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Jay Leno

James Douglas Muir Jay Leno (born April 28, 1950) is an American stand-up comedian and television host.

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Corey Feldman, Jay Leno talk about comedian Sam Kinison in the "I Am Sam Kinison" Documentary Trailer
here's my vote for a TV sitcom with Mike Rowe, Tim Allen and Jay Leno was competing neighbors! Laugh…
Thank you David Letterman, Conan Obrien, Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live and all the great people I have gotten to work wit…
Jay Leno shows his Buffalo Niagara fandom at the 6:35 mark in this video!
Hudson Valley native Jay Leno will be returning home to perform Saturday night.
Congrats to the 'Mark Twain Prize' winners, Jay Leno & David Letterman:.
Watters is just an O'reilly hand selected Jay Leno on the street, Judge Jeanine mouth Spe…
Just like George Lopez hates Jay Leno. I hate Aislinn Paul with a passion! She's of
Theresa May is what would happen if you turned Jay Leno into an English woman, removing half his jaw and all his charisma in the process
On the day that The Tonight Show debuted, here's The Late Shift, the TV movie about the battle between Jay Leno and…
on his influences . "I remember seeing Jay Leno on the Merv Griffin show, I sneaked out of my room to watch Carson’s monologue"
Rock Calendar 9-27-08: NBC announces that 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno would be succeeded by Conan O'Brien in 2009.
Reminds me of old Jay Leno joke: "the way the high school girls dress nowadays, doesn't leave much for the hookers to wear".
Robin William funniest interview with Jay Leno via
Still remember Rosie Perez explaining to Jay Leno that Puerto Rico is part of the US. . 20 years ago. . Maddening.
Because maybe Jay Leno loves cars... maybe Mark doesn't. Have we assessed his entire income to see where the bulk o…
Jimmy Kimmel says he's 'made peace' with Jay Leno and it's all because of his newborn son
Figured out why Jay Leno's getting the Mark Twain Prize. Mark Twain Prize committee wants us to know they can be funny, to…
Kimmel has revealed his long-simmering feud with Jay Leno has been squashed, all thanks to his three-month-old son.
Jimmy Kimmel reveals what ended his feud with Jay Leno
Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno haven't always had the nicest things to say about each other, but that's all changed:
When is Jay Leno going to accept Mark Cuban as his son?
I added a video to a playlist Jay Leno's Headlines - 1997 (Part 1 of 2)
Did you catch Jay Leno's Garage on Wed? Watch the full episode where a van is donated.
I added a video to a playlist Jay Leno at 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner
In case anyone missed this on Jay Leno's Garage.
Jay Leno takes an in depth look at the Toyota FT-1 Concept. Would you drive one?
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - Jay Leno's Garage: Check out the full video here:
I liked a video Brie Larson's Career Kicked Off with a Sketch for Jay Leno's Tonight Show
turned on CNBC to watch Shark Tank today & saw a commercial for Jay Leno's Garage with special guest Papa John. Triggered.
Has Howard ever seen or discussed the radio movie "American Hot Wax" about Alan Freed staring Fran Drescher and Jay Leno?
John Wiedeman told a great story about Jay Leno doing a free show for employees who lost their jobs [full episode]:
July 23, 2013: Selena appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Los Angeles, California
Legendary Comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno joined us live on The Drive with Steve Jaxon this week...
OJ Simpson's first words out of prison: "How is The Tonight Show with Jay Leno doing in ratings?"
Girl, with that chin you look like Jay Leno in drag. You ain't melting anything but *** of dudes tryin…
Jerry Seinfeld on The People v. O.J. Simpson - Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Oh god a woman at my work is wearing a Tonight Show with Jay Leno shirt help
Le blanc is good he would be much better suited with Jay Leno reviewing classics, all the charm has gone just…
performing Jesus Is Just Alright on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in November ’93.
Behind the scenes 📷 of before his big race with Jay Leno. What TV show should WaterCar be on next?...
Old Jay Leno quote: 'Why do you never see a headline that says: Psychic wins lottery' came to mind. Not…
I always wondered how Jay Leno found people who had no clue about US History.
Tune in to Jay Leno's Garage tonight at 10pm EST (7pm PST) to see the go around the track.
I liked a video Conan sidekick Andy Richter TRASHES JAY LENO in tell-all interview - Howard Stern
Jay Leno as 'chill' everyone deserves to die.
Jay Leno is coming to my house soon? Look out for the vlog!
Central Texas News: Jay Leno's steam-powered car makes it up mountain
The 9 coolest signatures of famous people throughout history
Watching Jay Leno's Garage. Does anyone else think is adorable??
News stories largely seem to be: "Look how dumb the other side is!" Journalism has been reduced to Leno's Jay Walking segme…
Get ready to laugh your aces off - takes the Aces of Comedy stage this Friday! Get your tix:
I think I'm standing next to jay leno lol
Remember when Obama denigrated special needs kids on the Jay Leno show? Since Obama is so smart, that was intentional, right?
The host of looks like the British love child of Ed Sullivan and Jay Leno
Jay Leno has had enough of the wave of President Donald J. Trump haters on late's why the former...
Jay Leno learns how to drift, an under-the-radar sport where drivers can make tons of money - CNBC
One sister: ew I hate jay Leno he's growing out his hair . Other sister: ew he looks like he got ran over by a bus
"The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one cad ee the designated driver." Jay Leno
Look at that invincible jaw. It's like if Jay Leno were handsome as ***
It's President George W. Bush's birthday! Watch him discuss post-presidential life with
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jay Leno as the Joker in the Dark Knight. "Wanna know how I got these carsss?"
Trump needs to watch Jack Benny, Jack Parr, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, old SNLs, etc (all stand-up c…
everyone is partying at the lake and I am sitting at home watching Jay Leno's Garage on tv lmao
I added a video to a playlist 1991 Lamborghini Diablo - Jay Leno's Garage
Prince "The Everlasting Now" (7/15/02) on Jay Leno. "If u should die b4 u wake, U got any last request 2 make?" 💜 http…
Why does my Joe Pesci impression sound more like Jay Leno?
I've decided the reason I don't like Jay Leno is cause he reminds me of Buddy Garrity from FNL.
Jay Leno: Can we try some of these? Let's take her for a ride, see how she goes - Keanu's ridin…
*Jay Leno monologue voice*. "You know with all the nazis popping up these days it might be time to change Washington DC to Washington Marvel"
I saw Norm Macdonald and Jay Leno live in the early 90's and both did fantastic narrative comedy.
Why is Jay Leno still cracking jokes from 1992 on his current stand-up tour? Review of Leno at Rosemont Theatre:…
Life is good when Keanu Reeves, Gard Hollinger and Jay Leno are part of your ride.
Kind of like the Carson Tonight Show, then Jay Leno at 10 o'clock.
St. Louis Arch, Missouri. In 2004, Professional basketball player Allen Iverson said in an interview with Jay Leno "The…
David Letterman's Feud with Jay Leno: New Biography Reveals the Legendary Host was 'Seething with Unhap… via
Get Tim Allen and Jay Leno involved in the marketing of this
Check out this vintage 1955 Bel Air 2-Door Coupe, courtesy of Jay Leno!
Brian Gillis invites Fred Savage, Jay Leno & Doc to a table on the stage
Leroy Jenkins and Richard Simmons in one week? Jay Leno thinks you rip off Howard too often.
The has announced its summer lineup. It includes Jay Leno, Hunter Hayes, Mary Chapin Carpenter & more: htt…
After SO many years of being lost, we finally have Aaliyah's performance of 'Try Again' on Jay Leno. This is RARE as fuc…
Play to find out who you are, I am Jay Leno!
Written for The Tonight Show for Jay Leno, The Academy Awards for Billy Crystal & was part the Texas Outlaw Comics…
1977 1st time Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show.
Today in TV History 📺 2010. Jay Leno returned to The Tonight Show after NBC cancelled his 10pm show. .
Inviting Sturgill on his podcast is like Jay Leno saying, U can't be on the Tonight Show but you can drive cars with me on CNBC
2010 - Jay Leno returned as host to NBC's "Tonight Show."
Television host and comedian Jay Leno is photographed for Los Angeles Times on January 28 2014 in Bu
Jim Carrey helps Rodney Dangerfield celebrate his 80th birthday on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'
Talk show host Conan O'Brien appears on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' at the NBC Studios on Septe
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Flashback Friday: Dixie Chicks performing 'Cowboy Take Me Away' on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 2000.
Bring back Jay Leno. He was the most respectful & funniest late night show host.Don't watch any of the blundering dopes they have now.
anytime i hear it reminds me of johnny talking about swag with Ross on Jay Leno show 😂😂
Everyone make sure you turn on NBC now and watch Luke perform on the Jay Leno show!
"My point to you is that Jay Leno betrayed America when he left The Tonight Show."
have fun with it. Redo the whole show into a political comedy to reflect both how we feel & that it works. Jay Leno style.
That time my "How to Freak Dance" video was featured on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno featuring Chi Szeto
I've just watched episode S2017E11 of Jay Leno's Garage!
Anyone know where I can watch old eps of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?
Your show also introduced us to other stars like George Clooney, Jay Leno, & John Popper.
Aubrey Dayle from David Letterman and Jay Leno show brings his experience to
I wouldn't know. Haven't watched the night show since Jay Leno.
Great start to the The Rental Show with Jay Leno!
At the ARA Rental Show getting ready to hear Jay Leno.
It's a BIG day at It's keynote session day with Jay Leno and the opening of the trade show! Here's today'…
This was Emma Stone's first time on Jay Leno. I briefly worked with her on her first TV show. She's a rocket.…
Serious suggestion, you should come on Kapil Sharma Show, Like Obama came on Jay Leno ! Have a healthy discussion
TIL Jay Leno is not good at driving Robosaurus - which sounds like a mad lib but is not
"The reasfn thele are two senators cor each state is so that one can be the designated driver." Jay Leno
Catch Larry David, Jay Leno, Jonathan Katz and more on tues 5pm
Larry David, Jay Leno, Jonathan Katz and more join me tues 5PM on
I liked a video from Beyond the Battle with Jay Leno & Craig Ferguson | Lip Sync Battle
In this pic, Mayer looks like if Jay Leno & Erik Estrada had a baby
Lee did an excellent job interviewing Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson. Watch here:
Next week the FUNNIEST episode I think of as Jay Leno takes on Craig Ferguson. Laughs a plenty then!
It's days like today Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson and the ghost of Johnny Carson must regret not having an evening monologue...
The Arvizos were known to be extortionists,they hustled celebs like Jay Leno, Chris tucker,George Lopez etc
Jay Leno calls O-D to reach out to ticket scam victim I missed a crazy Monday at the office!
Last year Jay Leno asked if I'm a comedian & I said, "I'm aspiring to be one." Never would I think in 2016 I would…
*Jay Leno voice* Richard Hatch is in the news, did you hear this...
Free ticket alert for 12 Days of Christmas giveaway - Jay Leno, anyone?
Ray Comfort is a comedian for fundamentalist Christian. He's like Jay Leno doing jaywalking. Who rebuys Jay Leno?!.
Jay Leno is celebrated by Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin Eubanks & more tonight at 7:30 on "Jay Leno: The Mark Twain Prize."
"A friend also got Jay Leno to sign a copy of PET SEMETARY"
Jay Leno, Kevin Nealon, Gabriek Iglesias and Second City among comedy offerings this spring!
Kennedy Center’s “Signature Comedy Series” in 2017 includes performances by Jay Leno, Gabriel Iglesias and Kevin Nealon.
If Dan Quayle, Chao and Gingrich are back in the news, maybe Jay Leno should get back into Late Night TV. Everything old is…
When are the next two contestants performing? When will it be Craig Ferguson v.s Jay Leno?
I liked a video Van Damme on Jay Leno (Universal Soldier) Part 2
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