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Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams (born February 22, 1968) is an American former professional basketball player. Standing 6 feet, 10 inches tall, he played for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets of the National Basketball Association.

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How Jayson Williams found a loyal ally in Charles Oakley.
That jayson williams interview on the BC is a good 1.. i feel sorry for dawg
That Funk Flex and Jayson Williams interview was the best thing i've seen all week.
being a millionaire doesn't protect you from injustice, except for O.J., Ray Lewis, Jayson Williams and…
I enjoyed watching Jayson Williams interview on 🦋
This was a great interview and Jayson Williams!
"Those Williams boys still mean a lot to me, Hank and Tennessee."
great interview with Jayson Williams. If it's possible try to get Shawn Kemp and Dennis Rodman if they would be interested
Say what you want about Flex. But this Jayson Williams interview is classic.
that Jayson Williams interview was inspiring especially when he touched base on his disease with alcohol addiction to cope with stress
"I'ma a baller that will merk you like Jayson Williams"
spoke with Shawn earlier and I sent Jayson an email. The email kicked back...can I get a good contact for Mr. Williams
I just saw the Jayson Williams interview and sheeesh man at times has no respect
Jayson Williams' interview on the brrakfast club was really good.
This Jayson Williams interview got heavy quick
Did you miss Jayson Williams on this morning??? Well here you go!
So I'm gonna need a on Jayson Williams. I volunteer to produce
Go watch the full interview with former NBA player Jayson Williams on youtube…
Venus Williams, vandeweghe, sloane stephens, madison keys- who wins the title? open
My mood listening to former NBA'er Jayson Williams interview on
u really handled that jayson Williams interview... that Oakley 20k story brought that smile out right when he was about to break.
If you free watch Jayson Williams interview on breakfast club
Anybody see Jayson Williams on The Breakfast Club? Is it just me or does he seem a bit off and suicidal?
did you watch the Jayson Williams interview on the Breakfast Club? Can we talk about how disingenuous it is?
.'s Jayson Williams on telling his story on
Shout out to Charles Oakley for looking out for Jayson Williams, I've seen way too many NBA players hit rock bottom and st…
That Jayson Williams interview on the breakfast club had all kind of gems in it.
Wow, what an inspiration our boy Jayson Williams has turned in to.
I'm a baller that'll murk you like Jayson Williams- Cam'Ron
Chris Washburn and Jayson Williams playing volleyball with me lmao 😂
your show yesterday with Jayson Williams tugged at my heart yesterday.
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You forgot to ask Jayson Williams about ?
Pub 2 on in 0.4d. Jayson Williams Grabs the Rebound
Lawd this Wendy Williams interview with Jayson Williams got me tearing up.
Jayson Williams looks like a tall Alfonso Riberio.
Jayson Williams looks great the NBA FS1 and ESPN should consider bringing him back to be an NBA analysts.…
I really enjoyed Jayson Williams, and I LOVE his rehab. (And that you donated
Tune into Jayson Williams on the show right now!
I added a video to a playlist Jayson Williams Grabs the Rebound
NBA legend Jayson Williams talks about his rise to fame, downfall and how he rebuilt his life. Keep watching:…
Jayson Williams was IT in his day. Skills plus face for days.
Jayson Williams on Wendy Williams today was one of her best interviews. So good!
Jayson Williams is still a good guy all these years later. I'm glad he's back.
Jayson Williams Grabs the Rebound to propose again !!!
I liked a video Jayson Williams Grabs the Rebound
Jayson williams on having 92 ppl on the payroll: "I'll be honest, ppl blackmail u...ur pretty much paying ppl to be quiet." 🤔
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you didn't root for Jayson Williams when he was on the Nets? Jason Kidd is downright e…
So jayson Williams career ended because he accidentally shot an killed his driver?.dang that ***
On a positive good to see Jayson Williams talk about his journey to getting his rehab center started.
.interview with Jayson Williams speaking on the deadly shooting & his sobriety... just wow. Seeing them both in tears hard.
Check my man out Jayson Williams on the Wendy Williams Show Live.
I remember Jayson Williams' ex wife when she was on bbwla when it first came on.
I'm so happy for Jayson Williams. It seems like he's doing very well now!
OMG the interview with Jayson Williams was awesome what a tearjerker .. keep bringing them 2 us Wendy.. Love the Show
Jayson Williams on looking great! He said his leg is healing with awesome doing great things!
Watching the interview with Jayson Williams was great. It was so genuine!
This interview with Jayson Williams is so good on ..his story is interesting
TUESDAY: NBA great Jayson Williams opens up about his sobriety and. performs!
Its good to see former Nets player Jayson Williams in a good place in life.
Just enjoying my breakfast & watching Jayson Williams interview on Wendy Williams😌
NEXT on an all-new great Jayson Williams talks about his sobriety and the Rebound Institute for Well-B…
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Jayson Williams was an 86 2K Rating tops with Ball Control and Playmaking at 95. Webber 87, Divac 80 with…
Also great seeing my guy Jayson Williams giving back working with those kids.
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He sure showed his skill when he did. I'd put Jayson Williams up there, too.
Ty Hill was def my Remember when Jayson Williams/Nets was a analyst, on air said, THAT'S A FACE ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE!
Not true. He would have to get a NCAA waiver for a medical hardship to play right away. ie. Elliot Williams
Theo Pinson and Kenny Williams aren't Jayson Tatum and Amile Jefferson. Get out of here lol
Random Google search today: Whatever happened to the Jayson Williams who killed his chauffeur?
Another classic TBT pic from my 30th birthday party at Jayson Williams Who Knew Estates, if you…
Jayson Williams & are hosting a basketball camp today come and check it out in Rivera Beach FL!
NBA All-Stars Jayson Williams and Charles Oakley conducting a free B-Ball Clinic…
Gearing up for free basketball camp in Riviera Beach today Jayson Williams
I met Jayson Williams He came to my camp when I was younger and did a meet and greet with us.
Need to be careful. Remember what happened to Jayson Williams driver
I remember when Jayson Blair got fired for making up stories, whiteys get promotions for the same
Reminds me ESPN commercial where he, Stu Scott and Jayson Williams play little kids in basketball.…
Francesa went to St. Johns. He walked the same hallowed halls as Artest, Mullin, Gun Jayson Williams, Mark Jackson.
Jayson Williams was NOT ready to rumble. Watch the new episode of with & on
NBA All-Star's Jayson Williams & Charles Oakley Basketball Camp taking place this weekend in Riviera Beach on...
Hey Doc would know better than me, but I would have went with Jayson WIlliams, since he also killed a guy.
'Our main goal is to still be there at the end.'. Coach Williams & on being in the South!.
you catch how Rob Parker just self edited to not refer to Jayson Williams as guy who killed someone? You know the Nets guy
Oakley: Does Dolan think I'm an alcoholic because I help alcoholics? Charles does charity work with Jayson Williams http…
Jayson Williams offers perspective on best friend Oakley, takes exception along w/ Chris Paul that Oak needs 'help' https…
I don't think there is a person who loves the Nets as much as I ...
Please follow me back or email me @ curleybooin regards to Jayson Williams. Thanks CBJ
Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Katie Couic, Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair to lead march on Washington for "truth."
Former NBA star Jayson Williams to be sentenced Tuesday -
If I had to think of what I would do different in my whole career, ...
If you really want to know why the media is going to go away, Brian Williams, Lara Logan, Juan Thompson…
Jayson Williams was the other kid. The Ridges first State Championship.
but they're both Jayson Williams lol
jayson Williams for honorable mention ?
jayson Williams said that gonzaga is not battle tested
Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams: 'Coward' for cover-up in shooting death via
Wade was a top 3 talent when it was him, Shaq, GP, Jayson Williams and Antoine Walker
Jayson Williams to the rack for NWC...they lead 70-69 for first time in game. Windsor ball w/ :40 left
I went down and played with Magic Johnson at his all-star game i...
Freshman team starts off our day well with a big 59-47 win over Hillside! Jayson Williams with 26 pts & Ryan Widman with 23!
Hey, I am interested in reaching out to Jayson Williams he used to live close to me
Jayson Williams: I was a 'coward' for covering up sh..
Alcohol is the cause of all my problems.
I didn't know Corliss Williamson was on the Magic staff and was like "Jayson Williams ain't in prison?"
well listening to Jayson Stark on the radio, sounds like no Williams until probably late Sept & maybe no Crawford period.
AM RT: feature on rise and his similarities to a current all pro NFL DB. . https:/…
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For me, the greatest Vol to have worn the is Jayson Swain (Happy Birthday, Jayson. You're a legend in my house.
That Beyonce video with Serena Williams, they were fvcking hawt in that video mehn...
Jayson Williams on Manute Bol: "was drunk every game and wore only socks in the locker room."
posted my thoughts on Jayson Williams on podcast talking trash & 1990s NBA seems like long ago for both of us
Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams talks booze and bullets on the podcast:
Really not worried if LeVeon Bell miss 4 games bc DeAngelo Williams is the perfect insurance policy
Jayson Williams talks basketball, booze, and bullets on this week's podcast:
Ilgauskas and Mo Williams were the next best players😂😂
And I'm sure Barkley could tell right away that going out drinking with Jayson Williams was a bad idea
What M.J. did to intimidate his opponents.
White Chocolate Jason Williams, AND Jayson Williams been giving some interesting views on Barkley lol
The cookies podcast episode with jayson williams is so good
2/ But of course big p1 coverage for probs of: . B Williams, Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke, Glass-TNR, Rather-GW Bush…. Life in a bubble
When Charles Barkley played for the 76ers, according to Jayson Williams, Barkley would eat McDonalds during practice while yelling at his P…
Charles Barkley was the worst teammate to have according to former NBA player, Jayson Williams.
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how does my collection compare: Mark Chmura,Todd Marinovich, Jayson Williams, Randy Moss, & Darryl Strawberry. Notice a trend?
from a manager to a base coach. Williams was gifted a great team and botched it. He stinks!
Jayson Williams added connections you may know
i bet u if he ended up like Jayson Williams he'll be wishing he was wrkingout
I think no athlete wants to end his career on an injury.
2002: Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams indicted for aggravated manslaughter for the death of Costas Christofi, Alexandria Township, NJ
NBA star Jayson Williams gets the gasface
Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams charged with drunk driving in N.Y., report says -
How Jayson Warner Smith Gave Depth to Maisie Williams' 'Evil' Uncle in 'The Devil and the Deep Blue S..
For basketball fans...rank these players in order with the best handles - Allen Iverson, Jayson Williams, Steph Curry, or The Professor
Every day people say you got to move on with your life. You have to move on...
coldest... meaning like made ppl look dumb and jayson Williams did that often
📷 3rd article in The Easterner as a contributing writer on redshirt Freshman WR Jayson Williams
I told 'em I'm a baller that'll murk 'em like Jayson Williams and that shut them up
We play fair and we play hard. If we win the game, we win. If we lose the game, we lose. -Jayson Williams.
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Incredible touchdown catch by freshman Jayson Williams in the corner of the end zone on a pass from West to cap off th…
In their respective sports, Mike Alstott and Jayson Williams were probably my favorite non Cleveland players to watch growing up.
Sayreville stops Old Bridge on downs at the Bombers' 18..three plays later, Jayson Demild to Coray Williams for 78 to…
N.C. senior Chance Greene is the latest incarnation of Jason Williams, even if no one has seen him
Chill while i'm chasin' millions... I'm a baller that'a murk you like JAYSON WILLIAMS
Hey you know any good Uber drivers for hire? Signed Jayson Williams
Does amour all get limo driver blood stains of upholstery ? Asking for a friend - Jayson Williams.
"so what's the best product for cleaning the interior of a limousine?" Yours, Jayson Williams
Jay Williams at halftime: "Jayson Tatum is angry... because he's 0-4 for 2 points."
The past and the future meeting. Former Duke great Jay Williams and future Duke great Jayson Tatum shaking up.
the jayson Williams was wild but that was manslaughter compared to them two murders lol
1st week of pads are over! Players of the week are OL Jayson Williams & DB Jake Perry.
Jayson Williams rolling over in his jail cell
Is Jayson Williams the best college guard the past 15 years?
My reaction to Devin Williams declaring for the
I want to see the birth of my baby. Hopefully it's a boy. He can play for S...
Jay Williams coming up on ESPN2 as part of the Legends & Stars Shootout. Jayson Tatum's trio leads with 26 second finish.
Nuggets have a real chance to get either Josh Jackson/Henry Giles/Jayson Tatum in '17. All 3 are GAME CHANGERS. Thats the thing Nugs need.
I always relate respectfully with blue-collar people.
I will never be able to move on as much as people would like me to.
Y'all remember Jayson Williams? Not white chocolate Jason or motorcycle crash Jason.but the one that killed somebody 🤔
I vote for the only guy with a deadlier shot than Stephen Curry...Jayson Williams
Today Gilbert Arenas is as old as Jayson Williams was the day he killed a limo driver: 12,411 days . But GA would never be careless w/ a gun
willmenaker jayson Williams: meet the limo driver
jayson Williams: meet the limo driver
My uncle here brandishing this gun like Jayson Williams. We all cleared out.
I wonder if Jayson Williams and Charissa Thompson ever wake up and watch First Take in bed together?
Charissa Thompson seems to be "on again" with boyfriend Jayson Williams. She has the glow of an anchor in love.
"He kind of seems to have a skill set similar to ["
How surprised were you about that win against Iran. What's the story about this Jayson Williams point guard? Highlights look good
If there was an issue, JP should have gone to Jayson Werth or Williams.
Jayson the blur Castro Williams .best point guard in ASIA.
yyuhhhooo.!. PHL 87. IRI 73. Big game by Jayson Castro-Williams and .
Jayson Castro Williams proving why he is the best point guard in Asia! .
Jayson Williams lost his basketball career bc of one
remimds me of jayson Williams of the Chicago Bulls getting career ending injuries after wrecking new duc in parking lot
DUI News: Former NBA'er, Jayson Williams, ordered to pay $17K for a tree he hit in 2010.
Reminds me of when Jayson Williams said playing Barkley was like a diaper rash to a baby. Deathly hungover, nightly.
Wire: Former Net Jayson Williams owes $16K for damages from a DUI
Ex-Nets star owes NYC $16K for tree he smashed in DUI crash: Former Nets star Jayson Williams owes the city a wad of cash for destroy...
Former Nets star Jayson Williams owes NYC $16,000 for tree he wrecked in 2010 drunken driving crash
Sidenote: Jayson Williams told us MJ bet him to see who could stay awake longer. So that's the type of maniac MJ is.
Shock and awe unleashed as Gilas Pilipinas zaps Hong Kong in Fiba Asia Championship via
Jayson Williams, Chicago Bulls. Something that could of been, but never was thanks to injury.
The Papal visit is puffery. Williams has been relegated to nonsense on MSNBC. Ripping him now is like ripping Jayson Blair
I can never get tired of Jayson Williams highlights
I'm cable Matt Williams and I think Jayson Werth should keep batting at the top of the ord
Just used my Double Up on Ashley Williams on for vs
I need a Matt Williams bobblehead that looks like this.
how u think Tommie Frazier and Jayson Williams would've done as pros? I think they would've been great
The Nationals are going to fire Matt Williams and make Jayson Werth the player-manager.
Jayson Williams might have been the biggest bonehead to ever ride a motorcycle
How does Matt Williams rationalize hitting Jayson Werth lead-off? He’s OPSing .560.
😂😂...not more crazier than former Sixer Armon Gilliam whuppin out a machete on Jayson Williams while naked😭
Dear Jayson Williams.. When is the City Council going to rule on the statues? Get it over with! Don't be squeamish/ Gerry V Morning News
Jayson Werth reckless driving: 105 in a 55. Matt Williams reckless managing: JW with .182 in the leadoff spot.
You've probably noticed if you're watching the Nats; Matt Williams has shuffled the lineup.
Didn't say that, I said you were liars, & that is well documented. Jayson Blair, NY Times, Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton...
Jayson Williams really don't know what he be talking about
Jayson Williams added connections you may know - LinkedIn Network Updates
It looks like the AP has picked up on the Jayson Blair & Brian Williams style of Journalism with the photo of Ted Cruz with a gun.
Jayson Blair, Brian Williams and - just making up information and pretending to be journalists
How are Brian Williams, Stephen Glass & Jayson Blair like Orson Welles? All good at faking news:.
Wade did old *** retired after he got dem one! Gary Payton Jayson Williams antione walker Alonzo mourning Derek Anderson
Had to test out Jayson Williams new GIBSON SG FUTURA, IT'S WHAT I DO.
Nationals manager Matt Williams said Saturday that Jayson Werth (wrist) is progressing nicely in hi...
When journalist Jayson Blair lied, he was immediately fired, but when Brian Williams did the same he was only suspended for 10 months!!
Brian Williams sits for first interview since suspension from NBC News, via
Brian Williams announces his new field correspondents: Jayson Blair, Janet Cooke, and Stephen Glass.
Compare NBC's treatment of Williams with the way NYT treated Gerald Boyd after the Jayson Blair scandal.
Helping Jayson Williams teach a great group of kids how to paddleboard on the Hudson last week.
Remember Jayson Blair had to resign from NYT for fake stories? And now Brian Williams is. Welp.
Very bad call to keep Brian Williams. Can you imagine if the NYT kept Jayson Blair??
interview with Brian Williams, also appearing in ny times by. Jayson Blair
Shouldn't worst case scenario be, "Pulls a Jason Williams, or Jayson Williams, or Jay Williams."
Out of jail, Jayson Williams wants \'another chance\' to make his mother proud
A Dress, it's blue it's black it's gold it's white, it's actually from outer space. Tonite with me, Brian Williams on the…
The motivation that the game was supplying me, it's no longer providing me.. Jayson Williams something killed whatever was driving me
In the Jayson Blair plagiarism documentary A Fragile Trust, Brian Williams is 1st on screen. Ironic.
Jayson Williams: progressively turible. Constantly off base. Can he articulate his points any worse?
Ima baller that'll murk you like Jayson Williams 😪
Jayson Werth working his way back from surgery
Nationals SBN: Matt Williams on Nationals' left fielder Jayson Werth working his way back
Matt Williams on left fielder Jayson Werth working his way back
Can a manager set the tone for the season on Day 1? Jayson Werth: "It depends on the guy. I would say our guy can."
Hanging out at Los Dos Compadres Cantina for karaoke w/ Kori Ludahl Darcie Sheppard Williams & Corey Paul come...
Apologies to They had Jared Williams & Jayson Williams came out. Even The Voice of the Titans makes mistakes. But not often 😃
That time I beat my boy Jayson Williams in one on one. He's pretty upset about it, so maybe go check…
From Jayson Williams to D.Rose the Bulls got back luck drafting point guards smh
Jayson Werth is in uniform stretching with his teammates. Williams says he's still rehabbing right shoulder, so obviously will be limited.
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Duke Jayson Williams could shoot the gym lights out but couldn't hit a freethrow.
Nationals manager Matt Williams said that Jayson Werth (shoulder) will be limited early on in spring training.
JamesWagnerWP: Per Matt Williams, Jayson Werth (shoulder) will be limited b/c he's still rehabbing & Denard Span (sports hernia) is a fu…
The solo elevator trip with Jayson Williams made my afternoon, he is so humble and sweet in person
Matt Williams says Jayson Werth will slowly work his way into things, Span is full go
On this day in 2002, Jayson Williams, the former NBA star, surrendered to New Jersey police. He was charged with second-degree manslaughter.
what about ESPN Jayson Williams he was supposed to be a superstar coming out of Duke
Mark prior, jayson williams now drose. 3 chicago superstars with early careers. What in the *** is in the water there.
The curse of jayson Williams lives in chitown.
Jason Williams had the motorcycle accident. JAYSON Williams shot and killed a limo driver. Just clarifying. LOL
Derrick Rose knee is like when Jayson Williams had that motorcycle accident. It's just so unreal. Had so much promise in the league.
Don't worry... D-Rose has an easy career path of broadcasting waiting for him im sure. Jayson Williams and him can talk about the old days
The Bulls have lost 2 of potentially best pgs of the 2000's Derrick Rose and Jayson Williams
At least Derrick played longer than Jayson Williams
He's like Jayson Williams. He better start applying for tv jobs
Jayson Blair documentary starts with a negative blurb from Brian Williams
always. a recollection about time, game, or player in game. I already have a lot written about Kemp and Jayson Williams.
The semis just ended. Here are the wrestlers advancing to championship & state. 106 - Maize South's Jayson West vs Emporia's …
"David Corn belongs in the Liar's Gulag with Brian Williams. Dan Rather, Carol Vogel, and Jayson Blair" — Rachel
for the love of god get Jayson Williams off the air. Every time he talks I change the channel.
Jayson williams. Another in the long line of duke NBA busts
Via Jayson Williams' story about Larry Bird is flippin awesome:
Chris Mullin, Walter Berry, Bill Wennington, Jayson Williams, Mark Jackson - for a 6-7 year period they had an NBA team
CWebb, Divac, Jayson whatever his name was... Williams that's it! Peja, Bibby man that was a team
I get that AD smoked some tree beforehand, but what's that got to do with a drug test? Signed, Jayson Williams
Remember Jayson Williams from the Nets? My team was at his house when they were filming MTV Cribs. Nothing more humbling.
Matt Williams was a great Giant. He's no Bruce Bochy..but hats off none the, regarding Jayson Werth...
Jayson Williams totally kills it, but an autographed card of Tim Duncan for less than $60 is nice for me
Just leave Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche in San Fran. Matt Williams and Denard Span too.
Matt Williams, you PED abusing scumbag. Fake tough guy. Just like your 3-hole hitter Jayson "1-for-the-NLDS" Werth. Thanks for nothing...
Denard Span, Jayson Werth, Adam Laroache, Wilson Ramos, and Matt Williams are the ones to blame
Great series wish the Nats coulda hit a bit better but they fought and fought and fought. Don't fire Matt Williams dont crucify jayson werth
Well. Even if the Giants blow this lead, the Dodgers are out and I can root for Matt Williams and Jayson Werth
"He Jayson Williams with the shotty off a shot of sake" -
Great recap Jayson. Still cant believe Williams took out Zim. Makes no sense at all.
via Jayson Stark: Matt Williams' decision to pull starter Jordan Zimmermann turns into a devastating Nati...
Lil bit of a panic move by Williams tho the way Zimmerman was throwing, no Jayson?
George Zimmerman walking free. Phil Spector walking free. R. Kelly walking free. Jayson Williams walking free. Casey Anthony walking free
You are big time Kings fan! Jayson Williams one of my all time favorite Kings!
Chill while I'm chasin' millions.. I'm a balla that'll murk you like Jayson Williams...
You know one of the best and funniest sports books I've ever read was by Jayson Williams So funny and entertaining.
how she jayson Williams wife gone speak on the ray rice elevator incident when she wasnt there.
it's like during the Jayson Williams manslaughter - news outlets were showing pics of Jason Williams.
same with that jayson Williams guy that shot his limo driver
MLB - In honor of Jerome Williams & Jayson Werth have a pink glove and pubes, respectively.
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it ain't been the same since white chocolate jayson Williams left the game lol
Evelyn Lozada married Jayson Williams, Chad Ocho and now Carl Crawford. Kanye wrote a song about women like her...
Kids, was reading an article about celebrities who have committed murder and found the story very pathetic. Along with murderers like Phil Spector, Johnny Lewis, Don King, Jayson Williams, Howard Hughes, and Gig Young, I found it pathetic that they also listed the names of Oliver Stone and Jimmy Stewart. Their crimes ? Jimmy Stewart was a pilot who flew bombing missions during WWII, and Oliver Stone, he served in Vietnam and killed enemy soldiers with a grenade. What ? More lack of respect for those who have served.
WOW -- INTERESTING LINE UP HERE Saint Peter’s University today announced that the University will host New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, former Governor Jim McGreevey, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman and former professional basketball player Jayson Williams for the “Prison Reentry: Breaking the Cycle” conference. The event will be held on Thursday, April 17 on the University’s Jersey City campus in The Duncan Family Sky Room of the Mac Mahon Student Center from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
My Top 5 passers of all time:. Jayson Williams . John Stockton. Penny Hardaway. Ricky Rubio . Steph Curry (in no particular order)
Seriously, when are people going to let the Michael Vick dog thing go? The guy has apologized for it every day since it happened & no doubt will have to live the rest of his life enduring it. The New York Jets signed him because they felt he'd be better for their football team, & a good mentor for Geno Smith. But seriously, it may be time to let his past go and let him play football. I'm not saying what he did was right because its terribly wrong and disgusting but at least he served jail time for it. Anybody remember when Danny Heatley killed his teamate while driving recklessly in 03'? He got 3 years probation & a $25,000 fine. What about when Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington? Or when Jim Leyritz drove under the influence and killed a woman. Jayson Williams? I'm just tired of people picking on Vick like he's been the only professional athlete to commit a crime. His worst move was signing in New York, the media & fans out here are gonna rip him to shreds.
TRI-CITIES, Wash -- Now might be a good time to sell your house. The Tri-Cities real estate market is doing well as we move into spring. Jayson Williams has lived in Richland for the last three years, but he needs more space for his growing family, so he recently put his house up for sale.
Jason Collins to sign with the New Jersey Nets.wake me up when Lebron and Dwayne Wade both come out of the closet. That may lure me back to watching to what use to be the NBA (haven't been into it since the 2004 riot in Detroit). I'm not even sure if the Nets are still in New Jersey. They're still known for Jayson Williams throwing away his career in the matter he did.
Haven't heard Cameron indoor this loud since Shane Batier and Jayson Williams
B-Days for an interesting mix of NBAers today: Julius Erving, Rajon Rondon, Jayson Williams, Chris Dudley, Adam Keefe & Chet Walker.
After Newtown, Seeking Psychiatric Solutions to Mass Shootings Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner discusses the preventative measures that may stop mass killings from taking place. By: James Swift One year after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, many Americans still find themselves asking why the tragedy occurred. As a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Welner finds himself asking how a young man like Adam Lanza became so gripped in homicidal thought -- and especially what interventions could have deterred him from embarking upon a pathway to destruction. Welner, the founder and chairman of The Forensic Panel and lead researcher of The Depravity Scale, has been the lead forensic psychiatrist and consultant in numerous highly sensitive criminal investigations and cases. Among others, he’s profiled Andrea Yates, Chris Benoit and Jayson Williams. His portfolio also includes evaluations of several mass shooters, including Byran Uyesugi and Richard Baumhammers. “It’s clear that Adam Lanza ...
Aaron Hernandez, OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorius , and Jayson Williams, good for a Murder Mystery party!
49ers using guns to end a party? That's how I roll too! Best, Jayson Williams. War Margot Kidder in a woodpile. Morgan in Clovis
Who is your favorite athlete/murderer? O.j. Simspon, Jayson Williams or Aaron Hernandez?
Aaron Hernandez, O.J. Simpson, Ray Lewis, Jayson Williams...etc. Maybe at some point, this country and this human race will stop worshiping people simply because they are good athletes. Charles Barkley had it right when he pronounced that he and other athletes "are not role models". I always (for the most part) looked at my Dad as the person to be admired and emulated.
Thinking of using Jayson Williams and Phil Spector cases for my Labeling Theory Research Paper.
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful daddy William Sibbett. I strive every day to have just an ounce of the patience, love, and courage that you have shown me through the years. Thank you for everything you have taught me! For being my dad and my mom for so many years! Caring for me, Shawn D Osborne, and Jayson Sibbett! I know we have pushed you and walked all over your nerves many days! You have never given up on any of us or anything and for that I will always be thankful. I love you daddy and am still proud to be your little girl!
Giving honor to God for this day, I like to wish a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my dad (sent to heaven) JOHN S. BANKS JR. my husband William Young, my sons Jeffery Fellows, Jayson Fellows, Brandon Noel, Ricky Henderson, my brother's John, Delvin Banks, Phillip Banks my stand up responsible nephews Samuel Du-Vone Banks, Micah James, all my uncle both sides & marriage, my brother-n-laws, cousins & all the men I know that don't or didn't mind being a role model for the next generational men. Thank you for not being selfish & keeping it to yourself. Enjoy ur day.
To my brother William ,Limwell and Rain at kay Jayson at s aking tatay milo at s asawa q Jerome,happy fathers day s inyong lhat!
Worship song. Verses used in video from Psalm 103 and Psalm 98 (at the end). Dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Happy Fathers Day to my Husband Jayson and to my Dad William and my Father in-law Mark ( Linda)
At this time I want to personally wish the men in my family: William, Jayson,, my son Donovan, my son Kyle, my father in law George, my brother in law George Jr, my nephew Duwan, cuz Kevin& Franklin AND all the other men that r in my family that r dads 'Happy Father's Day'. This message is to the females that are serving as mom & dad to ur children keep doing what ur doing. Happy Fathers Day to all this applies to.Much Love
“Shall I tell you something?” I said, after a bit of mint-scented heavy breathing. “The mosquitoes won’t bite your *** ” “I dinna mind if they carry me off to their lair to feed to their bairns,” he murmured. “Come here, Sassenach.” I pushed damp hair out of my face and settled contentedly in the hollow of his shoulder, his arm around me. By now, I had reached that sense of accommodation with the humid atmosphere, where I stopped trying to keep track of my own body’s boundaries and simply melted into sleep. I slept without dreaming and without moving, until a touch of cramp roused me enough to shift a little. Jamie raised his arm a little, then replaced it as I settled again, and I became aware that he wasn’t asleep. “You…all right?” I murmured, thick-tongued with drowsiness. “Aye, fine,” he whispered, and his hand smoothed the hair from my cheek. “Go back to sleep, Sassenach. I’ll wake ye when it’s time.” My mouth was sticky, and it took a moment to locate ...
Well im officially wore out from reffing at state camp at Capitol univ but on the bright side got to spend couple days with my son Jayson & hung w/ some good friends & fellow refs ie...Matt Orin,Jason Percell, Marcus Thompson, William Jordan, Kyle Gilmore,Justin Davis & Ryan McClurg. & even got my butt chewed on by Walter Bub Norris & Jared Norris lol... Overall good time but I sure am spent!
Just to let everyone know.dont know any other way to say this but my wife passed last night:(
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