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Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur (October 17, 1900 – June 19, 1991) was an American actress and a major film star of the 1930s and 1940s.

Cary Grant James Stewart Frank Capra Jimmy Stewart Ronald Colman Ray Milland Charles Coburn Rita Hayworth George Stevens Irene Dunne Joel McCrea Edward Arnold Jean Harlow Clara Bow Gary Cooper Miss Jones Claude Rains Howard Hawks

I went from feeling like Jean Arthur at the end of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington over to Chaz's Palminteri…
If you missed Saturday's Those Were the Days (with Lucille Ball, Jean Arthur, Eve Arden and more), hear it now at
📷 oldhollywood-mylove: James Stewart and Jean Arthur on the set of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Can you imagine Jean Pascal & Arthur Abraham fighting? Each round would be 2:45 of standing with 15-second flurries.
I love the More the Merrier, Jean Arthur is very underrated, have you seen Talk of the Town?
Eve Arden! Jean Arthur! Lucille Ball! Nero Wolfe! All of this and more today at 1 pm CST on Those Were the Days!
In Search of the Real King Arthur with Mary Anne Yarde via
I know what you mean. Jean Arthur. I watch her and think, that would still work ok.
As if on cue, there was a quiet knock at the door, and Rose pushed it open. "Sir Arthur, Lady Jean…
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "Oxygene, Pt. 4" by Jean-Michel Jarre Follow me in Spoti…
Kismet. Like the fur coat falling on Jean Arthur's head in Easy Living!
Will have to watch some DVDs to give me a fix for 2 weeks
This being said, what were really your relations with Arthur Porter and Marc-Yvan Côté, mr Couillard ?
C'mon Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe are where it's at! 🎾✌🏼
The chill of the bed and the warmth of the light from the window brings Jean to wakefulness. She r…
Jean Arthur is a lady who is the best of all the way she has vanished and I love her. // incredible
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The ghetto prince of gutter poets was bounced out of the room (Jean Arthur Rimbaud).
No. For one thing, Jean Arthur is criminally under-used.
By the way excuse my manners Hi my name is Jean Arthur Joseph my name is yours to call. i would love to get to know you
Jean Arthur is the best. Criminally underrated. She should have had an Oscar nom for this and a win for You Can't…
If you are scrolling through this thread and looking for movies, just IMDB Jean Arthur and start with every one of her movies.
Oh, god, I love this movie. Jean Arthur!
Hawks was not that enamored of Jean Arthur, according to the interviews he gave to Peter Bogdanovich.
How have I never seen this? Love Cary Grant and Jean Arthur! Though I'm used to seeing them both in more comedic films.
Noel Coward, Howard Hawks, Jean Arthur, Thomas Mitchell and Cary Grant on the set of Only Angels Have Wings, 1939...
Arthur The Hat was possibly the best episode ever. Hope John gets back okay.
Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe will forever be celebrated for championing equality and inclusion. B…
Lobby card for the '30s Frank Capra film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. James Stewart & Jean Arthur star.
James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore and Edward Arnold head the cast in this film one of my favourite American comedies.
From the opening title sequence of our The Devil and Miss Jones (1941), w/ Jean Arthur and Charles…
George Stevens' The More the Merrier (1943). Mixed feelings. Unusually sensual for but Jean Arthur's crying s…
❤️ Charles Coburn in Devil and Miss Jones & The More the Merrier, both with Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman in The Talk of the Town (1942)
The Plainsman (1936) with Gary Cooper as Wild Bill Hickok and Jean Arthur as Calamity Jane . Directed b…
Ava but she's not there. Nor is Lana 😢So I'll have to go with Jean Arthur and Irene Dunne
Would love to air Talk of the Town (1942); Jean Arthur, Ronald Colman, Cary Grant. 7 Oscar noms. Directed by G…
OMG Georgia Engel how spot on was she as a dead ringer for Jean Arthur voice and the all?!
Jean Arthur in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON now on . She was James L. Brooks' muse when he wrote Holly Hunter role…
converse, jeans, white shirt, jean shirt. Boi I was simple + clean
Jean Arthur, besides Judy Garland, is my favorite! What a class act!
a wonderful Jean Arthur in "Arizona" ('40). One of the very best female performances in a Western.
Arthur ready 2 go. In 4th position https…
We have have signed cornerback Al Louis-Jean and waived/injured cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu.
Watching The Lawyer's Secret so I can now readily answer anyone who asks "What's the worst Jean Arthur performance?"
I know...don't even get me started on Jean Arthur. :)
You see, in this world, there is one awful thing, and that is that everyone has his reasons-- Jean Renoir
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trying to remember who else I know Harlow and Jean Arthur do as well
ok but in the movie The Scarlett O'Hara war when Paulette says to Jean Arthur ''I'm a big fan of yours"
... but not as much as you love Jean Arthur
Remembering William Powell on his birthday, here with Jean Arthur in THE EX-MRS. BRADFORD ('36)
Gary Cooper with Jean Arthur and Frank Capra on the set of Mr Deeds Goes To Town
Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas hints that he has held talks with the Barcelona President for Samuel Umtiti
Some of us are born rebellious.Like Jean Genet or Arthur Rimbaud, I roam these mean streets like a villain,a vagabond,an outcast-Patti Smith
I haven't liked this Marlene Dietrich/Jean Arthur movie, but historical context is giving it new dimension.
Lyon President Jean Michel Aulas in July 2015 on N'Golo Kanté: "Does he want to play for a bottom of the table English side or wi…
blog for this week talks all Arthur Miller with Jean Baker ring any bells?.
Just been to the DigitalGarage from Google, with free courses to help you grow online - check it out!
also if you don't think Charles Coburn was in love with Jean Arthur in The More the Merrier have I got some news for you
Judy Holliday would have done a fine job in the Jean Arthur role in "The More the Merrier."
That Voice,That Beauty,Great Actress.. Jean Arthur in The More The Merrier on ..One of my all time Favourites!!
'The More The Merrier' 1943 Jean Arthur, coming up on One of my favorites!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Look like Jean Arthur's star is not far from Eleanor Parker's on Hwood Blvd (6333). If you see it, blow her a kiss for me. ;)
We experience Arthur and Guinevere in a whole new light thanks to in DAWNFLIGHT.
Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Arthur Ashe. Jason Dy TheVoiceOfRNB
Same. If I were there, one of the tops of my list. Jean Arthur. And then there's the stoop scene of course ❤️
If Joel McCrae & Jean Arthur never made another movie, they would still be remembered fondly for this one.
if you have never had the opportunity to hear it, I recommend "The More the Merrier." 1942 film with Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea.
; "Don't tell your friends about your indigestion. "How are you." is a greeting, not a question." - Arthur Guiterman
Director George Stevens and Jean Arthur on the set of THE MORE THE MERRIER ('43).
The enchanted Jean Arthur is casting a documentary style television show about people who had a premonition of...
I love that Jean Arthur movie. They remade it with Cary Grant in the 60"s and it was set in Japan during the Olympics.
Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and Leone Lane in a publicity still for The Saturday Night Kid (1929)
Mr. Anderson Goes To Washington ... maybe Jean Arthur can make you feel better.
and Jean Arthur and oscar winner Charles Coburn...that's one good film!
Like Colbert, Jean Arthur only liked one said of her face photographed. Harry Cohn said her face was "half angel, half horse."
Turns out that UNDERCOVER BOSS is a rip-off of the 1941 Jean Arthur pro-union comedy THE DEVIL & Miss Jones. Ironic!
11 years ago today my beautiful wife came into my life and made it awesome thank you Norma Jean Arthur for saying...
I'm sitting in an outer room listening to Jean & Arthur doing their radio show, The Trek Upward Radio Show. How exciting! Eager to share it.
Yeah, if Bea Arthur had a screechy sort of voice :-)
Such a crush on Jean Arthur. They had great chemistry.
That's one of my favorite movies! Jimmy and Jean Arthur are both fantastic in it :)
states the case for 'Oscar So Serious: Jean Arthur and THE MORE THE MERRIER' for Oscar Snubs
The Whole Town is Talking 1935 funny film with Edward G Robinson, Jean Arthur who is at her best
Happy Valentines Day and ! Here's a love song about the one and only Jean Arthur:
Comedy-mystery film with William Powell and Jean Arthur: The Ex-Mrs. Bradford - via
So...did Jean Arthur have as good of comic timing as Cary Grant?:
would you have told Jim Brown, Kareem, Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King 2 shut up? FOR THE WIN
joins OSCAR SNUBS of the Blogathon with Jean Arthur in TALK OF THE TOWN
Jean Arthur in TALK OF THE TOWN TODAY for f 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon under oscar snubs.
Jean Arthur in TALK OF THE TOWN TODAY i talk about Jean Arthur's oscar snub. Its oscars talk time again. Today...
rallies for witty talent Jean Arthur for OSCAR SNUBS of Blogathon
Here, my love for Jean Arthur in THE MORE THE MERRIER:
FILM: Public Hero # 1 (1935) black-and-white crime film stars Lionel Barrymore, Jean Arthur, Chester Morris
UK police arrest Arthur Simpson-Kent over murders of ex-EastEnders actress Sian Blake and her two sons
jean arthur was terrific. In my favorite western "shane".. George Stevens again!
More the Merrier and The Talk of the Town love Jean Arthur
I would like to thank for introducing me to Jean Arthur aka the most peachiest gem to ever exist.
Holy crap. I just learned Jean Arthur was 53 when she played Joe Starret's wife in Shane.
I heart Cary Grant & Jean Arthur, so I just added Only Angels Have Wings to my Wish List: via
Anne here. Who wants to watch "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," and talk about that great Capra film as it relates...
Celebrate the history of the Academy Awards with getTV: James Stewart, Jean Arthur, and Claude Rains starred i...
If Sally says anything bad about Charles Coburn or Jean Arthur imma go OFF...
She could do everything that Jean Arthur, Roz Russell and Irene Dunne could do, forwards or backwards.
Myrna Loy, Jean Arthur, & Irene Dunne have never been equaled in what they did.
James Stewart and Jean Arthur in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington directed by Frank Capra 1939
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I like Charles Boyer better in "History is Made at Night"! But it's probably because Jean Arthur is it!
Vintage photo of Charles Coburn and Jean Arthur in "The Devil and Miss Jones" m
Jean Arthur reminds me of Holly Hunter there
Jean Arthur, director George Stevens and Richard Gaines on the set of The More The Merrier, 1943
Carey Grant to Jean Arthur: well you're a *** duck!. Insult or compliment? 👭🐥💓
I just watched Jean Arthur w/ William Powell in...well, he was playing Philo Vance. She was awful. She improved later.
Query: silent movie actors who became famous in talkies. Answer: Lots but just to name one, Jean Arthur
Billie Jean King remembers her good friend Arthur Ashe and discusses his legacy. Video - via App
Back in the day, I remember critics comparing Blythe Danner to Margaret Sullavan and Jean Arthur.
Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is awarded the Arthur Ashe award for courage?? *** Thd Billy Jean King award would be more appropriate..
"How do you know so much about women's clothing?" - Congresswoman Phoebe Frost (Jean Arthur) in A Foreign Affair (1948)
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That talkie with Clara and Jean Arthur used to be on YouTube. I wish it still were. *lip pout*
My all-time favorite movie is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) with Stewart and Jean Arthur.
He said he brought subtitles, but I think that was a Jean Arthur movie.
While kids are raving about Rhianna, Rappity RapBits and Singy Songra. I'm talking to people about Orson Welles, Jean Arthur and Glenn Ford.
Fact: Jean Arthur never saw Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) until she and Frank Capra were guests at a 1972 film festival.
I wonder who the readhead is. Jean's back? Rachel Grey? Young Bea Arthur in a wig?
For me there are obvious choices like Katie & Bette but I like the Loy, Irene Dunns of the world. Jean Arthur, what range..
Jean Arthur, in a cheesecake-y pose that she probably hated having to do.
Reminded once again of Frank Capra's typically eloquent description of her (& Jean Arthur's voice!)
Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, and Jean Harlow in The Saturday Night Kid directed by A. Edward Sutherland, 1929.
That stoop scene between Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur in "The More the Merrier"! Black and white can be hotter than shades of grey.
A Foreign Affair (1948): Good movie by Billy Wilder. Marlene Dietrich and Jean Arthur are a interesting combination.
Cary Grant & Jean Arthur star in ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS on in 15mins at 5:10PM E
Just watched "The More the Merrier," directed by George Stevens & starring Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea. Much more perfect
John Wayne and Jean Arthur eating burgers on the set of "A Lady Takes a Chance"
The William Holden/Jean Arthur film was which coincidentally played on earlier today.
OK, back to Talk Of The Town on other channel. Cary Grant, Ronald Coleman, Jean Arthur.
Snow day + head cold = movie marathon. 1st up: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Jean Arthur's killer hats
Photo: jeanarthur: Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)
Reading Frank Capra's autobiography - love these vivid pen portraits of Jean Arthur and Ann Miller
A good election night movie to watch, 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington', James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Claude Rains 1939. A bit dated but great.
75th anniversary of 1939: Part 10. 'Only Angels Have Wings' was directed by Howard Hawks as is now considered as one of his best movies. It starred Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Rita Hayworth in her first major Hollywood role. The plot revolves around the lives of U.S. commercial pilots in South America. What makes this movie stand out is the airborne cinematography and footage from the golden age of aviation.
Mysterious stranger, too nervous to steal Jean Arthur from Van Heflin, shoots Jack Palance and rides off frustrated.
Ava Gardner is just too beautiful for me to be Marion. Jean Arthur is a little more normal, scrappy.
Cary Grant, Carole Lombard and Ronald Colman preparing for an NBC radio show (1939). Barely three years later Carole Lombard would die in a tragic plane crash which would suspend principal photography on George Steven's film The Talk of The Town (1942) which had starred Cary Grant, Ronald Colman and Jean Arthur. This same film also marked the first time since the silent era that Ronald Colman would receive second billing to another male lead.
Not sure if a rerun, but here is a beautiful pic of Jean Arthur, in which her beautiful eyes are apparent.
Wathcing Jean Arthur lately, I realize she was quite a beauty, with beautiful eyes. Also a great actress and comic
New DVD releases via Silent Era's website: Grapevine Video (USA) has released four new NTSC DVD-Rs for April 2014: Casey at the Bat (1927) starring Wallace Beery, Ford Sterling and ZaSu Pitts, Flesh and Blood (1922) starring Lon Chaney and Edith Roberts, The Canadian (1926) starring Thomas Meighan and Mona Palma, and Black Gold (1924) starring Pete Morrison and Peggy Montgomery. Undercrank Productions (USA) has released their new DVD collection of short comedies The Mishaps of Musty Suffer (1916-1917) starring Harry Watson Jr. The films are presented from HD video transfers by the Library of Congress. Also released is Flying Luck (1927) starring Monty Banks and Jean Arthur. Both discs are presented with music scores performed by Ben Model.
Photo: deforest: Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea in The More the Merrier (1943)
Movie making in NM is a big business these days, but actually movies have been around Albq., Santa Fe, and Gallup for the past 90 years. Years ago it was thought that Albq. would become a motion picture production center. This was around 1915. A big studio was to have been built in the heights and real estate promoters cashed in with a subdivision promotion. The studio never materialized but those who hung onto their lots for the next 30 or 40 years made handsome profits. One of the motion pictures filmed in Albq. area in the 30's featured Jack Oakie, Fred MacMurray, and Jean Arthur. The gentleman on the left is, of coarse, Albuquerque's Clyde Tingley. In this photo he reminds me of Grandpa on the Munsters.
Immense fascination with Arthur Rimbaud and Jean Genet as of late. ☕
Thanks to I will stay on track during Thanks :)
Watching Mr. Deeds Goes to Town circa 1936 with Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur Absolutely LOVE classics!
Dt? They have Arthur jones Jean Francis and redding for front 3.
We move to Item 4, an appeal from a tax credit applicant from Port Arthur. MF director Jean Latsha serving up the item.
There is love of course. And then there�s life, its enemy. Jean Anouilh
Cool love Eve :) Paul McGann for the 3rd time, Sylvester McCoy, Arthur Darvill, Anna Shaffer (from Hollyoaks), Jean Marsh...
James Arthur is hands down one of the best singers out there
"Sam joins a list of winners ranging from Jim Valvano, the first recipient in 1993, to Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean...
"On Saturday 26th April Ewen, Ann, Arthur, Jean and myself set out from Upper Springland, to take on the...
My new sounds: IMPOSSIBLE james arthur cover jean louis darmanin on
Pictures: Melvyn Douglas and Jean Arthur respectively in 1940 and 1975
Madeleine could legit write a Jean Arthur biography if she wanted
Read about Jean Arthur, Carol Lombard, and Katherine Hepburn in three interesting roles!
Do you love Jean Arthur? Do you love Irene Dunne? Oh snap, then you're going to be glued to in May!
boring old movies that don't even make good background noise: The Swan, the coincidental movie that Grace Kelly started making very shortly before Prince Rainier asked her to be his princess. Scapegoat with Bette Davis and Alec Guinness, where Alec plays some british dude and some french dude and i'm assuming that Bette is the mistress of one or both of them. movies that are incredibly good and realistic: Arizona: Jean Arthur. gitty and real. you feel like you are on a wagon train in that opening sequence - you can taste the dust in your mouth! that's all you need to know ;)
For all the food-themed Michael Jackson parodies he did has never parodied "Billie Jean" as "Jelly Beans"
"I loved sinking my head into Cary Grant's chest." - Jean Arthur on making "Only Angels Have Wings" (1939).
Giggsy on one tonight, Martin Luther ping, billy jean ping, ping Arthur and ping of the jungle rolled into one
2 glaring omissions--Barbara Stanwyk & Jean Arthur--both more lovely than Joan Crawford who is on the list.
Web-ad tempts my click by asking "What actress would play you in a movie?" Oh, Jean Arthur!
J. Stewart to Jean Arthur in Mr. Smith . Arthur to Jack Palance in Shane . Palance to Jack N. in Batman. Jack N. to Bacon in A Few Good Men
Times like this I wish i'd just left to go stay with Jean and Arthur in England
Jean Burke: 1927-2014: received the following announcement today from the Arthur Funeral...
Photoset: barbarastanwyck: Jean Arthur trying to decide between her two husbands in Too Many Husbands...
Lots of laughs in FLYING LUCK, with former star of the year Jean Arthur!
You've got 1 last chance this weekend to catch Jimmy Stewart & Jean Arthur in the Frank Capra classic, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU: 2:30p.
For me it's Jean Arthur so I reckon God has a sense of humor.
My wife and I are in this habit of taking out DVD's of great old movies from the library...a fun, yet, free way to have movie nights on Saturday nights...anyway, tonight, we watched "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"...I always like to look at the Wikipedia pages of the stars of the movie we just turns out that Jean Arthur, the co-star of the movie with Jimmy Stewart, was a Professor of Drama at Vassar from 1968 to '73.Meryl Streep was one of her students, and Arthur told her that she had the skills necessary to make it as an actress...I love when our alma mater shows up in my life like that...:)
A Foreign Affair at in gowns. To die for. loved also but Dietrich ate up the screen
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it's a double role now Jean Arthur and Janet Gaynor
Duane-I'm actually the cover for the title role and am actually playing Jean Arthur.
TONIGHT! Kick off the weekend with Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur in a 1938 classic.
Howard Hawks, Victor Kilian and Jean Arthur on the set of ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS (1939).
OMG! Reminds me of Jean Arthur's classic, insane diagram on how to share the bathroom efficiently in THE MORE THE MERRIER!
Personally responsible for about 20K plays on this | Have you heard ‘Midland’ by Arthur Beatrice on
Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England; it is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur and Merlin's Cave:
I just checked in on IMDb to The Ex-Mrs. Bradford starring William Powell & Jean Arthur, 1936.
Forgot how wonderful Amy Adams is, channeling Jean Arthur, in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
Just finished watching a great movie on the Internet. "Danger Lights" , filmed in 1930 and starred Jean Arthur, Louis Wolheim and Robert Armstrong. Usually after seeing a good old movie like this, I like to Google the actors - actresses and read their bios. Jean Arthur was an amazing woman and was 30 years of age when this movie was made. She was a recluse the final 12 years of her life and died of heart failure at the age of 90 at her ocean side home in Carmel, CA.
And so were Jean Arthur & Anita Page...these two & Loretta Young are in the top row...Sally Blane is in the middle row...
Hollywood has produced some great stars over the years and here is just a sampling of some of them. I am however surprised that many great stars today never won a Oscar. People like Leonardo DiCaprio, a favorite of mine, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Gary Coleman, to name just a few, as well as stars from the past.Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Edward G Robinson, who was never even nominated. Sometimes I wonder how Shakespear in Love could beat out Saving Private they see the same film that we do.I doubt it sometimes. Anyway.enjoy a photo trip down memory lane!
Great snowy night movies, Our vines have Tender Grapes-Margaret O'Brien, Edward G. Robinson and Agnes Moorehead then @ 8pm Talk of the Town with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. Can't do better than that!
A look back at this day in film history. January 11, 1940 HIS GIRL FRIDAY RELEASED: On this day in 1940, the release of His Girl Friday, a gender twist on the classic comedy The Front Page, was headline news in the world of the movies. Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's wise-cracking Broadway hit about a crime reporter's last day on the beat had been brought to the big screen by director Lewis Milestone in 1931, however Howard Hawks' new version of the raucous laffer added a new freshness and vitality to the piece. The biggest reason for this was the radical decision to turn the lead character, journalist Hildy Johnson, from a man to a woman. (Hildebrand Johnson was tweaked to become Hildegard - easy!) At one point or another, Hawks had heard the Hildy role read by a woman - some say it was at a dinner party, others say it when his secretary was helping him audition actors - and decided that the lines sounded even better coming out of a dame's mouth. His plans to cast Jean Arthur fell through (they had not ...
Going to bed now up early for Jean Arthur can't wait to see my sister/friend tomorrow missed her so much, someone I can talk to about Jesus we are going to have an awesome day... Be Blessed FBPeeps and Jesus loves you all and I do too!!! GN Xoxo
Happy Birthday, Ray Bolger!! Bolger's film career began when he signed a contract with MGM in 1936. His best-known film appearance prior to The Wizard of Oz was The Great Ziegfeld (1936), in which he portrayed himself. He also appeared in Sweethearts, (1938) the first MGM film in Technicolor, starring Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald, and Bolger's future Oz co-star, Frank Morgan, as well as the 1937 Eleanor Powell vehicle Rosalie, which also starred Eddy and Morgan. Following Oz, Bolger moved to RKO. In 1941, he was a featured act at the Paramount Theatre in New York, working with the Harry James Band. He would do tap dance routines, sometimes in a mock challenge dance with the band's pianist, Al Lerner. It was during that time period, that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and Bolger's performance was interrupted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt announcing the news of the attack.[4] Bolger toured in USO shows with Joe E. Lewis in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and was featured in the United ...
"Hey Boo..." "Miss Jean Louise, Mr. Arthur Radley. I believe he already knows you."
Doug McClure, Jean Arthur and Katherine Ross are this year's inductee's in the Western Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. Great choices.
Yesterday was my grandmother birthday 1/7 - Lelia Range the mother of Betty Jean McPherson Manning, Arthur...
"She was often the second or third choice after Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur, Bette Davis and Irene Dunne."
Best albums of 2013 : Bangerz , Yours Truly , James Arthur and my bae Britney Jean ❤️👍
I think it was when Da Vinci brought Jean de'Arc onto Magellan's spacecraft where they both serve King Arthur that my brain melted
Jean-Paul Kyrillos, probably something to do with wusthof. Or maybe just to interview someone fabulous?
it'd be really nice to find the rest of this movie...jean Arthur and Edward g. robinson are pretty good in it...great story line... probably the best movie I've seen, part of atleast from 1935
I'm watching 'SHANE', and noticing Jean Arthur is a lookalike with Diana Scarwid. Even vocally similar. Could Jean be Diana's Mom? Gotta google this
Jean Arthur is absolutely amazing. Watch her in any of Frank Capra's classics. Might be the best American actress I've ever seen.
We're too busy being smart alecks. Too busy in a crazy competition for nothing. -Jean Arthur as Babe Bennett in Mr. De…
Jean Arthur and her dog, circa 1937
“Photo: Bizarre, even creepy photo of Jean Arthur from 1930. Wow! Where’d you dig t…
OMG. Geez laweez darlin' you are amazing. MT And here's the portrait of Jean Arthur
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And here's the portrait of Jean Arthur that I did for
Speaking of Jean Arthur, just created the most wonderful hand drawing of her for me! Elizabeth's an amazing artist. :)
Jacket jean nya lucu2.. Pengen ke sunmor😩 (with Kunti and Arthur) [pic] —
A problem every woman should have: choosing between Cary Grant & Ronald Colman! See who Jean Arthur picks at 2:30p in THE TALK OF THE TOWN.
or Arthur weasley and jean and what exactly is the function of a rubber duck
Birthday boy Ray Milland and Jean Arthur chow down on the set of EASY LIVING:
The Talk of the Town - Live Radio Broadcast starring Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman Exactly as heard on the Lux Radio Theater on May 17, 1943 [audio
She always reminds me of Jean Arthur.
“I listened to all of Jean-Michel Jarre’s albums obsessively, to the point of knowing every note by heart” - Arthur C Clarke.
Yesterday, Sue and I watched one of our favorite films...THE TALK OF THE TOWN (1942), directed by George Stevens. MGM had always boasted that their studio had "more stars than there are in the heavens." Well, Columbia Pictures was definitely giving them a run for their money with this one because it boasts three of my favorite stars all in one terrific film! Just before making TTOTT, Ronald Colman had turned out two films that didn't fare well at the box-office, LUCKY PARTNERS and MY LIFE WITH CAROLINE. The first one wasn't bad at all, but the second was a veritable dud. As a result, Mr. Colman stated that he would be more selective with his subsequent film projects. It paid off in spades because, even though he gets third billing, he was back on track as a major romantic lead. In THE TALK OF THE TOWN, Leopold Dilg (Cary Grant) is an escaped criminal, who had been accused of burning down a woolen mill where a man (Clyde Bracken) has been killed. He takes refuge in a remote cottage owned by a former friend ...
Tonight: Cary Grant, Ronald Colman, & Jean Arthur! See you for the pre-show at 8:15p.
Leading up to the annual Academy Awards presentation in Hollywood, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge invites the public to attend the first annual "Davis Classic Film Festival". Three classic films featuring legendary directors and renowned actors from Hollywood's golden years will be presented, and the public is cordially invited to attend. The films will be presented on three successive Sunday evenings on the big screen in the Lower Hall of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, 415 Second Street, Downtown Davis. The three evenings are February 2, February 9 and February 16. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and each film will be preceded by a brief introduction presented by noted Film Historian and Movie Critic Derrick Bang. Mr. Bang also writes a movie review column for the Davis Enterprise. After the screening, Mr. Bang will be available to answer questions and discuss the film with viewers who wish to stay for the discussion. The film festival is open to the general public. Admission is free, but the Odd Fellows s ...
you know what just give me Jean Arthur
The ending is too rushed for me but Jean Arthur is great.
Jean Arthur's got to be one of the most natural actresses ever, if not the most natural actress
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them…Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin…Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?...But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. - Matthew 6: 26-33 Tony: You know everybody's afraid to live. Alice: You ought to hear Grandpa on that subject. You know he says most people nowadays are run by fear. Fear of what they eat, fear of what they drink, fear of their jobs, their future, fear of their health. They're scared to save money, and they're scared to spend it. You know what his pet aversion is? The people who commercialize on fear, you know ...
Just finished watching the wonderful movie "You Can't Take It With You" from 1938, starring Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur. Favourite line: "Sometimes you're so beautiful it just gags me." (Four movies watched, only 15 to go...great Xmas gift)
New post: Arizona - Arizona—Jean Arthur, William Holden, Warren William, Edgar Buchanan (1940; Dir: Wesley Ruggles) Set in Tucson before and during the Civil War. Phoebe Titus (Jean Arthur) is the quintessential strong western woman, running a pie business, starting freighting operations and building her dream ranch. The movie revolves around her. Pete Muncie (William Holden) is originally passing []The post Arizona appeared first on Great Western Movies.
Winter Springs Professional Alliance “Non-Exclusive” Meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm at Jean Arthur Associates, 5626 Red Bug Lake
She also would've loved Kate Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Jean Arthur, and Jean Harlow
Brokeback Mountain is the ultimate response to those who think the lineup on cable TV's Encore Westerns is a tad too homogenized. It's a heart-wrenching portrayal of unfulfilled Wyoming love, but this time, we don't mean Alan Ladd and Jean Arthur in...
I liked a video Jean Arthur and the cactus milk with John Wayne
Jean Arthur's prize at the end of EASY LIVING (1937) is Ray Milland's lifelong offer of "cooking my breakfast."
"You're exactly as I pictured, just 100 times better". I thought enjoyed Preston Sturges's Easy Living (it is hard for me not to like a movie that stars Jean Arthur and Ray Milland!)
Fact: Rosalind Russell was borrowed from MGM to play Hildy in His Girl Friday (1941) after Jean Arthur and several others declined the role,
Tonite I told my Hubby I did not want to watch anything violent, stupid with canned laughter or football. My choice TCM and old movies. Best one 1937 even before I was born.:). Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold and Ray Milland. Outrageously funny it had to have been an American take off on a Moliere' (mis-spelled-sorry) Comedy. I laughed until I hurt-needed that. I did not want to lose the sweet nostalgic feelings I felt over Batkid and everything that was done to make his day. We need more stories such as his lots more often. I am so lucky that just sitting in my robe and slippers and watching a 50 yr old movie can make me so content and happy. Hope all of you are having a great evening too and feeling contented and happy.:)
Directed by Mitchell Leisen. With Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold, Ray Milland, Luis Alberni. J.B. Ball, a rich financier, gets fed up with his free-spending family. He takes his wife's just-bought (very expensive) sable coat and throws it out the window, it lands on poor hard-working girl Mary Smith. Bu...
Set your VCRs. Friday nights this November are Screwball Comedy nights on Turner Classic Movies: TCM. Tonight at 11:30 pm (EST) TCM features one of my favorites -- a delightful film from the pen written of Preston Sturges, 1937's Easy Living featuring Edward Arnold, Jean Arthur and a young Ray Milland.
Set your DVRs as TCM celebrates the films of Lizabeth Scott~ and one of those films is the 1949 Film "Easy Living " with Lucille Ball and Victor Mature starting at 2:00 Pm and going to 3:30 Pm Friday November 15, 2013 ~ also on Friday November 15th is the first film from 1937 also called "Easy Living" starring Jean Arthur , Edward Arnold, Ray Milland and Desilu's William Demarest and the 1937 film starts at 11:30 pm and goes till 1:15 am on Friday.
You... Benedict Arnold in sheep's clothing! -Jean Arthur as Mary Jones in The Devil and Miss Jones
That's the way w/those older men like Mr Pendergast. A girl gets to appreciate their more mature...viewpoint...-Jean Arthur More the Merrier
Just saw a production of You Can't Take It With You. Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur Were were not in it, however. Very disappointed.
It's a forty foot dive into a tub of water, but I think you can do it. -Jean Arthur as Clarissa Saunders in Mr Smith Goes to Washington
Actress Jean Arthur was born today in 1900, looking at her varied Hollywood career
Birthday Girl Jean Arthur on tomorrow afternoon 10/18 at 1:15PM EST in The More The Merrier
For Jean Arthur's birthday, one of my all time favourite (and sexiest) movie scenes
Joe Carter (McCrea): I bet Mr Pendergast combs his hair every hour on the hour./ Mr Pendergast has no hair! -Jean Arthur in More the Merrier
Happy Birthday to actress Jean Arthur! . Jean was a delightful screen actress who became one of the top stars of...
I would love to say Happy 113th Birthday to the beautiful and talented Jean Arthur (October 17th 1900…
"It's a strenuous job every day of your life to live up to the way you look on the screen." -Jean Arthur
Actress Jean Arthur was born today in 1900. Her film career began in 1923 and her last film was "Shane" in 1953.
Remembering Jean Arthur, a great star of the 30s and 40s with a deft comic touch, born this day 1900
Rita, I don't said that to bother you, was simply a joke. Don't take it so badly. I see, tu español es bueno.
Happy birthday to the great Jean Arthur (113), Irene "Granny" Ryan (110), Arthur Miller (98), Rita Hayworth (95),...
Today in 1900 Jean Arthur was born -
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I hope you have a very happy birthday! It must be nice to share it with Rita Hayworth and Jean Arthur!
He could have been a rich man, but said he wasn't having any fun. -Jean Arthur as Alice Sycamore in You Can't Take It With You
I guess I became an actress because I didn't want to be myself, - Jean Arthur it our pleasure, ~ Francoise de Motteville
In memory of Jean Arthur who was born on October 17th, 1900 and died on June 19th, 1991.
Jean Arthur was an undiluted joy, with a voice like no other. Personal/subjective favorite: "Only Angels Have Wings."
Jean Arthur. Love her and I will never believe she was born in 1900. Maybe 1910.
Don't you think it's kind of silly to move for just two days? -Jean Arthur as Connie Milligan in The More the Merrier
Born today in 1900, actress Jean Arthur. See her in movies including The Canary Murder Case at
And oh, is it also Jean Arthur's birthday today?:)
Jean Arthur was born on this date in 1900 - Photo Album at
Hawks was frustrated because Jean Arthur would not play the character he had in mind, and re-did it "his" way with the young Lauren Bacall.
Rita Hayworth, Marsha Hunt, Jean Arthur. Too many beautiful people born today and it makes my life hurt.
She may be regarded as 1 of the top screwball actress ever but she had so much more range. Happy Birthday Jean Arthur
Oscar nominee Jean Arthur was born on this day in 1900
Happy birthday to one of my favorite actresses, Jean Arthur. (It's also Rita Hayworth's b-day. Help!)
That guy is either the dumbest, stupidest, most imbecilic *** in the world or else he's the grandest thing alive. -J…
TCM at noon: John Ford's THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING (1935). Ford found Frank Capra's turf and collaborators at Columbia Pictures congenial to his taste and even "discovered" the beauty and vitality of Jean Arthur in a spunky working-girl role a year before MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN. Ford plays the gangster-parody material more broadly than Capra would have-that is, as a tall tale rather than as a folksy anecdote- and the result is a modest success for Ford and a major triumph for Edward G. Robinson. The popular '30s device of duplicating a star in split-screen imagery was ideal for reflecting the double thrust of Robinson's career, from the mythic malignancy of LITTLE CAESAR to the sensitive humanity of his later civilized incarnations. Like Bugs Bunny in several cartoons, Robinson seems to enjoy the chance to poke fun at his brutish Rico Bandello persona.
10 movies from the Golden Age of Jayesh Varma Cooper: 1-Lucky star (1929) 2-the corner store-Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart 3-the gallant Mr. Deeds-Jean Arthur and Gary Cooper beautiful 4-My Lovely Bum-Barbara Stanwick and Gary Cooper 5-This above all-Joan Fontaine and Tyrone Power 6-Wuthering Heights-Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon 7-Waterloo Bridge-Vivien Leigh and Bob Taylor 8-gone with the wind-Gable and Vivien Leigh 9-Dr. Zhivago-Julie Christie and Omar Sharif 10-Human Ties-James Dunn and Miss Peggy Ann Garner, who plays his daughter 2-shop around the corner-Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart
Tonight: Actress Madeleine Stowe is guest programmer. Starts with Jean Arthur in THE MORE THE MERRIER (1943) at 8pm ET on
"She chooses The More the Merrier because George Stevens is a favorite director & Jean Arthur is "one of the greatest comediennes."
In retrospect: On this day in history the following passed away. Sam Giancana-1975, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg-1953, Jean Arthur-1991, Manute Bol-2010
Well Likely going to Watch In Old California (John Wayne,Binnie Barnes,Albert Dekker,Helen Parrish,Patsy Kelly and Edgar Kennedy). Well just in case you'll all wondering. Yes I love old movies. I also love new ones too. But love old movies. Like John Wayne,James Stewart,Kirk Dongles,Maureen O'hara,Vera Ralston,Donna Reed,Jean Arthur.
Jean Arthur and a very young Lloyd Bridges in “The Talk of the Town” on
Round this...I don't wanna work tonight...I want to just escape and TCM has got my "number" today~Lionel Barrymore, Jimmy Stewart, Jean Arthur and Eddie Arnold...
There's a lot of stimulating talk about creating strong female characters at the moment. So here's a thought. In mainstream cinema it's a relatively recent phenomenon: Barbara Stanwyck, Kate Hepburn, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, Jean Arthur, Elizabeth Taylor all consistently played strong female characters, for decades. Then from the mid to late 60s on these kinds of characters started to become much more sparse. Around the same time simpler, more homogenized and active hero-based ideas about what screenwriting should be, devised and promulgated almost entirely by men, took hold. Not enough space here to go into detail, but in my view this is no coincidence.
Divulgar o trabalho dos melhores artistas do ramo do Funk e do Rap de Goiânia e Brasília.
Ok let's say you've been offered something that has massive potential. It's obviously going to be fun for you but at the same it means you have to be something you are not. On the flip side it could be great for dogs and could push force free training to new heights. Jump on it or wait for another door to open? Don't ask for details, just ponder then comment.
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