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Jay Leno

James Douglas Muir Jay Leno (born April 28, 1950) is an American stand-up comedian and television host.

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If Anyone Continues To Watch The Tonight Show then we know Jay Leno will be just as good as Johnny Carson
Jay Leno finds out what true power is when he rides in the 2,500 HP powered Hemi Under Glass with Bob Riggle
Wow! Jay Leno took a Ride! Rolled it! So sad to see a classic car wreck like that!
[OT] Jay Leno rides in 2,500 HP car annndd he flips.
If you haven't seen Jay Leno go for a roll in this Barracuda, you need to spend a few minutes to watch.
I liked a video Louis CK tells Jay Leno the story of his most terrifying flight
I liked a video Bob Riggle's crash with Jay Leno without the editing magic
Watch as they breath new life into this 1967 Fairline on Jay Leno's Garage.
Jay Leno went for a ride in a 2500HP wheelie car and it flipped.:
Great car for any garage! - Jay Leno welcomes the Boss 429 Mustang to his garage
Love old school muscle? Check out the 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 that just rumbled into Jay Leno's Garage!
The star of this episode of "Jay Leno's Garage" is a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429, which has been completely restored to beautiful fac...
Y'all remember when hulk hogan slapped Jay Leno on the Tonight Show and he challenged hogan to that tag match at Road Wild? Realest ever
Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon havin' a fun time on The Tonight Show
Jay Leno, whose two stints hosting “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” totaled 21 years, is coming to the ABT for 2 pe…
And now look how he looks at her 💕 - on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno - May 6, 2004.
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Courteney & Matthew making out on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1997. 🔥
You'll be great Robert! Loved Driven. Chelsea saw you on Jay Leno's show taping in Burbank with Pavarotti.
5 Minute Talk Show with Jay Leno... we believe in keeping the jokes and nixing the rest.
Unveil this Saturday at the Petersen Automotive Museum & watch Franco & Damiano on Jay Leno's Garage June 15-CNBC.
👍🏻 have fun living with president George W. Bush, Jim Tressel, and Jay Leno
Great video of Jay Leno's '67 Ford Fairlane. A beauty!
Jay Leno is not a guy who likes change. He eats the same food every da...
Prince The Work, pt 1 and The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Keeping good company..My '71 D series Citroen is White, Jay Leno's is red and Francis Ford Coppola has a black one, ht…
no Jay Leno schooled on racism on bill's show. If it were another show, CK would have BEEN cut off✊🏽
Join us tonight at 10 PM for a very special re-airing of "Jay Leno: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize". Click...
Rachel McAdams, Jeff Bezos, Jay Leno, Seal, DL Hughley, and Shania Twain have all worked at McDondald's.
Detroit Bold at the Forgotten Harvest's 24th Annual Comedy Night featuring Jay Leno! We're unveiling our new Detroi…
Hot Shot for Jessica Simpson's silly spices on Jay Leno
Jay Leno, Karl Malone, David Arquette(Drew Carey got in, so why not) I also believe Flo Rida is going in
according to history, Ray Combs is to Richard Dawson as Conan O'Brien is to Jay Leno. Think about it.
John Boehner went on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno and insulted millions of conservatives nationwide.
Jay Leno has one more performance at Fallsview Casino tonight! A few tix left!.
Need Fri night plans? Jay Leno will be at Fallsview Casino!.
Only a few tix left for Jay Leno at Fallsview Casino tonight & tomorrow!.
I still think should've included Jay Leno, Matt LeBlanc and maybe Patrick Dempsey (should've been Paul Walker but RIP)
yeah but so is Jay Leno's (from my hometown) so that evens it out. Oh and Julian Moore's grandparents were my granda's tenants
tune in to watch Jimmy continue to morph into Jay Leno and interview Count Chocula as HE morphs into something the GOP can swallow
I liked a video Anna Nicole Smith The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
lol everything. Politics, pop culture, UNLV football, I get great guests, Bill Maher, William Shatner, Jay Leno. Try listening
What Johnny Carson and Jay Leno did for Late Night. Both Number 1 ratings. Not David Letterman. James Burrows for network sitcoms.
Jay Leno checks out an intricately-restored, 100-year-old fire truck: Video: On the latest episode...
Kermit the Frog actress Jenna Elfman during an interview with host Jay Leno on November 12 1996
Jay Leno attends NATPE 2015 at Fontainebleau Miami Beach on January 21, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida
In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network,Trump said, "I believe in god." But of course he was talking about Himself.―Jay Leno
Actor Tom Arnold during an interview with host Jay Leno on February 3, 1997 --
calls it his lucky suit. Apparently, Phil Spector wanted to borrow it. —Jay Leno
next republican debate on March 21, 2016. Can you have moderator of Meygan Kelly, Pierce Morgan, Jay Leno & Rosie O Donnell.
Tony Danza and Jay Leno during 38th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pas
That joke about the state of California and Jay Leno's chin
Do you have any idea how cheap stocks are? Wall Street is now being called Wall Mart Street' — Jay Leno
Comedian Dennis Miller and Ross the Intern during an interview with host Jay Leno on May 25, 2007
Ross the Intern, musical guest Dwight Yoakam, host Jay Leno and comedian Dennis Miller on May 25, 20
You passion may be stand-up comedy, but your skill set may be better suited for small engine repair. No sweat. Go work for Jay Leno. #
Today in 1977, Jay Leno made first appearance as a stand-up comedian on 'The Tonight Show.'
Ask if she has been 'noodling' like she announced in both Anderson Cooper show and Jay Leno show. How was the noodling?
Take a look at what comedian Jay Leno has in his garage.
You had a Rocky Dennis meets Jay Leno lovechild thing going on around 15 second mark...uncanny..lmao
Come buy a gorgeous cat bowl designed by celebs Betty White, Jay Leno and Elaine Hendrix at
Jay Leno, Slam Dunk champ Zach LaVine, Lee Brower, and The 4 Levels of Gratitude in this edition. Check it out.
in 2016, comedian Jay Leno plays the Mirage.⚓️
Jay Leno, comedian and TV host, is 35 Mars years old today!
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld during an interview with host Jay Leno on September 18, 1996 --
Guest host Jay Leno with Doug Phelps, Richard Young, Fred Young, Greg Martin and Ricky Lee Phelps of
Congratulations to Johnny Hernandez from Las Vegas, our Jay Leno - 2/26/16 winner!
Just had my mind blown... This whole time I thought Jimmy Fallon was Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno was Jimmy Fallon... Everyda…
w Jay Leno and Julia Louis-Dreyfus . One of my all time highlights.
I am a big car enthusiast. I totally understand guys like Jay Leno who have...
Actor Robin Williams, host Jay Leno during an interview on December 22, 1998 --
Jay Leno performs on stage at Sands Event Center on August 10, 2012 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Watching Collison Course. A hidden gem with the dearly departed Pat Morita and Jay Leno.
Jay Leno during The 3rd Annual American Teacher Awards Presented by the Walt Disney Company at Panta
Jay Leno and wife Mavis Nicholson Leno attend the taping of 'The Merv Griffin Show' on September 26,
Watching old clips of David Letterman talk about Jay Leno on YouTube. Merciless, hilarious. Miss you Dave.
Jay Leno goes berserk in James Garner's off-road Olds via
2015 Tanom Invader - Jay Leno's Garage: Take a ride with Jay in this high performance, Suzuki Hayabusa-engined...
Jay Leno during 29th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards at Universal Amphitheatre in Universal C
Jay Leno and Ian Callum on the Mille Miglia with jdclassics in the Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar XK120…
Jay Leno joins the dark side with car.
Leno drives a Honda S600 that could murder your Miata
Seriously. That Jay Leno joke is funny af
You cant stay mad at somebody who makes you laugh. Jay Leno
Performing at the Tonight Show with Jay leno, March 12 2007!
Soup is just a way of screwing you out a meal- Jay Leno
Jay Leno checks out restomod WWII vet Power Wagon:
She's a good girl with a couple of bad habits
"You cannot be maa at so,ebody who makcs you laugh,it's as simelp am that." Jay Leno
Seeing your loved ones put away is something that scars you forever..
I've been watching Jay Leno's garage since 9:00
"The reason there are two senators for each stat is so jhat one can be the designated driver." Jay Leno
Mac will roast you if you look like jay leno or not. It don't matter.
Jay Leno joins the dark side with Darth Vader's car
"You cansot be mad at somebody who makes you laugh,it's as simple as that.: Jay Leno
My mom just confused Jared Leto with Jay Leno. Merry Christmas.
Because it's pretty long as it goes away half Jay Leno chin!
"If you don't want your dog to have bad breath, do what I do: Pour a little. Lavoris in the toilet.". -- Jay Leno
For some reason half of my chin has doubled in size. I look like I'm trying to impersonate Jay Leno, but I'm not fully committed to it.
I have a script with Craig T Nelson's twin brother out for revenge and Jay Leno as Tony Costas ready for polish
Star wars is cool I'm sure but I'm watching Jay Leno and Pat Morita in Collision Coarse.
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