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Jay Rockefeller

John Davison Jay Rockefeller IV (born June 18, 1937) is the senior United States Senator from West Virginia.

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Capito is a Rockefeller World Elitist! She was paid for when Jay stepped down!
Trying to get the family of Jay, David and Steven Rockefeller out of my accounts, especially phone accounts.
Chuck d should beat up jay z . Or at the…
Jay Z said it best " Roc-A-Fella is the army, better yet the navy ". Rockefeller Republican > Conservatives
The reason why I wasn't a Jay Z fan is because he named his dynasty after Rockefeller... Never made any sense to me, do your history.
Seeing Jay perform 'Allure' was an experience to me I can't explain...the art ran deep!
Jay Z is worth $810 million these days. His journey to billionaire is inspiring af.
DONATING TO NO ONE. I am doing so to prevent the family of Jay & David Rockefeller (plus Oneill's) from claiming money that isn't THEIRS
Her mentor, Jay Rockefeller, is also so hated by Republican House members they read Jay on her & Bill's lips. She's a burden on her party.
"If you knew you would live to 100 would you still buy life insurance?" - Jay Scheiner. Details:
Jay Rockefeller with WV Women Democratic leaders in 1973. I appreciated his support for my election as an officer at the age of 19!
One year after the United States led the invasion of Iraq, the country remains extremely
Aaliyah was killed by the Rockefeller's to promote Beyonce as Jay Z's queen.
We were told by the president that we had no alternative but to go into Iraq because of the
I used to wanna be on Rockefeller . Then i turned into Jay
Donald TRUMP won't stop it, and the reason Jay Rockefeller is promoting Hillary Clinton is to continue the work already underway.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Leading the push to link ALL your health information to everything is Jay Rockefeller's protégé, Ms Mathews-Burwell, HUSBAND runs WalMart.
Great news!. ("Jay: A Rockefeller's Journey" was supported by a Humanities Council grant)
Trump trump trump with Alex Witt! (@ 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, NY w/
At long last she has mentioned my name in her song.The battle has just started. She wants hype but disgrace I go give am.…
How rich is Jay Rockefeller?: The post How rich is Jay Rockefeller? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & N...
I could go even further back than you Jay Rockefeller in 1991
Allowing the U.N. into Iraq will demonstrate to the Iraqis that the international community
Iran is nothing but trouble, and always has been that.
One of my problems, so to speak, is that, in America, we tend to think in relatively short-t
The president's economic plan doesn't do enough to create new jobs and that has to be a nat
Well, Nelson Rockefeller was a Baptist, and Jay Rockefeller was a West Virginia senator for years and years.
I used to wanna be on Rockefeller then I turn into jay
😂😂😂 drake said he wanted to be on Rockefeller but he turned into jay *** is there to say to that the man is great
Jay Rockefeller was a joke in the end. How's that Alpha & Cardinal money? How are those investments in neoliberal corporate conglomerates?
Gov's race splits WV Democratic leaders. "You're talking about the coal guy?" Jay Rockefeller asked, re: Jim Justice.
One time I was by the Hilton after the WHCD and asked Jay Rockefeller how it was. Except I didn't know it was him til after. Oops.
I use to want to be on Rockefeller then I turned into Jay
I have complained about ID theft. NOBODY does anything about it because Jay & David Rockefeller want to keep using my father's money.
About to go up the Rockefeller tower to observe the NYC night skyline! Yay!
I liked a video Jay Rockefeller / Internet shouldnt have been invented
The common denominator for success is work. Rockefeller
Jay Rockefeller makes the point that while is inspirational will deliver and govern with leadershipi probalby valid point
Jay Rockefeller / Internet shouldnt have been invented
I know the BernieBros dismiss Clinton as an establishment shill. And they won't read this. But it doesn't take muc…
"Who can get the job done with a steady hand, a sharp mind and unfaltering grit?"
Russ Barbour on to talk about a documentary on U.S. Sen. jay Rockefeller. Jay: A Rockefeller's Journey premiers...
I got job 14yrs ago to tell JUNCO that studio voice for Bey & Rihanna b same no infidelity for Jay Z (Rockefeller)
Jay Rockefeller: looking fearlessly at West Virginia’s future
Jay Rockefeller: is all-in on the fight against West Virginia's substance abuse epidemic
One of my favorites, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, endorses She can forge the way toward a stronger future. https:/…
"Who can forge the way ahead toward a stronger future? The answer, for me, is - Jay Rockefeller
Senator Rockefeller in this morning's "The answer, for me, is Hillary Clinton."
Jay Rockefeller in the Charleston Gazette-Mail: Hillary looking fearlessly at West Virginia’s future
For law enforcement, this is sober "Jamie" Rockefeller, son of Jay Rockefeller, pic about 10 yrs ago. NO RELATION.
Although Jay Rockefeller's Wealth of 100M "modest", he & other generations still receiving trust wealth
you may want to know..Jay Rockefeller is from WV. Not Virginia.
Jay Rockefeller (CFR)unlike other Rockefellers, Jay is Democrat; W. VA resident but spends most time DC
please correct this error: Senator Jay Rockefeller represented West Virginia - not Virginia.
FYI - Jay Rockefeller was a senator from West Virginia, not Virginia.
At Rockefeller right now like 'Where Jay-Z at though?' Lol
I am a friend of Michael P. Pillsbury, concerned for the well-being of Kurdish people. I oppose Jay & David Rockefeller
Heirs to Rockefeller, Disney fortunes plead with New York governor to raise their taxes https:/…
I use to wanna be on Rockefeller now I turned into Jay
Buck. Is your real name ONEILL? and are you Jay Rockefeller's first cousin, an attorney?
Pamela, Jay ND David Rockefeller ARE NOT my family. It's THEIR claim that they are so they can keep the stolen money.
she is very qualified. Has she supported prison laws that affect blacks negatively? So did Rockefeller drug laws.
I used to wanna be young Rockefeller then I turned into Jay 😎
Wanted to be on Rockefeller then I turned inta Jay
I used to wanna be on Rockefeller than I turned into Jay.
his class" Jay Rockefeller. But there's no social base for labor anymore--UMWA is barely alive.
I hope you will hew to your principles and NOT endorse Hillary Clinton. Jay Rockefeller's choice is Hillary. That should tell you!
UNIONs: Jay Rockefeller's go-between to Hillary, Rep. Lois Capps has a TWELVE PCT pro-labor record
Senate Intelligence Chief Jay Rockefeller. That explains why there is such a bill.
I used to want to be Rockefeller then I turned into Jay !!
doo *** shoo *** I'm John D Rockefeller. I'm bigger then big pimpin, I'm bigger than Jay Z he named his record co. after me
I use to want to be apart of Rockefeller then I turned in to jay.
George W. Bush now looks like a youngish Jay Rockefeller.
Senator Jay Rockefeller blasts *** as a gTLD, Asks ICANN to reject it
f your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it. - John D. Rockefeller.
I use to wanna be Rockefeller I turned into jay
Were I Jay Rockefeller, I would detest Bernie Sanders. (But that would just be me calling myself ‘Jay Rockefeller’.)
I Used to want to be on Rockefeller until I turned into jay
Today in 2004 Kanye West drops College Dropout . The 1st time Jay-Z heard Last Call in the studio. "Mr. Rockefeller" http…
Hillary is Jay Rockefeller's Cousin by birth to JR's 1st Cousin Bill Clinton. Hillary is Jacobs Trouble for America.
Probably. We already know that Jay Rockefeller--an otherwise liberal senator--protected mining (and labor, tbf) in WVA.
Whoever is working on my allegations against David & Jay Rockefeller has assigned ROCKEFELLERS to investigate
Hollup, Yemi Alade and get it straight: The Rockefeller Centre and Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records are not the sam...
"The Internet should have never existed.. it's a threat to National Security." -Jay Rockefeller-
NFL VP among executives taken to task at Senate hearing via
jay Rockefeller himself wanted to be my business partner when I waited on him at the Cadillac in
Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed . Jews do hate the things they cannot control.
Let's go with David and Jay Rockefeller. David also loves illegal organ trafficking.
Bey and Taylor will distance themselves from ignorance though just like Jay did from Rockefeller
What does Rockefeller, Michael Jordan, Jay z, and our company have in common? We utilize some of the same techniques.
Jay z carter you're my brother we are the Rockefeller
None of my younger students can spell "Rockefeller." I blame Jay-Z.
To compare "Putin spokesperson" and "NATO military spokesman," it's like comparing the Rockefeller and homeless from Harlem ...
» Jay Rockefeller Can’t Deny His Connection to Modern Eugenics Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Here is evidence of the presence, last night and this a.m., of Jay Rockefeller's family, harassing me.
"We ache for it when we're away. And we smile when the words 'Wild and Wonderful' greet us at the state line." Senator Jay Rockefeller
It's NOT that "other bad branch of the family," it's BOTH. D. A. Rockefeller has his son on patrol here. Jay's sons have lurked here, too.
Some people had theories that descendants of John D. Rockefeller are secretly Trillionaires. But also in the same article they had..
I feel like everyone went to that Ayo Jay concert last night 😒
Now do you see why I say David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, and Richard Cheney and friends freely commit treason and NOBODY peeps?
is the link to wher I discuss how Davud and Jay Rockefeller are scammjng us to death.
Please shut down criminal activities of Jame & Jack Oneill, Jay Rockefeller's cousins, as described at
what that Rockefeller died of aids and that's who Ya'll choose to name your company after? Or Jay's ugly
You know asking Jay z money lawyer Wesley Chen from the Rockefeller church can you chill with Jay z he says he's bizy with girls
Jay z gt roasted with fact too doe. About Jaz O, biting lines, Rockefeller, and he always had more bars
Rockefeller died of AIDS, that was the end of his CHAPTER. And that's the guy y'all chose to name your company AFTER?. Nas To Jay Z
That's what I always said about Jay Rockefeller.
When the annals of post 9/11 law are written, there will be a special place for Jello Jay Rockefeller and Ludicrously Lame Lamberth.
I have never authorized Jay Rockefeller or his family to donare or expend any funds in my name.
I and my family are being harassed constantly by the David & Jay Rockefeller and their families and agents.
I'm Freya J. SCHULTZ I have never met or spoken by phone or in person w David E. or Jay Rockefeller, nor have they written.
"Don't be afraid to give up the good for the great." –John D. Rockefeller
so now skip to ex-Virginia senator, Jay Rockefeller, a Democrat praised by Fox News & Breitbart. his company.
We the People should really consider changing the name of Congress to "The Shady Hills Retirement Home" and here is why... (Please Share If You Agree) Joe Biden is 72, Chuck Grassley is 81, Barbara Boxer is 74, Nancy Pelosi is 74, Harry Reid is 75, John McCain is 78, Diane Feinstein is 81. Mitch McConnell is 72, Orrin Hatch is 80, Richard Shelby is 79, Carl Levin is 79, Jim Inhofe is 79, Pat Roberts is 78, Barbara Miklski is 77, Jay Rockefeller is 76, Thad Cochran is 76, Tom Harkin is 74, Patrick Leahy is 73, Lamar Alexander is 73, Bernie Sanders is 73, Bill Nelson is 71.Charles B. Rangel is 83. In the last 30 years, the number of Senators in the Senate for 20 years or more has tripled. Senility and seniority are not serving us well.
US Sen. Jay Rockefeller heads into retirement - CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Sen. Jay Rockefeller and West Virginia we...
Changing of the Guard in West Virginia and a unique political legacy is left Sen. Jay Rockefeller.
Sen. Jay Rockefeller and West Virginia were an unlikely pair. After 30 years in the U.S. Senate, he leaves a legacy.
Career of retiring US Sen. Jay Rockefeller: Career of retiring US Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia
U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller to make his farewell speech on the U.S. Senate floor on Thurs.
Senate Finance Committee just posed for official portrait in President's room and gave my old boss Jay Rockefeller a framed gavel
The retirement of . 1. Jay Rockefeller in WV. 2. Tom Harkin in IO. 3. Tim Johnson in SD. 4. John Walsh in MT
President Barack Obama attended a private $32,400-a-seat Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the home of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) on Thursday as news hit that Dr. Craig Spencer had been ...
Jay Rockefeller summons Whisper execs to Capital Hill to answer questions on tracking, privacy
Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed - but we know it's because of transparency and people power now
Gotta be rich like Rockefeller. Walking in my suit and tie, bowlers hat with Jay-z blasting as I walk on through the crowd cheering my name.
never be afraid to leave d good for d great. - Rockefeller
Rockefeller records Jay z label named after the Rockefeller family who been around for ages
"From the beginning of my career in public service, I've always cared deeply about helping our children."
Read my Huffington Post blog post on my efforts to
To protect our kids, we must extend the Children's Health Insurance Program
Although Sen. Jay Rockefeller comes from one of America's wealthiest families, he still feels he must travel by...
Sens. Bob Casey, Jay Rockefeller announce bill to reform broken black lung benefits system, by
West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller, raising your taxes and imposing more laws for 29 years.
PM RT: Sens. Rockefeller, McCaskill, Booker send letter to CEO's of all Power 5 schools, asking for array of info: …
In accepting ip3 award Sen. Jay Rockefeller says that when it comes to "there's only one side to be on"
Sens. Jay Rockefeller, Bob Casey unveil bill aimed at ensuring fairer treatment for black lung victims, by http…
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A quick roundup of the letter from Sens. Rockefeller, McCaskill and Booker to the CEO's of the power conf schools:
Jr rockefeller doesnt understand . Roswell . Georgio okeefe still. Barba belike thanks jay for not e-cig. Marketing to children. Rain children
express frustration to 65 presidents over NCAA progress: The letter written by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W…
What an amazing life story! . "Sen. Jay Rockefeller and his staff are trying to convince the secretary of defense...
Jay Rockefeller's net worth is $108 million, up $25 million from last year, putting him at 4 on the list.
Wonder if people like Kissinger, Biden, Soros, Evelyn Rothschild and Jay Rockefeller use the "N" word whenever they discuss BLACKS.
Jay Rockefeller is this year. He's up from Appears he made nearly $30 million last year...
Monday, call Senator Jay Rockefeller with message about Kanawha State Forest ; number and details on link...
Senators circulate bill to shake up TV market: The bill that Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and top Republ...
Senator Jay Rockefeller wants to know more about iCloud. (via National Journal)
Jay Rockefeller demands answers from Apple on photo hacks
said is too rich to be governor. Q: Is Jay Rockefeller too rich to be a US Senator? What's the $$ threshold?
Senate Commerce chairman wants answers on nude photo leaks: Jay Rockefeller is worried Apple could have "syste...
Jay Rockefeller wants Apple to answer more questions about the hacking of celebrities' nude photos
Jay Rockefeller demands answers from Apple on hacks
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A funny thing happened today. My phone rings, the caller ID reads, Senator Jay Rockefeller. I thought it was a...
Awkward moment where your teacher mentions Rockefeller and you immediately think of Jay Z, instead of the founder of the oil company..
.Funny how Jay Rockefeller occupies similar space in Obama chart that Nick Rahall does in House variant.
Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed via
Such silly, cheap shot. Have you looked into lifestyle of Nancy Pelosi/Jay Rockefeller, other wealthy Dems? Judge him not his $.
May be you should ask Jay Rockefeller since all three are the same person
Is it not odd too the Leader of the elite Illuminati in America Jay Rockefeller. JayZ Rockefeller records. C a pattern
John Thune and Jay Rockefeller are the TRUE AMERICANS! The NAB are NOT TRUE AMERICANS!
Senate hearing: Sen. Jay Rockefeller accuses NCAA of supporting a "web of convenient protection" to preserve status quo of false amateurism
David Cohen kicking off dinner. Won't be quite as much fun without Jay Rockefeller heckling him. Where have you gone, JRock...?
Rockefeller questions airlines on fees, privacy: Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) said Monday that airlines have...
Black America finally wakes-up [no thanks to Rockefeller coconut puppet traitors Jay-Z & Kanye West] & responds to multiple police killings
Jay Nixon.Jay Rockefeller.Nixon appears to have Khazars in his father's side of the family.
one time someone asked me about rockefeller and I was like "isnt that the guy jay-z works with sometimes"
Inside Operation Highlander: the NSA’s Wiretapping of Americans Abroad BY KIM ZETTER A top secret NSA wiretapping facility in Georgia accused of spying on Americans illegally was hastily staffed with inexperienced reservists in the months following September 11, where they worked under conflicting orders and with little supervision, according to three former workers at the spy complex. "Nobody knew exactly what the heck we were doing," said a former translator for the project, code named Highlander, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We were figuring out the rules as we were going along." Former Army Reserve linguist Adrienne Kinne, who also worked at the facility at Fort Gordon, won new attention this week for her year-old claim that she and her group intercepted and transcribed satellite phone calls of American civilians in the Middle East for the National Security Agency. Senate intelligence committee chair Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) opened a probe into the alleged abuses after ABC News reported on ...
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fascinating thing we call West Virginia red since it has been very, very blue in Senate-speak. Jay Rockefeller, Robert Byrd.
If you don't throw the Rockefeller sign up and pretend you're Jay Z when you go through the airport body-scanner, you're doing it wrong.
“A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” -John D. Rockefeller
Please note that Jay Rockefeller has decided to SUDDENLY retire. Rockefeller's grandson was just killed in a JFK JR style plane accident.Hmm
"I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." John D. Rockefeller
Rockefeller OK with E-rate Item: Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D- W. Va.) said Friday he is OK with the FCC's item rev...
Sen. John Thune has joined Sen. Jay Rockefeller in warning FCC chairman Tom Wheeler about his planned vote on E-Rate reforms.
WV Senator Jay Rockefeller demonstrates why politicians are no closer to NCAA answers than anyone else …
great 3rd paragraph here on the alleged Rockefeller/Adorno conspiracy to control minds through pop music.
I naturally expect Jay Rockefeller and David to have every speck of body hair removed in typical Ancient Egyptian "style".
Population is slowly waking up to mainstream media total propaganda. You heard Jay Rockefeller's view on the internet
Finally, a subject for which Jay Rockefeller is an expert.not accomplishing much.
Jay Rockefeller closing up NCAA hearing now. Of course, how do you trust a guy who thought WVU was a better Big 12 choice than Louisville?
Jay Rockefeller, "To me this hearing has been a lot about things that have been going on for a long time."
Sen. Jay Rockefeller (W. Va.) taking Mark Emmert to task. "Would you agree with me that college sports ... is just a business."
Sen. Jay Rockefeller of W.Va. starting in on Emmert. Tone somewhere between derisive and outright sneering.
Jay is treating the NCAA like it treats players. MT: Rockefeller: "We have jurisdiction of sports-all sports."
"I want to explore whether the NCAA is fulfilling its mission. We still hear too many reports of fraudulent academics." Jay Rockefeller
Sen. Jay Rockefeller expresses skepticism that NCAA can "live up to its lofty mission."
WV Senator Jay Rockefeller chairs committee conducting hearing...His opening comments list concerns of the $ involved in college sports..
"Students play college sports for the 'love of the game' not "love of money." That's the ideal." - Jay Rockefeller at NCAA Senate Hearing
Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), opens hearing. Amateurism rooted in amateurism, he says, but undermined by power and corruption of money.
Chairman Jay Rockefeller: Help protect our migratory birds and our health. via
Commerce Chairman Jay Rockefeller pledged 2 more substantively over way that cable & satellite companies pay for broadcast programming
Sens Rockefeller and Markey push back on FCC’s Wi-Fi plan: Senate Commerce Chairman Jay R...
Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Ed Markey say they have "serious concerns" with E-Rate proposal:
Rockefeller asks Obama to speed up crude oil tank car upgrades: Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., as...
My sister just asked me if I wanted to go to the beyonce jay z concert for $320.. Clearly she thinks my name is j.d. rockefeller 😒
which SUCCESSFUL person moved on up, and went back home? Where Jay Z live? Where Rockefeller lived?
"...Democrats who had previously joined in the consensus: Bill Clinton; his Vice President Al Gore; his Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; his Secretary of Defense William Cohen; and his National Security Adviser Sandy Berger. In the Senate, there were Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Carl Levin, Tom Daschle, John Edwards, Jay Rockefeller, Robert Byrd, and Bob Graham–not to mention Nancy Pelosi, among scores of others..."
Sad commentary on American Politics - and maybe our culture in general: 22 U.S. Senators who voted for the Iraq Resolution are still in office, only 9 who didn't are left. While there are extraneous circumstances for why some left, I ask why, after two voting cycles and over a trillion dollars spent, are those who voted for the resolution still there. (Special Note at bottom of list.) VOTED FOR: Jeff Sessions (AL) Richard Shelby (AL) John McCain (AZ) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Tom Carper (DE) Bill Nelson (FL) Chuck Grassley (IA) Tom Harkin (IA) Mike Crapo (ID) Pat Roberts (KS) Mitch McConnell (KY) Mary Landrieu (LA) Susan Collins (ME) Thad Cochran (MS) Harry Reid (NV) Chuck Schumer (NY) Jim Inhofe (OK) Tim Johnson (SD) Orrin Hatch (UT) Maria Cantwell (WA) Jay Rockefeller (WV) Mike Enzi (WY) VOTED AGAINST: Barbara Boxer (CA) *** Durbin (IL) Barbara Mikulski (MD) Carl Levin (MI) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Ron Wyden (OR) Jack Reed (RI) Patrick Leahy (VT) Patty Murray (WA) Those who voted for the resolution went on to . ...
Sec. of State John Kerry is one of the richest politicians with a minimum net worth of more than $199 million in 2011.. . Sen. Kerry got some unwanted publicity when questions were raised about him docking a $7 million family yacht in Newport, R.I., which levies virtually no taxes on pleasure craft, instead of in Massachusetts, which imposes substantial fees. His wife is heir to the HEINZ Ketchup fortune. Second on the list was Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who made his fortune developing a car alarm system. Issa's minimum net worth was put at $160.1 million, although he actually saw a dip of about $4 million in his holdings in 2009. After Kerry and Issa, the rest of the top 10 list were: Rep. Jane Harman, (D-Calif.); Sen. Jay Rockefeller, (D-W.Va.); Rep. Michael McCaul, (R-Texas); Sen. Mark Warner, (D-Va.); Rep. Jared Polis, (D-Colo.); Rep. Vern Buchanan, (R-Fla.); Sen. Frank Lautenberg, (D-N.J.), and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-Calif.) You should see where poor Mitt Romney lives... Mitt Ro . ...
You guys just screwed up big--Abby Huntsman attributed anti-Obama blast on Bergdahl to Jay Rockefeller. It was Saxby Chambliss!
Reconsidering the 2016 Voter Calculus No Democratic nominee since the 1976 election got a higher percentage of white voters than did Obama in 2008. By Michael Medved May 26, 2014 7:21 p.m. ET On Wednesday last week at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing, Sen. Jay Rockefeller suggested that doubts about the Affordable Care Act stemmed from hostility to President Obama "maybe because he's of the wrong color." The West Virginia Democratic was recycling a standard line of his party and their allies in the commentariat—a focus on racism, and not on failed policies and performance, as explanation for Mr. Obama's unimpressive approval ratings. In the campaign summer of 2012, another challenging moment for the president, Chris Matthews enthused that Mr. Obama represented "the perfect American" and could only conclude that Republicans opposed him because "there's an ethnic piece to this." This focus reflects an absurdly inaccurate reading of public opinion that could prove disastrous to Democrats in 2016 and bey ...
God Hep You, Jay Rockefeller! Apparently you are afflicted with Race-Baiting-Amnesia, just like Harry Reid
Jay Rockefeller is right. Not all opposition, but some. Seen and heard some ugly stuff. Silly to deny.
Sen. Ron Johnson loses his cool with Sen. Jay Rockefeller: “God help you for implying I’m a racist.”
Jay Rockefeller called on the carpet for Racism accusation, watch both videos:
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) sparred Wednesday at a hearing on health care over whether Rockefeller implied that Johnson was a "racist" for opposing President Barack Obama's signature health care law.
Ron Johnson calls out Jay Rockefeller's confused, prejudiced remarks on Obamacare opposition .. ConservativeNews
Sen. Jay Rockefeller and Sen. Ron Johnson on Wednesday argued in the Senate whether Rockefeller’s remarks about Republican opposition to Obamacare amounted to implying that Johnson was “a racist.” As he chaired a hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee, Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) accus…
"God help you for implying I'm a racist," said Sen. Ron Johnson to Sen. Jay Rockefeller. Read the whole exchange: http…
Senators Cory Booker, Claire McCaskill, Jay Rockefeller have requested details from NCAA president Mark Emmert, including the association's broadcast rights contracts, as it looks at student-athlete issues.
AN AMAZING YAWNER IN West Virginia The most remarkable story out of the West Virginia Senate primary on Tuesday was that nothing remarkable happened. Despite lots of threats that moderate Rep. Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va., would get waylaid by a tea-party primary challenge, no such thing materialized. Credit this to a good campaign by Capito, who has obviously inherited her father’s gift for campaigns and elections. But it also represents a continuing trend of Republican primary voters staying focused on a Senate majority before considering ideological purity. Had a little-known candidate emerged on the GOP side in West Virginia, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, who also easily took the Democratic nomination, would have been in a good position to replace retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va. But as it stands, Capito is chugging toward what looks to be a clear victory in November. But sometimes the best candidates are the outsiders - The former chairman of the Maryland GOP Alex Mooney claimed victory ...
The Obama administration is urging the Senate to reject a House-passed Coast Guard Authorization Bill, saying the legislation would weaken federal marine safety programs and increase costs to the Coast Guard. In an April 17 letter to Sen. Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Brian de Vallance, acting assistant secretary for legislative affairs at the Department of Homeland Security, said the administration “strongly opposes” the House bill and urges the Senate to delete many aspects of that proposal. “The bill would sharply increase the cost of shipping emergency food aid, potentially denying relief to more than 2 million persons in need annually,” he wrote. “Additionally, it would degrade federal marine safety regimes, increase risks within the maritime operational environment, and both increase the Coast Guard’s operating costs and prevent the service from realizing planned savings.” Also, the letter said, the bill fails to include other C ...
Today's guests, news, and political coverage on The Sean Hannity Show between now at 5:00 pm 3:35PM Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova are here to talk about the Benghazi select committee and what we can expect as we delve into the details that have been hidden from the public for so long. Victoria (who was counsel for Greg Hicks, Deputy Chief Of Mission For The U.S. In Libya), said that a U.S. Special Forces Unit In Tripoli was told "it did not have the authorization" to fly to Benghazi during the attack. Joe was number two to slain Ambassador Stevens. 4:05PM in today's News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Sean is joined by conservative comedian Eric Golub, as well as Attorney Tamara Holder to discuss: A Jordanian version of Meet the Press turned all "Jerry Springer", with the guests on the panel tearing the set apart... Congressman Mike Rogers is bashing Hannity and Limbaugh as he attempts to secure a radio career with failing media company, Cumulus...Jay Rockefeller says the GOP oppose the Presiden ...
This year is our chance to get rid of Pelosi and Feinstein. I know that they MUST shame even the democrats. Come on, people, kick'em to the curb! Here are 18 Democrat running for election in 2014 who knew you’d lose your health insurance because of Obama-care, but promised you could keep it anyway. These are the LIARS who STOLE your healthcare. 1) Nancy Pelosi ( California ) 2) Dianne Feinstein ( California ) 3) Mark Begich (Alaska) 4) D_l_C_K Durbin (Illinois) 5) Al Franken (Minnesota) 6) Kay Hagan (North Carolina) 7) Tom Harkin (Iowa) 8) Tim Johnson (South Dakota) 9) Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) 10) Carl Levin (Michigan) 11)Jeff Merkley (Oregon) 12) Mark Pryor (Arkansas) 13) Jack Reed (Rhode Island) 14) Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia) 15) Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) 16) Mark Udall (Colorado) 17) Tom Udall (New Mexico) 18) Mark Warner (Virginia) We the People ... will remember these 18 criminals in 2014 Help re post this thanks!
Longtime Democratic US Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia says he will not ... -...
Jay Rockefeller jokes about Trilateral Commission & Bilderberg: via
Looking "good", Jay Rockefeller: Justin Aldrich Rockefeller (born July 12, 1979 in West Virginia) is a venture capitalist and political activist. Keep the family "oil nut-up", right Jay? In 2002, Rockefeller made an official visit to several Middle Eastern countries, during which he discussed his personal views regarding United States military intentions with the leaders of those countries. In October of that year, Rockefeller strongly expressed his concern for Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction program while addressing the U.S. Senate: There has been some debate over how "imminent" a threat Iraq poses. I do believe that Iraq poses an imminent threat, but I also believe that after September 11, that question is increasingly outdated. It is in the nature of these weapons, and the way they are targeted against civilian populations, that documented capability and demonstrated intent may be the only warning we get. To insist on further evidence could put some of our fellow Americans at risk. ...
Dianne Feinstein + Jay Rockefeller: Declassify the CIA report on interrogation Nice sentiment, lets have FULL report
Dianne Feinstein and Jay Rockefeller: Declassify the report on interrogation via
Cheers and Jeers Cheers to: thumbsup Reps. Mark Takano (D-CA) and Richard Hanna (R-NY) for participating as featured speakers in NEA's April 2 "Raise Your Hand" event on Capitol Hill. And to Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) for joining the event to support educators, as well as trumpet the need to repeal the GPO and WEP Social Security offsets that penalize public servants, like educators. thumbsup Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, and Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Pat Roberts (R-KS) for building bipartisan support for the two-year extension of the educator tax deduction. thumbsup Sens. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH), plus Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT) for their leadership and support for the QZAB program and reducing the requirements for matching funds from 10 percent to 5 percent, a $33 million savings for school districts. thumbsup NEA-supported amendments introduce ...
"Can anyone answer this question with authority?" Rant When all is said and done as to why the Republican Party has succeeded in demonizing Democrats, liberalism, Progressivism in all their manifestations...from Wall Street to Town Halls.I feel the only plausible answer is Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ayles, Rush Limbaugh, Koch Industries, Monsanto, and, CONTROL OF INFORMATION. Given that, and I do not feel that is disputable.given that, my question is this. Why the *** have not people such as George Soros, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Jay Rockefeller, Bill Maher, hundreds of Hollywood producers, directors and stars, literary megastars, the intelligencia of our country, why the *** have they not come together to create the Progressivist version of Fox News? MSNBC is not that. MSNBC insists on clinging onto to the sinking ship of "objectivity and balance", a philosophy that obviously cannot measure up to the commanding single-minded-messaging of Fox, REPUBLICANS ARE THE SALVATION ...
United States Senator for WV Jay Rockefeller received two significant awards from steel workers today. More at 6.
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown via the
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown .
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown -
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown | Fox News via
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Our new hero, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, wants to prevent you from starting a website called vanityfair ***
Sen. Jay Rockefeller protests the great *** shakedown |
Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va) comes out against " *** domain for websites. Says he has a trademark on the term.
..."According to a new book, Hillary Clinton kept a hit list in 2008. It contained the names of all those politicians who betrayed her by supporting Obama. A few of the notables she planned to wreak Clintonian revenge upon included John Kerry, Patrick Leahy, Claire McCaskill, Christopher Dodd, Bill Richardson, Chris Van Hollen, Bob Casey, Jay Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy. "When I saw her hate list, I was shaken to my core. "Who would have ever guessed that Hillary Clinton and I had so much in common?" -THE RIGHT OPINION, Calling Pest Control By Burt Prelutsky · Feb. 23, 2014.
Senators Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller, along with Congressman Nick Rahall (all D-W.Va.), today thanked the...
W.Va. Gov. to Appeal FEMA's Decision CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied West Virginia's federal disaster declaraction for the water emergency last month, but Governor Earl Ray Tomblin plans to appeal its decision. FEMA Deputy Associate Administrator Elizabeth A. Zimmerman told Gov. Tomblin in a Monday letter, "Based on our review of all of the information available, it has been determined that the event was not of such severity and magnitude as to warrant grant assistance under this emergency declaration." The governor says he's extremely disappointed by FEMA's initial response. "I share the frustration and anger of West Virginians who have endured this crisis," Gov. Tomblin said. "I have personally contacted FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate to express my concern over this decision. We are committed to providing the detail necessary to demonstrate the assistance needed by the public safety agencies that have provided support to citizens since this crisis struck m ...
Admitting that he wouldn't trust that the drinking water around Charleston, West Virginia was safe, Senator and former Governor Jay Rockefeller said, “It just gets into the degree of control that corporations have over people. They dominate in West Virginia’s life. Governors get elected – and I was a governor once – and they appoint people to regulatory jobs who helped them in campaigns. What does that tell you?”
We need capitalism, but we dam well ought to be very careful about what we stamp with our approval.
Jay Rockefeller is not a weak Democrat. He was Governor & couldn't fix it. You don't know the culture or the politics of WV
Jay Rockefeller ~~ "And the point is you don’t accept the world as it is, but as it should be, and you make it in that posture"
Sen. Jay Rockefeller talks about clean-up efforts in his state following a massive chemical spill.
JAY Z. Rocafella = Rockefeller (The people who own EVERYTHING. They run the banks, & basically bought the government.). HOV = Jehova (Jesus)
On the front page of Sunday's Charleston Gazette-Mail were two articles about West Virginia politicians. Senator Jay Rockefeller and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. Both are originally from out of state. One is a true West Virginian and the other a genuine carpet bagger. Read the articles and you decide which is which.
Water . Nothing will live without water, the essence of life. The world is in a crises of not having clean drinking water.800 million people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. One-in-six people of the world have safe drinking water, 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water, roughly one-sixth of the world's population. 2.2 million people in developing countries, most of them children, die every year from diseases associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Half of the world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from water related illnesses. West Virginia did have safe drinking water, but with the fracking drilling for gas and coal pollution who knows how long we will have good, safe uncontamated drinking water in West Virginia. Please write your Federal Congress, Senate person . ...
Jay-Z's a fake *** wannbe Rockefeller.Old white guys using black celebs to make them richer. Illuminati is racist
Sen. Jay Rockefeller presses technological solutions for distracted driving
Senator Jay Rockefeller says he wouldn't drink the water in Charleston. And the corporation chose to declare bankruptcy and walk away rather than clean it up. Tell me again why I should trust big corporations to do the right thing and clean up spills?
"There should be NO MCHM in drinking water - period." - US Chemical Safety Board Chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso "A hellish way to live" and "They (corporations) can say it's not hazardous or this or that, but it doesn't mean anything." - Senator Jay Rockefeller
Senator Jay Rockefeller: You couldn't pay me to drink that
Every Globalist should feel threatened by the truly global democratic voice of the internet Jay Rockefeller - not...
‘I wouldn't drink that water if you paid me,’ West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller on his state’s water.
"Industries always win. The people always lose. It's the legacy of West Virginia" -Jay Rockefeller. (He's not running again B…
however back to the Black Mafia in Hoboken NJ Banking Environment where it is Jay Z in that Rockefeller tradeoff CHRISproblem
Jay Rockefeller what are "quote" 'those other jobs' for W. Virginians?
Mike Steven Moores I would also like to add that I found an MSDS on this chemical and you should know this as well. The testing was done on lab rats and the chemical was deemed to have an LD50 of 50%. Meaning that 50% of the rats it was tested on died from the chemical exposure. After cross referencing several different publishing’s and found that it wasn’t only tested on rats. It was also tested on rabbits, and water fleas. What the MSDS doesn’t show you is what their findings were in these tests. Well, I found the findings through other resources and here you go. This test was conducted for two years. The test subjects were exposed to the MCHM by means of ingestion of drinking water, skin exposure, and inhalation of the chemical. After each test was done they destroyed the ones that survived after 48 hours, and their organs were tested. The test subjects brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and liver were showing signs of necrosis (cellular and tissue damage). The central nervous system had been affected ...
WHO RULES? “Industry does everything they can and gets away with it almost all the time, whether it’s the coal industry … or water or whatever. They will cut corners, and they will get away with it.” - Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Daily Kos “Senator Rockefeller was talking about West Virginia water pollution, but he could have been talking about Wall Street crashing the economy or *** Cheney and Halliburton leading America into the Iraq war. And what he said is exactly why American corporations will lead us into catastrophic climate change. It's their nature. “ WE MUST TAKE POWER AWAY FROM OUR CORPORATE OVERLORDS. (First step this year: Remove the right-wing from Congress.)
Hopefully I'll catch up on some reading next few days..Jay Rockefeller & Touissant Louverture two incredible individuals in their own right
I like it when Sen Jay Rockefeller states on the radio "You couldn't pay me enough to drink the water (where Freedom Industries spilled chemicals) no matter how many Agencies say it's safe".
Jay Rockefeller, on All Things Considered, is killing it. Love him. West Virginia's loss when he goes.
"U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller says it's dangerous to simply rely on industry to do "the right thing," because industry has long resisted new regulations and enforcement measures. He says he has introduced legislation with U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin calling for stricter laws."
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
If Sen. Jay Rockefeller ran again, he would win by a landslide.
Senate Dems Unveil New Data Security Legislation The Hill (01/30/14) Hattem, Julian Democratic Sens. Jay Rockefeller (W.Va.), Mark Pryor (Ark.), Bill Nelson (Fla.) and Dianne Feinstein (Calif.) are introducing a new bill that would set federal data security standards and require customers be notified after a business is hacked, in an effort to prevent data breaches like those that occurred at Target and Neiman Marcus in recent months. "Our bill gives consumers the peace of mind that companies are doing everything they can to protect and secure their personal information from criminals," Rockefeller says.
Over the past several days, we've received multiple questions about activated carbon used in the water treatment process. In a Jan. 28 response letter to U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, we addressed these questions, along with several others. The section below specifically addresses carbon filters: We are not aware of any possible detrimental effects on our treatment processes related to carbon filters or otherwise. The plant continues to be in compliance with all regulated standards including the 1 ppm protective health guidance set by the CDC for MCHM. Activated carbon caps on our 16 filters are renewed or changed periodically as part of our normal operations. Regular backwashing, which cleans and flushes filters, is part of our plant’s normal operating procedures and has been occurring twice as often as normal. Potassium Permanganate dosing to the raw water has been increased to oxidize organic compounds, and Powder Activated Carbon continues to be added to the raw water for additional absorptive capac ...
Washington, D.C. – Today, Representative Nick Rahall, along with Reps. Shelley Moore Capito and David McKinley and Senators Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller, sent a letter to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to request further financial assistance for those businesses and organizations…
Sen. Jay Rockefeller on the West Virginia chemical spill: "This time, something has to change":
I have been blocked by Americans for Apparently they are afraid if David or Jay Rockefeller or their kin gave money
They're trying to make you think that Abby, Gayla or Sharon is really me, FOR THE MONEY David and Jay Rockefeller stole
Single cinder block was used to contain toxic chemical prior to mass W. Virginia spill (RT) Accident, Ecology, Health, Law, Manufacturing, Resources, USA State inspectors found that the company involved in a major chemical spill in West Virginia had set up a simple cinder block and one 50-pound bag of a safety absorbent powder, according to the Charleston Gazette. On Thursday officials with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) responded to complaints of a smell coming from the area of Freedom Industries facilities, noting the rudimentary measures taken to block the flow of “Crude MCHM” leaving a compromised containment tank. "This was a Band-Aid approach," DEP air quality inspector Mike Kolb said, according to the Charleston Gazette. "It was apparent that this was not an event that had just happened." State and local officials said Freedom Industries' containment *** was full of cracks and holes. "The facility did not give any real attention to containment," said another DEP off ...
The Most Worshipful Jay Rockefeller,Would you. help that Nobel Peace Prize will award to Hiroshima and Nagasaki City.
Surprise, Kiddies, Senator Jay Rockefeller will be investigating this as head of Transportation and Commerce.
Via Roll Cal. My Analysis I count 6 that will win & that'll give the Senate back to republican hands. But lean democratic seats or toss ups could give 3-6 more seats that would be 54-57 minimum of a majority then Obama will be in lameduck *** Polls back in 06 that bush had the same approval numbers as Obama does now and the gop lost both houses of congress, compile that will party in power of the white house rebellion and obamacare and the economy national security the irs doj 911 attack in Libya and many other scandals that the democrats runing for the senate seats will be saddled with Obama's failures. As for the house it's expected to keep and gain a lot more republican seats. So both houses of congress under gop control and Obama will be in a state in which he's going to be begging for everything and getting *** near nothing in return. From roll call article Most Vulnerable Incumbents Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska The late Aug. 19 primary gives the eventual GOP nominee less than three months to focus ...
U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Democrat of Virginia, demanded answers over the George Washington Bridge lane-closure decision
BOEHNER said WV didn't need any more regulations and blamed the President for not enforcing the the already existing regulations (which makes no sense at all, what about the coal industry and the governor of wv). Jay Rockefeller says that West Virginia has no requirements whatsoever that chemical storage facilities be inspected. wipe that egg off your face Mr Boehner, you don't know diddly about the West Virginia people.
I bet John Rockefeller's whole oil monopoly that I fail my next test
"King Coal" is dead and the only prominent W Va Dem w/ the courage to face up to this is Jay Rockefeller and he's retiring
Just emailed this to WV Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin regarding the situations in Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq. Five of the 37 West Virginians who've been killed since 9/11 in Iraq/Afghanistan died in those cites, and I wanted to make sure our Senators knew their names before they speak or act on the issue. These aren't just far away places (sorry, its a long letter.. but thought I'd share it.) Senator Rockefeller, My name is Calvin Grimm, I served in US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst from 2003 to 2007, with a seven month tour to Iraq in 2006-2007, assigned to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force- Arabian Peninsula (CJSOTF-AP), Special Operations Command – Central (SOCCENT), and while stateside I served at the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC), US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). After my military service, I continued in the Intelligence career field working for USSTRATCOM as a defense consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton for three years. I am currently a local Charlesto ...
Three House Dems Announce Retirement -- In Three Days... Senior appropriator and progressive stalwart James P. Moran will step down at the end of this year, making him the third House Democrat in just three days to announce his retirement. Five Dem Senate Chairmen Retiring... Asked how new chairmen might change the place, outgoing Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin of Michigan replied, “Hopefully for the better. I’m always an optimist. There’s room for improvement in this place.” Five top Democratic chairmen are now in their final year as senators. In addition to Levin, Tom Harkin of Iowa, Tim Johnson of South Dakota and Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia are set to depart when their terms expire. Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., is expected to resign early to become the U.S. ambassador to China. Google for more info...but who can't guess the REAL reason the Dems are retreating from the upcoming elections which will be tainted by the all-Dem thug vote that put the personally and nationally da . ...
WASHINGTON, DC – Nearly a week after a massive chemical spill halted clean water service to nearly 300,000 West Virginians, Senator Jay Rockefeller wants to know just how dangerous the chemical that contaminated the Elk and Kanawha Rivers is.
Sen. Jay Rockefeller on drones: "I worry about the privacy factor." Americans don't like, not used to being watched.
You really should read this! On the list: Jared Polis, Jay Rockefeller, John Delaney, Mark Warner, Nancy Pelosi, Richard Blumenthal, Scott Peters.
Canada Newspaper: National Post Hillary Rodham Clinton kept Spreadsheet ranking “Traitors”: Book Book: HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton by Jonathan Allen & Amie Parnes Picture: A new book claims Hillary Rodham Clinton kept a “Hit List” ranking Friends & Foes from One to Seven based on Loyalty. Among the Sevens, or most Disloyal: Secretary of State John Kerry, the late Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller Washington — Hillary & Bill Clinton keep a detailed “Hit List” of everyone who has crossed them during more than 20 years at the Apex of American Politics, a new book has claimed. The list of so-called “Sinners & Saints” – including John Kerry, now Secretary of State, and the late Ted Kennedy – was compiled on a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet in the dying days of Mrs Clinton’s failed bid for the Democratic Presidential Nomination in 2008. The alleged “Cheat Sheet” of betrayals – and there were many that year – ranked ...
U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller is seeking more funding for the U.S. Chemical Safety Board foll...
This is Gayla Dishner Merrick, my former Stanford roommate who NOW works for Sharon and Jay and David Rockefeller.
Sen. Rockefeller Requests Increased Funding for Chemical Safety Board U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller is seeking more...
Here is Boehner saying no more regulations, even trying to blame the Obama administration for not reinforcing the regulations, and then it goes saying how the Republicans have even bragged about cutting the EPA budget by 20%. Excuse me. These *** do not care ANYTHING ABOUT OUR COUNTRY OR ITS CITIZENS, they are greedy, despicable politicians who protect Corporations, Industries who continually pollute our air and our waters. Vote them the *** out. We have had enough of their regulations on the human race and our safety and well being. WASHINGTON -- House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Tuesday that no new regulations are needed after a chemical spill in West Virginia last week left more than 300,000 people without safe tap water. He suggested the incident was not the result of less environmental and energy regulation but of the Obama administration's failure to enforce existing rules. "The issue is this: We have enough regulations on the books. And what the administration ought to be doing is ...
is coordinating the attack on behalf of Jay Rockefeller's diversion of SCHULTZ money from the estate of John D Rockefeller.
More Democrats than Republicans Sit on 10 Richest Members of Congress list. While Republicans often get the reputation for being “the party of the rich,” seven of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP). CRP compiled a list of the 10 richest members of Congress using 2012 personal finance disclosure information, the latest available. These wealthy Democrats are not afraid to use their big bucks and high-powered connections to get ahead. Here are the seven Democrats in the top 10 list: Mark Warner, the senior senator from Virginia, is the richest member of the Senate. CRP estimates his net worth at up to $418,742,000. Warner used his political connections to make his millions, according to the 2014 Almanac of American Politics. Warner worked as a fundraiser at the Democratic National Convention after graduating from law school. While there, he made some crucial connections that would allow him to become a successful venture capitalist. War ...
Way to Early reports that Sen. Jay Rockefeller's Transportation Committee set to pounce! You heard it from me 1st!
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