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Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns, Jr. (born May 15, 1930) is an American contemporary artist who works primarily in painting and printmaking.

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Art scores just in... In the Royal Academy Isthmian League, Jasper Johns 1 Fred Cuming 2
Some thoughts on JJohns Between the Clock and the Bed.
"To give up / or / To do the work / To doubt that the work needs doing? / At any rate, the time passes." Jasper Johns
"Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it. Do something else to it. ". - Jasper Johns
Kindergarteners creating Jasper Johns style alphabets with oil pastels and watercolors
Jasper Johns Plans to Turn His Bucolic Connecticut Home and Studio Into an Artists' Retreat | artnet News
Loved the Jasper Johns exhibition ... an impressive collection of work charting his life from…
Jasper Johns talks about his painting 'Flag'.
"Take a canvas. Put a mark on it. Put another mark on it" Jasper Johns
An evening how "accepts instability as a permanent feature of contemporary experience..." https:/…
LAST MINUTE tix for brilliant Jasper Johns lecture, lunch & exhibition! Which movement do you associate him with? ……
Catherine Opie is included in this season's must-see exhibitions in London | via Numéro
To be an artist you have to give up everything, including the desire to be a good artist. ~Jasper Johns
"The same hand paints it all": Malcolm Morley on soldiers, style and painting Jasper Johns https…
Four seasons great painting by Jasper Johns.
If you haven’t already, check out the Jasper Johns exhibition a beautifully…
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beware of the body and the mind. Avoid a polar situation. Jasper Johns
Loved this etching by Jasper Johns at the RA @ Royal Academy of Arts
Subversive or celebratory? Learn about the signs and symbols used in his work in this 60-second video:
Wonderful early work by Jasper Johns at the RA
Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it. -Jasper Johns. Three Flags
Fourth form at the Royal Academy for Matisse and Jasper Johns exhibition under the watchful eye of Joshua Reynolds
Saw work by Quentin Blake, Gerald Scarfe, Jasper Johns and Charles Tunnicliffe today, so shambolic train journey earlier was worth it.
"Up to two dozen artists will get live-work spaces where they can devote themselves to their work" at Jasper...
"Jasper Johns to Leave Connecticut Estate for Artists Retreat" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
FROM THE NEWSROOM: HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Famed American painter Jasper Johns wants his rural estate in the...
Jasper Johns to leave Connecticut estate for artists retreat
Jasper Johns: Something Resembling Truth’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, London | ht…
Jasper Johns plans to turn his 170-acre estate into an artists' retreat
★★★★★ for Jasper Johns at the 'An unmissable trip to America'.
Straight to the point: read my new report about Jasper Johns show In…
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Jasper Johns: inside the mind of a great American painter at the Royal Academy in London.
A newly planned haven for artists:.
announces plans to turn 170 acre Sharon, CT. estate into Artist's retreat .
Nice usage (L) in from the Jasper Johns preview at the . Thanks to and…
Jasper Johns’s 60-year pursuit of the truth. New show at the opens this weekend
The best of the arts to enjoy this autumn, from Jasper Johns to Degas >…
Exhaustive Jasper Johns show - alongside famous Flag paintings are gorgeous sketches. This from 1955 in MoMA'…
Happy to report that the Sharon, CT planning commission has granted Jasper Johns permission to start an artists' retreat o…
Guess where I'VE been. That's right, bloody ART GALLERIES. Here's a review of Jasper Johns at the
plans to turn his Connecticut home and studio into an artists’ retreat, via .
To the for new Jasper Johns exhibition ... 'interesting'
Jasper Johns about to open to the public 23rd September! Stunning exhibition -a must see!
What s going on this week? Of course Jasper Johns show at Royal Academy! Read it tonight in…
Starting Sept. 23rd, Jasper Johns' work will be exhibiting at the Can't wait to see!…
Flags, beer and targets: Jasper Johns at the Royal Academy of Arts
A celebration of Jasper Johns’ long and prolific career opens this week at the
Cannot wait for this show! bring it on!. Flag bearer: Jasper Johns subject of major Royal Academy retrospective
Undisputed master Jasper Johns to be honoured by London’s with a comprehensive survey of his works
Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns in Johns’s Pearl Street studio. Explore collaborations at http…
NEW SIGNINGS!. We are delighted to welcome Romano Graham, Dave Wilcox and Jasper Johns to the club. Welcome aboard lads.
Happy would-be birthday to Robert Rauschenberg. Oh, to have had a midcentury drink with him and Jasper Johns. I would've treated.
Happy Crystal Bridges is closed today. Have a safe and happy holiday. | Jasper Johns, "Flag" (1983)…
Flubbing *** Jasper Johns with his sarcastic takedowns of macho ab ex dudes like Bill De Kooning has its own sweetness
Nile Delta, Communication and cracked earth. Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns. Aquatint and engraving, printed in color
TGIF! But next week is off to a good start Monday 7.30pm Jasper Johns & Robert Rauschenberg in Nick Pearson's...
wrong +wrong= 2 wrongs. how do you call Jasper Johns, or Warhol, or David Hockney? Christians artists? certainly no.
Jasper Johns, In The Studio, 1982. Part of the Jasper Johns / Edvard Munch exhibition at t… https…
I hope Yr10 are getting into their homework project on Jasper Johns
Just trying to see a Mark Rothko and Jasper Johns painting before I die
Yes. reveals his large influence on Jasper Johns, eg.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
When something is new to us…our senses are awake and clear. We are alive. -Jasper Johns. Thermometer
Just Pinned to Spy Quotes: Read more Jasper Johns quotes at The Watchman fal……
January 20, 1958 Jasper Johns has his first solo show at the Leo Castillo Gallery. Detail from A Map of Days h…
It was an interesting day to see "Flag" by Jasper Johns at thebroadmuseum today. All of the work…
Goodnight from Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg circa 1950s.
Jasper Johns made no explanation of the meaning of his 🇺🇸 flag paintings whatsoever.
Too late now but a dope protest sign would have been Jasper Johns's Flag.
.it was lovely to hear about Jasper Johns' Flag created out of newspaper clips at the…
If art is a conversation across time, then you may like these interlocutors: Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch at VMFA:…
Michelle, Amanda and I will both give up papa johns
"Johns used Munch's work. And so I wanted to look at how it was a resource for him, and how he repurposes it."…
Ms. Turner’s Advanced class enjoys interactive, concluding installation of "Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch" at the
Year 5 final mono prints today! Using primary colours to overlap numbers inspired by Jasper Johns
Some things I love this morning:Jasper Johns' smile, press-in tart dough, Gillian Welch's banjo, Indian summer
One likes to think that one anticipates changes in the spaces we inhabit, and our ideas about
There are ads for Jasper Johns all over the city and I refuse to take my rowboat out until I know they're gone
Jasper Johns "Handprint" 1964 for exhibition with Edvard Munch At Munch Museet in Oslo (until…
Got two free exhibition catalogs today from my library: one on Jasper Johns in 1988 and Barnett Newman in 1979 👍🏼
“here was a man depicting the end of the world & his hand was not trembling” -Jasper Johns on Leonardo's drawings
I decided that if my work contained what I could identify as a likeness to other work, I would
Annie Leibovitz shot the studios of Jasper Johns,... | Art Ruby via
Old art offers just as good a criticism of new art as new art offers of old - Jasper Johns
At first I had some idea that the absence of color made the work more physical. Early on I was
Sometimes I see it and then paint it. Other times I paint it and then see it. Both are impure
I wish there were more humor in my work than I see in it.
me &' Aust came to Jasper to get pizza from papa johns &' chicken alfredo from Pizza Hut 😂😋
Former officer had enormous influence on art world with artists like etc.
There are de Kooning drawings without luck , but there is no risk-free Jasper Johns drawing
Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch: Love, Loss, and the Cycle of Life - Exhibitions
The $100m plus Club. Jasper Johns Flag sold for $110m in 2010 https…
Untitled from the visual. Jasper Johns, David Hockney, René Berthot. Soft ground aquatints with print
If you’re at the MoMA today, explore Jasper Johns with KeyARt, the first mobile app to augment the traditional museum experience.
I've just been to an exhibition of Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch...
One wants one's work to be the world, but of course it's never the world. The work is in the w
and Brandy, McGinn, McGinty and best of the lot Jasper Johns
Most of the power of painting comes through the manipulation of space... but I don't understand
One of my favorite pieces by Jasper Johns, Racing Thoughts 1983
particularly good write up on Jasper Johns’ in the from 1984
Strange bedfellows: how Edvard Munch and Jasper Johns painted sex and death EXHIBITION AT THE MUNCH MUSEUM IN OSLO!
Strange bedfellows: how Edvard and Jasper painted sex and death
Many and so did Jasper Johns: We were relieved to be done about them in any case. Distractions? Interruptions?
Alive, the changes that are taking place are so many and so did Jasper Johns: We were there while it happening!
John Ravenal giving trustees private preview of Jasper Johns/ Edvard Munch exhibit at Munch Museum in Oslo.
Cool short video of Jasper Johns/Edvard Munch Show. See it in Oslo this summer or in 11/16!
Hey Jasper Johns thanks for the follow!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
“If Mozart was a child genius in music, was a child genius in printmaking” https…
What equation could you make with these numbers? E is for Explore!: Jasper Johns Math / Art htt…
Be inspired by colors, like this Jasper Johns piece. Tag your art on IG w/ https…
Drawing in silver and gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns
Our Contemporary art galleries as they looked in 1984 . Jasper Johns’s Target... https:/…
Art inspiration of the day is from Jasper Johns - Three flags
Last day to Win tickets 'Drawing in Silver+Gold Leonardo to Jasper Johns' h…
Art is either a complaint or a... Jasper Johns -
Old art offers just as good a ... Jasper Johns -
Reason No.7 to visit the new Whitney: classic American art by Jasper Johns and more.
"At it's simplest, is as easy as leaving a fingerprint," via htt…
The pre-designed nature of the American Flag allowed Jasper Johns to explore other elements, like material. HBD!
Bard Collage. Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns. Photolithograph from a portfolio of thirty-six woodcut and pochoir additions
Tetrahedron in space. Jasper Johns, Lee Bontecou. Gelatin silver print, printed in black and charcoal on tracing paper
As much as I can't stand modern art, the Rothko and *** in the NGA are excellent. Jasper Johns is still crap.
Jasper Johns at his workshop in New York.
Leo Castelli gave a solo show before either Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns.
🌸Crim of Elysion as pink out of a corner (to Jasper Johns) by Dan Flavin, 1963, Fluorescent light and metal fixture🌸
I don't want my work to be an exposure of my feelings.
Kendall Jenner (American model, please relax we think about him Jasper Johns Jasper Johns Hopkins university out I love these
This is like a proper Jasper Johns piece, pretty lovely
📷 lonequixote: Numbers in Color by Jasper Johns (via
Documentary about american artist Jasper Johns via
Thank you for your interest in me. I'm interested in you too, baby. - Jasper Johns Stone http:/…
White Flag. 1955, Encaustic, oil, newsprint, and charcoal on canvas by Jasper Johns. Metro…
FYI this is a piece by Jasper Johns.
Unorthodox work by Richard Serra created over 3 nights w molten lead. A gift from Jasper Johns!
Preparing the Jasper Johns-esque projector screen for the gig tonight.
Finding beauty in the chaos with from Jasper Johns
Thalo Friends: who would you put on your $? Hockney? Jasper Johns? A Banksy rat? Let me know! -
Find the jasper johns kitten spotted riding a wild Jackalope down on 6th street in Austin!
Maybe other artists at the time, like Warhol, Rauschenberg, Billy Name, Jasper Johns
Or the forgotten history of Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns as highly paid NY advertising illustrators and window dressers.
Two Flags - Jasper Johns - Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, you can see more at:
Working on some contemporary stuff! Inspired in Jasper Johns, my fav painter! Avatar blue.
What they r gone too black *** w me a Jasper Johns Pizza boobs maybe it up in bed heels under stupidpersonal)
Woman Grasping left knee (Jeune femme sur fond noir). Jasper Johns, France. Etching and oil paint on canvas
Today, I learned that Frank Stella is a living artist, that Jasper Johns is from Augusta, Georgia, that Andy Warho…
"Artists are the elite of the servant class." -Jasper Johns
Jasper Johns work is about as boring as painting could get.
I don't know how to organise thoughts. I don't know how to have thoughts.
The thing is, if you believe in the unconscious - and I do - there's room f...
Prof Orton would be amazed I'd remembered ANYTHING from his lectures 22 yrs later. "The rhetorics of jasper johns" - 🤔
Coming back from the post office Jasper wanted the front seat too Wyatt had no cares he was actually happy to use...
My 5year old's Jasper Johns inspired piece. I love her art!
Jasper Johns influenced alphabet art in kindergarten! Fancy lettering!
. "I am just trying to find a way to make pictures.". Jasper Johns.
I have no ideas about what the paintings imply about the world. I don't thi...
📷 hipinuff: Jasper Johns (American, b. 1930), Dancers on a Plane, 1979. Oil on canvas with objects
Jasper Johns. United States, 1930. Untitled, 1975. Oil and encaustic on canvas (four…
Artichauts de Los Angeles, California. Jasper Johns, Louise Bourgeois. One from an illustrated book with fifty-six woodcut
so was jasper johns and the Egyptians
Key Target, reminiscent of Jasper Johns’ mid-century paintings, is an iconic pop-art statement...
Jasper Johns. Weir signed him and don't think the lad touched a ball all season, God knows where he's playing now.
FLAGSTONES from the portfolio Annual Prints of Joachim Brohm, halftone. Jasper Johns, Louise Bourgeois. Ink and paste ground etching
I tend to like things that already exist. -Jasper Johns
as Jasper Johns did not say, painters are the elite of the blue-collar class
Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind's Eye (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) -
Which ceramicist was collected by Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Dan Flavin?:
my eye is a Rivera, Mexico. Jasper Johns, Lee Bontecou. Aquatint, and drypoint, and engraving, printed in black
Spent the afternoon with some guys named van Gogh, Monet, Toulouse-lautrec, Degas, Picasso, Duchamp, Jasper Johns. My heart is full.
Hey Everyone! The Cody Youth Art Show is up until the end of the day Monday! Stop by & see T-Rex and Jasper Johns designs.
these always make me think of those jasper johns paintings that I kindof hate
Consider this snapchat rendering my Jasper Johns moment.
In the place where I was a child, there were no artists and there was no ar...
"A truck driver doesn't hang a Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns painting on his cab; he puts up a…
The best is when Jasper Johns says "Yoink!" at the new studio is nobody faving this
Whatever I do seems artificial and false, to me.
I've never understood those Jasper Johns flags
2nd artists building up layers of collage numbers to create artwork inspired by Jasper Johns
Look whose Jasper Johns' artwork is at Trader Joe's? Our EC program put on and saw math in art
Did Frank Luntz and Fox have to compensate Jasper Johns for ripping off his art in focus group room set?
Congratulations to our students at Pennekamp Elementary School In MB! Awesome flags influenced by Jasper Johns.
There was very little art in my childhood. I was raised in South Carolina; ...
Thank you Cassandra for checking Jasper out for me tonight. He's one pooped out pup from all the playing they did lol.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
'TIME': 2 DAYS TO GO. The artwork was based on '0 through 9' by Jasper Johns and further designed by Louânne Daniël.
new exhibit takes a look at International Pop art w/ works from Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, & more.
Duchamp was earlier 1910s Jasper Johns 1960s
As one gets older one sees many more paths that could be taken. Artists sen...
Always been a fan of Jasper Johns personally.
My artwork. Flag reminds little of Jasper Johns. Not sure it would sell for $20 Million like his.
Dreamt that and Nadiya from Bake Off were deep in enthusiastic discussion about Jasper Johns' 'green period'. I have nothing.
Program for Jean Gabriel. Ellsworth Kelly, Jasper Johns. Etching and aquatint and dyed in colors
Do something. Do something to that, and then do something to that. Pretty soon you’ve got something. Jasper Johns
Jasper Johns. Gary Stephen Antonakos. Etching, printed in color; and wool
I think I see Peter Roskam in one of those splashes, actually. And look: There's Kevin McCarthy. And Bill Flores. And — whoa — Jasper Johns!
Ellsworth Kelly talks about Paris in the 40s, his friend Alexander Calder, and his neighbor Jasper Johns →
Frank Stella, Carl Andre, Donald Judd, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Barnett Newman and Robert Morris all have first names for last names
A major gift to the includes work by Ellsworth Kelly & Jasper Johns
Plate (folio 4) from UNE SAISON EN ENFER. Ellsworth Kelly, Jasper Johns. Cut-and-pasted paper mounted on white, smooth, wove paper
Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns at the British Museum, From £10
some more gif art practice with the blue bird and MAP by Jasper Johns.
Untitled from the portfolio Mangue. Ellsworth Kelly, Jasper Johns. Gelatin silver print, printed in black
War Babies, Richmond. Donald Judd, Jasper Johns. Cut-and-pasted collage and duplicate of title page
Jasper Johns, I have a crush on you..
Foto: aesthetic-of-art: Jasper Johns White Flag, encaustic and collage on canvas, 1955
Explored pop artist, Jasper Johns today! Had fun using our creative side to make awesome American flags!
Photo: I get that I was in for it when I named you Jasper Johns, but seriously cat?!!!
SAINT MEDARD. Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns. Ink and watercolor and paint and etching and lithograph
Need to know. Should I be packing my long johns for a trip to Jasper tomorrow morning?
Figures. Phoenix House. Jasper Johns, Robert Migdoll. Wood engraving over photogravure, printed in black
Target practice: What happens when Jasper Johns hands over his tools to the viewer:
Photo: thunderstruck9: Jasper Johns (American, b. 1930), Study for a Painting, 2002. Encaustic on linen and...
Menasha from RÉINCARNATIONS. Hilda Morris, Jasper Johns. Gouache, ink, and collotype reproduction after wood
"Tackle something. Do something with it. Do something else with it." -- Jasper Johns
at Some of the Most Beautiful & Technically Accomplished Ever http:/…
Jasper Johns, Cup 2 Picasso, 1973. "signed in the plate (as issued) from the edition of approximately 1,500"
Rembrandt left only a handful of drawings in metalpoint and they were all made during this three-day betrothal...
JASPER JOHNS,"Flag",1955. Jasper Johns was an artist that came onto the scene in the 1950s. Much of…
When people who steal IP for their own profit, and it catches up to them, it makes me happy :)
The American flag by artists Robert Rauschenberg,. Jasper Johns, and Andrew. Wyeth.
I found inspiration for my learning targets in Jasper Johns! Got it blown up for the art room
Stunning show of Old Masters at British Museum, all in silverpoint, my here http:…
Drawing in Silver and Gold: From Leonardo to Jasper Johns review – sensationally beautiful
Febian Brandy (pictured), Stephen McGinn, Sean McGinty & Jasper Johns are all Blades players.
In 2011, Jasper Johns was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom “Paint Brushes,” (1967-1969)
Oscar Bailey, 1968, Carolyn Brown in Merce Cunningham’s Walkaround Time, with design by Jasper Johns
Prison for Jasper Johns assistant who stole art from studio
So excited to view these great additions: "Art Institute gets gift incl. works by Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Jasper Johns
Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, Jasper Johns and other art world notables attended the new Whitney's inaugural dinner.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Art collection containing works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jasper Johns heads to auction for first time
meet the wonderful & talented artists Jasper Johns & Emily Carr in our kids artist focus classes! :)...
Besides works by Andrew Wyeth the Greenville County Art Museum also features works by Jasper Johns.
For art history nerds: Jasper Johns giving a bronze of his "Flag" work to JFK
Stealing is against my judgement but I was in J. Crew and they had Kandinsky & Jasper Johns books for display only and I really wanted them.
Wikipedia page Jasper Johns has possibly been vandalized.
some coach from jasper is sitting by me at papa johns and idk how I know that bc I'm not athletic
Burn a Jasper Johns' Flag for a taboo multiplier.
fyi pop author Michael Crichton was an expert on Jasper Johns & bought one of the first Flags
Here are the beginnings of some Jasper Johns demos for our winter session!.
Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns are direct early influences on my work. (Daniel Reynolds)
Jasper Johns Regrets a memento mori series, about creativity & mortality, derived from an enigmatic photo of Lucian Freud
Rothko, Jasper Johns star at NYC art auction
Rothko and Jasper Johns are top lots at Sotheby's
dancers on a plane Jasper Johns , in which bits woven among both visual and textual or a beloved snapshot
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm gonna marry the cash register girl at the Jasper Papa Johns
"We would try to help others who were 'in the same boat,' as Merce put it." Jasper Johns
FAVORITE piece from the permanent collection was Jasper Johns "Untitled (Red, Yellow, Blue) "
An exhibit of work by Jasper Johns, MCDC's second artistic advisor, covering those same years and more. With a...
This inspired is inspired by Dancers on a Plane.
Jasper Johns better watch out for Tay Swift
Jasper Johns painting on plastic. Who knew?
Record for Jasper Johns at Sothebys $344 mln contemporary art auction
My bibliography now includes social media, Betty Friedan, Mad Men, and Jasper Johns. It is honestly an accurate representation of my life.
Contributions from Lou Reed, John Cale, Jonas Mekas; art work by Bridget Riley, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns
Exhibition 'Regrets' by Jasper Johns, inspired by a photo of Lucian Freud in Francis Bacon’s studio
We'll be hosting a reception for our new Jasper Johns & John Lund exhibition, complete with a tour by John Lund himself! Thursday at 5:30!
Don't miss Jasper Johns: Regrets - inspired by photo of Lucian Freud posing in Francis Bacon’s studio
What an amazing Sunday! Jasper Johns and Meryl Streep stood 10' away from me.
Wise words from our fall artist: Jasper Johns!
that's worth it to see the originals! I'd give anything to see Jasper Johns or Dali
My first acclaimed work of art. Let me see Jasper Johns cook a steak on one of HIS stupid paintings.
Artforum Critics' Picks: Jasper Johns at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston your...
Love to see great photos around Fenway Park. Its not mine was just out on the Net. Hey Jasper Johns. Missed you. Xxo
.bought a case of Jasper Johns from Book Warehouse...or else that copy went from "new" to "acceptable" in one shoot
Final day! "Jasper Johns: Regrets" explores the artist's process, from sketch to painting. http…
An art installation to rival all others. Don't 'Regret' missing this:
I see your Abstract Expressionism, and raise you a Jasper Johns.
'bow of burning gold will enflame us this autumn' Britain says
Turner, dwarves and dogs in space the week in art
The demotion of Pop Art into Visual Culture is the most outrageous misprision and re-purposing of art in the twentieth century. Except for Jasper Johns, I was friends with all these artists and not one of them had the slightest affection for ‘visual culture’ except as grist for the art mill. They didn’t collect Donald Duck bath toys, or little red wagons. (Ruscha collects rockabilly records, Andy collected cookie jars. Tom Wesselmann and I exchanged hillbilly songs that we had written, but that was it.) Pop artists made art and made it very seriously with great formal acuity. Lichtenstein may be the most daring formalist of the century, but we can’t see the forest for the ben-day trees. There were three loose rules to pop: First you appropriate pre-modern genres like portraiture, landscape, still life, and history painting and infuse them with Modernist rigor. Second, as with Minimalism, you create content that speaks directly to the object itself. Tom Wesselmann paints formalized sexy girls to re ...
"Winter" by Jasper Johns (1987) paired with poem by Daniel Patrick Delaney today on our blog:
I was walking to the Whitney, but jasper johns can wait for a rainy day.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July! [Jasper Johns, Flag, 1965]
Happy 4th July to all our US Followers!!! - see "Flag" 1955 by Jasper Johns, now in MOMA NYC
Little Giant Ladders
A belated to all my US buddies johns
JULY Fireworks - Abstract Expressionists: Jasper Johns: ?'…where I was a child, there were no...
I'm of the "tape will make anything work" school. Jasper Johns would be proud.
Great afternoon at MoMA. Saw new work by Jasper Johns and an exhibit on the photographer Robert Heinecken.
Have a good, safe Independence day everyone. Here's a nice litho by Jasper Johns called "Flag II".…
:: INVESTMENT ::HAPPY 4th of July and have a safe weekend!! I was introduced to Jasper Johns on my weekend trip...
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