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Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan (b. 29 August 1981 in Auckland, New Zealand) is a New Zealand actor who resides in Australia.

Kristin Kreuk

Well done!! Jay Ryan moves 2 next round. Open on Friday, March 11. . http…
Do we know if we are in it? I,m ready to vote for the Show, Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk for PCA.
Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk and Nina Lisandrello with a fan Oct 27 Credit:
Please include Jay Ryan on the Pre-Selection list He is the lead actor on the 3x winning Show ! http…
I don't think it was for jay walking it was him grabbing his night stick in the beginning of the video
who tf arrest someone for jay walking. It's not that big of a deal
Just hold on. 1st Beyonce and Jay-Z. 2nd Nicki and Meek Mill. Now Rihanna and Travis Scott??. Ha. You think being handsome still m…
Ahhh, another follow friday is upon us.
I mean, I was trying to be disrespectful. But whatev!
both areas doomed them. Well below average in both facets. Can win w/ one subpar, not both.
Will you be going on YouNow tonight?
Don't go to the movies without checking in with Ryan Jay Reviews!
Ryan Reynolds should've played Jay Gatsby since he's both Green Lantern and Deadpool.
Thank you, we have already counted your vote. Jay Ryan 30.25% (7,417 votes.
I seriously forgot I made this Jay Ryan video but bless.
Just wondering if the cast of CW Beauty and the Beast were invited as guests(Jay Ryan, Kristin Kreuk, Austin Basis)?
Jay Thomas, us three when Ryan Cooke was explaining his beer pong rules.
Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 1 -- "The Beast of Wall Street" -- Jay Ryan as Vincent -- Phot
Edwin Encarnacion gets his 100th RBI of the year. He's the 3rd Blue Jay with 100 RBI this season.
thanks Mr. Murphy. I'll make sure to fix it on the homework
say thank you to ur daddy Ryan he stopped me from posting ((:
Ryan has his eyez on me so. Touch him n Ima "flick your eyes balls out"😂😂😂
Do I keep Teddy Bridgewater or do should I Pick up Nick Foles, Jay Cutler, or Ryan Fitzpatrick?
Meanwhile, in Kanata, Ont., Ryan Spooner is prepping for what looks to be a crucial season.
Boobs, feet. I am very disappointed in you Jay. s/ Rex Ryan
One of my biggest goals is to not go over my monthly data limit.
Some days I think my life is Jay's verse on "Light Up," then reality kicks me in *** and reminds me it's J. Cole on "Wet Dreamz."
vote for Jay Ryan 😀. USD POLL : Who is the best looking actor on a current show? | Spoilers.
It is official. . Bill O'Brien has named Ryan Mallett the starting quarterback. . MORE --> http:/…
Allright Beasties lets get our voting on! Vote for Jay Ryan on ->
Just shattered my screen protector 😭
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Still in shock that Rachel just broke our brand new couch wrestling Ryan
OMG now she's whining in her baby voice blaming it on Ryan
Rachel tried being tough & started wrestling Ryan & ended up breaking our BRAND NEW COUCH.I'm literally telling on her right now
And the last medal of the night: a bronze for Ryan Green in Heavy Equipment Service!
Can't get over how much jay looks like Ryan in that picture 😯
Reminder: Tim Tebow has more playoff wins than Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton & Y.A. Tittle and as many as Jay Cutler, Don Meredith & Matt Ryan
So proud of this guy right here! Jay Sloma , my nephew / more like my little bro, ran his first ever Spartan Race...
If you want to fire up Ryan Grant bandwagon: Jay Gruden was effusive about 2nd-year wide receiver today. Called him team's best route runner
Jay Gruden calls Ryan Grant a "technician" and says he's "probably our best route runner." Also acknowledges there are studs in his path.
Ryan Grant a Technician, draw it up, he runs it exactly as drawn. unf. there are a couple guys ahead of him. Jay Gruden
Jay Gruden says Ryan Grant is their best pure route-runner. Only issue for play time: the guys ahead of him (Jackson, Garcon)
I wish I could preheat my oven to 5,000 degrees and then cook my food for like 10 seconds
Travel back through generations of rock on The Classic Rock Express with Jay Ryan, right now on CJIM.
Info. & back story on the Halstead brothers: Jay and Ryan . cc:
Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Jets' guy now.. And his WR group is all aboard the 😂😂😂
Amazing letter from DJ Newbill to the Penn State president, AD, and coach Pat Chambers: Chambers has a…
Experience more classic rock hits from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Catch The Classic Rock Express with Jay Ryan, coming up at 2 PM (ET) on CJIM.
hello mate the sun are reporting that Ryan Kent is about to join Swindon on loan,u know of any truth in this?Would b a gr8 signing
Ryan Tannehill in his only series: 7 of 8, 56 yards, 1 TD. QB rating of 139.6
Translate from Polish ha..nice didn't say it jay you'd have more sense x
Global Masterminds 2015 is SOLD OUT! Well done to those who secured their ticket to see me, Jay Abraham & Ryan Deiss. http:…
Ryan Fraser must be shorter than Jay Tabb??
You annoy me more than jay and Ryan
No clue why Blue Jay fans are so bitter about the It has to be more than the entire staff trying to decapitate Josh Donaldson.
Most underrated verse jay electricas verse on control
Jay Ryan in a suit is such a dream.
It's crazy how much things can change in a year.!
I've been playing lots of beyond two souls & I gotta say I like the idea of Jodie & Jay being together more than her & Ryan being together
Why must my team employ the Ryan Callahan of baseball?
Making your bed should be a sport/workout because I just made my bed and I am so tired
Rad for so many reasons! Jay Bartlett Ryan 'ray' Ferguson Matt Winskill...
.star on Vincent's inner beast, new threats, and fairy-tale endings:
Contrary to what never been in locker room media tell you this is how most kids feel..
Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett out on the field first for the
well besides Jay Ryan.. Jason Gedrick! I about died when I saw he was on it!
It's past a's a love affair!!! Jay Ryan as Dr. Vincent Keller .
Jay Ryan still talk about Vincent this new beasties this season will really incredible, I'm sure!!. :)...
Up last night - on Shaun Livingston and his long journey back since his nasty injury.
If there are Beauty and the beast fans than like this lovely page about cat and Vincent .
ICYMI: was back at Fenway Friday to raise awareness of Cavernous Angioma. Ryan is such an inspiration.
Click here to watch the video: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison and Sara Jay
True ;) have you watched beauty and the beast by Kristin Kreuk and Jay ryan? its a good serie i love it ;)
I am Ryan i wil join jou can that Jay?
Letss goo, this summer's looking better Ryan I imagine 😉
brah hurry up 😂 you me Ryan and Uncle Jay gotta get something in the works. Need a turnt up discipleship reunion lol
Outside shot that Jay Bilas was behind it. But good call by Ryan Divish
Jay Ashcroft. June 4 at 8:46pm ·. Great group of conservatives at the John C. Ryan Picnic in Pettis County tonight!
bet just let me know...Kendall ugly *** down here?
Ryan's brother got me like . Ryan who?
Ryan having the apartment to himself means laying on the couch with tea in one hand and Mocking Jay in the other.
Thanks for following! Don't Let Go is on Amazon Best Sellers
ICYMI, my Ryan Kelly season review, and thanks
I'm with McKaden so I might stop by Ryan's
The video is here: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison and Sara Jay...
Am I the only person that gets mad at a person for what they did in a dream
you comin to my place or meeting me at Ryan's?
My new phone autocorrects "werk" to "week" and I couldn't be more upset in life.
True yet if Bourjos/Grichuk play well, I wouldn't mind seeing Jay get the Ryan Ludwick treatment & traded for an asset
Pleased to see that QB Ryan Dailey of Wilkes has gained 10 pounds of the 20 he needs to gain before the start of...
If your not doing it somebody else is 🍴🍴🍴
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Kanye West produced five out of 13 songs on Jay Z's 'The Blueprint.'
I laughed for way too long at this.
My nominee for is JAY RYAN from Beauty and the beast
.credit . angelicam77 "Ran into Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast last night! 😍
Another pic of with fan, always last night in Toronto. Un'altra foto di Jay Ryan con una fan, sempre la...
My nominee for is Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan
My nominee for is Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk
It’s a pity they didn’t cast Ryan Reynolds as Jay Gatsby, since he’s both the Green Lantern and Deadpool.
I nominee for Jay Ryan from Beauty & The Beast
looks like a Toolbox if I've ever seen one 😛
My nominee for is Jay Ryan in Beauty & The Beast
My nominee for is Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
Last Year For Ryan's birthday kickback I almost got the cops called because I was peeing on a bush.let see what I do this Saturday LOL
Photo: beastieaw: Jay Ryan ~ S2 Behind the Scenes. “So Catherine lost a lot of trust that they built up in...
When Jay comes back and starts playing regularly, y’all’s heads are gonna explode. LOL
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If I get a Jon Jay photo will u all call me High Socks and think my hair is cool?
We were seasoning something and I told her to "let it soak in like seasoning" and I don't think she understood the reference 😂
I'd like to personally thank Jesus, my parents, Jay Z, Kanye West, and Ryan Gosling for helping me get dis far
Suicide or death isn't something to joke about, life is a delicate thing and can be taken away in seconds.
Demo of my first recorded track Revine for more!😀 (Vine by
Why can't I cook something at 736373737 degrees for like 30 seconds
Have you heard ‘Private Ryan Vybz Kartel Freestyle (RAW)’ by on
I'm addicted to this drug called caffeine that you get from this place called Starbucks. It's in this stuff called coffee and it's delicious
shut up and plus I gotta coach at 5 unless you wanna come over now
You're kidding me... JAY CUTLER made the cut and Matt Ryan isn't even second tier? This is awful.
The new font on the YouTube app tho
I know all of the words to all of the songs on Reflection. When am I gonna be invited to your with them.
If you don't like Worth It by Fifth Harmony I don't like you
3rd season of Beauty and the Beast starring Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan begins on the CW
Everything about and on Vincent Keller rocks!
Why can't 1 minute of running make me lose 5 pounds
The 4 highest paid QBs in the league are Jay Cutler, Kaepernick, Sam Bradford and Ryan Tannahill LOL *** ?
literally me. That's why I got a 3ds because the Wii was too much work 😂
radio with Jay Kelly, Reed Duthie many guests and myself chatting
Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, and Tony Romo really are robbing their teams blind according to their past performances..
We now come to Jay Ryan, the Beast in the CW version of Beauty and the Beast, which I understand is returning for...
Ryan just asked if Jay Z's daughter was Blue Ivy.. C'mon now
I think Jay will get the job back regarding of anyone's performance, but I agree it should go to the hot hand.
in my opinion of you're going to Grichuk now. Then he should just be the starter even when Jay comes back
My phone bill thing renewed and it says that I've used .02 of my internet already but I've been on wifi literally the whole time 😑
to owners Jay & Ryan teaming up with Mike on the course
All eyes will be on QBs Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer Video - via App
Not trying to start another Jay vs Bourjos debate :)
Jay-Z needs to hand over Beyoncé, Il give her that D like Ariana Grande 😈 . .
yes I would love to see jay Ryan on something he is a rare sight of the whole cast
shout out to C, Lil tone, Big Tone, And Ryan
But so is the person that, misguided as it is, thinks Jay should start because he hits .300.
why Jay didn't hit instead of Koz but they didn't read Goolds article, so they didn't know. We all WONDER
I stand behind my statements that Jay is at best a 4th OFer though! BFIB?
😂😈😈😈 but lowkey I think Ryan will take James side sometimes too😪
no where. Lol and Ryan don't like to come on This side. 😕
😂😂 *** your mans switching up Ryan still on my side
When I hear people listening to this song. (Vine by
So many YTers are obsessed with numbers. How many views? How many subs? Honestly WHO CARES?! Do it cause you love it .
I am so tempted to open Minecraft on my computer
I better get 100 on this paper because I have put way too much effort into it
I am SO happy that my last class is on Wednesday
My EP has now been released listen and share Bluesz Mixed Emotions by CaviarCrew on
A Mother's Day message from Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool: You probably don't was Deadpool anywhere near your mom...
couples will take pictures at the gym with the caption .. Jay-z and Beyonce are a power couple y'all just have…
- Ryan Fanner's walk off up for an SSZ Game Ball - Vote Seraphs!
KH Elite F Jay Bijek a really nice pickup for Chad Ryan at DM North, he's got a huge wing span and uses it well, o-boards, putbacks
I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day. And if you dont have a mom to celebrate with remember her or thank someone thats like a mom to you
We have Mother's Day, Fathers Day and more but why isn't there a kids day or children day
yeah it was over 30 texts. My phone was freaking out and it's really hot now 😂
Are you going to react to them for this weeks video?
If Jon Jay had made that throw, it would still be on its way to third base.
Ryan Goins has the best entrance music of any Blue Jay. Ever
Jay and Choate this year. Except he's the first out for MM
Feel free to say Hi to our staff: Debbie, Brittany, Jay, and Ryan!
Thinking about taking Mom to the movies? Check in with Ryan Jay to see what's worth seeing!
Photoset: Vincent Keller  (Jay Ryan) - Beauty and The Beast: The Beast of Wall Street promo Love this
Remember when you i jay and ryan were in a dm, then HUTBEAST was off In his own world? 😂🐴
How I feel when I spit when I laugh compared to my friends😳
Ryan's deflected effort flies just wide and then Jay O'Shea hits the post. Chesterfield not done yet, perhaps
Order Miche Bag Online!
Watch the full movie: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison and Sara Jay
I hope you feel better. You can DM me if you ever want to talk ❤️
don't change yourself for anyone. Only change if you want to do it for yourself and if it's better for you.
don't listen to them you are beautiful! If you want a shake get a shake. I can't believe them 😔
S/O to a great team effort tonight from my Chaos squad. Big time shot at buzzer from Ryan Webb. Advancing to quarterfinal…
TY my voice is sexy as Jay Ryan's...
"Essentially I'm saying kanye and jay z love eachother and Beyonce and Kim are just a front and a business scheme" I love Ryan
Re: Is Ryan Pace lying or failing when it comes to Jay Cutler?: Quote from: billwade on May 04, 2015, 12:08:30...
The creator of the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" vines died and Ryan Gosling ate cereal on Vine in tribute.
If only Travis Wood didn't bean John Jay with an 0-2 count I'm gonna be thinking about that all day tomorrow
I'm still not over Travis Wood beaning John Jay with an 0-2 count in the first
Jay Ryan was brilliant in this episode, actor extraordinaire on
Report: Undrafted free agent La'el Collins has meeting with Rex Ryan
Jay-Z the most blessed man in the world 😩
Beyoncé gives me self esteem issues. She is the definition on Flawless.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Every time my teachers assign me something hard like an essay or project I feel like switching schools
Rex Ryan is having dinner with La’El Collins now, an unsanctioned meeting, as said. Tune in to
“Jay Ryan with fans in New Zealand. [ Photo Credit Instagram whitneyocpalmer ] …
Ryan this is a satan house. GET OUT.
Jay Z's "The Ruler's Back" came on as I entered the Heritage parking lot today ha
Wonder what angle Ian took for this Jay Beagle goal story oh, dog puns, tons of dog puns, bold c…
Jay Beagle's 1st goal of the assisted by (1) and (2).
Can't believe Travis Wood beaned John Jay when he was ahead 0-2
The Capitals won 13 of 19 faceoffs in the first period, and surprise, Jay Beagle was 4-for-4 (Stepan D, Brassard O, Hayes N, …
Click here to watch it: Kelly Madison, Ryan Madison and Sara Jay...
"Congrats Jay Ryan on your win for the most gorgeous eyes on TV & the voice to go along with them,us…" — Angie Brush ht…
It's pretty sad how there's still some people that discriminate against people or stereotype people.
And then when the next person ordered she put a lot
I was just at Chipotle and this girl was so stingy with my toppings
How I felt as a kid when my ice cream fell😭🍦
Fotoset: dammitjayryan: “Good catching up with an old friend sat night Jay Ryan; Vincent on ~credit:...
After the Chicago Bears reportedly tried to trade Jay Cutler to the Tennessee Titans, G.M. Ryan Pace dismissed concerns that the rumors
too much QB talk. Lets get the running game going. Jay Ajayi could make Ryan's life easier...maybe
Will we expect more action, more mysteries, more VinCat & more shirtless Jay Ryan on season 3 of 😊 Just curious
I hope your day gets better! 😄 But Monday's always suck so... I hope you have a better day tomorrow 😂
Have you heard ‘Private Ryan Presents Rebirth Part 2 (Modern Chill)’ by on
Dr. Ryan C. Jay DDS office won a contest we hosted! We were so excited to go to lunch with them! On top of that,...
Currently turning up in the car on this Monday morning
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And do you even have to ask, of course Beyonce and Jay-Z. Duh.
HANDS OFF my bae...u better STOP b4 I go wwe on u lol ! "Jay Ryan, ewuu Bawo!"
Ouch! Travis Fimmel just took out Jay Ryan (in Who would you pick?
Last year's Alpha Male Madness on E had this Jay Ryan character in the finale (against Jensen Ackles). Somehow, they make it far. *shrugs*
Lol I need someone to laugh like this with. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan - JayKris Moments:
Kristin Kreuk the world knew, now the world knows Jay Ryan!!!
Comment on Jay Ryan & Kristin Kreuk Voted Hottest TV Stars Of 2013 by nina: They are are amazin... ff
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are back in BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Season 2, starting next Friday in THE ZONE.
"*OK, Sonny Bill Williams and Jay Ryan are technically Kiwi, but their hotness transcends nationalities." cheater
The cast of specially Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
... Jensen is losing for Jay Ryan from Beauty and the Beast .again -_- UGH!! C'mon!!. Vote ==> Who's The...
Jay Cutler as a Jet with Rex Ryan staying is just too perfect not to happen.
Bears could trade Jay Cutler after this season and actually save $12.5 million against their cap. Other teams will have i…
Starting over Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler cuz that's why.
would love to be enjoying these great GA's as well... Are you thinking of releasing X-Plane versions at all?
"J Ryan plays with Daughter &GF in Park in Toronto, Canada, Nov,3rd, 2014 (Jay Ryan Source)
almost started Ryan Mallett over Jay Cuter. it's gotten to that point.
I hope Ryan mallett get his first W today
This is my prediction for Ugin in Fate Reforged. Calling it now. Ryan Gardner, Jay Kelly, Joshua Rossman, and...
hey who do you start at QB Matt Ryan or jay cutler? Thanks ppr league
Jay is undoubtedly my favorite character. Clearly misunderstood, but definitively the most human of 'em all. Also I enjoy Ryan just as much.
thanks for the reply Gary ~ I've never seen that KK intvw before. I hope you can intvw her again w/ Jay Ryan for
Any girl want to hang with me and Ryan?
Send Ryan and jay to shop for wine and they come back with grey goose
i won't be able to talk to Ryan monday.
Waiting for the bus at 95th n dan ryan. N four white girls walking by. Dressed like they bout to goto somebody party n neither had on a coat
So did wendy williams not kno that AALIYAH dated jay-z b4 damon dash?
Who wants to hangout with me and Ryan?
Nathan: are you not momma?. Me: no. Nathan: are you not daddy?. Me: no. Nathan:are you not Courtney, John?. your son is so funny😂
think Stevie Ritchie could go tomorrow .. 80% him 10% jay James and 10% chance only the young 👍
Shen's Vinny Gramuglia intercepts QB Ryan Schumacher at the 25 on a rollout. Plainsmen offense takes over at John Jay 15.
On third-and-16, Ryan Schumacher throws an incompletion and Shenendehowa will look to field another John Jay punt...
Shenendehowa sacks John Jay QB Ryan Schumacher on second down for a loss of 6 yards.
Was just told I look like a mixture of Ryan Gosling and Paul Walker.. I'll take it!
Tryouts made me too tired to even chew 😥
Me and jay r making bets of who Micheal myer kills first
I didnt knew Jay Park back then appeared as a cameo in Ryan Higa's video.. Im... . /Mindblowned/.
Wait so Shebaz actually performed with Jay Sean? 😳
If I see a blue arrow next to your name I will not snapchat you anymore
Good evening beasties, look what I have just finished watching . Jay Ryan in the series Sea Patrol...
Some lady told jay he looks like Ryan gosling
I just registered for black people meet 😩😩
If u get subbed all u need to do is quote Jay-z "If it ain't directed directly at me I don't respect it" and u automaticall…
The bootle of petroleum jelly is whispering to me
“Happy Birthday gorgeous. I love youuu 💘😘🎉😍 thanks jay love you too💘😘
Ministry of Sound Club tonight as we takeover the 103 with Grant Nelson, Shaun Kay, Jase Jay, Ryan Pamatmat, K &...
Video: Beauty and the Beast's Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk Celebrate "Surprise" Win at PCAs
my vote goes to the brilliant actor Jay Ryan
my Nomination for the is the gorgeous JAY RYAN of
I vote for Jay Ryan the best, sexy & lovely man
I vote for the gorgeous man Jay Ryan
I vote for the heavenly Jay Ryan from for
I vote for the beatiful man Jay Ryan
I vote 4 Jay Ryan for his talent and deserves the best!
Can't wait for season 3 of and see the lovely & attractive faces of Vincent Keller(Jay Ryan) & Catherine Chandler(Kristin Kreuk) again
shout out to Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk
How did you know I was looking 4Disney version 4 daughter & found ..Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk - Jaystin (3):
Ryan and Joey are the only two people that I have ever seen cough while vaping lmao
My girl got a job today sent me a pic of the office that couch is nice 👌
Happy Birthday to my boys and remember this like it was yesterday wish you were here Ryan
Orlando family BBQ with chefs matt and Ryan orlando chef jay Mendez and friends and family. Best BBQ food I've had.
Hey this horny chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is perfectplum3
It ain't a Filipino kick back without the karaoke 😂🎶🎶🎶
TMZ just leaked Jay-Z's original list of problems. Holy cow
By everyone of my friends I mean Cara, Kim, Keira, jay, Ryan, Nicole, jac, Maddy, Tash, Patrick(?) ya no that's probs …
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Jay Baruchel's character was based off of me since I've said that for years. Indiana Solo
oh, can I come watch it with you and we can go on a night walk again ❤️
I'm not watching I just went out to take a pic then came in
Watching the same sunset over the ocean as jay :')
Sorry Jay are no longer my Brent.
Get that kid the ball - Chasen Shreve makes his Major League debut with a strikeout of Ryan Howard.
Green Lantern, directed by paul McGuigan, starring Ryan Gosling
Remember when my friends spelled Lanas name wrong and followed me as a prank
when I see "Ryan Jay" pop up on my phone I know it's not because he misses me or anything 😂😂
Cooper the only for me is jay ryan via
Neither are strong on defense or hit for power, but I put Jay ahead cuz he can hit for average better right now.
I debated on the third spot between Jay and Craig. I went Jay because I think Craig needs to sit for a while.
I'd probably go Holliday, Taveras, Bourjos, Jay, Craig ... but I'm one of those crazy Bourjos fans lol
Holliday, Oscar, Jay, Craig, Bourjos at this point in the season.
hi it's my birthday I won't to ask for my birthday that jay Ryan will answer me for one day pless
You better believe me Ryan. Or else.👊💥💢😁.
Had a good wee day with Nicole jay and Ryan ☺️
Breast Cancer Awareness
Beyoncé & Jay Z backstage in Houston last night.
If you missed this last night, the Lakers re-signed both Ryan Kelly and Wes Johnson, which brings the roster to 13. http:…
Is it bad that I am envisioning a red headed Jay Ryan when I read?! ;)
I still say Jay Ryan would make the best Gambit if he could pull off a Cajun accent
‘Beauty and the Beast’ season 3 spoilers: CW boss hints at story for Jay Ryan’s Vincent I Like!
Goodmorning. Jk im not THAT annoying lol jk
Your so clever i never would have noticed that lol
“me trying to dodge my responsibilities More like dodge jay tryna get help...
My heart just sank to my stomach and then i realized it wasnt really her. Lol thanks for the follow
Hello I hear you're a big fan of me and I love You.
(Dramatic Gasp) I love shes the best, her and her voice are beautiful
Im not lol. Its ok I was fangirling a lot earlier cuz realeased a new song today
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