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Jayson Werth

Jayson Richard Gowan Werth (born May 20, 1979) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball.

Matt Williams Anthony Rendon Denard Span Bryce Harper Ian Desmond John Feinstein Wilson Ramos Dusty Baker Casey Janssen Aaron Rowand Ryan Zimmerman Daniel Murphy Clint Robinson Danny Espinosa Citizens Bank Park Derek Norris

Cespedes is the 5th active player to hit 3 HR at Citizens Bank Park. The others: Charlie Blackmon, Ryan Braun, Jayson Werth &…
Denard Span, Adam Laroche, Jayson Werth. Jonathan Papelbon 😂😂 the first three were serious though.
Jayson Werth playing at the Naval Academy is as close to a legit Sasquatch sighting as the world will ever get.
"Jayson Werth go-ahead slam after a Rendon IBB against Marmol"
A statement from Jayson Werth on Ivan Rodriguez's election to the Hall of Fame:
team has also been shutdown by health department due to OF Jayson Werth spreading beard lice.
mail day today. Nothing big but still awesome. Also love the bonus Jayson Werth.
my BOY Andrew Stevenson is our future Jayson Werth replacement
Jayson Werth got like 150 million when he was 34
Just a reminder that the Nationals signed Jayson Werth for $126 million
"Team still paying a $170M+ deal given to Jayson Werth over five years ago reportedly balking at large contract demand"
This is the same team that is paying Jayson Werth into his late 30's.
Jayson Werth became the most hated former player six years ago today
Imagine an outfield of Jayson werth cutch and Harper and then stab yourself in the eye
if you want a weird cross sport comparison he reminds me of when the Phillies got Jayson Werth
this was a few days later and he got another walk off winner. Good times!! .
agree. I can still picture Jayson Werth calling him the DC strangler 😂😂😂 remembers too. I'm sure.
Can new catcher unseat teammate Jayson Werth for best beard?
With the acquisition of the have given Jayson Werth some serious beard competition: h…
Derek Norris' beard game will rival Jayson Werth's. Hoping his on-field game is more like his 2013-14 performance than the past two years
With the acquisition of Derek Norris, the Nats have given Jayson Werth a worthy beard competitor
At The North Face, I just helped sell Jayson Werth and his PR manager over a grand in gear... so that was cool
Today in history: (2009) two homers from Jayson Werth lead 10-4 win at Citizens Bank Park and…
I will always enjoy how much Jayson Werth looks like former WWE wrestler Edge.
Sean Rodriguez no match for Jayson Werth and the so now he goes looking for an old foe: . The Gatorade…
Sitting in Charlotte ballpark giving thanks for Max Scherzer, Jayson Werth, Trea Turner, Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper.
Scott Kazmir will have Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth to deal with against Nationals Jake
Been hatin' on Jayson Werth? He's got some thoughts for you after hitting a game-winner against the Cubs.
I liked a video jayson werth post-game interview after nats walk off cubs 6/15/16
Jayson Werth has a message for all the doubters.
Jayson Werth last night was a savage. Need Lebron James to do this if they win the title.
Jayson Werth, I've always been a fan!
Jayson Werth's post game interview today 😂
Mark DeRosa just said Jayson Werth lives super clean. Didnt he just get popped for drunk driving not long ago?
Not a fan of Jayson Werth anymore? He has a message for his critics. From http…
Jayson Werth!!! And that's why he's called the Rated R Superstar! 😂😷🙀🤐
Jayson Werth's interview at the end of the game today geeked 😂 he didn't give a crap that people were watching him
Jayson Werth was fired up after the Nationals' win Wednesday.
That Jayson Werth post game interview is all time
Jayson Werth is the man. We need more post game interviews like that.
Jayson Werth is my new favorite baseball player. idc idc
Idea for next season: cursing Jayson Werth bobblehead. Pull the string and see what word comes out
After last night Jayson Werth might be my new favorite player
Lmao not even a Nats fan but Jayson Werth was hilarious 😂😂
Jayson Werth is easily my favorite player in the league 😂
You can take the Phillie out of Philadelphia . . . Nats' Jayson Werth tells haters to 'kiss my a--' after walkoff
If you believe that Jayson Werth hasn’t been worth his contract you are bad and you should feel bad. That’s all.
All of my MLB articles this morning are full of JAYSON WERTH and I'm loving it.
I really want to party with Jayson Werth now
You interview Jayson Werth on the field after a game, you never know what you're gonna get.
Today's is in honor of Jayson Werth because he's awesome.
ICYMI: Jayson Werth gives one of the greatest postgame interviews ever. VIDEO:
Jayson Werth cares not for your silly FCC sensibilities.
Jayson Werth’s on-field interviews should be cherished
Jayson Werth celebrated a walk-off single by telling his critics to kiss his ***
"Mr. Clutch": Jayson Werth delivers again, lifts Nats to thrilling win over Cubs Wednesday
Jayson Werth's full post-game transcript with is really something to behold.
Just another day at the office for Jayson Werth.
."People criticized you before the season...". Jayson Werth: "Those people can kiss my *** "
Jayson Werth is my new favorite non-Cardinal. Also, I miss Bob Carpenter.
What a finish in Washington! Jayson Werth hits his 2nd walk-off this week to give Nationals the 5-4 win over Cubs in the…
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everyone hates Jayson Werth. I did not. Until today. Where does he get off . saying what he said Pat gillick found him
Herm Schneider out to briefly check on David Robertson after a one-pitch out to start T9. Chris Heisey and Jayson Werth due for Nats.
Jayson Werth and Anthony Rendon swap spots in lineup
he wasn't a first baseman but jayson werth came up with the Rangers as well
Ever since told me he thinks Jayson Werth looks like Joshua from Work and the Glory...
I don't watch the nationals very often but when I do it seems as tho Jayson Werth is a defensive liability
Maybe Matt Harvey's mojo is hidden in Jayson Werth's beard?
2 run homerun by Daniel Murphy(7th HR, 29 and 30th RBIs) plates Jayson Werth as the Nationals extend the lead to 5-1 in the 5th inning.
I hate how Jayson Werth doesn't know that Jayson Werth is not good. And the hair.
Double by Ben Revere and a single to left by Jayson Werth and the have runners on 1st/3rd for Bryce Harper vs Matt Harvey...
Before tonight, Jayson Werth was hitting .348 batting 2nd this season and Anthony Rendon was hitting .370 batting 6th.
May 24, AB 2: Yoenis Cespedes singles on a line drive to left fielder Jayson Werth.
Jayson Werth pet peeve: the way he lingers on the field after he makes an out looking pissy. You're out dude. Get in the dugout
Watching jayson werth swing is a joke
Jayson Werth is walking up to Sublime now. I’m in love.
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20 good minutes (off camera) with the Nationals Jayson Werth. Thx u to photog Dan Buckley for…
Quick programming note for & fans: Immediately following the game there is a Trump rally being held inside Jayson Werth's beard.
Why is Jayson Werth batting second?!? loves having no runners on base for Harper/Murphy.
Jayson werth making 20+ mill a year to bat 225 and ground into double plays
Jayson Werth grounds into a double play.
Jayson was Werth 2 outs just then. I’ll see myself out
Jayson Werth GIDP in the worst moment but hey
And Jayson Werth grounds into a double play.
Jayson Werth looks like Joe Dirt with a full beard.
Look, Jayson Werth didn't shower or shave!
Jayson Werth to the plate to distant but audible cheers of "Werth-less." Home game, right?
Nationals' lineup vs the Mets + Nats' skipper Dusty Baker on lineup constr..
lineup vs the Mets + skipper Dusty Baker on lineup construction
Jayson Werth of the Washington Nationals pulls of the Jesus hair and beard pretty well!
Jayson Werth displaying his "three playing card" vertical leap tonight on those two HR's
Hamilton Collection
Jayson Werth scores only Nats run on Monday
Jayson Werth scores only Nats run on Monday via
Jayson Werth would have saved 4 runs tonight if he had more than a 3" vertical leap.
Dusty Baker sees 'renewed life' in Jayson Werth, the Nationals' oldest player
"Jayson Werth, the eldest Nationals player, generally thoughtful about such things, wondered how many more rule...
Jayson Werth, the Nationals oldest player, plays like a younger man on his 37th birthday
Danny Espinosa gets the RBI Jayson Werth runs home & Chris Heisey hits the ball deep Wilson Ramos runs home Nats lead the game 5-3
Stephen Strasburg and Adam Conley were locked up in a 0-0 duel but Jayson Werth and Wilson Ramos just cracked...
So the outchea giving out those beats I see. Jayson Werth's hair looks like the beaver of Mindy Cohn.
At least 3 different dudes on the team have full beards like Jayson Werth
I've asked my D.C. friends to text or page me the moment that Jayson Werth gets a hit this season.
so, the Nationals made a Jason Werth bobblehead and
Jayson Werth broke through with a big hit in the Nats' win over Marlins
Jayson Werth is werse & werse by the year. Only Pablo Sandoval is a "bigger" disappointment. Ask his belt.
Jayson Werth has RBI double in win via
WASHINGTON (AP) A week into the new season, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth still has two fewer hits than his...
Big hit could be jumpstart for slow-starting Werth
lead! Jayson Werth drops a bases-loaded single into right field and Anthony Rendon comes home. up, 2-1
Jayson Werth will always be my favorite player
Jayson Werth's first hit of the season propels Nats to 4-2 win against the Marlins
Jayson Werth breaks through with big hit in Nats win over Marlins
(10/11/12) Jayson Werth ends a 13 pitch battle with a Walk Off homer to force a game 5 in the NLDS.
After an 0-for-13 opening slump, Jayson Werth delivered the game-winning hit! http…
Carlos Torres allowed three runs in one inning yesterday for the Braves including homeruns to Wilson Ramos and Jayson Werth.
Jayson Werth's not in Viera Florida he's in MTL!!!
Hated jayson werth when he left philly but looking back I have to respect him
Lololol this is the first Werth related gif that comes from searching "Jayson Werth"
I have Jayson Werth in a 10 team keeper league for $1. Is he worth the risk of keeping him? Or try to trade him.
likewise, would Jayson Werth's reckless driving conviction be grounds to void for excessive risk-taking?
Warning: contains mention of Jayson Werth trade.
So Jayson Werth is 36 and makes 21 million. As he did last season and next. is making 14 million this season.
Harper says Zim & Werth still Nats leaders: 'I don't think I'm a leader'
Jayson Werth inspired winning with intervention, with leadership, accountability.
Nationals' Bryce Harper: 'I don't think I'm a leader'
Closest you'll get is Jayson Werth. Happ's is but a nickname.
Topps giving out 1/1 stamped 2016 Series 1 cards. got this Jayson Werth
keep in mind when he says "Been on the MOON" he means the team has been on Jayson Werth's nekkid *** Gookle it.
exactly, I mean he's obviously got leadership potential but he has said before that Jayson Werth is their clubhouse leader.
“For [the Jays] to get rid of Jayson Werth and take me, I feel like I should apologize”: Simon Pond, who hit .163
Will no facial hair make a difference for the
Bautista is 69th in MLB salaries with 14 mill. Ahead of him are the likes of: Matt Wieters, Adrian Beltre, Tulo, Jayson Werth, etc.
When you look at salaries around the league his contract was a bargain and a half. Jayson Werth got twice as much as him.
1st Round Pick Catcher Jayson Werth is top 10 all time SB %.
Giant Woodsman Jayson Werth is in the top 10 ALL TIME for SB%. It boggles the mind.
When they thought my friend was daughter of Jayson Werth bb player I went w/ her as she was shown his maps but when she said she
Any fan wanna get this Werth gnome away from this Mets fan?
Brian Roberts and Jayson Werth were not too shabby.
Nobody, including seems to know when the replacement Jayson Werth bobble head is coming.
Does anyone know when will have the Jayson Werth bobble head replacement? keep ignoring my emails and phone calls.
What about Jayson Werth as a Comeback Player Of the Year candidate.
Need an update on Jayson Werth's spring training hair
Going through some old baseball cards and ran across this of Jayson Werth... Wow
Why I think Jayson Werth is a wall of famer and more in this week's Phillies nuggets
I am obviously ready for baseball. Dreamed I ran into Jayson Werth on the auto-train on the way to Florida.
if he throws in a cheap shot at Jayson Werth, finish your drink!
::Snicker:: “It was before I ever made the team during Spring Training and Jayson Werth hit one of the biggest...
It's a good thing we have at least until April to pick up our 3 Jayson Werth bobbleheads at Nats Park. The roads might be clear by then.
Anyone on here interested in baseball's signed by Bob Turley, Jayson Werth or Stu Miller
Contest Winners! You could be next Chris in our Jayson Werth contest!
Counting down the biggest moments of 2015, No. 9: Trade deadline series vs. Mets
Nationals' Werth on decline: 'You can't outrun Father Time' via
You weirdos, has anyone made a tux/bow tie for their jayson werth gnome? Asking for a friend
Day 64. Game 14. Booyah booyah boom shockalaka. Who want, who want, who want what. They gunna know my Jayson Werth🏀🐘
Andrew told me to "know my worth" the other day and since then he is just sending me pictures of Jayson Werth
til Jayson Werth was on my hometown's MiLB team in '99. Prob not one of the guys who lived in my friend's dad's house, but it'd be amusing.
Any word on the Jayson Werth bobble heads?
Can Jayson Werth still play every day?
Keep it neat and trimmed. 1. Don't look like Jayson Werth and 2. Australian spiders could hide in a big beard
Source: Jayson Werth's beard talks to him in his sleep. Club has confirmed.
NEW: Clint Robinson preparing for 2016 with outfield in mind:
Jayson Werth: "You can't outrun Father Time": In many ways, 2015 was a lost season for Jayson Werth in the twi...
Sounds like Jayson Werth.he grew up close and his parents were like that
Jayson Werth looking like the only philosophy professor who earns $21 million a year.
Hey, , when are we getting the Jayson Werth bobble head? Would have been a perfect Christmas gift...
reasons to come to DC. You can hide any item in Jayson Werth's beard for your hide and seek giveaways.
Glenwood graduate Jayson Werth says he can still play every day for Nationals - The State Journal
so through that style of thinking you also have Jayson Werth as a top 10 player? Ok...
Denard Span plans to work out for interested teams in early 2016
On the Nats' search for an outfielder. Jayson Werth: 'I know I'm at the end of my career more so than the beginning'
when do you expect the newly designed 2015 Jayson Werth bobblehead to be available?! I have my voucher!
Then after having no Morse at all. Being in last place on Sept 29th Jayson Werth came to game stating he had new go to songs for JordyZim &
Is trimming okay? Lookin' like Jayson Werth over here
Are you guys covering this??? Jayson Werth Donates Beard to Pansies -
asks: . Does Steven Souza Jr project more as Jayson Werth or Jeff Francoeur?. . & weigh-in NEXT
We all remember how driving 110 ended for Jayson Werth...
In Virginia he'd probably be going to jail. Just ask Jayson Werth
Jayson Werth went to jail for this (but it was in Virginia)
How far from the majors is prospect Victor Robles?
I didn't know that Jayson Werth starred in a Canadian TV show during the Hockey off season.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
everyone forgets Jayson Werth went to jail for his reckless driving but let's focus on Puig.
The Ryan Howard contract always makes me LOL. . Then I realize my team has Jayson Werth ☹
Flying DCA to DAY I've seen Jayson Werth, and Now that's a Thanksgiving cornucopia of conversation.
I think I'll shave my Jayson Werth beard during Thanksgiving holiday.
Wow! - Apparently this Chia Pet giveaway is a thing. Jayson Werth had one a while back too.
NEED! if they have a Jayson Werth Christmas sweater, imma die
Any updates on when the Jayson Werth WalkOff Bobblehead will be reissued?
the nationals are a true team with grit and respect. Only elite players like Jayson Werth can bring that
2 Nats players that can kick rocks: Ian Desmond and Jayson Werth
Last chance for the bats. Jayson Werth, Clint Robinson & Ian Desmond due up in the ninth.
If there was an issue, JP should have gone to Jayson Werth or Williams.
Make it 3-0, A Birthday RBI for Mr. Ian Desmond as Jayson Werth comes home on a sac fly to center!
Ah. I lucked out last year & got Jayson Werth & Charlie Slowes to sign my game 4 shirt -- it has Charlie's call of the home run.
Headfirst and bleeding, Jayson Werth slid home to give the the win:
.ace Jose Fernandez on the home run and his interaction with Jayson Werth.
Jayson Werth reminds me of the old guy in Home Alone
WATCH: and Jayson Werth send everybody at Park home:
2 of top 3 hitters on '12 Nats were 32-year-old Adam Laroche and 33-year-old Jayson Werth.
CRUSHED! Jayson Werth homers, scoring Taylor and Ross! lead 5-1 in the second!
Nick Swisher with the pinch-hit RBI single to score Freddie Freeman, who beat Jayson Werth's throw and Jose Lobaton's tag. 2-1 ATL.
Matt Holliday contract > Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford contracts. . FAV this for next Holliday defense.
Werth homers, drives in 3 as Nationals beat Marlins 7-4 (Yahoo Sports): Jayson Werth and the Washington Nation...
Jayson Werth was at bat, yet the guy in front of me still managed to google "Jason Worth"
Denard Span walks...Jayson Werth belts a 2-out single to RF. Runners at 1st and 2nd for Anthony Rendon-- on the night of his Garden Gnome.
I'm cable Matt Williams and I think Jayson Werth should keep batting at the top of the ord
The Nationals are going to fire Matt Williams and make Jayson Werth the player-manager.
How does Matt Williams rationalize hitting Jayson Werth lead-off? He’s OPSing .560.
stars Lance Berkman as Rihanna and Jayson Werth as Calvin Harris and that this is about Tannenbaum done by Aquista
Werth's move to leadoff spot pays off quickly
Hunter Pence, Jayson Werth, and Michael Cuddeyer are so worth it
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Matt Williams is having Jayson Werth bat leadoff. he's batting .190/.268/.280. god i love Matt Williams.
Does Jayson Werth now get traded back to the Dodgers
Since Aug. 5 (the Chia Beard day), Jayson Werth had managed just 4 hits, 5 runs, 1 double, 1 HR in 10 games, before yesterday.
TONIGHT'S LINEUP: Can Jayson Werth lead the to a series win?
Jayson Werth's reaction's still funny 😂 idc what anyone says, I still miss Werth. Was one of my favorite Phillies back then.
The craziest story about the had to be the Jayson Werth rumor. in 2010
Jayson Werth to the Dodgers for... like... whatever. Who says no?
We're auctioning off an autographed, game-worn Jayson Werth jersey! Bid here: Ends Aug. 31.
Maybe the Dodgers can acquire Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino, and Aaron Rowand too.
Do u look like Jayson Werth with that beard! lol
Jayson is Werth less, a lot less, than he's getting paid.
Check out our reaction to last night's win over the Rockies, which included Jayson Werth hitting leadoff:
Jayson Werth returned from a 2012 wrist injury & thrived hitting leadoff. hope Tues. was the start of the same.
As this game treads into official territory on the east coast, Jayson Werth works the one-out walk.
Nationals' Lineup: Jayson Werth leading off for Nats in series opener with Rockies
Jayson Werth had a great rehab start in Colorado last night. Shame it had to happen in the National League.
if u remember in 2012 the nats were 23-15 when Jayson Werth lead off its a great role for him it'll help get him going
Batting leadoff helps Werth, Nationals snap out of deep funk
With my Jayson Werth success, back to working on my Rockies projects tonight at Coors.
After the 15-6 rout of the Rockies, should Williams keep batting Werth leadoff?
VIDEO: Hear what Jayson Werth had to say on the field about the 15-6 win over the Rockies:
Jayson Werth will lead off Tuesday night in Colorado
Yunel Escobar & Ian Desmond are 1st Nationals duo with at least 4 RBI in same game since Jayson Werth & Danny Espinosa (…
>> Jayson Werth: Washington Nationals leadoff man?
Jayson Werth: Leadoff man? It worked Tuesday, but does it make sense to leave him there?
Jayson Werth reckless driving: 105 in a 55. Matt Williams reckless managing: JW with .182 in the leadoff spot.
Shelter House kids got a chance to meet with The Washington National's own Jayson Werth and get a few…
Stephen Drew has a higher batting average than Jayson Werth
Wait are Jayson Werth and Aaron Rowand not the same thing?
Quick Pitch just replayed Jayson Werth saying that the Nats are the team to beat in the NL... U are not even going to win your division bro
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Fans, P-Nats Booster Club Silent Auction is Saturday, Aug. 1st at The Pfitz, with items from Bryce Harper, Lucas Giolito and Jayson Werth!
Did you know: Jayson Werth returned from the DL last night and he's 36 years old. 36!
Nationals send a couple players to the after activating Jayson Werth, Ryan Zimmerman
Nationals manager Matt Williams said Saturday that Jayson Werth (wrist) is progressing nicely in hi...
Jayson Werth out for a catch on the field at Park. Doesn't seem to have any brace on wrist under glove.
The Nats fan that dances with the gloves for Jayson Werth's walk up songs made Intentional Talk! SMH
manager Matt Williams told late Saturday that X-rays on Jayson Werth's left wrist came back negative.
Manager Matt Williams said X-rays were negative on Jayson Werth's left wrist. He will be reevaluated tomorrow.
Werth expected back in Nats' lineup Friday: Nationals left fielder Jayson Werth was out of the starting l...
WAS Post blog: Jayson Werth getting a day off; Anthony Rendon’s timetable ‘kinda up in the air’
Bryce Harper doubled to left center scored Clint Robinson, Yunel Escobar and Jayson Werth with one out. Runner on second and Ryan Zimmerman
"I'm John Feinstein and this is your CBS sports minute. Jayson Werth is a meanie. I'm John Feinstein."
" It would be much easier to say, ‘Oh, Jayson Werth, he’s a great guy. Get me another bobblehead!' "
I always think Clay Buchholz needs a good steam-cleaning until I see Jayson Werth.
WAS Post blog: Casey Janssen, Anthony Rendon, Denard Span, and Jayson Werth all progressing
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jayson Werth is rehabbing in Potomac. I'm hoping Anthony Rendon and Denard Span rehabs in Hagerstown.
Denard Span and Jayson Werth need to hurry up
Before Harvey-Stras, here are injury updates on Denard Span, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon and Casey Janssen:
I'm almost positive that Justin Turner and Heath Slater are the same person. Just like Jayson Werth and Edge (Adam Copeland).
Matt Williams says the plan is for Jayson Werth to go to Potomac tomorrow; Denard Span will go back to FL.
10 bucks to any Phillies fan who can tell me what we got in exchange for Shane Victorino, Jayson Werth, and Hunter Pen…
WAS Post blog: Anthony Rendon to start season on disabled list, Jayson Werth likely to join him
Anthony Rendon and Jayson Werth will start the season on the disabled list.
Nats Journal: Ryan Zimmerman to rest left shoulder a few days, Jayson Werth won’t rule out opening day yet
Brandon Moss, Adam Eaton, Jayson Werth and other sleepers ready to wake up in 2015: via
Jayson Werth working his way back from surgery
Nationals SBN: Matt Williams on Nationals' left fielder Jayson Werth working his way back
Matt Williams on left fielder Jayson Werth working his way back
Can a manager set the tone for the season on Day 1? Jayson Werth: "It depends on the guy. I would say our guy can."
Jayson Werth is in uniform stretching with his teammates. Williams says he's still rehabbing right shoulder, so obviously will be limited.
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Nationals manager Matt Williams said that Jayson Werth (shoulder) will be limited early on in spring training.
JamesWagnerWP: Per Matt Williams, Jayson Werth (shoulder) will be limited b/c he's still rehabbing & Denard Span (sports hernia) is a fu…
Matt Williams says Jayson Werth will slowly work his way into things, Span is full go
Mike Rizzo expects Jayson Werth to be available for opening day
The great talks to Jayson Werth about jail, penance, whether that autograph was real. (Hint: It was.) http:/…
Jayson Werth will serve five days in jail, but only on weekends
Just traded Miguel Cabrera and Brian Dozier for Ryan Braun, Jayson Werth, Mookie Betts, and Carlos Carrasco
Jayson Werth served 5 days for reckless driving. Lucky this wasn't his 2nd offense after attacking a pres. mascot.
I love that vine! That's the same look Jayson Werth had for judge when he found out he's was going to jail
MT Jayson Werth free after completing 5-day jail sentence for reckless driving:
ICYMI: Jayson Werth is a free man after completing his 5-day jail sentence for reckless driving:
Nationals' Outfielder Jayson Werth Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving: Since the end of the Washington National...
I like that Jayson Werth pick by in the 11th round. Also, the Shin-Soo Choo pick by 4 spots ahead of him
.Snags Jayson Werth with the 6th Pick in the 11th Round!
What's the matter you did not get the trashing of Jayson Werth you wanted
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
not at all I've always been a Jayson werth fan since the start
Jayson Werth, thanks to 2008, forever in the family, released from prison Sunday.
AOL | Nationals' Jayson Werth wraps up jail sentence
Oh no, Jayson Werth is free to KILL AGAIN. . (Kill baseballs, obviously. By hitting them very hard.)
Letting everything grow out until the end of baseball season. Hope to look like Jayson Werth by May.
Sporting News - - Nationals Jayson Werth wraps up jail sentence
Nationals Jayson Werth wraps up jail sentence
Nationals' Jayson Werth completes five-day jail sentence
Nationals' Jayson Werth wraps up jail sentence
Nationals' Jayson Werth wraps up jail sentence:
if you don't grow a full Jayson Werth for opening day then you're a fool
Jayson Werth is a free man thanks to & Watch the big jail break happen!
DC Sports Bog :John Feinstein says Nationals GM Mike Rizzo called him about his Jayson Werth comments -
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