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Jay Sekulow

Jay Alan Sekulow (born June 10, 1956) is an American attorney and Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice.

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Just a thought but have u tried to contact Jay Sekulow. He's basically the media attorney for Trump.…
Rumours are Jay Sekulow wants the job. Betsy's got a check in her purse so .
Tom Fitton and Jay Sekulow seem to be the only people asking the right questions and actually seeking answers.
AACC = American Association of Christian Counselors. Why is Eric Metaxas there? I don't know. . Same for Jay Sekulow.
Jay Sekulow has been warning about this for years. . It's routinely recommended to all teens and young…
The ACLJ is a fringe-right hatchet shop headed by Jay Sekulow, Trump's personal attorney and congenital liar.…
Republicans are indefensible on the facts. So all they have is . "But Hillary".
I remember hearing about it on the radio and guess what? Jay Sekulow was defending her. Yes, That Jay Sekulow.
Jay Sekulow has got to be the single most inept attorney this side of a comedy about a chimp in a suit.…
Jay Sekulow, a Jewish lawyer, started a Christian charity, took millions in donations & distributed it to his family ht…
Why doesn't Jay Sekulow, his counsel, ask Trump about this? What can we do?
Jay Sekulow, lawyer for the President has a great TV program on TBN.
& want Trump's tax reform (tax cut for rich) after pocketing millions from their charity…
please get Jay Sekulow to sue government to get them public. BTY, how many times di…
NOW Trump can honestly say that his taxes are being audited. Hey Jay Sekulow - Is your client under investigation ... yet?
Listen to Jay Sekulow's live show from today on failure by GOP on
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For real tho, is the blue haired lawyer in the Simpsons based on Jay Sekulow?
I so totally agree with you. We should all sue them for defamation of character to start. Jay Sekulow. Represent us
Looks like Jay Sekulow is getting the Dirt! All of Those Gutter Snipes Used Fake Names. L…
Unholy Alliance: The Agenda Iran, Russia, and Jihadists Share for Conquering the World by Jay Sekulow
*** hard working for the devil evangelicals in that White House should be seriously ashamed Jay Sekulow or to walk away
Jay Sekulow to Pres. Trump will testify under oath “if it came to that, and I don’t think it will.” ht…
You can listen to my interview today with Jay Sekulow Live and the show here
One, this is utterly incredible on its face. Two, Jay Sekulow has proven himself to be utterly incredible about the actio…
You also NEED an AG who is NOT a wimp.sessions doesn't want to prosecute dem criminals! Get new…
Jay Sekulow on FOIA filed for documents on tarmac meeting
Jay Sekulow just leaked Lynch's worst nightmare.
I have one in my family. There's also Jay Sekulow.
They f***ing own SALM Radio. Jay Sekulow has his own show.
They f***ing own SALM radio. Jay Sekulow has his own show. $ over Country.
Jay Sekulow said today about Spain.Muslims hit THEN Spain re-acted &arrested.We MUST b pro-active which is "pre-crime".Do it or keep losing.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jay Sekulow Checks bias v after Most Mueller SPTeam found donated large sums to Dem campaigns…
Jay Sekulow will do it. He takes the worst of the worst.
I thank GOD for Jay Sekulow and his team. They are some bad mamba-jambas!!! 💖
Jay Sekulow email IP's matched those from the Obama White House. Are you also CIA, Frank?
Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show
Comey, DOJ all in on protecting HRC...heh now! Sekulow: DOJ Talking Points on Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting Redacted
will Jay Sekulow still have a JOB WITH ACLU AFTER HE DEFENDS TRUMP
Jay Sekulow Shows Obama Sabotage of the White House in "last hours of Presidency"
and Steven Miller and Michae Cohen and Jay Sekulow and Jared Kushner. Shameful and treasonous.
Mr. Pres. Talk to Jay Sekulow about Lynch, Clinton stonewalling by your State & DOJ offense!
Jay Sekulow's son is on Fox right now saying the DOJ is searching for more documents related to the Lynch-Clinton tarm…
If you notice the people of the religious Council they're all millionaire entities support…
Comey said FBI didn’t have docs on Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting. Docs from Trump’s lawyer prove he lied https:/…
"I do want to be clear the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement" -- Jay Sekulow, Trump's lawyer, appa…
Jay Sekulow, member of Trump's legal team, on Meet the Press on July 16: "The president did not draft the response" https:…   10% Off
Michael Caputo: I was sent in 1994 to Russia by Clinton administration to MEDDLE in. THEIR Election!!. Jay Sekulow. http…
Roy Cohn, Michael Cohn, Marc Kasowitz, Jay Sekulow. Trump is collecting the lowest and the sleaziest!
Donald Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow, has just placed him at the Trump Tower Russia meeting by making this silly Secret…
TO REITERATE: Jay Sekulow's comment about Secret Service being responsible for letting the Trump Tower Russian meeting…
tl;dr: If Trump really was at the mtg, his false denial will be hard to maintain over time. Jay Sekulow's Secret Service comme…
Trump legal team member Jay Sekulow on Russia meeting: “If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?”
So was Jay Sekulow lying about Secret Service vetting the meeting?. Or was Secret Service there because Trump was at the meeti…
Listen to Jay Sekulow and you might learn something Chris.
Jay Sekulow: “I don't mind a good joust”. 🤡 well Chris Wallace decapitated you, again.
just watched Chris Wallace grill Jay Sekulow. Had 2 turn off tv bec its too frustrating goin round in circles w/o a proper ans frm Jay
Jay Sekulow implied that Secret Service vetted Don Jr's meeting. But Jr didn't have Secret Service protection at the time. Onl…
Jay Sekulow: "Everyone knows that opposition research goes on all the time.". Chris Wallace: "It doesn't go on with Ru…
Poor Chris Wallace he was so out of his league trying to question Jay Sekulow..Chirs' face was so red with em…
Chris Wallace to Jay Sekulow: "I ask the questions and you answer them, Jay."
Chris Wallace acted like an *** during interview of Jay Sekulow. He is acting like a jerk.
According to attorney Jay Sekulow the only test of conduct by the family is whether they break the law.
Jay Sekulow took you behind the shed showed you who your daddy was. To bad you hate the Trump family so much.
"Jay Sekulow" Speed up the elimination of Obama holdovers and NeverTrumpers. Then arrest some former Obama adm. officia…
DEMS. Break the law so much they consider the illegal, legal. And the LEGAL, illegal. Trum…
Trump's attorney on Don Jr. emails: "It's not a legal issue"
In all fairness, we couldn't really hear what Jay Sekulow said because Cuomo talked…
go for the throat brother. Take their bar license! Trump will help you along with jay sekulow
Did Donald Jr. break the law? No. But Hillary did in taking bribes + giving Russia our uranium. . Morni…
Didn't know-> Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which was founded by C…
Would President be willing to testify under oath that he knew nothing about meetings prior to last week? Pres' lawyer…
President Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow says the President was aware of "nothing"
For a while, as younger dude I wanted to go into con law to defend Christians in church/state cases. Jay Sekulow was my hero.
Jay Sekulow on Hannity: "The media is going after Don Jr for releasing the full email chain while Hillary Clinton deleted her e…
WOW! Jay Sekulow is Bernie Madoff hiding behind Jews for Jesus! What swine!
Jay Sekulow makes look like a clueless child. So sad that has such a dimwit trying to peddle con…
Kudos to all lawyers rejecting Trump's request 4 criminal representation. Hilarious as Trump now stuck w/amateur hour & c…
Jay Sekulow says Trump is NOT under investigation...
"Jay Sekulow" What We hear from & contradicts what We hear at the Senate Hearings under oath so WHOS LYING ABOUT INVESTIGATIONS
Trump lawyer: We haven't been notified of any investigation
Until media demands accuracy and truth, Trump representatives like Jay Sekulow will keep spinning false facts as the G…
Jay Sekulow - Welcome to the Everyone that works for all end up like this poor guy.…
Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow told its not Trump but James Comey who should be under investigation. What do you thin…
Jay Sekulow got his law degree from Regent University, founded by Pat Robertson. He's a religious fanatic who is…
Trump lawyer Sekulow: President has no knowledge of being investigated - Jay Sekulow, a...
Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow contradicts president on obstruction investigation.
The president is not and has not been under investigation. -exchange on Face the Nation this morning. https…
“The president has not been and is not under investigation,” Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow claims on And/but: htt…
The only Sunday Show host MAGAs are attacking is Chris Wallace, because he got Jay Sekulow to slip up.
Jay Sekulow: "The President has not been notified by ANYONE that he's under investigation." Let's kill the rumors-VJ. h…
Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow: POTUS has the power to fire FBI director.
Liberal hack once again acting like a Democrat operative rather than a "journalist.".
Meet Jay Sekulow, the man claiming "the President's not under investigation"
Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow: "President Trump is not afraid of investigation because he's not under investigation."
JAY SEKULOW. Explaining to Chris Wallace & other anchors what "Not Under Investigation" means be like...
Chris is out of control. He is making up facts that aren't there. Jay Sekulow is giving him facts. He's twisting…
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Get to know Jay Sekulow, the lawyer making absurdist arguments on behalf of Trump.
Chris Wallace has to be fired after that interview with Jay Sekulow.Trying to twist his words. Good grief more fake ne…
Judging on the awful reaction from all, to Jay Sekulow's appearances on the Sunday Shows, I'd expect Trump will fire/de…
🔥Jay Sekulow Schools Chris Wallace: "We have NOT received ANY Investigation of the POTUS":
There should no respect for Jay Sekulow, he is a hack lawyer.
Newsworthy: Trump's legal team features some... - Jay Sekulow was the Chief Counsel for TV preacher Pat Roberts...
Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren, Jay Sekulow, Stephen Moore, & more FOX shrapnel have burrowed into much saner news networks, infecting ➡
Jay Sekulow is a Neo-Nazi KKK Bible Belt Christian who is…
Jay Sekulow is one of KKK's champions, in spirit he was at ma…
trey and Jason are heads of Congress. Listen to Jay Sekulow. He's a top attorney speaking on behalf of YOU and all of us.
type in Jay Sekulow. What do you find? You will find something negative about trump in every search you do.
ran out of characters. Look into Jay Sekulow. He's not running out of characters, neither did the constitution.
it's a law. Go see Jay Sekulow. He's an attorney. He explains the actual law very well.
Ultra conservative Trumpnut Attorney Jay Sekulow razzing Obama for too many EOs saying USAs not a Kingdom…
that's true Have you ever spoken with Jay Sekulow about this?
great stuff, Jay Sekulow do that mon-fri 12pmET
Jay Sekulow and Michael Cohen defend right to via the Android app
---> Jay Sekulow and Michael Cohen defend right to free speech
OBAMA WIRETAP CONFIRMED!! Jay Sekulow and Tom Fitton break down the surv... via
The new EO is written so well that IF it goes to the Supreme Court, I'll get an 8-0 decision. --Jay Sekulow
Use Attys that have already defeated these evil ones in S court-Jay Sekulow best one,a good judge is Alabama Roy Moore 2 fight these demons
Please ask DJT to invite The Jay Sekulow Band to play at his inaugural!! They are awesome!!!
I have NO respect for CNN and their reporters I usually listen to truthe Jay Sekulow ACLJ & Fox
is not much more than a self serving organization feeding from the right's passions to fill its coffers and keep Jay Sekulow rich.
entertaining what about the Jay Sekulow band and Lee Greenwood,Trumps people, just look on you tube great performers, play 4 a trip
Jay Sekulow: "There's no question in my mind that the FBI Director Comey never really intended to do an investigation Hillary…
The is fighting this evil on every level. Stand with Jay Sekulow too!
Sen. Sessions an ardent supporter of life, the Constitution, & our national security. Must B confirmed.Jay Sekulow. ACLJ Chief Counsel
YES! Thank you Father and thank you Jay Sekulow and your amazing ministry!!!
Check out Jay Sekulow?! He is awesome. Defender of what is right and friend of Israel. Head of ACLJ.🇺🇸
Jay Sekulow - 19 mins · - We just delivered another set of legal demands for records surrounding actions taken...
You are the first President to whom the opportunity was ever offered...
ACLJ does it all the time.Jay Sekulow is & has fought 4 Christians 4,years off donation 4 operations.
why won't you listen to Trey Gowdy or check worth Jay Sekulow? Fear of reality?
not anymore dearie. Go listen to Jay Sekulow. Don't take my word for it. Listen to trey.
look up Jay Sekulow. You can see him in action, speaking 2 Trey Gowdy during a hearing.
oh, there are a few crimes occurring. Jay Sekulow has already taken Obama to court & won
look up Jay Sekulow and judicial watch. Loads of cases are being won against them.
for reality. Watch Jay Sekulow and judicial watch. Stop listening to this crapola.
Jay Sekulow is a Messianic Jew, Zionist and attorney who is a pretty prolific conservative "Christian" author
4. It was thru FOTF that the Family Research Council, Jay Sekulow of ACLJ rose to power
all they use are false media reports & UTube made up videos. Watch Jay Sekulow and judicial watch.
Tune in to Jay Sekulow for real news!
Read: Unholy Alliance by Jay Sekulow a real awakening about Islam it should be in our schools as an education lesson
Jay Sekulow - Third attack on Israel from the UN and Obama adminstration via
Jay Sekulow as a US atty well liked by and known by Evangelicals
Lou Dobbs, Jay Sekulow ,anonymous.. Jay is in co…
Where is the American Center for Law and Justice? . Call Jay Sekulow!! . He ain't skeerd!!!
Actually criminal sanctions that are given could be up to five ye...
Ask: Lt. Dan Band & The Jay Sekulow Band to perform at Inauguration
Heard Jay Sekulow on Hannity yesterday. ACLJ on top of all this crap; ready to file lawsuits if necessary. Same w/Judicial Watch
♥Elefante: Dust in the Wind with John Schlitt, Jay Sekulow & Friends via
Jay Sekulow on Periscope: "President-Elect Donald Trump arrives at the White House - Live Radio"
I just heard Jay Sekulow talking about this and it did make sense that brought in experience for this case.
Little Giant Ladders
Cont - Jay Sekulow ! This name would send a shock wave of happiness throughout the Christian Evang Com both here and abroad!
I would like to see Trey Gowdy or Jay Sekulow.
They're all focusing on how John Roberts is going to decide Roe v. W...
We really like He was also a great guest for us:
please add Sekulow to your list for Supreme Crt Justices. He is a man of Great Wisdom & Impeccable Integrity.
Good name! We like a lot and he was a great guest for us
I am posting verses of this well written book “Unholy Alliance” by Jay Sekulow. . Well written book 👍
If you are watching mainstream media, stop! If you want 100% unbiased, real coverage, watch Jay Sekulow!
Trump's looking better but it's still so close. More from Jay Sekulow
Listening to Jay Sekulow-ACLJ on Periscope. could not listen to
Both of them need to be IMPEACHED quickly! Attorney, Jay Sekulow is working on & calling for Comey's impeachment!
If the election is getting to you, sit back and enjoy full songs & commentary by Jay Sekulow Band, featuring John...
Jay Sekulow has fought Hilary on 3rd and 4th trimester abortions because babies survive and they take their organs without anesthesia.
Trey Gowdy and Jason Chafeetz have issues with her actions. Jay Sekulow has issues with her actions.
LIVE on We're Live with Some of the Best from the Jay Sekulow Band on the Eve of Election Day.
Jay Sekulow recently spoke with Pat Robertson about all the legal issues surrounding Clinton's email investigation and what th…
Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, Jay Sekulow, and others do come to mind as much better spokespeople.
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Where I Stand with Ricky Skaggs, Jay Sekulow, John
I liked a video from John Schlitt: No Matter What with John Elefante, Jay Sekulow &
. Jay Sekulow is working on this case. U can keep up on FB (has live show) if you're intereste…
Do you agree that he's basically in the Morris Dees, Defamation League, Jay Sekulow, David Horowitz school?
ACLJ Jay Sekulow on Fox Business w/Varney & Co. analyzes the possibly list of appointees OSCJ under consideration by Obama.
The LIFE & LEGACY of Justice Antonin Scalia - Jay Sekulow shares his firsthand accounts on today's
appoint Jay Sekulow to supreme justice or abolish all the supreme justice judges
I have a much better option for the Supreme Court: Jay Sekulow or Mark Levine!
Throw this bomb! Recommend that they nominate Jay Sekulow ! Guarantee the right will jump on board!!!
I think the court will determine that the Faith-Based Initiative that the W...
That's a great point, but I trust Rubio more than Cruz. In that case, I'd have to write in Jay Sekulow!
Our enemies, like the Grecian hero, have one vulnerable point. You have not...
. I listen to Sean Hannity & Jay Sekulow only.. No local news ever!
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The Pledge clearly acknowledges the fact that our freedoms in this country ...
Jay Alan Sekulow: "What if you threw a protest and no one showed up? The lack of angst and anger and emotion is a big positive."
I'm listening to Jay Sekulow Live ! - Live & America updates on Faith REAL LAW ACTIONS570 with TuneIn.
U.S. CONSTITUTION: ACLJ This week, ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow provided an in-depth analysis of United States...
thanks for sharing Jay Sekulow, have a great Monday :) (Want this FREE? >>
of presidential power – changing the law or enforcing it: Jay Sekulow is C...
It has always been a great wrong that these men and their families should b...
Book of the Week: Undemocratic: Rogue, Reckless and Renegade: How the Government ... by Jay Sekulow:
I wouldn't pretend to tell you we don't pay our lawyers well.
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Fooling Yourself by Jay Sekulow, John Elefante, John
May God shower blessings on Pastor Saeed & those @ Jay Sekulow's who worked tirelessly to secure his release!
"Listening to Jay Sekulow on Periscope... it's live just click on link..."
Jay Sekulow is live now. *White House halts New Iran sanctions. Live Radio
Barry Lynn vs Jay Sekulow, Church/State Separation in the 21st Century, Part 1,
Lindsey Graham: "On air with Jay Sekulow regarding the fight against ISIL. LISTEN:
The ACLJ (Jay Sekulow)talks LIVE on the progress of PP case,next steps,court appearances etc. get app tune in
What does the Constitution say about birthright citizenship? Experts Mark Levine and Jay Sekulow weigh in
ACLJ's Jay Sekulow testifies IRS 'out of control' targeting Americans for 'pesonal beliefs' -
Tune in to to hear what Jay Sekulow has to say about this IRS scandal...
It's time to be MJBI Fall Event with Jay Sekulow, Gen. Jerry Boykin, and Tim Ross-
Video - ACLJ Jay Sekulow Testifies at the Hearing. 'The idea that there is no outside influence is ridiculous.'
Jay Sekulow was the inspiration for Julian Cicchetti in The Chosen. Watch his testimony before Congress
Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).
looking for a good book... I can recommend these. "The Death of Money" by Jim Rickards. "Undemocratic" by Jay Sekulow
Jay Sekulow The idea that IRS would internally investigate grassroots organizations on basis of...
Jay Sekulow pointing out how the DOJ was part of the targeting.
Articulate and Knows the Constitution. Sekulow is a Gift to Freedom Loving People.
Watch Jay Sekulow's testimony against the targeting scheme live now:
Long-time friend & colleague Jay Sekulow sworn-in by Sen Cruz to testify before Judiciary Committee on IRS abuses
Watch ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary regarding the IRS...
Sitting in Senate Judiciary hearing on IRS abuse of power chaired by Sen Ted Cruz. Awaiting testimony by Jay Sekulow
Jay Sekulow: Did You Know?. Jay Sekulow and the ACLJ is making huge progress at the state level. In Gainsville...
IRS-Today, I'm testifying before the Senate, urging lawmakers to demand an independent prosecutor-Jay Sekulow
IRS, DOJ, and colluded in an effort to prosecute patriotic Americans. Stop Washington coverup - Jay Sekulow. ACLJ Chief Counsel
Jason Chaffetz Jay Sekulow lay charges against the IRS chief or shut up. Does O'bama always have to do your job? Fox News
Hey everyone, help Jay Sekulow hold the IRS and Obama accountable! Stop their targeting of Conservatives and...
Hear Jay Sekulow of ACLJ on the latest issues and how you can get involved. Weekdays at 12:30pET. Tune in online at
Tomorrow's frontpage. Check out our interview with Cosby actor
thanks for sharing Jay Sekulow, have a great Sunday :) (insight by
.is staffed and supported by conservatives including Jay Sekulow, Richard Viguerie and Ron Paul.
God Bless you Lee Greenwood and Jay Sekulow for the good fight.
Jay Sekulow (ACLJ) "We have reached a Tipping Point" in our Constitutional Republic via
Jay Sekulow-playing in a rock band with John Elefante/Kansas and Petra´s John Schlitt
We've had a packed house for the incredible and challenging If My People Conference! Check out these photos from last night with Dr. Ben Carson and Dr. Jay Sekulow! All of the conference speakers will be our guests in weekend worship. Go to to see their schedules!
Great fun with Ricky Skaggs, Jay Sekulow and friends...
I dont know all the percher on this list but the ones I know of are the most unbiblical antichrist prosperity gospel preachers in world and its know wonder this country is in the shape it is in now The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America •Rick Warren •Howard and Roberta Ahmanson •David Barton •Douglas Coe •Charles Colson •Luis Cortes •James Dobson •Stuart Epperson •Michael Gerson •Billy and Franklin Graham •Ted Haggard •Bill Hybels •T.D. Jakes •Diane Knippers •Tim and Beverly LaHaye •Richard Land •Brian McLaren •Joyce Meyer •Richard John Neuhaus •Mark Noll •J.I. Packer •Rick Santorum •Jay Sekulow •Stephen Strang •Ralph Winter Philippians Chapter 3 17 Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. 18 (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: 19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is ...
John Schlitt & John Elefante - Where I Stand (wit…: besides being one of best attorneys Jay Sekulow is good musician2
RISE OF ISIS by Jay Sekulow with Jordan Sekulow and others is on the NYT Best Sellers List for Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction
"This is an extremely dangerous development," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ.
"Dire." That's the word President Obama is using to describe the situation for Christians and other refugees in northern Iraq. That's an understatement. The world's most powerful jihadist army is on the attack. It's massacring Christians, selling Christian women into slavery, and obliterating their safe havens. Like Hitler's Germany marked Jewish homes and businesses, these jihadists are marking Christian homes and businesses - marking Christians for death. We have allies on the ground, ready to stop the advancing enemy, but we haven't supplied them with the arms they need. ISIS is still strong. Our allies are still weak. At the ACLJ, we are working day and night to move Congress, President Obama, and the United Nations to action, to stop genocide. Your voice matters. Stand with us. Sign the Petition: Stop the Genocide of Christians in Iraq. Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel
To listen to my interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham, listen to Jay Sekulow Live here at noon ET
Watch discussion on about imprisonment in Wife tells the story &
“wife on Watch her tell Saeed's story of imprisonment in becau…
trial today in for His bail is set but is repeatedly denied Watch discuss…
On discusses trial in for Bail has been set but is repeated…
Watch: discussion with wife on About Saeed's imprisonment in because of …
Watch discussion on about imprisonment in Wife tells story to
.presents case to Congress in packed room. To watch live, click the link: http:…
Fox News about Pastor Saeed Obama trades terrorists for American citizens but will not demand Pastor Saeed's release. http…
I've been watching the news daily. I know a lot of people who don't. They are too occupied doing the things they have a luxury and privilege to do like working, taking care of their children, watching movies and shows, shopping and going out on dates. There is genocide happening to Christians in Iraq. For those who don't know, children and teens are being cut in half and/or beheaded! Yes I did say children, babies, this is so sickening! My heart is broken. I can watch my children sleep and eat comfortably in my home completely safe. I can't imagine the fear the parents are feeling. Those who survived are fleeing to the mountains where there is NO food or water. What can we possibly do to help? pray! We can also make our voices heard. I get emails from Jay Sekulow and he has a petition you can sign. They are working in Congress to rally support and aid for Christians and arms for those who would defend them. They are aggressively engaged at the United Nations to raise this grave humanitarian crisis. Join u ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Consistently exemplified by action, purpose & dedication, concern for the basic rights of all people" - Mmmmkay.
Now ISIS agents imprisoned in Iran are threatening to murder American Pastor Saeed Abedini.. .. Jay Sekulow. Go to ACLJ and sign petition.
According to Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel . It's terrifying. ISIS terrorists are exterminating Christians in...
Jay Sekulow to Admin response to genocide, Mideast crisis, world threats is tepid at best." ..
Jay Sekulow to "Obama Adm has consistently picked the WRONG side on every issue in the Middle East & overseas" .
LIVE NOW: The Sean Hannity Show - Jay Sekulow release of American Pastor from an Iranian prison
Church Award for Human Rights goes to - anti- bigot -
: Anti-LGBT Activist to Receive Human Rights Award - Jay Sekulow has dedicated much of his career to…
Just listening to Jay Sekulow & Pat Robertson who both explained Gov McDonald committed no crime, but Eric Holder is running the show!
Christians being slaughtered in Iraq! Saeed's Children Ask Obama for Help: via
As a private lawyer, I could bill $750 an hour, but I don't. Jay Alan Sekulow
We will NOT let ISIS fly the flag of Allah in the White House!:
A message from my Professor Jay Sekulow, founder of ACLJ and Esteemed Faculty Law Professor at Regent University.
NEW In depth legal report on ISIS from Jay Sekulow and team. .
ON now; Jay Sekulow Live renowned expert on religious liberty; AM 950 &
I warned Jay sekulow years ago Obama's going to be removed by force. He will NOT yeild in 2016
Can't wait to see Jay Sekulow on again !!! awesome information!
ACLJ's Jay Sekulow Introduces the Film PERSECUTED: I want to see this
Jay Sekulow says Now is the time to Not Be Silent on July 18th
Now going into spam folder: Any email from Jay Sekulow's ACLJ. Great group, but 14 emails a day asking for cash is a bit much.
Neither Mark Levin or Jay Sekulow have addressed the revitalization of the Constitutional Militia.
Without truth, there can be no justice. And if there’s one thing this administration does well, it conceals the truth. "Jay Sekulow ."
You must have overlooked Mark Levin and Jay Sekulow.
Jay Sekulow: claims to be most transparent administration in history. Really?
Go to and Sign the New Petition: "Stand With Israel in Her Hour of Need." Jay Sekulow ACLJ Chief Counsel
Jay Sekulow: claims to be the most transparent administration in history. Really ?
Confirmation of the jihadists terrorist attacks on Christians in Kenya. I receive the email updates from Jay Sekulow at the American Center for Law and Justice. For those who are not familiar with them, they are the team of Christian Lawyers fighting for Christians around the world. In the last couple of weeks three cases they fought before the US Supreme Court in support of Christian rights were successful including the Hobby Lobby case. Below is a copy of the email I received today. Note that Kenya is on the list of countries where islamist jihadists are killing Christians. Forget politics, I will leave that to Jay and the lawyers since they are doing a good job there. IT IS TIME FOR THOSE OF US CHRISTIANS WHO ARE NOT BEING KILLED FOR OUR BELIEF IN THE LORD TO PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF CHRIST AND GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES AND DO SPIRITUAL BATTLE FOR OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ARE BEING KILLED! I have seen pictures of the bodies of Christians in Kenya stacked like firewood after one of these attacks. The Pr ...
Sean Hannity on radio talking about the IRS scandal with Jay Sekulow
Today on Sean Hannity: . Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice and Matthew Kramer,...
Someone told me today that they really think I outta be President of the U.S. I said, sure, I would be happy to, just not sure how long it would take before someone assassinated me. Probably not too long with all the people I would tick off. So when asked what would be the first thing I would do I said I would write the most Constitutionally correct Exec Orders of any President. And here they are: 1. Congress will immediately take a two year unpaid furlough. 2. Immediate term limits (2 terms) on both houses of Congress. 3. No more tax payer funded vacations for the President or Congress. When you make $150,000 a year you can afford to pay for your own vacation. 4. Supreme Court Justices on duty now are no longer life time appointments. Furthermore, they can be removed by the Chief Executive. 5. The Chief Executive hereby removes from the Supreme Court two justices that don't understand and refuse to uphold the Constitution. 6. The Chief Executive appoints Jay Sekulow, and Paul Newby as replacement justic ...
Obama Administration is appeasing Hamas, terrorist group bent on destroying Israel. 6/11 at 12:30pET on Jay Sekulow.
I stand with Israel Air Force, The Prime Minister of Israel, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), Israel Forever Foundation, Israel Defense Forces, Israel Tourism, Shavei Israel, Israel in My Heart, Spirit of Israel, Stand for Israel, if you don't ! I don't want you as my friend or in my family.There are many Liberal Jews that are destroying America by sucking up to Obamrat and the agenda of the NWO and Gun Control, your fools and have no common sense, and I don't want you as my friend either.its 6am and I need to go back on Roving Patrol here on the Jersey Shore, Friends of the IDF (FIDF) Pennsylvania & Southern New Jersey.Pennsylvania Miltias..The Tea Party, Steve Oathkeeper Chambers, Indiana Sentinels, Jay Rowell, Jay Sekulow...1st Brigade Combat Team "Bastogne", Kujo Merican, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Allen West, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee..Remington Arms Company
Check this out...Our little version of Hold Your Head Up with Jay Sekulow, John Schlitt, your gonna like this...john. http…
God Bless our Troops!!! Thanks as always Jay Sekulow, for helping America, real Americans and Christians! And thanks to you, 0bama, Holder and all of the Rabid Radical Admin Christian hating atheists & muslum DemocRats won't win. P.S. Jay, you're a great American, thank you for all you do for us. "We the (real) People" are behind you and the Bundy's 100% all of the time. God Bless you!!!
Missing the Little White Church!:O( We still are not allowed to worship in the building or on GOVERNMENT LAND. Wish Jay Sekulow would help us out here. What the US Corps of Engineers would allow us to return to worship in our tiny church. Lord help us. So far we have no church home and no clue as to where we can go from here. We cannot stay in the Willow Fork Country Club indefinitely. Please pray that the Lord will overturn the government's decision to kick us out. They are breaking the law by doing so. Don't you think it strange that they allowed us to move the church onto government land .and now refuse to allow us to worship??? If they had a problem with worship, why did they not tell us beforehand? It's just all so strange.
Ask Jay Sekulow he is a well documented one.
Encouraging news from the American Center of Law and Justice's Jay Sekulow: "An ACLJ diplomatic mission led by ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow has just returned from the Middle East, and Jordan reports that Pastor Saeed is out of prison receiving medication in a hospital for injuries caused by prison beatings. Medical care is a positive development, but Pastor Saeed is not yet free." And let us not forget Pastor Saeed's ordeal is more representative of what's happening throughout Iran typically, and we don't hear about all the other Believing pastors being persecuted.
John Schlitt performs the Head East song, "Never Been Any Reason" with Jay Sekulow (ACLJ - his band, and also two Kickstarter Crew members...
Jay Sekulow Did you hear about the FireFox and their CEO being forced to "Resign"? All because he made a donation to CA Prop 8 6 years ago. I hope you can Represent him. Thank you Mr. Sekulow for Everything you do to protect OUR Freedom!
Jay Sekulow spoke with Fox News about the IRS targeting case.
Supreme Court regular Jay Sekulow sways Southeast Texas crowd at PACN Fundraiser. Sekulow brought the crowd to...
Here's your chance folks. Jay Sekulow has argued before the United States Supreme Court bench more than any other lawyer extant. Get behind him or lose your computer privileges! Till the Shout ! t
God Bless Jay Sekulow...I GOT IT...Stand up today Christians and sign the petition!!
I think it's time for Jay Sekulow to retire. His Religious rants are disgusting. As a member of Jews for Jesus he's a Jew basher.
"Our public schools began as ministries of the church; now it is time to return them to the Lord." - Jay Alan Sekulow
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Jay Sekulow spoke with Fox News about the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.
SIGN THE PETITION! we want the UN to control the internet...OH NO!!! Saw Jay Sekulow at the PACN Banquet last week, awesome man!! Believe what he says, read and study about him!! SIGN THIS PETITION TO STOP OUR CRAZY GOVERNMENT!!!
(Via Jay Sekulow) The Obama Administration needs to send clear signals that Christians serving the military are not second class citizens. Sign & Share our petition to protect Christians in the military:
(Via Jay Sekulow) The CEO of ICANN thinks that the Internet will not be captured by hostile governments because it hasn't been in the past. He ignores the fact that the Internet's entire history has been under the oversight of the United States. Sign & Share our petition to keep the web free:
ACLJ Take Action | Contribute Thank you for participating in Christians are Not Extremists. We need your voice in this fight. Your voice, combined with the thousands of other supporters of this issue, will help shape the outcome. Will you keep up the fight by starting your own petition drive to recruit your friends and family or make a tax-deductible gift to the ACLJ? Simply follow these links below. Start a petition drive. Select a cause, recruit friends, and track your progress quickly and easily. Contribute to the ACLJ. We do not charge our clients for our services; we rely on God's grace and your generosity to continue standing for our beliefs and values in this turbulent world. Thank you again for standing with the ACLJ and for standing up for what you believe. We noticed that while you took action, you did not create a password on, so your registration is not complete. You have already filled out the form, so you will not have to provide your information again; but if you create a passwor . ...
Why would Obama risk Internet freedom? Time for Congress to step up . By Jay Sekulow. .
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