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Jay Cutler

Jay Christopher Cutler (born April 29, 1983) is an American football starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

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Jay Cutler a star in first practice with Miami Dolphins, writes
they're acting Jay Cutler is Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers ...dude is a bum
The Dolphins can thank Kristin Cavallari for Jay Cutler's return to the NFL.
Jay Cutler says his wife Kristin Cavallari convinced him to sign 1-year deal with Dolphins
That's talent: Jay Cutler could play for the Dolphins and still get a Bears coach fired
How fitting would it be if Jay Cutler played in another city & still got a Bears coach fired?. v…
Jay Cutler said Kristin Cavallari convinced him to join Dolphins because she was "tired of me around the house." https:…
Kristin Cavallari is "so excited" about Jay Cutler's $10 million deal with the Miami Dolphins. 🏈 https:/…
Jay Cutler is about to rush for 1k this season. Quote me when he runs in a 75 yard draw for a TD in the Super Bowl.
Tim Tebow was one of the quarterbacks considered by the Dolphins before they signed Jay Cutler, report says
Before signing Jay Cutler, the Miami Dolphins did think about reaching out to Kyle Orton & Tim Tebow
Jarvis Landry under investigation + Jay Cutler as our potential starting QB + Miami actually reached out to Tim Tebow..Great to be a Dolphin
Yet teams signing people like Jay Cutler who can't throw a ball accurately into Lake Michigan.
TEBOW TIME? Miami Dolphins reportedly ‘considered’ signing Tim Tebow before agreeing to a deal with Jay Cutler
Dolphins considered signing Mets outfielder Tim Tebow before agreeing to $10 million deal w/ free agent Jay Cutler
The Miami Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler and secured a top five pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.
BREAKING NEWS: Miami Dolphins sign Jay Cutler and are officially eliminated from NFL playoffs.
BREAKING: Miami Dolphins protesting for new logo after signing Jay Cutler.
If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, you have to be cheering for Jay Cutler to be the NFL Comeback Player of the Year.
I like the Dolphins' chances more with Jay Cutler than Ryan Tannehill. Good smooth fit with Gaze. My network's loss is…
Miami Dolphins maybe Jay Cutler might be more miserable than it was in Chicago or maybe not definitely better than Kaepernick
Jay Cutler will leave job as a TV analyst and sign with Miami Dolphins
Sport: Jay Cutler signs with the Dolphins to reunite with Adam Ga...
[Palm Beach Post] - Everyone's talking about Jay Cutler, the veteran quarterback the Miami Dolphins signed on Sund…
Jay Cutler is signing with the Miami Dolphins, here he is in Madden.
Miami Dolphins fans after finding out they signed Jay Cutler 😂😂😂
NFL world reacts to Jay Cutler signing with the Miami Dolphins
Jay Cutler had his best season under Adam Gase? He minimized turnovers and threw twenty flippin' one TDs. Whoopdeefndoo!
A week ago (when Tannehill was healthy), Dolphins coach Adam Gase told me he was dreading having Jay Cutler call...
*NEW* A lot of people out there saying that Adam Gase "masked" Jay Cutler. That might not be true. Find out why: https…
Jay Cutler ranked 9th among QBs in Football Outsiders' DVOA metric in 2015, with Adam Gase as his OC
Complete review of Jay Cutler's 2015 season with Adam Gase.
Jay Cutler has a strong track record with Adam Gase.
coach Adam Gase has been persistent. It's working. Sources say Jay Cutler is leaning toward coming out of retiremen…
The bottom line, signing Jay Cutler was in the best interest of the Dolphins because it is what Adam Gase wanted. End of dis…
High-percentage throws, play action, RPOs...How Adam Gase can work magic with QB Jay Cutler -- again.
2017 NFL - How Adam Gase of Miami Dolphins can recreate magic with Jay Cutler again - . We can throw out Jay ... -…
Jay Cutler had one of his best seasons in 2015. His coordinator that year? Current Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase. https…
Jay Cutler had one of his better years under Adam Gase so its no surprise the Dolphins chose him over Kaepernick.
Say what you want about Jay Cutler, but signing with the Dolphins is good news for the fantasy stock of Landry, Parker…
Jay Cutler is the top choice among available QBs, and he wants to play for Adam Gase again
Jay Cutler's Nashville-based broadcast rep offers a bit of an update here on the former Bears QB...
Darlington said Adam Gase does like Brock Osweiller, but he likes Jay Cutler the best out of available QBs
If you missed tonight's Periscope watch it here. We discussed Ryan Tannehill, Jay Cutler, MLB and Kansas hoops. Live Pe…
Jay Cutler the best player in Chicago history to un-retire
*Cutler stares into the distance*. Kristin Cavallari: "Baby, what's wrong?". Jay Cutler: "Miami needs me. Time to go to work.…
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Dolphins have reached out to Jay Cutler, per
The signal has been sent for Smoking Jay Cutler to come save the Dolphins,
Imagine being a Dolphins fan and realizing Jay Cutler is coming out of retirement to be your starting QB
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jay Cutler are really going to be on a team before Kaepernick.
The internet is in disbelief that the Dolphins might sign Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick
So you telling me Jay Cutler gonna have a job but Kap can't
QB Jay Cutler is the 2nd worst possible choice for the Miami Dolphins, following a potential Colin Kaepernick...
Like this dolphins situation... Y'all really think Kap a better QB than Jay cutler?
ICYMI...Miami Dolphins have already reached out to Jay Cutler.
It will be hilarious if the dolphins sign Jay Cutler over Kaepernick 😂
Jay cutler tried calling Miami but it was intercepted
Dolphins would rather sign retired Jay Cutler than starter Kaepernick tell me how he isn't being blackballed tho 🤔🤔🤔
I never thought I'd see the day jay cutler in a dolphins jersey
Jay Cutler, Dolphins have discussed potential deal: (via
Jay Cutler, the NEW starting QB of the - weren't winning 9 with Tannehill anyways, not much of a change.
Jay Cutler may quit his 2 week old job at FOX to join the Is he better than Kaepernick?!
Jay Cutler has expressed interest in returning to football & putting his broadcasting career on hold to start for the D…
I'd sign Kap if I were the Dolphins tbh but, you know, when you want a good public imagefrom…
Jay Cutler is Dolphins' top choice to replace Ryan Tannehill, per
Everybody hating on the Dolphins decision to bring in Jay Cutler..honestly not my favorite decision, but low key he may ball out under Gase
One thing about Gase & Cutler is it seems Adam has been trying to find a way to get Jay in Miami since he got here. This is wide open door
Plot twist: Jay Cutler tells the Dolphins, "nah, I'm actually good, y'all should sign Kaepernick though." What do the Dolphins do?!
Cannot send jay cutler out there with this OL
It looks like Jay Cutler was always destined for the -
When AFC East teams heard the Dolphins have reached out to Jay Cutler.
If Jay Cutler get a job over Kap, I'm boycotting the NFL... early games... of the teams I dont care about.
Per former Quarterback Jay Cutler has agreed to a one-year contract with the worth $13…
The reaction of everyone in Chicago if the Dolphins sign Jay Cutler.
Even though Kap is a better option than Jay Cutler, his "Fidel Castro" incident automatically eliminated that possibility for the Dolphins
Jay Cutler had one of his best seasons with Adam Gase in Chicago. One of the best coaching jobs at that position. Cutler in M…
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Wow. Jay Cutler to Dolphins reportedly? likely to go from facing Tannehill to former star in October.
Jay Cutler..while still doesn't have a job😂. how doesn't he fit better? Y'all love seco…
Dolphins fans when they heard team reached out to Jay Cutler...
Even the refs don't like Jay Cutler
REPORT: With Ryan Tannehill potentially out for the year, Jay Cutler has started practicing throwing to cornerbacks in…
Bears fans when Jay Cutler leads the Dolphins to the playoffs this year
Jay Cutler already knows Gase's offense and while in the Gase offense had his best year. Yes Kap should be signed but Jay fits MIA better
& QB Jay Cutler's reps have had discussions about a potential deal, sources say. Nothing has been agreed upon. He's…
Jay Cutler is a better fit for Miami's offensive system. And the Dolphins agree, they just gave him 13…
Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler may be headed to Miami. The Dolphins in desperate need of a starter.
Jermon Bushrod on ex-teammate Jay Cutler: 'That's out of my pay grade' via
Miami Dolphins are reaching out to quarterback options, with former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler being prominent among those.
Former T Jermon Bushrod on Jay Cutler and the Dolphins QB situation. Things are getting interesting in Miami…
Could the Miami Dolphins reach out to former QB Jay Cutler?.
Jermon Bushrod on the Jay Cutler option: 'That's out of my pay grade'
REPORT: The have interest in Jay Cutler. Former QB signing with Miami is a "very real" possibility, per source.
If Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill needs knee surgery or is out for any length of time, does Miami call former Bears QB Jay Cutler..
Dolphins mull next move with Ryan Tannehill; sources say Jay Cutler has interest - ESPN
With an injury in Miami, will former QB Jay Cutler come back and play for his former coach?…
I ask again. Roose Bolton or Jay Cutler? I bet Roose can handle those snaps, even.
Fantasy football Alex Smith and Jay Cutler quarterbacks and Super Bowls: via
The 7-3 Bears just lost Jay Cutler to injury, but it's okay, they have Caleb Hanie! Was so bad they had to get Josh…
This chimp is a better QB than Jay Cutler
Any particular reason I've seen two Jay Cutler jerseys at Mt. Rushmore today?
One of the most interesting pieces in the Jason McKie interview was the Bears's adjustment to Jay Cutler.…
The Clay Matthews takes one last shot at Jay Cutler, and shares his love for Game of Thrones
Would you rather cover Dean McDermott or crack Jay Cutler
From Jim McMahon to Jay Cutler, Tom Waddle knows the Bears like few people could.
And no one can tell me that Jay cutler isn't garbage but if he wanted he could get a job this year! Let Kap play
Kristin Cavallari says her marriage to Jay Cutler isn't perfect. Like that time he threw her a birthday party. And it was intercepted.
Preach. Can't play that card for everything. White guys get fired too.. jay cutler?
FOX has hired Jay Cutler as an NFL analyst, with the official title of "head turnover expert"
Who else has he played with beside Jay Cutler ? Better think that through again Marty.
Jay Cutler is again left out of the top 10 NFL Players list
[cover32] - Martellus Bennett thinks Jay Cutler is better than Eli Manning
Dont agree Peyton yes Eli nope...Jay Cutler could have done enough with that def matchup
The first Super Bowl he played the backup qb to JAY CUTLER. The second one was cause of Von Miller
Jay Cutler = Andy Bernard (aka Nard dog)- I could see him punching his hand through the drywall
Jay Cutler is not a celebrity. He went to Vandy, nothing associated e him. On it!
*** Jay Cutler was consider elite at one point.
Leah: "I like the name Saylor because Jay Cutler's wife named their kid that". Me: "We are not naming our kid after a celebrity kid" . 😂😂
lmaooo started choking when he got to Jay Cutler
what he thinks Jay Cutler is better lol
No credibility to this list. Hasn't played with Aaron and he ranks Jay Cutler above Eli and Romo. Seriously 🙄
I had a guy at work who put up spreadsheets trying to prove Jay Cutler was better than Brett Farve.
Let me guess, it was Jay Cutler? Can you tell I didn't read the story? 😂
Poor sad Lions fans, must suck to know they're essentially the Bears with Jay Cutler
Also want to note that Jay Cutler is better than
Lmao he stumbled when he got to Jay Cutler jersey
Where is Jay Cutler on this list? I'm a Packers fan, I will miss him the most lol
Jay Cutler never needed a good year, so Cam should be fine. But then again, hes not wh...nvm
Having Jay Cutler on the list is a giveaway the dude is clueless
Marty is crazy but he played with Jay Cutler so he may be onto something lol I mean on something puff puff give bro
Jay Cutler. Brock Osweiler . Case Keenum . Bryce Petty . Kaep is better than all these guys at least lol
I hate the Bears so he does't really register in my life aside from that quaint smokin' jay cutler meme
Let's transition from to with a shared sack of Jay Cutler. Ayers brings so much form inside a…
U guys know this already, but is my ALL TIME 2nd Favorite player behind . . Franchise did Jay's…
New York Giants: Jay Cutler is not better than Eli Manning New York Giants quarterback Eli…
Jay Cutler is not better than Eli Manning via
The brothers are going to wreck havoc tonight, Jay Cutler is going to have a rough night https:/…
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Worst free agent signing since the Bears signed Jay Cutler.
Kristin Cavallari reveals that her marriage to Jay Cutler is anything but perfect
Hey you forgot Jay Cutler. Literally the best QB the franchise has ever had.
Jay Cutler - MASS , and Ronnie Coleman Day in the Life
How much did the bears pay that weak *** qb name jay cutler
you ever hear of a guy called Jay Cutler?
I know you didn't just say Jay Cutler is better than Colin Kaepernick.
So, basically, Jay Cutler is just Michael Scott yelling 'I declare BANKRUPTCY!' in the middle of a…
Here's the retirement statement Fox Sports sent out from Jay Cutler, who cites Henry Rollins among others:
Dubs turning the ball over like Jay Cutler and they still drop 40. That's "not great Bob" for the Cavs.
Breaking News: release Jay Cutler. President Trump sends him to Syria to overthrow ISIS.
At least Trump is smart enough to not go golfing with Jay Cutler. Peyton Manning
Man when Jay Cutler asked me "So when you hitting the stage?" Without me even bringing up that I wanted to compete O IM READY
Interception. The tire was on the other team. Jay Cutler 2.0?
Gotta be drunk Jay Cutler, or pick six Matt s Schaub or Brett Favre
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Is Chad Kelly the next Jay Cutler? via Breakdown he will prove people wrong.
If Jay Cutler's career is over, the final pass of his career was an interception (by Giants' Landon Collins in Week 11). https…
my favorite is "The only time a man is allowed to think about another man... is when that man is Jay Cutler"
I am totally with Sanchez is another Jay cutler with less skill I like Connor Shaw as the back up qb!!!
If intercepting is important, it should be Jay Cutler instead.
Ayeee made it on Jay Cutler's personal Snapchat!!!
Lol the blue jays sound just like Jay Cutler
I make you call me jay Cutler the way I throw bullets
That story with the Jay Cutler Jersey is insane!
Every time jay cutler threw a pass.
My dad: i want to play the pick six lottery. Me: who are you jay cutler?
Jay Cutler's Chicago home on the market for $4.75 million
Counting down the days until the season like Clay Matthews counting his sacks against Jay Cutler 😎
I believe in Jay Cutler and the offense and I believe in the Chicago Bears defense bear down!!!
Tony Romo to CBS, Jay Cutler to Fox... Colin Kaepernick to MSNBC? Maybe he can co-host a new show with Rachel Maddow. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Huston should sign Jay Cutler, why not? He is a slightly more healthier Tony Romo.
The biggest differences Tony Romo, Jay Cutler will face as rookies in broadcast...
Doc: Solomon Wilcots earned his time at CBS. And now, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler? via
I'd argue that Bubby brister is the most famous Broncos to wear number 6 not Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler explains how Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky can be successful in Chicago. (SPEEDonFOX)
Crazy how in a span of 4-months, a random call by John Lynch to Kyle Shanahan led him to the job, and Jay Cutler to Fox Sports.
Former Broncos QB Jay Cutler will be awesome in the booth ⬇️
Here are the 4 players the Broncos got in the Jay Cutler trade - NFL quarterback Ja...
ICYMI: Former quarterback Jay Cutler set to join FOX broadcast booth in 2017:
Jay Cutler and Tony Romo leaving field for booth...
Jay Cutler may go the Tony Romo route, has auditioned for broadcasting career
I'm actually a lot more curious to hear what Jay Cutler has to say than what Tony Romo has to say.
CBS should hire Jay Cutler to be Tony Romo's backup for the 8 games a year Tony will miss with back problems.
Wouldn't it be amazing if in 10 years we love Jay Cutler on TV and Tony Romo is long fired
Jay Cutler just retired because no one would sign him to play quarterback. Blatant racism. Just like Colin Kaepernick.
I imagine *** being a lot like listening to Troy Aikman, Joe Buck, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler for an eternity.
Jay Cutler & Tony Romo now retired after a combined 24 years in the NFL and a 3-5 playoff record.
Tony Romo > Jay Cutler on the football field . Tony Romo > Jay Cutler in the broadcast booth
Jay Cutler took the Tony Romo route,but Romo was plastic man with these injuries,Cutler flat out stunk that's why he went into broadcasting.
Both Tony Romo and Jay Cutler debuted in 2006 and now they're both heading to the booth this Fall
First Tony Romo, now Jay Cutler, 2 of the best to ever throw INT's are now retired.
Tony Romo announced his retirement on April 4th - 4/4. . Jay Cutler announced his retirement on May 5th - 5/5. . Who's it gonn…
Oh god. You're like the Joe Buck of Jay Cutler.
Jay Cutler signs with Fox to be an NFL announcer. Bigger Dbag, Cutty or Joe Buck?
Joe Buck: "We now turn to Jay Cutler in the Fox Command Center. Jay, what happened there?". JAY CUTLER: "Don't ca…
Former Broncos QB Jay Cutler has joined the Fox Sports broadcast team. But he just threw a pick trying to toss it to Curt Men…
COMING UP: Jay Cutler's newest teammate - - joins NEXT on the Listen:…
Jay Cutler had an era adjusted passer rating just a hair above average. Exactly average? That's Matt Stafford
Jay Cutler "If the are playing bad, I wouldn't start Trubisky."
Jay Cutler says Glennon is "in a tough spot" after the signed him on for something different (drafting Trubisky).
Former & QB Jay Cutler is leaving the playing field for Fox Sports' broadcast booth in 2017.
Fox signs former Bears and Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler to be an NFL analyst
I have never seen anything from Jay Cutler that would make me think I would enjoy listening to him analyze an NFL game.
Former Bears, Broncos QB Jay Cutler to join Fox broadcasting team for NFL games
Jay Cutler is joining Fox with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Some people just want to watch the world burn
What a trio that's gonna be. and Jay Cutler. Some of my favs in the business. Can't wait *Bart Scott voice*
Jay Cutler as an announcer will be interesting. I didn't think Troy Aikman was going to be a good 1 so who knows, but Aikman was a winner.
Congrats to Jay Cutler...Fox's new on air NFL analyst.
BREAKING: Jay Cutler is joining Fox Sports and will call games this year with and Charles Davis.
FOX: Did you play in the NFL?. Jay Cutler: Yes I did. FOX: Were you the QB of the Cowboys?. Jay: No. FOX: Thanks for your time.
Anyone > Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, even the literal definition of mediocrity Jay Cutler
Packers fans: " Troy Aikman calling games can't get any worse ". Jay Cutler: " Hold my beer "
2 different NFLs lol. Jay Cutler is empty stats just Romo. Troy Aikman had tons of help but way better Q…
Jay Cutler will join Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis in the booth this season for Fox Sports.
Hey remember when you said Jay Cutler was gonna win MVP
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BREAKING: Jay Cutler retires from football and agrees to join as an analyst. LISTEN LIVE
Jay Cutler "takes a lot of skill to be able to do what he just attempted". Matt stafford in real life *throws bullet into double coverage*
If I'm Fox Sports, I'm assigning Jay Cutler to be in the booth for every Bears game humanly possible.
When a network receives a resume from Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler is allegedly pursuing a broadcasting job. His signature catchphrase will definitely be "You Know"
This will be Jay Cutler's first public comment since his "Thank you" via the Sun-Times and in March:…
Jay Cutler has the personality of a brick wall. Suprising to say the least.
Something doesn't seem right when Josh McCown has a job in the and guys like Jay Cutler & Colin Kaepernick don't.
I want Jay Cutler to commentate on EVERYTHING I watch
If Jay Cutler comes to a TV near you this fall, I don't know if he'll make the transition. I don't know if he'll even crack a smile.
How can Jay Cutler get a broadcasting job when he has no personality? Jay, how do you feel about that call? *sigh*
Would fans 'fall in love with Jay Cutler again' as TV analyst? via
The NFL needs Jay Cutler playing, not announcing.
Say what you want about Jay Cutler... but this man has GREAT hair
I read the news 2day. Jay Cutler as a broadcaster? Hmmm... I didn't see that coming. Then again, Tony Romo?
Imagine the full-on freakout that would occur if Joe Buck and Jay Cutler called games.
I think Jay Cutler would be good at TV. He's got a great honest streak — Jeff Van Gundy with better hair
Report: Jay Cutler considering broadcasting career, has auditioned for FOX --
Jay Cutler is exploring a career in broadcasting, per
Jay Cutler auditioning for broadcasting job - Viewers should love his arrogant, smug, and bored broadcast style
Jay Cutler is trying to become a sports broadcaster. His famous tag line will be "Don't Care!"
Hearing Jay Cutler impressed enough to make B-team analyst...and will be named soon. Should be interesting.
Jay Cutler is exploring his broadcasting options & has auditioned for at least one network. MORE | via https…
When all the sports network sees Jay Cutler's broadcasting job resume...
Jay Cutler joins us tomorrow at 3pm. Should be very interesting. Set an alert in your phone!
Former Bears QB Jay Cutler auditioned with Fox last Thursday for a possible role in the network's television booth.
Burkhardt, "jay, ur thoughts on Brian urlacher's career?" Cutler, "well i didn't see much with my head down when we were on the bench."
Some lines to expect from Jay Cutler as an NFL Broadcaster:. - Whatevs. - Bro. - Don't Care. - Dude are you serious?. - Ughhh..…
Jay Cutler as an NFL broadcaster is basically muting your TV during the game.
For now, the list of teams with a potential interest in Jay Cutler starts with...the New York Jets.
If Jay Cutler becomes a broadcaster, the station better have a "Deal With It" segment where he spits fire while smoking a…
⚡ Jay Cutler is reportedly auditioning to become an NFL broadcaster.
After Jay Cutler it goes Phil Simms and then Jay Cutler and last is Phil Simms
So, Jay Cutler wants to be a broadcaster. I can't wait until he throws it back to the studio and it's intercepted by ano…
Jay Cutler auditioned for a broadcasting job at Fox, and might replace John Lynch on the team:
Jay Cutler auditioned for analyst role as possible Fox replacement for John Lynch: .
ICYMI: Red Miller, Phillip Rivers, Seahawks, Jay Cutler and other news from around the league.
Jay Cutler auditions for possible broadcasting role: report this would be hilarious
VERY disappointed to see that Jay Cutler auditioned to be a broadcaster! More honorable to throw 10 INTs a game than join…
The person Jay Cutler will be working with cause chances are it's a scrub!
Just when Chicagoans thought they were done inviting Jay Cutler into their living rooms on fall Sundays ...
I'd rather hear and see Stacey Dash broadcast for the NFL than Jay Cutler
It's extremely early, but based off of what I've seen so far:. Josh Rosen = Joe Flacco . Sam Darnold = Tony Romo. Josh Allen = Jay Cutler
Josh Rosen reminds me so much of Jay Cutler.
What is Deshone Kizer's floor? Blake Bortles and Jay Cutler. His ceiling? Carson Palmer and call me INSANE here but.Aaron Rodgers.
Then you'll love the Jay Cutler comps
Wonder where Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, Jay Cutler, RG3, and Kaepernick will end up playing
Trump real estate has appealed for years to foreign + domestic buyers: Floyd Mayweather, Derek Jeter + Jay Cutler:
Tony Romo has 1 more playoff win than Jay Cutler
more reasons to hate Jay cutler is he doesn't vaccinate his kids. Putting others at risk
"Adam Gase Says Jay Cutler Still a Starting QB in NFL" via App: lol he is crazy for saying that!
Whatever you do do NOT look at why Jay Cutler is trending. Do not look. DON'T. LOOK.
There's a strong belief at the NFL owners meetings that Jay Cutler won't play in 2017. We'll see. Needs change, even post-dra…
Don't care what people say about Jay Cutler. That dude winning everyday of his life
Jay Cutler's wife shared a pic of the QB nude on a boat. If the boat was named Cutty's Career I would get off it immediate…
Jay Cutler ended up having his bare butt cheeks out on Instagram today. This isn't something I expected to write.
Dolphins’ Adam Gase thinks Jay Cutler is still a starter, doesn’t get ‘all the hatred’
Jay Cutler's butt, Tom Brady's playing until he's 46, and the Red Wings eat *** Today was a good day.
My boy Jay Cutler was the butt of a lot of jokes today.
Seriously thought someone signed jay cutler for a second.
Jay Cutler and his "Bear *** not too bummed about lack of QB jobs. Considering move to tight end? More on T&A tonight…
After seeing why Jay Cutler is trending..
I'd be right with you if Kaepernick wasn't an awful qb..jay cutler isn't being signed either
Honestly, that's not the first time I've looked at a picture of Jay Cutler and thought, "What an *** "
Bears: "We can do better than Jay Cutler at QB". *Signs Mark Sanchez and Mike Glennon
If Jay Cutler is going out, he's going out naked
Logs on, checks why Jay Cutler is trending...
This absolutely cements Jay Cutler as one of my favorite players in the NFL
Jay Cutler NFL free agency: Chicago Bears outcast goes from $16 million a season as QB to unemployment…
When you realize you'll never be able to unsee Jay Cutler's butt
Imagining the Jay Cutler *** pic put into the opening credits of Arli$$.
Kristin Cavallari just gifted Instagram a picture of her husband's butt and it's not even our birthday.
I can't remember what my expectations were when I woke up this morning but I'm fairly confident seeing Jay Cutler's butt wa…
Kristin Cavallari shares nude photo of Jay Cutler on Instagram
head coach Adam Gase doesn’t understand why Jay Cutler's reputation has taken such a hit over the years.
It's amazing how fast "seeing Jay Cutler naked" ran way up my list of things that I never ever need to see.
I didn't think it was possible to downgrade from Jay Cutler but the Bears did it.. congrats guys
SportsTalk Live: Jay Cutler bares it all - Yardbarker
Everyone should aspire to the "Don't Care" level Jay Cutler is now living. That's basically the perfect life right ther…
Dolphins head coach Adam Gase believes free agent Jay Cutler still has plenty to offer teams in need of help at QB.
The Bears went from Jay Cutler to Mark Sanchez. It's true, Mexicans do take all the jobs white people don't want.
Kristin Cavallari shares a NSFW photo of her husband Jay Cutler: "No tan lines."
Kristin Cavallari posts NSFW pic of husband Jay Cutler
Kristin Cavallari shares booty-baring photo of husband Jay Cutler on vacation in Tulum —see the pic (you’re welcome…
People hating on Jay Cutler but he has made $112 million and is married to Kristin Cavallari... Who's really getting the last…
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