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Jaspal Bhatti

Jaspal Singh Bhatti (3 March 1955 – 25 October 2012) was an Indian television personality famous for his satirical take on the problems of the common man.

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Jaspal Bhatti Humor Festival is back again in for March 2017.
Proud, happy & blessed to be performing for The Jaspal Bhatti Humour Festival this weekend
Jaspal Bhatti humor Festival to start from Bhatti’s Birthday via
I was saying you are the Comedy-Successor of Swargiya Shri Jaspal Bhatti ! Bass, itna hee kaha tha.
is a worthy successor to Jaspal Bhatti !
One from the memory box. and Late Shri Jaspal Bhatti ji.
If is rebooted, who will be 'Jaspal Bhatti' now, and what issues would it be picking on?
you anti-national! Stop promoting western culture. I watch n learn from Jaspal Bhatti, Johnny Lever and Kader Khan.
To think we lost Farooque Sheikh, APJ Abdul Kalam, Jaspal Bhatti & Robin Williams in the last 2 years. That just so much niceness emptied!
"Meeting to discuss agile meeting methods to reduce meeting overload" . I'm not even kidding. It's like Jaspal Bhatti in real life.
I don't think there is ever a show with ending credits better than Jaspal Bhatti's Flop Show.
Good. U can start a series on these lines just like we had from jaspal bhatti will be super hit I am sure.
I started working with Jaspal Bhatti: to |
Jaspal Bhatti once presented a story: a TV director made a tragedy that won d best comedy show award. Figuring out since y'day.
Video : Hilarious comedy by JASPAL BHATTI.PART-21|| Laughter Express on via
Watching jaspal Bhatti in Flop Show on SD. Clean wholesome comedy.
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Watching Jaspal Bhatti's Flop Show , one of my fav show of 90's
Personally, I would like a road named after the late Jaspal Bhatti. No one knew the absurdity of Delhi more than he.
Jaspal Bhatti's accident case in point. Frontal with tree, only rear passengers died
It was back then when (Late) Jaspal Bhatti's Flop Show was liked by every1 but is a mockery of National Capital. Pity Delhites
Once there was Jaspal Bhatti ji wd his Flop Show,now there's with 1st was on TV,the 2nd one's in real life!
Even Jaspal Bhatti s Flop Show was better then .
We bring down the curtains on the inimitable Jaspal Bhatti’s iconic Sunday at 11:30 am on
A funny take on the IPO story from Jaspal Bhatti. Funny but true in many parts too.
I added a video to a playlist funny hindi song by jaspal bhatti`s show full tention (vedio uploaded
Reminds me of an episode from jaspal bhatti's "Flop Show". Some things never change :)
I love this trending . reminds me jaspal bhatti's Flop Show :-) . over acting
If there is one comedian after Jaspal Bhatti, who has hit the right note with the Indian audience, it has to be Kapil Sharma
Its better to watch CID rather than watching If there is one comedian after Jaspal Bhatti its kapil ...
Now this is classical. It makes me remember comedian Jaspal Bhatti's meetings...
Yes v lost Jaspal Bhatti,but Anu darling u don't replace him. Already making a clown out of urself
Press conference to decide next press conference, Jaspal Bhatti held meetings for next meeting.
What a great episode of Flop Show Missing Jaspal Bhatti more than ever.
Oct 25: 3rd Death anniversary of Indian television personality Jaspal Bhatti, famous for his satirical take on the problems of common man
Punjabi Culture before Partition , most legendery comedians are from punjab only Jaspal Bhatti Sahab & now Kapil Sharma
. u r female equivalent of late Jaspal Bhatti.
Can't forget the day when we got written assurance on forming SIT from Arvind. Fast of Jaspal Bhatti was ended after
I was at jantar mantar with Bhai Jaspal Singh Bhatti when we get assurance on forming SIT by Arvind. fast was ended
BJP existed in 1949? So easy to locate papers from 1949 in a sarkari daftar? Jaspal Bhatti ji will come back from his grave on hearing this.
People who think "Comedy show" of kapil is the best thing happend to Indian tv channels, I'm sure they havnt seen Jaspal bhatti's Flop Show.
Does anyone remember the original 'inside out' i.e. 'Ulta-pulta' by late Jaspal Bhatti jee?.
I liked a video from Jaspal Bhatti Flop Show Episodes All 'Meeting'
Passing chunabhatti,bombay suburb,reminds me of 2 things. Maybe,ths is real birthplace of jaspal bhatti.N how...
Wish Jaspal Bhatti should have been alive He would have made excellent shows on this Govt
It is truly devastating to learn about sudden demise of comedy king jaspal bhatti.we all hv his memories khatti meethi,RIP jaspal bhatti fb
Jaspal Bhatti type meetings ".They are meeting for a meeting to decide the date of next meeting.
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Imagine the outrage if Jaspal Bhatti sir had produced this today …
Just Landed in Mumbai and came to know about my friend Jaspal Bhatti's tragic death. Why is God taking away all d nicest people. So SAD.
Remember Mr Jaspal Bhatti saying comedy with a message is the only worthy form of comedy justifies his thoughts
Ha ha...what are you.reincarnation of Jaspal Bhatti ?
I remember this film called Jijaji by Late Jaspal Bhatti sahab. It was non-theatrical, straight-to-video film. LAUGH RIOT!
First comedian Jaspal Bhatti, and now Gopinath Munde. Both died because they didn't wear the seat belt. Time to make it compulsory.
Congress analysts say they won Bihar by polls. BJP got 4 seats congress 1. Victory Congress. Jaspal Bhatti ji are u watching this farce ?
it reminds me of "Flop Show " by jaspal bhatti where Boss dog was lost and whole deptt. was roped in to search the dog
The super hit star of 'Flop Show' glued to the dirt. RIP Jaspal Bhatti. You'll be dearly missed :(
this is hilarious. All Jaspal Bhatti vids r going viral
Jaspal Bhatti was an imp part of anti-corruption struggle. We will all miss him. Also a great loss to the movement.
Safety first. Seat belts be mandatory for all passengers in a car or any vehicle. E.g. Jaspal Bhatti, Mr. Ashok Munda.
Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident - Economic Times via
Full tension' was a variety show misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti interspersed with skits, jokes, anchoring and parodies. A must watch for ...
This is clip from his latest Serial "Thank You Jija JI" which was presented by Mad Arts, JASPAL BHATTI FILM SCHOOL. ACTORS : JASPAL BHATTI, Vishvapreet, ...
Brainstorming session to decide when to have the next brainstorming session . Jaspal bhatti samosa meeting.
Watch Jaspal Bhatti's meeting episode - Its so apt for this situation
It is an irony that that jaspal Bhatti is dead and he cannot see the greatest Flop Show of the return of kashmiri pandits by GOI.
Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School's basic aim is to promote new talent. Watch our student Zafar Khan in our own...
For the first time I heard about a 'we will consider ...' clause. Its like a scene from Jaspal Bhatti's Flop Show.
Who are some famous alumni from Punjab Engineering College? This question was asked on a popular site "QUORA" As expected most of the non PEC knew only about Jaspal Bhatti and Kalpana Chawla Please contribute to this list, in a comment, and we would add and edit the main post. Although each of us have lived a life no less ordinary, for the sake of College Ranking/Branding If you find someone missing who deserves to be on this list please do add. (Please mention their batches too) Famous alumni from PEC:- Sunil Saigal - Dean, Newark College of Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), B.E. Civil (1978). Jaspal Bhatti - satirist, comedian, film-maker; B.E. Electrical (1978). Kalpana Chawla - Space Shuttle Columbia astronaut; B.E. Aeronautical (1982). Gaurav Dhillon - founder and former CEO of Informatica Corporation and CEO and founder of the online movie site Jaman. Sonny Singh- Senior Vice President, Oracle ; B.E. Mechanical (1988) . Monte Ahuja- Chairman, Trans Star Industries; B.E. Mecha ...
TVF Creates its 1st TV Show for UTV BINDASS, A tribute to Jaspal Bhatti's Flop Show- Watch the PROMO here -
Career Sunil Grover has been part of the industry for over a decade now. After having done local theatre for some time, he started his career with Jaspal Bhatti and later ventured out on his own. Sunil's television career began as a movie jockey in the show Challa Lallan Hero Banane on the movie channel Filmy. He was the brand ambassador for the channel for a while. Later he went on to host Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain? and Kaun Banega Champu on Sahara Filmy. He also hosted the popular comedy show Hans Baliye with Gaurav Gera and later on Dekh Video Dekh on Colors, and plenty of television award shows.he host the big star entertainment award in 2014. Grover acted in India's first silent show on SAB TV's Gutur Gu in the initial 26 episodes. He was part of the stand up comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil and became immensely popular playing the fictional character Guthi. Sunil Grover and Manish Paul will be seen in a comedy show on Star Plus. The show will be produced by Sunil Grover along with a co-p ...
Yami Gautam was born in Chandigarh on November 28, 1988. She was born in the home of Mukesh Gautam, who works for channel Zee News as coordinator. Yami has one sister also, Surilie Gautam who made her big screen debut with Punjabi film Power Cut, starring, Jaspal Bhatti's son Jasraj Bhatti. She did...
(21 June 1963 – 10 January 2011) was a noted actor, comedian, writer and singer. He had acted in Hindi and Punjabi films, television serials, theatre and television commercials. He was also a popular writer and singer. Shauq was also involved with the Sant Nirankari Mission. He was fluent in Urdu. He was also the founding member of Nonsense Club. He died of a heart attack on 10 January 2011 in Mumbai, at the age of 47. He is survived by his wife and three children. He was born at Chandigarh, a beautiful and clean city situated in the state of Punjab on 21st June, 1963. A qualified mechanical engineer because fo sheer passion for acting and theater, he started his career to Acting. After gaining popularity and acclaim from theater he extented his field of action to TV, my first TV appearance was on Jalandhar Doordarshan in 1982, One of the best thing happened in his TV career is his association with Mr.Jaspal Bhatti. Since 1985 he acted in all his serials, like Ulta Pulta, Flop Show, Full Tesion etc. His ...
Jaspal Bhatti ji get the Padma Bhushan - 20th APRIL 2013
Shammi Kapoor, Jaspal Bhatti, B Raman to name a few. Actually many in the last two years.
For nearly three decades, comedian-actor-director Jaspal Bhatti entertained - and touched - the masses with his 'Nonsense Club' by highlighting social evils
After Jaspal Bhatti, wife keeps the 'Nonsense Club' running
After Jaspal Bhatti, wife keeps the 'Nonsense' flag flying
On a scale of 1 to Jaspal Bhatti, just how awesome are you?
Watching power cut . Hads of to late.. jaspal bhatti
God seems to be planning for making a blockbuster this year .. Since he's been gathering the best with Him.. Cast : Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna , Shammi Kappor, Dara Singh, Director : Yash Chopra Singer : Jagjit Singh, Comedian : Jaspal Bhatti Producer & Financer : Ponty Chadha And recently the Villian : Kasab
So sad to hear about the actress Jiah khan who committed suicide.. Rest in peace beautiful
First Romance now Comedy each emotion is leaving us day by day. RIP Yashji and Jaspal Bhatti!
So far these teachers are getting either renewal of their contracts of getting regular after 30th June, Rashida zahoor, Naureen khokhar, Fatima bhatti , Rana muazzam. Mr Kashif may get through but it’s not confirmed. It is also expected that maybe this whole contractual faculty could be replaced with the old visiting faculty and it is expected that 4 or 5 previous faculty members (visiting) will join back. We will keep updating you in this regard. Mr. Jaspal is struggling so far let’s see what happens.
In another story: some Fed employees who are furloughed have negotiated via unions and are eligible to collect jobless benefits. This sounds like it is straight out of a Jaspal Bhatti serial, but its for real.
For my brother all sardars are Jaspal Bhatti.
Now a days dead people are coming in my dreams, telling me that they are still alive. Lately Jaspal Bhatti came and told me that "don't believe in rubbish news of my death I am very much alive.and will keep make you laugh"
Watch the exclusive Theatrical of Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad, finally the Gadbad reveals and its really amazing.
Jaspal Bhatti died just days before the release of his film, now Rituparno Ghosh, another regional legend dies with a heart attack before...
Just saw the Jaspal Bhatti video again and feeling so much better. xD
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How to eat atta biscuits. Tutorial by Jaspal Bhatti. Watch it if you can understand Punjabi. :D
Which was the first film of Jaspal Bhatti ? (a) power cut (b) mahaul theek hai (c) thank you jijaji (d) none
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This movie will definitely tickle your funny bone as Jaspal Bhatti brings a very unusual consultancy. This is a consultancy that offers unusual solutions to ...
What is the one tip you'd give to anybody on wearing trousers?
Question from SSC (CGL) Examination on 19.05.13... Which was the first film of Jaspal Bhatti? A. Power Cut B. Mahaul Theek Hai. C. Thank You Jijaji D. None of the three above
Posthumous Padma Bhushan for Jaspal Bhatti - a great tribute to the best satirist
yes, i liked her in Vicky Donor, her younger sister was in same car as the late Jaspal Bhatti, she was badly injured.
Have been Jaspal Bhatti and Roger Ebert for a while now. Both have passed away. Do I still follow?
Used to love the bearded actor in Jaspal Bhatti's shows. He would usually play the bad guy and had some really funny lines !
Is that the late Jaspal Bhatti's wife in Mere dad ki maruti ?
Comedian Late Jaspal Bhatti's wife Savita Bhatti and his son Jasraj Bhatti during promotional event for the...
I have just received the wisest Jaspal Bhatti poster
Late Shri Jaspal Singh Bhatti awarded Padma Bhusan. Well deserved for the Original King of Humor before crass took over India.
- Mad Arts channel will be uploading FULL TENSION and other of Mr Jaspal Bhatti's (
I added a video to a playlist Jaspal Bhatti as Fake Police Officer | FULL TENSION | Jaspal Bhatti,
Padma Bhushan to Rajesh Khanna and Jaspal Bhatti... With all due respect to Mr Bhatti, Anand can't be in the same league
Delighted for Jaspal Bhatti getting Padma Bhushan. I fondly recall his enormous contribution to voter turnout in Punjab as ECI ambassador. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I think Pappu at paid homage to Jaspal Bhatti and his FlopShow
Watched movie... Great Jaspal Bhatti. We all really miss you :)
I have just received the largest Jaspal Bhatti poster
Had the late Jaspal Bhatti been alive, he'd named UPA as ulta pulta alliance!"UPA brass warms up to Nitish."
High Quality Ek: The Power of One Movie Ek: The Power of One movie download Actors: Jaspal Bhatti Gurpre
Yeah We knew are our new Jaspal Bhatti..get some deptt sorted out.
“It’s always great to sing in front of fans and Punjabis are very hearty lovers of music, so I’m really looking forward to performing,” Reshammiya says. Himesh Reshammiya Other Bollywood stars who will attend the awards include Sunny Deol, Raveena Tandon, Ranjeet, Minissha Lamba, Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill, Claudia Ciesla and Monica Bedi. The two Lifetime Achievement Awards will go posthumously to Jaspal Bhatti and Dara Singh. As the show is telecast live, it has several followers across the globe.
Jaspal Bhatti Comedy or Tragedy? I still remember his dialogue 'Purushotam hamne to apni taraf se tragedy banayi thi' and 'serial banane wale...
Name the award given to late S Jaspal Bhatti on 64th Republic Day ? . . Ans.. Padam Bhushan
Must watch this spoof on energy tonics. Dahad 44 manufactured by Late Jaspal Bhatti
Power Cut - must watch. Jaspal Bhatti and Jaswinder Bhalla at their best. Wish there were more meaningful comedies like this one.
As Jaspal Bhatti, is meeting mein kamaal *** gaya. Decision liya-agle tareekh ka Many think role is to attend m. NOT.
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the tragedy is, he doesn't even provide comic relief. Perhaps the late Jaspal Bhatti would have been apt :)
Sir, you can watch Jaspal Bhatti's spoof on this very issue on the net. It (Flop Show) was shown on Doordarshan in early 90s.
Jaspal Bhatti the visionary MT fascinated by meetings held to discuss the agenda for the next meeting.
Introducing to the world 'Ajit Singh', his debut single 'Pee Lain De' will be releasing worldwide on Thu 28th Feb as a free download via
I've finally reached the age where I can't function without my glasses...especially if they're empty.
yes. check Jaspal Bhatti's account. His son is now maintaining it.
Hey Guys! Hope you've voted for Power Cut Nominees but keep on casting your votes by clicking on this link, they really matter! :) Today is the final day of Result! :)
After mounting public pressure for a united voice from Hurriyat to have consensus over future resistance plans,Hurriyat conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani has said that if the leaders of both the factions of Hurriyat and Liberation Front can manage a joint meeting in Srinagar and take any decision his group will participate.
Official Page - Paaji in Trouble is a punjabi feature film to be 'misdirected' by Jasraj Singh Bhatti, Jaspal Bhatti's son. It was to be Mr. Jaspal Bhatti's next film.
A great tribute to Comedy king Jaspal Bhatti
unexpected off,so feeling bored!watching Jaspal bhatti's 'flopshow' 2kill my boredom..strongly recommending to u;)
Jasraj Singh Bhatti to direct 'Paaji In Trouble' as a tribute to Jaspal Bhatti ! A punjabi film with a similar...
Hi to all the fans of Mr. Jaspal Bhatti. I am Jasraj Singh Bhatti, Mr Jaspal Bhatti's son. I on 20-2-2013 on my Birthday announced a new feature film 'PAAJI IN TROUBLE'. This film was supposed to be my father's next film after POWER CUT. The film will be 'MISDIRECTED' by me and has been written by my father. The film will be created by Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film Studio. So I just wanted to make this announcement and wanted to Thank you all for supporting our family in these tough times. Thank you so much !!!
Yespunjab is a source of latest bollywood news,hollywood and pollywood news online.Read the latest celebrity news and gossips about your favorite...
Root Cause of Road Accidents ( continued) Which one is more important ? Everybody takes his new vehicle for worship, but preventive maintenance is not thought of. Satirical steps of road safety. Isn’t it ? Why should I take to road safety awareness / training ? People having license for more than a year, think ‘ I am an expert In Driving and quite naturally an expert about road safety too’. It is not only the common man. India has lost many Public personalities like Honourable Ex-President Mr. Giani Zail Singh, former Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Sahib Singh Verma, Comedian Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, former Cabinet Minister, Mr. Rajesh Pilot….. and many many more… Do you still think you are not concerned about road accidents ?
Gal Bevas Hoyi is an intense song sung by Master Saleem, performed equally well by Zafar Khan ( a student of Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School), The credit...
Something for traditionalists to celebrate AFTER two years of wary peace, Kashmir is under siege again. This week the authorities banned newspapers, blocked...
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. and soon Bengal will have border with USA
For all those who really loved the Legend Jaspal Bhatti's and his last directed punjabi movie Power Cut, please click the below link and vote online for the following nominees, also u can send your vote through your mobile by sending the below code on 56060 Cut is nominated in 4 categories in PTC Awards 2013 : Best Singer: Master Saleem SMS Code - PFAPM7 Best Supporting Actress: Savita Bhatti SMS Code - PFASS4 Best Debut female: Surilie Gautam SMS Code - PFADF3 Best Debut male: Jasraj Singh Bhatti SMS Code - PFADM3
Where is North India's largest zoo to come up? - Near Nagrota in Jammu ( will be spread over 200 hectares) With which country India is thinking to sign agreements for purchase of Rafale fighter jets and building of two nuclear power reactors at Jaitapur? - France (building of nuclear power projects by French nuclear giant Areva) What is the value of unique letter written by Mahatma Gandhi including textual correction in his hand and signed by him at the end, offered for sale by Mullock's Auctioneers at Ludlow in UK? - Rs 13 lakh Who has been named as richest sportsperson in India as per the Forbe's list of top 100 Indian celebrities? - Mahendra Singh Dhoni Which teams played the first International match held at Dharamshala cricket stadium on 27th Jan., 2013? - India and England (won by England) Name the actor and cricketer selected for Padma Bhushan Award 2013? Actors Rajesh Khanna and Jaspal Bhatti and cricketer Rahul Dravid Name the scientists selected for Padma Vibhushan Award 2013? -Prof. Yashpal, .. ...
- *Actors Rajesh Khanna, and Jaspal Bhatti, and Cricketer Rahul Dravid, are selected for Padma Bhushan Awards 2013 ON 53000
Oct 2012. . DIED Jaspal Bhatti: Punjabi filmmaker and satirist. He was 57. Sunil Gangopadhyay: Eminent Bengali litterateur and Sahitya Akademi President.He was 78. He won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1985 for his historical novel Sei Samoy . Yash Raj Chopra: Legendry Hindi film director who was known as the ‘king of romance’. He was 80. He debuted as a director with Dhool ke phool on 1959. Four of his films— Waqt (1965), Ittefaq (1969), Daag (1973) and Deewar (1975 won him Filmfare best director awards. He was awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2001 and Padma Bhushan in 2005. Antisa Khvichava: A Georgian woman who claimed to be the world’s oldest person. Shewas 132. She held Soviet-era documents which said she was born on July 8, 1880, buther age was contested and never proven.
MANZAR presents... A WALK THROUGH THE North IndiaN INDUSTRY!! Punjabi cinema-latest report(tragic death of iconic comedian) Actor, comedian, cartoonist, satirist, director and one of the most famous personality of Punjabi cinema, Jaspal Bhatti is no more. HONEY SINGH: Honey Singh (also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a Punjabi rapper, music producer, singer and film actor. He started as a session and recording artist, and became a Bhangra producer. He has also begun to produce music for Bollywood films. DALER MEHNDI: An IndianBhangra pop singer who is known for his hit song "Tunak Tunak Tun." Mehndi was a student of traditional Punjabi music and his first album broke sales records in India.[1] Since 1995 he has recorded several highly successful albums in India and neen a playback singer for several Hindi movies. His international popularity has grown in recent years, allowing him to tour the United States. Mehndi is also well known as a philanthropist, funding beautification projects in Delhi and aiding e ...
President Pranab Mukherjee on the eve of the 64th Republic Day has approved conferment of 108 Padma Awards. The list comprises of four Padma Vibhushan awards, 24 Padma Bhushan awards and 80 Padma Shri awards. Twenty four of the awardees are women and the list also includes 11 persons in the category of foreigners, NRIs, PIOs and posthumous awardees. Late Superstar Rajesh Khanna and noted satirist Jaspal Bhatti, industrialist Adi Godrej among 24 selected for Padma Bhushan. Actress Sharmila Tagore named for Padma Bhushan while Sridevi and Nana Patekar and film director Ramesh Sippy get Padma Shri. Cricketer Rahul Dravid and woman boxer MC Mary Kom named for Padma Bhushan Awards 2013. Noted sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra and painter S Haider Raza also get Padma Vibhushan. Noted scientists Prof Yash Pal and Prof Roddam Narasimha get Padma Vibhushan. The awards will be conferred by the President at a function held at Rashtrapati Bhawan sometime around March/ April.
Rajesh Khanna, Sridevi, Mary Kom, Rahul Dravid on Padma list: NEW DELHI: Legendary matinee idol late Rajesh Khanna, director of Sholay fame Ramesh Sippy, actresses Sharmila Tagore and Sridevi, cricketer Rahul Dravid, Olympic bronze medallist M C Mary Kom, satirist late Jaspal Bhatti and renowned painter S Haider Raza and sculptor Raghunath Mohapatra are among the 108 distinguished persons from various walks of life who will be feted with Padma awards - country's civilian honour — for 2013. The list of awardees, announced by the government on the eve of the Republic Day on Friday, also includes noted physicist Yash Pal, space scientist Roddam Narasimha, DRDO chief Vijay Kumar Saraswat (scientific advisor to the defence minister), missile scientist A Sivathanu Pillai (BrahMos CEO), physicist Ashoke Sen, poet- lyricist Nida Fazli and actor Nana Patekar. Pal, Narasimha, Mohapatra and Raza were chosen for this year's second highest civilian honour, Padma Vibhushan. Despite a clamour for honouring several big ...
[Rajesh Khanna, Sharmila Tagore to get Padma Awards] New Delhi: Late actor Rajesh Khanna and late satirist Jaspal Bhatti are among Padma Bhushan recipients this year. Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian award, will also be given to actor Sharmila Tagore, boxing champion Mary Kom, cricketer Rahul Dravid. Rajesh Khanna and Jaspal Bhatti, who died in 2012, will receive the award posthumously. Industrialist Adi Godrej will also receive the Padma Bhushan. Actress Sridevi, actorNana Patekar and director Ramesh Sippy will receive the Padma Shree, the fourth highest civilian award. Fashion designer Ritu Kumar will receive Padma Shree. Also receiving the Padma Shree are wrestler Yoheshwar Dutt, shooter Vijay Kumar and boxer Dingko Singh. Five prominent personalities from the northeast, including Manipur's Olympic medallist MC Mary Kom, were on Friday chosen for this year's Padma awards. Five-time world champion Mary Kom, whobrought laurels to the country last year when she won a bronze medal in women's f ...
Dravid the man I adored since my childhood was conferred "Padma Bhushan". Feeling very happy :) to Mary Kom, Rajesh Khanna, Jaspal Bhatti too !
I GUESS GOD IS MAKING MEGA BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE In 2012, he called big stars like.. Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna , Shammi kappor, Dara Singh, director 'Yash Chopra' singer Jagjit Singh, comedian Jaspal bhatti and finally the TIGER Balasaheb Thackeray God we hope casting of your movie is complete now, now even u got financer Ponty chadha and villian kasab too.:D
The mad Shekhar Suman meets the wacky Jaspal Bhatti as he speaks of his origins as a cartoonist, his engineering college days, his work at the electricity bo...
Like this then pz HIT the L I K E button up top
and Mahaul Theek Hai... Another Jaspal Bhatti classic from 1999. Hope you've heard of em.
you honestly haven't missed out on anything. If you want a true masterpiece, then I recommend Jaspal Bhatti's Power Cut.
Watching Flop Show.. :-) misdirected by late Jaspal Bhatti ji..
nah, that was someone else. Jaspal Bhatti
Reena Oschmann liked Rana condoles demise of Jaspal Bhatti: He said that he was a humorist and a cartoonist with the…
Jaspal Bhatti would be proud: Answer by Anon User to What are some interesting proxy/attendance stories at IIT Roorkee?
It is a Tribute to Jaspal Bhatti by Prof. K.K. Garg (PEC) at PEC Alumni meet held on 22-12-2012 at PEC Auditorium in presence of PEC Alumni,Administration an...
Newsmakers of Bollywood in 2012 By Subhash K. Jha, Looking back with much affection and profound regret 2012 seems one of the most decisive years in the history of Hindi cinema. If it was the year when many films acquired blockbuster status, it was also the year when showbiz luminaries fell like ninepins. Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra, Dara Singh, A.K Hangal, Jaspal Bhatti ...Bichde sabhi baari baari... Here's looking at the top newsmakers of the year Yash Chopra: His passing away signalled the end of more than an era. It was the death of romance. Yashji defined the tenderest moments on celluloid, weaving in and out of stories that glorified the pristine paces of the heart as it drove wildly into the one-way street called love. Yashji continued to make news even when he was gone, though not particularly of the kind he would have liked to make. Ajay Devgn's company sent a legal notice to Yashraj Films just a few days after the doyen's dengue-driven death alleging unfair monopolistic practices by Yashraj in ac ...
10. This question was something like You are aware that your Saving Bank A/C balance was Rs 10 after depositing 2000 as your last transaction but it incorrectly shows Rs 15000 as your balance. What is the max amount you can withdraw legally - (dont remember the options) but if the account is showing clear balance of Rs 15000 then the customer can withdraw that much. 11. Term Love related to - Badminton 12. National Fruit of india - Mango 13. Padma Vibhushan for art – vocal music awarded to - Late Bhupen Hazarika 14. Question related to RBI Functions? 15. Which of the following is not a member of SAARC - China 16. FDI limit on insurance is - 49% 17. Jaspal Bhatti who died recently was famous - film actor and comedian 18. Asia cup women’s winner is - India 19. Operating hours of bank locker is – Banking hour 20. India’s rank in Economic growth is - 4th
too many "legends" passing away this year..Jaspal Bhatti..Rajesh Khnna..Shammi Kapoor n or course Dev Anand..
Was little low because of my friend Jaspal Bhatti. But now gradually getting back into routine.
if jaspal bhatti was king of satire, he was king of sitar. RIP Pandit Ravi Shankar
RIP Pandit Ravi Shankar..never felt so sad on a celebrity's death (except for Jaspal Bhatti)..U were d reason of my interest in classical..
As if God is creating a blockbuster up there, Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Yash Chopra, Jagjit Singh & Jaspal Bhatti
Either Jaspal Bhatti or Jagjit Singh. Pretty sure, it has to be one of these 2. My vote is for Jagjit Singh.
Missing Jaspal Bhatti's comedy. The only consolation can now come from watching a Rahul Gandhi's speech.
This year, lost Jaspal Bhatti, Dara Singh, BB Nimbalkar, my grandfather. This is just too much.
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Maybe the earth is not coming to end but "world" definitely is we've lost all the good souls. Rajesh Khanna; Dara Singh; Yash Chopra;Bala Saheb; IK Gujral;Jaspal Bhatti; KS Sudharshan; V Kurien ; Niel Amstrong; AK Hangal ; Vilas Rao Deshmukh; Capt. Laxmi Sehgal; Mehdi Hassan; Actress Achla Sachdev; Poet Akhlaq Mohammed Khan; Whitney Houston; Music Arranger Anthony Prabhu Gonsalves; Scientist PK Iyenger; and now Pandit Ravi Shankar. "The world" surely has ended. but earth survives. :(
Just like Jaspal Bhatti, young generation will be actively ripping Music of Ravi shankar to pay a blind homage.
is the time to celebrate new year watching some shows on Doordarshan watching Mehr mittal, chacha n jaspal bhatti
This tutorial by Jaspal Bhatti might help
"Jaspal Bhatti ji" at 25th Silver Jublie of PEC Chandigarh. He shared his journey from 8th class to PEC and then...
Received another shockingly terrible news of the demise of jaspal bhatti saab today..I don't know what's sad..RIP..
Reknowned Comedian & a Master at Satire : Mr. Jaspal Bhatti is no more! May He Rest in Peace..!
This is a short film by the Acting students of Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School..!
In 1989, when it was running the Golden Times for DoorDarshan, Indian Television Network; the TV series “Flop Show” was aired. It was a show written and directed by Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, who himself played one of the protagonist in the same. Jaspal Bhatti is a noted humorist, who took on the current is...
Comedy king JASPAL BHATTI JI tribute song produced by (PSB). Officially released on youtube.
Thank you everyone 4 d support, Mr Jaspal Bhatti will live on through his work, 'Power Cut' his last misdirection gets good reviews all over
Conventional wisdom says GPP will hurt BJP. Reality could be like Jaspal Bhatti's serial
This was Indian Cricket's Team to pay Tribute to Late Jaspal Bhatti by Reminding us of his super comedy show "Flop Show".
Huge Loss a in tragic road accident, a dreadful news for all of us. Jaspal bhatti was a GENIUS in presenting a neat and clean humour
Aam Aadmi Party - not more than a spoof and mockery of a versatile satires of Jaspal Bhatti !
domain names
I'm guessing 'helping' Arvind Kejriwal choose a name for his new political party was Jaspal Bhatti's last contribution to Indian comedy.
During power cuts, power failure or interruptions, the greatest problem is HOW TO SAVE YOUR ICE CREAM in your fridge.Jaspal Bhatti, the ace comedian of India...
Bang! Bang! Bang! The shots rang loud as the bullets rattled against the large and stately iron gates of The Other World and made them clang loudly. Dara Singh, security chief, picked up his club (gada), a relic he had retained since his role as Hanuman in Ramayana, and rushed out of his enclosure, shouting "What's going on?" Ponty Chadha's Land Rover screeched to a halt, he jumped out of it and came rushing through the gates of The Other World through which, by now, had been prised open. Close on his heels and hot in pursuit came his brother, Hardeep, still firing madly. "Cut! Cut! Cut!" yelled Yash Chopra, stopping the action. In an instant, cinematographer Ashok Mehta's camera stopped rolling. Yash credited himself with a perfect shot. It was Yash Chopra's idea to film "Silsila Qatl Ka" based on the twin killings of Ponty and his brother after both reached The Other World last week. Yash had mobilised cinematographer Ashok Mehta, actors Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna and Jaspal Bhatti, all of whom had died ...
Bal Thackrey, Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Dara Singh, Neil Armstrong, Avtar Kishan Hangal, Jaspal Bhatti, Taruni Sachdev and many many more... 2012 is going to be a remarkable year...
.It looks 2012 is taking a toll.Starting from Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand , Rajesh Khanna , Dara Singh , Jaspal Bhatti , Yash Chopra & the latest seems it hasn't got enuf.Now it's PRAN (92 year) old...already in Hospital.:(
Dev Anand, Jagjit Singh, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dara Singh, Jaspal Bhatti, Bal Thackeray all died in the span of 12months
Dear God, Last time I said, I can understand your keen interest in Bollywood when you took away Jagjeet Singh, Dev Sahab, Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Jaspal Bhatti but show some interest in Indian Politics Also. Thanks for granting my wish but I din't mean by such Politicians like Vilasrao Dekhmukh and Bala Sahab... Kindly give preference to some most corrupted Politicians... Thank you God...
WatchTop 5 Jaspal Bhatti Comedy Scene - Strict IAS Officer - Jija Ji. Watch IAS officer shows his strict side but at the same time he is scared of his brothe...
Indian actor Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident
Actually we conducted this 2G auction to show our respect Late Jaspal Bhatti ~~ Kapil Sibal
Have you ever heard about a technical tutorial on how to wear a Pyjama ? Click on and see for yourself. Enjoy. This is part of an EXCLUSIVE series for Youtub...
Dear God, You took Yash Chopra, Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Jaspal Bhatti etc in 2012 please make it up by taking Balu..!!
Name of movie: Kuch Meetha *** Jaye About video: The actors on the movie is Arshad Warsi, Mahima Chaudhary, Pravin Dabas, Kanwaljeet Singh, Sachin Khedeker, Jaspal Bhatti, Rohit Roy, Nassar Abdullah, Mrinal Kulkarni, Sandhya Mridul, Iravati Harshe, Shravan, Mahima Mehta. In this movie a couple on the brink of a divorce…a newly married husband whose wife treats him like an unpaid servant, am Italy-returned pompous dude (Pravin Dabas) who has to choose his brief from between two cousins, a pregnant airhostess who shuns the pilots sympathetic shoulder, an army man who wants to get remarried at a time when his son is just out of his honeymoon, two teenagers who meet after discovering love on the internet, a sizzled airport manager who runs into his ex-flame now married to a man who compares marriage to a toothache…
After Jaspal Bhatti we have only cong. which can plan and execute a "Flop Show" with precision.
Over One billion Indians are missing you Jaspal Bhatti ji.
Watch Jija Ji - Part 7 of 10 - Jaspal Bhatti - Superhit Punjabi Comedy Movie. Watch Jaspal Bhatti play the role of brother-in-law of an IAS officer and he *** ..
Thank you Deep. I reciprocate the same. I did not celebrate Diwali this time because of my friend Jaspal Bhatti/
You laugh your *** off within the first 10 seconds. That was the genius of this show. Telephone vay lag gaya phone vay! What satire!
Watching "Jija ji", wonderful comdey movie by Jaspal Bhatti which targets about the power of Jija ji in Indian society, He plays a role of Jija of IAS officer.
For that instant wen i was very funny ..i was *** serious.
This was all comedy was about...Salute Mr. Bhatti...u remain !
Without any innuendos, without any nonsensical situations, without any formulas, his comedy was pure and wholesome. Something the whole family could watch together. He made the whole nation laugh. Rest in Peace Mr. Jaspal Bhatti...
NEWS UPDATE: Navnit Joshi, promoter of Jaspal Bhatti's film "Power Cut," died Monday of injuries from Oct 25th accident that killed Bhatti.
Jaspal Bhatti's demise is unfortunate. He filled our lives with much needed humour. My condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace
Jaspal bhatti's son in the front row along with heroine sustained injuries,but were saved by the air-bags and the seat belt.
Just blocked an *** journo as he wanted FIR against son of jaspal bhatti for killing bhatti saab
Why has Punjab Police not registered a FIR in the death of Jaspal Bhatti and Navnit Joshi in car accident? Why only inquest proceedings? 1/2
^~^ Jaspal Bhatti's film promoter succumbs to injuries |
Jaspal Bhatti's film promoter succumbs to injuries
Navneet Joshi passes away - Was injured in accident in which Jaspal Bhatti died (
Second death in Jaspal Bhatti accident. PR professional Navnit Joshi dies after fighting a tough battle for survival. RIP.
PRO of Jaspal Bhatti's movie, Navnit Joshi who was critically injured alongside Bhatti Ji in a car accident is no more. RIP Navnit Joshi.
My dedication to the most original comic from India: Jaspal Bhatti.
My young friend Navneet Joshi, who was in the car with Jaspal Bhatti, died today. He didn't recover from accident injuries. Was in coma.
Watchin jaspal bhatti in fanaa... Cant believe he is no more..
Freddie Mercury , Michael Jackson , John Lennon , John Denver and now Jaspal Bhatti. Seems like I discover all the geniuses only after they die :(
Oye! What's wrong with you Common Singh?" I asked, surprised to see the commoner at my house for the second time in a fortnight. "Sirji, everything is 'ulta pulta'," he replied. "Why, what happened?" I asked and kept my fingers crossed hoping that he didn't come with a 'sifarish'. "I am feeling very bad about Bhatti-ji's death," he said in a sullen tone, which surprised me with the fact that Jaspal Bhatti's satire had percolated down to him."Same here, Common Singh," I replied and explained him how shocked I was to hear the news of his death. "And what better place to pick up folks than the Punjab highways where no safety or traffic rules are followed. I wonder how many more people these killer roads will consume," he asked, his voice full of pain. "Good question Common Singh, because another vibrant voice was muffled by a Punjab highway. Amrita Chaudhary, a journalist with Indian Express, died recently after the taxi in which she was travelling collided with a car near Ludhiana." Will the Punjab govt. co ...
Lesson to Learn from The Death of a Celebrity One fine morning in the autumn of 2012 Indians were informed about the sad demise of the greatest comedian’s of post liberalisation India, Jaspal Bhatti . ” Bhatti was sitting in the rear seat of the car and received serious head injuries which killed him.”–was the entire summary of the end of the life of a humorist who had an uncanny ability to laugh at himself while exposing serious issues of importance to the common man . In death too he exposed anomalies in India’s motor safety laws and the lackadaisical attitude of those supposed to maintain it. For starters, there is a whole lot of confusion about the offence one commits when travelling without seat belts while sitting in the rear seat of the car in India .The law has been updated to make it at par with other more developed nations to make using seat belts in rear seats compulsory. However there is no specific penalty for offenders though one might be fined just a 100 bucks in general for viola ...
Yerran Naidu, Jaspal Bhatti, many other cases prov late night driving (1 - 4:30 am) is very risky. More so, if driver had less sleep in day.
Ever since God had to come down to act in Bollywood Movies (OMG), He decided to make his own upstairs, a Multistarrer starring Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand and Rajesh Khanna, character roles by Dara Singh and AK Hangal, comedy by Jaspal Bhatti, music by Jagjit Singh and Directed by Yash Chopra.
DAILY GK UPDATE: 25TH OCTOBER 1. China appointed New Army Chief of Staff China appointed New Army Chief of Staff along with several other top officers today. Gen Fang Fenghui appointed as the Chief of the Headquarters of the General Staff of the 2.3 million strong People's Liberation Army, (PLA). He succeeded Gen Chen Bingde. 2. Mukesh Ambani richest Indian: Forbes Mukesh Ambani has retained his position as the world's richest Indian for the 5th year in a row, although his networth declined by 1.6 billion to 21 billion US Dollars but remained well above that of the second-ranked Lakshmi Mittal as per global Business magazine Forbes' annual ranking of 100 wealthiest Indians, released today. 3. Comedian and satirist Jaspal Bhatti passed away Jaspal Bhatti (57) breathed his last at a Jalandhar hospital, suffering serious head injuries after his car rammed into a tree near Shahkot in Nakodar area of the Jalandhar district. NOTE:- Nation mourned the death of actor and satirist Jaspal Bhatti. The mortal remain ...
Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti, AK Hangal and other celebs who passed away in 2012 ->
Dear God Dev Anand, Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Jagit Singh, Dara Singh, Mehndi Hasan, Yash Chopra & now Jaspal Bhatti, I think your interest in our film industry has become huge day by day. Sincerely We do hope that your interest will become extremely high or else we say your main focus will be on our so called leaders, politicians. Regards, Citizens of India
More deaths due to lax seat belt norms - The death of satirist Jaspal Bhatti in a car accident has once again brought to fore the gaping flaw in the motor vehicles safety provision
It will be great tribute to Jaspal Bhatti if Rohit Shetty or likeminded people learn something from his satire. Lot good can be expected from Rohit/Bollywood subsequently!!
All purpose parts banner
“Connection Cut” from worldly affairs of “Power Cut” producer Jaspal Bhatti By HARISH K. MONGA FEROZEPUR : Jaspal Bhatti, in simple words was not a comedy artist despite the fact his recognition was due to his entry into TV programmes and some Hindi films. In fact, he was a National Satirist” because of the fact that his comedy and satire was not limited in the way of his presentation. He produced films, worked on small screen besides this, his comments, criticism, observation and annotation in his own peculiar style was seen on different platforms. He did not hesitate to present a ‘road show’ if he felt necessary in addition to appearing in print and electronic media. He was very selective about the satire, situation and script. There was none else than Bhatti in North India. Despite being a famous, the importance of Bhatti was, because of some seriousness and think-tank behind his every comedy-satire. He knew as to where the limits of comedy and satire end. He got the real recogniti ...
I had no idea, absolutely no clue how important Jaspal Bhatti was to me until today.   He was the first funny person I ever saw on TV. He was the first man I remember sending me into guffaws even when I was too young to even get the joke.
Yami Gautam's sister Surilie Gautam is critically injured. She was in the same car with Jaspal Bhatti and the latter's son.
This year seems not to be good For Indian Punjabi Cinema. We Lost Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna , Deva Anand & Jaspal Bhatti in very short time
Someone in heaven is making a movie, that's why they took Yash, Rajesh Khanna and Jaspal Bhatti, director, star, comedian. God bless
The original comedy king of TV passed away in this crash. RIP Jaspal Bhatti. . distinctly remember one of his ulta-pulta flop-shows aimed at medical services where the patient bandaged all over and with a plastered leg on the stretcher, is pushing himself with the other leg and also holding the glucose bottle for himself. Remarkable man and a integral part of growing up in Chandigarh.
2012 has been rough for Punjabis with the deaths of Jagjit Singh, Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra, & Jaspal Bhatti. No more please ..
She also got injured in the accident. "The actress in Jaspal Bhatti's movie Powercut is Surili Gautam, Yami Gautam's sister"
Powercut is a comedy movie directed by Jaspal Bhatti. Film Stars Zafar Khan, Surilie Gautam, Jasraj Bhatti, Prem Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti, Savita Bhatti, Jasvinder Bhalla, Chandan Prabhakar, Harpal in lead roles. The story is set in Punjab with Prem Chopra as the Power minister of the state and Rajesh Puri as the power corporation CMD. Jaspal Bhatti the ace satirist of India and Jaswinder Bhalla who is top comedian of Punjabi Cinema play the village jesters (Bhands) who make fun of the electrical and political system throughout the film. Whenever there’s a power cut, political or electrical, much sparks are seen flying in the heated discussion of the public who grapple around in the dark. To turn these sparks in guffaws of laughter Jaspal Bhatti has churned out a romantic comedy. This Movie belongs to Jaspal Bhatti`s excellent comic timing & direction & also excellent performances by other co-stars too.Other technical aspects Script, cinematography,music etc are also upto mark. Final Words : A great entert ...
We have lost 6 great iconic Punjabi personalities from world of Cinema and theatre, such as Jaspal Bhatti (Oct., 25), Yash Chopra (Oct.11), AK Hangal (Aug.26), Rajesh Khanna (July 19), Dara Singh (July 12) and Achala Sachdev (April 30). They have created a great VOID in the film industry and amongst their fans. We should all pray that their soul may rest in peace.
Two legends in a row in just one week...may the Noble souls of Mr. Yash Chopra Ji and Mr. Jaspal Bhatti ji Rest In peace...
Rest in peace Jaspal Bhatti ji... Love to ur family
Why not make it simple? Jab Tak Hain Jaan - Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti, Rajesh Khanna & all those who left us.
Why every one who were best in deir respective fields are dying one after the other?? 1st Dev Anand, den Yash Chopra nd now Jaspal Bhatti !!
Dear Yamdoot, Just wanted to know one thing that is your project for 2012 "Kill Punjabiees from Entertainment Industry" completed or not? Because after Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand Saab, Dara Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Jagjeet Singh, Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti. we can not bear any more. Thanks.
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I don't know What has started from from last year??? in 2011 MF Hussain, Jagjit Singh, Bupendra Hazarika, Mamoni, in 2012 Rajesh Khanna, Dara Singh, Sunil Ganguli, Yesh Raj Chopra n Jaspal Bhatti. These two Years should be declare as a "LEGEND KILLER".
This year three legends(from Punjab) left this world leaving the crying hearts. Dara Singh,Rajesh Khanna n now the great satirist ever Jaspal Bhatti. As a kid I njoyed a lot watching all episodes of his famous serials ULTA-PULTA n Flop Show n watched his famous movie MAHAUL THIK HAI.Apart from it he used to raise all relevant issues on regular intervals in his own way.We frnz used to discuss the unique quality of Mr. Bhatti-making others laugh while remaining serious himself,the same is in Mr. Surender Sharma.I m vry sad at his sudden demise.May his soul rest in peace.Dnt know the present generation knows the uncompensated loss.
With Shammi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Dev Anand, Jagjit Singh, Yash Chopra, Sunil Gangopadhyay and now Jaspal Bhatti in His crew, God, looks like is planning a Big Budget masterpiece and is in no mood to take any chances!!! We need a break God or Your's will be the only worthwhile film we would be left with.!!! Please manage Your own production, marketing, distribution and exhibition! No more poaching please!!...We are short on talent and You very well know that!!! So please have mercy!!! :(
A lovin' and gentle reminder 2 all my dear friends- on and off fb- is 2 discover the ARTIST faculty of IMAGINATION, REALITY, DELIGHT & IMMORTALITY that the Great Artists and Teachers have taught us with their Works of Creation, promoting Love, Romance, Innovation and Improvisation. Let's unite and pay our due respects to the great immortal Writers, Artists, Dramatists, Directors and Living Legends who have created history with their Dedicated services to Humanity and Society. They are: Tagore, Shakespear, our very own Sunil Gangopadhyay, Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti (who recently left us) and the great Living Legends like Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Maridonna, Madonna, Dunga (the former Brazilian footbal captain), and others who have influenced us a great deal. Therefore, let us share their passions, zeals and their selfless and committed works with love to our friends and foes. Long Live their Memory, their valuable contributions to us all.
What is life without Romance, Laughter, Music, Youth, Love, Strength & Joy? Romance (Yash Chopra) passed away earlier this week, now laughter (Jaspal Bhatti) is gone too. Music (Jagjit Singh), Youth (Dev Anand), Love (Rajesh Khanna), Strength (Dara Singh) & Joy (Shammi Kapoor) has also left us. surely the world is coming to an end. :(
Yash Chopra, Dev Anand, Rajesh Khanna, Jaspal Bhatti...must be some epic movie that God seems to be making.
bharatserials Rajpal Yadav Remembers Jaspal Bhatti - FilmsofIndia-Bollywood-videos: Jaspal Bhatti, the funny man...
whts wrong with celebrities Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti, nd now John Cena..
The real "Son of Sardar" Jaspal Bhatti is passed away. His Flop Show regarding PhD (1989) is a must watch for all PhD students.
Dear God Over the last 18 months you have shown a keen interest in Indian cinema right from Shammi Kapoor to Dara Singh to Dev Anand to Jagjit Singh to Bhupen Hazarika to Rajesh Khanna to Yash Chopra to Jaspal Bhatti. Now request you to show the same interest in Indian politics.
Director (Yashraj), Musician,Actors (Rajesh Khanna ,Dev Anand), Singers (Jagjit Singh), Fighter (Daara Singh) and now a Comedian (Jaspal Bhatti).. seems that god is preparing to make a BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE.. :p
This year is worst for bollywood ... grt ppl like devanand, Rajesh Khanna, Yash Chopra, Jagjit Singh, now jaspal bhatti all died.. huge vaccum has been created... Sad to hear Jaspal Bhatti's death
This genial sardar provoked introspection and changed the dynamics of TRP in the 90s. Jaspal Bhatti passed away during a road accident on Thursday. Team Viva pays tribute to the genius who created spoofs like Ulta Pulta and Flop Show Jaspal Bhatti was the original king of spoof. He was 57. The laughter ended and a pall of deep sorrow hung over the body, covered by a sheet in a Jalandhar hospital. Bhatti was at the *** end of a 40-day tour, promoting his new film, Power Cut in Punjab’s cultural capital, Jalandhar. The film, which launches this Friday, launches his son, Jasraj. A quintessential entertainer till the end, Bhatti, born on March 3, 1955 in Amritsar, was killed near Punjab’s Nakodar town. An electrical engineer, Bhatti, is probably the best known Sikh comic the country has produced. He was a natural born performer. It was during his years at Chandigarh’s Punjab Engineering College (PEC), (astronaut Kalpana Chawla’s alma mater), that he launched a humour union, his Nonsense Club during t ...
Rip jaspal bhatti sir you will always alive in our heart. U r our hero.
Oh it is Sad to hear Jaspal Bhatti is no more finest intelligent comdian crusader who made fun of the congress junkies everytime.
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Always wear seat belts while driving or just sitting in Car. Its sad. Jaspal Bhatti was not wearing it...
Can we do nothing to reduce the accidents on Indian roads! Jaspal Bhatti
I offer my deepest condolences to Jaspal Bhatti's family. Rest in peace. A brilliant man who left behind wonderful legacy. He will be missed
really got shockd to lstn d demise of d legend Jaspal bhatti.
Well known satirist, Jaspal Bhatti, passed away about 24 hours ago, again, in a car crash :-( Heartfelt...
_jaspal Bhatti's Last Movie 'Power Cut' is releasing tomorrow all over. ...pls watch him last time on big screen PLS RT
Sir,please say something about Jaspal Bhatti
With Yash Chopra n Jaspal Bhatti passing away within days of each other, I wonder if the Gods want a gr8 comedy movie. RIP
We had a dedicated family time for the popular "Flop Show".The wise cracks are immortal even if the mortal body gives way. RIP Jaspal Bhatti
What's happening? Why are we loosing all the creative people one by one...first Mr. Yash Chopra and now Mr. Jaspal Bhatti :(
Too many deaths this year. First a friend, then Jaspal Bhatti too? Plus the other superstars + news of more deaths to come. Deadly year 2012
I've always been inspired by either cartoons or politicians, both are so alike ~ Jaspal Bhatti
Just heard the news about mr jaspal bhatti ! Must be shocking for his family and loved ones ,may his soul rest in peace
Brilliant cartoon tribute to Jaspal bhatti from Satish Acharya
The person giving smiles to thousands takes his last breath RIP bhatti god bless ur soul
Bhatti is probably first entertainer who become hit with !
Saddened to know about the death of the great comedian, Jaspal Bhatti. I have fond memories of his super hit show, Flo…
Long rest Jaspal Bhatti. The giggles will be loud, we know.
Truly saddened by the news of untimely demise of Jaspal Bhatti.. The Great Sardarji of Indian comedy. Thanks for all the laughs Sir..But its "Flop Show" to leave so early..
I used to tell Jaspal Bhatti that he does fantastic comedy so seriously. He was also a great supporter of anti corruption campaign. RIP
Now the memories of the good old DD days will be bit more painful because of the space vacated by Jaspal Bhatti. (cont)
If you've never watched FlopShow & dont know how important it was for our humor-starved existence back then, watch this
R I P Jaspal of India's greatest comedians from Punjab
Dear lord shiva , accept my rip msg for shri jaspal bhatti.
Watch Top Comedy Scene - Jaspal Bhatti New Avtaar - Jija Ji. Laugh as Jaspal Bhatti introduces himself in a new avtaar of Jija Ji. Watch Exclusive and Superh...
Rest in peace Jaspal Bhatti- the original king of comedy n satire..who made millions laugh..thank you for all the laughter you brought to our lives..gods surely were in need of some good humour.. :(
mood is upset after hearing the sad demise of Jaspal Bhatti its so shocking !
Popular comedian and film director Jaspal Bhatti, who touched a chord with the masses with his humorous take on problems plaguing the common man, died when his car rammed into a roadside tree in the wee hours of Thursday.
R.I.P. JASPAL BHATTI Shocking news for all around the world Best PUNJABI Famous Film Maker n commedien Mr. JASPAL BHATHI Died today early morning in road excident . ...
R.I.P. Jaspal Bhatti ji a great artist
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