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Jay Moriarity

Jay Moriarity (June 16, 1978–June 15, 2001) was a surfer from Santa Cruz, California. He was an accomplished surfer, waterman, and adventurer.

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Jay Moriarity (June 16, 1978–June 15, 2001) was a surfer from Santa Cruz, California.[1] He was an accomplished surfer, waterman, and adventurer. As a surfer, he made his reputation surfing Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California. At age 16, he was made internationally famous when his wipeout at Mavericks was caught on film and made the cover of Surfer magazine. Although a successful competitor, Jay is remembered as a soul surfer, winning many sportsmanship awards throughout his career.
"We gotta appreciate everything about this life. That is one of the things about this life, we only get one shot at it." - Jay Moriarity
Epitome of living life to the fullest: Story of Jay Moriarity--
"Cause we only get the opportunity to do this once & it's not for long, so enjoy"--Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity surfing in the Maldives: via
Movie from Chasing Maverick based on a true story of JAY MORIARITY 1978-2001
Jay moriarity's words of wisedom. You are FOREVER in our hearts Jay💕
I aspire to be like that guy Jay Moriarity from Chasing Mavericks.
"Appreciate everything. We only get to do this once, and its not for a long time, so, enjoy it"... - Jay Moriarity
"Have you ever felt like you were put here for a reason?" Jay Moriarity. Chasing Mavericks.
I would have loved to meet Jay Moriarity. He was such an inspiring, positive person. I strive to be just like him every single day 🏄💙
Jay moriarity died one day before is bday:(
There needs to be more Jay Moriarity's out in the world
Just learned about Jay Moriarity. How have I never heard this story before??? Inspired
Jay Moriarity is the biggest inspiration ever🏄
Have you ever felt like you were meant for something more, something bigger than you? -Jay Moriarity-
Jay Moriarity always had such an optimistic look on life no matter what. ☀️💚
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. -Jay Moriarity
Chasing Mavericks is out on 5th July and tells the true story of real life surfing phenomenon Jay Moriarity. Check out his inspirational story and the trailer here.
"If you're not falling down, you're not learning" -Jay Moriarity
If you haven't heard the story of Jay Moriarity and what he accomplished, I suggest you read up on it...Truly an inspiration
For those of you who do not know what "Live Like Jay" is and what it means to Hayden to receive stickers from Kim Moriarity I will tell you. Jay Moriarity is who the movie "Chasing Mavericks" was based on. He passed away on June 15, 2001 while living his dream. It was his life story about surfing the Mavericks. Hayden's passion is surfing and always has been since he first stepped on a surfboard. Yes we live in Indiana but that doesn't stop someone from their passion and dreams. We get to the beach at least once if not twice a year for Hayden to surf. Eventually we will live closer to the beach but right now he is still pursuing his passion even though he is land locked. Kim Moriarity is Jay's wife and she is an AMAZING person. She sent Hayden some of Jay's personal stickers along with other items with a very touching letter to Hayden personally. We can not thank her enough. Only my parents and I know how much this means to Hayden and I am overwhelmed with feelings and words. Just wanted everyone to know ...
Directed by Michael Apted, Curtis Hanson. With Jonny Weston, Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer. When young Jay Moriarity discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Fro...
The Chasing Mavericks true story vs. the movie. Meet the real Jay Moriarity, surfer Frosty Hesson and Kim Moriarity.
Beautiful Day - Lovely Rainy morning - walked again from home to work (35 minutes) and finished off with a ten minutes around a block here in the capital, enjoying the rain at the same time. Wishing my walk buddy a great and a very FIT day.Lewa Ratumaitavuki. As Jay Moriarity says, "we just have to appreciate everything - so enjoy". Have a wonderful and productive day, friends / family.
Jay Moriarity is a legend in the sport of surfing who became known for dropping into the huge waves of "Mavericks" at Half Moon Bay. Jay was a friend to all ...
A Hollywood film crew shot a key scene in Santa Cruz for a movie about the life of Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarity.
Several bus and bug sitings on the movie "Chasing Mavericks" last night.decent movie, based on the true story of surfer Jay Moriarity.
Just watched Chasing Mavericks, Great film and a true and inspirational story about the life of Jay Moriarity a surfing legend .
just watched "Chasing Mavericks". The amazing story of Jay Moriarity surfing some of the biggest waves in the world:
"If you look hard enough there is always away threw it" -Jay Moriarity
"I think it's important in life to always have a good attitude and appreciate every day that you live" - Jay Moriarity
Quotes from Jay Moriarity and Frosty Hesson in Chasing Mavericks - Inspirational true story of Jay Moriarity, accomplished surfer, waterman, and adventurer, who tragically died the day before his 23rd birthday
Chasing film! What an inspiration surfer Jay Moriarity was. Gerrard Butler has produced such a moving version of a true story that encourages you never to give up on your dreams. Defo a watch guys!! Plus never gets boring seeing the man himself in a wetsuit 😃.
Try it just once for life, Life like jay moriarity - Chasing Mavericks -
Surfing the Mavericks: [Caught the movie about Jay Moriarity yesterday. Incredible stuff.]
Jay Moriarity dropping in on a monster on that famous day at Mavericks
Chasing Mavericks is amazing, it makes me cry. Jay Moriarity was so beaut and an amazing surfer, RIP
Guess right now my biggest goal in life is to surf mavericks .. Rip jay moriarity
Tribute to jay moriarity...Live like jay... ★ Chasing Mavericks
"If I believe in myself I know I will be able, able to go beyond my dream because I believe." Jay Moriarity (June 16, 1978-June 15, 2001)
Chasing Mavericks is the inspirational true story of real life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity (played by newcomer Jonny Weston). When 15 year old Jay ...
Staffed the Surfing Museum last week w/my wife Carm. The thing that I got out of it is that a 12 year old came in w/a skateboard and asked about Jay Moriarity. Then a teacher teaching in Memphis asked about Jay. What this must mean is that in 2014 there will be a Jay Display, finally, where it should be. Happy New Year friends
Chasing Mavericks is beautiful movie about brave, one of the best surfer in the world, Jay Moriarity. I never forget you..
Jay moriarity has made me realize how grateful we all should be. just remember life is short, so live it to the fullest.
jay moriarity, your one of the reasons I'm going back out there on the waves again. you will never be forgotten.
Jay Moriarity taught me a wave never to big to even try to surf.Nothing is ever to Hard. 1978-2001💙🌊
ok: Jay Moriarity was 16 and he loved surfing. But he just surfed the small waves. Then he was meeting Frosty. Frosty is...
Watched Chasing Mavericks the other day. I had never heard of it but it had one of my favorite actors in it. Gerard Butler. Surprisingly a really good movie based on the life of Jay Moriarity the youngest person to ever surf mavericks
What a great film based on a true story RIP Jay Moriarity
Finally watched Chasing Mavericks last night! Based on a true story about Jay Moriarity a professional surfer. One to watch.
Been back home here in Puerto for week and half ...double overhead / 6 ft Mexpipe bombs today...caught 2 waves today.first one blew me over the back like Jay Moriarity...second one got BEAT. Surfs pumping. Boys come on down
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" I know this sounds strange but I've always felt like I wouldn't be around for very long which is why I want to take that drop. Because once I look down over the edge and I catch it, I'll become a part of it. And in that moment, I'll know that I'm alive". ~Jay Moriarity
The truth of who you really are, or just some words on a Page - Jay Moriarity
“Anyone else feel like that? Like your life's a big act. Like you're trying to be a man when you're just a scared kid, trying to keep under control when you really want to scream, cry, maybe hit someone. Ever feel like you're breathing underwater, and you have to stop because you're gulping in too much fluid?” ― Alex Flinn, Breathing Underwater Panic vs. fear. Fear is a healthy emotion, but panic is a agressive reaction. Fear is a like being held underwater, or haveing your face smuthered with a pillow. The more your try to too breath the more you tremble and wear your self out treading water in your lungs because you paniced. Same with smoke say your in a burning building, the more you panic the more smokeing inhalation you take in causeing your lungs to collasps. Yet say you are in a burning building'' it is good to try and breath a little becuase the longest a man can go with out breathing is 3 mins. And after that its going to backfire because your lungs will acted as if a vacum and suck all tha ...
Appreciate Life ... It's the only one you get ... - Jay Moriarity
Chasing Mavericks is the title of a biographical film in production about the life of American surfer Jay Moriarity. The film is being directed by Curtis Han...
Just watched "Chasing Mavericks" with Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston, a biography about surfer Jay Moriarity. Perfect for a rainy day. Sweet story.
I just watched a movie about the life and death of Jay Moriarity... I gotta say, I never thought a movie would be one of the most momentous occasions of my life... That was... Wow.
Tonight watching another Surfing Movie called "Chasing Mavericks" about legendary surfer Jay Moriarity's quest to...
I wanna know what're you gon say to Jay Moriarity if he's still alive? RANDOM.
Watched Chasing Mavericks again, about great young surfer Jay Moriarity, huge heart, surfed monster Mavericks waves at 16, died age 22.
“Jay Moriarity is such an inspiration” Chasing Mavericks
Jay moriarity died a day before his 23rd birthday .. 😔🌊🏄
Jay Moriarity is such an inspiration
When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you - Jay Moriarity
Can't believe how beautiful jay moriarity was 😔🌊🏄
"Live Like Jay"is about Jay Moriarity, legendary surfer
Jay Moriarity is a surfing legend. We should all take his lessons that he learned into our own lives.
Watched Movie last night Chasing Mavericks a story about a little boy called Jay Moriarity who had no Father but...
This is actually a very scary feeling because idk. I'm not Jay Moriarity from Chasing Mavericks. Sorry.
Hate how great surfers like Edward Ryon Makuahanai Aikau and Jay Moriarity died so young smh
I feel like Jay Moriarity from Chasing Mavericks and it kind of scares me.
Bye, David. You must watch Chasing Mavericks (Netflix), a biog about surfer Jay Moriarity! It's an excellent movie!
someone teach me how to surf I want to be lile jay moriarity. He is a legend
Jay Moriarity will always be a childhood hero of mine.
If you haven't watch 'Chasing Mavericks' you are missing out. From ferocious waves to a strong message about Jay Moriarity
you're my favorite movie. Jay Moriarity is like my idol. I love you so much
Jay Moriarity 1978-2001 surfing with the Angels your amazinglytastic dude
Chasing Mavericks is an excellent surfer biography about surfer Jay Moriarity. Excellently told, excellent photography!
You must watch the movie Chasing Mavericks, a biography about surfer Jay Moriarity! It's on Netflix and it's fantastic!
“the ones who push the limits sometimes discover the limits push back.”. Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity could surf. Dude was a beast
ugh ...just watched "Chasing Mavericks" without knowing anything about Jay Moriarity. that ending hit me like a tidal wave.
Chasing Mavericks the story of Jay Moriarity ... Well depicted.
R.I.P Jay Moriarity the legend of surf.
What would you do if tomorrow was the last day of your life? -Jay Moriarity
"Really appreciate it, we only get to live once, so enjoy it." ~Jay Moriarity
About to watch Chasing Mavericks. I'll probably cry. Jay Moriarity died so young. 22 years old? His life was just only beginning.
Jay Moriarity, even though you aren't here anymore... I want you to know that I love who you are.
correction. Jay Moriarity's life made you depressed
Jay Moriarity is the reason I started surfing
Jay moriarity is my new inspiration in life. He did something that everybody said he couldn't. I want to prove everyone wrong, just like him
This is Jay Moriarity, he is my idol ever since.
god this movie made me cry 'cause Jay Moriarity died at the age 22. 😭
Chasing Mavericks is such an amazing movie. I wish I had balls to do what Jay Moriarity did and it was based on a true story.
Obsessed with Jonny Weston as Jay Moriarity... Talk about the perfect man. *swoon*
Sometimes when you go threw a lot in life, you get *** yourself. -Jay Moriarity
Seen the movie Chasing Mavericks the story of Jay Moriarity inspired me to chase harder for my dreams because you wouldn't know when every
Check out video a true inspiration & words to live by!!!. Check out "Jay Moriarity - Appreciate it" on Vimeo
But why did Jay Moriarity have to die? 😭😥👎
Live life and appreciate it because why you only live once- Jay Moriarity
watched Chasing Mavericks, only to have my heart ripped out because Jay Moriarity died 😭
I wish I could live like Jay Moriarity 😔
"We gotta appreciate everything we have because we can only do this once and it's not for very long" -jay moriarity
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, ... — Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Jay Moriarity, Jesus, The Ap...
Frosty Hesson, the man who shaped Jay Moriarity's surfing career in Mavericks, has great quotes and sayings for...
You got to appreciate everything I think that's the most important thing in life we are only here once you know - Jay Moriarity
Movie Life Jay is excellent but is it so Cool to push the edge in Extreme Sports to at age 22 ? a big NO
Omg Chasing Mavericks Is like the best movie Ever RIP Jay Moriarity He was ah Hottie >>>>
The movie "Chasing Mavericks" was absolutely amazing! Jay Moriarity, is such an inspiration!
Jay moriarity what a man he was the man some pay for me to move to California please
Chasing Mavericks was so inspirational, rip Jay Moriarity
Frosty Hesson & after uniting to bring Jay Moriarity’s story to life in Chasing Mavericks. http…
"The ones who push the limits discover, the limits sometimes push back." - Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity... Another legend who left us too early.
If you don't know who Jay Moriarity was.Find out! Chasing Mavericks gets me every time! What a story! What a man!
The kid who plays little Jay Moriarity in Chasing Mavericks looks like a little baby Dylan O'Brien.
well, a good story from Jay Moriarity
Where Jay Moriarity jumped off the cliff in 🌊☀
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Remember me? Jay Moriarity's me, the guy who surf Mavericks at age 6
I don't think I can actually take that jay moriarity died
I really wish I could've watched Jay Moriarity surf that Maverick. why did Jay Moriarity have to die.. 😩😫😢😭
Jay moriarity, the most inspiring life story, true story.
yeah, it's about jay moriarity ( a legend surfer )and how he started surfing and all ! is pretty *** good :) ! X
When I have my boy he'll be named after Jay Moriarity. No other individual on Earth.
The Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race is one of my favorite races of the year. Congrats Don...
Jay Moriarity surfing in the Maldives good video we miss jay and we always will !
Just watched Chasing the Mavericks. Wow, just as good as soul surfer.Jay Moriarity is Truely inspirational
Jay Moriarity was a good friend of mine, we grew up together on the east side of Santa Cruz.
Chasing Mavericks Trailer: Based on the real life surfing legend Jay Moriarity, who enlisted the h...
Jay Moriarity - first wave at Mavericks at 15 years old.
Jay Moriarity is my hero! Chasing Mavericks is a must see. It'll open your eyes to a whole new level. Nothing it impossible.
Jay Moriarity's birthday was a day before mine
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chasing Mavericks was awesome. Jay Moriarity was a true athlete.
What a great event in memory of Jay Moriarity, an inspiration to us all. Congrats to all finishers and welcome to...
Awesome shot from the Jay Moriarity Foundation Memorial Paddleboard race. Photo Credit: Kate Falconer...
Sometimes when you've been through a lot in life, you know, sometimes you're *** yourself. -Jay Moriarity
Look who showed up to paddle in this years Surftech Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race!! . Full gallery...
Here are the unofficial race results from the 2013 Surftech Jay Moriarity Race
I've seen 2 of the Eddie Aikau competitions. Now I want to watch the Jay Moriarity one. the waves are unbelievable 🌊🏄
“Paradise Island in the Maldives that's where jay moriarity died so just stop
We all come the sea, but are not all of sea - Jay Moriarity
Great flick about the surfer Jay Moriarity!
what an inspiration. Jay Moriarity deserves so much recognition for what he did 💙🏄
Live like Jay Moriarity. Don't wait to face the mavericks in your life till your 90. Build up the courage and face them now.
I'd be cool to die like the Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity's last ride check it out He truly lived his life we should all take a note from his book
RIP Jay Moriarity If you've seen the movie Chasing Mavericks then you will fall in love with this remarkable young man
Loved Chasing Mavericks! worked hard for that movie and it paid off! Beautiful tribute to Jay Moriarity.
And I have to agree. Wonderful tribute to Jay Moriarity. Love your movies. Can't believe you surfed those waves! Wow.
"Live Like Jay..." Chasing the Mavericks best movie ever!! 😍🌊🏄. Jay Moriarity.
Some say "Forget it." But what Jay Moriarity would do is keep on going no matter what in order to succeed!
Big Wave legends share their impressions and memories of Jay Moriarity
Chasing Maverick jus became my favorite movie of all time. I gained many lessons from it. I completely admire the life Jay Moriarity lived.
"Live like Jay"I want to be like)!Determined, kind,to have courage,and do what I love to do!I will never forget you!
Little Jay Moriarity is so cute for a white boy
Jay Moriarity Born: June 16, 1978, was a surfer from Santa Cruz, California. He was an accomplished…
Honestly, if you haven't watched Chasing Mavericks.. Watch it. Or just read into who Jay Moriarity was as a person.
The story of Jay Moriarity is truly touching.
Jay Moriarity, who dared to do the impossible 🙌👏
please support the Jay Moriarity Foundation through this event and paddle, buy a booth or make a...
live like Jay Moriarity, life is too short so keep to enjoy it buddy!
Why Can't every guy be like Jay Moriarity??
I just fell in love with Jay Moriarity
my true inspirations are Jay Moriarity and Audrey Hepburn. only reason I keep going on
This was an amazing movie, I got it from the redbox last night, and I have already watching it twice. R.I.P. To Jay Moriarity.
"You gotta learn to apreciate the things in life, because you only get to do it once" Jay Moriarity
Rip for Jay Moriarity a great surfer
Chasing i'm curious i always loved to watch surfing and i hope it's a great tribute to Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity died one day before his birthday 😳
just saw Chasing Mavericks, greatest movie ever. Woah. RIP Jay Moriarity.
live like jay, like Jay Moriarity? Chasing Mavericks is my favorite movie ever.
Jay Moriarity was the sexiest and most talented man alive. Hands down.
I wish he was still alive... Jay Moriarity tribute: via
That background though 🙏👌 Jay Moriarity is the Tupac of Surfing.
Frosty Hesson on coaching Jay Moriarity, the 16 yr old who slayed "Mavericks" (book excerpt & video):
"We only get to live once, and it's not that long. So you might as well enjoy it." - jay moriarity
Just watched the movie Chasing Mavericks about the surfer Jay Moriarity and it was SO good! I highly recommend it!!! 🏄👌
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Chasing Mavericks was an awesome movie until I found out Jay Moriarity drowned at the age of 22.
I wanna live my life like Jay moriarity. You got one life to live what are you gonna do with it?
Jay Moriarity, you were a beyond talented and stand up guy like why aren't you still here?
Chasing is freaking cheesy as *** but Jay Moriarity is such an inspiration. Butler looks like an Eddie Vetter doppelgänger.
Just watched Chasing Mavericks. Its so good and inspirational. I cried like a baby. RIP Jay Moriarity.
Jay Moriarity is my new hero, even if he isn't alive.
Get me talking about Jay Moriarity and I could go on for hours.
Jonny Weston is amazing as surfer Jay Moriarity in What part would you like to see him play next?
I know I was only 6 years old when Jay Moriarity died. But I thank God for his life and for being such an inspiration to me. Rip Jay
R.I.P. Jay Moriarity. Your story definitely inspired me. Never give up on your dreams.
Jay Moriarity conquered Mavericks (a serious giant waves) at 16y/o but died from free-diving in Maldives at the age of 23.
Wow Chasing Mavericks was probably the best surf movies I have ever seen. RIP Jay Moriarity
Where can I get some facts about Jay Moriarity? His Wikipedia is incredibly small.
I would give anything to have gotten the chance to meet jay moriarity 😔
The story of Jay Moriarity is so touching and sad but very inspiring. Everyone should watch the movie Chasing Mavericks
Just watched Chasing Mavericks and it became one of my favorite movies. The movie and story is so amazing and inspiring. RIP Jay Moriarity
Well,Im officially obsessed w/Jay Moriarity's life&story after I just spent 2 hrs crying over it watching Chasing Mavericks. 🏄☀
Didnt realize who jay moriarity was until I saw it was YOURE SO FUNNY JAWN!
Jay Moriarity is my new inspiration 🏄
From Chasing Mavericks, true story of Jay Moriarity, one of the best surfers and kind of people ever been alive.
Chasing Mavericks makes me feel like I need to be doing more with my life. RIP Jay Moriarity
All the respect in the world goes to Jay Moriarity
Jay Moriarity's story is so inspiring
Why do people die so young? Jay Moriarity did not deserve that.
Jay Moriarity just so he could charge Mavericks one more time
I loved Chasing Mavericks. Jay Moriarity is such an inspiration.
We gotta appreciate, well everythg. We only get to do this once, and that's not really a long time - jay moriarity
Well, now that Jay Moriarity is my role model in life...
By far Chasing Mavericks goes in my book of Best Movie R.I.P. Jay Moriarity
Frosty Hesson and his protégée Jay Moriarity take a break from their rigorous Mavericks training.
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RIP Jay Moriarity. If you havnt seen the movie Chasing Mavericks, i recommend you do, such an inspiring movie
I liked a video Jay Moriarity tribute
Have you seen movie 'Chasing Macericks?' True story of surfing legend Jay Moriarity. You & Shea wld live it! Great movie!! 🏄
Chasing Mavericks is an incredible movie. Jay Moriarity is such a huge inspiration. If only more people would
Chasing Mavericks such a great movie based on Jay Moriarity's life :) made me cry.
WOW Chasing Mavericks is an INCREDIBLE story! you should all go watch that movie! RIP Jay Moriarity
Lots of drama behind the scenes while shooting Chasing Mavericks - the story of surfer Jay Moriarity - Blu-ray review
Friends and family remember the real Jay Moriarity in this exclusive Chasing Mavericks Blu-ray bonus clip.
Chasing Mavericks, the inspirational true story of Jay Moriarity, on
Just watched an amazing movie called Chasing Mavericks. It happens to be a based on a true story, the story of Jay Moriarity. Go see it!
Jay Moriarity is officially my idol. Truly the greatest story I've ever heard hands down.
Chasing Mavericks deserves to find an audience on home video, the Jay Moriarity story starring Jonny Weston - review:
Chasing Mavericks is an inspirational surfing biopic about Jay Moriarity - played by Jonny Weston. Mentor Frosty Hesson is played by Gerard Butler.
Chasing Mavericks - now on Blu-ray, inspirational story of Jay Moriarity - Blu-ray review:
How old was Jay Moriarity when he first surfed Mavericks? [NPN, US residents only, 18+)
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I wish I could have met Jay Moriarity.
Just watched Chasing Mavericks and Jay Moriarity is probably my idol, definitely the best movie I've seen in a while! 🏄🏊
Gerard Butler is an old surfing guru in Chasing Mavericks, based on Jay Moriarity's life as trains to surf as a pro.
RIP Jay Moriarity. You lived a short but fulfilling surfing life.
Jay Moriarity, what a surfer you are!
Chasing Mavericks, the surf film based on the life of famous soul surfer Jay Moriarity, is now available…
What an incredibly inspirational man Jay Moriarity was. Chasing Mavericks is amazing! Touched my soul.
"just saw Chasing Mavericks, raddest movie ever. fact that he surfed that break when he was my age, woah. RIP Jay Moriarity.
Amazing movie about the real life. Jay Moriarity
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Jay Moriarity was one of the biggest inspirations of all time
Jay Moriarity truley lived and pushed his limits.
Really wanna see a documentry about jay Moriarity
Just watched Chasing Mavericks, a true story of Jay Moriarity's courage. And like this wall says, may we…
Jay Moriarity was a badass human. People with amazing passions and ambitions are what make the world go round.
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was sooo good! Can't believe Jay Moriarity died one day before his 23rd bday.
If you could live anyone's life for a day, who would it be?... — Jay Moriarity when he surfed mavericks (:
In memory of Jay moriarity. Amazing surfer and person.
Just watched "Chasing Mavericks" movie about surfer Jay Moriarity. Real touching flick. 🏄
Gerard Butler and newcomer Jonny Weston star in the biographical film Chasing Mavericks, an inspirational true story of real life soul surfer Jay Moriarity. Co-
Watched 'Chasing Mavericks' last night, great film & such an epic true story of Jay Moriarity.
I watched the After School Special surf bio-drama "Chasing Mavericks" on UAL for two hours the other day, CONVINCED snarky talk show hooker Chelsey Handler was playing the mother of film hero Jay Moriarity. Turns out it was Karate Kid chick Elisabeth Shue. Who knew. Can you tell the difference?
Chasing Maverick: Chasing MaverickChasing Mavericks is based on the life of surfer Jay Moriarity. It chronicles ...
yes it's called the Jay Moriarity Foundation, the funds help kids in need and supports Jr Lifeguard Programs
recommend: why you have to live every day as if it's your last. . . (RIP Jay Moriarity)
While filming for the Jay Moriarity movie called, Of Men and Mavericks, this million dollar camera got dumped…
Just finished Chasing Mavericks, it was made for tv cheesy but Jay Moriarity- you're a legend!
Chasing Mavericks surfs onto Blu-ray and DVD Feb 26 - the true story of Jay Moriarity starring Jonny Weston
Jay Moriarity - Such an innocent life. All for the love of surfing!
also, live like jay is a tribute to jay moriarity, a deceased surf and 808 is the area code in Hawaii ✌
The Mavericks wipeout that made Jay Moriarity famous.
The official trailer for the Mavericks Invitational 2012/2013 presented by GoPro. The fourth stop on the Big Wave World Tour
Mavericks Exhibit Brings Together Most Memorable Images of the Big WavePatch.comThis year features the early photos of Jay Moriarity's...
Chasing Mavericks is such an inspirational movie! Why can`t I surf. Or better yet, why don't I live on the beach. P.S. RIP Jay Moriarity
just watched Chasing Mavericks, it's really good! RIP Jay Moriarity!
Fin Film Company is the home of sole producer, editor and camera person, Chris Aguilar specializing in paddle sports and other ocean lifestyle productions. This…
Gerald Butler as Jay Moriarity the true inspirational surf legend in Chasing Maverick. Aaww! :*
theres Jay Moriarity the surfer, or Audrey Hepburn, my relative
A tribute to Jay Moriarity, longboard and big wave surfing legend, who tragically died freediving in the Maldives in June, 2001. He was a lovely bloke, RIP J...
I favorited a video Jay Moriarity tribute
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