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According to his daughter, comics great Skip Williamson is at death's door. First Jay Lynch, now Skip. Pictured together…
3. the underground comics were made by the very same artists –Art Spiegelman, Bill Griffith, Jay Lynch– who had create…
1. Speaking of Jay Lynch (RIP) and Wacky Packages, here's a funny thing: I was OBSESSED with Wacky Packs as a child...
Heartbroken to learn Jay Lynch died. When I was just 15, he taught me the art of humor-laden rebellion, and helped make m…
Here's a nice short doc on Jay Lynch, who recently passed away
RIP Jay Lynch - he drew those Wacky Packs and Garbage Pail Kids and worked for MAD magazine
RIP Jay Lynch, Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages artist. My childhood wouldn't have been the same without you.
Hey, children of the '80s. Remember Garbage Pail Kids? Jay Lynch, who designed the comic, has died at 72.
Man, Jay Lynch, Chuck Berry, and Bernie Wrightson all in one weekend. heaven just got A LOT cooler.
I liked a video from St. Patrick's Day greetings with Sheamus and Becky Lynch
Also Jay Lynch and Skip Williamson, rough week for illustrators
that odd era I worked in advertising & sat in on their campaign I got a lil closer to the 80s holy grail…
Jay Lynch, illustrator of Garbage Pail Kids, has passed at age 72. Thank you for all the wonderfully gross art!
These were well before my time but you gotta admire his art
Artist Jay Lynch of Garbage Pail Kids fame has died at 72
Artist Jay Lynch, of Garbage Pail Kids fame, dead at 72
Do you have a favorite Bazooka Joe comic? Jay Lynch, who drew the comics for decades, has died. https…
RIP Jay Lynch, artist of the great Cabbage Patch Kids. Loved the panic it caused in the 80s, something true art sho…
R.I.P., Jay Lynch...I've always liked this comic of him and Robert Crumb visiting *** Tracy artist Chester Gould...
with Dr. Jay Lynch, assistant dean of at the University of Florida College of Medicine.
If you are in need of nicknames:. Luke Clark - Clarkes the shoe shop. Jimmy Hodge - Hedge hog . Jay Lynch - Jaylo?
... and it's duly 1-1, as Richard Marshall sends Jay Lynch the wrong way with the spot-kick (60').
60- Richard Marshall slams the penalty into the bottom right hand corner, sending Jay Lynch the wrong way in the process. 1-1
29- Smart cross from Marshall taken well by Salford keeper Jay Lynch
Edge work with stunt doubles Jay Lynch, Craig Hunter and Dean Bailey!
So, as many of you know, the Oak Leaf Pub is going through some crazy times. I do have a solution to some of the existing problems, and I need your help. I cannot talk about it publicly on FB, but some of you are already aware of the ongoing issues. Contact me as soon as you can if you want to get in on my "solution": Brian Iokepa, Wendy Clemens McLendon, Celina May Bustamante Schneider, Cooper Albright, Blake Livelier, Russell Strange, Michele Goracke, Cammie Clark, Cara Mae, Amber Toots Eagle, Ashraf Kheir, Nick Jarvis, Alex Kheir, Andy Lynch, Jay Lynch, Luke Brammell, Tricia Brammell, Joshua Visocsky, Nicole Marie, Ashley Frandle, Phillip Simanowitz, and anyone else who wants to jump on board. Thank you :)
Resurrection Radio welcomes Jay Lynch coming to us live from Poasttown Elementary School during the "Para Tour" with Keith Age and Steven LaChance! Who knows who else will be there to jump on this interview? This show will be exciting to say the least!
I saw PIL in Dallas maybe 1988, with my friends Gary Grace and Steve Burleson, from Jonesboro, Arkansas. We were all in various states of disorientation; I can't even tell you, it was too extreme. (Portions of my life seem like a William S. Burroughs or a Hunter Thompson incident.) It was an amazing show. They opened on a darkened stage playing an instrumental cover of Led Zepplin's Kashmir. The bass player was on some headless thing, maybe a Chapman Stick. It was freaking outstanding. Johnny was shouting at the audience, "Yaw not FOE-KING Punks! Yew are all a bunch of FOGGING POO-ZIES! Yew doan even know the MEANING of the wehd PUNK!" Everyone in the mosh pit had paper cups of beer and they were trying to smash Johnny in the face with one. I can honestly say I smashed Johnny Lydon in the chest with a paper cup of Budweiser. Life is an amazing trip. H/T Jay Lynch
I just found out the news that yet another friend from my college days has passed this week. I hate to share the news on FB for those who do not know yet, so I apologize. "Wizard" (Jay Lynch) was a very funny, unique, audacious, cool guy. Always generous, always speaking his truth and making me laugh. I recall so many good times hanging out with him in the basement suite "cheers" at Stonehill. I cannot believe he is gone. The world sometimes seems so upside down. You will be missed Wiz. So much.
A new OTTO book from Frank Cammuso and Jay Lynch in August from . MORE OTTO YES.
Bradley Jr I sent you a friend request on Jay Lynch, accept it & talk to me! You was my Stepfather at one...
From Mitzi Spicer Gilliam, our PR Director - who has been having some technical difficulties: "What a wonderful investigation at Bear's (Baer's) Mill Greenville OH. We with S.T.A.R.S. Paranormal not only got some fab evidence, but many personal experiences! Jenna Price Harleman had quite an experience on the stairwell...I actually had a frightening experience myself! We were blessed to have an actual descendent of the Behr/Hershey families; Kara Neff Didier, that was able to join us. Teresa & Jay Lynch from Hindsight, Brian from DIG paranormal and myself had a unbelievable flashlight session. The night was so full, not just inside but outside as well! This is such an active place, its just hard to take it all in. There is just so much; this one will take some time. But we will definitly keep you updated. By the way you can catch the Darke County Advocate and just maybe the Troy Daily News for full story On S.T.A.R.S. investigation.We would also like to thank not only Bears Mill, but all those who made it ...
My friend Jay Lynch thinks I could make a million bucks, if I actually published this book. (Only problem is, it would be PR people who would buy it!) It would be both parody and truth. To become immune to PR, we need to study the elements of rhetoric: LOGOS, PATHOS, and ETHOS, the knowledge, and skillful practice of which is a necessary part of citizenship.
Posted on the behalf of Jay Lynch by Matrix Tours in association with VRGuild LLC. Property information should be verified independently.
Jay Lynch and Tim Ream asking for a wage increase lolololol
What are you doing tonight? You could be investigating our "Paranormal Alma Mater"!!! Thats right!! Poasttown Elementary School is open for bookings everyday of the week!! With most weekends already being booked up into October there are week days available!!! It's still only $20 per person with a $100 minimum for a Private Night!! Come and find out for yourself why this location has hosted Mid-Ohio ParaCon, and several others! It is also featured in The Booth Brothers "Children Of The Grave II"!! And has also resently been seen on the Bio. Channels "My Ghost Story"!! If you wish to book the school please contact Darrell Whisman, Teresa Lynch, Jay Lynch, or HindSight Paranormal Investigations!! OR, you can also now book through our web page at!! There is even a calander showing you all the available dates!!! Come check us out and add your teams name to the growing list of "Paranormal Alumnist"!!!
Garbage Pail Kids, the loveable, fun, strange sticker trading product that we all know and love. The original run of Garbage Pail Kids was produced by Topps between 1985 and 1988. Creators like Art Spiegelman, Mark Newgarden, John Pound, Jay Lynch, Tom Bunk, James Warhola and Howard Cruse helped Top...
Jay Lynch made the Manchester evening news AND my year book
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