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Jason White

Jason White (born June 19, 1980) is a former American college football quarterback who played for the University of Oklahoma, was recognized as a unanimous All-American, and won the Heisman Trophy in 2003. White is currently a business owner in Oklahoma.

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u really get she pregnant boi??? Weyyy ah white bird trap u yes. I happy for u tho.
This is the last week. Please vote for Jason White every day from home computer and smartphone and ipad if it will let you. He is not in the top three yet but they are going to add one Wild Card to the final four. This could be great for him. At this time the entrants are encouraged to share this link with fans, friends and family and ask them to vote for their video. The three videos who receive the most votes as well as one “wild card” video chosen by the Dark Horse staff will move as finalists in the last round of voting. Voting ends on March 16 at 6:00 p.m. CT. Here are the details of the winnings: Part 3: Final Four Voting When the four finalists are determined, their videos will begin a clean slate round of public voting. Final Four voting concludes on March 31 at 6:00 p.m. CT. The winner will then be announced on April 1. The Prize is valued at over $15,000 and will include: Five days of recording time (with engineer) at Dark Horse Recording Five nights of accommodations at Dark Horse Recor ...
Hey ya'll! I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Logan (I've been known to go by Remmy as well), and I'll be slappin da bass from now on! Like Meredith, I'm a metalhead at heart \m/ I'm heavily influenced by bassists such as Ryan Martinie, Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, Jason White, and the like. I've always believed that the bass is an underrated instrument, and I aim to show all of you beautiful people that. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you, so come on out and show your support May 9th! \m/ Remmy \m/
I think I'll use my white male potential rapist privilege today and get elected king of Venus.
President Obama has been briefed on the building collapse situation in East Harlem, NY, White House official says -
- JUST HEARD - "Print was the first on demand medium." - Jason Wagenheim
Jason White's public profile on Spotify via
I need an exercise buddy here in Lowell. Someone who is interested in an ACTIVE spring and summer and who wants to be in better shape. Someone who wants to help motivate me and be motivated by me. I know I need help getting going and staying that way. Anyone up for the shared challenge? I should say I am not a natural runner so real runners probably not the best fit! And no Jason White you are NOT the guy!
Pete Hoekstra: Hacking by CIA Is Another Abuse by the White House via
White House plans to expand number of workers eligible for overtime
Don't make us angry, Jason. We burned the White House last time.
Jason Jones is Author of Voyages of the White Skull & Rebellion of the Leaves!
Florida Georgia line and Jason aldean concert tomorrow
Jason Denny shares insights into tracking clicks on # anchors
Working at my desk and listening to Jason White, Stanton Lewis, and about to listen to Snarky Puppy.Good stuff.Wednesday night service and new Site Intro.yep yep...blessed and happy for another day!
I've been to Cotswold Animal Clinic - Dr. Jason White 1 times!
Pam Patel and Jason White perform tonight at Conrad Grebel everything from Bob Dylan to Nietzsche.
Getting pretty excited to see Jason Aldean, FGL, and Tyler Farr Thursday night!!
I find it nuts when I get a passenger whose white/Asian..talking to me in the toughest patios...I'm like rah..I get confused for a bit.
Silent Muggers! Find out what's black, white, mean, and mute in today's Opening Line
Loved Jason in White as an Angel in the ad. Cricket Australia called want to know if your available as a sight screen
THE most HYPER-REAL dream last night.About my car, a white Mondeo! being stolen from a conference centre in Luton.So real, so exotic!
There was black Jason and white Jason and they both thought they were so bomb! Smh.
White ppl smoke E-cigs & decide they gonna be a drug dealer when they grow up
Jason chopped off Stefan Salvatore's head and said, "If I can't have Stefan, no one can"
// LMFAOO I can't ever since last night. The stuff Jason said were just hilarious lol
yeah it's a bit weird that certain unpressed buttons are white and some are grey. Spacebar is white, backspace is grey?
Its Jason white and me first time here (@ In-N-Out Burger w/ 9 others)
I'm making myself laugh when I said that Jason should be at the bottom.
thank you. Im thinking Bea Arthur is a wee bit sensitive on any issue that may even hint at race. Hes like a white Jason Whitlock
Order Miche Bag Online!
Jason White and or Tiffany Lewis tell butt happy birthday for me.and happy birthday Robert Lewis.
On a date with the love of my life.Jason White. Xoxoxoxoxo
Alright guys got some show announcements: March 15th Stonewalls Washington, Ga April 4th TBA Statesboro, GA April 8th Rock Fore! Dough Augusta, Ga April 9th Caddy Shack Lounge Augusta, Ga April 18th Sunset Auction House Thomson, Ga April 19th TBA Augusta, Ga April 25th W/Jason White Thomson, Ga April 26th Private Event May 24th Private Event May 30th Zac Brown's SGSC Senioa, Georgia I'll be adding a ton of shows over the next month, so keep coming back and I'll update this list. Sound off where do you want to see me play at. Once the new album drops we want to come to YOU! Let us know, we'll make it happen! Take Care & God Bless Daniel
We will also be doing PRIVATE SIGNINGS in DALLAS at the GTSM show with: Deion *Primetime* Sanders Len Dawson Michael Young Bob Lilly Derrick Johnson Eric Dickerson Craig James Lance McIilhenny Pete Incaviglia Emmitt Smith Tony Dorsett Daryl *Moose* Johnston DeMarco Murray Steve Owens Billy Sims Jason White The Pony Express from SMU and The OU Sooners Heisman guys in attendance. Call the shop for pricing on the other guys in Dallas and we will be glad to obtain there autographs in your behalf.
As the former Executive Director of Tulsa Sports Charities, I’m still helping with our celebrity golf tournament, “FORE The House,” which will be played on May 19th at Cedar Ridge Country Club. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the net proceeds from this event will help Ronald McDonald House provide safe, affordable housing for families of seriously ill children who are being treated in Tulsa hospitals. This celebrity golf tournament will have numerous former Heisman Trophy Winners and former All-American’s play in this event. Each team of four players will be joined by a celebrity for this scramble event. It is an opportunity to meet, greet and converse with some of the biggest names in the history of college football. Already committed for the 2014 event are Steve Owens (69 Oklahoma), Billy Sims (’78 Oklahoma), Jason White (’03 Oklahoma), Johnny Rodgers (’72 Nebraska), Mike Rozier (’83 Nebraska), Eric Crouch (’01 Nebraksa), Mike Garrett (’65 USC), George Rogers (‘80 South Carolina) and Ste .. ...
First caution is out for Harrison Rhodes blowing an engine near the tail-end of the field and spinning through the tri-oval, Jason White also spins to avoid potential accident. Harrison takes his to the garage, Jason White has no damage. Matt Kenseth makes hard contact on pit road with Chad Boat during caution
"Being a winner" is an essential feature of other great NFL transitions, like Matt Leinart, Jason White, and Todd Blackledge, to name a few.
Racing driver Jason White was participating in Targa Wrest Rally in Australia when his Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo suddenly caught fire. The £300,000 car of which only 150 are made overheated with huge flames ignited from the back of the car. Sadly the the car was damaged beyond repair but luc
Jason White, Kellum Sowers, Kristopher Cowlumbus, Kenneth Skip Pletzer, Mikhael Keyser and the rest of the Moo Crew. Any vague, foggy or generally crazy thoughts on when each of you are heading to the dirty, dusty yet totally awesome pasture known as Sebring International Raceway? I'm just trying to coordinate my flight in to FL.
and Timmy Chang, and Colt Brennan, and Colt McCoy, and Jason White, and Kliff Kingsbury, and Brady Quinn, and Jimmy Clausen an
Today is the ninth anniversary of the greatest BCS National Championship game EVER - the 2005 Orange Bowl game. USC 55 - Choke-lahoma 19. Can you say domination? Matt Leinart to Dominique Byrd. TOUCHDOWN! Matt Leinart to Steve Smith. TOUCHDOWN! Matt Leinart to Dwyane Jarrett. TOUCHDOWN. Jason White, sacked and picked off. Eric Wright picking off White. Lendale White steamrolling through the Sooner defense. TOUCHDOWN. It happened. I saw it. WE WON IT. FIGHT ON!
It's "only a game" if you lose. So much more fun to win. With the soft touch of the Jason White long-ball, the quickness of Huepel, and the Jesusness of Landry Jones, Knight has given the Sooners something to really look forward to.
One more Sugar Bowl Post? Why Not. Trevor Knight, as a true Freshman quarterback starting only his fifth game against what has been the best team in the country for the past five years, goes 32/44, 348 yards passing with 1 INT (which only came off a tip), and 4 TDs. This is better than Jason White, Landry Jones, and Sam Bradford ever performed in their bowl careers. I'm a little impressed.
sorry we only support Robinson white girls at the moment
I was so hurt after Jason and Kelly split up and now she went all crazy white *** now 😢💔
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
“How white girls dance to Mexican music
I would prefer my contact name to switch to "The White Denzel"
Matty is the white Denzel I swear, he made himself look so sad when we were talking about that, I never had a clue
Oh Jameis was head-and-shoulder No. 1. No doubt on that one, but I gave up on Heisman years ago when Jason White won.
The first line of "marry me" by Jason Derulo is on point. Not to get creepy white girl or anything
exactly look at guys like Eric Crouch and Jason White below to average players on really good teams they shouldn't have heismans
Anyway, joke of a list. Tim Tebow, who won a playoff game, named worst burst. Jason White was not ranked AT ALL!
uhm, Troy Smith? Oh, and Jason White should be clear cut number one. Never made it in NFL.
THANK YOU Jason for view regarding rev. Jessie. I'm a white man and I would be painted as Phil Robertson if I said it
White tee's Nike Cortez this red corvettes anonymous
jason riley is right money is the only thing worshipped by the Left and Right and Black and White
we have so much to look forward too. White trash bash, NYE, colt ford, FGL & Jason Aldean & Tyler Farr and spring break in PCB 😳☺️
At one point in time a white dude by the name of Jason "white chocolate" Williams had the best handles in the NBA
Dana White's appearance on Fox Sports Live has finished. I'm sure Fox will post the interview online. Dana just promoted UFC 168
Dana White confirms that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate were put in rooms next to each other in hotel. It was an error and Tate has been moved
Dana White is on Fox Sports Live right now
It's stupid no mater who does it to who. However it looks really one sided when none of the black on white perps are hate crime charged!
UFC President Dana White will be on Fox Sports Live, which begins in 10 minutes. Stay tuned for updates
I'm watching the OU vs Bama game from 2003 on Crimson Classics. I just caught myself yelling at Jason White. Til I Die
Jason's *** is so sweet! 😍😍 get you a white guy, they nothing like these ***
me and Ethan, I piled everywhere and Ethan didn't and I had white milk and almost finished it Ethan had chocolate milk
"White girls in traffic be like Hanah and jason say I do this... No... Lmfao
Jason Sehorn. He was the last white cornerback to play in the NFL, way back in 2003.
Jason and I's first kiss was to White Walls (:
“My dude loves timber... the whitest song he could find... 😒” white girl Jason
easy to forget how agile Jason White was before his injuries. Great Sooner.
So when a white person does it, its a hate crime? *** America.
I have just finished Richard White's Railroaded and recommend it strongly to both of you
Very Merry Christmas with Jason White, Steve Owens, and Billy Sims autographs
I went from white Christmases in NJ to beige Christmases in CA.. retrospect mode.. Warm weather &…
Weird that the campiest Jason movie (and the one from the director of Bride With White Hair) would be the most homophobic.
Join Bob Bowser and Jason White as your Mt. Carmel Lady Aces takes on the South Central Lady Rebels. Tune into 94.9 WYNG FM or to join in on the action
I swear I hate westland and all of the white wanna be thugs.
How come Jason's mask is never painted white? In parts 3 and 4 that mask was really bright white. Just asking ;)
Acer names Jason Chen as its white knight
"You're the only white guy at this concert...WE MIGHT KILL YOU JASON"
White girls take nudes like they still got clothes on 😂
Even Jason Vorhees likes it!! “I really liked White House Down. There, I said it. Let's move on.”
Dana White stated in his media scrum that he believes the gate for Saturday night is at $6.3 million right now
Watching the Dana White scrum from today. Says he is hopeful to make some announcements about 2014 on Saturday
I came over to surprise Jason White and he's not even here... *** ?! lol
Dana White will be on tonight...Don't want to miss it.
I've got the hairy ears and feet for it
Jason David Frank, aka Green/White Ranger, will be at Denver Comic-Con this year, lol.
Dana White asked if Barnett/Browne winner will meet Fabricio Werdum: "That is what we are planning"
White girls will do anything to be tan
Dana White: Vitor Belfort is next in line
we put Just Bieber pictures all over the white board. When Jason rips the paper off he's gonna wish he didn't.
At the press conference is Dana White, Chris Weidman, Anderson Silva, Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Josh Barnett, and Travis Browne
Finished inking my Lego Walter White for 'Bricking Bad'. "I am the one who blocks!"
Local family works to help those with epilepsy - WILLIAMSTOWN - Carna and Jason White have learned to recognize...
From all of us here at The Jason White Team, as well as Century 21 Four Seasons Realty here in Gatlinburg, we want to wish all of you a very...
Happy Birthday Jason White you are such a special man in my life. Thank you for being understanding, that friend, a great father, a provider, and most of all an amazing husband! God Bless You Always and continue to believe on Proverbs 3:5-6 Eu Te Amo, your wifey! Dre
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! A special thanks to Jason White for making this year extra special for me.. You've made me happier in more ways than one!! :D
Am I allowed to get up yet Jason White or are you not even awake?
Thank you to all of those who participated in our Christmas Eve services tonight. I appreciate you going the extra mile. I am blessed to serve at Marcus Pointe with some of the best church leaders in the country as well as some of the best volunteers on the planet. Band, worship and media team.thanks for ministering with EXCELLENCE! Love you all. Looking forward to 2014. It's gonna be EPIC! (Blake Bell, Trevor Rodabaugh & Jason White)
Today I got the chance to speak with Jason White (2003 Heisman Trophy Winner)and Billy Sims (1978 Heisman Trophy Winner) Both Oklahoma Sooners. I told Billy Sims that Charles White should of never won the Heisman Trophy in 1979 and that he should of won it that year too. Wow, what a treat.I remember as a kid watching Oklahoma Sooners and Billy Sims run the wishbone offense...Boomer Sooner! Thanks Matt Bennett for making that happen.
Lovely evening with mum, dad Julie Reynolds and Jason White Chalky curry then midnight mass! That was a first! Hangover free tomorrow! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! X
with the girls and my love is making his famous Lasagna and then Apple pie.. Then sitting down to eat at the table as a family should do and chow down and be goofy Also gonna be going to the Christmas eve service at Hand in Hand Free Methodist Church tonight at 7 pm and then back home and the girls are gonna get in there pj's and open 1 Present for Daddy and I and then bed time for them Everyone have a great Christmas. I know we got lots to do tomorrow Everyone be careful out there it's slippery.. I love you Jason White,Laura,Lindsay and Lily you 4 are my world and I'd do anything for you guys My family is the best and I love them so much and I would never change any of you for the world.. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!! Live Laugh Love
Karl C. Keesler Jason White so reminded me of someone
We had our Christmas with our son Jason White, Dayna Zenner White, Grandsons Frank & Will. Very caring, sharing, and restful evening. What a wonderful way to start Christmas. Thanks guys for such a nice evening.
Thanks to my amazing hubby Jason White for fixing the kitchen sink I messed up.. Also, for plowing/salting the driveway yesterday and for my early Christmas present... I am Loving my new iphone :))) feeling loved
The latest from Jason White (Electronic Music Promoter. We're all about promoting underground and well known artists.
Want to congratulate my good buddy Jason White on getting engaged last night ,,, proud of you buddy and glad to see you are happy again
Happy 2nd anniversary my darling Jason White I'm so grateful every day we found each other, I love you xxx
Because our anniversary is on my birthday, we had a little get together at Jimmy's Egg today for some breakfast with family which is all I wanted for my birthday. Next the action went viral when 3 Heisman Trophy winners, Steve Owens, Billy Sims and Jason White surprised me with good wishes. It just got better when the true Mr. Wonderful, Donnie, Don Mustain shows up as well. What a treat to have a few minutes with these 4 awesome Sooners. Sam Bradford was out of town and couldn't make it. Donnie, Steve and myself are from Miami Ok. Donnie and Steve's families have been friends for decades. Steve was nice enough to write an incredible letter that was read at Donnie's dad's funeral this year. Steve is one of the most giving, kind men I know. It's great to be a SOONER and to have my family.
Waiting in line to get signatures of Billie Sims, Steve Owens, and Jason White at Woodland Hills Mall in Front of Jason White's House Divided. ALMOST THERE!!!
I am so proud of our West Street Apartment Crew. They responded so well when their buddy suddenly got very ill and we needed to get 911 help. This is why you all are such a great team! Thanks to Noelle Bedard, Heather Porter, Christopher Lund, Sara Donnelly, Sarah Wojcik. Good job getting Karen Magnan and meeting the ambulance. Cool heads everyone! And thanks to the Southbridge Fire Department for their quick response and help for our friend Jason White.
and playing Candy Crush Saga... I love you Jason White forever and always and you have my heart.. Everyone have a good night.. Live Laugh Love
Looking for a positive post from Jason White today!
Jason White Dentistry will be closed for the Holidays until Thursday, January 2nd. We will then reopen at 8:00 a.m. and resume our normal business hours. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2014!!!
This would be someone I know Jason White! Great times at the café!
At J Alexander's with my hubby Jason White my baby daddy Shawndel Pleasant and the bday girl aka my baby mama Ainsley Louboutin lmao
Missing my thirsty Thursday buddy, Jason White, for a much needed drink!
I accept your challenge Jason White. No matter how hard your life may seem, there is someone out there who has it worse. Count your blessings daily.
Thirsty Thursday with Jason White playing from 9 til late & $1 Bud Light Drafts! 9.99 NY Strip Steak dinner! So after you exhaust yourself shopping~ stop by & relax with us!
WCEDC Director and Past PDI President Jason White talks about re-educating the Iowa Department of Economic Development on the role of PDI.
Jason White- got you a Christmas present.when you coming by to get
Down at townsquare have some beers with Jason white. Lol. Good times!
Derek Hines, Jason White and Don McDougall are returning this year as our fine singer, pianist and drummer, respectively... and we couldn't have asked for a better team! I told y'all about Rob Gellner below... here's some more info on these guys: You've heard Derek's voice a number of times at the Jazz Room and elsewhere. His delivery and innate musicality, not to mention his smooth voice and friendly manner, make Derek the ideal singer for a show like this! His touching rendition of "Christmastime is Here" will leave you a weeping puddle before he picks you up again with our funked-up "Christmas Song". Jason is flying in on the morning of the show, from NYC where he's studying at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. He's a very multi-faceted performer: this Friday you'll get to hear his mega jazz chops get quite the workout. On drums, Mr. Don McDougall delivers time and again. With legendary versatility, Donnie moves from funk to gospel to swing without missing a beat. Whether he's backing a ...
Kristen Duvall I recieved your story yesterday & Jason White I got your other story as well. Alright ALL authors if you haven't added your friends list yet, let's do that now. Also I want a comment below from all Authors below stating who you are, where you're from, your author page link & what all have you put out.
A main last week at bobby co. With Jason White Chris Crouse and Blazin Barry
A few weeks ago I put the idea out that I would like to play a full live set at The Old No7 in Barnsley in the new year. Thanks to Jason White it is now happening and with support from Barnsley songstress Georgina Gilmartin and my old buddy Scott Doonican joining me for a Last of the Independents set its going to be a *** Friday 31st Jan, put it in yer diaries.
Jason White and I will be coming from work. Maybe I'll get to hang with my cousin, Robert Norment, since he hadn't holla'd at me since he made the MOB. (Yeah, a Nupe a lil' salty about that. LOL)
 I had the opportunity to sit in on a filming with Jason White and his crew from New Ogden Cinema, which centralizes around promoting collaborati...
So Proud!!! My son Jason White has been named Two Rivers Athletic Conference Volleyball All-Conference Team "Coach of the Year"!
I got my new phone tonight thanks to Jason White My awesome brother. For lil sis passing her g.e.d
Hope my hubby Jason White had a great birthday. Love you with all my heart.
Jason White, Eric Crouch and Gino Torretta will be sitting at the same table during the Heisman Trophy Dinner again this year, a source involved with planning the awards ceremony confirmed today. The trio — along with other former low-rate Heisman winners — will occupy a table in the back-right of t...
Jason White does a fantastic job of keeping this classic Holden Monaro in a straight line at all times... Or something like that!! We're used to seeing him i...
The Heisman House is waiting for Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, and Jason White to get jobs so they can move out.
I've becone so "blah" to the Heisman Trophy. Its has become somewhat, a "Miss Congeniality" award. Look back at the winners over the past 10 years. Not one has become an NFL player worth a crap. I have agree with Obermann. In 2003, Jason White won the award. He now has a OU/OSU sports memorabilia store in Oklahoma City. You can get a his autograph on a $20 mini helmet fot $12.75 online. When you recieve it, wash the autograph off and you've increased the value by $7! Reggie Bush and Matt Leinhart from USC are another couple that have been a huge professional let down. We won't even test the waters Rick Williams been soakin in. Nutball!!! What I'm saying is you cant find a superstar Heisman winner until you get back to Barry Sanders!
I had to Google Jason White to see who he was when he was onstage with the other Heisman winners. He is one of only 3 Heisman winners not to be drafted in the NFL. Pete Dawkins chose the military and Charlie Ward chose the NBA. That explains why I forgot who he was after 2003
Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch, and jason white. those are the 3 heisman winners from the 2000's they could get? ***
Chris Weinke, Eric Couch and Jason White.solid group representing the Heisman Trophy in the 2000s.
I'm sitting in the lounge and Jason White is in bed and I can hear him snoring from in here! Think I might sleep on the sofa bed.
played out in the snow with Jason White and the girls and now inside drinking hot coco and watching Nick Jr. Gonna make Chicken,noodles and corn for dinner and then making Homemade Christmas Cookies later with the girls.. I Love you guys so much xoxoxo..Some people crack me up :) Everyone have a great day xoxoxo Live Laugh Love
Mt. Carmel Lady Aces basketball this afternoon around 2. Golden Aces basketball tonite around 730 from Flora with Bob Bowser and Jason White. On the most powerful voice for Aces sports. 94.9!
Adam Erick Wallace , Karolina Wallace, Jason White, Bella-Barnabas Marsh, Omar Elsayed, found this little snippet of us a while back.
THE BIBLE REFERENCES WHAT WE KNOW NOW AS DINOSAURS..GOD CREATED MAN AND DINOSAUR TOGETHER Did you know that Job 40:15-24 refers to an animal that many believe to be a dinosaur? The word dinosaur did not exist until Sir Richard Own coined it in 1841. Before then throughout history, different words were used to describe these creatures. The most common was the word "dragon". In the Bible, it was called a behemoth and leviathan. The behemoth as referred to in this particular passage, does not match any animal alive today. Here is the entire passage: 15 ¶ Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. 16 Lo now, his strength [is] in his loins, and his force [is] in the navel of his belly. 17 He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. 18 His bones [are as] strong pieces of brass; his bones [are] like bars of iron. 19 He [is] the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach [unto him]. 20 Surely the mountains bring him fo ...
Guitarists I know: uhm... Tony Perry is awesome... Matt Webb, Jack Barakat, Jason White, do Vic Fuentes and Josh Ramsay count?
BREAKING NEWS!! Jason White's Store Divided is now open in the Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa, OK! We are located on the 2nd Floor next to Sears. Come see us!! SHARE this post with your friends and be entered to win a $50 gift card to the store! We will draw for the card at noon tomorrow, so SHARE away!
A few months back, I had a very spiritual man on my radio show and I fell in love with his mind and soul. I fell in love with this good man in a Brian Piccolo/Gayle Sayers kind of way. His name is Bear Wosnik and he is an amazing man of God. He will be guest-co-hosting The Pete O'Shea Show with me all week. Today, we will be joined by His Call with Jason White, Doug Barry from EWTN's Life on the Rocks and Tim Bonzelaar from Somebody Cares Tampa Bay. Tune in this morning at 11 to The Pete O'Shea Show on WTIS AM 1110 and you will be inspired. You can also listen live on our website from anywhere in the world at www.WTIS1110.COM. I Love You and I Love Jesus!
The last thing I think when I hear Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Carson Palmer, Jason White is "style." Stats matter.
Chris Weinke, Jason White and Danny Kanell ruined our sensibilities in judging QB’s and Heisman winners in college.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
If AJ McCarron wins the Heisman he'll join Jason White and Gino Torretta as winners who weren't even the best player on their own teams.
Would have been better off starting Jamarcus Russell or Jason White instead of Andrew Luck today. Yucky, man.
I'd say the answer to that question is Jason White, but Gary Danielson just got aroused on air, so I'm guessing it's Tebow
Jason White, Sam Bradford, Landry Jones...Trevor Knight? The freshman quarterback still has a ways to go before joining that elite company, but he took a gigantic step forward in the Oklahoma Sooners' 41-31 victory over Kansas State. Oklahoma has flip-...… [ 304 more words. ]
Ted Sims picking off Jason White and taking it to the house, sealing a so called "impossible" win
ok Tuesday Night Question.If you were a NFL Head Coach and had to Start 1 of these 4 Past Heisman Trophy Winners as your Starting QB which 1 would you Start? a) Matt Leinart. b) Troy Smith. c) Jason White. d) Tim Tebow.
Green Day - Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tré Cool and guitarist and backing vocalist Jason White, who became a full member after playing in the band as a session and touring guitarist for 13 years.[1] Cool replaced former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990, prior to the recording of the band's second studio album, Kerplunk (1992). Green Day was originally part of the punk scene at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. The band's early releases were from the independent record label Lookout! Records. In 1994, its major label debut *** released through Reprise Records became a breakout success and eventually sold over 10 million copies in the U.S.[2] Green Day was widely credited, alongside fellow California punk bands Sublime,[3] Bad Religion, The Offspring and Rancid, with popularizing and reviving mainstream interest in punk rock in the United States.[4][ .. ...
Red Cross workers and Darren in Moore Oklahoma and Owen who is holding the 3 Heisman Trophy winner framed photo signed by Heisman Steve Owens, Billy Sims, and Jason White of Oklahoma University. Mr. Owen is a retired math teacher from Oklahoma University who gave this gift to me wen I had helped him save thousands of dollars of damage to his hose and the collectibles he has collected of the Oklahoma Sooner s and the memorable times in history of his teaching there and collecting football valuables of the Universities greatest players of all time. It was an awesome gift
Tim Tebow, Jason White, Matt Lineart, Troy Smith; all won the Heisman too
Brisbane restaurateur Jason White is opening a seafood restaurant in Nobby's Beach with his brother Benjamin. The aptly named Two Brothers will join Hellenika and The Cambus Wallace in the growing eating/drinking enclave that is developing at Nobby's, a suburb White reckons is "the new epicentre" of the Gold Coast. As well as a sit-down restaurant, Two Brothers will also offer takeaway, White says. White is part-owner in the popular Public Bar and Restaurant in George Street in Brisbane's CBD, and London gastropub the Victoria Stakes in Crouch End. "It's ironic that we are so close to the coast, yet it's so hard to find good fish and chips,"he says. ADVERTISEMENT "You have all these shops selling bass from Thailand or other imported frozen fish. The aim is to take a leaf out of London's book, where there's a focus on simple food; concentrating on one thing and doing it really well. There's definitely a hole in the market and we hope to fill it with the best fish and chips on the Gold Coast." White says th ...
Last time you saw someone go from Heisman Trophy winner to Undraftable? Jason White? Tim Couch?
What does Cam Newton, RG3, Mark Ingram, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Jason White all have in common? The Heisman Trophy. Anything else? They all appear to be either a bust in the NFL, on the path to being a bust or just "so-so" players.
lmao COLLEGE greatness bro! How is Jason White and Tommie Frazier's NFL careers ??
Jason White. “In your opinion, who is the sexiest member of Green Day?”
Congratulations to for naming all 5 players... Sam Bradford, Troy Smith, Jason White, Eric Crouch, & Chris Weinke.
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LOL! I'm sorry, but they had that coming with a name like that... Dana Rodriguez, Jason White, Lisa David Carr, Lisa Grassetti, Lifeonprint Cindy Hickman, Linda Bundrick, Tearsa D Keith, Jenna Osborne, Sara Doodle-Phillips, Jules Boot McNubbin,
WHO ARE YOU?!?!? — um, a female version of Danny Worsnop and Jason White...
Well that was another cracking weekend under the belt. Great to catch up with the gravel rally crew again. Congrats to Damien Squeak Grimwood and Marcus Walkem on the victory, and massive reach around to Jason White and Eddie Maguire for bagging 2nd place ( herculean effort ! ) and Andrew Wylie and Catty for 3rd. Good to have Brett Robert King and Lucas Zinsstag over from the big island and take out P3. Also thanks go out to Troy Johnson for riding Shotgun and Aiden Webb for being a legend. Now its time to try and reign in $40k for the week to round out the financial year with a win for Moonah Autoparts Recyclers.
Rose Rathbun, 83, of Streator passed away Friday, June 21, 2013 at her daughter’s home in Bloomington surrounded by her loving family. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11:30 A.M. Wednesday at St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church, Streator. Msgr. Philip Halfacre will officiate. Visitation will be from 4-7 P.M. Tuesday at the Solon-Telford Funeral Home, Streator. The rosary will be recited at 7:00 P.M. Burial will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Streator. Pallbearers will be grandchildren, Troy and Trent Rathbun, Eric Redman, Mitch Jacoby, Jason White and a nephew, John Grooms. Born August 6, 1929 in Streator she was the daughter of Charles and Anna (Zambito) Ragusa. She married Roy B. Rathbun on January 10, 1948 at Immaculate Conception Church. He preceded her in death on May 7, 2012. She is survived by one daughter, Robin A. (William) Redman, Bloomington; one son, Rodney (Debbie) Rathbun, Streator; five grandchildren Troy (Lynn) Rathbun, Tara (Mitch) Jacoby, Trent (Cathy) Rathbun, Eri ...
Full Moon / Super Moon Cruiser Run was the best one ever !. Over 20 riders ripped 14+ miles of pavement at speeds up to 45 mph from the Mount Ashland parking lot to Rte 66 by Emigrant Lake. Part of the "slicers and dicers" were Me, Nick White, Jason White, Dave Fish Patterson, Jeff Rubn and Holley, Isaac Abbott, Kyle Bayley, Ky and Anthony Houston, Kellan Cullan and eight others. It was a shame the Super Moon didn't show ... but there was no cloud on the fun !!! :0)
I would like to take a moment to congratulate Jason White and Rusty Smith who will graduate from the Wolfforth Fire Academy Class 17 on Saturday the 22nd of June. Way to go guys!!!
Danny Wuerffel — a Gator — Chris Weinke, Jason White ... all of these guys won Heisman and were 3rd string QB at best. No coverage ESPN why?
Happy 25th Anniversary to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Class of 1988!!! Tag yourself in the comments I couldn't get all 88 of us... Rest well Joseph Eborn and Jason White
Want to join our NASCAR fan appreciation party tonight with autograph signings by drivers Jeffrey Earnhardt and Jason White?! Just text us your full name and number of guests to 9803923! We will put you on the list!
entry lists up, 44 for Cup. Bayne is back, Scott Speed is back with the Leavine team and Mike Bliss is in the 19. Regan Smith in the 51 and Mark Martin in the 55. 45 for Nationwide, only 2 from The Motorsports Group this time. 2nd Vision Racing entry with Matt DiBenedetto as teammate to Tanner Berryhill. Kenseth back in a 4th Gibbs car, Johanna Long back, Kenny Wallace in a 2nd RAB car, Dakoda Armstrong in a 4th Childress car, Chris Buescher in a 3rd Roush car, Harvick in at another Childress car, Logano in the Penske 22, John Wes Townley in the 25 for Venturini, Steve Wallace back in a Rusty Wallace Racing entry, Juan Carlos Blum driving Mike Harmon's car, and Michael Annett back in the 43 for the first time since his accident at Daytona. Kahne in the 5 for JR Motorsports and Jason White returns to the 24 for SR2. Ken Schrader became the oldest ARCA winner ever with his win at Toledo, he is a week away from 58! Massive tornado ripped through OKC, 2 miles wide and at least an EF-4. Not good. Hea ...
Oh, c'mon now. Heisman Trophy means nothing about how you transition to the NFL. Jason White was a top ten talent? Troy Smith?
Athlon has named several former University of Oklahoma star quarterbacks to their Top 50 of the BCS Era rankings. Sam Bradford came in at number nine and Josh Huepel came in at seventeen. Jason White also made the list. I do not agree with their number one choice of Vince Young. Really??? What do…
Talladega Superspeedway Aaron's 312 Saturday, May 4 ABC - 2:30pm/et Scheduled Green Flag (approx): 3:18pm/et UPdates: Jason White returns to the for SR2 Kurt Busch will drive the for Phoenix Racing; Stanton Barrett returns to the RWR Logano will drive the for Penske Racing; David Green will dirive the SR2 Dillon returns to the RCR Patrick will drive the Turner Scott Neuenberger will be in the for Jimmy Means; Jeffrey Earnhardt returns to the Go Green Shepherd will make another attempt in his Dillon was quickest during happy hour for the Aaron's 312 with a speed of 192.131mph. Trevor Bayne was fastest during opening practice at Talladega Superspeedway with a speed of 190.472mph. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Carl Edwards will be a guest analyst in the ESPN booth during the telecast of the Aaron's 312 race.
Jason White brings a set of game changing charts to the stage. Drawing from the intensity of Hendrix, surfacing the compelling bass heads of The Bad Plus, and hitting that nerve where classic jazz meets Zappa.
4 more days till I see my heroes! I have my tagged ripped jeans, One of my favorite Green Day shirt, Bracelets I made that are the color of the three albums, my bracelet I bought that says Green Day & ¡UNO¡ ¡DOS! ¡TRE!, I have my camera ready to take millions of pictures & videos, Now, i just need to but only of the 3 albums so I can get it signed by Billie joe, Mike Dirnt, Or Trè Cool or Jason White. LA ARENA HERE I COME IN 4 DAYS! ~ MUSIC FREAK
Playing the Bluebird Thursday night at 9 pm. Jace Everett, Jason White, Peter Cooper and our host... Mr. Bill Lloyd. Bring it!
Caution for Jason White blowing a tire and slamming the wall. Kevin Harvick and Regan Smith pit.
CAUTION, Jason White-00 single car incident outside wall turn 2. Right in front of Hornish... good driving SAM!!!
Mason comes down this evening wearing a OU football jersey. So I ask him, who's jersey is that. His answer, Jason White daddy, duh! = awesome.
Troy Aikman's childhood home has a highway sign in Oklahoma. I wonder if Jason White's knee doctor has one too?
Also comparing Matt Barkley to Matt Leinart/Mark Sanchez is like comparing Sam Bradford to Josh Heupel/Jason White
been too long since I said this...entry lists up for Nationwide and Trucks! Michael McDowell will drive the 27 car for SR2 Motorsports. Tony Stewart will do his 1 race a year in the 33 for Richard Childress. Jamie *** will compete full-time in his new 55 Viva Motorsports Chevy. Bobby Gerhart has procured a car and will attempt the Nationwide race. Morgan Shepherd has gained a sponsor and found a Chevy, much better than the old Dodge he was planning on running. Field looks very different this season, also have to remember they only take 40 now. On the truck side, Hillman Racing returns with Jeff Agnew behind the wheel, Make Motorsports has a truck entered but no driver listed. Kyle Busch is entered in a 3rd truck for his team, German Quiroga is confirmed at Red Horse Racing, Chris Fontaine is entered, expect good things from him on restrictor plate tracks again, and Sean Corr is entered. No GunBroker team this season, but Jason White is competing in the 2nd truck for the Sieg family. This series ...
LEADERSHIP THOUGHT For just a moment, join me in thinking about people who wore a different type of uniform - not military uniforms - but team uniforms of the National Football League. Besides playing in the NFL, what do Troy Smith, Danny Wuerffel, Eric Crouch, Andre Ware, Jason White, Gary Beban and Rashan Salam all have in common? They were ultra-successful college football players. In fact, they all won the Heisman Trophy, an honor bestowed on the most outstanding player every year in NCAA football. Despite near limitless success at the college level, their legacy in the NFL is not so praiseworthy. What happened to them when they moved up to the next level? Troy Smith, the Ohio State quarterback, led the Buckeyes to the National Championship Game. But he flamed out of the NFL in just four years, having played in just 20 games. He ended his professional career with only eight touchdowns. Danny Wuerffel set the Southeastern Conference record for most touchdowns, and was the most efficient passer ever (at ...
Thanks so much for the wonderful day to Athen's Fence, Randy's Towing(can I say wow buds!), Ray Burrow, Ryan Burrow, Vince Anderson, Donnie Carter, Chuck, Johnny Dotson, Robert Michael, Tom Stevenson, Robert, Jason White,Brad Philips,Dan Bryant~ Hope they enjoyed their Valentine's Day and Hope you did too! Thanks for the support!
Mooresville, N.C. (February 12, 2013) – SR² Motorsports continues adding strength and stability to its organization. The team announced today that Jason White will join Blake Koch as the driver of one of the squad’s three Toyota Camrys in its 2013 lineup. The number of races that White will compete…
Well, I thought being in a Green Day tribute band would be fairly easy.WRONG!!! We did our first gig last night with the new line up and young Zack promoted to lead guitar. I can tell You Zack was so,so good the band are worth seeing for Him alone. Kibb on back up guitar and lead vocals took the roll of Billie Joe Armstrong and Jason White and managed to roll them all into one and had the crowd in the palm of His hand. SP (Steve Miller) On bass threw some shapes that Mike Dirnt would kill to pull off and played like an out and out animal. Me,I managed to keep up too! Just. Big shout out to Them dead beat's who filled the support slott batter than any local support band Ive ever seen and what a great drummer they have too. I cant single Him out alone though as the whole band played a blazzing set and in My oppinion,should have had joint billing with Green Haze (Even if the drummer managed to bust My snare skin). A great night was had by all and We hope to pull the same gig off at Market street again somet ...
Have you been hearing the buzz about Ocean Avenue lately? Why don't you ask Diamond Ambassadors Travis A. Flaherty & Summer Flaherty, Emerald Ambassadors Rob Moffitt & Tiffanie Kirberg Moffitt, Mark Torontow, Jason White, Stephen Callaghan & Erika Steinbrunner Findlow, Terry Dorfman, or Thomas Then & Chelsea Nile what all the buzz is about?
you look like Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool or Jason White
as selfish as it sounds, I don't think I'll ever be able to accept Jason White as an official member of Green Day
All-American: Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson, RB - 2004 Playing against a schedule that included five ranked opponents, Adrian Peterson proved himself one of the greatest freshman rushers in the history of college football. He was named a unanimous All-American his first season as a Sooner. Peterson burst onto the national scene as a true freshman at Oklahoma during the 2004 season. The Palestine, Texas, native amassed 1,843 yards and 15 touchdowns and helped OU to its second consecutive undefeated regular season, the 2004 Big 12 Conference championship and a berth in the BCS National Championship Game in the 2005 FedEx Orange Bowl. One of college football's most durable backs with a nation-leading 314 rushing attempts, Peterson was the first-ever freshman finalist for the Doak Walker Award. Peterson was also invited to New York as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy along with senior quarterback -- and 2003 winner -- Jason White. Peterson broke three NCAA freshman rushing records: most con ...
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Of the 10 Heisman winning QBs between 2000-2011, only 6 are still active. 2 of the winners-Jason White & Eric Crouch-had ZERO NFL starts.
Johnny Manziel more like Eric Crouch or Jason White. Can't wait for the NCAA to slam this kid with some kind of sanction or even the police.
Jason White won the Heisman Trophy, now he's doing the Airco solutions commercials.…………
2013 SINGLES COMPETITION Last 32 and Last 16 rounds Thursday 31st January Draw done by Jason White (Castle A) on Tue 15th Jan At each venue, four players will compete in two matches from the last 32 with the two winners then playing off in the last 16 trying to reach the Quarter Finals.
Just some of the players attending the dinner include...Martin Johnson, Jason White, Nick Easter, Gary Armstrong, Peter Winterbottom, Kenny Logan, Victor Ubogu and a host of other past greats. ALSO in attendance and supporting the event two 2012 Olympic medal winners, as well as John Inverdale and Kelly Dalglish.
No he is the next Tim Couch or Jason White ha ok maybe not them but dont say a college QB is better then a NFL playoff QB
So I hear has a lunch date with Andre Ware, Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, Jason White and Troy Smith.
Our New Year Resolution is to have Live Music- every Friday and Saturday night! We have booked Trea Landon, Dead Rhythm, Chuckie P, Joseph Anderson, Chris Mitchell, Matt Waters, Jason White, Kermit Williams, Brent Stephens, Dr. Don, Jason Lamson, Andrew James and others! Make Locos your Friday AND Saturday night Live Music Destination! $4 Crown and $4 Bombs anytime the music is playing! 2013 is going to be a great year! Spend it with the Moose!
Gregg & Joe were there not too long after Mr. Steve Owens. They split the votes like Jason White did with AD.
Met Billy Sims, Jason White, and Steve Owens today! All of them played for OU and won a heisman! Got my gran
Dr. Jason White talks about the special meaning behind how he came in to owning his season tickets and what it means to be a Red Raider Club supporter.
Eric Crouch, Ty Detmer, Jason White and Andre Ware won the Heisman. Guarantee Teo cares more about title. Remember Tebow v Bradford
Hilarious! Former Sooner Heisman winner Jason White put OU QB Landry Jones 3rd on Heisman ballot and left off Wow.
Lubbock Police have now charged 19-yr-old Jason White with intoxication manslaughter after 19-yr-old Meagan Rough died this afternoon as a result from the car accident.
NORMAN — Former Oklahoma quarterback and 2003 Heisman Trophy winner Jason White announced his Heisman Trophy vote in a video interview with
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thank god Johnny Manziel happened, Colin Klein would be the most un-interesting heisman winner since Jason White
GAME DAY! Go Eagles! Come pre-tailgate or tailgate with the Moose! $5 Miller Lite pitchers- Build you own Bloody Mary Bar! SEC Championship on at 4:00! Jason White singing a little outlaw country tonight! Can't wait to see you here!
Kevin Sumlin has coached Drew Brees, Jason White, Rhett Bomar, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum and now Johnny Manziel. He's like Phil Jackson.
Sooo my mom had lunch with Jason White today.. I'm jealous.
It’s official. Jason White is a member of Green Day. Says so at the end of ¡QUATRO! Here:
Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jason White, Eric Crouch got moved to WR, and Chris Weinke. Smh.
Did anyone know the answers to the Aflac question during the Ole Miss/ LSU Game? well if you didn't get it Archie Manning came in 3rd in the 1970 Heisman race. Joe Theisman was 2nd and Jim Plunkett was 1st. Eli Manning came in 3rd in the 2003 race, Larry Fitzgerald was 2nd and Jason White was 1st. Oh yeah I do know that Peyton came in 2nd in the 1997 Heisman race...and the winner of that race was Charles Woodson. I Love Football.
This guy totally looks like my good friend Jason White. Maybe he's immortal like "The Highlander"!?!
I haven't been doing the whole "thankful countdown" thing, but I WOULD like to say, today (and tomorrow) I am especially thankful for Betty Zimmerman and The White's (Jason White and Jesseca Callaway White) for helping Dewey with the kiddos so I can go to Indy and have an AWESOME Girl's Only Weekend with my sister Molly Gibler!!! Brandon Heath and Matt Maher tonight with BACK STAGE V.I.P passes (insert GILLY GILLY here) and Breaking Dawn Part DOS tomorrow.What more could a girl ask for LOL :)
Sumlin has be around some pretty special QBs in his career, including Drew Brees, Jason White, Sam Bradford and Case Keenum.
Jason White is the awesome guitarist for Green Day and today's his bday so ❤
First of all.Happy Veteran's Day to all Veterans ...thank you all for ALL your sacrifice. Second I stupidly forgot to mention the United States Marine Corp birthday yesterday..Thank you Sean Lyons, Robert Thibault,Paul Robillard,Frank Lonczak,Den Gallagher and Kevin Cummings and any of my Marine friends I may have missed..Thank you guys! Ok Happy birthday to... My friend and beautiful new mommy Connie Harper General George S. Patton would be 127 Bassist/guitarist of the Yardbirds Chris Dreja is 67 Beautiful actress Demi Moore is 50 Skinniest actress ever(maybe!) Calista Flockhart 48 Green Day guitarist Jason White is 39 Actor and eye candy for my wife Leonardo Di Caprio 38
Green Day are back.. and with them a lot of awesome surprises! A wonderful trilogy and... OH MY GOD! Jason White in the credits! I wanted to represent this good news in this funny illustration!
Happy birthday, Jason White! Btw for those of u people who don't know, Jason White is a recent member of Green Day.
Jeff Choquette, Jason White, John King, Todd Bodine, Parker Kligerman & Matt Crafton are the drivers that have wrecked so far.
James got to meet Billy Sims, Jason White, Steve Owens and got there autographs. When he came home he said THEY TOUCHED ME. He is so excited
I told you so., I made a few bets on this one Emily Maynard is revving up her dating life! Just three weeks after officially splitting from her "Bachelorette" fiance of five months, Jef Holm, the reality star was spotted getting cozy with a new man: Nascar truck racer Jason White, 33,
Come join us with OU Heisman winners Jason White, Steve Owens and Billy Sims tomorrow from 5-7 at United Supermarkets in Altus
OU Heisman winners Jason White, Billy Sims and Steve Owens at United Supermarkets in Altus tomorrow evening...more details to come
Emily Maynard Dates Another Nascar Driver; Cheryl Burke Wants To Be The Next Bachelorette (Again) Not too long ago, Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke expressed interest in being the next Bachelorette. But, when Cheryl started dating hockey pro Joffrey Lupul over the summer, she dropped the issue. The last we heard, ABC wanted Emily Maynard back for Bachelorette 2013. Emily has yet to respond to ABC's invitation. However, according to one source, a second season is not likely. "Emily tried something new, dating Jef," Emily's pal explained to US Weekly. "She is going back to what she knows and considers safe." That Emily… she really gave the regular folk a try, but it just didn't work out. Now, it sounds like Emily has found a new man to play the role of husband in her made-for-TV wedding on her own. Over the weekend, Emily was reportedly spotted out on a date. Her date, Jason White, is a Nascar (ie, known and safe) truck racer. "They were all over each other," a source said. "Jason guided her throu ...
Is Emily seeing someone else's boyfriend, or is he just a friend? Emily Maynard was seen in November 3, 2012, on the dance floor of a club in Charlotte, N.C. She was seen with NASCAR truck driver, Jason White. Emily was once engaged to Ricki Hendricks, a former NASCAR driver. He was killed in an air...
Emily Maynard is putting the brakes on rumors that she is romancing NASCAR driver Jason White, no...
Who's the better rock trio: blink-182 or Green Day? Hah trick question. Green Day is no longer a trio since American *** when they added Jason White on lead/rhythm guitar
Obama is just as white as he is black. But we kinda took Jason Kidd and Derek Jeter so we're even now.
but Obama is a nice guy, Romney is just so rich and white, like cheesecake!
😂😂“Even Wisconsin voted Obama, only non-white people in that state are dudes on sports teams”
These White People bought to throw a Mayonnaise Party and Jason Aldean albums..
Romney: I care about our kids, Romney: I mean our male kids. Romney: The straight ones. Romney: But only if they white. Romney: Vote Romney.
Time to get some homework done! Thanks Jason White for making supper for Mackenzie and I, it was great!
Red, White & Blue watch party meal, Jason said I could have left the blue off. The kids can't wait to see who wins 🇺🇸
If Obama was white how many of you would care?
From Ohio: "I’m hearing white union members, men, say they’re sick of hearing all the racism about Obama":
Obama is trying to take Asians out of math classes with white people.
the only white man I want to be like is Bill Gates.
These guys work hard! their body demand the excellent product of Ocean Avenue, we will see more pro coming our way!!!
So apparently since I'm white and like Romney, I'm racist? Okay.
I'm sorry I didn't realize being white automatically meant you supported slavery lol
Jason Williams is my favorite white boy basketball player. His handles were too nice.
I can't deal with this white devil mitt Romney. And I must say Jason sedakis does a GREAT impression of him.
Why do black people get so mad when white people are racist but think it's okay to say stuff like they're going to be slaves if Romney wins?
there are way more white Republicans.
movies with must new white friend Jason
If Romney wins, all I'm gonna do is play White America by Eminem out loud. Will fit in just fine...
White people love flo rida that's they nas Lmao
I'm going to visit Scarlett White Gerhardt today. Congratulations to Chalae and Jason on their fourth beautiful child!
not any more XD lol. I took it from you!! Now your white!
heeyyy¡¡ HEY WHY i can't see to jason white in the videos ??, ohhh is true. BILLIE ARE YOU OK IN HOSPITAL ??
Obama not carrying the Southern white male vote?!?! Get outta here!
moron who ran very successful businesses and got in the White House. Jack ***
No prob! Porch kitty is a very pretty, very fluffy black and white cat.
you are spot on about the white vote though. If its 72, 73 I think Romney is fini
I am a huge fan of Heston! But black pudding Nutella and pouring egg white into condoms!
Enough to swing it MT Exit polls: just 8 percent of voters decided who to support in last few days.
If you're in Edinboro, stop by Charlie's Pub and congratulate Jason White on a campaign well run and almost over!! :)
ignoring Jason in the background lol the McDonald straws are blue & white !!!
Okay the white people need to stop being so ignorant and calling people the N word just cus they like Obama.
I didn't realise Jason White is now an official member of Green Day. They are a four piece!
Just started the turbo Miata project with help from Jason at Static Nine Garage. The car is a white 1999 nb donor...
Do Bachelorette Emily Maynard and NASCAR Driver Jason White Make a Cute ...: Emily Maynard is bumping and grindi...
this white dude name Jason. He got a shop on 254
The Headline should really be "Geologists Find East Coast Quakes Travel Farther." The previous over does it.
Famous quote from Jason Taylor--- Zach Thomas is a black guy stuck in a white guy's body." Daniel
Heard Obama has a small lead, that will change when the white people get off work and go vote!
apart from Jason Roberts. people call Messi the white Roberts.
So how's Obama spending his afternoon in The same way he spends his afternoons at the White House—playing basketball with friends.
Biggest in terms of number of people affected, not magnitude.
Ok so as a republican i voted all rep but i gave in to one dem so good luck to jason white
Yall may want to re-fact check. Cali aftershocks are larger than that.
Nice review of the new release by The Big Cats in today's Democrat-Gazette (paywall). Gave it an A! Congrats, Burt Taggart, Colin Brooks, Jason White, and Josh Bentley.
From Catherine Doak: "Vigil Of Love November 17th, 2012 from 1-4pm Grace United Methodist Church 519 S. 49th W. Ave. Tulsa, OK Guest speakers: TPD Jason White, Bryan Jones Lot's of food, Q&A with law enforcement, memorial video & balloon lift. Please join us!" The Vigil of Love is a day for family members of Victims of Homicide and Missing Persons to gather together in support and remembrance. All are welcome.
My name is Mary Allen/Stickle . I am the mother of Jason white. May 1, 1992 Eric christopher Houston took the lives of a teacher and three students held over 80 kids hostage for 8 1/2 hours and injured 8 others. My Jason was one of the students Houston murdered at Lindhurst high school on May 1, 1992. His appointed attorney has wasted many years by asking and getting extensions to file by the supreme court. This past May we went through the 20th anniversary of the shooting. Also in May Houston's attorney went before the supreme Court and finally used his automatic appeal. That appeal was denied and his sentence stayed the same. The Death penalty may be broken but by no means should we listen to the lies prop 34 would have you believe. Twenty years is too long to wait for justice to be served. But this guy is 40 years old now. Are you willing to keep paying his insurance, schooling, housing? He took those from my child. I personally would hate for him to be in the general population with shoplifters and d ...
Jason White has spent over half of his life working as a nurse and now he is looking to help others by becoming the state representative in the 5th District.
Only Jason White would be wearing a ripoff camouflage suit and sticking his hand in the fire
Gabrielle and I waited in line for an hour to finally get Jason White to sign my Heisman football...what made my day even better was running into him at QT an hour later and him smiling and saying hi to Gaby and I. I love Oklahoma:)
Had the most fantastic day yesterday with Lorraine Hellard and Justin Hellard at their new pad x me and loz escaped 3 times leaving J with the kids ; 0) then watched Aldershot fire work display from their garden winner x picked Kelly Miller and Jason White up from Guildford after their day/night out x looked like they had a spantstic time too x good times by all
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Great night of fun and laughs with Jason White, Tanya Truitt Schott,and Brent Schott
Register and vote here for the Best Bartender of New Orleans Contest!  Voting ends November 15; one vote per email address.The Top 3 vote-getters will go on to the Finals; the date and time of the Finals will be announced soon!
Hello family & friends! I'm having fantastic fun at my new job! Tomorrow at the new Reasor's: Jason White, Billy Sims & Steve Owens will be here.
For all the OU fans who complain about Landry Jones, Yes he makes a lot of mistakes, He is no Sam Bradford or Jason White. But come on Sooner Fans, A win is a win!! BOOMER SOONER! :)
Im beginning to think it's fLandry Jones he'll probably be good at making commercials with jason white.
A Warm welcome to the 4th member of Green Day.Jason White on guitars.
When asked to share our visions Jason White wrote this- That intuition may be free from the vice grip of the mind. That we may breathe away our fears. That doubt, bitterness, cynicism, derision and other negative, shunting energies may be transmuted. That our vast untapped capacities may be realized. That hearts may open to their world-building potential. That violent and apocalyptic obsessions may be sublimated to more fruitful ends. That interconnection and interdependence may become the recognized norms. That we may light up the noosphere with human consciousness. Those are my wishes. How about yours?
Jason White LMAO how come we never thought of that one?
Jason White wrote: "When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate." -- Ann Landers
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