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Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby (born James Gatz) is the title character of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby.

Daisy Buchanan Nick Carraway Tom Buchanan Jack Dawson Long Island Jordan Belfort New York West Egg Jordan Baker Robert Redford Great Gatsby East Egg Jazz Age Carey Mulligan Christian Grey Meyer Wolfsheim Green Lantern Lake Superior

The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack makes me feel like I'm either at one of Jay Gatsby's grand parties
is the awesome love child of Jay Gatsby and Jordan Belfort
Chuck Bass and Jay Gatsby are such similar characters
when bae gets emotional about Jay Gatsby's death :)
Leonardo DiCaprio was born to play Jay Gatsby
Took a picture with Jay Gatsby himself by a Christmas tree on NYE 🎄
necro-romantic: jay gatsby is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too pure for this world 
I will be Jay Gatsby one day. Sooner then later.
It's like Jay Gatsby throwing all his silk shirts on the bed for Daisy. "See everything I've done? No? See? See? See?"
I want a jay gatsby in my life... :((
I'll be Jay Gatsby if you'll be Daisy.
actually there is 7 but only 6 are on Netflix
"I can't describe to you how surprised I was to find out I loved her, old sport." - Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby is my son... Let that sink in
I'm 5 and a half seasons's one of the greats
I liked a video The Great Gatsby Soundtrack - No Church in the Wild - Jay Z
Forever wanting Jay Gatsby's house, and monogram.
jay gatsby more like ayyy gatsby am I right
The Great Gatsby is a good movie but I still don't understand what jay gatsby did for a living
Tyler Jay Gatsby just won a game against Mario Morales in Trivia Crack! 6-0 lol sorry babe
Watching the Great Gatsby for the first time... Jay Z's music makes the entire soundtrack..
Jay z was the music producer for the Great Gatsby which is why all the songs in the movie are 👍
I'm watching Great Gatsby... So much Jay Z? Why? It ruins the story.
I'm re watching the Great Gatsby and I love that they chose Jay Z's greatest hits as the soundtrack
Jay z throughout the Great Gatsby is a great touch
All this Jay Z music in the Great Gatsby is HILARIOUS!
Watching "The Great Gatsby" for the 1st time and ya'll weren't lying about the random *** Jay-z songs that show up in this movie.
Jay gatsby you could have my heart. 💘
I am literally Jay Gatsby in this situation
Jay Gatsby really died over some girl smh”
“Want a boy to love me like Jay Gatsby loves Daisy” and I want a Big Mac like the ones in the commercial…
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Aaron Rodgers was waiting for Jay Gatsby to send Nick Carraway to retrieve him from Daisy Buchanan's dock.
Lois Wilson as Daisy Buchanan and Warner Baxter as Jay Gatsby in the lost 1926 version of "The Great
I will not settle for anything less than how obsessed and in love Jay Gatsby is with Daisy Buchanan. That's relationship goals
Everyone would like a Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan kind of relationship
Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan! Sorry boys shes my little sister so dont even look at her! You're beautuful baby sis:) …
For every Jay Gatsby there's a Daisy Buchanan. Let that sit.
I want someone to love me like Jay Gatsby loves Daisy Buchanan.
When he takes the role of Jay Gatsby, Calvin Candie, or Jordan Belfort, hes richer than rich
Video: Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan | Love is Blindness Let’s si I am going to learn Spanish on accident...
Life goals: find someone who loves me as much as Jay Gatsby love Daisy Buchanan 😭
way to a girls heart: treat her like Jay Gatsby treats Daisy Buchanan
Thanks for being the Jay Gatsby to my Daisy Buchanan 🌟 @ ✨AEX Gatsby Formal ✨
I'm going to write a 10,000 word essay addressed to people who don't think Nick Carraway was in love with Jay Gatsby
Sometimes I'm Jay Gatsby. But most of the time, I'm Nick Carraway
wish I could pull a jay gatsby and leave everyone here and become a billionaire
Lol at the only thing I'm 100% sure I got right on my chem final was the bonus question on who shot Jay Gatsby.
Jay Gatsby has got me feeling some type of way in english class.. 😍
The Great Gatsby & Zombies: Nick and Owl Eyes team up to rescue Daisy from a hungry and lustful Jay Gatsby
At first it sounds weird thinking that Jay-z is on the soundtrack for Gatsby but he was dope
This annoys me so much. Jay Gatsby was on the edge of Lake Superior at that age, collecting shells and fishing
Seeing that green dot on gchat makes me feel so Jay Gatsby creeping on Daisy
Jay Gatsby, says Nick Carraway, looks like he could be from the Lower East Side.
It's a little like Jay Gatsby seeking Daisy Buchanan... 😉 . Some girls you don't forget
Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway in clothing by Brooks Brothers
one of literature's most famous best-friend duos: Jay Gatsby and his loyal sidekick Nick Carraway . "best friends: ok
Above all, a huge KUDOS to Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby for the spot on impersonations.
He also played Jay Gatsby in THE Great Gatsby on PLAYHOUSE 90.
“I want someone to look at me like Jay Gatsby looks at Daisy Buchanan
I relate to Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan but Holden Caulfield is my spirit animal in literature tbh
Jay Gatsby, Daisy get the name.
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"I lose the respect I had for you if you cheat or help someone cheat" Tom Buchanan, Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway
The love story between Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan is far from perfect but the way he looks at her is how every woman wis…
Nick Carraway: You can't repeat the past. . Jay Gatsby: Can't repeat the past? . NC: No... . JG: Why, of course you can... of course you can.
Jay Gatsby lived near what is now Sands Point and Tom Buchanan lived by Port Washington
Latest Book News... Are you Jane Eyre, Jay Gatsby or Aslan? Take our literary quiz and find out
Larger than life and often described as a real life Jay Gatsby, Gianni was the definition of style for an e…
Couple of people I met tonight really thought my name is Jay Gatsby because of my instagram lmaoo!
“I'm Jay Gatsby and you're my Daisy 🌚”same
I'm still not over how people thought Jay Gatsby was sweet & romantic not crazy & obsessive
The character of Jay Gatsby just makes me really sad. In a good way.
Green is to Jay Gatsby as red is to Don Draper
I'm watching The Great Gatsby movie for the first time & I'm completely confused as to why so many Jay-Z songs are in the movie 😂😂😂😂
I set the Beyoncè/Jay-Z concert to record and it recorded Great Gatsby instead. Biggest. Disappointment. Ever.
I feel like I finally fully understand the character of Jay Gatsby.
Jay Gatsby: I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love...
Just give me a guy like Jay Gatsby, a guy who desperately loves me , who'd do anything for me 😍😩.
I wish I could have thrown a "jay gatsby" themed party at my old house. To go out with a BANG
i really like that class and my teacher looks like Jay Gatsby
today I did the best drawing in the world in lit, Jay Gatsby looks fine
i just watched The Great Gatsby and pls why did i see Jay Z as an exec producer.the fact his songs were in it made no sense
Christian Grey and Jay Gatsby could promise me the moon but oh Mr. Dawson, sweet Dawson, he promises everlasting love ❤️
A shrink would have a field day with a person like Jay Gatsby.
Whose ready to party with Jay Gatsby 🔱
There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice. @ Jay Gatsby's Palace
Did Jay Gatsby wear Orange accessories? Don't remember that bit. Have a great time both :-)
i bet u go to cafes and place your order under fake names. "What's your name?" "Gatsby. Jay Gatsby."
EXCUSE ME CLASS while I cry at how PERFECT Leonardo is as Jay Gatsby. ✨
If I don't wake up again, y'all better come to my funeral. I'm not going out like Jay Gatsby.
My question: is related to Nick Caraway and do you know Jay Gatsby?
Contrary to belief dude if you wear "I'm Jay Gatsby" shirt every other day. You are *** far from being Jay Gatsby.
Jay Gatsby and Jack Dawson should star in a movie together
Jay Gatsby is so cute when it comes meeting Daisy Buchanan 😂💕 lol I love The Great Gatsby 😌
Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. Similar to the outfit of Dj and Kath.
From Jack Dawson to Jay Gatsby. He did a really hard work. 👍
Strongly convinced that no man has ever/will ever love a woman as madly and as passionately as Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan.
I want a live like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan
If anybody ever loves me the way Jay Gatsby loves Daisy Buchanan I will die a happy girl
love me like Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan
it's about millionaire Jay Gatsby, who was obsessed for the beautiful former debutante Daisy Buchanan
why settle for Tom Buchanan when you could have Jay Gatsby
Thank you for being my Nick Carraway to my Jay Gatsby, and Daisy Buchanan, real life situation.
You wouldn't exactly have Jay Gatsby running after Daisy Buchanan shouting "Bae"
I wish I were one of the three following people: (keep in mind two dont exist). 1. Jordan Belfort. 2. Jay Gatsby. 3. Rigby from Regular Show
Watching Zero Dark Thirty for the first time. Can't get over the fact that Jason Clarke killed Jay Gatsby. POS
I like to think of Kyo as Jay Gatsby as am I Nick Carraway because of the premise of The Great Gatsby.
for new money Jay Gatsby house. FAV for old money Tom Buchanan house.
I like the story someone made up of Jack Dawson surviving the sinking of the Titanic and becoming rich Jay Gatsby.
If you mixed Jay Gatsby and Willie Robertson together, you'd have me. A little country, a little classy, and a lot of rowdy.
I should not have bragged on myself this morning because my newly discovered adulthood has already faltered a bit. Listening to iTunes while floating around by myself in my parents' pool this afternoon, I was draped over a raft with my back to the sky when my music library got to a song I had downloaded when I taught a unit on the Jazz Age. "Ain't She Sweet" began to play, and all I could think of was Jay Gatsby's back rising from the water of his pool when George Wilson shot him. It was creepy even in the three o'clock sun. One bright spot is that I can swim much faster than I realized. I got to my phone to change the song pretty darn quickly.
Jay Gatsby & Jordan Belfort sufferred from the same incurable disease , excess. In life I wanna be content.
Wrote about my *** Jay Gatsby & Lieutenant Henry from farewell to arms
You are Daisy Buchanan and I'm Jay Gatsby. How is this relatable? I was the one who got hurt in the end.
This is the Long Island Sound. The original "Gold Coast" Home of the Astors , Vanderbilts, Guggenheims, and are you ready ...Daisy Buchanan( The big white house. The funny looking round things are "East Egg" and "West Egg". Jay Gatsby ( the Great Gatsby) would look towards and over the sound, where the flashing green light beckon him to his only love Daisy. ( or was it just plain lust for another man's woman) I was so meant to be rich and live in those times. I would have been the original 1% elitist to max. ( tea party anyone ?) IT STILL IS BEAUTIFUL .Wow to have a house lke that, I would probably fill it with the homeless though and have parties every night LOL
Someone love me like Jay Gatsby loves Daisy Buchanan.
I wish someone looked at me the way that Jay Gatsby looked at Daisy Buchanan
I would love a relationship like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. You know, without all the drama and death.
At last night's literary costume shindig. We attempted Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. I give us a 6 out of 10.
Okay Calvin J. Candie in 1858 is a millionaire slave driver who dies from a gun shot of Dr. King Schultz. He then comes back as Jack Dawson off the titanic in 1912 as a bum who wins a ticket and falls in love with a girl named Rose. Never actually dies and changes his name to Jay Gatsby and goes from bum to a millionaire but still the curse lives on and he falls in love with another flower girl named Daisy. All of this would later turn out to be a dream within a dream and in 1954 he wakes up on a place called shutter island investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding nearby being him all along. In his current life he has become the wolf of Wall Street and just short of an oscar.
Of course the film I saw was the remake. I would like to see the original with Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby
Sometimes when tipsy I pretend willow is my East Egg and I am Jay Gatsby.
Come to the conclusion that Jay Gatsby as in the Great Gatsby is defo *** All he does is invite that fella on days out in his plane or car or to a bar. I mean ye wouldn't say no to a date with him but it's not the point really.
Jay Gatsby's letter to Daisy Buchanan will always be one of biggest mysteries to me. F. Scott, why?
Andrew and Ashley, aka Ed and Essie, dresses as Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan✌️
I want to live in a world where Jay Gatsby gets the girl and Tom Buchanan burns in ***
How does Jay Gatsby feel about comics? He is obsessed with the Green Lantern and I think he might get into Deadpool soon.
Jay Gatsby's favorite DC character is by far Green Lantern. His least favorite marvel character is Deadpool
"All I kept thinking about, over and over, was 'You can't live forever; you can't live forever." Jay Gatsby . F. Scott Fitzgerald
1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. If it's good enough for Jay Gatsby, it's good enough for me.
Himesh Reshammiya plays an angry young man from yesteryear in his new film. So he is Amitabh Bachchan. He's also a Southern superstar who only talks in badass one-liners. So he is also Rajinikanth. Beautiful women catfight for him and literally so, scratching, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding; so he could also be Rajesh Khanna. And he throws parties like Jay Gatsby, thus Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a special child.
We had a love like Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Meant to be, supposed to be...but we lost it.
How would you like to the live the life of Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby? Well these 5 supermodels had the chance to live in ultimate luxury in ‘The Lifestyle...
No one loves anyone as much as Jay Gatsby loves Daisy Buchanan
The first time Jay Gatsby see's Daisy Buchanan on the Great Gatsby = freaking priceless!
Dan Gilbert is to LeBron James as Jay Gatsby is to Daisy Buchanan
Daisy Buchanan: Well, I'm certainly glad to see you again. Jay Gatsby: I-I'm certainly glad to see you, as well.
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I love it. Although you're character is going to be better than Jay're Victoria one can touch you!
Jack Burden is to Willie Stark what Nick Carraway is to Jay Gatsby.
I can only hope someday someone thinks of me as Nick Carraway thinks of Jay Gatsby
“friendship goals Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby kind of friendship 👌😂
I wish I was Nick Carraway so I could live next door to Jay Gatsby and go to insane parties every night
Tom & Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, Nick there a more pitiable group of characters? All destroyed by their illusions of grandeur.
Wait, if is Jay Gatsby, that makes Nick Carraway and me Jordan Baker, right? (I don't play golf, though...)
Nick Carraway when he speaks of Jay Gatsby's Smile. . "He smiled understandingly-much. more than understandingly.
““Nobody really KNOWS me" so you're the ambiguous Jay Gatsby?”😂 nice comparison
A couple of my students ferociously insisted I read, "The Fault in Our Stars". I did...I laughed...I cried. I copied quotes from the book...which defines extraordinary literature bc Augustus Waters is now cemented in my mind along side Atticus Finch, Jay Gatsby, Tom Joad, Duane Moore, and Jamie Fraser!
Cam vicars is like the Jay Gatsby of parties at newton south.
Richard Nixon died 20 years ago today. John Farrell has a great piece on him as Jay Gatsby, that "iniquitous bounder"
Don't ever name your daughter Daisy because she'll just break somebody's heart whether it be Jay Gatsby or Benjamin Button 😢
The Great Gatsby is a 1925 novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald that follows a cast of characters living in the fictional town of West Egg on prosperous Long Island in the summer of 1922. The story primarily concerns the young and mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and his quixotic passion for the beautiful Daisy Buchanan. Considered to be Fitzgerald's magnum opus, The Great Gatsby explores themes of decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval, and excess, creating a portrait of the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties that has been described as a cautionary tale regarding the American Dream.[1][2]
The author F. Scott Fitzgerald used Arnold Rothstein as a model for Jay Gatsby's crooked associate Meyer Wolfsheim in the The Great Gatsby.
I feel like Arnie Grape comes out in every one of Leo DiCaprio's characters especially in Jack Dawson, Jay Gatsby and Jordan Belfort.
Adam thinks he is Jay Gatsby with all the random people in his crib
Saw Captain America today with Patrick and well.OMG! Loved it, loved it, loved it! I have become a fan of some super heroes ever since I finally saw The Avengers. I think you all know my favorite keeps Asgard safe and I have absolutely fallen in love with Ironman. I've always loved The Hulk since Lou Ferrigno brought him to life. Captain America has finally won my heart now. If you have the opportunity to go see this movie, please do. It's got crazy action, random hilarious comments that had me laughing out loud, Scarlett Johansson (and who doesn't like that beauty), Robert Redford who had me many years ago when he walked on the big screen as Jay Gatsby as well as Samuel L. Jackson who commands any scene he is in.It's fun and exciting and just overall enjoyment that has you always rooting for the good guy!! Great fun!
West Egg- new money- Jay Gatsby . East Egg- old money- Tom Buchanan. That's how I remembered it lol
If I was Tom Buchanan i would stab Jay Gatsby in the neck.
Alexander the Great, Ali, Bruce Lee, Jay Gatsby, Bruce Wayne all reached their peak at age 32.
Can success be disastrous? The world is littered with the carcasses of those who strove for success, only to find emptiness and despair. Relentlessly pursuing success can lead to death–as in the case of Jay Gatsby–or, more commonly, to disappointment and madness, as in the cases of Alexander the Great and Britney Spears. Success can have disastrous consequences. Jay Gatsby, the anti-hero of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, was a man motivated by his need to succeed. Jay Gatsby said that his goal was to win the love of Daisy, but he was really motivated by a more common American dream: money. Gatsby only loved Daisy because her voice sounded “like money.” His whole life was spent pursuing financial and social success. Nothing good came from his desire for success; instead, Gatsby died, and almost nobody attended his funeral. The case of Alexander the Great had similarly disastrous consequences. Conquering the known world was Alexander the Great’s main goal and he excelled at it. By his e ...
Well old sport, I just finished reading the short, 176 page (in EPUB format), 1925 novel _The Great Gatsby_ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, after first seeing the 2013 movie version staring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joel Edgerton, and Carey Mulligan and as Jay Gatsby, Tom Buchanan and Daisy Buchanan repectively and also the 1974 movie version staring Robert Redford, Sam Waterston, and Mia Farrow in those respective roles. Quite enjoyable. I liked some of the lines— "I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." "Every one suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine: I am one of the few honest people that I have ever known." "There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind" Time for a gin rickey.
I wanna be loved like Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan. 😍❤️
Affected parin ako kay Daisy Buchanan & Jay Gatsby. How can there be such a woman? :\
The green lights remind me of The Great Gatsby. Daisy Buchanan had a green light at the end of her pier and Jay Gatsby would stand at the water's edge and look at the light, longing for his lost love.
The Great Gatsby - Baz Luhrmann (Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton) An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's Long Island-set novel, where Midwesterner Nick Carraway is lured into the lavish world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Soon enough, however, Carraway will see through the cracks of Gatsby's nouveau riche existence, where obsession, madness, and tragedy await.
The Great Gatsby February 13 - February 16 Alabama Shakespeare Festival Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby" is the story of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, who passionately pursues the elusive Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into their world of obsession, greed and danger.
Description. This third film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic 1925 novel was one of the most hyped movies of the summer of 1974. Robert Redford stars as self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, who uses his vast (and implicitly ill-gotten) fortune to buy his way into Long Island society. Most of all, Gatsby wants to win back the love of socialite Daisy Buchanan (Mia Farrow), now married to "old money" Tom (Sam Waterston), Gatsby's best friend, who narrates the film. Francis Ford Coppola's screenplay is meticulously faithful to the original novel, but Theoni Aldridge's costume design and Nelson Riddle's nostalgic musical score won the film its only Oscars. The huge supporting cast includes Howard da Silva, who played Tom Wilson in the 1949 Great Gatsby, and a very young Patsy Kensit as Daisy's daughter. Buchanan (Bruce Dern). Calmly observing the passing parade is Nick Carraway.
Jay Gatsby drinks chartreuse when he meets Daisy for the first time in years. Enough said.
This blistering heat is awful! I'm off to town with Jordan Baker, Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby and Tom. Hopefully this will keep my mind off the heat! Any suggestions for staying cool anyone?
My two favorite POVs in literature are Second Person and First Person Peripheral. Second person is when someone tells the story through your eyes, as in "You went into the coffee sipped your latte as you watched the strangers passing by." I've only read one book like this, and I fell in love. First Person Peripheral is when the narrator is not the protagonist, telling the story of someone else. For example, The Great Gatsby. Nick Carraway is just an observer - Jay Gatsby is the main character, yet we see everything through Nick's eyes. It absolutely entertains me.
Hilary 2014 - We've got some really exciting shows coming up! First up... 6th WEEK - The Great Gatsby - HT '14 was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.' New York, 1922. The Jazz Age is in full swing as outsider Nick Carraway moves east to make his fortune among the new men of the city. In this world of privilege and excess he encounters reclusive millionaire Jay Gatsby, whose lavish parties belie a strikingly modest dream. This new adaptation, set in period and complete with original music, brings a fresh perspective to F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel, exploring how it is not just Gatsby, but narrator Nick Carraway, who cannot seem to break free of his past.
Am I the only one who thinks that Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway would have been a more interesting love story than Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan?
Really nice of Nick Carraway to have me over for some tea it was a real pleasure. It was Great to catch up with Jay Gatsby...!!!
The Great Gatsby Plot Overview Nick Carraway, a young man from Minnesota, moves to New York in the summer of 1922 to learn about the bond business. He rents a house in the West Egg district of Long Island, a wealthy but unfashionable area populated by the new rich, a group who have made their fortunes too recently to have established social connections and who are prone to garish displays of wealth. Nick’s next-door neighbor in West Egg is a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby, who lives in a gigantic Gothic mansion and throws extravagant parties every Saturday night. Nick is unlike the other inhabitants of West Egg—he was educated at Yale and has social connections in East Egg, a fashionable area of Long Island home to the established upper class. Nick drives out to East Egg one evening for dinner with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and her husband, Tom, an erstwhile classmate of Nick’s at Yale. Daisy and Tom introduce Nick to Jordan Baker, a beautiful, cynical young woman with whom Nick begins a romantic ...
Midnight Cowboy (1969) _Plot _ Texas greenhorn Joe Buck arrives in New York for the first time. Preening himself as a real 'hustler', he finds that he is the one getting 'hustled' until he teams up with a down-and-out but resilient outcast named Ratso Rizzo. The initial 'country cousin meets city cousin' relationship deepens. In their efforts to bilk a hostile world rebuffing them at every turn, this unlikely pair progress from partners in shady business to comrades. Each has found his first real friend. "The focus on male friendship is in fact a longstanding motif in American Literature : Twain's Huck and Jm, Melville's Ishmael and Queenque, Fizgerland's Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby are some of the notable examples. Herlihy's Joe Buck and Ratso Ruso continue this venerable tradition in their unique starkly-drawn fashion. " _ From Midnight Cowboy Novel. _
Wolves of Wall Street Abound: How to Spot a Bad Broker John Wasik, Contributor| 22 JANUARY 2014 I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Leonardo DiCaprio has played back-to-back roles as mobster Jay Gatsby and a boiler room swindler in the “Wolf of Wall Street.” Both parts seem to be in the same...
I love way too much! Almost as much as If only Jay Gatsby told Tom Buchanan "You can't sit with us!"
Bruce Dern in, Redford out. Tom Buchanan beats Jay Gatsby yet again.
The Great Gatsby meets “The Wolf of Wall Street” In our culture, the successful cad is a common literary device; the ruthless immoral man (usually a man) who achieves massive wealth is one of the subjects of both The Great Gatsby and “The Wolf of Wall Street”. It troubles me to no end that the protagonist in the movie version of “The Gatsby” is the same actor, Leonardo diCaprio, who plays the protagonist in “The Wolf”.) In the book, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is the ruthless, capitalist “businessman.” As readers, we should be repulsed and scandalized by Gatsby, but we are not. We watch him with interest and joy. He offers the capability to be cruel, but we find his childlike capacity for wonder haunting. Gatsby, though tragic in the final analysis, is a story of redemption. Gatsby needs redemption and, in measure, he finds it. We give it to him. Gatsby is redeemed by the comparative context of characters in the story. He is relatively more “good” than those around him...certainly ...
"THE WOLF OF Wall Street".I will tell you straight out that I consider this film to be one of the top two films of 2013. This simply might be the movie of the year. Martin Scorsese has directed a human amusement park ride with dazzling cinematography containing mesmerizingly artful colors, editing that defies gravity, an outstanding soundtrack, a script that takes you to the Land of OZ and back and supreme performances by nearly everyone in the cast. I laughed out loud for most of the movie. *** just think Animal House (the John Belushi classic) meets Wall Street (the original Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen masterpiece) meets Goodfellas. And the wildest thing of all? This is based on the true story of one of the greatest overachievers (or greatest hustler, if you will) in the history of bigtime Wall Street finance. Leonardo DiCaprio portrays real life Wall Street carnival barker Jordan Belfort. I had thought DiCaprio gave an excellent performance as Jay Gatsby earlier in the year and couldn't top that ...
MARK MY WORDS my life will be Jay Gatsby and Jordan Belfort combined into one
Leonardo Di Caprio played the two most winning characters "Jay Gatsby, and Jordan Belfort"
Lmao. It's the truth! I just want to go on a date with Jay Gatsby, Jack Dawson, and Jordan Belfort. Just swim in the Leo.
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The only flaw to that whole "Jack Dawson is Jay Gatsby" thing is that, of course, jack died in titanic y'all.
Leo DiCaprio survived the Titanic sinking, landed in New York and fought in the Gangs of New York, strove as a hustler and became Jay Gatsby. tell me I'm wrong
Why can't guys be like Jack Dawson or Jay Gatsby.. Better yet just give Leonardo DiCaprio. He knows what's going on :D
Ready to have your movie-going-mind blown? What if Jack Dawson and Jay Gatsby were the same person? Sure, both characters are played by the same actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, but is the "Titanic" character and "The Great Gatsby" character in fact one in the same?
Imagination has no limits !!! Jack Dawson of Titanic did not die.. he luckily escaped from Pacific ocean.. worked hard for 10 years or so.. collecting diamonds and getting rich.. and later on reappeared as Jay Gatsby ! How's that...old sport !!!
Daisy Buchanan is an *** Why would you stay with Tom when you could have Jay Gatsby everyday?!
Is it so much to ask for a man such as Jay Gatsby to be as infatuated with me as he is with Daisy Buchanan?
Be the Daisy Buchanan to your Jay Gatsby with these magnificent clear crystal earrings that are the epitome of art deco design. AUD$49.95
Hired to do a hosted NYE party- here's the theme: OK so I am super excited about this one.. thoughts? Tonight is one of Jay Gatsby’s most glamorous parties, celebrating New Years Eve of 1925. Everyone who is anyone will be in attendance at this gorgeous over the top soiree. There will be dining, dancing and music, and a final act that is to die for. 1. Jay Gatsby- the auspicious host, he is a wealthy pharmacy owner who throws these regular parties 2. Nick Carroway- New to New York, neighbor of Jay Gatsby and Wall Street worker 3. Tom Buchanan- Husband of Daisy Buchanan and wealthy attorney 4. George Wilson- Local Auto Mechanic 5. Billy Mitchell- Navy man who helped create the new Dept of Air Force 6. Angelo Morello- Jay's co-worker in the pharmacy business 7. Albert Einstein- Recent German immigrant and physics scientist 8. Charlie Chaplin- Popular comedic actor who recently starred in “Gold Rush" 9. Pablo Picasso- Poor French Painter who is visiting Mr. Gatsby 10. Babe Ruth- Base Ball Player for the ...
Jack Dawson...Penniless artist who wins a ticket onto Titanic in 1912, attends a first class dinner, develops a taste for the finer things in life, pockets the Hear of the Ocean, survives the sinking, pawns the diamond, spends the following ten years building his wealth and in 1922 moves to West Egg as Jay Gatsby... Millionaire with a shady past and fear of swimming pools.
In the beginning of The Way We Were, the actors who play Jay Gatsby & Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby are dating & I can't handle it
Twenties attire is encouraged.Al Capone, Coco Chanel, or Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanan! $1 drink or shot to all who come dressed for the party!
It's the MG Top Ten Movies of 2013! Number 2: The Great Gatsby! The movie that earlier this year left me truly at a lose for words! I was expecting this movie to be decent, even good...what I was not expecting was absolute perfection. The acting is amazing and the settings and effects are top notch. And oh my god the colors! Just the colors! Colors, colors and even more *** colors! This has got to be the most colorful movies I've ever seen in my life! The plot is one that will have your eyes glued to the screen the entire way through and the cinematography is amazing, which only helps the story even more. All the characters are played amazingly, especially the ever amazing Leonardo DiCaprio as the charismatic and mysterious Jay Gatsby, Toby Maguire as the caring and supportive Nick Carroway and Carey Mulligan as the beautiful and dainty Daisy Buchanan. Not to mention the soundtrack, which is outstanding and absolutely fabulous to listen to! And the real thing about this movie that I noticed is that it ...
I wish I could live in the 1920s and attend a Jay Gatsby party.
Jay Gatsby, born James Gatz, was a protégé of Meyer Wolfsheim and chose to live in Long Island, NY. Jew or Goy?
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I can't work out if the way in which Jay Gatsby loves Daisy Buchanan is romance at its best or just borderline stalking?
CHAPTER-6 Summary The rumors about Gatsby continue to circulate in New York—a reporter even travels to Gatsby’s mansion hoping to interview him. Having learned the truth about Gatsby’s early life sometime before writing his account, Nick now interrupts the story to relate Gatsby’s personal history—not as it is rumored to have occurred, nor as Gatsby claimed it occurred, but as it really happened. Gatsby was born James Gatz on a North Dakota farm, and though he attended college at St. Olaf’s in Minnesota, he dropped out after two weeks, loathing the humiliating janitorial work by means of which he paid his tuition. He worked on Lake Superior the next summer fishing for salmon and digging for clams. One day, he saw a yacht owned by Dan Cody, a wealthy copper mogul, and rowed out to warn him about an impending storm. The grateful Cody took young Gatz, who gave his name as Jay Gatsby, on board his yacht as his personal assistant. Traveling with Cody to the Barbary Coast and the West Indies, Gatsby ...
Good Morning Friends! First, I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday. I know we are one day behind from Jesus's birthday as it stands now but still, everything is good because of Him. Next, I will be posting up a new painting later on. It is representative of the direction I am going. You thought Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby were good? Check out how this actress who portrayed Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson Movies turns out.
The way that Jay Gatsby looks at Daisy Buchanan >
"Hempstead House" The main residence at the preserve. I will get better pictures tomorrow . This house has a walking garden that overlooks the bay. I thought i saw Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby behind that curtain laughing and drinking champagne. My true bourgeois spirit came out for a moment. I really felt I was meant to be part of the 1%. Then I realized it was a empty hall. Substance is far richer than Material things. It is still beautiful.
I hate wannabes. I really do. I hate them more than the ignorant ones and the over smart ones. I know of a guy who knows nothing about rock music. He is an old friend and both of us are diehard Hindi music fans. Both of us know nothing about rock music. But he never stays away from discussing about rock bands. He googles and answers. Sometimes he comes out clean and sometimes he makes a total mockery of himself. I know of a girl who knows nothing about Hollywood movies. She is an old friend and while I have always been a movie fanatic, I know she is not. But she readily participates in discussions about movies. She googles and answers too. She reads the movie plots and claims that she has seen them all. She can’t differentiate Pacino from De Niro but she is a diehard fan of both. Similarly I know of people who claim to have read all of English classic novels and upon being questioned they put Jay Gatsby and Atticus Finch in one plot. Then there are world politics expert who can’t differentiate between ...
This black girl is dating such a scruffy-looking white guy. If I ever date a white man he must Harvey Specter/Jay Gatsby clean!
Jay gatsby 100$ bills came on. *** say they didn't like that movie. Naw u didn't like the soundtracks.
I honestly have to drive like Jay Gatsby to get to work on time 🚗
Feela Father God why did Jack have to die? Unless he really reinvented himself as Jay Gatsby, and if that's the case, again why did he die?☹
The soundtracks for the movie The Great Gatsby are just wonderful.
Jay gatsby type parties... A place where nobody is judged and everybody is happy that's my dream
Treated myself to the Gatsby soundtrack this morning. Now I want to skip around the office like it's one of Jay's parties.
Jay Z at the for a check don't waste your time tomorrow
“Titanic / Jay Gatsby Fan Theory wow this is good
The dy/dx of the bullet Burr killed Hamilton w/& v=v+at, so P(a|b)=3% he died&Jay Gatsby. turn up. Color wars?
The things I would do to have someone love me like jay gatsby loves daisy. never would I ever be a daisy tho
I want to be a hobbit. Living in a quaint hole in the ground with woodworking that can smash gloves with the rest of them, good food that is measured by the quality of its ingredients, books that express the qualities and knowledge that I strive for, relaxation that is accompanied by good old fashion hard work, and parties that would make even Jay Gatsby jealous. That sounds like the life to me. Lets make this a thing my fellow aspiring hobbits.
"So I am still floating, despite the storms and waves I’ve battled. I am still floating because of the eternal Jay Gatsby."
I just wish I had someone like Jay Gatsby
I have such a love hate relationship with the fact that Jay z was one of the producers of gatsby,but I actually didnt hate the soundtrack
I tried watching the Great Gatsby. As soon as I heard Kanye and Jay-Z I gave up.
Every girl wants to be looked at the way Jay Gatsby looks at Daisy
I absolutely HATE reading but I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby. Ole Jay Gatz had an interesting life.
the shoes Justin was wearing tonight remind me of Jay Gatsby 😂
yeah it was how jay Gatsby achieved the American dream and what effects/impacts he made on himself/other etc. I think
Jay Gatsby gives every poor man hope. That there is a better life out there, we just have to take it.
you would be following Jay Gatsby lol
If you don't love Jay Gatsby you are wrong.
No one wants to end up like Jay Gatsby when its all said and done...but some of us might
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I want to be loved like Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Fay
If Jay Gatsby was real. He's so perfect
Why do guys no longer dress like Jay Gatsby or Chuck Bass?
I kinda wish I was alive in the 20's, I woulda lived that Jay Gatsby lifestyle
"And in the end we are all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness." -Jay Gatsby
Only 7 more Jay Gatsby Dresses at the 50% off price! (reg. $86). Tomorrow, there will be a new piece at 50%...
I wanna grow up to have Jay Gatsby parties.
The soundtrack on The Great Gatsby is sick. Straight Jay Z and Lana Del Rey. Definitely give it to them.
Makes me sad when I think about what Leonardo Dicaprio did to jay gatsby
OH im doing it on Jay Gatsby the famous character on the book, have you read the book?
the movie preview looked sweet. I'll have to read it before the movie comes out
Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby on the move again.. 👯 🏃🏃
I wish I lived in the 20's by the name of Jay Gatsby
To live the life jay gatsby did but with a much more happier ending
Love how jay-z did the musical score for the Great Gatsby
"I like large parties, they're so intimate. At small parties there is never any privacy." -Jay Gatsby
Who wants to be my jay gatsby and be my Xmas present this year, k thanks
How many frogs do I have to kiss? I shouldn't have to be a liar to make someone love me. I shouldn't be so afraid of loosing someone that I'll do anything to make they stay, but I had always had a little problem looking out for myself in love. I was afraid people would leave me so I sort of clung and did everything possible to keep them around. I didn't have a hard talk with myself about who i was keeping around. doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. i clung to people like a human life preservers. I thought I would die if someone left me its ironic because I'm always the one who's leaving. And after all that is said, I'm back to the truth . . .It was possible maybe to have facts in your mind that weren't facts at all. you could build a whole life's story on false assumptions. you could make truth out of untruth and untruth into truth until you spoke them really said them out loud or checked for sure. You may not have know which were which. Truth is funny, because it was an insistent thin ...
As per WIP Wednesday, i posted the picture of it's progress- and here it is done! I'm really proud of it ^w^ Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan.
I know he's just a character,but i feel so sorry for Jay Gatsby... This book/movie is brilliant but sometimes i seriously want to smack the *** out of Daisy Buchanan...
RIP jay Gatsby i will indeed miss you and your turn ups
The similarities of Jay Gatsby and Christian Grey is bewildering.
Today I'm leaving this New York area. Away from the life and the friends I have gotten to know all these many years. Tom says it'll be good for him and me to start all over again in a new area, but I will miss all of you way too much. I just found out that Jay Gatsby has passed. His funeral will be soon and I'm sure Nick and Mr. Gatz will be quite pleased if all of you could make it. I just cannot believe he's really gone...As soon as I got him back in my life, he's gone again. Hopefully moving away will get my mind off of things. I'll miss you all... Until we meet again, ~Daisy
It starts so young, and I'm angry about that. The garbage we're taught. About love, about what's "romantic." Look at so many of the so-called romantic figures in books and movies. Do we ever stop and think how many of them would cause serious and drastic unhappiness after The End? Why are sick and dangerous personality types so often shown a passionate and tragic and something to be longed for when those are the very ones you should run for your life from? Think about it. Heathcliff. Romeo. Don Juan. Jay Gatsby. Rochester. Mr. Darcy. From the rigid control freak in The Sound of Music to all the bad boys some woman goes running to the airport to catch in the last minute of every romantic comedy. She should let him leave. Your time is so valuable, and look at these guys--depressive and moody and violent and immature and self-centered. And what about the big daddy of them all, Prince Charming? What was his secret life? We don't know anything about him, other then he looks good and comes to the rescue. I used ...
I will be spending my winter break with Jay Gatsby, Gideon Cross and Christian Grey.
"Before you give up...think about why you have held on for so long"Jay Gatsby
Never have I thought Leonardo dicaprio more good looking than in titanic. Jay gatsby however was a close second.
I remember the first time I ever met David Hasselhoff, it was the 1st of June on a warm summer night. He squeezed my long, tender nipple untill my left leg started to twitch irradically. So I grasped my favorite toy, Stretch Armstrong, until David's behemoth, hairy body finally vacated the PlayDaze Jungle gym. That is when I met my best mate, Matthew Sutton. He smelled of crusty wombat *** like always, but had a mischievous grin on his face like he was about to rob a Chuck E. Cheese. That's when we met up with our old Jamaican pal, Isaiah Brown. He was dressed in his usual Native Indian attire, but he had a quaint look on his face like he just sniffed one of Jay Gatsby's exquisite farts. I say, it was a *** fine evening, but nothing tops the icing on the cake like a competitive game of croquet with the one and only Shia LaBeouf. He insisted on making butterscotch cookies and talking of Christmas past. It was hands down the best night of my life until a giant soaring wale *** landed on my back and b ...
baby, will you be the Daisy Buchanan to my Jay Gatsby?. tonight only though😏
I wish I was Daisy Buchanan and had both Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan fighting for me god dammit
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The usual brilliance... Caitlin Moran on party politics In 2013, as a party-goer, it’s difficult to work out what the hottest and most current attitude towards “partying” is. Before, say, 1997, it was simple: everyone loved parties. Everyone. All parties were great. Back in AD1127, if someone went, “After the harvest, do you want to drink a load of cider and fall into a hedge?”, you’d be like, “Yes! Totally!” Fast-forward to 1996, and if someone said, “Do you want celebrate England being in the semi-finals of Euro 96 – by drinking some of the newly invented alcoholic lemonade?”, you’d be like, “Again, yes – totally!” “Party” just meant, simply, “Not working, and therefore having a brilliant time.” Parties were conceived as a conglomeration of all the best things: jelly, alcohol, watching your nanna dance, wearing sparkly clothes, staying up late, shouting a lot and falling in hedges. Everyone was up for a party. That is, until around 1997, when a powerful countercultu ...
To the girls who want the "romance" between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, you obviously don't know what a tragedy is. Great book, though.
Write something about yourself: I am surprised my name is not Adam because I am clearly what god had intended. I find joy in playing the kings sport for obvious reasons I was gifted inheritably with both wealth and the self confidence to buy whatever my fancy desires. I’m a relatively quiet man with a brilliant mind, unfortunately there are few people I can relate too and share our common interests. Daisy is the most important person in the world to me, and I can assure you we will be together till the end. A gifted athletic socialite like myself will want to surround himself with others of the same nature and that is why I thoroughly enjoy the companionship of Jordan Baker. Nick Carraway is practically an estranged cousin in the Buchanan family. In reality I like the fellow a good classic Yale man like myself and if he’s Daisy’s cousin he can’t be all that bad. Jay Gatsby in my opinion is an unnecessary human being, he leeches and undermines the success of the highly sophisticated by resorting .. ...
It's a fate of a woman to get a GREAT LOVER in her lifetime like Mr. Jay Gatsby,if she can understand.
History don't repeat itself it rhymes 1929 still, write like mark twain Jay Gatsby I pop things!
Use to think behind every good dude was an understanding woman. And now I feel a little closer to Jay Gatsby.
I always knew I could climb, but I could only climb if I climbed alone. - Jay Gatsby
A truly magnificent film adaptation of a great book, which in 1921 received the Pulitzer and Edith Wharton was the first woman ever to receive the prize. Jay Gatsby, Newland Archer, Opus the Penguin, and Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood are all parts of my personality. Scared yet? :-)
I'd rather party with Bonnie and Clyde than with Jay Gatsby
Oh my lord. Student: "Baz Luhrmann remained true to the adaptation by typecasting actors like the pretty-boy, Leonardo DiCaprio. This ensured that the audience would grasp the character archetypes without having read the book." While DiCaprio, in theory, perfectly depicts the idea of Jay Gatsby, in appearance and physical tone, he didn't get the role because he was pretty.
My life has got to be like this, It has to keep going Up... Jay Gatsby.
If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, your not worthy. -Jay Gatsby
You see, I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there trying to forget the sad things that happened to me. - Jay Gatsby, (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
Daisy Buchanan was more responsible for Jay Gatsby's death than Tom Buchanan.
I've always known I could climb up this world, it's just, I can only climb it alone -Jay Gatsby
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"Don't think too much. You'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place." - Jay Gatsby
"If there's anything you want, just ask for it old sport." Jay Gatsby ♥
Now that the hysteria over Tej-pal has halted, even if temporarily, can't help thinking about the striking similarity in his persona and circumstances with Jay Gatsby and his times. Both represented a world of quick, too much money, extreme opulence (castles on Long Island and villas of Goa and Bhawali), a striking combination of aspirations to high culture (High noon of Jazz and Thinkfest) with its feet on boot legging (Ponty Chadda again!). And more importantly, how everyone joined the party till the going was great and how everyone abandoned both, the moment they fell from grace!
If you're interested in giving others malignant doses of the best medicine, become a comedy writer at the finest publication. Submit pieces as a guest writer or message if interested in becoming a regular contributor. Famous Fordgery writers include Jay Gatsby, Oprah Winfrey, Crocodile Dundee, the concept of architecture, and Alfred Nobel.
Jay Gatsby hate u so much!! go and get ur jet already and fly me in!!!
It's white people who don't know who Emmitt Till was, but they know who Jay Gatsby is.
No wonder Tom Buchanan was worried about Jay Gatsby.
You know I want to be with you Daisy. -Jay Gatsby
Some people get excited for the Oscars. Others for the announcement of New York's new Mayor. Me? Matric Failure Rates! If Jay Gatsby had a reason to gooi a party, it would be for this. Dress Code: your Matric Jacket you can't re-use when you repeat the next year.
I will love you like that gentleman Mr. Jay Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan. /daisy is stupid tho =))
Suffice it to say, I am Nick Carraway. With a dash of Jay Gatsby.
I hate how awesome people go to great lengths to change how they look and dress to fit in so badly. Let go of ur Jay Gatsby syndrome. Some of us actually like y'all awkward in skinny pants and no name sneakers. That is charming and endearing and sexy. Comfortable in what the world deems dorky. Get in our lives !
Jay Gatsby dedicated lover or creepy stalker of Daisy Buchanan?
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