summers in the original X-men trilogy
Definitely excited for Psylocke, kinda eh for Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, and really just done with Jennifer Lawrence'…
Also, the same girl who plays Sansa Stark is the younger Jean Grey and that's not cool
{Sophie Turner is my bae but she wasn't the best choice for Jean Grey. Should have been Molly Quinn.}
"I'm afraid it is, Warren. That was the day Jean Grey first came to join us at Xavier's Institute. It seems that the +
Jean Grey aka the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club by Frank Cho
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Jean Grey had a cat named Prometheus😊
Jean Malone sporting these Casadei grey pumps. Not new but I'm thinking I need to have them now.…
if really how they make more X-Men Origin movies... especially one for Storm or Jean Grey
Jean Grey is on how to get away with murder now 👀👀
Can anyone recommend a good grey skinny jean?? I have a few I like at Macy's but I want to see more.
Got a grey one for Christmas present. Brilliant!!
I'm sure Jean Grey posted this as a joke. But, yea hip hop has become treated like a viral punchline.
The actress that plays Jean Grey in the X-Men movies 😍
bae who shares the same born day as I. I need a little jean grey in my…
Yawl really be gassing Jean Grey up. I loathe her.
This is not how I wanted high school to go. I wanted to be the male version of Jean Grey!
Re: . I can't wait for that, sir . The one who loves you,. Jean Grey
Mid grey socks in worn Adidas superstars (white w/ black stripes), a navy double breasted coat left open w/ collar up hands in jean pocket
so he's got about 15" 'action man' sized marvel heroes. No black widow. Or storm. Or Jean Grey etc.
"It must be another bash Jean Grey night. I'm going back to bed."
Scott wanted to create a better world for mutants, however misguided he became. But Jean Grey destroyed entire solar systems.
I mutated and turned into the combo of Jean grey, professor x, wolverine and mystique minus the blue skin
Now, if yall don't get off Lydia Martin. All this Jean Grey, I'm ready for Phoenix.
11. X-Men. Where my gayness awakened because Famke as Jean Grey. [aggressive heart eyes emoji]
If you could be a superhero, who would you be? — Jean Grey! I love her so much xD
Too bad about the whole Dark Phoenix saga ruining Jean Grey
You're a really cool and great person :) we all have our "guilty crushes"! I like Jean Grey! NOBODY likes her! xD
among others not mentioned in any of the other replies here, Jean Grey's rework and Cable's 52 review
Wow. So me and were born on the same day, the same year. I need a little jean grey in my life..😍😘❤️
Me: Oscar Isaac is in the new X-men Movie. Jean Grey, after reading my mind: Once we defeat apocalypse, you will be full ga…
you guys need to add more new champs like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Quake, Falcon, MCU Capt. America, Squirrel Girl, Nova,
If Storm, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost aren't among then this list is pointless.
Marvel is harder to rank, but the top 5 are Daredevil, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Beast, & [Jean Grey or Emma Frost]
Jean Grey: I saw the end of the world. I could feel all this death. Sansa Stark: Welcome to Westeros.
Sophie Turner will be amazing as Jean Grey.
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*at therapy*. Jean Grey: He says he forgets to use the scratching posts but I KNOW that's a lie. Wolverine: STAY OUT OF MY…
is 51. Unforgettable as Xenia Onatopp in and Jean Grey in series.
Happy Birthday to the beautiful Famke Janssen! Known for her work as Jean Grey in the X-Men movies, Xenia Onatopp...
She's giving me Famke Janssen (actress who played Jean Grey in the X-men movies). Or is it just me?
Jean Grey aint really do it fa me until that Phoenix Force got up in her.
Storm hosted by eternity could beat Jean Grey with her Phoenix Force.
The Phoenix Force can't be that strong if Iron Man beat it out of Jean Grey
She doesn't like Storm or Black Widow or Jean Grey or Mystique or Rogue or Kitty Pryde or Binary or Dazzler?. Really?
Jean Grey did not deserve the Mary-Sue-ification that she has suffered over the years.
An alternate clone of Scott Summers and Jean Grey created by Sinister.
Tbh I'm kinda miss Famke Janssen and James Marsden as Jean Grey and Cyclops
Wait. Wait...wait. So Xenia Onatopp is also Jean Grey?! How did I not know this until now?!
Within months of Jeans death he's in bed with Emma Frost. Alternate time line daughter with Jean Grey. Rachel
Annalise and Eve is the Emma Frost/Jean Grey pairing we've always wanted.
Here’s your first look at Sansa Stark as Jean Grey:
In an attempt as establishing something for that character's legacy. Death of Jean Grey, Johnny Storm, Superman, etc
Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix died for the first time 35 years ago!💥 X-Men Vol. Issue 137, September 1980💥 By Chris Claremont and John Byrne
My love life is sort of like Jean Grey also. It’s not real, and when it is. It’s Graphic, and novel.
My love life is kinda like Jean Grey. Every time it dies it comes back worse than ever.
Super awesome; Think Data might have been a good Colossus, Riker as Gambit, Crusher as Jean Grey, Wesley as IceMan, Vash as Rogue
Phoenix Force unleashed by the one and only Jean Grey. . Done using drawing pens, pencils and colour…
the two times Jean Grey has fully mastered the Phoenix Force out of desperate need: when she saved the universe and when she saved Storm
I tried to identify the Jean Grey actress that I saw from this photo and I kept looking up "Karen Gillan" and none of the photos came up
Storm with a mohawk, Jubilee from the old school show & Tuner as the young Jean Grey! Keeen!
When I can I'd like to see that comic my sister's have where wolverine starts his own school; Jean Grey's school for gifted etc.
Jean Grey - "Scared of her telepathic power, she's one of charles most prized students"
Photoset: Sophie Turner on playing Jean Grey at the X-Men: Apocalypse Comic Con Panel (x)
Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and Jean Grey will always have a special place in my heart.
when my hair was brown I've gotten Anne Hathaway and when my hair was red I got whoever played Jean Grey in the Xmen movies
Jean Grey - Phoenix by Mike S. Miller, colours by Teodoro Gonzalez *
also can Famke Janssen come back as Jean Grey plz
you'd pull off a Jean Grey costume so well
He should go up against Rory Williams or Jean Grey. Figure out who's the champion of competitive dying.
I was inspired by the comic character Jean Grey, Phoenix. In my opinion, she is the strongest
I know is already famous as Sansa but I'm very certain her popularity will boost up when she debuts as Jean Grey. 💞💖
I have a feeling that Jean Grey will have plenty of scenes in Apocalypse
Sophie Turner is going to play younger jean grey can I get a hEcCk YaEH
I still can't believe that Sophie Turner as Jean Grey is a thing. I am truly
Since when did Jean Grey need to use a bow and arrow?
I dig her as Jean grey works for me can't be worst then Sansa
or like Wolverine and Jean Grey... but that'd probably be worse.
Behind the scenes of with Bryan Singer & as Jean Grey.
Jean Grey using arrow in X-men Apocalypse! Since I won't be seeing Sansa with weapon any time soon, this will do lol
Sigh GoT may be on my last nerve but I have Jean Grey to look forward to. Sophie is going to kill this role.
never in my life have I seen Jean Grey with a bow and arrow…why?
Low key can't wait to see as jean Grey 😍
JUST IN:. Bryan Jay Singer teaches Sophie Turner how to perform archery. Jean Grey plus archery? Sounds good!
We love how Reese Witherspoon puts together faded denim & grey marl tee-Steal her style here.
Sophie Turner is really the best young actress to take Jean Grey in X-Men Apocalypse. She looks strong and fierce! htt…
Emma Frost & Jean Grey are rocking that sorta Betty & Veronica dichotomy. I like Emma bett…
Jean Grey before she went off the deep end.
I'm not Charles Xavier & you're not Jean Grey (as much as we wished) so stop contacting me telepathically & answer my texts! 😂
Hillary is gonna obliterate this buffoon. It'll be like Jean Grey in X-men 3.
THE GREY but with Jean Grey instead of wolves.
GREY'S ANATOMY but with Jean Grey instead of Meredith.
TIL, will be tha young Jean Grey in X-men Apocalypse movie
What about phoenix? Jean Grey. She came back before Supes "died".
AH, JEAN LUC PICARD?! Let me fangirl out for a second *squee*... I'm INFJ. That also gives me Jean Grey,...
Not for me. Although one student told me I looked like Jean Grey (from X-men), this semester. :)
She would be a sick Jean Grey “Can we get Ruby Rose in a Marvel movie or?
How it feels to be multiple comic book characters? Cause as far as i know you're Poison Ivy, Jean Grey, Mary Jane and others
So part of cyclops' mind looks like 50 shades of Jean Grey lolol
Piper Chapman has reached such a high level of hate that she's almost on Jean Grey's level.
New Hawkeye, Nightshade & Jean Grey "We're 4 weeks old and very friendly".
A little boy asked me today "miss Jean Sue, why is your hair grey?" 😨
Ever since they allowed Grant Morrison to kill off Jean Grey... X-Men was never right.
Thats cyclops and jean grey's daughter
at the Grand Canyon in jean Shop grey Rocker, web belt and t shirt.
Bilderserie: Make me me choose between two characters: Jean Grey or Emma Frost   “Excellent question.
Red Monkia looks like the love child between Jean Grey and Emma Frost. Not saying there's anything wrong with that.
For one: Charles Xavier had his legs and powers in the third Xmen when there's a flashback of him going to young Jean Grey's house
This is another version of the Phoenix. I was inspried by the comic character Jean Grey, Phoe
|| Yas, I did it! From the writer than brings you Susan Storm, Janet Van Dyne, Jean Grey and this account. .
Jennifer Garner is better than Famke Janssen though - she was very… ordinary as Jean Grey.
That's what I don't get, and Jean Grey's explanation, well older Bobby hasn't had good relationships with girls...
I think the moral of the story for the Bobby/Jean Grey controversy is that Jean grey is better off dead and erasure of Bobbys past is bad.
Jean Grey outing Bobby Drake, invading his privacy and refusing to respect his boundaries is actually all too...
I liked a video from [Comics] *** - Jean Grey outs Bobby Drake horribly in next issue of
Selfie with lady Stark rulez! Can't wait to see Sophie as Jean Grey:)
After reading Captain Marvel I think Carol Danvers and Jean Grey would make awesome BFFs.
Whenever I see Famke Janssen, I only see her as Jean Grey or Phoenix from xmen
When I was young I had the biggest crush on Famke Janssen as Jean Grey in X-Men
I finished The Phoenix Saga. Good I was tired of Jean Grey wining all the time
JackApron: I miss the old useless jean grey. …
So we have Sansa Stark as the new Jean Grey and Arya Stark is in Doctor Who, I think
Wonder Woman can hang with Jean Grey. Totally legit.
Sehun didn’t do much acting in that one but I like it because he was natural.. His teaser reminded me of Jean Grey from xmen tho xD
I wear it with a long cashmere grey sweater and black jean skirt and it actually looks both dressy and casual.
I don't think he'll get his fill from I think is Jean grey...
Yes, Jean Grey and Storm, the younger versions...
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It's the last Day 31: Jean Grey with her best codename, Phoenix! (Now who wants to take…
Signs of botched robbery at Spanish home of British couple shot dead: Police discovered the bodies of former O...
true but Jean Grey was taught by Professor X.
Jean Grey is trying to get in Professor X's pants. Send help.
Why didn't Wolverine stick Jean Grey with the cure instead of stabbing her?😕
X Men 2: Jean Grey dies, but not really. X Men 3: Charles and Jean dies, but not really. X Men DoFP: Everyone dies, but not really.
Michelle: I challenge you to not wear a grey wig. Max: *wears a grey wig and wins the challenge*
I'm so in love with X-men that I plan on naming my next daughter Jean Grey.
.They're parallel figures, it's true. X-Men: Last Stand made Jean Grey like Scarlet Witch, right down to the red costume.
why did they have to make the Scarlet Witch a telepath & telekinesis like Jean grey? Her powers are way stronger
Does Marvel Comics still have plans of reviving Jean Grey?
greatjeangrey: grootiepie: Bendis writes Jean Grey like he’s mad she never dated him in high school.
[Kapuso Updates] Marian Rivera cosplays as Jean Grey of the X-Men
I added a video to a playlist Jean Grey - Original Marvel Girl Statue by Bowen Designs Introduct…
What if Wes Anderson directed 'X-Men'?: Wolverine, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Storm, Magneto, Jean Grey and more mutant superheroes get t...
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Bet you feeling like Jean Grey or Professor Xavier from X-Men lol
I will never forgive Brett Ratner for killing Cyclops, Prof X & Jean Grey and depowering Mystique & Rogue in a single movie. For shame, sir.
Omg Sophie Turner got cast as young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse? Cool! Is Scott Summers cast yet?
Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark is Jean Grey in 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse
Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, I'm ready to see you.
Congrats to for getting the part of Jean Grey!! ❤️
Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, and Alexandra Shipp as Storm. Confirmed for
X-Men Apocalypse adds Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner as Jean Grey: X-Men: Apocalypse will feature three new st...
Confirmed: Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark will play Jean Grey in
Sophie Turner is playing Jean Grey ? well ok let's hope she will be great
Casting: Sophie Turner will be Jean Grey in the new
Sophie Turner (AKA Sansa Stark) will play the young Jean Grey and other X-Men: Apocalypse casting announcements
Sophie Turner will be playing Jean Grey in the new movie! 👏
But.. Jane Levy is meant to be young Jean Grey... :(
.and cast as Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
SHEEZ Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) is gonna be Jean Grey in Xmen:Apocalypse
Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Alexandra Shipp have joined the cast of Fox's "X-Men: Apocalypse." Turner will play Jean Grey, Shipp will play Storm and Sheridan...
excellent choices I bet will make an especially awesome Jean Grey.
.was cast as Jean Grey!!! Brilliant actress, great character!
Sophie Turner will make an awesome Jean Grey
cyclops and jean grey I'm happy for the storm casting I'm iffy about it
I briefly met Sophie Turner at the Empire Awards last year. She was tall, red-haired and had cold hands. Perfect for Jean Grey, then.
Sophie Turner from has been cast as Jean Grey in
personally I think will do well as young Jean Grey.
Big thing worse than someone winning for something i will not be doing a new x-men movie which means jean grey in himself.
I don't really like Jean Grey but the fact this character will be portrayed by changes everything
Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) and Tye Sheridan (Mud) cast as Jean Grey and Cyclops in yes!
Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones has been cast to play Jean Grey in the movie X-Men: Apocalypse.
as young Jean Grey in Xmen Apocalypse is going to be perfect
'X-Men: Apocalypse' director Bryan Singer has revealed that young Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey will be played by Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp and Sophie Turner.
So excited to see as Jean Grey. She's my favourite X- Men character, hope you get to kick *** as her!!!
congrats on the Jean Grey casting babe. Big break and can't wait to see those boobs on big screen.
Congratsss on being cast as Jean Grey ! Can't wait to see you as a mutant on the big screen :)
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Sophie Turner is Jean Grey. This is a good day. :D
as Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. I am very much onboard with this.
Sophie Turner is already geeking out about playing young Jean Grey.
X-Men: Apocalypse has cast your new Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm!
The younger versions of Storm, Jean Grey and Cyclops have been cast in X-Men: Apocalypse. |
.casts star as Jean Grey, PLUS a new Cyclops & Storm:
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