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Jay Cutler

Jay Christopher Cutler (born April 29, 1983) is an American football starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

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Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett were college roommates.
Current QBs on the field in the NFL:. CJ Beathard. Brett Hundley. Kevin Hogan. & Jay Cutler. You want to tell me Kaepernick isn't…
So...Jay Cutler scores 20 straight points and wins the game in Atlanta. Matt Moore isn't doing that just saying 🐬🐬…
REPORT: Packers looking to trade for Dolphins QB Jay Cutler. "There's nobody with more experience throwing to Green Bay play…
3rd and 9 conversion by Jay Cutler in the 4th quarter of a tie game at home - that's bad
With every Jay Cutler first down pass Matt Moore's eyeblack disappears a little bit more like a picture in Back 2 The Future
If the Dolphins bench Jay Cutler you just gotta cut him on Monday. Then you sign Colin Kaepernick. Your coach did coke at w…
Jay Cutler, another awful half.Lacking arm strength again & leadership as always. But he's a better fit for Adam Gase tha…
I agree with the pregame show guys. Jay Cutler is a buzzkill. Matt Moore should play. I don't know. Might help the offense some.
Jay Cutler looks woozy af. Can we warm up Matt Moore please? Just in case.
Is Matt Moore that bad? Why is Jay Cutler still in the game?
Seriously, Adam Gase Matt Moore can't do worse then what Jay Cutler is doing.
I can practically hear Falcons fans chanting to keep Matt Moore on the Dolphins bench. Will we sit Jay Cutler down finally?
About luring Jay Cutler out of retirement over going with Matt Moore.
in case you haven’t noticed, Jay Cutler isn’t the answer, and was never the answer. Please play Matt Moore
FYI Matt Moore has his backup QB earpiece in. Jay Cutler will remain the QB.
can we please put an end to the Jay Cutler experiment? Bring in Moore and sign
It's Sunday! Which means people who will admit to being Dolphins fans are angry with Jay Cutler & Gase, and begging for Matt Moore.
Phil Sims and Boomer: enough is already with Jay Cutler bring in Matt Moore.
please take Jay Cutler out and put Matt Moore in
"Put the Miami Dolphins and Jay Cutler out of their misery and start Matt Moore "--Boomer Esiason. For the love of all that is holy YES!
Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore and Brandon Doughty are all huddled around Jay Cutler as he holds an Ipad on the Miami Dolphins si…
Jay Cutler with 64 yards passing in the first half. . I'd rather lose trying to win with Matt Moore then with Jay Cutler. I…
Jay Cutler is terrible. Put in Matt Moore. Bring in Kaepernick. Literally anything.
Can Matt Moore honestly be any worst than Jay Cutler??
For the 2nd straight week, the analysts in the studio are calling for Adam Gase to replace Jay Cutler with Matt M…
The Falcons promise they won't be guilty of taking Jay Cutler lightly
ICYMI...We’re seeing too much Jay Cutler meme personality in Miami Dolphins offense.
10/12/2008: Gerald Sensabaugh (Dobyns-Bennett) of the intercepted Jay Cutler in a win over Denver:…
Numbers don’t lie: Jay Cutler has burned Falcons, but can he revive Miami Dolphins’ offense?
Chris Foerster shows more enthusiasm in this 55 sec video than Jay Cutler has shown during his entire 12 yr career. https:/…
Jay Cutler looks like he just woke up from a bender last night with Chris Foerster
Dolphins OL coach Chris Forester on the cocaine video: “You try coaching on a team with Jay Cutler and see how many dr…
Prime example of what people have to do when Jay Cutler is their QB
I mean, if I had Jay Cutler as my starting QB, I would've been OD'd on blow already.
I spent 3 hours watching Jay Cutler and Matt Cassel play QB today. Then watch one drive of Aaron Rodgers and doesn't seem l…
Jay Cutler just threw an INT and fans are chanting "We want Moore" [Referring to backup QB Matt Moore]. https…
Not that Moore is all that but I would take Moore any day over Cutler. Dolphins just dumb for wasting all that money. For what? Jay Cutler
All that money on Jay Cutler 😂 paying off well. I’m sure him and his wife are still winning. He dnt care bout y’all wanting Moore 😂
remember when you were trying to convince me Jay Cutler was good and worth $10 mil?
Before you give NBA All-Star captain takes, just remember the NFL picked Austin Davis, Jay Cutler, Thad Lewis and B…
Dolphins' Adam Gase shuts down the idea of benching Jay Cutler for Matt Moore
Is it time for the to start Matt Moore as the starting QB over Jay Cutler?
Deshaun Watson is better then Eli Manning , Joe Flacco , Jets QB, Browns QB, 49ersQB , Jay Cutler, BearsQB and more lol
And time for the Dolphins to play Matt Moore instead of that waste of time Jay Cutler
The "Maybe we should have signed Colin Kaepernick and not Jay Cutler" face.
I'm sorry. Colin Kaepernick on his worst day has more to offer the Dolphins at QB than Mr. Indifference, Jay Cutler.
Jay Cutler wanted none of this Wildcat 😂.
Jay Cutler did not expect to be playing football this season. The veteran signal caller was all set to spend the...
The Dolphins ran a wildcat play, and Jay Cutler just doesn't care.
I don't think Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis feel too badly for Jay Cutler today.
Jay Cutler hilariously blows off wildcat formation (Video)
Dolphins will ride Jay Cutler, Jay Ajayi as far as they'll take them - James Walker (ESPN)
Mike Greenberg said the Bears best QB ever is Sid Luckman and never even mentioned Jay Cutler.
Jay Cutler looks miserable all the time because he's married to Kristin Cavallari.
But you see that TD pass to Adams and remember Jay Cutler's Hail Mary attempt earlier and you say "well you may have a point." 😂
Ryan Tannehill laughing at Jay Cutler after attempting a QB option.
Devante Parker intercepted Jay Cutler's pass to the defender.
I hate to admit it , but I think playing w/Jay Cutler may be best thing for Davante Parker. When was last time he had 10 TAR? So much talent
Jay Cutler is better than Ryan Tannehill.
Jay Cutler rolled to the right and threw a strike to Kenny Stills in the back of the end zone. Cutler seems as athletic as Ryan Tannehill.
Jay Cutler slinging a Hail Mary 20 yards out of bounds cracked me up
Ryan Tannehill got hurt and now Jay Cutler has to play live games
The are better off with Ryan Tannehill playing on crutches than smoking Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler is a horrible quarterback. I warned you Dolfans about him but you guys refused to listen or acknowledge. I miss Ryan Tannehill😔
For anyone who thinks Jay Cutler is better than Ryan Tannehill, please don't ever breed
Jay Cutler is making me miss Ryan Tannehill.
Jay Cutler as the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins is for real tomorrow. Starting the liquor store list n…
I'll always have love for Lovie Smith, Brian Urlacher, Jay Cutler, Devin Hester, Matt Forte, Peanut Tillman and Lance…
John Fox is rooting for Jay Cutler, wishes “it went a different way” in Chicago
If he supported Trump like Jay Cutler and Tom Brady, he'd have a job.
You saying a dude who went to 2 NFC championships and a Super Bowl doesn't deserve to be one league but jay cutler does?
Best thing about Glennon performance was zero turnovers. Isn't that really at the heart of our issues with Jay Cutler?
Jay Cutler Dolphins jersey is the best $26 i have ever spent.
Jay Cutler, to go to Aaron Rodgers or his own
Storytime with The chef has a personal favorite about Jay Cutler.
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Rex, you realize from 2009-2015 Cutler led all QBs in game winning drives, right?
Yeah blame Jay Cutler for all of the years of tje bears suck fests.. They they haven't been relevant since 85
had a QB void. They signed Jay Cutler (QB rating 78.1) out of retirement with (90.7) available
In Jay Cutler aka the guy that throws more picks than Eli Manning
"Eli Manning is Jay Cutler with opportunity" - for
I'm convinced as long as it's not Jay Cutler any Bears QB is good enough to win
But Jay Cutler is still playing. Kid Rock need to lay of the coke
Pretty sure it was the Bears dragging down Jay Cutler...
I thought you was one of my homeboys my bad. And this man hasn't even been offered a job. I'm sure he'd take the Jay Cutler deal
I think he would've had a shot in Miami over Jay Cutler had he not publicly supported Fidel Castro. T…
He looked at us dead *** serious and said Jay cutler gonna be top 15 this year😂
Jay Cutler has better career stats than Flacco
This is good stuff from Too bad we don't get to see Jay Cutler in the booth this season.
I would love to hear Jay Cutler do this in a Jay Cutler way.
Jay Cutler has all the Bears passing records too. Doesnt make him right for the job. Love JT, but need a qb that can throw.
Also, your daily reminder that Manny Ramirez is a better QB than Jay Cutler, and he's a retired MLB outfielder.
Jay Cutler. He retired only to be signed by a team who…
Jay Cutler can't either but he has been a starter
Carson Palmer is more Jay Cutler than Jay Cutler even.
I heard buzz about Rosen not being the greatest teammate, should that be a concern? Don't want a Jay Cutler type.
Have to play Eli Manning or Jay Cutler week 2 which one?
can't you negotiate your boy a Jay Cutler type deal??
hah, that's the town Jay Cutler is from. Sounds like quite a place
Have to use Eli Manning or Jay Cutler in week 2.Which one?
Eli is Jay Cutler with better genes
Confession: I have confidence in Jay Cutler to make Miami competitive, but I really miss Ryan Tannehill
I certainly can't speak for everyone but I sho did miss Jay Cutler yesterday. Da Bears' streak of losing without Jay continues. Geaux BEARS
It wasn't a referendum on Mike Glennon, but QB had 4 shots to make us forget Jay Cutler and Mitch Trubisky http…
Bill Cowher bashing Kaepernick about work ethic while Jay Cutler is lining up behind center for Miami is cringeworthy at best.
I think that's just the actual Jay Cutler
So they gone be coo this year. Not as bad as before. That man jay cutler was so ***
In this day and age a smokin jay cutler attitude is the best way to go about life
If Jay Cutler was the QB yesterday ... everyone would be blaming him and no one would blame the Receivers.
Like Jay Cutler nearing retirement got paid 10 million?
Jay Cutler's training routine for maximum leg growth:
Jay Cutler to Tom Brady and the rest of the AFC East
chairman George H. McCaskey: “We are grateful to Jay for all he did as a Bear.” . 📰: https…
Would the won yesterday's game with Jay Cutler at quarterback?
The cloud of Jay Cutler has lifted, and Bears look fun again. Read more:
fans compromising on Glennon's performance based on 0 interceptions and not being Jay Cutler is pathetic.
Imagine if Jay Cutler had played like Mike Glennon today. He would have been crucified.
By my count Jay Cutler lost 26 games as a Bear by 8 pts or less. Nobody commended him for "being right there at the end"
You think Jay Cutler watched the bears game yesterday?
Because the Cutler rips were personal. I told people that for years. Dickerson & co. didn't like Jay Cutler, the person. h…
Just got told Jay Cutler was a good qb and the white sox would win a World Series in 3 years. Someone give me a whole fifth of vodka to chug
Update your maps at Navteq
The only thing that shocks me here is just how much Jay Cutler and Florida are made for each other
He's clearly not mine. No son of mine will ever be a Jay Cutler fan
Playing 20 straight games with the Dolphins to win the Super Bowl is gonna be a really cool part of the Jay Cutler: A Footb…
This man was available and the Dolphins signed Jay bum Cutler? SMH
Cutler about to be old Jay and start slingin it
Chicago writers still sour about Jay Cutler. Hilarious.
About wins not a quarterback jay cutler *** honestly not trying to bash your team the browns will…
One good season lol you can't dwell in the past but hey at least you guys got jay cutler I think he…
only drafted 1 QB this year and it was Jay Cutler. Ugh. Flacco or Goff?
Plus side: upgraded QB. More time for Jay Cutler to get acclimated w/ playbook.. Gase is Coach of the…
Jay Cutler and Joe Flacco are having a race right outside my house😳
Waited all summer to watch Jay Cutler. ***
When the go 16-0 this year it will truly be the most impressive season in pro sports. Jay Cutler is coming for…
No no no and if ur going iff that id take em over jay cutler, goff, and maybe siemian and savage
so no Miami game this Sunday, which means 16 straight weeks of games, with no bye, with Jay friggin Cutler at...
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Jay Cutler and Dolphins will make deep playoff run.
Pernell McPhee gets in the face of Jay Cutler.
# of Hurricanes when Jay Cutler was retired: 0. # of Hurricanes since Jay Cutler came out of retirement: 3. Just saying...
I still don't understand why some Bears fans hate Jay Cutler so much. He was far from perfect, but people act like he's a criminal
Jay Cutler comeback player of the year - heard it here first
BECAUSE YOU'RE SAD. About such an inauspicious start to the Jay Cutler Era. Consumed by endl…
Y'all mean to tell me jay Cutler is gonna play 16 straight games? No way
Receive Joe Mixon & Jay Cutler for Abdullah & Rivers? The postponed game has the other owner in a bind
Two NFL writers at picked JAY CUTLER to win Comeback Player of the Year. No, I did not vote twice.
Was kinda hoping Bucs-Fins would happen so I could see Jay Cutler try to fire the ball through triple coverage AND a hurricane
No QB throws the ball deeper when facing pressure than Jay Cutler
All my Jay Cutler lineups down the drain :(
Well at least Jay Cutler can't lose this week
I mean, Jay Cutler is their QB1, so does it really matter?
Sorry to break it to you but hes better than Osweiler Fitzpatrick Jay Cutler Geno Smith AND MAN…
Dolphins Live: Jay Cutler meets with the media.
Love this article on "The Jay", From words to footballs, it always comes out wrong with Jay Cutler
Idk what news is worse for Florida, hurricane Irma or the dolphins grabbing jay cutler
I do have a morbid curiosity to see if Jay Cutler can last 16 straight weeks with no bye week, let alone play well on that Dolphins team.
I've watched Jay Cutler long enough now to conclude he's better than Ryan Tannehill. And his new teammates have privately ad…
Week 1 projected starters for the Brady East: Nathan Peterman, Josh McCown, Jay Cutler and of course 6-0 pats every year
TJ Ward and Jay Cutler are both interception machines in their own special ways
"I'm expecting to beat him again," new Bucs safety T.J. Ward says of his successful history against Dolphins QB Jay Cutler .…
T. J. Ward said he didn't think he'd ever lost to Jay Cutler -- his Browns lost to Cutler's Bears in 2013. Cutler had 3 TDs in 38-31 win ...
Ward on Jay Culter: "I like playing Jay Cutler, I think I've beat him every time I've played him (laughs)."
Fact check: T.J. Ward played against Jay Cutler once when he was a Brown. The Bears win 38-31 in Cleveland (Week 15…
"I beat him every time. It's true. Even in Cleveland, we beat him." -- T.J. Ward, new Buccaneers safety, on Jay Cutler.
National media rightly focuses on Jay Cutler for Miami's offensive outlook, Year 2 of Kenyan Drake, Leonte Carroo, Jakeem Grant just as big
Jay Cutler just dropped a 40-yard dime to Jarvis Landry for a touchdown caught on Xavien Howard.
QB Jay Cutler having a great practice today. He connected with WR Kenny Stills for a long touchdown.
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Jay Cutler with a touchdown pass on a deep ball to Kenny Stills during 7-on-7s. Cutler's balling today.
Hoyer is as good as Jay Cutler's sorry bum *** Neither one can play Pop Warner football.
I don't not-care about anything as much as Jay Cutler seems to not-care about the sport he IS A PROFESSIONAL AT.
Dolphins Live: Cam Wake, Ndamukong Suh, Jay Cutler and Reshad Jones meet with the media.
Jay Cutler & Devante Parker have connected 3 times this preseason for gains of. 16, 31, 72. (31-yarder negated by penalty.)
Jay Cutler is about to do what Ryan Tannehill could never do, bring out the real Devante Parker
Jay Cutler killed the downfield in joint practice Tuesday. Devante Parker just plucked one over Ronald Darby for…
Devante Parker from Jay Cutler is going to be a thing this season.
Wire: WATCH: Jay Cutler, Devante Parker connect on 72-yard bomb to set up Dolphins TD
Does Rich Hill remind anybody of Jay Cutler. He always looks like he's sulking and he seems to have some pretty...
You really think Jay Cutler or whoever Joe Flaccos backup is (Ryan mallet I be…
Mike Glennon is the starter. Jay Cutler was inconsistent but be careful of what u wish for. They ne…
Jay Cutler is tearing up the Philly secondary again. Said this before: he may be the best pure arm talent have ha…
QB Jay Cutler excited to still be playing football, says the love for the game never went away.
Jay Cutler says losing with Bears wore on him: 'No one likes losing'
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Miami's one-year deal with QB Jay Cutler is worth $10 million, plus incentives, per source.
Jay Cutler has been impressive after a rough start to this joint practice. Just put a post on Kenny Stills' fingertips be…
Genius. We shall make it so. $3 shots & $4 cocktails for all Jay Cutler starts this fall!
I give you five bold predictions for the 2017 NFL season.
Jay Cutler will be good?. A star WR going to be traded?. has some bold predictions for the NFL season.
True. But we have high hopes for the Jay Cutler Hate Watch. It's inevitable he leads them to the Super Bowl.
ICYMI our 2017 football allegiances:. Akron. Ohio U. Washington State. Utah. and. Jay Cutler. We call it the MAC PAC ACK ACK ATTACK!
Dolphins QB Jay Cutler had his doubts about decision to retire, feels fortunate to be back playing the game.
Jay Cutler looks sharp, 'fresh' in joint practice with Eagles
Today's practice might have been the offense's best since life after Tannehill. Jay Cutler was sharp when protected. Offense is at gear 3.
Jay Cutler says losing with wore him down.
Jay Cutler connects with Anthony Fasano for a 20-yard touchdown. Sharp day for Cutler.
Jay Cutler says all the losses during eight seasons in Chicago wore him down
Kristin Cavallari is married to Jay Cutler.what
Jay Cutler with a great throw for a TD over linebackers
Eagles fan sitting next to me: "I hate Jay Cutler dude. He feels like a turd when he's out there. He's always yelling at his…
Kenny Still and Jay Cutler connect on a 40-yard touchdown catch. Great throw.
Jay Cutler’s developing chemistry with weapons will be key for -
Josh Woodrum ravens.. Ryan Fitzpatrick who had a worse QBR last year.. Mike Glennon Bears... Jay Cutler dolphins...
This would be like Florida Georgia Line saying all the crappy music coming out of Nashville lately has them bummed: htt…
Jay Cutler to Kenny Stills, deep TD. This trip has been good for Cutler to Stills chemistry.
Dolphins QB Jay Cutler on retirement: “I always missed the game”
Miami Dolphins QB Jay Cutler to get extended playing time vs. Eagles
Mike Pouncey will start Thursday night: The Dolphins got their first look at quarterback Jay Cutler against the……
Jay Cutler just unleashed w wicked rope to Devante Parker. Cutler has plenty of arm. Keep moving Parker up.
Jay Cutler can side left and right, buying time in the pocket. It's honestly something I've never seen (don't judge me...I c…
"He gets the ball out really really fast and commands the huddle," Mike Pouncey said of Jay Cutler.
We have jay cutler. The season hasnt even started and we are losing.
"He comes in every day and works his tail off. He makes some really freaky great throws," Mike Pouncey on Jay Cutler.
found out Jay Cutler apparently lives in Steuben County today
He compared Jay Cutler to Terry Bradshaw once too
Jay Cutler goes 3-of-6 for 24 yards in preseason debut with Dolphins
Steve Mariucci and Willie McGinist are prisoners of the moment on Jay Cutler .. it's only a matter of time before he gets back to being lazy
said all the Miami fans when we heard that Jay Cutler was coming to Miami
Jay Cutler was a sign that the Dolphins believe in their team right now
Colin Cowherd just dropped the weirdest analogy ever. According to Colin, Jay Cutler is Nicholas Cage and Kap is Christopher Walken. HUH?!
Colin Cowherd is comparing Jay Cutler to Nicolas Cage and Colin Kaepernick to Christopher Walken right now, happy Thursday y'all
ICYMI: I chatted w/ of about the Jay Cutler, Ezekiel Elliot, & more!
head coach Adam Gase addressing my question about Jay Cutler potentially replacing the injured Ryan Tannehill. ht…
This, by is art. Born from Jay Cutler's face, if you can believe it: "that august feeling"
Live look-in at a Dolphins fan preparing for a full season of Jay Cutler with Ryan Tannehill going on IR:
Our latest reporter's notebook includes Adam Gase on Jay Cutler getting to know body language, etc. https…
Still thinking about this David Roth story 24 hours later. It's about Jay Cutler and the end of the world.
"Cutler’s is a great rumpled onomatopoeia of a face..." on Jay Cutler is as good as you'd expect.
I am slowly getting back to writing, and now have proof. I wrote this about dread, its opposite, and Jay Cutler.
A pick 6 on the first series. Looks like Mike Glennon is the perfect replacement for Jay Cutler.
Colin loses again, Miami Dolphins hire retired Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler for one year deal
Hot take: Jay Cutler will be a top 10 quarterback this season.
Jay Cutler just rolled into South Florida and started slinging lasers, like, yeah, no biggie
Coach Gase: Hey Jay, we got New England this week. Think you can stay a little after practice, get some extra reps in w…
Chris said it's cuz you have Jay Cutler as your QB 😂
Miami where people don't know how to drive, The weather *** And Jay Cutler is our QB
Lol with Jay Cutler at QB, I highly doubt it.
The End Around Podcast: Jay Cutler, Athlete Cameos, with some talk and much more!
Gase: Jay Cutler didn't come to stand on sidelines via
MY COLUMN: are hoping Jay Cutler can save Miami's season just like Chad Pennington did in 2008.
Still trying to figure out how Jay Cutler's 68-71 record earned him a $10 million a year contract.
Jay Cutler looks like he's coming of a month long bender in this video
Jay Cutler says he woke up this morning Iin team hotel and didn't know where he was initially.
Glad to see people aren't letting genders hold them back, very brave of Jay Cutler to embrace his new species.
All purpose parts banner
Is new Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler ‘the most misinterpreted guy in the NFL?’.
Sports Media Roundtable: Here's a breakdown of what and I talked about:
Now that her husband Jay Cutler is with the Miami Dolphins, what does that mean for Kristin Cavallari? – Miami Herald …
Jay Cutler takes the field for the first time with the 🐬🐬
"Jay Cutler doesn't have that burning passion to be great...Do you think Gisele has to push Tom Brady out the door?" —
No. He *** without Harbaugh. Jay Cutler put up better numbers than him. That's why Cutler got signed.
So the Dolphins signed Jay Cutler.Yet Kaepernick is still unsigned?
Jay Cutler's press conference with the Dolphins, which is 100% authentic and has not been altered at all. (Video via N…
Episode 122 is still available for download! We talk Family Night & preseason preview. And we made fun of Jay Cutler ht…
Latest: ‘Same old Jay’ Cutler already fitting in with Miami Dolphins
"If my team had Jay Cutler at QB we would have won…
Jay Cutler a star in first practice with Miami Dolphins, writes
they're acting Jay Cutler is Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers ...dude is a bum
The Dolphins can thank Kristin Cavallari for Jay Cutler's return to the NFL.
Jay Cutler says his wife Kristin Cavallari convinced him to sign 1-year deal with Dolphins
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That's talent: Jay Cutler could play for the Dolphins and still get a Bears coach fired
How fitting would it be if Jay Cutler played in another city & still got a Bears coach fired?. v…
Jay Cutler said Kristin Cavallari convinced him to join Dolphins because she was "tired of me around the house." https:…
Kristin Cavallari is "so excited" about Jay Cutler's $10 million deal with the Miami Dolphins. 🏈 https:/…
Jay Cutler is about to rush for 1k this season. Quote me when he runs in a 75 yard draw for a TD in the Super Bowl.
Tim Tebow was one of the quarterbacks considered by the Dolphins before they signed Jay Cutler, report says
Before signing Jay Cutler, the Miami Dolphins did think about reaching out to Kyle Orton & Tim Tebow
Jarvis Landry under investigation + Jay Cutler as our potential starting QB + Miami actually reached out to Tim Tebow..Great to be a Dolphin
Yet teams signing people like Jay Cutler who can't throw a ball accurately into Lake Michigan.
TEBOW TIME? Miami Dolphins reportedly ‘considered’ signing Tim Tebow before agreeing to a deal with Jay Cutler
Dolphins considered signing Mets outfielder Tim Tebow before agreeing to $10 million deal w/ free agent Jay Cutler
HR 3: Packed hour with Norv Turner talking Jay Cutler and on >>…
More Norv Turner on Jay Cutler in Miami: This is probably his best chance to play winning football.
The Miami Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler and secured a top five pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.
BREAKING NEWS: Miami Dolphins sign Jay Cutler and are officially eliminated from NFL playoffs.
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BREAKING: Miami Dolphins protesting for new logo after signing Jay Cutler.
If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, you have to be cheering for Jay Cutler to be the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.
I like the Dolphins' chances more with Jay Cutler than Ryan Tannehill. Good smooth fit with Gaze. My network's loss is…
Miami Dolphins maybe Jay Cutler might be more miserable than it was in Chicago or maybe not definitely better than Kaepernick
Jay Cutler will leave job as a TV analyst and sign with Miami Dolphins
Sport: Jay Cutler signs with the Dolphins to reunite with Adam Ga...
[Palm Beach Post] - Everyone's talking about Jay Cutler, the veteran quarterback the Miami Dolphins signed on Sund…
Jay Cutler is signing with the Miami Dolphins, here he is in Madden.
Miami Dolphins fans after finding out they signed Jay Cutler 😂😂😂
NFL world reacts to Jay Cutler signing with the Miami Dolphins
Jay Cutler had his best season under Adam Gase? He minimized turnovers and threw twenty flippin' one TDs. Whoopdeefndoo!
A week ago (when Tannehill was healthy), Dolphins coach Adam Gase told me he was dreading having Jay Cutler call...
*NEW* A lot of people out there saying that Adam Gase "masked" Jay Cutler. That might not be true. Find out why: https…
Jay Cutler ranked 9th among QBs in Football Outsiders' DVOA metric in 2015, with Adam Gase as his OC
Complete review of Jay Cutler's 2015 season with Adam Gase.
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Jay Cutler has a strong track record with Adam Gase.
coach Adam Gase has been persistent. It's working. Sources say Jay Cutler is leaning toward coming out of retiremen…
The bottom line, signing Jay Cutler was in the best interest of the Dolphins because it is what Adam Gase wanted. End of dis…
High-percentage throws, play action, RPOs...How Adam Gase can work magic with QB Jay Cutler -- again.
2017 NFL - How Adam Gase of Miami Dolphins can recreate magic with Jay Cutler again - . We can throw out Jay ... -…
Jay Cutler had one of his best seasons in 2015. His coordinator that year? Current Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase. https…
Jay Cutler had one of his better years under Adam Gase so its no surprise the Dolphins chose him over Kaepernick.
I need to know how feels about Jay Cutler to the Dolphins.
Say what you want about Jay Cutler, but signing with the Dolphins is good news for the fantasy stock of Landry, Parker…
Jay Cutler is the top choice among available QBs, and he wants to play for Adam Gase again
Jay Cutler's Nashville-based broadcast rep offers a bit of an update here on the former Bears QB...
Darlington said Adam Gase does like Brock Osweiller, but he likes Jay Cutler the best out of available QBs
If you missed tonight's Periscope watch it here. We discussed Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, MLB and Kansas hoops. Live Pe…
Jay Cutler the best player in Chicago history to un-retire
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