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Jay Cutler

Jay Christopher Cutler (born April 29, 1983) is an American football starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

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Chase Daniels, Jay Cutler, Josh McCown. Kaep is def being blackballed as far as the Jets are concerned
On on Monday morning, I explained why Josh McCown makes more sense than Jay Cutler for the Jets.
WATCH: Lance Briggs reflects on the Jay Cutler era in Chicago
Going from Adrian Peterson to Latavius Murray is more depressing than Jay Cutler to Mike Glennon.
If you're Christian Hackenberg or Bryce Petty, & you see that the Jets are interested in Jay that has to be a blow to the ego
The Jets should keep.cost down and let Bryce Petty get a full year to see if he can be an NFL QB. Jay Cutler is not the answer
Bryce Petty is way better than Hackenberg & was better than Geno Smith & he'll prove it but I agree Jay Cutler is an option.
A final word on Jay Cutler. What a disappointment as QB for Bears. Couldn't beat Green Bay or Tampa Bay. Glad to see him go.
Can't believe it's over. Thank you to Jay Cutler for all you have done for the Green Bay over the past years.…
My dad has hard feelings about Jay Cutler being released... he's gonna miss Green Bay's best player
The Chicago Bears release Jay Cutler. No one more disappointed than the Green Bay Packers secondary. Sigh.
Amazing to think Bears once had Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte in their…
So will Jay Cutler and Phil Sims be out of a job soon ?
Jay Cutler deserved better as quarterback, writes:
Jay Cutler threw a going away party after being released from the Bears. But it was intercepted and returned for a touchdo…
Let the city of chicago rejoice. The Chicago Bears released. Jay Hitler. aka Jay Cutler   10% Off
" It was an honor to wear the Bears uniform and play quarterback at Soldier Field for my favorite childhood team.". -…
Godspeed Jay Cutler. You were that boyfriend who would forget our birthday, later make up for it with roses, only to let us…
officially release Jay Cutler thus officially ending his reign as the best player
The Jay Cutler era has officially ended in Chicago. The Bears have reported that they will cut QB Jay Cutler.
I'm really going to miss Jay Cutler. He's a guy you could always count on year after year to make sure the Packers destroye…
For all the outside noise when it comes to Jay Cutler, just about every Bears teammate viewed him with such a high respect. h…
Jay Cutler: Never came close to his ability, but not nearly as bad as a large percentage of fans/media act like. Good, not great, not bad.
BREAKING: Donald Trump forces Jets to sign QB Jay Cutler as punishment for New Jersey and New York voting for Hillary.
Jay Cutler to be released by Report
Jay Cutler was crucified for a lot of the management/coaching/unit's failures. Not saying he was perfect at all, but too o…
BREAKING: Chicago Bears will release Jay Cutler today. (via
are releasing Jay Cutler today, the plan from the beginning since they set their sites on Mike Glennon. They tried to…
Never forget. Jay Cutler's best play as a Chicago Bear.
" Sorry we weren't better for you. You took every bullet for our football team and never once pointed a finger.". - Zac…
My favorite Jay Cutler moment with the
Best of luck to Jay Cutler wherever he ends up. You will be missed
Jay Cutler has been released by the Bears. Bears fans:.
Winds of Change: Bears add Mike Glennon and Release Jay Cutler via
An Open Letter To Jay Cutler: Thank You... One fan’s Thank You to Jay for all of his efforts ht…
From how the bears players are reacting to jay cutler leaving...I honestly believe he was a great teammate
Thank you Jay Cutler for all you've done for fans over the yrs. 2-12 doesn't begin to express our gratitude. Legacy now to Glennon.
In honor of the end of the Jay Cutler era, I wanted to share the story of the best moment in his career
The "Jay Cutler for Jets QB" propaganda in NY tabloids is beginning to make me question my sanity
The release of Jay Cutler is now official.
If Jay Cutler joins the Jets him & Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the most prolific interception duo in NFL history.
Where will Jay Cutler end up come the season?
A brand new day, as Bears finally get rid of Jay Cutler - Chicago Sun-Times
Editorial cartoonist weighs in on Jay Cutler's departure
OMG Jay Cutler is being released by the bears wow finally and I don't even watch football lmao
I just wanna thank god that Jay Cutler is not a bear anymore
Most of us have gone through cycles of defending Jay Cutler, giving up on him, & falling for the temptation of his skil…
Could Jay Cutler find his way to the Washington Redskins?
To the Bears organization that sees Mike Glennon as a substantial upgrade and franchise QB over Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler leaves memorable legacy in Chicago, but not for right reasons
Jay Cutler needs to go straight to the unemployment line
Jay Cutler has officially been released.
Jay Cutler may have been the 4th best quarterback in history, though he never played for them.
I get so scared every time I see jay cutler show up on my timeline
Best of the rest: Some of the biggest names remain up for grabs. 👋 Hi Jay Cutler!
Jay Cutler career can't be revived. He doesn't even care about winning. He just looking for the next finesse
Bears are releasing QB Jay Cutler, per . Cutler asked for and was granted his release this morning. He is…
BREAKING: The Bears have traded Jay Cutler to a Chicago YMCA Flag Football League for 2 slices of pizza and a juice bo…
Thinking Jay Cutler was a bad QB is like thinking Obama was a bad president. You must not use stats/data or history to form your opinions.
Comparing Mike Glennon to Jay Cutler is sort of like comparing Donald Trump to Warren Harding.
Bud Adams knew what he was doing... It's 2017, and Vince Young has a professional football contract. Jay Cutler & Matt Leinart don't.
Jay Cutler has completed more passes to Packers players in his career than Matt Hasselbeck, Mark Brunell, or Ty Detmer.
Jay Cutler is the herpes of NFL quarterbacks.
There's also that other N "if" L where Jay Cutler goes to the Kansas City
honestly I'd rather have Jay Cutler than Geno Smith
Jay Cutler to the is the most likely, stop-gap scenario. Neither Petty nor Hackenberg are ready to start. Team may s…
Today should fr be a holiday in the city of Chicago, Jay Cutler is finally gone and we don't have to listen to *** defend him anymore
Unpopular opinion incoming. Mike Glennon isn't that terrible. As a Packer fan, I would much rather they roll with Jay Cutler.
Mike Glennon is expected to sign with the Bears, so bye-bye, Jay Cutler.
If you told me this time last month the Bears would have Mike Glennon, Jay Cutler and Connor Shaw at QB before spring, I would've laughed.
BMarsh QBs have been Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler again, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and now Eli Manning. FeelsBadMan
An abbreviated list of quarterbacks he has played with: Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Kyle Orton, Matt…
What the Bears want:. Connor Shaw. Brian Hoyer. Mike Glennon. What the Bears don't want:. Jay Cutler. 1st Round QB. 🤔
Breaking: Jay Cutler was just traded to Burger King for 30 cents and a pack of smokes to be named later.
Jay Cutler leaving the Bears so Connor Shaw can take the throne
GM Ryan Pace still not publicly ruling out Jay Cutler and Alshon Jeffery coming back to the
Ryan Pace: Bears wait for Alshon Jeffery to test free agency; Jay Cutler situation 'fluid'
*** saying Jay Cutler & Zach Mettenberger gonna be taking over the league lol
Oh and hey, you can trade for Jay Cutler!!! If you want, that is. Anyone? The end of an era:
Jay Cutler to San Francisco would be a great move for the He played his best ball for Mike Shanahan why not give Kyle a shot. 🤔
Jay Cutler's available for trade. Water is wet. Candy is sweet. The end is nigh:
ICYMI: Decision day for Jay Cutler, lots of Deshaun, Pace's drafts, Fox's staff & more in Mailbag here.
Death, taxes, and Jay Cutler on the trade block at the beginning of his Bears end (
🚨🚨🚨 Jay Cutler is available for trade. Going once ... going twice ... anyone?!:
Three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and Jay Cutler no longer playing quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2017
For sale: Hey, you can now trade for Jay Cutler!. An unsurprised writes:
For sale: Hey look, you can now trade for Jay Cutler! . The least shocking end of an era:
So I'm not sure what the Mike Shanahan/Jay Cutler relationship was in their seasons together in Denver but could he be an option for SF?
Jay Cutler as a Jet would be the most magical form of garbage
Now we're circling back to the excuses that kept Jay Cutler here for so long, the "if only" factors.
NFL pre-free agency buzz: Jay Cutler on trading block? via
domain names
The Bears are actively seeking to trade Jay Cutler. He needs to finish with the Browns. It's the perfect ending for Cutler…
NFL teams reaction when the Bears contact them about a possible Jay Cutler trade.
reporter says small chance Jay Cutler stays with them in 2017. I do not like what they would get for him. Keep him!
LOL CSN Chicago poll: "What is an acceptable trade for Jay Cutler". 82% say "Cut him if you have to"
Just saw "Bears actively shopping QB Jay Cutler" on the ESPN ticker. Would they take a bag of poo in return? Or is that asking too much?
Jay Cutler possibly leaving the Bears has got me so excited !
Jay Cutler can roll cigarettes with in the muni lot. That's as close to a field in Cleveland I'd allow him to be
Jay Cutler's time as Bears quarterback appears to be nearing its end, with only the logistics left to sort out.
Four potential landing spots for Jay Cutler - Now that the Chicago Bears are reportedly actively shopping quart...
Speculation heightening as Bears explore trade options for Jay Cutler via
Jay Cutler has just as many playoff wins as the Vikings do since he came in the league.
Angelo shares in the blame but no one has the pure physical football ability of Jay Cutler. Few can throw a ball 65 yards
Some fans are interested in Jay Cutler in Denver?
Jay Cutler, cuz chances are he'll be so inaccurate he'll mess around and hit the gunman in the head
There is no Jay Cutler situation. We aren't interested.
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Jay Cutler, who grabbed his crotch in San Diego in disrespect for Philip Rivers. I hope he rots on the bench.
The Bears are trying to trade Jay Cutler, might be easier to trade syphilis.
I'm a little irritated by the Jay Cutler situation right now.
⚡ Jay Cutler is on the trading block, but who's going to bite? No one is going to bite he's worthless .
If there was any chance of Jay Cutler returning, that's long gone. The Bears will move on, either through trade or release. E…
The Bears are trying to trade Jay Cutler. So far their best offer has been a lottery ticket and a 12 pack of beer.
tfw you think somebody might actually trade for Jay Cutler
There are plenty of teams in need of a QB, but is Jay Cutler the answer? Because the Bears are looking to deal. https:/…
" have begun seeking a trading partner for Jay Cutler."
When the Bears call teams to offer Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler is officially on the trading block, according to
Bears: Hey, we're trading Jay Cutler!. Every other team:
you say jay cutler is a franchise QB?!?
When the Bears call to see if you wanna trade for Jay Cutler
Me: No one will ever trade for Jay Cutler . Browns:
The Bears are actively attempting to trade Jay Cutler. Here are the responses they've gotten from teams so far: https:…
so it sounds like the are targeting your former QB Jay Cutler. You guys on board? Can we contend with him?
Bears reportedly “actively” seeking trade partner for Jay Cutler. by via…
Chicago Bears have actively started seeking a trade partner for quarterback Jay Cutler, per
Stephen A if Jay Cutler can be an NFL QB, as far fetched as it sounds so can Vince Young.
Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson are God's among men
Billy Zabka and Jay Cutler must be disappointed to be replaced on the cover of Punchable Face Monthly.
As a Bears fan from Chicago, you're simply wrong about Jay Cutler. I'll gladly come to Bristol and debate you.
Browns tryna trade for Jimmy G, the Niners got John Lynch as GM and rumors of them wanting Jay Cutler.…
because having the hat in the locker was just an accident? People wouldn't have cared. See: Rex Ryan, Jay Cutler, etc
What, if any, trade concoctions have you heard of involving quarterback Jay Cutler?
Martellus Bennett should get a ring for saying Jay Cutler the worst quarterback in the league. But his QB is friends with Trump
Jay Cutler is the best quarterback to ever don the Broncos uniform
please select Deshaun. Please we need a quarterback, Jay Cutler ain't it.
"Jay Cutler is an elite quarterback, period."
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Jay Cutler is an elite quarterback.
Is it possible to convince Green Bay that Jay Cutler is their quarterback of the future?
Jay Cutler is the best quarterback in the league.
"Jay Cutler is our quarterback for the long term"
Jay Cutler is an excellent quarterback.
"Jay Cutler is the best quarterback in the NFL"
Jay Cutler definitely deserves another chance at being the starting quarterback.
This just in from the White House, Jay Cutler is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game! Period!…
Jay Cutler is the greatest quarterback of all time. Period.
‘Jay Cutler is the greatest quarterback ever. Period.‘
Jay Cutler is the quarterback of the future.
Jay Cutler is a Super Bowl caliber quarterback. Period.
Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback.
"Jay Cutler is the best quarterback in NFL history. Period."
No, Jay Cutler is a mediocre NFL quarterback.
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You guys really need to appreciate your quarterback. Just think he could be Brock Osweiler or Jay Cutler.
never!! I'd Johnny Football or Jay Cutler to quarterback our Bears. Trump is disgusting !
Also breaking: Tony Romo and Jay Cutler were just traded to England.
When you can't fall asleep because you know in your heart Jay Cutler is an elite caliber quarterback
We are about to see an off season where Tony Romo, Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, and Kirk Cousins are all FAs aren't we?
The fact that you have Carson Wentz in the same tier as Osweiler and that Jay Cutler is a tier 3 quarterback makes…
Kristin Cavallari knows her husband, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, is “hot AF” — even if people try to fat shame him…
are Jay Cutler the Quarterback or Jay Cutler the bodybuilder?
Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, and Phillip Rivers are ALL clear, clear upgrades over Brock. Anyone debating this is a moron.
Matt Barkley and Jay Cutler are currently vacationing together on the Carnival INTERCEPTION.
cousins better than Matt Barkley and Matt Barkley played better than Jay Cutler
I would feel scared for my team's future if we had a quarterback like Jay Cutler, Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, etc...
"Jay Cutler is on his way on being a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers." -
Jay Cutler is a franchise quarterback. Better than that fraud McMahon.
We have the greatest and worst Quarterback's ever playing in our generation. Tom Brady & Jay Cutler
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After watching tonight, I've decided that Jay Cutler is Not My Quarterback.
Wen yo quarterback Jay Cutler dats wat u get
you know everybody talking about getting rid of Jay Cutler and talking about keeping the other quarterback get rid of them too
He handled Jay Cutler better than anyone else including Mike Marsh!
Ryan Pace tells us Jay Cutler does want to play next year and is way ahead of schedule with rehab. Will not say what tea…
George McCaskey: "I've always been a fan of Jay Cutler. ... as far as the football evaluation, that's up to Ryan and John."
Veteran QBs I'd have interest in for the is Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub and Brian Hoyer in that order.
Talking about Jay Cutler ear may be over. Remember when Starlin Castro talk dominated airwaves? Seems long ago now.
"close friend of maligned QB Jay Cutler"
Jay Cutler helping QB Matt Barkley after the last series
Impressive effort by Matt Barkley today, who was paid $35,294 by the Bears this week. They paid Jay Cutler $941,176.
so. does their O line suck or is Jay Cutler really just made of Stone?
I'll take Jay Cutler (hides). With an offensive line he could make it rain (Wedding Crashers reference) with Watkins/Clay/25.
Matt Barkley and Jay Cutler have won the same number of games in 2016.
Matt Barkley was sitting behind jay cutler... He's the next Tom Brady
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Jay Cutler congratulates QB Matt Barkley on his first NFL TD pass.
Jay Cutler is on the bench and he's still trash
QB Matt Barkley making his first NFL start today. Jay Cutler is 51-51 as a starter; Bears are 6-14 in games he's m…
Good TD drive by the Bears. Jay Cutler is simply incapable of showing emotions. Can they cut him NOW!
No, Matt Barkley is not better than Jay Cutler. My column:
Have fun! My Stepdad's from Chicago and hates Jay Cutler
Dude can't beat out Jay Cutler who literally could not give a crap anymore and Barkley's gonna be Peyton Manning today.
That would make more sense than Jay Cutler to Alshon, right?
After that drive, jay cutler should be listening to Matt Barkley!
Jay Cutler doesn't want to play anymore he just wants to coach.
Jay Cutler looks like he is constantly suffering from indigestion.
"Not much of an expression ever from Jay Cutler." That FOX broadcaster already wins for quote of the day!
Matt Barkley, playing for Bears QB Jay Cutler today, gets his first career NFL touchdown pass to Daniel Brown
Jay Cutler is a reincarnation of Frank Burns
Why is CBS doing expression cam with Jay Cutler?
Jay cutler not a bad qb he just dgaf 😂
Jay Cutler’s like “C’mon Matt, the dude in White was wide open for the Pick Six!”
Jay Cutler tried so hard to show human emotion.
Replacing Jay Cutler with Matt Barkley is like going from HIV to full blown AIDS.
QB will be making his first NFL start today in place of Jay Cutler.
Bears feel Jay Cutler is their toughest player. They want to give him a chance to return. But if surgery & FA loom…
Jay Cutler might remain with Chicago Bears after this season -
In their Halas Hall Pass video, & discuss Jay Cutler and the Bears QB situation…
With Bears QB Jay Cutler listed as doubtful, Matt Barkley prepares for his first NFL start
only favored by 5.5 with Jay Cutler "doubtful" on injury report. No Alshon Jeffery and Matt Barkley potentially at QB.
The say QB Jay Cutler is doubtful, so Matt Barkley will start vs. OLB Leonard Floyd is out.
Bears coach John Fox tells reporters at Halas Hall that QB Jay Cutler (shoulder) is doubtful for Sunday's game with the Titans.
Thanksgiving injury update from Halas Hall!. Jay Cutler did not practice. Deiondre’ Hall practiced for the first time s…
John Fox refuses to rule out QB Jay Cutler vs. Titans - via App
So maybe Sunday wasn't Jay Cutler's final game after all?
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Jay Cutler is a "tough son of a gun," John Fox said. So maybe he'll play QB with some kind of tear in his labrum?
John Fox calls Cutler (shoulder) day to day – Jay Cutler | CHI: Coach John Fox said Jay Cutler (shoulder) is day...
John Fox says Jay Cutler is not done for the season despite what reports are saying. He is listed day-to-day.
Doctor: Jay Cutler can play again this year, coach. He'll be fine. . John Fox: Are you sure? Can you check again? Do some more tests?
News: Cutler day-to-day with shoulder injury - Bears coach John Fox said Wednesday that Jay Cutler ...
Bears coach John Fox denies Jay Cutler is out for the season. Won't rule the QB out this Sunday. https…
QB Jay Cutler (right shoulder) did not practice today. But coach John Fox said it is NOT a season-ending injury.
Bears coach John Fox contradicts reports that Jay Cutler's season is done via
coach John Fox is calling Jay Cutler day to day. He will not rule out Cutler for Sunday vs. the Titans.
Tanks GOD Jay Cutler will not ruin my Thanksgiving this year, can finally stuff my face with food & watch quality football
is it safe to say that a Jay Cutler injury tree will be on over/understand??
"Andrew Luck isn't even the best QB in Indiana. Jay Cutler lives in Hammond." 😂
Here's how Ryan Pace found out Jay Cutler was done for the season .
Jay Cutler would be a better QB than Wilson if he had that defense
An injured Jay Cutler is better than anything the Rams have had since Marc Bulger in 2004.
Bad news for the as QB Jay Cutler undergoes tests today for shoulder injury. Connor Shaw & Brian Hoyer injured leaving Matt Barkley
Report: Season may be over for Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler
You get to a point in your career, I think, it's not even about money.
Jay Cutler is out for the season and now every Bears fan is rooting for the Browns to win three games the rest of the way.
Season was done 3 years ago when Cutler got his extension. Time to move on. Let Jay go to the with Forte and…
Season could be done for Bears QB Jay Cutler via
If Jay Cutler is in fact done for the year, fans will get their first taste of what the dark ages were like befor…
When it rains it pours. QB Jay Cutler suffered shoulder injury and team is exploring if it is season-ending.
The Bears have a serious case of the Mondays (and the Sundays). My column from Lake Forest:
REPORT: Bears QB Jay Cutler has tested positive for 7 kinds of performance declining substances, but doesn't care enou…
Per a Report: Jay Cutler may be done for the year
The Bears are technically down to their 4th string QB now with Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer, and Connor Shaw all hurt. “It can’t get much worse”
Jay Cutler. Dead. Brian Hoyer. Dead. Connor Shaw. Dead. Are we seriously away to watch Matt Barkley QB the Bears...
Jay Cutler getting paid obscene amounts to be subpar at his job is peak whiteness.
Today has been peak Jay Cutler. Great throws, awful pocket presence, fumbles, throwing the ball across his body.
The sports world is brutal, can someone ever compare Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers? This is RIDICULOUS. Answer me:
Jay Cutler enjoys fight with Ronnie Coleman: via
"I didn't take drugs to make me faster. I took them to make me stronger to tackle DBs after Jay Cutler interceptions."…
Breaking: Alshon Jeffery purposely took drugs so he could miss playing 4 games with Jay Cutler.
It's funny how Bennett is a great TE when jay cutler isn't his QB
do you still think Jay Cutler is good though?
Oh right, that's why the Chicago Bears are ready to give up on Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler is now on pace for 8 interceptions and 4 pick sixes today. So, just an average day at the stadium for Jay.
havent seen Rivers criticized since he yelled at Jay Cutler 10 years ago. Adam is right.
Jay cutler admits to being a trump supporter and then his offensive line lets him get beat up all day 😂
Seven years later, I've reached the final stage of grief with Jay Cutler and the Bears.
Saw someone with a Jay Cutler jersey try to talk about the number of rings Cam Newton has. Boy take that Jay Cutler jersey to arena football
I hate the Patriots too so that makes it even better. I can't support the Bears while Jay Cutler still our QB
Chicago Bears are so good this year, I'm glad we finally pulled it together, jay cutler is phenomenal, our defense is sensational
dak is mediocre at best, i would take jay cutler over him. Let that sink in
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Jay cutler must of stole girl when they were younger the way he always talking about this man
Remember when you didn't think the Bears could get worse and then Jay Cutler says he voted for Trump. He has got to go.
Jay Cutler has never met an interception he couldn't throw.
Do the Jay Cutler apologists, of which there are too *** many, want to even show their faces today?
Jay Cutler, your plane is boarding. The RosenBlog:
Jay Cutler definitely pees sitting down with a cigarette in his mouth.
Even with the Hail Mary, Bears QB Jay Cutler posted a 55.1 passer rating, his worst in the last 57 games that he finishe…
Just like Derrick Rose and the Bulls both needed a fresh start so to does Jay Cutler and the Bears. Inexcusable if he is bro…
1 of the 2 touchdown passes Jay Cutler had today.
Jay Cutler finds his inner Aaron Rodgers with an EPIC end of the half Hail Mary TD pass .
I've long defended Jay Cutler, but he's likely done in Chicago. Clears $14m in cap if released. Mock CHI a new QB.
Jay Cutler : 16 of 30, 182 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT's & a QBR of 4 (Sacked 4 times. Hit 7 times)
Demarco Murray is a better QB than Jay Cutler.
Dear McCaskeys, . Fire Phillips, Pace and Fox, and then release or trade Jay Cutler, and then please sell the team.…
You were/are absolutely right about Jay Cutler. How can he even show his face in public?
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I'm so tired of gettin my feelings hurt by jay cutler
.There would be something poetic about Tony Romo replacing Jay Cutler.
If he were a Bear, he'd be gaining valuable experience holding a clipboard and watching Jay Cutler play inconsistently.
Of all the Jay Cutlers in the world, Jay Cutler is the Jay Cutleriest
Jay Cutler: bet you can't throw interceptions worse than me. Blake Bortles: Hold my beer.
Jameis Winston earns an excellent grade, while Jay Cutler earns an awful one in Bucs' blowout win: https:/…
tfw you streamed Jay Cutler this week
Now watching Phillip Rivers' Jay Cutler reenactment in the 4th quarter of today's game. Condolences Chargers fans.
"I don't give a *** about who he thought the President should be.". - on Jay Cutler's decision to share his v…
Chris Conte picks off Jay Cutler and TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE! The Bucs' second INT in the first quarter. https:/…
Kyle Long emotionally bangs on the injury cart to fire up his team...Jay Cutler promptly fumbles. His 3rd TO already toda…
Two first quarter interceptions, including a pick-six. How's your day going, Jay Cutler?
Robert Ayers strips Jay Cutler in the end zone and the ball rolls out of bounds. That's two more for Tampa Bay!
Raise your hand if you thought Jay Cutler would only complete 10 passes today. No hands? Oh, exactly.
Jay Cutler should be banned from the city of Chicago.
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Jay Cutler with back to back INTs. Seems like country is finally getting back to normal.
When Tyrod Taylor and Derek Carr are both on byes, and you pick up Jay Cutler thinking, "How bad can he possibly be…
Good to see the real Jay Cutler is back
Hey Bills would never question Tyrod Taylor if you watched Jay Cutler play
This is the 1st time since 2009 (Week 15 at Ravens) Jay Cutler has thrown 2 interceptions in the 1st quarter (3rd time of care…
Oh, and I see Jay Cutler just got pick-six'd by Chris Conte which is a through-and-through of sadness for Bears fans. Must stop bleeding.
Is this Jay Cutler's Last Chance to Remain an NFL Starter? via
Jay Cutler isn't ashamed to support Donald Trump
Jay Cutler's not ashamed to say he's a Donald Trump supporter
This Buccaneers player just might be Jay Cutler's biggest fan via
If asked to make a list of NFL QBs most likely to support Trump, Jay Cutler would definitely have been in my top 3.
Chicago Bears mannequin challenge video: Jay Cutler and what even is going on here - Windy City Gridiron
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