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Jay Williams

Jason David Williams (born September 10, 1981 in Plainfield, New Jersey), professionally known as Jay Williams, is an American former professional basketball player who played for the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

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Ex-Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams says he'll decide on Dem bid in March or April.
The plan to waive Jordan McRae or DeAndre Liggins to make room for Andrew Bogut and Deron Williams. 🏀
Tune in Right Now to your boy Williams on Jay Williams
"Kids used to be knocking on the door to go to (Carolina)." Jay Williams on UNC recruiting:
College Game Day Jay Williams Jay Williams. The reveal this week will be epic:. # DukevsUNC @ ESPNCBB
I'm really looking forward to sitting down w/ some TSN heavyweights in the coming months:. Brian Williams. Bob McKenzie. Jay and Dan.
2021 Bowling Green (KY) G Zion Harmon (will run with Boo Williams in the 2017 EYBL
throw in one of Williams or Poe and I'm with you.
First project of the year coming vs "The Ace of the Tiger Cave" Jay Williams. Also my first time making a poster in this forma…
BLOG The Thurber Brigade by Jay Williams The title of this blog refers to a short story I had publ 78
right, my favorite part of this is the very best version of Michael Carter Williams is Rajon Rondo.
ESPN's Jay Williams in-depth on why he thinks is the best team:
"Why I'm leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends" by on
Jay Williams performs "George Duke" by Melvin Lee Davis using from SABIAN
If we can pay snack williams. We absolutely should. He's a stud
are not expected to franchise tag Dontari Poe. The are not expected to tag Brandon Williams. Big DTs hitting…
teams are dumb bruh! Lou Williams was traded for Cory Brewer do u need more proof... matt can still go you'll see
Cavs got Bogut and Williams and didn't trade a single thing for it.
very true..but some mogs actin like Deron Williams is D-Will from the Jazz n Bogut is in his prime still
Frank Jackson isn't Bobby Hurley, Jay Williams, Jon Scheyer, or Tyus Jones, but he needs to start for Duke at PG. Changes…
Odd,when you think about what Cavs did. Added Korver, D.Williams, DWill, Bogut. Cavs already had highest payroll in NBA history.
What a surprise -- Jay Williams says either Duke or UNC guy is ACC player of the year. Actually, Donovan Mitchell & Bonzie…
you're as good at defending a disappointing Duke team as Jay Williams is at riding a motorcycle 🏍
Jay Williams look like Stevie Wonder with them shades on
Go head. Jay Williams look smack like Stevie Wonder without the dreads lol
The Bulls get rid of Jimmy, my time might be up. I'm not doing those Eddy Curry & Jay Williams years again.. no no no
I hate all duke players not named Grant Hill, luol deng or Jay Williams
Grayson Allen is the 1st Duke player to make seven 3-pointers vs. UNC since Jay Williams in 2002.
Former Dukie and ESPN Gameday's Jay Williams makes his prediction for Kentucky at Florida
Yo Richest Jay you dey kai your Duncan Williams days? You sell books give we sef before.
Funny listening to Jay Williams on ESPN say he can't wait for Goodell to hand trophy to greatest of all time Tom Brady.
Those poor souls have probably already ended it all
What about those that support County?
yeah agreed, also Bielik over Gleeson
if we continue playing a diamond , try frei or Adams behind the strikers
Since 1983, just 5 players 21 or younger have gone for 20/13/11:. Jay Williams. Lamar Odom. Michael Jordan. LeBron James. Nikola…
Yeah, Jay Williams mentioned they have a chance for one with Purdue, Wisco and MD left, but I don't think it's necessary.
Jay Williams only ever picks the home teams.
GameDay Video: Jay Williams makes pick for Kentucky vs. Florida by ripping shirt open and revealing team's jersey …
Jay Williams does his best Florida Gulf Coast impersonation by dunking over Jay Bilas. Video - via App
not surprised. Kentucky could be playing ITT Tech and Jay Williams still wouldn't pick UK to win.
Jay williams is one stupid *** *** how you gunna say Kris dunn better than Brandon Ingram man just quit your job
Tonight's guests in the first intermission are alums Chris Joyaux and Jay Williams.
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg were impressed with Duke's road win over Notre Dame with Greenber... - via App
On Friday, Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg talked about how good the game is for the sport. “We need more of these."
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both pick Kentucky over Kansas.
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both pick Kentucky to beat Kansas:
Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams, and John Wall pick Kentucky to beat Kansas on
"Worldwide Leader of Internet Mobs". Put that on some signs for game day and boo Jay Williams every time he looks for love.
"Life Is Not An Accident" by Jay Williams. Currently reading (off and on) "The Autobiography Of Miles Davis. You?
add it to the poll Guillermo: Is paying attention to Jay Williams when he talks on Mike and Mike this morning?
For me: Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose, Durant, Jay Williams (Duke), Rodney Carney... idk, got to think of a 5th one
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg express their opinions on why Grayson Allen should be suspended f... - via App
Jay Williams said it the best: “I’m surprised no one has taken a swing at him (Grayson Allen).” .
Good for Jay Williams on Grayson Allen & Coach K: "I'm disappointed that he even played in the 2nd half. He should be…
Jay Williams, Reece Davis and Seth Greenberg just annihilated Grayson Allen and Coach K! There is a God 🙏
Geez... grown men in Jay Williams and Reece Davis talking about Grayson Allen like that? And who is childish?
Jay Williams is right. Blueprint to beat em is right here - transition game (and not be in Cameron).
Thanks to Jay Williams for his Goodreads Review of Mona Lisa's Secret. There's no better feeling, than when your ha…
I grew up a big Jay Williams and Chris Duhon fan. Then I became a big J.J. fan. Can you blame me?
We are going to have to work with Jay Williams, Seth Greenberg, and Karl Ravech on how to pronounce OG Anunoby.
ESPN’s Jay Williams to speak at Variety Black Tie Gala: Variety- the Children’s Charity is hosting… |
New deals at ESPN for Dan Dakich, Fran Fraschilla & Jay Williams.
ESPN signs Dan Dakich, Fran Fraschilla and Jay Williams to new contracts.
Dan Dakich, Fran Fraschilla & Jay Williams ink new agreements with ESPN.
ESPN announced today that Dan Dakich, Fran Fraschilla and Jay Williams all signed multi-year extensions with the network.
i like the free Robert Pack sapphire card, but the Jay Williams emerald is so garbo. Waste of a roster spot.
Jay Williams from the is announcing exciting grants for Flint at today.
How come both Rodney Harrison and Jay Williams have that perma-cry look on their faces???
LBs Jay Williams and Max Tylki team up to sack Viviano and knock the Crimson out of field goal range! Schmid on to punt for Harvard.
Republican Senator John Thune will face his Democratic challenger Jay Williams on Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. on KSFY
Kyrie, Brandon Ingram and Jay Williams are the only cool players to come out of Duke
Jay Williams beating the 16 million dollar big government/corporate lackey John Thune with the power of social...
"Economic development is about building capacity" AS Jay Williams sharing why what we do is important and why I
That Duke team with Shane Battier, Jay Williams was one of my favorites
Jesse Williams... Thank you. I hope he sparked the minds of our youth and our silent successful. The time is now!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
one guy told us that him and Marvin Williams were stars... some advanced metrics put them both slightly above average
Jesse Williams' speech at the was so powerful! 👊🏾👏🏾
My goal today is to learn Jesse Williams' speech from the with the same vigor as I learn this Jay Z verse from "I Got The Keys".
"Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real." - Jessie Williams ✊🏾
"The thing is, though, the thing is, that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.”. -Jesse Williams . I STILL have chills.
Jesse Williams' incredible speech about race at the via
Jesse Williams gave a moving speech at the
"A system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.." -Jesse Williams .
People acting like Jesse Williams the first to say what he said.
Jesse Williams spoke nothing but the truth!
The most Important speech this year! Jesse Williams ✊
Here it is. I broke down why people need to put some respeck on D'Angelo Russell's name
Jesse Williams, BET, Jay Z, JT and someone named Designer with a double i...Why didn't all this happen on a Sunday morning GMT? 😒
But here we go the parade will start on here led by Mrs Jay and Wendy Williams and you all follow but hey ...enjoy your day ✊🏾
"The burden of the brutalised is not to comfort the bystander." Jesse Williams speech on race in America is stunning https…
I love how Jesse Williams made sure to point out that financial success doesn’t equate black liberation. Our people seem to f…
As much as it pains me to say it I don't think you can consider Messi the best ever after losing 4 finals in a row and then…
Here is the end of Jesse Williams BET Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech
Jesse Williams has never been bashful in stating just how harmful and prevalent white/ male privilege is. He is not downplaying…
Some of the Black folks in the audience while Jesse Williams was speaking about puttin money over liberation:
Me looking at Future all Gucci fit after Jesse Williams just talked about brands
Jesse Williams got my vote for whatever
.delivers a powerful speech accepting the Humanitarian Award:
You can tell alotta *** learned who Jesse Williams was tonight.
Looking for a Jesse Williams in a world full of Futures.
Here's the full transcript of Jesse Williams' powerful BET Awards speech.
Will I ever recover from that Jesse Williams speech?
Jesse Williams singlehandedly snatched the edges off of every AllLivesMatter supporter in one speech alone.
it's nice to finally see someone stick it to those haters of D'Angelo. Good piece.
“Methods limit you as soon as you recognize them.” —Joy Williams
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jae can absolutely defend LeBron and JB has scored 50 what, once? So has Mo Williams
Still ain't seen Stevie Wonder & Jay Williams in the same building...
Jay Williams must be reading with the Sam Casal comp for Jamal Murray
Jay Williams comparing Jamal Murray to Sam Cassell should get his sports analyst title revoked.
coaches don't count! You had Chris Collins and Jay Williams. We want more! Get Shane Battier! What about Austin even?
Join us at our June 10th rally & fundraiser dinner! Speakers Paula Hawks, Jay Williams & Brendan Johnson!
U.S. Asst Secretary of Commerce for ED Jay Williams joins Mayor others for a discussion about
Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the EDA, Jay Williams, giving the opening keynote.
Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Jay Williams, & Economic Development Representative, Darrin Fleener, are here at today!
Did you catch Asst. Sec. Jay Williams & HOPE Founder on Channel last week? http…
"Christians are called to be prophets, not to chase profits." Words by my pastor, Rev. Jay Williams,
This week alone I had words with Bob Lanier, Dr. Jay, Karl Malone, and Jay Williams... Where else but Los Angeles, CA
Would you rather be Tracy Mcgrady, Brandon Roy, Jay Williams or Derrick Rose?
He's not what if...yet...But I'd say right now either Brandon Roy or Jay Williams when it comes to what if
Great interview going on with Jay Williams by Rich Eisen. Get him on your show if you can.
Jay Williams' contract states he shall be shielded from sun by a Prada umbrella and hydrated with coconut water.
JJ. Buddy's stat like is also better than Trey Burke, Jay Williams, and Jameer Nelson. All guard play.
Jay Williams at halftime: "Jayson Tatum is angry... because he's 0-4 for 2 points."
The past and the future meeting. Former Duke great Jay Williams and future Duke great Jayson Tatum shaking up.
Jay Williams coming up on ESPN2 as part of the Legends & Stars Shootout. Jayson Tatum's trio leads with 26 second finish.
have gone back and listened to Gus, Charissa Thompson, Ernie Johnson, Jay Williams.great podcast mr. Deitsch. Keep it up!
Jay Williams: 75 to 80 percent of NBA players smoke marijuana, deal with it:
Jay Williams guesses '75 to 80 percent' of NBA players smoke weed -
I'll tell you what I like the sound of Danny Hurley as Head Coach & Jay Williams as his Assistant Coach. That would be a pretty dynamic duo.
ESPNs Seth Greenberg, Rece Davis and Jay Williams each have UO in Final 4 before losing to Kansas. Vitale has Oklahoma over UO in Elite 8.
Charles Barkley knows nothing about college basketball... Give us like Jay Williams or Seth Davis. This is just brutal.
Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams and Rece Davis all agreed on putting Temple in the last four in. We will see what tonight brings
Jay Williams just called Michigan State 'Michigan' twice in the same sentence. Reece Davis then had to correct him.
Jay Williams calls us Michigan again I'll climb to the rafters of Cameron indoor stadium and pull his jersey down myself
Jay Williams not worried about Kansas until the Final 4. Jay is new to this whole Kansas thing.
to keep your sanity, don't go on rivals. Archie Miller, Chris Mack, Kevin Willard and Jay Williams the leaders
But scottie still competitive in Blazers and the Bulls? Rebuild for Elton Brand,Eddy Curry,Tyson Chandler&Jay Williams. All not ended well
Jay Williams go home and just put Lee Corso on to pick the marquee basketball games
Jay Williams wants to Lee Corso, but nobody will ever be the great Lee Corso
Jay Williams always been a cornball and the fact he trying to steal Lee Corso swag makes him worse
Jay Williams wanna be Lee Corso so bad.
Jay Williams trying to bring Velcro back. 😂😂 .
Ryan McKay's last play as a RedHawk. Jay Williams took over in goal after that blunder. UMD won 5-2.
Hanging out on set of Genesis with Ape Shirley, Vince Cupone, Jay Williams, Vince Thomas and Benson Farris.
Cody Bradley caught the inside of the post and swore he beat Jay Williams - hands were thrown in the air and all - but play continues.
I doubt anyone thought when Battier,Jay Williams, and Dunleavy left Duke that Dunleavy would have the longest NBA career.
"Not having Amile Jefferson takes duke out of the equation" -Jay Williams
Kirk Hinrich has played for the same 2 teams for the last 40 years. He backed up Pete Maravich, Jay Williams, and Derrick Rose..true story
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg stay goin at it lol
Jay Williams says Carolina should have called timeout. . Seth Greenberg disagreeing is the exact reason why he's on TV …
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg always sneak diss each other when they are together.
Look at Jay Williams on espn saying he a huge tarheel fan
or when Jay Williams says it and embarrasses himself on national TV (again)
Jay Williams presenting on Jan Sawka's set for the 1989 stadium tour
Jay Williams says he lost $20K gambling with Jamal Crawford on the Bulls
ESPN’s Jay Williams took some time chat with us prior to last night's game. 🏀
Some of the best NBA guys are doing college: Brad Daugherty, Jay Williams, Greg Anthony.
The this season has been out of this world. Jay Williams must be jumping for joy. Ridiculous stuff from L…
I never knew Jay Williams was out here messing around with Selita Ebanks and Rocsi
Ben Gordon, Jay Williams, Tyrus Thomas...Andres Nocioni is the next article, right?
Bruh why Jay Williams just tell on sportscenter he couldn't get an erection for a year because of his motorcycle accident?
Oh what could've been with Jay Williams. That scared me away from motorcycles. That's why I don't ride. Jay Williams.
I like Jay Williams compared Grayson Allen to Rex Chapman 😂
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg preview North this Saturday at 8 p. - via App
Special counsel named: Schulte Roth & Zabel has promoted Jay Williams to special counsel in the New York offic...
[ESPN Video] Journey to the Tourney: UNC looking to stay hot: . Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg preview No...
I'm gonna go with what Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, *** Vitale, and Jay Williams all said
Jay Williams trying so hard not to say anything to Seth Greenberg. Holds his mouth everytime he talks 😂
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg just ripping how bad UK and LSU are collectively playing during the studio break
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg ripping this game. Can't say I blame them.
Been watching a lot of NCAA b-ball. I swear ESPNs Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams hate each other
[ESPN Video] Iowa, Providence heating up in power rankings: . Karl Ravech, Jay Williams, and Seth Greenbe...
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams are aware FSU is only down 4 at half right? Goodness those 2 as a halftime show are horrendous
Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg can eat one too.
no high motor or deceptively athletic talk but ESPN's Jay Williams made the obvious Grayson Allen comparison to Rex Chapman
Jay Williams compared Grayson Allen to Rex Chapman. Did it have to be a white guy? Rex Chapman is kind of obscure.
Jay Williams said Grayson Allen isn't like Jason Williams — and I'm, like, "wow, he's going to make a cross-racial comp" — he's Rex Chapman
I wouldnt compare him to Jay Williams but Derryck Thornton has game, and when the game slows down, its over
[ESPN Video] Duke heads to MSG to face Utah: . Karl Ravech and Jay Williams break down the problems Utah ...
MM Head Coach, Jay Williams said: “I can’t say enough about his positive attitude and work rate."
18 points on 25 shots. Crucial free throws bricked in clutch situations. John Wall has officially become Duke-era Jay Williams
lol Jay Williams just said that someone might try to beat Frank Mason off the dribble. Good luck with that.
Gotta agree with Chuck. Jay Williams at Duke was legend level.
*** naw *** NO! Jay Williams is a GOAT college player of our time!! He was UNTOUCHABLE
Karl Ravech complaining about I was so close to *click*, but Jay Williams (!!) saves it by talking about coaches jumping.
Jay Williams just said Skal, Murray, and Marcus Lee doesn't play with energy... Lololololol
Jay Williams and Shane Battier won separate National Player of the Year awards in the same year
Name a College Basketball team that was better than Duke in 2001. Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams, Chris Duhon
I don't know who Andrew Schulz is but his video with Jay Williams (former Bulls player) is funny
MM Head Coach, Jay Williams said: “JT was outstanding from start to finish. He did everything we asked of him.
Well, they thought Williams was too intense. Dusty certainly isn't that, dude. Awww c'mon man...
Bud Black rejects the Washington 2-year offer, and Nats now turn to Dusty Baker. .
EX-NBA Player loses bball game to in epic fashion!. via
Why that *** Jay Williams got Crap avatar looking like Randy Savage?
Watch Jay Williams lose a game of one-on-one to MTV's Andrew Schultz:
hyped up the hezzy but got Jay Williams with the mean crossover
Lmao😂RT Coach K is rolling over his grave.
you really beat Jay Williams at a basketball game?! Now I have to see that video tomorrow!
Wow. Andrew Schulz crossed up Jay Williams and actually scored in that big pickup game. Lol.
Schulz gonna just interrupt conversations with, "But I beat Jay Williams" smh
Good God no. Just a Rutgers fan still aching at missing out on Jay Williams and the Dahntay Jones transfer.
naw DC, just grew up seeing those Duke vs MD games Jay Williams versus Steve Blake & Juan Dixon it was a wrap from their
. does a rapid fire Q&A with ESPNU's Jay Williams and Cory Alexander.
Rantoul '16 Jay Williams picks up offer from Western Illinois
I thought it was Jay Williams from college basketball game day
kevinnewman_ii will face Jay Williams tomorrow at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, AZ. Here are the…
2019 PG Jay Williams (TX) displayed his ELITE floor general skills as he ran his team with great fluidity @ Pangos http:/…
A new favorite: Life's Not an Accident (Ft. James Davis & Jay Williams) by The Brilliant *** on…
Jay Williams on campus wearing UK gear at Calipari's Fantasy Camp
I seen John pick up Jay Williams full ct for a whole game at USA trials! Dude was a 1man press!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Duke Stars never turn into NBA Stars...And if they do,they're injury-prone (Grant Hill, Elton Brand, Jay Williams, Kyrie, Shane Battier)
Congratulations to rising senior Conner McBride (MVP) and his squad. They won the USBA Jay Williams showcase this weekend.
Mark Taylor says Trevon Duval is better than Isaiah Briscoe, Tyler Ennis, Jay Williams
Who remember the boston shoot out? I seen Jay Williams give bro Courtney 30 in one have lmao
Nets: Notre Dame SF Pat Connaughton selected with 40th pick in NBA Draft; Jay Williams - \"He will make the team\"…
All due respect to Jay Williams, but Tyus Jones isn't nearly the "same guy" as Ricky Rubio. -B
No, Jay Williams, Tyus Jones and Ricky Rubio are NOT the same player. Good lord…
Ricky Rubio and Jones aren't the same player Jay Williams
Jay Williams: Ricky Rubio and Tyus Jones are "almost the same player." Hmmm... I guess I need to watch more basketball.
Ricky Rubio and Tyus Jones are the same player? Jay Williams and Jalen are legendary at how bad they are at their jobs.
Someone send a hooker to Jay Williams room I want Greg Anthony back
Jay Williams compares to Wally Szczerbiak. Kaminsky got Ryan Anderson. There we go - cash the white guy exacta comparisons.
Jay Williams and Jalen Rose in the room. All you need is Jamal Crawford and you've got the 02'-'03 Bulls backcourt
you're right Jay Williams is a terrible analyst, too bad Greg Anthony got busted
Great to hear my former high school buddy Matt Lloyd, get some recognition from Jay Williams on ESPN. in good hands
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
ESPN announcers horrible. Jay Williams just said Stanley Johnson plays D. Miller took him out of games 'cause of D.
Aye “Jay Williams says Stanley got that Dog in him. Word to
If Emmanuel Mudiay and Ty Lawson works out as a pairing, Bill Cartwright owes for not pairing Jay Williams and Jamal Crawford at all.
Jay Williams is absolutely right about Matt Lloyd, by the Jay.
Jay Williams pumping up former Bulls scout Matt Lloyd, the legend.
According to Jay Williams, the Lakers are looking to pick D'Angelo Russell with the No. 2 overall pick
Antonio Daniels and Chris Jackson were taken way too high. That's all I got. Jay Williams and Shawn Livingston were injured.
Shouldn't worst case scenario be, "Pulls a Jason Williams, or Jayson Williams, or Jay Williams."
Jay Williams just said "Lebron is this generations Michael Jordan"
Doris Burke never played in NBA. Bob Ryan (Boston Globe). Their opinions are less valid than Shaq or Jay Williams?
Jay Williams just compared Tyus to Ricky Rubio but a better shooter.that bike accident was evident for that ***
Naw Shaq was still averaging close to 20. Walker. Jay Williams. James posey. Mourning. Payton.
Quick, somebody give me a loop of the Laettner stomp, Jay Williams riding Jason Gardner, and that out of bounds play. Dukes finest moments.
Shout out to Jay Williams for the Brian Zoubek reference
role players. Jay Williams wasn't doing all that before the crash either. Of all the great coaches Coach K
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jay Williams and Shane Battier are the LAST mufukkas on earth u should ask about the use of *** .smfh
Seriously, my analysis has come from Grant Hill, Jay Williams and Shane Battier. This is a problem.
Espn has Jay Williams, Jay Bilas, and Shane Battier covering NCAAB. Add Grant Hill on TBS and you wonder why America hates Duke
idk bruh, that 99-2000 team was legit good too. Jay Williams, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy, and Nate James
did you see that look from Shane batter to Jay Williams after he made his "best team" comment? 😂
Jay Williams, Shane Battier and Jay Bilas on the ESPN set right now.
I'll also be doing phone interviews with Alonzo Mourning and Jay Williams on Friday. Tomorrow, you guys can submit questions for those too.
I got.mad respect for Jalen Rose and Jay Williams after talking to them tonight they some cool Brothers for real
Diamond Stone told Jay Williams on ESPN broadcast that Maryland "was the right place for me." Actually referred to Melo T…
Jay Williams asks Diamond Stone why he chose Maryland. Reiterates his desire to play with Melo Trimble.
Jay Williams just shouted out Worldwide Wes who, shocker, is in the building. This really is the amateur All-Star Game,…
I just like that a *** said we could win the whole thing (Jay Williams)
I think colleges should pay the student athletes as well I think the same way Jay Williams Go Big Blue
"Pressure's not in my vocabulary." -Isaiah Briscoe to Jay Williams at the McDonald's All-American game. Both are
Both Jalen Rose and Jay Williams just took Harden over Curry for MVP. Lebron wasn't mentioned
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Lol this man Jay Williams jus said FSU mens bball should look forward to getting Aaron Thomas back next year after his injury. 😐
Then, Jay Williams said: "Aaron Thomas, who was hurt for the year, will come back to FSU next year". This is so bad. Figure it out, guys.
Jay Williams done lost his mind. WCS will be a D leaguer in 3 years. in the words of Public Enemy . believe the hype!
Jay Williams asked Briscoe who he wants to play with at UK next year: "Jaylen Brown, and Malik Newman, I want someone to…
The are "a team that can win the national title next year," according to Jay Williams during tonight's All American game.
Jay Williams is a really good commentator.
Jay Williams just said they're a national title contender and I don't know how to respond
During McDonald’s All-American game. Jay Williams took time to give a shout out to Wes
I agree with Jay Williams about kids leaving early, however we don't know their situation and can't judge them. It's their choice, not ours.
Jay Williams knows nothing. If Ivan Rabb is ready for the NBA, I'm ready for the NBA.
Jay Williams on Thomas Bryant: "He's spoke to Yogi, Blackmon, Rob Johnson. I think he'd fit in really nicely with their …
"Maryland can potentially win a national title next year with and that team" Jay Williams. I like that..fear the 🐢🐢🐢
Jay Williams has little to no idea what he is talking about at all times.
Jay Williams just said Maryland could win the National Title next year during the broadcast
Jay Williams: "Diamond Stone is like a 6'10" Kevin Hart. Always playing jokes on somebody."
Kennard able to speak with former players Mike Dunleavy, Jay Williams and Jabari Parker this week. Danny Ferry watched practice Monday
if Jay Williams didn't get on that bike or Bobby Hurley never had that car accident, who knows where they would be on list
forsure!! Let's bring in Jay Williams and Nolan smith.
and next year the sample group will be expanded beyond Shane Battier, Bobby Hurley and Jay Williams.: " )
Fred Quartlebaum deserves FU look, as does Jean Prioleau. My outlier? Jay Williams, Jersey native, StJoe Metuchen and …
Jay Williams says Kentucky will lose because "when they're down 7 with 10 minutes left they won't know what to do." htt…
I like Jay Williams but his theory on why Kentucky "will" lose is absolutely ASININE! This team has answered the bell EVERY TIME!
Miles Simon and Jay Williams both basically saying it's ridiculous Wisconsin and Arizona are in the same region
Rece Davis has it rough. Football season he has Lou Holtz and Mark May. Hoop season he sits next to Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg.
And to think Rece Davis and Jay Williams were looking forward to Notre Dame vs. Duke. How unprofessional
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams said today Gonzaga will be the two in the west. Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams are wrong.
Jay Williams talks about actual match-up issues in his ACC projection. In contrast, Seth Greenberg talks about how Duke will be "focused."
How many times do Seth Greenberg & Jay Williams have to tell us who they're picking to win the ACC tourney?
Find out what Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg had to say about the BYUvsZAGS coming up next on
Seth Greenberg and Jay Williams both picked as the dark horse to win the Prove them right boys!
Seth Greenberg, Jay Williams just had a lengthy ESPN2 breakdown of BYU-Gonzaga; Seth picks BYU for the upset, J-Will goes with Zags.
Jay Williams went to as many NCAA Tournaments as a player than Seth Greenberg did as a head coach. He was in college for three years.
Jay Williams & Seth Greenberg are the best you can do? Seriously? Come on man, WTH. . .
Jay Williams arguing with Jay Bilas is a lost cause. Just sit there and be the new Lee Corso, J-Will.
Jay Williams: Bulls rumored to want Fred Hoiberg as coach
Posted 1 hour ago: While teams led by the likes of Christian Laettner, Grant Hill and Jay Williams brought the...
Morley snuck that pass out from the short side as he circled the net. Miami's Jay Williams was looking over wrong shoulder …
I still don't know how Jay Williams let Charissa Thompson go. Just don't get it
How about this.Gottlieb, Jay Williams and Dicki Vitale? *** OSU lover, East Coast bias and UK *** all rolled up in one show! 😐
If you would put Doug Gottlieb and Jay Williams on together...NOBODY would watch them because they are BOTH FOS! Jaded & not good!
I have lost a LOT of respect for Jay Williams over the CBB season. Uneducated, East Coast bias!! Thank goodness for Seth & Rece!!!
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