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Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas (born July 12, 1948) is an American actor, comedian and radio talk show host.

Murphy Brown Lone Ranger David Letterman Annie Potts Ray Donovan

Not sure :) everyone saying he went to changing rooms and was in a tracksuit from second…
Mayor Rich Mattern and WDAY 970 AM's Jay Thomas are turning their hair pink to raise money and awareness for...
Two class acts: Jay Thomas and Howard Stern! Thank you, Howard.
Thank you for sharing this Jay Thomas golden radio nugget 💚
Our hearts are heavy. Rest in peace, Jay Thomas. 💔
Emily Litella? Ah, right. I had to look up Jay Thomas, too.
:( Sitcom legend Jay Thomas has passed away at the age of 69
Jay Thomas. If you never saw his sitcom LOVE AND WAR with Annie Potts, it was pure gold.
Just heard Jay Thomas died. Funny guy who paid dearly for his joking around. Always wished another show would've given…
nice guy Jay Thomas; was superb playing bombastic types like Jerry Gold on 'Murphy Brown,' such a great show. https:/…
of Jay Thomas is a so sad. . Everyone ought to see his Lone Ranger story on Dave Letterman show. . For ever classic!
I liked a video Jay Thomas on the Late Show with David Letterman
RIP Jay Thomas. Really funny & entertaining. Played great characters on Mork and Mindy, Cheers, etc. Radio show was hilari…
Actor and radio host Jay Thomas, teller of ‘greatest talk show story of all time’, dies at 69…
RIP Jay Thomas, whose character on Cheers, Eddie LeBec, was run over by a Zamboni trying to save a fellow performer in Ice Capades-like show
Rest In Peace, Jay Thomas. He was the Power morning show back in 86-94 and will be greatly missed 🙏🏽
Murphy Brown tries to save the Earth in “Whose Garbage is it Anyway?” (11/6/89) - Jay Thomas was amazing :
RIP Jay Thomas - loved u in Cheers, Murphy Brown...
Jay Thomas of 'Murphy Brown,' 'Cheers,' and 'Ray Donovan' dies at 69
Jay Thomas, Sitcom Actor on 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers,' Dies at 69 - Hollywood Reporter: Washington Times Jay……
Actor, comedian Jay Thomas, known for roles in "Cheers", "Murphy Brown" and "Love & War" dies at 69 after battle with c…
'Cheers' actor Jay Thomas has died following a battle with cancer
Jay Thomas, 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers' actor, radio host, dies at 69
Cheers and Murphy Brown actor Jay Thomas dies at 69
RIP Jay, u always made me laugh ...Jay Thomas, Comic Actor on 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers' passes at 69
I first saw Jay Thomas on Mork & Mindy. I hated him. Through Cheers, Murphy Brown & Letterman, I learned to love him. I'll…
VIDEO: Jay Thomas, known for roles on 'Cheers' and 'Murphy Brown,' passed away this week at age 69
Jay Thomas, you had us at Eddie Lebec ❤️
ICYMI: Jay Thomas, known for 'Murphy Brown,' 'Cheers' and more, has died at 69:
RIP Jay Thomas. I listened to him on 99x way way back in High School
Had the pleasure of casting and directing Jay Thomas many years ago. He was fantastic, an underrated dramatic actor. And a gre…
'Cheers' actor, radio host Jay Thomas dies at 69
'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers' actors Jay Thomas dies at 69 by via
Will always remember his annual Lone Ranger story on Letterman's Xmas show. Comic actor Jay Thomas has died
Jay Thomas, ‘Cheers' actor and former Charlotte DJ legend dead at 69
Sad to hear about Jay Thomas. I remember when he was on and He will be missed.
📺On September 23, 1979, Jay Thomas joined the cast of 'Mork & Mindy'
Jay Thomas Was sick with cancer & nobody knew including you? He was 2nd best on Sirius I Will miss him terribl…
Great story from Jay Thomas, featuring the Lone Ranger. Funny!
RIP Jay Thomas. Loved watching him on Letterman every year telling his Lone Ranger story.
RIP Jay Thomas. A funny man. A good man. 😔
I worked with Jay Thomas on Joan of Arcadia and he was a great guy and good actor. My thoughts and prayers are with his fa…
Jay Thomas, a radio show host and actor with recurring roles on the sitcoms "Murphy Brown" and "Cheers," has died. https:/…
Jay Thomas, an actor whose credits include roles on "Cheers" and "Murphy Brown," has died after a battle with cance…
My latest blog post: Jay Thomas, Actor on ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘Cheers,’ Is Dead at 69 by NEIL GENZLINGER
Jay Thomas Great actor and funny guy
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Jay Thomas was one of those excellent supporting actors you recognized everywhere. He will be missed. RIP.
First met Jay Thomas in 1982 when I slept on his couch after arriving in NYC to work at SI. Great actor, better friend. Crushed by the news
RIP Jay Thomas. Your annual football tosses & Lone Ranger story on were as legendary as your career. https:/…
Already missing Jay Thomas. So sorry for his family and the family
Jay Thomas has died.His annual recitation of the Lone Ranger story on Letterman ("best story I ever heard") = great. https:/…
Comic actor Jay Thomas is dead at 69
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of our own Thank you, Jay, for the endless laughs.💔
The late, great Jay Thomas tells his Lone Ranger story for the last time on Late Show with David Letterman.
Jay Thomas was super talented and a legend. I'm lucky to have known him as a friend and mentor. Incredibly sad to have lo…
Oh how sad! We lost someone else that made us smile.
Sorry to hear about death of comic Jay Thomas. We never get tired of his story about meeting The Lone Ranger.
RIP, and sympathies to his loved ones!. Jay Thomas, ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘Cheers’ Actor, Dies at 69
'Cheers' and 'Murphy Brown' character actor Jay Thomas has died at age 69
Don Buchwald, Jay Thomas' agent and friend, reported his death due to cancer
Jay Thomas, comic actor on 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers,' dies at 69
.pays tribute to Jay Thomas, calls him the "rock" of 'Mr. Holland's Opus'
RIP Jay Thomas, comic actor from Mork & Mindy, Cheers, Murphy Brown and more
RIP Sitcom Actor on 'Mork and Mindy', 'Murphy Brown' and 'Cheers,' Dies at 69 via
Jay Thomas, actor in 'Cheers,' 'Murphy Brown' and 'Ray Donovan,' dead at 69
RIP Jay Thomas. a very funny actor from Cheers and Murphy Brown.
Jay Thomas Has Died at age 69. Watch him tell what David Letterman said was the funniest story ever:
I remember Jay Thomas starring in his own CBS sitcom. I believe his co-star was Annie Potts. Anyone remember the name of it?. RIP
Sam, I am the CEO of Teddy Love. Heard you gave a shout on Jay Thomas. Would love to talk & send you a Teddy Love. Wendy
Annie Potts and Jay Thomas had such great chemistry working together on shows.
Actually since Chicago picked up trubiky y'all made a great move if you get Thomas cause you get the guy you guys w…
Trade down, saloman thomas, or jamal adams
Talent is way too good to pass up. But I'm thinking they go Adams or Thomas
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. - Thoma…
I don't think it's Disney's fault kids love vehicles and tra…
idk.. I like him. That Stanford game he has was unreal. But I want the Niners to avoid QB early. Rather go Adams or Thomas
Electronic Device Insurance
"We've got to finish it. We know Game 6 is going to be a big game.". talked the victory & more w/
6'1 2020 G Cameron Thomas (pictured on right) has received an offer from Creighton University's AC Preston Murphy. .
2020 Smith (VA) G Cameron Thomas has received an offer from Creighton. (HT
turns 20: Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi) was originally considered to play Number 2…
Joe Thomas says he's already experiencing memory loss:
He was counted out from the jump. Come out of nowhere like
You can catch Jay Carroll later from 10pm on Dublin Digital Radio - DDR. For tonight's show, Thomas Kilmurray of...
We all knew this before the match Danno but tennis authority don't care that these…
Lol you are correct Danno. Everyone know filip krajinovic is a fixing scum. You ju…
Isaiah Thomas' son showed up to the arena looking game ready. 😂.
Shuli, you make the Jay show. I try to listen every Friday. The problem with the Jay Thomas show is Jay!…
A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people. - Thomas Mann
Fred Hoiberg when asked if he saw Isaiah Thomas carry the ball in Game 5. 😂.
That's a SMASHER of a track, well done!! An absolute dance-floor rager:.
Preview of my new track on under my tech-prog SubVita guise with is here.…
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Fred Hoiberg's opinion on Isaiah Thomas carrying the ball has changed in the past couple of days.
For those saying Adams can't play single high because he was a strong safety in college: Earl Thomas was also SS in college.…
Shuli stands on his own as a great comedian, writer & Producer...Love Artie but Shuli's also great on…
Very professional question asked by a Boston “reporter” to Fred Hoiberg about Isaiah Thomas’ dribbling. Just seemed to be ba…
when you watch the tape on this game early in the third quarter Isaiah Thomas committed three consecutive 8 second violations
Isaiah Thomas has attempted 38 free throws in the series. No other Celtic has taken more than 6 foul shots.
Isaiah Thomas has to take over right now ⌚
My ideal lineup(for now) would be. Jay, Thomas Wayne, Johnny Thunder, Shazam, Hawkman, Alan Scott,…
Someone had an interesting idea I'd love, Flashpoint Thomas leaves with Jay at the end to find the JSA.
Thomas just tried to draw a foul on his own teammate. Unbelievable
Just listened to the past 5 Jay Thomas Shows your the best definitely need more of you on Howard! Be in Stl area any time soon?
on 94.3 in Miami 103.1 in Miramar in real time This Us - LL Cool Jay, Carel Thomas
I honestly think even if Garrett is there trade with Chi for their 3rd pick n see if you ca…
Mayock, a guy John Lynch says trusts his mocks the most, has SF taking Adams (not Thomas)
Earl Thomas was injured most the season
so.. and this is my other important question. Did Earl Thomas have a better season than Landon Collins last year?
Devin McCourty, Eric berry, Earl Thomas I think is still the best tho overall
Earl Thomas . Eric berry . Harrison smith . Reshad Jones. One season of production does not propel you over every perso…
From the last pick, to the leader... came out of nowhere (via Bulls/Celtics Game 5: 8:30…
Don't miss our expert, Jay Thomas discuss and acceptance. RSVP at:
PHOTOS: kicks off spring football practice with Jason Taylor and Sam Madison on coaching staff:
I'm going my back to my prime days man 😂😂😂
If they want understand you Make em.
Lol so funny! :D In England we pity *** like these losers in Miasto szkla krosno team…
Feel like a hybrid between Jay Gatsby/Thomas Cub. My idea to throw this extravagant party but scared of whats about to happen to my house.
why did you give Jay Thomas a show on comedy greats when he's not even funny?
5 yrs ago Jay Thomas & I went to Utah to film parts of a reality show that was never picked up. Sizzle package:…
I dig Jay Thomas show, but I don't get the bad Gilbert Godfried impersonator that constantly steps on everyone's jokes in the background.
This weeks show Jay Thomas and Andrew Alcee jungle zone with Me.
...Craig Ferguson's show yesterday because of it & had to listen to that bitter man Jay Thomas go on & on about how he hated the critics...
I have talked enough.. Now its no more talking More Action
Sad to hear that racing writer Jay Cronley, who wrote the book on which the great movie Let It Ride was based on,... htt…
“We’ll have it off again!” – Jay Harris on potential Thomas Essomba rematch
Everybody go watch my lil bro highlight film. He's the truth 🙌🏾
Kyrie Irving & Isaiah Thomas duel to the finish in Boston!
Who the *** is this Jay Thomas schmucko on Insufferable Republican shill.
so by your standards Isaiah Thomas is probably a better finisher than Kyrie.
Isaiah Thomas had himself a great game as the Celtics beat the Cavs 103-99: . 31 points. 5 assists. 2 rebounds. 2 steals . 1 blo…
Mutual respect between and following the win
Na man just missed 3 straight free throws.. something ain't right
So I appreciate the lady who had the license plate # and who thumped Jay in the chest so hard 😂😂😂😂
NHHC Historian Jay Thomas speaks to visitors at the exhibit Guardians of Sunda Strait opening at the Jul…
We did! Is the order under another name than Jay Thomas?
Waab kyrie made Thomas look Lil right back 😅
Hey Jay Thomas stop talking, I just subscribed to the XM/Sirius internet thingy so I can listen to show @ work!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jay wed like you to meet the Jay Thomas show. Jay Thomas show meet Jay. Cristina and Steve will show you around.
So glad I am sitting in on the air check meeting of the Jay Thomas show.
You can tell your employee David Tanner that I heard him insulting little Jay Beatty.He should be sacked on the s…
Chelsea Manning has been chosen - not Ralayzia Taylor, not Gigi Thomas, and neither was Cece McDonald. They weren't cent…
Besides those we have lost in the States, Gigi Thomas is currently facing murder charges. FOR DEFENDING HERSELF AS A BLA…
Big shout out to Terron Edmonds, Byron Jamaal Dogan, Thomas Jay, and Saqib Saqib for showing me love on my first...
The year still just started. Got Missions like 007.🤘
Also. Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you. Carl Thomas - Superstar. Jay- Z - You must love me. Michael Jackson - The Lady of My Life
Stay true to your dreams & goals.they are within a arms reach if your truly believe it. Now go grind & work ur *** o…
Back to my workouts early morning..
You can now find the Features like under 1 column http…
NHHC Historian Jay Thomas discusses the history of USS Houston (CA 30) 75 years after its sinking to…
Isaiah Thomas was the 60th overall draft pick in his class, now he one of the best PG's in the league💯
The Thomas Rhett concert tomorrow, that is what's getting me through today.
Our liberty "cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press..." Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1786.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
If there's one thing I want to see, it's the video of the first Late Show Quarterback Challenge, when Jay Thomas beat out Vinny Testaverde.
What, like Jay Thomas was? Or Chuks Aneke? You know that's rubbish. Nothing to do with his physique
Seattle friends: Thursday, November 17 at 7:30 pm we're at Resonance SOMA Towers Bellevue with Gail Pettis, Jay Thomas a…
Fridays on Sirius/XM are awful. Either the 50th replay of whatever boring interview Howard did that week on ch100 or Jay Thomas on ch101 👎
"if you 2 would of had a kid, they would have had to get a broom to get it down from the lights" Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas was on Golden Girls. I remember when first came on Power 106 and I said, *** Who is this a-hole and wh…
Speaking of amazing OJ book covers, heard this guy on the Jay Thomas show. Idk bout the book itself, but this cover
Get to know Jay Thomas and his debut project "Trip4U"
Jay Thomas - That Feeling 2: Check out these cameos from S/O to my young ***
Lloyd Braun is on the plane... and I think we just saw a young Jay Thomas as air traffic controller.
Gase on Jay Ajayi: he's getting better every day and he's showing me a lot of great things.
he's also been behind Thomas and sanders
Hey Jay, what do you think about Lance Thomas' scandal being swept under the rug?
Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. -Thomas Jefferson
This whole Nkosana Makate Vodacom "inventors" debacle got me looking at Thomas Edison like
i don’t mind the ppl who think jay and bey made all this up. that they act SO much smarter than everyone is the annoyingl…
"10years ago 50 or 60 designers used fur in their collections, today it is 400-500" Dana Thomas, fashion commentator
For the first time since 3 years ago.Thomas Torres in the houssse
Patrick Monahan to Sting to John Mellencamp to Sinatra to Jay-Z to Rob Thomas to Logic
Good clean fun here .. and on the radio with Susan/Greg/Jay + a SPECIAL Rich Thomas Weather segment as we mark...
if they ever make a movie of double feature Thomas Jay Ryan should be in it. Either as Booth or the janitor.
Apparent Injuries at the PG position:. Patrick Beverley . Stephen Curry. Chris Paul. Isaiah Thomas. This can't get any wors…
Isaiah Thomas suffers a mild left ankle sprain and will not return to Game 5 in Atlanta
Isaiah Thomas needs to get his head in the game.
DONT let Beyoncé fool y'all. Jay Z was probably in the studio w her...
How about the best artists out of Cleveland: . Moonglows. Bobby Womack. Dave Thomas (Pere Ubu). Henry Mancini. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Al Lerner
Joe, John, Tad, Jay, Peter, Dawn, Kate, Mariah, Susan, Amber, Mary Ann and ROCK! Thank you for giving to
Met this great surgeon from St Thomas's Hospital who took the time to speak with me -thank you.
What woman would even go near jay-z knowing they're being compared to Beyoncé...
If you lot believe Beyoncé and Jay Z are having issues. You're foolish.
Haven't cried like that since Thomas Jay died in my girl! you'd better come back!
Y'all so concerned about Jay-Z and his side chick.. Need to be worried about who messages ya own *** in 😤 like *** !
'Silicon Valley' stars: It's hard to be 'more ridiculous' than the real thing
Thomas, this is the actual picture. It's photo shopped.
Hi Thomas, you'd need to ask in store. - Jay
Just got out of a patriarchy meeting. To all the women attacking the lady implicated in cheating & not blaming Jay-Z, than…
Floyd is a freak. 6'6 long arms. Would LOVE for him to fall to 23 and take WR in RD2 like Thomas or Boyd.
listening to Mac and delusional thomas as I read this
Celtic have jay beetie and we've got Thomas Lawrence, simply the best💙
Isaiah Thomas leads playoffs in scoring with 28.3 points per game.
Cubic Corporation Executive Vice President and John D. "Jay" Thomas Recognized as an National Association of...
I was on the jay Thomas show you know!
get Paul George and Isaiah Thomas in there if u can instead of demar and Lowry they r having Terrible series
Honoring Pfc Thomas Melvin Barrow Jr, died 4/26/1967 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
yall can find the bihh Jay cheating on Bey w. but still cant figure out who yo *** cheating on u wit
yo who's the girl on the Jay Thomas show? (I never listen to this show) she sounds mad cute
15 min away from a live Jay Thomas show and the gangs all here. Howard 101 2:30 PM .
Jay Thomas would like to invite you to be a guest on his show re: Lee Carroll Brooker. Please DM w/ contact info if interested.
The HC of Jay Thomas, joined us to wrap up spring practice for the Demons, including the Delaney Bowl
Jay Thomas and the Lone Ranger story, there is a country music connection.
Bigups to Jay Thomas for his 1,000 point tomorrow!Bigups to Rico Stafford for double double with 25 and 13 rebounds! an…
The birthday boy eats his birthday donut on the Jay Thomas show 🍩
I just have heard you pre-announcing Jay Thomas show. Thank you for your work and please be gentle to Jay!
you saved the last Jay Thomas show fyi...
yo hanzi! They need to remove the Jay Thomas show with someone like you
where's the Jay Thomas show. Some channel no one gets anymore. # sirius ***
No joke hunt, Riley Martin show and Jay Thomas cut to 2 hours. Some of us like hearing original content. What is the plan?
Wish wouldn't repeat the wrap up show. Drive home is 30mins so I'm stuck listening to it or worse Jay Thomas
Best day ever on the Jay Thomas show!
Tune in now: Navy vet talking gun control with Jay Thomas
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Very bummed to hear Jay Thomas will not be on H101, and his daily show cut down to 2 hrs! Time to unsubscribe...
I miss my third hour of the Jay Thomas show! It's seriously not the same without it. The execs have gutted me with this decision!
Got to the show early enough to sit and eat pizza and drink soda by myself before anyone starts playing.
Blue devils look like GA state title contenders again with a front line of Hammonds (6'8") and junior forward Lance Thomas (6'9")
Jay Thomas, main host of The Jay Thomas Show and screwed over voice actor by JITB, thanks you for your service
Thomas Sowell, "Basic Economics" a great book!! Love that a guy to guy handshake kinda way!
The number one show among truckers and bakers . The Jay Thomas Show Ch94
Mr. Speaker: Read the March 28, 1786, letter from John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to John Jay.
Eben Thomas would love to show you the at 0 Greenridge WAY
.WR Jay Lee (has accepted an invitation to the 2016 Reese’s Senior Bowl!
I sent Miles a request to join the group last night. Hope he approves me, because I gotta here the Oct. 29 live Jay Thomas Show !
Apparently his business on game jay includes checking the opposing qbs Instagram account
Just spotted Jay Thomas on Poydras. 3rd TV person this week.
this is the exact reason you've got 3 ASBO's Thomas.
A friend of Jay died during the bombing of Paris, he was called Thomas. RIP Thomas . Courage at his…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Theology friends... Quick! If you had a question to ask Thomas Jay Oord, what would you ask him?
Amazon to be an Anne Frank Thomas, Dixie Howell, Jay Barker and teenager I installed it goes.
Phone is at 6% forgot my charger at home Thomas is passed out and talking in his sleep
I can't listen to ignorant stuff . These days I am listening to early Kanye and the roots and Jay Z. Maxwell Embrya and Thomas Mapfumo
to the fullest I'm about to text you back about what we were talking about Thomas came to my store and I forgot to text you
. JJ Watt just surpassed HOFer Derrick Thomas for most sacks in 1st 5 seasons. Only Reggie White has m…
Make it 5 out of 6! Thomas scores 23, Bradley drops in 21, and the Celtics run away from the Rockets for a 111-95 W.
Congratulations to Khyri Thomas on being named the Freshman of the Week!
Isaiah Thomas has accounted for 26 points in 13 minutes (15 pts/5 asts).
Could God Have Stopped the Paris Attacks?: Theologian and philosopher, Thomas Jay Oord, says, no.  Excerpt:Too...
I cry every time watching My Girl when Thomas Jay dies 😭💔
Thomas Ayad, 32, France. Worked in the music industry, loved rock & roll. "The coolest guy on earth.”.
Brock Osweiler starting at QB raises the stocks of Sanders, Thomas, and Vernon Davis when it comes to fantasy football. Garbage time dreamin
"You're big on eating, swallowing, and pooping". from The Best of Jay Thomas's most rerun episode
Conclusion-- Thomas Jefferson told Sec. of State John Jay, there is no MODERATE muslim. There is only one muslim, one koran.
Thank you Jay Thomas for the RT's. You are awesome! Have a great Monday.
Congrats to Khyri Thomas () who earns the first Freshman of the Week award
Nov. 7, 2000 was the last day someone did not die on TX roads.Plz watch our PSA to help
I'm at that point where I don't even care if people like me anymore, if you like me cool, if you don't, okay
Meet the uber talented Jesse Thomas this Friday Nov 20th Plaza Playhouse Theater Carpinteria, California with Jay...
Jay took Liam to Nana's, I dont work till 2... what do people without kids do all day?¿
If Diezani dies, who does it really benefit?, By Emeka Thomas
Radio legend Jay Thomas guest stars on CSI New Orleans tonight. He should get the accent right.
The following have not signed on 8-18 yet Jason Henning, Jay Thomas, Connor Lamore or Ryan Hodges. These guys must want us to run alot?
Someone please tell that the Soviet Union hasn't existed for nearly 24 years. ;O) On Jay Thomas show he talked liked they did.
Right before half, KF's Thomas Jones takes the reverse 18-yards for a TOUCHDOWN. Grassfield leads 28-14 at the half htt…
hey! Bestie long time no talk. We miss you. Don't forget about your second family that loves you.
well yours is jay. You already got a nickname
Jay and Dan come up with a genius idea for a sitcom featuring Pete Rose and Frank Thomas in this edition of Jay and Da...
joking I was there it's unacceptable
All purpose parts banner
I can confirm that he does this a lot. Don't believe him
Thanks for the pizza mam and dad and for letting me have a glass of wine
.Here's my CJ at the top of Thornton!
I hope Jay Emmanuel Thomas settles down at QPR his been at a lot of clubs for his age
A1sinceDay1 Entertainment presents Lil Jay - "Getting it", Featuring D. Thomas check it out
How in the *** is curmudgeon Jay Thomas on channel but aren't? Maybe Jay makes Howard feel young
Thanks for the follow! Enjoyed you on The Jay Thomas Show.
I just earned the 'St. Thomas Tourist' badge!
take a deep breath. Then check out this list. Redskins coach Jay Gruden: 'We've got a heck of a team not playing'
The Jay Thomas Show we bring you up and down
ever see that lifetime show where c-list celebs talk about their ghost experiences? THE HAUNTING OF. JAY THOMAS or whoever
For Jesse: Is there anything to Hollywood's conspiracy against Jay Thomas' career ...?
_Darcizzle_: "You're the Ronda Rousey of Angling" --Jay Thomas :) realjaythomas RondaRousey cristinapalumbo
would someone please fix Jay Thomas's mic?
Great idea at - expand employee engagement to families to build community w/in companies!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I want to live in Preferably with Thomas Sharpe. And Lady Lucille too. We can share a bed. And more.
DONE DEAL: Defender has joined from Stamford AFC. Midfielder Jay Dowie has departed to Concord Rangers…
Good luck to the boys out in Glasgow tonight!
After my second viewing of you can't convince me otherwise that the true love story is the one between Thomas & Lucille.
1:50 PM start time for a new live Jay Thomas with and . .
The last scene between Thomas & Lucille makes me cry so hard. It's so beautiful.
"I couldn't even begin to look like a woman even if I was a woman trapped in a man's body It wouldn't work out 4 me." Jay Thomas Howard101
"I mean I can't send a picture out of myself like that." Jay Thomas on the Cristina the Transgender Trucker
Well-wishers like Thomas D. Gordon, and flocked to gala:
.astronomer Jay Strader has been named a fellow.
Faith is not believing . It's knowing God will .I got faith !
You never know how strong you can be until being strong is the only choice you have left . - Tupac Shakur
L.A. will pay $2.5M to settle with the kids of Alesia Thomas, who was assaulted by an officer and later died.
thirsty for hursty. One of favourites...
Got two category A tickets to Wales vs SA if anyone is interested! £250 face value! Get in touch
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
28 years ago today Thomas Isidore Sankara was assassinated.
Michael Franti & Jay boogie.. Jamming with Rob Thomas and Marc Scibilia!!…
oh Thomas Jay, he can't see without his glasses, i'm sorry, it's still there
One of my favorite actors. I am so lucky to have worked with him
How do you take team building the extra mile to make team building into culture?
Kicking off opening session with a discussion on corporate culture!
"There are only 1% of the people on earth that are valuable and the rest of us are not." Jay Thomas, main host, SiriusXM The Jay Thomas Show
Thomas Jay is the one fictional death I can't get over 😭
Redskins coach Jay Gruden said receiver DeSean Jackson "had a little issue" with his left hamstring. Gruden said...
not Aiden o Shea its jay Bradley lol 👍
It looks like I'm the only one who ship Thomas with Lucille more than with Edith. I thought that people were more perverts.
why is the Comedy Greats channel /Jay Thomas show so messed up today? Double audio, late start, jumping around, etc.
I'm getting so hot when I think about Thomas & Lucille Sharpe. Both of them attract me sexually. Even more together.
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