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Jay Bruce

Jay Allen Bruce (born April 3, 1987, from Beaumont, Texas) is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds.

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Jay Bruce said he wasn't surprsied by Terry Collins' resignation.
Jay Bruce likes Terry Collins, but not shocked he’s gone via
Indians OF Jay Bruce liked playing for Terry Collins, but isn't surprised he’s out as Mets manager:…
And then the guy they tour as Murphy's replacement, Dilson Herrera, they trade for Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce after his walk-off hit: \'That\'s what you hope for, I want that at-bat.\'. (SPEEDonFOX)
A Captains reliever was traded for Jay Bruce. You're welcome, Cleveland. 22!
Kansas City gave it their best but Lindor and Jay Bruce help the Tribe to its 22 game winning streak.
Jay Bruce is the 42 year old suburban dad high school English teacher I never had. He's the best.
Engram ahead of M Bennett? What do you think Richardson does in Seattle's Offense? Any update on Jay Bruce??
Blue check mark in progress but this is really Jay Bruce, and he's really looking to do something to help the folks affected…
Asked today if he might consider a FA reunion with the Mets, Jay Bruce said "absolutely," waxed poetic about NYC. "We'll…
Jay Bruce is 1-22 with 12 K when I'm there. Easily most K's of any visiting player I've seen. And somehow Rod Baraj…
Jay Bruce and Joe Smith just made the tribe big winners at the deadline
I thank Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, Addison Reed, and especially Lucas Duda for their time playing on the garbage team I root for.
The Mets have traded Jay Bruce, Addison Reed, Lucas Duda and Neil Walker and have yet to receive any kind of signif…
We lost Lucas Duda, Addison Reed, Jay Bruce, and now Neil Walker, sad year for ...
The Mets have now traded Lucas Dude, Addison Reed, Jay Bruce, and now Neil Walker
Jay Bruce in an Indians uniform looks like Jim Thome and Jason Giambi combined
Want to know what's sad, Jay Bruce was a Mets player for over a year and David Wright never played with him once.
"This team is awesome.". A happy Jay Bruce is hoping to be a contributor to an already stacked team.
But you know, enough on the Jay Bruce scenario. Bad Teams dump players and/or salary. Mets did't w…
I'm betting Cashman's offer was a 'you pick up $4M of Jay Bruce. We make a fair deal' . - Miguel Andujar, Tyler Austin & Mason Williams.
Jay Bruce was a great Alderson pickup, fun to root for and seemed like a winner, mets player or not...
Impressive- AL Champs add Edwin and Jay Bruce to a pretty good ball club. If Brantley and Salazar are healthy lookout
Cleveland is so *** afraid of Bartolo Colon that they had to get Jay Bruce
New post: MLB trades: Mets send Jay Bruce to Indians for relief pitching prospect -
Jay Bruce really grew on me this last year
It's all about pitching, pitching, pitching! trade Bruce for some relief help.
Indians get OF Jay Bruce from Mets. The Indians have agreed to pick up the roughly $4.2 million that's left of Bruce's $13 million salary.
Jay Bruce has been traded to the Indians. - Bruce this season: 29 HR (T-4th in NL). - Indians outfielders: 37 HR (25th i…
I got to see Jay Bruce play in a Met uniform live I'm content with life tbh
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[Sports Illustrated] Jay Bruce trade reaction: What are the Mets doing? |
Jay Bruce finding out he's being traded in the middle of August like
Source: Jay Bruce to the Indians is a done deal.
Indians look to fix past postseason mistakes by acquiring Jay Bruce
Mets trade Jay Bruce to Indians for pitching prospect Ryder Ryan -
Indians trade for Mets' Bruce to bolster outfield
Cleveland Indians get Jay Bruce in trade with New York city Mets
The Indians will, in fact, cover all of the remaining $ on Jay Bruce's $13 million salary this season.
Hi. We've acquired Jay Bruce, whose 29 homers for the Mets rank ninth in MLB. He'll join us in Tampa…
Her: " l bet he's thinking about another woman.". Him: "We trade Jay Bruce and all we got was a minor leaguer ?"
Cleveland has acquired Jay Bruce from the Mets:
Power play: Indians acquire outfielder Jay Bruce from Mets
Jay Bruce being traded for a completely unknown prospect is a disgraceful job by Couldve resigned him or qual offer to get comp pick
Jay Bruce is headed back to Ohio and a pennant race:
Bruce’s trade to Cleveland raises questions about Mets future
Little Giant Ladders
Jay Bruce is the only met who hits homeruns besides Conforto, why trade him 😩😩
Jay Bruce traded to from for Kyrie Irving
The Jay Bruce deal to Cleveland finalized. Makes sense for both teams.
Why did the Mets just trade Jay Bruce?!?!
Jay Bruce wanted to pass this along to Mets fans:
Yankees made run at Jay Bruce, but Mets didn't pull trigger via
Thank you, Jay Bruce. Come back next year!
Jay Bruce's OPS of .847 this season is the highest of his career
Late night Mets trade as Jay Bruce gets dealt to Indians for prospect.
You think Jay Bruce will adopt the Jack Parkman shimmy?
Jay Bruce with the nice scoop. He's using James Loney's glove.
Jay Bruce putting James Loney's old mitt to good use.
Was just an example, they could go after Cameron Maybin/Carlos Gomez/Jay Bruce instead.
After you read that, check out Scott Delp's report on RF Jay Bruce:
Love Scott Schebler and his game. But he is very similar to Jay Bruce in the sense that he either has it going or he doesn't at all.
Neil Walker has 0 value. Jay Bruce has great value. And you don't trade DeGrom EVER. (Wanted to call but was unable to.)
Re: Mets and the deadline --Addison Reed is in popular demand, but Jay Bruce isn't drawing much interest so far per a source.
The Mets would like to offer Jay Bruce back to the Reds in exchange for one of those $5 Taco Bell boxes.
Saunders back for Can we still trade him for Jay Bruce?
Of the top 20 in HR right now, only Khris Davis and Jay Bruce were in the top 30 in 2016
Daniel Murphy drives Brian Goodwin in w/ a single by 1st. Jay Bruce misplays it in the corner allowing Ryan Zimmerman to score, 4-1
Derek Fisher was the first player with multiple hits, walks, RBI and runs in his MLB debut since Jay Bruce on May 27, 2008.
“[I've] never been able to dunk. ...I’m 6’3”, can't dunk.” – Jay Bruce on his vertical and robbing H…
And it killed me last year when Jay Bruce got traded
I offered you Jay Bruce in April, so
.is the first player to record multiple hits, RBI, runs and walks in his MLB debut since Jay Bruce did so in 2008 for the Reds
jay bruce 2 for 5 so far. IT Mojo is alive and well.
On this week's episode of Amelia Pretends, Amelia pretends the Jay Bruce didn't ROB of a home run, and that 6/14 never happened
It's weird seeing Jay Bruce in the wrong uniform. Understood, but weird.
The hit parade continues, as Flores follows up with a single bringing Jay Bruce up to the plate still with only 1 out.
I also think people were upset because they didn't want Jay Bruce.
Or a Jay Bruce inside the park walk off.
Jon Jay's walkup song playing in the Big Apple?? . Jk it's Jay Bruce
We're live at and we'll be joined by Jay Bruce and
Jay Bruce will hit 25 home runs first!! 💙💙
It wasn't baseball it was jay Bruce trust me on this
Jay Bruce wasn't taking that one away!!
Hey Jay Bruce, thanks for the foul ball
I've seen that Jay Bruce strikeout lunge and swing before
Hernan Perez rattles a double into the RF corner. Nice retrieval by Jay Bruce to limit the damage to a single run. Brewers 1, Mets 0.
Jay Bruce collects 3 hits & Lucas Duda homers to back strong outing.
took the series 2-1 harvey pitched a good game today. Jay Bruce, duda, and walker hit the…
Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, and Lucas Duda. Jut need to produce for at least another month and a half.
i would get Arenado, Jay Bruce and Archer for Judge, Rizzo, Justin Wilson and Cueto. what do u think?
Grand Slam homerun Jay Bruce and the ain't dead yet. Trail 9-7
In the meantime, Jay Bruce hit a home run and the Mets now trail 5-3 in the 3rd.
Jay Bruce continues chipping away at the Nationals' lead with a solo homer in the third inning. The Mets now trail, 5-3.
Jay Bruce homers to left center off Ross, his 7th. trail 5-3 in the 3rd
and Joe Ross trail the 1-0 in the 1st. eyes tripled with one out and Jay Bruce singles him home
A look back at Wednesday's leaderboard:. 1. . 2. Jay Bruce. 3. Jason Vargas
Mets basically traded Marlon Byrd and John Buck for Jay Bruce
John Buck (and Marlon Byrd) became Dilson Herrera. Dilson Herrera (and Max Wotell) became Jay Bruce. Bruce will bec…
1) I hate Adonis Garcia. 2) Jay Bruce stinks in RF. But we already knew that.
Jay Bruce is the Dennis Seidenberg of the Mets
Who puts up more WAR in 2017, Peter Bourjos or Jay Bruce?
Mets Morning News: Jacob deGrom has first so-so start of spring, Jay Bruce has some hip soreness
.showing interest in Jay Bruce .. Fantasy idea, give Bruce and a SP (Not 5 aces) for Odubel Herrera and RP.
Not as well-rounded, but Mark Trumbo has a higher career OPS+ than Pedro Alvarez, Jay Bruce, Brian Dozier, Chase Headley, and Dexter Fowler.
bold suggestions for Lucas Duda & Jay Bruce to the Orioles for Zach Britton. Sign Edwin Encarnacion to play 1st
Terry Collins on Jay Bruce: "He hits them far enough they go out of any park, we're excited to have that product…
Mets: Don't be surprised if OF Curtis Granderson (owed $15M in 2017) is traded instead of Jay Bruce - Adam Rubin (ESPN)
interested in both Dexter Fowler and Jay Bruce, per reports from and Read more: https:…
Jay Bruce is gonna be one of those guys you think about in a few years and go, "oh yeah, I forgot he was a Met" a la Kelly Shoppach.
NOW AVAILABLE: Jay Bruce. COST: Whatever you want to give us. Please contact for more information.
The Mets have already informed Jay Bruce that they are picking up his 2017 option worth $13 million, according... https:…
ok Mr. Gm 😂😂 but I forgot Jay Bruce and his 4.3 mil when traded for was such a hefty cost !
Eric Campbell, Ty Kelly, Jay Bruce and James Loney all had at least one at bat in the wildcard game. Michael Conforto did not.
Jay Bruce is definitely hammered, walking around like Mr. Bean 😂😂😂😂
Jay Bruce now has 241 career home runs, tying him with Chris Davis, Evan Longoria, Jesse Barfield and Rick Monday for 238th all-time.
Reasonable best case scenario:. Renfroe - RH Jay Bruce. Margot - Juan Pierre. Asuaje - Luis Castillo. Hedges - Pudge (off the juice)
via Bruce understands rationale for benching
Jay Bruce has become a lost cause. My column: … …
Jay Bruce's problem is Citi Field. He has let the park get into his head.
When Mets fans approve of you getting pinch hit for with Eric Campbell, you've hit rock bottom ht…
Still wondering when the mets are gonna sign me to play right field over Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce Ks. 0-for-his-last-14 and 3-for-his-last-39. Travis d'Arnaud now pinch hits.
Terry Collins has gone all-in that his job solely is about winning games right now, benching slumping Jay Bruce and Travis d’Arnaud.
(Newsday) tries to stay upbeat during 'toughest' stretch of career : The evening after Jay Bruce..
For all the talk about Jay Bruce not being able to handle pressure of playing in NY, maybe Collins can't handle pressure of managing here.
Serious questions: is Jay Bruce even real? Is he still on the Reds? Can he see baseballs? I'm not even a Mets fan n it aggravates me
Mets Insider: Jay Bruce's struggles land him on bench
If the Mets don't make the playoffs ill be sure to blame you, Terry Collins, and Jay Bruce.
I am done with Jay Bruce. It's not working out for him. He's a headcase.
"Mets Lose Second Straight to Braves as Jay Bruce’s Struggles Continue" by JAMES WAGNER via NYT
Mets send disastrous Jay Bruce right back to the bench via
The boos are starting to grow loud at Citi Field for Jay Bruce, who is 0-for-his-last-12 and 3-for-his-last-37.
Scooby Doo and the gang found the true villain is actually Jason Bay disguised as Jay Bruce
Hey, not sure if you know, but Jay Bruce kinda ***
Jay Bruce has literally always been trash, guy had Votto who's on base half the time hitting in front of him his whole ca…
Just finally decided to cut Jay Bruce in this league. I had held on to him all year.. but I cant trust him right now.
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I may be alone on an island here but I’d continue to play Jay Bruce
nah I was just joking lol... But he couldn't be worse than Jay Bruce!
Jay Bruce was having such a good season early with the this season. So sad how the year is finishing out for him.
Jay Bruce is jinxed. He needs an intervention.
If Jay Bruce steps to the plate again in a Mets uniform, I will kill 50 innocent people.
The Jay Bruce is trying to stay upbeat during the ‘toughest’ stretch of his career
Jay Bruce K'd in the 9th, says this stretch with the has been toughest of his career. My story:
is it possible jay Bruce isn't trying because he didn't want to be traded to NY?
I wish people would read my bio in my profile and stop sending me post about Jay Bruce that plays for the Mets! I'm not him..
The Jay Bruce trade has to be a bottom 5 deadline deal in retrospect, right?
People named Bruce I want on the instead of Jay Bruce.
Great quote: Those who say that justice must be found are so very different from those who say "stay calm" Philip A. Goff, John Jay prof.
He can have Jay Bruce's roster spot
nah we dont it's because Jay Bruce is actually attending so yeah that's why.
here's an update to last night's episode: Jay Bruce still ***
Here's our early back page, wtih Mets and Yankees to come.
Harold Reynolds is currently analyzing the face of Jay Bruce and says that it is directly correlating to his struggles.
Jay Bruce has no business in a baseball uniform. He needs months of AAA before he should return.
In 10 years we'll all be laughing about this when Jay Bruce is hired as a "Hitting Expert" by CBS.
Mets bench slumping Jay Bruce, slugger says 'this is just a blip'.
Terry Collins found a new rock bottom for Jay Bruce
Thanks Jay. I think Bruce is a smart guy who might appreciate our podcast. Here it is: https:/…
Jay Bruce & Terry Collins should hold hands and walk right out of N.Y. together and never come back to this city! THEY STINK!
Jay Bruce traded back to Cincinnati for the crusty, leftover relish at the Great American Ballpark's hot dog stand.
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 5:55: chats with Brian Snitker. Plus, hear from Ryan Weber and Jay Bruce.
Yikes. Jay Bruce is definitely due. My guess is that if he doesn't turn things around soon the don't make t…
I think in terms of mets I hate, Jay Bruce is up there next to Ollie Perez
You know what'd be cool? If the Reds had guys like Wellington Castillo, Mike Leake, Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman, and Jay Bruce on the team
ICYMI, here is the tribute video to honor Jay Bruce in his return to GABP.
Jay Bruce can't hit conforto looks lost. Joke
but it was cool when Aldon Smith, Bruce Miller and Ray McDonald were there
Spank Met *** all weekend long and send Jay Bruce back to Cincy on Monday!
the least they could do after giving us Jay Bruce is win tonight
and jay Bruce STINKS. Guy hates it here you can tell. Fans are clueless. Still boo Murphy every time.
Great night Blevins but the bats have to better vs AJ Cole. And Jay Bruce get a clue
Jay Bruce for Dilson Herrera was the worst move of tenure with the Mets.
Jay Bruce is an inspiration to all children who want to play in the majors. Because if a bum like him can make it, anyone can.
Trading for Jay Bruce was the dagger in the coffin for the season
So far, Jay Bruce is the anti-Cespedes in terms of deadline acquisitions
The pitcher from the little league World Series vs. Jay Bruce would be no contest. K
Who doesn't strike out jay Bruce now a days
Another great game for Jay clutch. Glad the got him for the push
Oliver Perez just struck out Jay Bruce and is in a glass case of emotion.
Hey Jay Bruce can't hit the curveball either. And how about Koda Glover! It ain't all about football.
The absolutely had to have tonight's game. Getting swept is now a real possibility & would end any playoff hopes - and Jay Bruce ***
The curse of Jay Bruce strikes again 😪
Jason Bay hit .238/.345/.376 in his first 28 games as a Met. Jay Bruce has not done that
I was so excited for Jay Bruce when we got him and now I just pray for a hit from him smh
I would rather stub my toe into a sharp edge than watch Jay Bruce try to hit a baseball.
at this rate, Jay Bruce has to be striking out at least two times a game, no?
And the Reds leave the bases loaded in the 7th and 8th innings in order to show solidarity with Jay Bruce.
BREAKING NEWS: JAY BRUCE STRIKES OUT AGAIN. Tell me again why we gave Dilson Herrera for this guy?
Jay Bruce is essentially a rich mans Curtis Granderson he strikes out pretty much every other at bat as well
Oliver Perez just struck out Jay Bruce to end the 8th. 2, Mets 1
Oliver Perez strikes out Jay Bruce. I'm sure will handle this in a calm manner.
Would have loved to have seen Oliver Perez pitch to Wilmer. However, Jay Bruce had other ideas.
Jay Bruce is infuriating. What a waste of a trade deadline move.
Jay Bruce and Curtis Granderson better not be on this team next season. Exercise Bruce option and trade him. Cut Granderson and eat money.
Here comes Oliver Perez to face Jay Bruce. We go live to
watching jay Bruce hit is honestly painful
Jay Bruce if you want the fans to like you again... Oliver Perez is the LAST pitcher you want to strike out to here. Inning over.
Said it before the trade. Saying it again. Jay Bruce is an absolute waste.
The more I see jay Bruce the more I like Juan Samuel
then he's goes ahead and strikes out Jay Bruce 8 years after his bum *** should have retired. Incredibly m
I want to be woken up tomorrow morning by Bruce buffer
The sacrifice the Mets made when they acquired Jay Bruce
Martinez's throw gives Tigers 6-5 win over Mets: J.D. Martinez threw Jay Bruce out at the plate on the final ...
Jay Bruce and Bartolo Colon have the same amount as homers as a Met
Bartolo was magnificent and Jay Bruce launched a three-run homer as we closed the with a W. .
All-time best JB's: 3) John Buck, 2) Jason Bay, 1) Jeremy Burnitz. Climb that list, Jay Bruce. Aim low. (You too, Blevins.)
.5-game homer streak is tied for the longest in this year (Jay Bruce, Chris Davis).
So, Jay Bruce, any special reason you chose "Yeah," he said. "Joey Votto's plate discipline." Smart man.
David Wright called Jay Bruce to welcome him to NY.
Surprise, surprise... David Wright reached out to Jay Bruce to welcome him to New York.
David Wright reached out to Jay Bruce after the trade. Bruce: "In my opinion he's one of the most professional people to be around."
MLB trade deadline Mets add Jay Bruce to offence; Yankees subtract Carlos Beltran in search for prospects
Hours after Jay Bruce trade, Mets kicked in gut in Subway Series loss
I would have rather traded Dilson Herrera for Puig than for Jay Bruce.
Mets get OF Jay Bruce from Reds, ship 2B prospect Dilson Herrera. Maybe not such a good idea https:/…
Thank you Jay Bruce. I will never forget sitting in the bleachers watching that Division Clinching HR against the Astros.
Whatever the decide to do with Jay Bruce, they must figure out how to arrange their suddenly muddled outfield
I have I'm not sure jay Bruce will be the savior they are hoping
One of the greatest moments in Reds history happened because of Jay Bruce. Will never be forgotten. Thank you Jay! https:…
How Mets protected future by trading for Jay Bruce: Having Bruce for 2017 gives the Mets insurance to protect...
Dan Graca (thought the made a smart move by trading for of the on .
I take back all the mean things I said about Jon Niese over the past year. He's really a true pro (now). And welcome Jay Bruc…
trade Jay Bruce to for two players:
My little sister is crying because Cincinnati traded Jay Bruce. What is going on?
Mets lose to the Yankees tonight.they're even more pathetic than my Jay Bruce isn't a good try again
Jay Bruce era ends as Cincinnati Reds trade him to Mets
Also in related news Jay Bruce is now a Met. He never gets hurt. Except well...
Definitely going to miss watching Jay Bruce as a Red.
Does anyone know when Jay Bruce will be available to the Mets? Hopefully tomorrow?
The respect I have for Jay Bruce dates back to the Phillies playoff series. Game 2-he lost a ball in the midst of the white rally towels.
What will Mets' outfield look like with Jay Bruce? -
only price I was willing to pay was for Jay Bruce, looked affordable for us
If this game lasts long enough...Jay Bruce will make it to Citi and he will hit the pinch-hit walkoff HR
We will always have a special place for Jay Bruce in our hearts.
According to inside sources Harambe the Gorilla will replace Jay Bruce in right field for the Reds.
Reds trade Jay Bruce. Start selling tickets for $6 each. Trying to become a minor league team. Figure might have a chance then.
After a deep breath, a closer look at the trade of Jay Bruce to the Mets for Dilson Herrera & Max Wotell
Found this tonight and wanted to share. It's Jay Bruce the day of his debut in 2008:
Jay Bruce leads the National League in RBI with 80.
Welcome to New York, Jay Bruce! We’ve acquired Jay Bruce from Cincinnati for Dilson Herrera and Max Wotell.
2 minor leaguers for Jay Bruce.I had no problem with that trade!
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The Reds have acquired from the Mets IF Dilson Herrera and LHP Max Wotell in exchange for OF Jay Bruce.
I'm not nearly as concerned about the park change for Jay Bruce in New York compared to San Franc... - via App
After Duvall, you'd almost think the Reds would take whatever from the farm system for Jay Bruce. Kelby Tomlinson, sure. Why not?
The Mets will acquire Jay Bruce from the Reds.
We all know about Jay Bruce and how he's going to be our bullpen catcher, but Ruben Tejada is also waiting in the wings to save the
and have "made progress" on a trade invoicing CIN OF Jay Bruce, reports
According to Baseball Reference's WAR, Jay Bruce is the 193rd-most valuable player in baseball this year, tied with Kelby Tomlinson.
Remember getting Jay Bruce to block LA from getting him is way beyond getting Cody Ross to block San Diego from getting him
Cleveland was probably never going to trade Bradley Zimmer for Jay Bruce, but won't for sure now after trading Clint Frazier.
Let's see if Jonathan Lucroy, Chris Sale, Andrew Miller, Wade Davis, Chris Archer, Jay Bruce, Derek Norris, and more gets traded.
Hosts on KNBR this week were hoping the Giants would acquire Jay Bruce, but none would offer Crawford, Arroyo, Panik
BAR: Jay Bruce shows he can hit away from Great American Ball Park: via
[SB Nation: MLB Daily Dish] Mariners trade rumors: Seattle has reached out about Jay Bruce
Jay Bruce stays hot with a homer in his 5th straight game to give CIN a 2-1 lead. Meanwhile, Angel Pagan can't catch a break in left today
Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, and Adam Duvall (twice) all went deep for the on Tuesday.
Maybe something in between like a Jay Bruce? I like your idea of Carl Crawford as well
Jay Bruce might have just hit his last home run in a Reds uniform at Great American Ball Park
Texas Rangers rumors: Jay Bruce and the Rangers outfie... via
Thoughts after Rich Hill has minor injury. Dodgers trade targets now down to-Sonny Gray or Chris Archer, Jay Bruce for left. Puig stays.
What will it take to acquire Rich Hill? Will the acquire Jay Bruce? . discusses.
See I can get trading farm for a Pedro or Randy Johnson. What most are endorsing is trading Zimmer/Frazier for a Jay Bruce.
Here are some names Mets can pull a blockbuster trade:Todd Frazier, Jonathan lucroy/Chris carter, and Jay Bruce. To add power to the lineup
I'd be happy to send them Jay Bruce for Albert Almora and Ian Happ.
Today the Reds fired their pitching coach (W) and Jenson Lewis said the Indians are interested in trading Mike Clevinger for Jay Bruce (W)
Brandon Phillips...Jay Bruce...Zack Cosart? Those are just a few of the who could be in demand by the end of this month.
Cubs LF Travis Wood has been brought to the mound to face Jay Bruce with reliever Spencer Patton moving to the out… htt…
Is it just me or does Jay Bruce remind everyone of a young Adam Dunn
Jay Bruce's 17th homer travels 380 ft on a fly to right w/ an exit speed of 96 mph. It gives him 58 RBI!
Adam Duvall and Jay Bruce have the top two slugging percentages among National League outfielders at the moment.
Jay Bruce's 14th homer (222nd of career) went 439 ft out to right with an exit speed of 108 mph. Now 44 RBI! featured in NBC s Science of Love
To go along with that, Andrew McCutchen and Jay Bruce went No. 11 and No. 12. To put that in perspective.
trade opinion: Joe Ross and Andrew McCutchen for Jay Bruce and Sonny Gray. Who wins?
you guys need Latos out and get Jay Bruce.
Remember when the Jay's tried to trade Saunders for Jay Bruce?
2/22/2016 Recap: Jays to acquire Jay Bruce in 3 team trade with Angels and Reds. Saunders to Angels.
That's about the 8th time I have wished the Jay Bruce deal went through.
"You're going to make them regret trading you!" - Michael Saunders before the Jay Bruce trade fell through
Leaderboard: Most HR all-time by a player with fewer than 10 career seasons:. 1. Jay Bruce, 216. 2. Chris Davis, 213. 3. Evan Longoria, 213
Jay Bruce's homer was his 127th at Great American Ball Park, moving him past Adam Dunn for the most all-time.
Jay Bruce becomes all-time HR leader at Great American Ball Park
how about a player that can help our offense I'd like 2 get Jay Bruce or Ryan Braun
Jay Bruce singles off of Kyle Crockett to score two, and Hunter gets Duvall to ground into a 4-3 double play to preserve the lead. 7-6 CLE.
Jay Bruce fights off several pitches from Kyle Crockett before plinking -- is that a word? -- a hit to left to make it 7-6.
12 team. I would have to cut Jay Bruce and/or Ben Revere, Neil Walker
Wish I had a nickel for every time I've watched Jay Bruce strikeout. I'd have to rent a storage unit to store nickels
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Oh look, the REAL Jay Bruce has arrived finally this season in his usual full effect of strike out or BUST!
I cannot wait for the day Jay Bruce is no longer a Red
After his hot start to the season in April, Jay Bruce is now hitting .193 this month.
I'd like to see the numbers behind how many 2-0 pitches Jay Bruce has ever taken
Jay Bruce's walk up song is still here & it makes me so happy
“We wanted a great coach and this process yielded our top pick. I couldn’t be happier."
The and are underway! Bruce Arena's men are unbeaten in six games, while Jay Heaps' squad has drawn two straight
Jay Bruce being traded to the Orioles would make sense tbh.
Jay Bruce can't be traded to these teams.
Jay Bruce is terrible... Catch that ball !
(9/28/10) Jay Bruce hits a walk off homer to win the NL Central.
According to ESPN’s Jim Bowden, The are showing interest in Carlos Gonzalez, Jay Bruce, Nick Markakis, Ryan Braun and Josh Reddick.
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