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Jay Carney

James Jay Carney (born May 22, 1965) is President Barack Obama's second White House Press Secretary.

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First day at Amazon with my new coworker Jay Carney!!! Former White House Press Secretary!!! Super cool! :)
I think we ought to all take a step back and remember where we were 24, 48 hours ago, a week ago
You don't need WikiLeaks to know Maggie has been working hard to be Hillary's Jay Carney for some time.
But there's no liberal media bias... at least that's what Jay Carney used to insist to me.
The debate we won't be having is whether or not the debt ceiling should be raised. We will not h
can you imagine Sean Hannity as Trump's Press Secretary, he'd make Jay Carney seem highly credible
So our focus has to be on the things that we can control, which is to take the necessary measure
Had my West Wing moment tonight. Met Jay Carney, the former press…
Raising the debt ceiling is not additional spending. It is simply saying, you, the United States
Poor Gender Confused . with that insipid smile thats a hallmark with like Jay Carney & Josh Earnest
Shouldn't you be sucking up to the Kaine people? Jay Carney started in the VP's office. That could be your "in."
Priorities! Press Secretary Jay Carney offered up this pitiful excuse today: Carney doubts Obama is watching the...
I ask you to read starting with: . White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, during a press conference in July
We believe that it is very important that we have hopefully averted what would have been the mos
Congress passes bills that appro priate money. Congress says, 'We're building this b—
We believe that - the President believes that the economy will continue to grow, that —
Reminds me of when Jay Carney said WH has made clear its position on Israeli capital and you ignored it, John
Another great reason to dump Former øbama *** lying Press Secretary Jay Carney is a Sr. VP there,
- Benghazi report: Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is very Dishonest and disloyal
Rep. Trey Gowdy blasts Jay Carney and Ambassador Susan Rice: I want to k... via
another Press Secretary which is the same has Jay Carney / Josh Ernest ... Paid lying / spinners
Jay Carney clashes with Jon Karl: That Benghazi e-mail from Ben Rhodes wasn't about Benghazi
He's also Jay Carney's long-time writing partner at TIME. Because journalism.
me and Jay had the carney one going for days
when wins, will loan you to govt service as his Press Secretary? You have exp as faux Jay Carney.
15 Year Old Boy Stabbed To Death : many more lives will be lost? Send these barbarians back with their Sharia Law!
The simple fact of the matter is, as I know everyone in this room knows, th...
Tells of coherent, cogent exchange w/ Jay Carney on Medium on story on Amazon.
Here's what motivates Jay Carney, the lawyer who represents some of the most notorious men in Mass.:
oh man, I know! Can't blame Jay carney for stepping down.
Raising the debt ceiling is not It is simply saying,... - Jay Carney
I hate saying 'pick a card' it makes me feel, I dunno like a carney or something.
This may be a reason ppl don't vote 4 -the company he keeps. Don't need another Jay Carney or Josh Earnest
Imagine her as the next Jay Carney.
Jay Carney, Victoria Nuland, and Jake Sullivan enforcer's of narrative when it was Ansar-Al-Sharia IRAN claiming responsibility
Not hosting listeners for Inaugural?! Will bring your favorite wines and I make fabulous cocktails. I will try to get Jay Carney
tfw you don't believe in because you already know Jay Carney is the Zodiac Killer
Take a look at our new article - Amazon Hires Jay Carney, Former Obama Press Secretary
Amazon’s ‘I did for the NY Times what the failed to do with -
Brian Fallon is HRS's Press Secretary. He is just following the examples of Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney & Josh Earnest.
Full house for lecture by Mark Carney in honour of dad. Bit choked up
Jay Carney, I recall, was a fan of the 'uhs' and the 'you knows' . His replacement, Josh Earnest, is bit prone too.
Jay Carney calling Donald Trump a carnival barker is just too rich. There has never been a phonier candidate than Obama.
Jay Carney, former White House Press Secretary, responds to the recent articles about Amazon workplace culture :
Jay Carney should testified after all he was "Press Secretary of The White House! A lot of people should do same!
You know that former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is now defending Amazon against the NYT? 1/2
Carney dons Red Sox hat: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney celebrated the...
Jay Carney has a "knack for coming across as transparent ... even as he bypasses traditional journalism operations"
That's from former White House Press Secretary and current Amazon PR Chief, Jay Carney. Lotta holes in the Times' reporting.
Your boy Jay Carney suddenly cares about 'facts'. Where was that 4 years ago?
And with this, Jay Carney has written more words today than he ever uttered as Press Secretary
looks up Jay Carney's bio on medium - "former White House Press Secretary". okthen. wrt: Amazon/NYT story
"we turn now to Amazon senior VP of global corporate affairs, Jay Carney, a former White House Press Secretary"
I had no idea Amazon hired Jay Carney, Obama's former White House Press Secretary, until that Medium post.
Jay Carney, you were WH Press Secretary. Unless you're CJ Cregg, that's basically the end of your credibility. Doesn't matter what party.
Did you know Jay Carney, former Obama Administration Press Secretary, now barks for Amazon?
Former WH Press Secretary (and current Amazon executive) Jay Carney responds to the NYT's piece on the retail giant:
Jay Carney, Former White House press sec, now Senior VP for Global Corp. Affairs at Amazon- on the NYT story
In fairness to the Times, Jay Carney was never accused of being particularly honest when he was the White House Press Spokesman.
Susan Rice is married to ABC's Ian Cameron. Former WH press sec Jay Carney is married to ABC's Claire Shipman.
laugh if you want, I heard Art Carney and instantly pictured Jay Carney.
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Photo: President Barack Obama and Press Secretary Jay Carney disembark from Air Force One upon arrival at Joint…
Jay carney? Is that jc? No . Oh gread odins raven . By the beard of cal ripkens mother moses
Quitters of politics; Eric Holder, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, and Arne Duncan. The case of Sarah Palin is different, she stepped down.
Mark Carney's shock revelation: global economic abuse causes global ecological collapse is news to isolated Brits who've nev…
Jay Carney thinks reporters should watch Obama’s campaign movie . . . again and…
Jay Carney can brief me any day tho
... , White House spokesman Jay Carney side-stepped the question of whether new legislation was needed."
Remember after Newtown when Jay Carney said, 'it's too early to politicize this'
didn't think the WH could find a bigger weasel than Jay was I wrong!
That's the kitchen of Jay Carney (Obama White House Press Secretary) and his wife. Moldbug is right. Commies won.
They are not on tour, dude. Are you sure? Private party at Jay Carney's house? ;)
Fascinating profile of an attorney who worked on both sides
Read how Obama sent Jay Carney out to lie about the CIA's report on Benghazi, to manage what we the people learned:
Trey Gowdy slams Jay Carney: There is nothing phony about 4 murdered Ame... via
Josh Earnest is delusional, reminds of Bagdad Bob or worse Jay Carney.
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Mark Carney, the BOE's governor, told MPs that the central bank had uncovered 50 instances of market manipulation
Jay Carney knows three robotic robots . . . and here they are now!
I thought Jay Carney was bad but Earnest is a bigger liar than he ever was.
Great job at MS Men's Conference! Appreciate you guys. Blessed by your ministry! Jay Carney
But what does think of the Soviet art scattered throughout Jay Carney’s home?
"FPI has been remarkably accurate"? Jay Carney is envious of your spin, Reese
I wonder why she didn't point out Jay Carney's infatuation with Communist military relics?
Nazi artifacts in donors house. Nazi art in Jay Carney home.
Jay Carney decorates his house with soviet propaganda, and DWS wants to complain about a Rubio supporter. Democrats are Hipocrites
Early 2012 was fun: "White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the comments about love were not about marriage."
Waiting for my Uber. Next to me is Jay Carney.
Remember that fluff piece on Jay Carney that showed pics of his house w/Communist propaganda on the wall? That was HIS house!
On board Royal Carribean Rhapsody of the seas with Louise O'Toole and Jay Carney
Bringing out Hillary Rosen (which one, Jay Carney knows at least 3 of them) to try and fix it..Worst video yet...
ChadPergram: Hse cmte list of those it expects to interview for probe: Jay Carney, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, David Petraeus, Mik…
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Jay Carney stepping down as Barack Obama's Press Secretary (Pic: Getty)
Live now: Jay Carney, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, President Obama's economic team address White House press
Jay Carney can show off his home full of Soviet paraphernalia, but you're history's worst monster if you own a Dukes of Haz…
Holy crap! Did you guys really hire that lying White House spokesman, Jay Carney?
Thought it'd be hard to be worse than Jay Carney, congrats Josh.
Josh Earnest and Jay Carney seem to think chlorine is a chemical weapon. .
Former Obama Press Secretary, Jay Carney, now works for Amazon via
As the 2016 election looms, the former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has joined the corporate
hires former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
Amazon just hired Obama’s former Press Secretary Jay Carney
Amazon just hired Obamas former Press Secretary Jay Carney - Fortune
by the way Jay Carney defence lawyer for mehanna isnt same as White House Press Secretary. I did a double take at that
Amazon has hired former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:
Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going to Amazon
Larry Elder - Jay Carney to GOP: Your Party Is Racist -- and 'You Know It'
Susan Rice sounds so much like Jay Carney... will say anything, no matter how outrageous
Brian Williams: easily as believable as Josh Earnest, Jay Carney, Jen Psaki, or Marie Harf.
After the latest from the Jay Carney on Benghazi I have to say it is outrageous Obama voters gave (cont)
With that said Jay Carney, only behind President Obama, has been one of the biggest influences in my life.
Even more fun: ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
Rear Admiral John Kirby is a political hack who is no better than Josh Ernst, Jen Psaki, or that liar Jay Carney. Military can't be trusted
CNN's idea of a post-panel includes Mike Rogers, Jay Carney, & Van Jones. Glad we don't have state media (sarcasm).
White House spokesman Jay Carney is leaving the job. President Obama
Jay Carney: Gruber 'speaks from the ivory tower with remarkable hubris'
Jay Carney attacked Jonathan Gruber, “speaks from the ivory tower with remarkable...
Taking on election night failure of Jay Carney, Nate Silver on Media Buzz. Late video. Don't ask.
On CNN, Anderson Cooper confuses Jay Carney for Paul Begala. Ana Navarro says: "All white guys look the same."
Anderson Cooper accidentally says Jay Carney is Paul Begala. "All white guys look alike to you," quips
at least had Jay Carney, Stef Cutter, Karen Finney,Van Jones to counter the RWNJs
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to step down - USA TODAY
Jay Carney on Obama and the press Has the press turned against the President? Former White House Press Secretary ...
"The Daily Feast" continues with a jackknife in cyberspace: 1. The word is out, as Senator Harry Reid often says, that there is a shortage of pants in Washington D. C. these days, especially for those controlling the White House and Senate (liar, liar, pants on fire situations). 2. Jay Carney (Press Secretary at the time) assured the American people that the 2,200 illegal aliens who were released by ICE arrests were low risk and petty offenders, but now that the record of those releases have been made public, we find that many were felons, including rapists, drug offenders, and even some with homicide charges against them. 3. Then there is good old Eric Holder, the highest law official in the land and the one who has been held in contempt of Congress and caught lying by Congress, who has been exposed as having participated in "damage control," a euphemism for coverup and stonewalling the Fast and Furious operation that cost Brian Terry, one of our border agents, his life (Holder was caught up in that lie ...
White House lead man Jay Carney resigns as Press Secretary - Business Standard
Ron Klain is impressed by Vox, Buzzfeed, Jay Carney, and Wendy Davis. Let that sink in for a moment.
Via The Daily Caller. Whaddayaknow: Jay Carney says "no question" the White House looks bad over Ebola crisis
Even the mouthpiece agrees. Jay Carney on Ebola: "Substantive actions, flight restrictions" needed.
To most people, it seems like a small, insignificant story about how Jay Carney and other White House Officials lied to the American people about the W.H. advance team "not being involved" with the hooker scandal that took place not too long ago. Jay Carney went on to say that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE, NONE .that showed any involvement. A few Secret Service were fired, but it ended there. What they didn't tell you was that they knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the W.H. advanced team was involved, but the trouble is that he is the son of a prominent Obama donor. He was actually promoted after all of this, yet the members of the Secret Service were fired. If they will willingly lie about something this small.just think how much they probably lied about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA and IRS Scandals.
It Only Took John McCain and Jay Carney a Few Seconds on CNN to...
REALLY? It never, ever been a good year! Jay Carney: It's Not Going to Be a Good Year 4 Democrats' via
Jay Carney predicts the November midterm elections are going to be tough for Democrats.
Don't know the author of this but it has some great points. Lets take a quick look at the past 5.5 years of "The Great Unifier": THE BALD LIES OF POLITICAL EXPEDIENCY Remember the al-Qaeda-is-on-the-run 2012-election talking point? It was mostly a lie. The administration deliberately released to sympathetic journalists only those documents from the so-called Osama bin Laden trove that revealed worry and dissension among the terrorists. Then it nourished essays by pet journalists trumpeting the decline of al-Qaeda. Disturbing memos that confounded that narrative, as Weekly Standard journalist Steven F. Hayes recently noted, were kept back. “On the run” was dropped after the 2012 election, when events on the ground made such an assertion absurd. Recent disclosures by some of the combatants about the night of the Benghazi attack remind us that almost everything Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama swore in the aftermath of the debacle was knowingly false. A video did not cause the ...
I'll give this to he's not nearly as smug when put in the constant position to lie as was Jay Carney.
After enduring a good scolding from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney continued his stint as a political commentator on CNN by weighing in on the Democrats' chances in the November midterms elections.
Dr. Ahtar al-Mustafa has examined Jay Carney; Mr Carney's been cleared to return to CNN; he had suffered a severe McCain beating last week.
VIDEO: Voters split on pot legalization VIDEO: Rep on law allowing pot purchases with welfare Jay Carney: 'It'...
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In his new guise as a political commentator for CNN, former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dished out conventional wisdom on State of the Union Sunday morning, which in this case meant diagnosing the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming midterms as poor.
Wednesday was former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's first night as a CNN commentator, so the network did the nice thing and brought John McCain on ...
Jay Carney flew the White House coop and has embarked on a new career as a political commentator for CNN, where he will undoubtedly continue to spin stories to fit the Democratic agenda. However, on Sunday he at least admitted something that everyone knows to be true—it’s going to be a rough year fo…
Jay Carney: 'It's Not Going to Be a Good Year for Democrats' via
Just when you think you no more hearing from Jay Carney he gets hired on at CNN.
Jay Carney: ‘It’s Not Going to Be a Good Year for Democrats’
Jay Carney’s New Job with CNN and Problems with Media Bias
See, all it took was for Jay Carney to leave the WH for him to finally utter a truth!!
Which party has the edge in 2014? Former WH Press Secretary Jay Carney says "It's not going to be a good year fo...
Jay Carney: “It’s not going to be a good year for Democrats”
Does anyone think the Dems are playing rope -a- dope in the media? I mean when Jay Carney says the Dem party is not going do well this Nov..
Freedom Fighters of America: Jay Carney: Democrats will lose the Mid-Terms Decisively
Let's make sure that Democrats don't have a "great" outcome in November! Watch Jay Carney👉
Grandpa McCain goes ballistic on Jay Carney after Prez speech during his 1st day at CNN. .
John McCain and Jay Carney get in heated debate over Obama's foreign policy
WATCH: John McCain and Jay Carney face off over Obama’s ISIS plan
Jay Carney and John McCain get in heated debate after Obama's ISIS speech.
Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) clashed with former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on CNN Wednesday night, following President Barack Obama’s primetime address on the growing threat posed by the Islamic State terror group.
One of the few moments I was happy to see John McCain on TV was tonight after the speech when he refused to allow Jay Carney to get away with lying about the recent history in Iraq. It was awesome.
Jay Carney gets his cable news baptism by fire when Sen. John McCain shows up and all *** breaks loose
John McCain spars with Jay Carney in heated debate: 'Facts are stubborn things'
John McCain and Jay Carney go at it on CNN (Video)
Let's just be glad that John McCain is giving Jay Carney trouble on CNN instead of being president.
Jay Carney, who's now a political analyst for CNN, entered a rare, public dispute with Sen. John McCain on CNN.
Sometimes i love John McCain. Watching him eat Jay Carney's lunch was one of those times. . Iraq War was won. . Obama lost it.…
CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Sen. John McCain and Jay Carney on President Obama's speech about ISIS.
Wednesday on CNN following President Barack Obama's prime time address, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and former Obama Administration Press Secretary Jay Carney got into a heated exchange over Obama's responsibility in allowing ISIS to grow in Iraq and Syria over the last two years.
Showdown: Jay Carney, John McCain face off on CNN and the Senator distorts facts... Again...
Senator John McCain confronts former Obama propaganda minister Jay Carney on lies coming out of the White House reg…
Woah woah woah, if you're going to quote John Adams whilst hammering Jay Carney, at least give the Founder the credit,
Jay Carney is still responding to John McCain on CNN. The senator has done MSNBC and Fox in the interim.
Jay Carney is going to work for CNN. Rumor is that he's keeping his West Wing office.
Ex-Obama Administration officials typically flock to MSNBC when their time in the White House is over. Not former Press Secretary Jay Carney. He's off to CNN, where he'll be a political contributor.
Jay Carney begins new life as CNN political analyst Sorry, but he can't hold a candle to Dana Perino
CNN hires Obama hack. Can CNN drop any lower in ratings? We'll soon see...
In a strategic move to further lower their already dismal ratings, CNN has hired Jay Carney and his perpetual puppet sh…
Jay Carney joining - like the military joining contractors. It's the Political Media Complex
Journalism is DEAD at I NEVER watch them! Jay Carney Joins CNN, Will Cover Obama's Speech Tonight
Oh Carney is going over there - Former Obama Spokesman Lands Timely Job at via
Jay Carney joining CNN after reportedly being considered for Apple ...
look at the bright side. Jay carney will translate what O said on CNN
Fresh from the White House, ex-Press Secretary Jay Carney set to join CNN as commentator.
Former Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney joins CNN as political commentator.
Why would CNN hire Jay Carney? Is he going to say something interesting? Unexpected? Does anyone in audience care? Programmi…
Jay Carney goes to work at CNN, keeps his West Wing office.
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*** to be Jay! Pat Sajak spots a downside to Carney's CNN gig.
Jay Carney on CNN?That's like putting a mirror in the room and thinking you've changed the decor.
CNN’s newest contributor: Jay Carney, of course.
Jay Carney, the former White House Press Secretary for President Barack Obama, will be joining CNN in the role of political commentator.
Wait, CNN thinks people are going to watch Jay Carney voluntarily? Well okay. Should be fun.
Former White House propagandist Jay Carney joins CNN as commentator. • Oh THAT will help with ratings!!
'Come on'! Howard Kurtz asks if Jay Carney can be 'independent voice' at CNN.
Jay Carney to join CNN after Obama rattles sabers at ISIS
'Shocking!' Jay Carney takes his 'revolving door' clown show to CNN
Continue the lies and PR stunts. . .
So much for joining Apple. Jay Carney joins CNN
Jay Carney is the new Piers Morgan... I cant wait to see their number go into a deeper death spiral...
has sent its Minister Of Propaganda to a new position at its Ministry Of Propaganda:.
Will the Circle Jerk Be Unbroken: Jay Carney waltzes through the revolving door for gig at CNN
Former Obama spokesman Carney joins CNN as commentator: Jay Carney, who stepped down as White House press secr...
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He can lie and obfuscate just as easily in that job. MT "Former Obama Spokesmodel Jay Carney Joins CNN
CNN chief Jeff Zucker's business plan to steal MSNBC's left-wing viewers got another boost Wednesday with the cable news network's hiring of former Obama White House spokesman Jay Carney as a paid contributor. Carney's CNN career begins tonight. Obama's former flack will offer commentary on Obama's big primetime ISIS speech tonight. According to CNN, after tonight Carney will contribute to various CNN programs. [ 84 more words. ]
As predicted in this space back in March, Jay Carney returns to the Time Warner family and will put back on his media hat for the president's speech on ISIS tonight.
Well. Jay Carney has a new gig..Obama's mouhpiece for CNN..Not that they needed another one.
The lying professional Jay Carney is going to work for CNN, never watch CNN, now I know I never will
Jay Carney going to CNN. After listening to all his lying for White House (Benghazi/Obamacare...) what's that say about credibility of "news" on CNN? No thanks. Only last 43% of Low Information voters will be listening?
CNN announced Wednesday that Jay Carney will join the network as a commentator.
CNN has added a prominent name to its stable of political commentators: Jay Carney, the former spokesman for President Obama. [ 110 more words. ]
CNN Signs Jay Carney: CNN has hired Jay Carney, former Press Secretary to President Barack Obama, as a politic...
Lisa Jackson to Apple. Jay Carney rumored to do the same. David Plouffe to Uber. Tech's political problems may be overstated.
NBC replacing David Gregory with Chuck Todd is like the White House replacing Jay Carney with Josh Earnest.. The person still ***
but Jay Carney could bully journalists all day long when he was the Press Secretary?
Philosophy: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stepping down
Letterman to Jay Carney: "When I first saw you on TV, I thought it was Junior High day at the White House."
from the White House. Never seen him on TV. Jay Carney, Part 1 - David Letterman
Jay Carney says White House TV correspondents, "tend to play for the camera."
Ahead of the State of the Union, Robert Siegel sits down with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney
Apple is looking for a new head of communications, and one name that has popped up is Jay Carney, the former...
"No, Jay Carney is not going to be the next head of communications at Apple Thank you
Former Obama spokesman Jay Carney is indeed in talks to become Apple’s next PR chief: Former White House Press...
Why do BMW and Mercedes owners only remember General Motors recalls, but never remember the multiple millions of recalls this year alone for their car? Obama syndrome "At no point in time was the president aware of what his administration was doing." --- Jay Carney (White House Press Secratary)
About the rumor Jay Carney could be Apple's next PR boss -
Jay Carney may be Apple's new PR boss. If true I'm going to divest my stock. What a lying, awful person.
Conducting a press briefing this week? Here's outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney with some useful...
The O admin is just mocking us now. Jay Carney says (straight faced) that he never lied?? And that IRS hearing? Outrageous!
Jay Carney shares his Press Secretary regrets with Stephen Colbert
TONIGHT: Outgoing White House Press Secretary for the Obama Administration, Jay Carney, takes my questions.
Ed Henry to Jay Carney: Did Obama 'Misjudge' the Influence of al Qaeda Affiliates?
VIDEO - Ed Henry to Jay Carney: 'What Happened to Lois Lerner's Emails?'
Listening to Harold Reynolds for your baseball facts is like listening to Jay Carney for your news.
WASHINGTON (AP) — White House spokesman Jay Carney gave his final briefing to reporters as the presidential Press Secretary on Wednesday, concluding a 3½-year ru...
I bet Jay Carney is happy this nightmare of a job is over. He can sleep at night now...because he doesn't have to lie abo…
Last flight on AF1 for Jay Carney as WH Press Secretary. Carney and Pres Obama disembark from AF1 late tonight at JBA http:/…
So long Jay Carney. May the door hit your *** on the way out.
Jay Carney goes out with a bang in final White House press briefing
Now that jay carney is officially done it's okay to get excited for the inevitable book he'll write
Asked Wednesday if he had any response to criticism by Vice President *** Cheney and his daughter Liz that no president had done worse in office than Barack Obama, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney delivered the perfect reply. "Which pr...
Jay Carney's last day was today. Obama had him thank this guy for taking one for the team. http:…
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney explained that President Obama is fully engaged in the situation in Iraq – even though he spent last weekend golfing.
Earlier today, we took the bullet that is reading *** Cheney’s Godzilla-balled op-ed about Iraq for you, and at...
"Today was Jay Carneys last day @ White House podium 1 more Lying dog gone
Jay Carney gets some GBV during his last briefing as Obama's White House Press Secretary.
quoted in "Being on the wrong side of is to be on the right side of history.".
The era at the White House has come to a close
Jay Carney can now talk without crossing his fingersi
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Describe what you thought of the Job WH Press Sec Jay Carney did holding Daily Press Briefings overall?
jay carney last day on the job...and I was back stage...
Today was Jay Carney's last day at the White House podium
Jay Carney is also stepping down today,a new paid liar will take his place
Outgoing White House Press Secretary Jay Carney thanks President Obama for “taking a chance" on him.
WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough thanks Jay Carney for his service at end of his last press briefing as http:/…
sharing What will Jay Carney do next? Consulting, if history is any guide - Washington Post..
Jay Carney: 'It's always been a pleasure' [Video ]
It's Jay Carney's last day as here's his favorite phrase.
JIM TREACHER: Buh-Bye, Jay Carney. “He will be missed by fans of unintentional comedy.”. via
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney delivered his final briefing Wednesday afternoon before he departs to Hollywood for the filming of "A Christmas Story: 40 Years Later."
After serving as the 31st White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney made his final trip to the Brady Briefing Room Wednesday for one last turn in front of the press corp firing squad.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney bid adieu to the media at his final briefing Wednesday, saying he had “loved every minute” as the president’s top spokesman.
Today was Jay Carney's last day. Rid of one liar. Many more to go.
Lois Lerner'e emails are lost… IRS says, "sorry, computers crash ya know!" Tell the IRS the same thing when they audit you and see what they say! Harry Reid is concerned about the Washington Redskins name! Great to know that we have people in high places looking out for the country's best interests. They fired the head of the VA hospital in Phoenix a few weeks ago… but he is still getting paid. Congress says it is very difficult to terminate a government employee. Seriously, they can stop a check if they want. When my mom passed away, her social security check came two days later. We got a call from the SS office to send the check back! And finally… this was Jay Carney's last day as Obama's Press Secretary. He had no more pants left to wear to work. They were all burned up!
Benghazi Email: Hillary Clinton Deputy Names Islamic Extremists, Not YouTube, Morning After Attack newly-emerged government email directly "contradicts the message that President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney repeated publicly" in the immediate aftermath of the attack in Benghazi.Per Sharyl Attkisson dot com, the "email is titled “Libya update from Beth Jones.” Beth Jones served as Assistant Secretary of State to Hillary Clinton at the time. The email documents a conversation between Jones and Libya’s Ambassador at 9:45am on Sept. 12, 2012 not long after the attacks. This below contradicts the White House and State Department's story that they believed a video led to what was thought to be a spontaneous attack. “When [the Libyan Ambassador] said his government suspected that former Qaddafi regime elements carried out the attacks, I told him the group that conducted the attacks—Ansar Al Sharia—is affi ...
Press Secretary Jay Carney gives his last White House press briefing.
During his final briefing on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney got in a jab at former *** Cheney after the former vice president wrote in the Wall Street Journal that rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many with regards to Iraq and Middle Ea…
Ed Henry to Jay Carney: Did Obama "misjudge" the influence of the Al Qaeda affiliates?
Today marked Jay Carney ?s last day as White House Press Secretary, and in honor of his last press briefing, Carney today walked out to rock music like a comedian about to do an hour-long standup set.
I hear that Ed Henry is having at sculpture of a life size Fox placed in Jay Carney's yard.
Jay Carney will have a future in some back alley of DC with some cheap bottle of wine a hair uncombed without Ed Henry.
Jay Carney took the podium as White House Press Secretary for the final time on Wednesday, emerging to blaring guitars of his favorite band before thanking the press, his colleagues and the president for his experiences over the past five years. “I just want to say thank you to all of you here…
WASHINGTON: More talks with Iran about cooperation in dealing with the crisis in Iraq, which have taken places on the sidelines of meetings on Iran's nuclear program, are unlikely for the time being, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Wednesday.'There may be future discussions at lower levels
Jay Carney plays Guided By Voices at his farewell briefing: The story of his superfandom:
Why did Jay Carney really leave his White House job? My son shared with me the inside scoop on Father's Day . . .
Will miss my friend Jay Carney shown here on Air Force One this week.
NREAKING NEWS: Obama says he will trade John Kerry, Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, and Jay Carney for release of Eric Cantor.
Listening to Jay Carney on Charlie Rose. This administration has been good for this country.
White House correspondents don't seem to be missing Jay Carney too much.
The White House's Propagandist Jay Carney Plants One Last Smooch On The Imperial Messiah’s Shoulder On The Way Out The Door As The Perfect Replacement Is Found Who Claims, He Really "Knows Nothing!" The Obama Regime has collapsed into a tragic farce that no reasonable person could support. But at least the Imperial Community Organizer in Chief has done one thing right recently. He has found a suitable replacement for official spokesliar Jay Carney, who will crawl off and try to live down the ignominy of fending off the slowly awakening press on behalf of this disgraceful administration. White Kremlin can already provide a transcript in advance of what his replacement's response to all queries from reporters will be: “I know nothing!” At least Sgt. Schultz probably doesn’t decorate his kitchen with Soviet propaganda. course that would fall right in line with many of the other Obama picks in his Communist cabinet, like Former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn who served Obama as a debat ...
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Tuesday that President Obama will create the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument..
Does anyone else think Chuck Todd is auditioning for Jay Carney's old job?
Jay Carney, June 21, 2013: "we would not make any decisions about transfer of any detainees without consulting with Congress and without doing so in accordance with U.S. law." Washington Post, today: "Administration officials have acknowledged that they did not notify Congress at least 30 days in advance of a Guantanamo detainee release."
Jay Carney and Barack Obama Washington Examiner columnist and Cato Institute Vice President Gene Healy makes the case against appointing a new White House Press Secretary in the wake of Jay Carney’s resignation last week. Healy writes: The
I think he looks like Jay Carney former White House Press Secretary.
All within the last two weeks, coincidences? I think not. 1. VA scandal breaks open. 2. Obama makes a secret trip to Afghanistan. 3. CIA station chief in charge of search & destroy of Taliban if outed. 4. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki resigns. 5. Jay Carney quits. 6. Obama trades 5 high value GITMO terrorist prisoners for one US soldier who is suspected of desertion. 7. Bob Bergdahl, father of the released soldier says "“Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” —which means “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” As he said this obama was smiling in agreement, he then hugged him.
OBAMA REDEFINES TERRORISTS. The President has attempted throughout most of his career to eliminate terrorist and terrorism from his vocabulary. Today he completed that mission. Jay Carney explained that the exchange of American soldier for 5 terrorists at Gitmo was an exchange of combatants. That means the term for terrorists held in confinement at Gitmo by the United States has been erased. There is a clear distinction between terrorists and combatants. A terrorist is not defined by the Geneva Convention as the same as an enemy combatant representing a nation-state at war. We did not trade combatants. Obama has just traded an American soldier combatant for 5 terrorists.
Jay Carney earlier today: “The United States does not leave our men and women behind.” Unfortunately, Christopher Stevens and the other 3 dead Americans in Benghazi are not around to comment. Carney also refused to identify the Taliban as a terrorist group. And Susan Rice says that Sgt. Bergdahl served with honor and distinction, despite mounting evidence that he was a deserter who sought out the Taliban. It is as if the Obama Administration has lost touch with reality and has become totally incapable of telling the truth about anything.
You know, I won't miss Jay Carney one little bit. IN FACT, I wish we would never hear from him again.
Who's children are more embarrassed by their father...Jeffery Dahmer or Jay Carney?
Jay Carney says EPA's new regs will lead to "reduced electric bills"
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