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Jax Teller

Jackson Jax Teller is a fictional character and the central character on the FX television series Sons of Anarchy, played by Charlie Hunnam.

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Only started Sons of Anarchy again because of Jax Teller 😍
I'm going back through Sons of Anarchy & just saw Jax Teller button up from top to bottom. It's ruined my morning.
Jax Teller is so fine bro, kill me. Need me a *** that commits multiple homicides and rides a nice Harley
Co-stars: The UK-born star - who plays Jackson 'Jax' Teller in the FX drama series - was ...…
So we named our new puppy, Jax. Like Jax Teller from SOA ☺️
Just started season 4 of SOA and hello Jax Teller with your haircut 😍😍
'There's a possibility of Jax Teller being alive.'. Brother: Naw that dude died. There's no coming back from that. This ain't Goldeneye.
Jax Teller from SOA is going to star in some movie about a man and a sword and a rock. I'm all for it! My 3 favorite
Β« Charming for answers, I didn’t know why Otto was killed. One day I went to Teller- Morrow to meet with Jax. While walking out I see A Β»
I want to see King Arthur solely bc I miss Jax Teller
Was bored but I'm actually using Jax teller and some of his quotes for a paper
I think I'm in love with Jax Teller again.
I'll see anything with Jax Teller in it he earned that respect ✊🏾
"Every time I think maybe I'm heading in the right direction, I end up in a place I never knew could feel this bad.". Jax Teller.
I'm down to be casted for as the presidents' son. I'll be the Mexican version of Jax Teller.
Happy Birthday, Teller. So glad we get to watch you and the rest of on Audience on your special day and all days
In which Jax Teller plays one of history's greatest explorers
πŸ“· fyjaxtara: fyjaxtara is your place for everything Jackson β€œJax” Teller and Tara Knowles-Teller from...
"Listen, Jax Teller, I likes ya and I wants ya, now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. There. My pick up line."
Why nobody told me Casey Anthony was in Sons of Anarchy as Jax Teller's wife ..
I liked a video i'm not a good man | Jax Teller (SOA)
Super fast drawing of Jax Teller from
Wendy Case. Descriptive, literate and active. Here to plot SoA AU SLs . Ships with Jax Teller via chem. [https…
Jax Teller is always happy when he is with Tara
Nice to see Jax Teller resurface, didn't realize he was a middle infielder for you guys
what if I lead my sorority like Jax Teller in SOA? omg that'd be horrid but hilarious
β€” Charlie Hunnam. A REAL MAN!! i love him so much he gave us raleigh becket and jax teller, my baby sons
Nicolas just made my heart go BANG BANG! Charlie Hunnam aka Jax Teller fromof Anarchy. samcro pride here
Going to start watching "The Shield" all over again!!! YES! My man Vick! Who is also the one who killed my Jax Teller w/ his truck πŸ€—
Jax Teller is an *** I hope he'll choke and Tara Knowles finds a girlfriend asap
Tara Knowles-Teller & Jax Teller in my opinion were the greatest couple on TV. He did everything to protect her but the violence killed him😭
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Tony Montana, Jax Teller, and Tony Soprano are the greatest characters of all time
|| Shout out to who is a talent behind Jax Teller.
Jax Teller in SOA is one of the sexiest people you will ever see
The king is gone but he's not forgotten. Jax Teller.
I just couldn't get past the fact that Jax Teller never died in his suicide attempt...
A nearly done a Jax Teller last night
Charlie Hunnam was completely different person on Sons of Anarchy. Its like he became Jax Teller for real.
It will tell the story before Jax Teller's time...
+ don't think my current Cosplay wardrobe of Jax Teller (SOA) & Rick Grimes (TWD) perched on Glasgow Sheriff Court roof would work out well!
jax teller and peter parker in one movie I'M LIVING
The only thing that's ever come close to my love for Zac is Jax Teller
"How about cutting off all programs that provide any taxpayer assistance to the illegal alien…" β€” Jax Teller SOA
Forever wishing Jax Teller was my boyfriend
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Jax Teller in season 1 is the cutest bean ever!!
This is Jax like you've NEVER seen him before!.
If you aren't Jax Teller, I don't have time for you.
She married a man with a mansion, roof rotting away and clay coming up through the floorboards. Should've just stayed with Jax Teller.
I could stare at Jax Teller's fine *** all night long
looks you hunting with jax teller from SOA lol
When mama Teller chocked the druggie ex and told her to stay away from Jax and her family.
Jax Teller and Elena Gilbert or Jax and Caroline Forbes .. there needs to be more of these ships 😍😍
finally started Sons of Anarchy. and lemme tell you. Jax Teller could have my heart 😩
Have yet to love a series character as much as I did Jax Teller
This might be a great fit for you: Teller Part Time Riverside - FL
You leave Jax Teller alone viewers. The post clan would be confused
We're Read about our latest opening here: Teller - Part Time - 20 hours - CR 210 - St Johns -... -
jax teller seu filha da pita I'll put a bullet in your brain
And making a time magazine (via the gallery, jax teller, because how impeachment even life.
My crush since he played Jax Teller on SONS. πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
Loving abit of Charlie Hunnam (Jax teller) on good to see him doing good work in the film world
glad Charlie Hunnan turned down the 50 shades thing. Can't have Jax Teller sinking that low! Lol
Jax Teller on I'm very okay with this πŸ‘Œ
(Take the gif in which one Jax Teller slams the Head from Ima against the table X)
Jax Teller please just love me forever
I will find Jax Teller and I will marry him !
Jax Teller and James St. Patrick are both all time tv goats!
(Ok... I saw Ryan Hurst today... Live! And I must say... I died a little bit!!!. I see him tomorrow again.. in my Jax Teller cos!)
Maggie Siff and Charlie Hunnam as Tara Knowles and Jax Teller. ("I've loved you since I was 16"
In my happy place: Jax Teller, Bombay sapphire
Finally, the relationship between and My So-Called Life is clear: Jax Teller is to Jordan Catalano what adulthood is to adolescence.
Can't remember the last time I had my dose of Jax TellerπŸ’”
All of me loves all of you Jax Teller...: via
Attention, I need to know. Is Jax . Teller's hair back yet?? 😍
Watching Jason being introspective and talking about the bad choices he made reminded me of Jax Teller.
Jax Teller the third greatest white man of all time after my *** Nucky Thompson and Vern
Where can I sign up for a man just like Jax Teller ?
I bet you'd be straight on SOA if G Dragon was Jax Teller.
Still in love with Jax Teller aka Charlie Hunnam aka Sexiest Man Alive. πŸ˜›
you won't be able to stop.. Especially if you love looking at Jax teller as much as I didπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚
I saw a guy who looked and was dressed EXACTLY like Jax Teller and I almost went off the road
Eminem and Jax Teller are at the top of my list of cold-hearted savages.
Sons of Anarchy. Jax Teller is a savage πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
You are like Nancy Spurgen to my Sid Vicious persona. Tara Knowles and Jax Teller. Donna and Ope. I love you. Endlessly
Jax Teller or Raylan Givens. That is the question.
I will never get over how easy Jax Teller is to look at. 😏
I love u jax teller don't scare me like that (season 3 finale to any of you who watch SOA)
after this weekend I'm leaving the Sons of North by driving the Eagle off the road on I-57 like Jax Teller
"Drop Gems like Jax Teller" is such a cold verse if you get it
If every state had the "No Preference" choice Massachusetts has on their ballots, Jax Teller would wind up President.
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Bobby Singer, Jax Teller and Loki in Crimson Peak. This movie couldn't scare me if it tried.
Maya's dad kinda looks like Jax Teller
I need a Jax Teller in my life. I'm tellin ya. He is one beautiful man.
Feeling like I need to watch Sons of Anarchy again, I'm going through Jax Teller withdrawal 😍😏
Jax Teller changed the mosty during 7 seasons of SOA
Stay droppin gems like my name Jax Teller
you watch sons of anarchy? Because you would be a great Jax Teller
Sure it's not Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy?😍😊
Mas ainda prefiro Ragnar Lothbrok do q Jax Teller...
My dad sending me this with the caption 'Jax Teller yet???' Not quite SOA just yet
Season 7 is amazing...You can feel the tension building towards an amazing finale. Jax Teller had better survive!!
Absolutely love this quote right now
Tara Tara Tara you went from jax teller to mr Rhodes? Dayum
NEED a jax teller shot glass, shirt & blanket for my birthday! 😍
R.i.p. Jax Teller. That top ten is for you bruh
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saw the Jax Teller costume... Kurt Cobain next year?
And about Jax Teller not being my husband
Not watched it in about a week and first ep back and im already fuming, jax teller y r u a bellend
Wanting someone to love me like Jax Teller loved Tara (beside the cheating and deceit) 😩😩
lmao FOR REAL ... on the real tho, they don't make em like Jax Teller lol
"I am tired of being crushed under the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing." - Jax Teller
Call me Jax Teller, just need some all white nikes
he's literally Jax Teller if Jax were a few inches shorter & not insanely buff.
Jax Teller is keeping me company on my sick day, since had to work 😎
Jax Teller is a bad boy but he's a good man too
let me know lmao. That would be hilarious and I always wanted to say I rode with Jax Teller πŸ˜‚
πŸ“· babyara: + Jax Teller & Gemma Teller Morrow - Sons of Anarchy I loved the show before Jax turned into...
if you ever need a flashback scene for "Jax Teller". Look at Boyd Holbrook.
if anyone knows a Jax Teller look a like just hmu
I am going to be a loner forever if I keep comparing the male population to jax teller,I may have a problem.
I swear I must be drunker than I thought because I instantly thought that was Jax Teller on
Will forever wish I could be Jax Teller.
Jax Teller is like another Channing Tatum to meπŸ˜πŸ˜‹
Forever wishing Jax Teller wasn't just a character on SOA and was my boyfriend
Jax Teller put ya hands up if u agree πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
Cuz a life with Jax Teller would be the life I want to live πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
Literally bawling like a small child. Harley is laughing at me and joe is judging me, but what's life without Jax Teller?
I keep my godson stylish or looking like Jax Teller but either way, he's adorable 😍
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The war between and Jax Teller I mean lol is a fight I can watch over and over!
Forever wondering why I can't be Jax Teller's old lady!!?
Just waiting on the day that a real life jax teller walks into my life and sweeps me off my feet
Can I just find my Jax Teller already orr?ΒΏ
can I have a Jax teller in my life please
Sometimes i just wish i was jax teller
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Oh hey there😍😍 sad times with no Jax Teller while on a little holiday! Glad to have you back!
How long did it take before you realised Jax Teller is played by the same actor as Pete Dunham from green street?
Can't take Jax Teller seriously now he's shaved his head he looks even more like Pete Dunham
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