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Jason Whitlock

Jason Lee Whitlock (born April 27, 1967, in Indianapolis, Indiana) is an African-American sportswriter for, as well as a former columnist at the Kansas City Star, AOL Sports writer, contributor to ESPN, and radio personality for WHB and KCSP sports stations in the Kansas City area.

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Jason Whitlock was caping for that suspected white supremacist Kristine Leahy like a plantation mammy
Lavar Ball going in on Kristine Leahy and that fat *** Jason Whitlock might make me cop some Big Baller Brand apparel
Sage Steele and Jason Whitlock gonna team up on Fox Sports for PTC.Pardon the Coonery
Bo is a good guy but Jason Whitlock is a virulent racist against asians. Bo never said a word. No credibility.
and pointing out Bo's hypocrisy re Jason Whitlock.
you should ask Jason Whitlock to apologize for his Asian slurs. He never did and still on the air with no consequences.
Jason Whitlock & Chris Palmer are the 2 biggest ignoramus' in sports journalism, haven't ever heard either make a valid…
Jason Whitlock makes Skip Bayless look like the 2nd coming of Walter Cronkite.
"Hip-hop is the lobgy of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hhp-hop is theglobby of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is;ihe lobby of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
He busy with his Ray Lewis, Kayne West, Jim Brown and Jason Whitlock.
Remember when Jason Whitlock thought Brady Hoke was a great coach? Lol.
That time Jason Whitlock tried to explain pass protection to a Pro Bowl offensive lineman.
Jason Whitlock explaining protections to all-pro center Damien Woody is amazing. Peak sports taking here
No weapon or shirt sold in Rainbow formed against us prospered. Not even Stephen A Smith, Jason Whitlock, or kitten heel wearers took us.
It's sad and weird that Jason Whitlock is basically Klonopin Alex Jones, But Sports. But the screengrabs he gives u…
Really Clay, Jason Whitlock? Even Rodney Harrison thinks Whitlock isn't black.Why not get someone from BLACK SPORTS ONLINE?
I don't know which talk show I'm happier about not watching: Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, or Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock.
Don't forget Stephen A Smith, Rodney Harrison and Jason Whitlock. Cooning to the fullest.
people I'd rather see host this: Mark Fuhrman, Jason Whitlock, Bill O'reilly.
It *** that awesome people like Katie Nolan work at the same place that employs people like Jason Whitlock and Clay Trav…
Sports (writers/reporters) who could retire & not be missed: . Rick Reilly. Stephen A Smith. Jason Whitlock,. Collin Cowehe…
I truly didn't think it was possible, but having a show with Cowherd and Whitlock has made Jason McIntyre even more insufferable.
Can't wait for to kill it this season so haters like Jason Whitlock could eat crow.
hosts ask: Worst fight in history of sports?
There is no way I will willingly watch that Jason Whitlock/Colin Cowherd show.
. wait - are you suggesting that be the resident Jason Whitlock?
Serious question. Who wants to hear AND see Jason Whitlock?
i dunno if he'd say that cuz the first question Jason Whitlock would ask upon meeting anyone is "are you gonna finish that?"
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison indusmrial c mplex." - Jason Whitlock
About Athletes Dating White Women . "Probably the issue". Good, because that's also the number one issue among...
Speak for Yourself is worse than Jason Whitlock's choice to wear a fedora.
Someday, somehow, I will meet Jason Whitlock, and he will say, “have you seen my show?” and I will say, “All Takes Matter? No."
Why in the world would you watch something with so much Jason Whitlock in it? He's a horrible sports guy, IMO
The results are in! FS1's new show, Speak for Yourself, is a ratings nightmare! Everything Skip-hating Jason Whitlock touches turns to crap!
Ep. 60: remembers the late Ryan Jimmo, joins
I’d like to invite you on the pod as I’m a big fan of the MTS pod. We recently had Jason Whitlock on and
I think Jason Whitlock bought the whole *** inventory.
never heard of it. The only Pulitzer I get excited about is the one that Jason Whitlock wins every year.
'Speak for Yourself' hosts ask: Worst fight in history of…
I genuinely appreciate people like Bomani Jones, Jason Whitlock and others who talk about US Soccer and the issues BUT...
that's fair. I am intrigued by the Whitlock/Cowherd combo. Colin has a practical perspective which balances Jason's exuberance
Joe Girardi loves Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock's new sports talk show.
Skip Bayless, Jason Whitlock, Colin Cowherd, Danny Kannell and Shaun King within the first few minutes
JD taking a page out of Jason Whitlock's book today
3 worst black people still living O.J, raven symone, Jason Whitlock, Steven A Smith, Stacy trash. Honorable mention my mans
I can't help but LOL at Fox Sports making Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock the faces of the network. Oh... and Skip Bayless coming soon. smh
FYI Colin, when you bring in skinny Nick Wright & fat Jason Whitlock, people tune out. Nobody cares what they say!
Jason Whitlock dishes on his real feelings about 'The Undefeated' in SN interview - Sporting News
"Speak for Yourself" with Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock launching June 13 at 6p ET:
UFC is now stuck on a sports network building around Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, and Skip Bayless. Really in tune with…
Pick 1… ESPN personality you will miss the most. Keith Olbermann, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Mike Tirico, Bill Simmons or Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock called Kobe's career an "imitation of Michael Jordan" . The called the kid a sheep bro. Whitlock don't GAF about his farewell
Shaun is the blackest white man you'll ever find, trying so hard but Jason Whitlock, BLM laugh at em
Jason Whitlock is to Bill Cosby as Shaun King is to Hannibal Burress
I listen to Jason Whitlock on monday in for Colin Cowherd, He said Shaun King LIED his way into his job about almost everything
if Jason Whitlock used race against you. White or black. Even if he got it right. And he didn't. He should be fired today!!!
Would love to hear Bo discuss Jason Whitlock's article on Sean King and BLM today on the show
Shaun King vs Jason Whitlock is like Freddy vs Jason, only none of us actually wanna watch this movie.
Jason Whitlock is writing on TUMBLR. If that ain't Grandpa Simpson yelling at the air. Ignore him. Pretend he died along with his career.
I'm listening to Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports going on the other side of this Peyton thing on Dan Patrick show. Interesting
Jason Whitlock is on Fox Sports radio talking about Larry Bird as a trailblazer of the struggle? Likened 2 Tony Dungy as a black NFL coach!
I'm so disappointed Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock are failing on a network nobody watches
I do not always agree with Jason Whitlock, but his criticisms of Mike Tomlin on the show were spot on.
Jason Whitlock states the NFL should force Mike Tomlin to "take off the sweatshirt and put on professional clothes to change his mindset"
Jason Whitlock claims Tomlin not criticized because he's black, most coddled coach in NFL -
Jason Whitlock says a lot here, especially the fact that Mike Tomlin is clueless. Talented yes, but also clueless.
Jason Whitlock might be the most annoying man on television since Craig Ferguson.
I don't know what Jason Whitlock be talking about sometimes 😂
A sitcom about a daily newspaper featuring Murray Chass and Jason Whitlock.
Cosby finally charged! Curious how Jemelle Hill, Bomani Jones, Jason Whitlock feel. Been defending that rapist whole time!
quit now you were OWNED by Jason Whitlock on your own show about Tiger Woods. You know less about golf than College football.
Jason Whitlock is right. Daryl Morey should be fired.
Jason Whitlock, Jemele Hill, and Herm Edwards had better thank their lucky stars that there's no real Drop Squad. They need to be dropped.
The other day on Colin Cowherd's show, Jason Whitlock said Tomlin is a coaching dunce. Couldn't agree more with his objectivity.
The Wire is excellent but David Simon and Jason Whitlock are combining forces to make me hate it by association.
Jason Whitlock comes off the top rope on Mizzou protestors, "Lies stacked on top of lies". https…
I'm actually not sure who is the master GOAT (greatest of all troller) Darren Rovell or Jason Whitlock? Poll?
"Hip-hop is t e lobby of rhe prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
.agrees with on the Louisville sex scandal. In related news, *** has frozen over.
"Hip-hop is the llbby of the primon industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is ;he lobby of the prison industrial complnx." - Jason Whitlock
A conversation with the man who wrecked Jason Whitlock.
"Hip-hop is the jobby of the prison irdustrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby ox the prison industvial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"fip-hop is the lobby of the pri.on industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Lots of white people out there that are fans of Charles Barkley & Jason Whitlock for their respectability politics
Well written, Whitlock. I would ask what makes this different than your Philly story:
"Hip-hop is the lobby ox.tze prisin industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock is hmm, the fact that this is only 140 characters has become problematic
"Hip-hop is the lobby of tae irison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hie-hop is the lobby of tje prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock is hired to run The U's search committee. After 3 years of promising to start searching, he's fired and replaced by Al Golden
PostBourgie Podcast "This is the last thing I'll ever say about Jason Whitlock." ~ .
Jason Whitlock is going to love dating you, Aunt Ruckus.
Well looks like Jason Whitlock was right.
Jason Whitlock looks like a genius right now
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the priso: in.ustrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Good to hear & the Barbershop on ~ Even disc. the Jason Whitlock situation) (that I learned abt. on
I'm starting to think that Jason Whitlock is the Jeff Wells of black people.
Jason Whitlock would give up his entire sports writing career if it meant he could've written one episode of The Wire
Jason "Dr. Bledsoe" Whitlock at it again. Race whisperer extraordinaire.
Deray's now got Jason Whitlock going after him, albeit indirectly. Whitlock wants none of that Summer Jam screen...
Has any young writer ever destroyed one of his pompous elders as completely as Greg Howard has owned Jason Whitlock? h…
Jason Whitlock is a professional troll
"Jonathan Chait writes some very good stuff related to race." -- Jason Whitlock. I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP
Joe Posnanski and Jason Whitlock are two of my favorite Sports Writers.made the KC Star a powerhouse
I wonder how Jason Whitlock would counter this. Guy thinks he's the best there is/was/ever will be.
I want to be famous, but I don't want to be Jason Whitlock famous... it seems lonely and tiring.
Mark May is such an ignorant irritating provocateur. Regards, Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock wrote this about me, I'd buy a first class ticket to his front door for the fade.
Jason Whitlock stops being awful if you read his pieces as satire. This section made me laugh heartily.
NO BIG DEAL HUH JASON? Whitlock doesn't see the big deal with the Louisville sex scandal ... via
Anthony MacKie is obviously the Buddy Love to Jason Whitlock’s Sherman Klump
Honestly, can we just banish Jason Whitlock to the Phantom Zone?
Arguably the stupidest words ever written from Jason Whitlock. and that's saying a lot.
Jason Whitlock is a fat troll.. Ironic that she covers sports. Nice titties..
We the Black Delegation would like to trade Anthony MacKie, Raven-Symone, and Jason Whitlock in a package deal to the Blazing Sun.
I'd send Jason Whitlock back in time to kill Hitler. Win-win imo.
Seriously hope my Tom-bone never reaches Jason Whitlock levels.
Jason Whitlock toots his own horn while blasting Bomani Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates--
Jason Whitlock compared Kap not addressing his flaws to Mike Brown being the cause of his own death.
What on earth was Jason Whitlock talking about in his ESPN-bashing ‘Explanation 2.0?’ | For The Win
Jason "Snack Cakes" Whitlock has always been a tone-deaf, opportunistic Uncle Ruckus and it's all I expect him to ever …
No disrespect to Jesse Owens, but a lot of Jason Whitlock's writings remind me of Jesse Owens in the late 60s. . He was wrong
The fact that Crystal Wright and Jason Whitlock haven't been set up by their friends is proof that neither of them have friends
Jason Whitlock is to sports journalism what Meek Mill is to rap
Can we arrange for David Simon to "McCluhan" Jason Whitlock? Hope to cast Howard Bryant in the Woody Allen role.
I would donate some good money to charity to find out what David Simon actually thinks of Jason Whitlock.
Lastly, if Jason Whitlock & Jason Riley & John McWhorter & the US GOP take Farrakhan as their partner in whatabout-ism, they can all bite me
Jason Whitlock said ESPN promotes black on black sports media altercations, and Fisher/Barnes on here... Hm
Despite this, (Jason Whitlock thinks Derek Fisher's at fault here.
Can you imagine what Jason Whitlock would have commissioned for The Undefeated about the Matt Barnes/Derek Fisher story?
ESPN fired Jason Whitlock. Next, they need to fire Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith, and Chris Berman.
Jason Whitlock is shadowboxing in front of his guest room closet's mirror while blasting a YouTube supercut of Stringer Bell's best lines
Ran into the awesome Jason Whitlock from @ The Mayflower Hotel
...or Cris Carter, or Skip Bayless, or Stephen A Smith, or Jason Whitlock, or Keith... no wait, no apologies for him anymore.
Jason Whitlock set to leave ESPN for Fox Sports, report says:
Thanks for showing off those nice pecks Jason Green and Jareth!!
Jason Whitlock isn't too familiar with this whole World Cup thing
Remember that time Jason Whitlock called Serena Williams an overweight underachiever?
"Hjp-hop is the lobby of the prison indusarial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Jaelynn rode the bus for the first time!! Yay, she is such a big girl now! Jason Green
"Hip-hop is the lobby of .he prison in.ustrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison incustrial complqx." - Jason Whitlock
Whitlock offered to triple Coates’s salary, but Coates turned him down. He had no interest in working for Whitlock.
wait, what about PTI? I haven't watched or listened to that in years. Jason Whitlock is there now?
I'm just mad I had to give up since they decided that's a good place to stash Jason Whitlock
"Hipphop is the lobbw of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison indu:trial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Hoping reminds Jason Whitlock that he could miss a meal or two. Wouldn't hurt.
There should be more jason whitlock shaming.
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison insustria complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop io the looby bf the prison industrxal complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is theblobby of the pruson industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobly of the prison industria. complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison industriul complexs" - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop iskthe lobby of the pris,n industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
hey man can u teach Jason Whitlock to pronounce "mature" ?
"Hip-hop is ghe lobby of the prison industrial complex."y- Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is th. lobby of the drison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
I see a editor position opening at The Undefeated. I'll be honest, tho...not sure I'd wanna work with anyone but Jason Whitlock.
"Hip-hop is the lobby rf the prison industrial compllx." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lohby of the prison industrial complex " - Jason Whitlock
Hush, they might try to give us Jason Whitlock.
"Hip-hop ishthe lobby of the prison industrial complex." w Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison industqial jomplex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prisonsin ustrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop isvthe lobby of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is thedlobby of the prison industrial compltx." - Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock is the Uncle Ruckus of sports media for black athletes
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison indusqrial co,plex." - Jason Whitlock
- Is this the same Jason Whitlock who insisted Ball State's Nate Davis was an NFL QB?
"Hip-hop is thevlobby of the prison industroal complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prismn indusyrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
you couldn't overreact and over analyze worse than Jason Whitlock right now. Wow
".ip-hop is the lobby of the prbson industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hipxhop is the lobby of the prison industrial cofplex." - Jason Whitlock
Listening to Jason Whitlock on hurts my brain. Makes a point, provides reasoning that supports the opposite, then laughs. Dreadful.
"Hip-hop is the labby of the pr.son industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prieon industriap complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobdy of the prison indusnrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
By the size of that suit. Melo must have borrowed it from Jason Whitlock ???
"Hip-hop is the lybby of the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Daniels was the Jason Whitlock of the 2012 Presidential Campaign.
"Hip-hop is the lobby of th.cprison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"yip-hop is the lobby of the prison inbustrial comp.ey." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison complex." - Jason Whitlock
could you please have Jason Whitlock stop using as many derivatives of the word "mature" every *** time he's on the show.
"Hcp-hop is the lobbyiof the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
Lord I find Jason Whitlock to be such a bore
I guess your boy Grimace AKA Jason Whitlock done said something else stupid about black folks!
he's a 75 lb lighter version of jason Whitlock both of them are sedentary fatties
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison mnduswrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
"Hip-hop is the lobby of rhe prison industrial coxplex." - Jason Whitlock
Hamilton Collection
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison compl|x." - Jason Whitlock
2) The nerve of Jason Whitlock body-shaming ANYONE is more than my mind can bear.
DP is to deflategate as Jason Whitlock is to racism.. he tries to make a connection to every topic when there's not one
Asked if he has any faith in RG3 becoming the player he was in his rookie season, Jason Whitlock said no.
"Hip-hop is thewlobby of the prison dndustrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
I get so disappointed every time I turn on and Jason Whitlock is in for Michael Wilbon.
C. have Jason Whitlock and Bob Ryan play quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
Ryan to Whitlock: 'You're not a believer in Chip Kelly?': . Jason Whitlock and Bob Ryan discuss the moves Chip ...
Would you rather:. A. have the Bills current QB situation . or . B. have to watch Jason Whitlock & Bob Ryan fill in on PTI every day?
Bob Ryan and Jason Whitlock laughing about individual going to rehab. Not a good look.
Woody didn't win, at least PTI is on next. [sees Jason Whitlock and Bob Ryan] . never mind then
love the show with Jason Whitlock. Too much makeup on Bob Ryan. Made him look like jimmy carter former president. Whitlock needs a show
Bob Ryan and Jason Whitlock guest hosting PTI today is about as wide a gulf in respectability and credibility in the history of television
I like Dan Le Batard but I cant stomach listening to Jason Whitlock
his opinions are horrendous at times yes, but Rob Parker and Jason Whitlock have something to say about being the worst blogger 😂
This *** Waymo cut from the same cloth as Jason Whitlock. Uncle Tom *** ***
👏👏 i never liked him and im happy that racist is off the air. Now if they cud get rid of Jason Whitlock & Marc Stein
Jason Whitlock doesn't strike me as being a very smart human being living in the year 2015.
Jason Whitlock just said Ray Lewis and the Ravens D played hardee against Brady cause he's white... Okay man. Okay.
I'm a daily watcher of PTI for Tony and Mike -- I even like Dan LeBatard and Bob Ryan -- just please no Jason Whitlock.
When I'm looking for refined opinions on women's soccer, I look to Mike Wilbon and Jason Whitlock first and foremost
Why Was the New York Times the Bearer of Bad News on Bill Simmons and Jason Whitlock?
"Hip-hop is th lobby op the prison industrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
ESPN has removed Jason Whitlock as head of his own site:
As news breaks that Jason Whitlock is out at ESPN's Undefeated, recall this great piece on his short reign:
Two reasons you quit frequenting FoxSports. Who are Alex Marvez and Jason Whitlock?
One bright side: Jason Whitlock has not commented on Baltimore. That I know of. That's a plus. A silver lining in a Dark …
It looks like Mike Lupica and Jason Whitlock should be BFFs, not adversaries.
This brutal and deeply reported piece by on Jason Whitlock makes Bill Simmons look like pooh bear:
Jason Whitlock from says young people should be heard from less and do more work.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Best 1-liner of Jason Whitlock: young people need to do less talking and more working. That's what I did.
Jason Whitlock thinks young people should be heard a little less, and do a little more.
ESPN had thought about creating a site about race for a while but a meeting in 2013 between Jason Whitlock and John Skipper, the president
I've read a lot of Jason Whitlock's columns and his recent one on Ferguson & Garner is the best I've seen.
"Hip-hop is the lobby of the prison anduytrial complex." - Jason Whitlock
VERY good, thought provoking essay. Jason Whitlock: Why black folks can't breathe
Sensitivity training for police won't change the laws that have suffocated black society since Jim Crow laws were repealed, Jason Whitlock writes.
SBI is why black and brown folks feel they can't breathe. - Jason Whitlock
what happened to when you could tell a company how you want a package shipped. I called old navy to tell them to not send my packages USPS since they decided to throw my package 20 feet a few weeks ago, they told me the only way I could do that is pay shipping of 60 bucks with a signature that way fedex or usp could deliver only, heck no not when I am spending 60-175 each time I order I will just not order online or shop in the store anymore. I know Jason Whitlock will be happy about all the money being saved from that.
I usually hate Jason Whitlock and I consider him one of my best friends in the world
how come everybody that compliments u has to start it out with, "I usually hate Jason Whitlock, BUT..." Lol...
Please go and read Jason Whitlock's "Why Black Folks can't breath" it's on great read!
Read Jason Whitlock’s article on segregation by incarceration this morning. PE’s “911 is a joke” played in the way to work.
actively pedal respectability politics. And that's my big fear about Jason Whitlock and Black Grantland. 2/n
Great and profound article to read by Jason Whitlock: Why black folks can't breathe
Little Giant Ladders
Everyone should read this from Jason Whitloc:
Jason Whitlock article: "There is no widespread epidemic of cops shooting and/or killing unarmed black men."
I just ate some Chipotle so I'm in a pretty great mood. Will reading this Jason Whitlock article ruin my mood?
What is "a column Jason Whitlock would write" Greg.
I legit can NOT read anything that comes from Jason Whitlock. I'd rather get punched in the face by
Twitpic your reaction when you realize you agreed with something Jason Whitlock says.
I just read an article by Jason Whitlock that referenced Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow. Maybe there is hope for the world.
"Our republic fails without an informed public. We are not informed. We are entertained."-Jason Whitlock
Jason Whitlock said something, let me activate the powers of Mute, cuz not today
Where has this Jason Whitlock been hiding?
That's why I can't stand Jason Whitlock smh
there are too many great sports/race/culture writers out there to ever be curious about what Jason Whitlock writes
Did Jason Whitlock just say his cousin being killed by cops makes him qualified to tell us we're overreacting?
Shouts to Jason Whitlock for blaming blacks being killed by cops due to hashtags and being ourselves
Really not trying to hear what Jason Whitlock has to say on the matter.   10% Off
Read Jason whitlock's "why black people can't breathe." Good history, great analysis, best challeng.
Why black folks can't breathe By Jason Whitlock
"Has one Wall Street thug lost his life at the hands of overzealous law enforcement?" - Jason Whitlock,
Why black folks can't breathe Outstanding opinion piece by Jason Whitlock
Why black folks can't breathe excellent commentary from Jason Whitlock
great article Jason. Everyone should read. Dead on accurate.
Jason Whitlock: Why black folks can't breathe
Whitlock: Why black folks can't breathe I respect the intellect of Jason Whitlock..makes me think about truth
Please read this nuanced and passionate article from Jason Whitlock. Agree or disagree; he makes a true contribution.
Fascinating column by Jason Whitlock: Why black folks can't breathe
Why Black Folks Can't Breath is an absolutely brilliant piece of writing by Jason Whitlock in today's
Today in the waiting room at my audition I read Jason Whitlock's piece "Why Black Folks Can't…
"Our republic fails without an informed public. We're not informed. We're entertained." ~ Jason Whitlock
That Jason Whitlock article is really good, gotta read all the way through to get the whole point.
Ironic that Jason Whitlock said that Charles Barkley is no more informed than most other people on cable...well...Whitlock isn't either.
And no disrespect to Jason Whitlock nor Mike Wise, but I thought this was a website for young, black sports...
Please spread this story Mr. Takei, a piece of true journalism on race and justice, by Jason Whitlock.
Jason Whitlock has always been coontastic, though.
ESPN columnist Jason Whitlock said he was creating "Black Grantland" to give young and black journalists a...
It's always disappointing when Jason Whitlock gets to play historian
"qip-hop is the lobby of the prison industrial complrx." - Jason Whitlock
I just looked for it on YouTube. There was one that popped up with him and Jason Whitlock.
no one cares about your opinion on CFP ! If I want a sportswriter' s opinion I'll read Jason Whitlock . Your too arrogant !
Griffin's speed might slow his progress _
This week on In Search of a Song: Bobby Whitlock (Part 4)
Absolutely . Bomani Jones and Jason Whitlock are dumb racist turds. ESPN has no standards, they hired murderer Ray Lewis .
On the Friday, September 26, 2014 Pardon the Interruption, Jason Whitlock (subbing for Wilbon) said Jameis Winston reminded him of Gomer Pyle.
Couldn't tell of that was Piers Morgan or Jason Whitlock's opinion about the n-word. Bet Whitlock about to blame Jaz-Z for this too
Jason Whitlock just asked if sports fans wanted to hear from Jim Rome, and I just have the urge to say both of them should go mute.
can you imagine if rob Parker/Jason Whitlock were reporters for the Can only imagine all the sparks flying everywhere.
Jason Whitlock can go suck Magic's Johnson. Hope Ebola writes a think-piece up and down his immune system.
First of all Crispy! Jason Whitlock, Michael Smith and Jamelle Hill from Numbers Never Lie Deneen Borelli from Fox News
Yesterday on Jason Whitlock likened Jameis Winston to Gomer Pyle..with the imitation..was pretty
Great article and well said “My column on Ray Rice and Roger Goodell
Jason Whitlock and many more calling for Roger Goodell to step down as NFL commish after the Ray Rice fiasco.
“My column on Ray Rice and Roger Goodell Great column
"It's about addressing the culture that allowed and/or orchestrated Rice sitting next to Janay as she apologized"
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