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Jason Witten

Christopher Jason Witten (born May 6, 1982) is an American football tight end who plays for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.

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Me and Jason Witten are going strong. The bæ played great tonight. He's even more beautiful in person.
but if Jason Witten didn't have the game of his career..
When it's all on the line, Eagles double team Jason Witten, not Dez Bryant. That it was the right call says more about Bryant.
We gonna sign Jason Witten from you *** “like i said. karma for the way the ravens organization treated Reed
It's just hard to swallow when Jason Witten and Demarco Murray the 2 steadiest players for the 'boys cost the season with 2 turnovers.
stupid Jason witten couldn't get a few more yards. you're saying Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Brandon Marshal, and Alshon Jeffrey are "not much else"?
in the end Jason Witten is still putting up numbers even if he isn't athletic.
and Jason Witten thought this was there time to shine
Also Kyle Orton owes me five bills because he *** really bad, I could have hit Jason Witten in the endzone on that two point conversion...
Jason Witten win or no win Cowboys are always my team!
brees doesn't have a Dez Bryant or Jason witten to bail them out
Jason Witten literally cannot do anything to make me think of him as anything less than perfect
naw I don't need to google that trust me and a matter fact there is Jason witten Demarcus Ware
and i have Jason Witten to thank. better luck next year hardesty
Tony Romo would have made that 2 point conversation jason witten was OPEN
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Jason Witten was a force to be reckoned with tonight.
“I don't get a Jason Witten jersey for my birthday it will be obvious that my friends really don't love me”but who got u NF?
If Jason Witten didn't play for the cowboys I wouldn't even care...
how about Jason Witten for a c'mon man!
Did Jason Garret just say that Jason Witten is the "greatest TE in football and has been for 10 years" ...? HA HA HOLD …
to bad you didn't have Jason Witten on your team.Would of been better
If I'm Demarcus Ware and Jason Witten I ask Jerry for my release or a trade. These guys play there hearts out and deserve a ring.
: Jason Witten when he lost control and was intercepted, and they'll blame him for being 8-8 3 years in a row.
I feel bad for Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware and all those true Cowboys fans out there. They don't deserve this.
Can we please start a petition to free Jason Witten from the even season boys?
Told my dad I'd be marrying a Dallas Cowboy, I'm just waiting for the right moment since Jason Witten is already married.
Jason Witten better be in the hall of fame. Best tight end in the game. Just happens to play for the cowboys.
I respect Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Demarco Murry that's it and Terrence Williams sometimes.
The only person I feel bad for is Jason Witten he's the only one who deserves it honestly
I think Jason Witten needs to leave the Cowboys he's to good of a player not to get a chance at a SuperBowl. He needs to c…
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"Jason Witten is the best TE in football. Has been for the last 10 years.".Go home, Jason Garrett. You're drunk.
One last thing about Cowboys... My one goal is that Jason Witten wins a Super Bowl... This guy deserves it. He battles year in, year out.
Jason Witten just went around to the entire D Line and talked them up
How does Jason Witten tell the whole team to give it their best and he cause and interception that ended in a TD
Jason Witten gonna go back and look at the film. and realize. . HAD HE NOT BEEN WEARING THE FOREARM SLEEVES. ... The ball would have never slipped thru his. ... arms lol
Jason Witten has tears in his eyes. Jason Garrett has a smile on his face... Enough said!!! Jason Garrett needs to go!!! I can't stand his redheaded *** !!
Jason Witten is a baller! I wish the Panthers had him. He was a beast in Tennessee...
I wish Jason Witten would go to a good team... He deserves to have a little hope..
Thanks Jason Witten for dropping a pass that was intercepted n the eagles score on the drive.
I really hated for Jason Witten, too great of a player not to advance.
Dang Jason Witten was wide open on that 2 pt conversion and he didn't throw it to him but to Dez and he missed. *** !!
Man besides tony Jason witten is the best tightend in the league
I love the way Jason Witten plays football!
*** I love me some Jason Witten..all day long
Jason Witten - As great as you are, how about breaking a freakin' tackle. Jason Hatcher - Way to be the man.
Don't call that Jason Witten in flat play again!
If Jason Witten scores 3 more fantasy points I win the Championship! Come on Jason!
Come on Jason witten you will be the reason we win tonight!"
Man Jason Witten is a big *** white boy.. Philly needa take him out
Keep feeding that beast named Jason Witten !!!
I'm sorry but Jason witten is just an absolute bulldozer of a tight end.
Alright, Lesean McCoy and Jason Witten need to ball this half.
Jason Witten is making up for that mistake. Now Orton needs to get them down the field.
I hate Jason Witten I've seen newborns faster than him but yet he kills everybody
Let's go Jason Witten, i will never pull for the Cowboys but I will just single out one of there players
Jason Witten gotta long *** chin...he looks like the crimson chin from Fairly Odd Parents
Mr Jason Witten is on a mission to get this team in the playoffs
Come on! Y'all letting Jason Witten kill it! Stop that man!
There u go Jason witten let's keep it up
Well lookit that. Jason Witten actually remembered how to catch a ball!
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According to Cris Collinsworth, Jason Witten is the worst tight end in the National Football League.
Jason witten don't want it without romo. Redeem yourself punk. Man I need these cowboys to represent for Texas since no other team will.
About time Jason Witten catches a ball. We can use a whole lot more!!!
Jason Witten hyping up his team in pre-game, he should have listened to his own speech!.lol
Jason Witten all season long you have been dropping passes and now your letting them pick off of you! Come on!
I love Jason Witten but there's a big difference in the game. One TE drops a ball and the other makes a great catch.
Thanks Jason Witten! And Foles sent his thanks by scoring by throwing to just his tight ends the whole time!
Jason Witten you gotta WANT that ball son! Reach out and TAKE that ball! HOW BOUT THEN KYLEBOYS?! LOL
what do Jason Witten and Tony Gonzalez have in common both will end careers without a Super Bowl Ring!
Jason Witten is a failure. Chris Collinsworth needs to stop talking about how good he's been. Because he sure looked horrible there
"Jason Witten and Dan Baily!! The two certainties of the Dallas Cowboys!" Then I look up at the screen and Witten hands the ball to the eagles.
Go play in Dallas traffic Jason witten
Jason witten voice.forgive me fans I ate a bowl of popcorn before the game and I still got the butter on my fingers lmao
Hey Jason Witten watch Brent Celek he just showed you how to play TE
How bout them cowboys. Jason witten and Blowmo *** are worthless. Put them on waivers
Take Jason Witten *** Out Pls il take his spot I might not be as fast r in shape like him but I could of caught that give me a break
Thank u Jason Witten but that's what the boys do in critical games!!
Jason Witten and the Cowboy defense be like yeah here you go Eagles we want to hang out with the Texans and get off work early.
Touchdown Philly off of Jason witten turnover!!!
Jason Witten, step up your game for your QB. That's the third ball that hit you and you didn't catch it!
Awe come on really Jason Witten ... WTH another touch down for eagles er
Jason Witten gives up a pick. Brent Celek gets 35 yards on the next play. Then he gets a touchdown. Trade TEs?
Jason Witten is the worst TE in the NFL. Learn how to catch the ball.
See Jason Witten, your counterpart caught the ball, twice. Way to turn the game around.
No, no, no, Jason Witten. Second turn over by a Dallas "star".
Cris Collinsworth wants Jason Witten to open his hips for him.
Just open up those hips Jason Witten.
And the Eagles welcome Jason Witten to the roster...Special engagement, one night only!!!
Dang Jason Witten catch the ball. Stars need to help out the back up QB.
See what happen when target Jason Witten 3 times Lolz!!
Jason Witten.if I was the GM of the cowboys you would have ben gone a year ago
I love Jason Witten. Come on cowboys. Just a win is all I want. !!󾟝 Frigging Cowboys. SMDH !!
Love me some Jason Witten! A man on a mission. Move the chains, it's a first down!!!
Jason Witten : We believe in each other, even with losing tony and Sean Lee, we will overcome, and we will find a way. -Mase
Jason Witten vs Dez Bryant for the Runkle! Action Jackson vs shady McCoy for the championship!
Go Jason Witten, er Justin Mandziara okay okay, Cowboys. Hey, I cheered for the Pack so I'm 1-0 in these win and in Division games :)
Love Jason Witten!!! Never ever gives up, always positive, and he truly is a role model
Jason Witten is giving the pregame speech to his teammates. Getting fired up. Almost time for some Dallas Cowboys football.
Jason witten: 3rd times a charm, you find a way to win! We got this! Make some noise Dallas Cowboy nation!
Jason Witten calls Tony Romo a great quarterback and Jason Garrett a great coach. How does Bob Costas not tell him to STFU?
Jason witten is such a class act, we should trade him somewhere where he can win a superbowl ring.
Let's go cowboys .Jason witten we have faith in you.
Jason Witten is such a classy guy and great player- just wish he didn't play for the Cowboys :-(
NBC sports is talking to Jason Witten. ARE YOU SERIOUS!?
I say Jason Witten will be Kyle Ortons go to guy tonight.
Provided Jason witten doesn't get me -15 pts I'm the fantasy football champion of the ESPN Boston's Finest League 󾟛
Short of Jason Witten scoring 68 points tonight, I will have won the (.)(.) Fat Titz title!!!
Jason Witten just said the Cowboys are gonna find a way to win tonight! y'all better start sounding off!
Ready to watch Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys put on a good game at Arlington Stadium tonight.
Dennis pitta or Jason Witten for the ship?
To play Knile Davis or Jason Witten for flex?
Wow Jason Witten not in the pro bowl? That shows how oblivious NFL fans are.
I don't understand the nfl pro bowl rules, Tony Romo is 5th in the league, not picked. Jason Witten was 3rd, not picked. Sean Lee, Demarcus Ware, Greg Salvie, Sean Lee, Jason Hatcher and Bruce Carter were within 4 places of the top. Demarco Murray, was 9th, not picked. I guess that is ok for now. We do have wr/Dez Bryant and ot/Tyron Smith are both going to their first pro bowls period, that is cool. Maybe the Cowboys could make it to the Super Bowl, lol.
Jason Witten I am willing to bet you won't have a acting career when football is done that was pretty bad...reminded me of the old Rocky movie when Rocky was trying to act smh
Jason Witten has seen Tony Romo play through some serious injuries during their time with the Dallas Cowboys, which explains why the tight end won't dismiss his quarterback's chances of playing Sunday.
Tight end Jason Witten has played with quarterback Tony Romo since he was named starter in 2006 and has seen him play through a number of injuries in the past. So while the prognosis does not look good for Romo...
Dear Jason Witten, You have got to stop creeping into my bed every night. You made me late for work today. Not good!! But oh boy did we have fun!!!
Jason Witten and Tony Romo entered the NFL together in 2003. Witten has seen his Dallas Cowboys teammate play through injuries that would've sent lesser players to a quiet area of the trainer's room. That shared history is what keeps Witten hopeful that a herniated disk won't stop Romo from suiting up in the NFC East-deciding showdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. "I wouldn't count him out until he's out," Witten said, via "There's no question. That wouldn't surprise me, but I do think obviously this is a different situation, (it) seems like, with the back and however that plays out. But you've got to prepare with Kyle (Orton) and go as if that's the case and then see how it plays out." Witten's no stranger to playing through serious injuries. He played in Dallas' season opener in 2012 just three weeks after suffering a lacerated spleen. Romo and Witten are your classic "gamers." It makes it hard for Witten to fathom Romo missing a game of Sunday's magnitude. "Obviously for him and I, e ...
Jason Witten says he wouldn't count Tony Romo being out this Sunday for the NFC East title game!
Ladies show your love for the best Tight End in the game. Jason Witten. Hoodies available.
Peyton asked me for help on Madden 07, I signed him TO, Jason Witten, Jamal Lewis, and Fred Beasley. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE YOU HAPPY
Sound of Music Tony Romo, Jason Witten give Jason Garrett an earful, . Watch Hot Girls at
This Just In Jason Witten blew out Tony Romo back... cause they both *** . lolzzz
Jason Witten does vanishing act for fantasy owners vs. Redskins
Jason Witten on Tony Romo: "He's amazing, man. He fights. He has unbelievable will. He is determined. He's an elite quarterback."
I had Greg Jennings, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Andre Caldwell, & Jason Witten on my team today.
Drew Brees, Jason Witten you guys owe me 300.00... Feel free to split it.
Great game Jason Witten... You proved today why you're everybody's favorite Cowboy... Could not have won without you...
Play action pass to Jason Witten watch
I hope Jason Witten gets traded, because he's too good to play with the Cowboys!! Yeah, I said it.
Jason Witten on the sideline yelling. I wonder if they're gonna make a big deal out of that?
Jason Witten is the only guy on this team with enough cred to walk up to Garrett and tell him he's lost his mind...
Fantasy dilemma of the day Julius Thomas or Jason Witten at TE
Which TE do you think will be drafted higher next year... Jason Witten, or Julius Thomas??
For over 20 years, I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan. I didn't get a chance to watch the game tonight because I heard about what happened before I had a chance. For the 3rd time in 2 years, the Cowboys were up by 20+ points and lost. Twice to Detroit, and now to Green Bay. As I've looked at the Cowboys roster this season, I realize that there are only 4 players I even like on the squad. Jason Witten, Demarcus Ware, Demarco Murray and Sean Lee. Only Witten is healthy this year, and none of the other players on the Cowboys I even enjoy watching play. I've liked them for the Star on their helmet only. More importantly than tonight's performance or their lack of success this year, I realize that I've lost my enjoyment of the game like I once had. I hardly ever watch College Football, and I only watch Dallas Cowboy games on Sunday. One of the greatest running backs in NFL History is Adrian Peterson. Because of my fandom towards the Cowboys, his incredible touchdown run at the end of his game this year again ...
Harry Douglas, TY Hilton, Michael Crabtree or Jason Witten for my WR/TE spot?
Cowboys TE Jason Witten: "There's an unbelievable amount of urgency with where we're at."
Respect coach Ditka. If not for him we may have never seen players like Shannon Sharpe, Antonio Gates, Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham, or Gronk.
have scored, tying the 14-14. Jason Witten 10 Yard Pass From Tony Romo. (4:55 left until halftime)
I think Jason Witten is a Top 5 Tight Ends, Jimmy Graham is better though.
TOUCHDOWN Cowboys!! . Tony Romo with his 2nd touchdown pass of the game to his favorite target -- Jason Witten.
I kind of wish Martellus Bennet was still a Cowboy, but then I remembered we had Jason Witten.
Come outwork your competition this off-season & see why guys like Ndamukong Suh, Tony Scheffler, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers & Jason Witten train at D1!
Okay I need some last second fantasy football advice, should I play Mike Tolbert tonight or Jason Witten tomorrow? It is a ppr league!
Playing Ladarius Green over Jason Witten is going to cost me big time this week. Need a huge game from Brandon Marshall tomorrow night.
Miller makes Jason Witten look fast lol
lol dude I had Demarco Murray, Calvin Johnson, Justin tucker and Jason Witten today
Ok. 3 rings and a gold jacket. You're probably right ".you're no Jason Witten!
Tony Romo throws his 200th career TD pass. This one was to Jason Witten. Cowboys 21, Giants 6.
in a PPR league.. Jones-drew, Chris ogbanaya or Jason Witten??
Football is way to soft now days!What happened to the QBs like Bret Farve, players like Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez and there's a few I missed but you get my point.AND TAKE IT PERSONANL I'M TALKING ABOUT THE WHOLE NFL IS WEAK, GROWN NDN GETTING BULLIED.YOU NEED TO BE BULLIED IF YOU ALLOW IT.
Jason Witten has only caught passes from Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo, Brad Johnson, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee, and Kyle Orton.
Jason Witten and his wife show up at the Salvation Army's Carr P. Collins Social Service Center to serve pre-Thanksgiving Meals. Oh but wait. Jason also brought his two sons. “It provides a perspective off how important the world is, what it means to give back,” said Witten, who won the NFL’s Walter Payton Award last year. “I want them to remember this. I want them to be a part of it. Fortunately for them they have a different life than I grew up in and that’s a good thing, but at the same time you want them to have the right perspective. Today is a great opportunity to teach them that.” Witten was joined by Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware, Orlando Scandrick, Caesar Rayford, George Selvie and all of their families. “When you have the opportunity to be in the position you’re in right now, it sort of puts things in perspective about people that are around you that are in need,” Ware said. “So having an opportunity on your off day to come out here and spread some smiles but also feel thankful th ...
Probably not lol. But my team is stacked. Peterson, Manning, Welker, CJ2K, Desean Jackson, Eddie Lacy,Jason Witten, Seahawks D
Reply for modern Who's destined for the hall of fame? Jason Witten or Jimmy Graham?
Modern matchup. RT/Reply for a chance to win your favorite TE. Jason Witten or Jimmy Graham?
You've got Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and you're engineering touches for James Hanna and Cole Beasley?
Dez Bryant, Terrence Williams, cole beasly, Jason Witten, Demarco Murray, and Dwayne Harris who does everything
This weekend, I'm playing against a winless fantasy football team. I'm up about 70 points, and will be riding on Carson Palmer, Wes Welker, and Jason Witten to keep me in the lead. They have C. Keenum (QB-Houston), T. Wright (WR/TE-Tampa Bay), and Dallas (Orleans). If I lose, I'm putting this loss on Indianapolis' defense. [edit] Scratch that. after an update of the games ending, I'll be riding on a 63 point lead.
he gets way more! Dez has Jason Witten and Terrance Williams, who surprisingly gets the same amount of targets Dez does
Week 9 result: 8-5 Wrong picks: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Oakland, New Orleans, Green Bay Overall record: 81-52 Fantasy football performance: Huge win this week over the second place guy (who was 7-1 before facing me).  His players were less than stellar (except Andre Johnson, who was on fire), while I got big performances out of Cam Newton, Carolina's defense, Jason Witten, and Steven Ridley.  I get the win and move to 4-5 and in 5th place.  Not bad for an 0-2 start and dead last at the beginning of the season. What I learned in Week 9 - The refs in the Redskins/Chargers game were some of the worst ever.  Not as bad as the replacement ones last year, but still pretty bad regardless.  No matter what though, my upset pick prevailed, and I'll take that as a win. - Richie Incognito... that seriously can't be that guy's name can it?  Oh, and yeah, he got what he deserved. - November is ROMO-Vember!  Tony Romo holds an astounding 22-4 record in November games, which is surprisingly better than any QB in NF ...
you said you were 3rd choice today, so was Jason Witten, Dan Fouts & Joe Montana. All great at what they do. It's not so bad
Honestly... I always have issues at my TE position. I shoulda played Jason Witten instead of Antonio Gates
Jordan Reed is the MAN. If y'all don't know his name by now just WATCH!!! Reminds me of Antonio Gates or Jason Witten!
Good game for our Advocare Endorsors. Kyle Rudolph and Jason Witten back to back touchdowns!!
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poor tackling. Kyle Rudolph looked like Jason Witten after I get rid of him in fantasy
AMEN!! Michael Irvin "The [[_]]" just laid down the law on NFL Network. He explained how he had to shake the mentality of the Cowboys who were losers in 1988. Now here are the 4-4 and perpetual 8-8 Cowboys and they need to be shaken out of the cocoon of mediocrity. The Chancellor of Football was behind Dez Bryant last week and is so now. From my man Keith Ponder quit the bromance between Tony Romo and Jason Witten and get the ball to playmakers. You need dogs to win football games...not nice guys. This is football
Make A Wish superstar Evan checking in with twin brother Carter and big brother Joshua...Mom & Dad are here too. Wishing them a safe and happy Halloween! Evan's wish is to meet Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Ware, Tony Romo & Jason Witten.
Should I wear Demarcus Ware or Jason Witten jersey to work today..?
Look what just came in my email!! You've Won A Prize In This Sweepstakes Congratulations! You are receiving this email because you entered the "Win a Trip to See Jason Play" sweepstakes sponsored by Levi Strauss & Co. Denizen Jeans. Your entry was selected via random drawing as a winner of a game jersey autographed by Jason Witten which has a retail value of $99.95.
Man when lookin at Dez Bryant arguing Jason Witten and then Demarcus Ware, u feel like is he gonna get at em later.
The debate continues to rage about whether Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant's intensity is out of control, but tight end Jason Witten has nothing but praise for his teammate's passion. Witten was involved in a highly scrutinized sideline confrontation with Bryant late in Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions, when Witten and inactive defensive end Demarcus Ware attempted to get a frustrated Bryant to focus again after the Lions scored the go-ahead touchdown with 12 seconds remaining. However, Witten is adamant that the incident and other emotional outbursts by Bryant on the sideline during the game are not evidence of a problem. On the contrary, Witten considers Bryant's passion to be an asset for the Cowboys. "There's not a guy that you love playing more with on Sundays than Dez Bryant," Witten said Wednesday. "I feel like I have a lot of passion and I think he matches that passion. I love that. It's been an honor to watch him develop into the player and the person that he's become, really an elite player ...
Dez Bryant audio tapes back up him, Tony Romo and Jerry Jones. But what about that Jason Witten moment, though?
OK, so what Dez Bryant said to Romo and Derek Dooley wasn't really bad. Wish the Jason Witten audio was up too.
Didn't see the Cowboys game yesterday. But I heard it on the radio in my truck and saw the highlights today. I've been a Cowboys fan for 40 years.Here's my humble opinion as we come to the midway point in the season.Tony Romo is a talented QB but he's NOT a leader. Jason Garrett is a good coach but hasnt heard of a running game or that it even exists. Jerry Jones *** Dez Bryant needs to be the focal point of the passing game.NOT Jason Witten. He's good but slow and old as dirt. Terrance Williams is good. Sean Lee is a BEAST! We need Demarcus Ware to come back...yesterday! Demarco Murray is an ok running back...but brittle. The defense is the reason for the Cowboys 4-4 record.the offense needs to run the ball more and the only ones that appear to show up every game are Sean Lee and Dez Bryant.oh yeah, Miles Austin needs to go...cut that MF, immediately!
What I took from this past sundays action: The Broncos are human/vulnerable, the Falcons and Steelers are not great teams anymore, the Dolphins can't finish, the Jets can't show up, the Giants can kick field goals very well (against a pathetic Eagles team that is), the 49ers always cover the spread and finally; Dez Bryant is more trouble than he is worth and furthermore, shame on Jason Witten, Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones for enabling this childs behavior by downplaying his outbursts as passion for the game when anyone who has a brain can see the forest for the trees in this matter. Damage Control always backfires, Jerry Jones should know better.
Dez Bryant’s meltdown on the sidelines in Detroit was wildly entertaining for NFL fans, maddening for Cowboy fans and business as usual for the Cowboys themselves. Anarchy is the rule at Valley Ranch. Has been since Jimmy Johnson was deposed almost 20 years ago. That’s the Cowboy culture. There is no authority, at least not with the football delegation. Jerry Jones is the boss, the coaches are mere strategists who need not concern themselves with discipline and personalities and the like, and players answer to Jones. No one else. It’s been that way for a generation, and it’s not a secret. So Dez Bryant, like Terrell Owens and others before him, knows the ramifications are limited if he rants and raves along the bench area at quarterback Tony Romo, receivers coach Derek Dooley, head coach Jason Garrett or even team leaders Demarcus Ware and Jason Witten. WATCH: Dez Bryant goes off on sidelines Sunday VOTE: Better catch, Calvin Johnson in double coverage of Dez Bryant one-hander? That kind of thing ...
Cowboys' Dez Bryant hugs it out with Jason Witten
Here you see Dez Bryant and Jason Witten and other assorted members of the Cowboys sideline having a Socratic dialogue in the aftermath of the Lions' improbable rally. The day was building to this. An earlier cutaway caught Bryant exploding at Tony Romo for something or other, sending color guy Bria...
Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant lost control on the sideline during a 31-30 loss Sunday to the Detroit Lions, yelling at assistant Derek Dooley and quarterback Tony Romo, then yelling at tight end Jason Witten before being calmed by Demarcus Ware.
Jason Witten vs Dez Bryant has been anounced for the next UFC event. I got Witten in 3 via ground and pound
Looks like Dez Bryant was telling Jason Witten to get some five dollar footlongs!
DETROIT - In the History of Hugs, the embrace shared between Jason Witten and Dez Bryant after Sunday's loss in the Cowboys' locker room will not be remembered as an all-time great cuddle.
I wasn't able to see the cowboys game because I was at work, and quite honestly I don't care how they lost. It's been disappointing for over 15 years. However, I did see Dez Bryant on espn yelling at the two biggest baddest dudes in the NFL. I'm sorry fez, but I'll take Jason Witten and Demarcus Ware any day over your scrawny *** ..
That moron Dez Bryant melting down on the sideline and yelling at Derek Dooley and Jason Witten. Lol what a goon.
Couldn't get a guy to even respond when I offered him Matt Ryan &Jason Witten for Demaryus Thomas. He'd just lost Sam Bradford and J. Finley
I traded Steve Johnson & Jason Witten for Leveon Bell & TY Hilton..good trade or bad trade?
Would anyone trade Adrian Peterson, and in return get Demarius Thomas and Jason Witten
My NFL Fantasy injury rate is astounding. Both Julio Jones and Reggie Rayne? Look out Aaron Rodgers and Jason Witten... Gonna get hurt
Jason Witten, Jay Novacek... I'm sick of watching Dallas TE's convert first downs my whole life.
Giovani Bernard or Jason Witten in the flex?
I would start Gronk over every tight end except for Tony Gonzalez, Vernon Davis, and Jason Witten. Start Gronk over Jordan Cameron, Julius Thomas, and Antonio Gates. -Fogal
espn fantasy football decision. WHO TO START. I NEED 2 of 3 to Start. Jason Witten vs Eagles, Jordan Cameron vs Packers, and Keenan Allen vs Jaguars. What would you do?
rate this trade; Demaryius Thomas for Kenbrell Thompkins and Jason Witten. (I just acquired Thomas TE Den)
Should I play Jason Witten or Danny Woodhead at flex?
Fantasy team improves to 5-1; overcame injuries to Danny Amendola and Cecil Shorts, both earning 0 pts + poor game from Jason Witten (2 pts)
To my FANS: What do Brandon Weeden, Danny Woodhead, Jason Witten, Jay Feely, Nick Foles and Sam Bradford have in common? Yes, they are all playing this week and yes, they are all non-paid endorsers of the same products that Frank Curtin, Andrew Curtin and I use every day! Pretty cool, huh?
HAHI know what you mean! I have Jason Witten & Mike Wallace and I never know to start so sit cuz they are both a rollercoaster
Tony Romo has the first 500-yard game of his career. Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Jason Witten are all over 100.
So I'm wondering, what's a Tony Romo mistake? Is it anything like a Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, or Coach Garrett mistake? Just loving the end result, no need to point passes, I mean fingers!
Despite a record breaking day for Tony Romo, neither Jason Witten nor Dez Bryant could help the Cowboys win. Peyton Manning and the Broncos still manage to be 5 and 0.
best case scenario: Jason Witten and Dez Bryant go off for 30 points on my fantasy team.. and then the cowboys lose a heartbreaking loss in the final minute. It was good bye week for the redskins
if I put Jason Witten as my FLEX instead of Sidney Rice, yea, I'd beat you
TEs w/ more points than Jason Witten: Cameron, Julius Thomas, Charles Clay.
Gonzalez is great but no he's not the best ever. Shannon Sharp and Jason Witten are.
IMO: There are 3 things wrong with the Dallas Cowboys. 1. They will never accomplish anything until Jerry Jones repents for what he did to my baby's daddy (Terrell Owens). 2. Realize that the combination of Jason Garrett and Tony Romo just doesn't work in Big D. 3. Tony Romo has to realize that Dez Bryant is a beast. He relies on Dez in the first half and he produces, but in the second half of games he doesn't target him and goes to his boy Jason Witten. That's not getting the job done!! You wanna say what do I know: I know I love Drew Brees and I can't stand them COWBOYS!!
I got Cris Carter, Brandon Marshal, Walter Peyton, Tom Brady, Jason Witten and Calvin Johnson all on Offense starting
Calvin Johnson and Jason Witten for Tom Brady and Jimmy Graham , non PPR league
lol he's gotta be better than Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, and Antonio Gates first
On Herm Edwards explains why containing TE Jason Witten represents the Rams' No. 1 priority in Big D:
Hey would you trade Bernard Pierce to for Jason Witten in a PPR with Owen Daniels as current TE?
Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis held Jason Witten to 3 rec for 12 yards. . Solid solid.
Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitz, and Jason Witten gave me a whopping 5 points total in FF this week 😒
It figures. Last week I play Kyle Rudolph and get burned by how horrible Christian Ponder is. So for this week I switch to Jason Witten because he's got his life partner, Tony Romo, throwing him the ball. The result so far, 3 catches for 12 yds. Arrgghh
Kendrick Lewis is all over Jason Witten today
Stuff that probably only interests me - The Manning brothers passed for 912 yards and 11 touchdowns on the opening weekend. Peyton won, Eli lost. - The Patriots open the season with consecutive games against rookie quarterbacks - Andrew Luck has played turnover-free football in his last four regular-season games. - Chicago's Marc Trestman joins Marv Levy, Mike Holmgren and John Harbaugh with a first career NFL coaching victory over Cincinnati - Chip Kelly joined Jimmy Johnson, Leslie Frazier and Jim Schwartz with a first career NFL coaching victory against the Redskins. - Jason Witten caught three total touchdowns in all of 2012. He caught two on Sunday night. - Andy Reid left the NFC East in 2013 but the NFC East did not leave him. His Chiefs play the next three weeks against the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants - Of the nine teams that have appeared on Hard Knocks, only one went on to win a division title, the 2009 Bengals. - The Dolphins, Vikings and Titans are the only teams that open the season with their ...
So did Jason Witten. "Jerry Jones accuses Giants of faking injuries
VIDEO: Jason Witten and Jerry Jones believe that a Giants player faked an injury during last night's game.
Thought I had the fantasy win locked up . Victor Cruz and Jason Witten thought otherwise
So my boss' fantasy team had Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Anquan Boldin starting and Jason Witten on the bench. Her team is stacked!
I have Jason Witten, Jermichael Finley, and Julius Thomas. Triple threat with the Tight Ends
Tony Romo and the are making my decision to start Jason Witten over Jermichael Finley look pretty good right now.
He has Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jason Witten, And Terrence Williams is really good for being the "3rd Receiver" like Common Romo.
Jason witten threw up his halftime snack on national TV 😂
At a bare minimum it takes at least two people to take down Jason Witten...
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Am I the only one who saw Jason Witten throw up just now
the most Jason Witten thing I've ever seen
So starting David Wilson and not starting cowboys defense is killing me. Atleast I got Jason witten
Oh, hey, Jason Witten vomiting on the sidelines!
Did NBC mean to show us Jason Witten's vomit?
I just need somebody to get Jason Witten the ball. I don't care which qb it is
Ewww did any one else see Jason Witten hurling on the sideline?
I may not like the Cowboys but I love watching Jason Witten play
Wow well I need Jason Witten to get the ball
Jason Witten just got done with a pinch lol
Jason Witten, Bill Russell. All the greats do it. I puke before every shift at work.
Appears Jason Witten may have had a bad pre game meal?
Did anyone else just notice Jason Witten puking his guts out on the sidelines?
Jason witten is going to win it for you
We saw it "Seriously, I'm not the only one who saw Jason Witten barf on the bench, am I?"
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literally just saw Jason Witten puke on live tv lol
Jason Witten puking before 2nd half of the Sunday nighter
Jason Witten was in the background throwing up 😂
Jason Witten casually throwing up in the background and still playing while announcers are talking about Romo getting the wind knocked out
125 points plz just let Jason witten score one more so I can go to sleep with no worries
Was I the only one who saw Jason Witten trowing up on
Just so y'all know... I put on Jason Witten's pads... And lost my sunglasses in them!
Did Jason Witten just vomit on the bench behind Tony Romo?
Anyone else just see Jason Witten puke?
Ummm is Jason Witten yakking on the bench?!.
I don't hear much about Jason Witten anymore. Where the white boy at?!
Jason Witten just threw up on live TV
“Pretty sure Jason Witten just threw up in the background”
I need Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to chill for the night so I can take this W in my fantasy league
Jason Witten throwing up on national television...
Jason Witten puked on bench, then went to locker room early before half. But was on field for first series.
So if you missed it, here's Jason Witten casually puking on national TV
NBC cameras following Romo on sideline just caught Jason Witten vomiting profusely in the background
Did anybody else just see Jason Witten puke on the sidelines? Disgusting.
Jason Witten throwing up in the background!!!
Anyone else see Jason Witten throwing up on the sideline..
Jason Witten's reaction to this weeks
Did y'all see Jason witten throw up??
LmaoRT Anyone else just peep Jason Witten throwing up on Live TV in the background of the Romo close up? http:/…
If the Cowboys want to win this year, they should start Jason Witten at every position.
Really hope Jason Witten is OK, you guys.
I kno i wasn't only one who seen Jason Witten over there puking his guts out on the bench?
Jason Witten grew up near where I was born. Pride of East Tennessee.
two points per game separated Jason Witten from Scott Chandler in '12. Non-PPR.
The Cowboys have voted on captains for the season. Offense: Tony Romo &Jason Witten. Defense: Demarcus Ware & Sean Lee. Special Dan Bailey.
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Cowboys player vote for captains: Tony Romo and Jason Witten on offense. Demarcus Ware and Sean Lee on defense. Dan Bailey on special teams
Tony Romo, Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Demarcus Ware and Dan Bailey are the captains.
I have Jason Witten and Brandon Myers should I trade one for a densest RB
Solid squad Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Jason Witten and more. Expecting big things.
Most wanted for my team. Torrey Smith. Aaron Rodgers . Jason Witten. HUGE need for my team. Darrelle revis :D
Tight ends with more yards than Jermichael Finley over the final 7 weeks of 2012: Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten. That's it…
One time...romo had Terrell Owens...Roy Williams...Miles Austin...Jason Witten...Julius Jones...Marion Barber...and a nice d and still lost
Jason Witten just found out his NFL tight end record made it in Pro Football Hall of Fame
I got my main man Jason Witten and Terrence Williams today! (
Terrence Williams is getting a colorful introduction to the NFL courtesy of Jason Witten. Witten yelled at him when he dropped a pass.
'Tale of the Tape' features two stud TE's squaring off. Who you got, Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten?
Which aging TE will you draft first. Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten?
Recently Joan and I were invited to charity dinner/concert. Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) performed. We had the opportunity to mingle with some interesting celebrities; Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer, Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith (he is an ETSU grad.), Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, former UT head coach/ETSU football operations coordinator Phil Fulmer, Dallas Cowboys hall of famer Emit Smith, Miami Dolphins hall of famer Dan Marino, Buffalo Bills hall of famer Bruce Smith, San Francisco hall of famer Jim Stuckey, Retired Charlotte Hornets guard Dell Curry. It was great to meet these guys and talk to each of them individually. Jim Stuckey has two Super Bowl rings at the expense of the Cincinnati Bengals and he really enjoyed talking to me about that. My favorite conversation was with Dell Curry he is easily the best shooter I ever had the opportunity to see in person. He was always a fan favorite in Charlotte event when Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning were on the t ...
I have a few NFL autographed footballs left: Kurt Warner, Jason Witten, Mike Vrabel, Joseph Addai, "Mean" Joe Greene, Michael Munchak, Michael Strahan, Antrel Rolle, Randy Moss, Jackie Smith... I want them gone...For the rest of today, they are $200 each. I also still have Barry Sanders. I'm asking $500 for his. All of them have the PSA/DNA certificates of authenticity, and they were all purchased directly from the NFL in their benefit auctions.
Six-pack of under-the-radar Cowboys up-and-comers You know all about the Cowboys’ six-pack of potential blossoming stars. Dez Bryant’s breakout second half of last season can be a springboard to becoming one of the unquestionably elite receivers in the NFL. If Sean Lee and Bruce Carter can just stay healthy, they should form one of the league’s best linebacker tandems. Demarco Murray might be a Pro Bowler if he can avoid the injury bug. At 22 years old, Tyron Smith has all the tools to be a stud left tackle. Dallas Cowboys Blog | ESPN Dallas Related Teams Minicamp observations: Sean Lee is everywhere IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys’ minicamp came to an end Thursday, so we offer up the final observations. LB Sean Lee was everywhere. He opened team drills with a breakup of a Kyle Orton throw to TE Jason Witten, picked off Orton in seven-on-seven drills and broke up an underneath throw to WR Miles Austin. How good might the Cowboys be at middle linebacker and weakside linebacker? One play after Lee’s ...
To all those people who voted that Ware was the best & who the top 5 were, not what I was looking for ..You vote who you think is the worst player out of the ones I named ..Barwin had the most votes, (thanks Hogs) ..For explaining it ...Now vote again, who do you think is the worst player named .. RG3 * London Fletcher * Trent Williams * Demarcus Ware * Jason Witten * Dez Bryant * Eli Manning * JPP * Victor Cruz * LeSean McCoy * Jason Peters - Magic
Alright. Decided to do a fantasy draft. I don't think I did too bad. QB: Cam Newton/ Matthew Stafford RB: Jamaal Charles RB: Alfred Morris(I know the skins like that pick.) WR: Victor Cruz(giants fans stand up) WR: Danny Amendola(Tavon Austin as backup if he goes down.) TE: Jason Witten(cowboy nation! Lets go!) Flex: (RB)Matt Forte D/ST: Broncos K: Blair Walsh -jamie.
I am a devoted mock drafter, and there is one thing that has stuck out to me in the countless mocks that I have done thus far; Draft RB early and often. Now, when you look at the list of RBs this year, you see a whole bunch of studs at the top. But, after the top 15 or 20, things get ugly quick. Not that there aren’t good RB options later in the draft, but there aren’t a lot of great starting RBs for your squad after the first 4 or 5 rounds. Now, this is obviously personal opinion and you might disagree, but I would much rather draft RBs with at least my first 2 picks this year than pick a stud at any other position early. Looking at position depth, RB seems to have the biggest drop off after you get through the first few rounds. Other positions, though, seem to have incredible depth. When you can guys like Matthew Stafford, Jason Witten, and Torrey Smith in the 7th round or later, it makes sense to wait on QB, TE and WR.   Let’s look at some different scenarios that could happen in this year’s d ...
STRAIGHT FROM the text of an ESPN article about Advocare being the sponsor for OSU vs MISS ST game: "AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products. Based in Plano, Texas, AdvoCare has been providing health and performance products across the country since being founded in 1993. AdvoCare has an impressive roster of athletes and performers who trust AdvoCare with their health and performance, including Drew Brees, Jason Witten, Sam Bradford, and Michael W. Smith, just to name a few."
Dallas Tight End and AdvoCare endorser Jason Witten talks AdvoCare. He says AdvoCare products helped bring his game to another level. Check out his favorite ...
Who would you rather have as your tight end? Jason witten or tony Gonzales? -Stefano
I am so excited about being part of an amazing company who continues to help make our business better. Advocare broadcasted that they are the first company to sponsor a title game on 8/31/13. It is the first game of the season with 78 million fans. Advocare will also be sponsoring the Atlanta 500 nascar race. The Advocare car with Austin Dillon will be in the sprint cup race using the car for the first time. With 58 million nascar fans. Start filling your pipeline and planting those seeds. Now is the time to capitalize on building your business. Advocare is will be nationally broadcasted on ABC and ESPN. Contact me to help you fill your pipeline. This is an awesome oppotunity for you to explode in Advocare. Now is the time to act.
Melissa Rios we may just have to wear our Advocare colors when we our in Texas this week; in case we run into Jason Witten who just so happens to be a pro fball player from ur team...Dallas Cowboys & a proud Advocare endorser:-D!!!
Got my fantasy team QB- Peyton, Tony Romo RB-SteVan Ridley, Darren Sproles, Eddie Lacy and Mark Ingram WR- Wes Welker, Randall Cobb, Tavon Austin and DeAndre Hopkins TE- Jason Witten and Jermichael Finley K-Garrett Hartley Def- Cincy and MIA No legitimate threats whatsoever in this league. No challenge, no pretenders to the throne.
Jax peeps - looking for a good dentist :) I would greatly appreciate any recommendations and info - good or bad. Thanks!!
We just received our thank you gifts from Jason Witten!!! 🏈🏆❤🙊
For my birthday.along with Jason Witten...
I think Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten are the best TEs in the game do you agree?
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