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Jason Wells

Jason Wells (born 18 February 1984 in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia), is an Australian rugby league player for the Newtown Jets in the New South Wales Cup.

Sam Rayburn

Jason Roy could hardly score a run in the Big Bash and we are making him look like Bradman
Like so many in area, N. Wells came from a broken family who eventual…
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team with jason Voorhes, kevin durant, Russell westbrook, jackson wells, and Caleb Barnes
Jason Kenney offered help to meet with kids from *** straight groups | CBC News ➜…
I just saw a stunning photo on POC, by JASON BRYANT/APEX — Stunning photograph of the inter…
We’d like to wish Jason Wells a very Happy 40th Birthday from all of us at The Cathedral - enjoy your celebrations!
Again. I want my friends to take note of the anerikhans who prepared themselves for this since 1970. Amwrikhans wi…
In terms of organized interests and citizens…
I'm halfway through 4 right now: Ta-Nehisi, the Jason Zinoman Letterman biography, Everything Rava…
Spokesman Jason Oates: The relocation of 140 wells was largely driven by the comments submitted by stakeholders
This week Ellie Symes and Wyatt Wells of The Bee Corp. are attending the American Honey Producers Association's conven…
to at Black Deer Festival in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom - Jun 22
4000.00 in Wells Fargo account 530 am. Their Russians, Mexicans are going to be murdered. 1970. The who're in th…
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Check to see if any Gun Shops had their licenses used to do gun deals. Think Phoenix gun s…
Well guys trip to the Timberwolves game was a success. Mall of America, Hooters, arcade games, Cavs lose & and...
Too close for comfort... we have to keep this from happening in Georgia.
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Jason Bourne takes charge of Tunbridge Wells Football Club as manager, for the 100th time tonight!
Busy show today with a lot of information and great guests!
team with Caleb Barnes, jackson wells, spider-man, jerry west, and jason Voorhes
Battalion Chief Jason Wells said the fire started at a house on the 400 block of Chelsea Woods, then spread to the…
So be it. They are a horrific schizophrenic people. The Russians refused to insist the mexicannigger place Jason'…
The sublime sir comes to in aid of in association with . J…
Russia, the Middle East, Mexico, the Amerikhans responsible for the rest of the debt owed to me, Jason for hand…
The homes are only about 7 or 8 feet apart, which Battalion Chief Jason Wells said “certainly contributed” to the f…
Woke up today with a powerful craving for some Junior Wells. Addressing that now.
Check out the full gallery now from Graciously Departed, Jason Wells Music & Tara Marlow at the beautiful...
Original drawings from the 1906 edition of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds”, illustrated by Brazilian artist Henriqu…
Happy birthday Jason. The ol barn just hasn’t been quite the same…
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I miss Lincoln, Jasper, Roan, Sinclair, Wells etc. but do I harrasing Jason & begging him to bring them back? No. Beca…
3 men have been charged with poaching. Stuart Pidgley, 44, Stuart Smith, 41, both from Southampton & Jason Wells, 43…
Congratulations to Jason Wells on his appt to Summit County Common Pleas Court!. . .
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Suspecting Peter MacLeish big time !. Jason Atwood and Hannah Wells will bring up something.
"The gospel cannot be a product the church sells because there are no consumers for it." - David Wells
We’ll leave nothing out there to make sure we pick up the points, says Tunbridge Wells boss Jason Bourne:
Jason D Wells and my new family+ friends. Mayoral Candidate Jason D Wells and Sheriff Victor Mason
you working at the wells? Also Bella Luna is a song by Jason mraz -- look it up ^.^
Jason trying to bury his career further into the ground. The grave is next to Lexa, Lincoln, and Wells.
Pluto Cloud Services can provide a eval of Aryaka Networks, show a great ROI with no capex, fully managed and encryp…
Come meet Aryaka's EMEA Team at at Austria Center Vienna | November 14-17
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Tonight! Live Magazine curated by Jason Wells at 8pm, Cox & Palmer Second Space. $5 tickets at the door.…
Lisa Flagg · . We had a blast fishing with Captain Jason Wells. He was so knowledgeable about the area and we...
All purpose parts banner
ATT should not be aloud to purchase Time Warner and Wells Fargo execs should face criminal prosecution...
"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light." Ida B. Wells
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another one killed by guns in Rockford today. What will you do about it?
Check out Jason Wells Band's video & all the other entries over at
Jason needs help, lots of help. Come by and check out our 2$ wells, which are available all day. Drink with us!
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team with jason Voorhes, jerry west, jackson wells, damian lillard, and Russell westbrook
team with Russell westbrook, jackson wells, jason Voorhes, joakim noah, and Caleb Barnes
Good morning world! Bartenders look at me with pity when i specifically ask for the wells tequila. Eff it, im always on a budget!
Just read Jeff Wells bemoan the lack of a 'real-deal' writer on JASON BOURNE. An Oscar winner and the writer of Bloody Sunday not enough?
team with jason Voorhes, Garfield, jackson wells, jared west, and Mr.crabs
Check out the at Wells Fargo! Talk with Jason Butler about service openings & visit them at
.Which contract is the worst out of this group: Ryan Howard, Jason Bay, Vernon Wells, Hanley Ramirez.
Henry Wells Jason Wells he's the man! — feeling blessed at Fabulous Photography and Event Management
TUNBRIDGE WELLS 2-2 Erith & Belvedere - We'll be fine and dig ourselves out of this position, says Jason Bourne:
Playing a show in Logansport, IN at 5:00 PM today at People's Winery
Referee James Hurst leads out Tunbridge Wells and Erith & Belvedere, captained by Jason Barton and Zak Henry
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LOL Everton manager Roberto Martinez was at Jason Derulo's concert.
Tried to show my brother Paimon Alipour some love tonight at The Union Bar couldn't get in with a black shirt...
hey Jason can u do me the biggest favour ever and sacrifice wick to bring wells back? it would b greatly app…
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You implied that wells died because Jason hates black people. which would make Jason racist.
Wells didn't die because Jason is racist
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Hello Renegades,. A year ago yesterday, we opened The North Plan by Jason Wells. At the curtain speech, I...
Strikers yet to move who've been on Wolves' list include *** Fraizer Campbell, Kyle Lafferty, Nahki Wells, Zach Clough and Jason Cummings.
Update your maps at Navteq
"Jason pressed Jed against a rack of "Birds of Oregon" books; his breath was sweet with jerky. Somewhere, an egret cried"
it's like that in Mineral Wells and the Traffic Circle.
"MEN'S HEALTH: Why you need to check in on your testosterone level" by Primal Docs member Dr. Jason Wells,...
Why did I just now realize and were going to be at Wells Fargo on the 21st?? . Who's going with me??
team with jackson wells, jason Voorhes, spongebob, Mario, and joakim noah
how many love interests of clarke's is jason going to kill. If lexa dies it's been done with finn and wells yawn next been there done that
team with James Harden, klay thompson, jackson wells, captin crunch, and jason Voorhes
happy birthday Jayson! I hope you have a good day and that someone doesn't spill honey mustard on your shirt 😏
Earth 2 Wells is the best thing ever. Jason Bourne Wells. Badass semi-costumed Wells.
Jason Wells - If anyone sees this bucks antlers anywhere please PM me. He was poached off of a friends place. You...
cut-plumb, down e echo do Jason walker, tyrone wells-time of our lives, 18 one direction
Cuban family on the Prado by Jason Wells
team with derrick rose, jackson wells, jason Voorhes, Goku, and stephen curry
Okay now I'm getting really mad about Wells's death like *** Jason
ABC went back to show the Wells Fargo float
Wanted take a moment say Happy New year everyone ! I hope your year was as blessed as mine and looking forward to...
Jason Aldean concert tickets for Jan 21 at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines IA
me: (◕‿◕✿). me: *thinks about that time jason rottenburger killed wells and anya because "it was their time"*. me: (ง'̀-'́)ง
Dez Bryant is headed to IR, ending his season. Jason Garrett says Bryant will have surgery on his ankle and foot. https:/…
get for Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett & A Thousand Horses in on thursday, jan 21
Listen to K Wells - Get It Ft. Jason Derulo by The Real K Wells on
Thanks for the additional feedback. We'll share it with the Wells Fargo store managers. ^PC
Join us tonight at Rocky O'Brien's Public House for ladies night ! Dj Nyj one nite only event will be rocking all...
Performing in Mulberry, IN at 9:00 PM today at Southfork
Cheeky shout out to the Wells House Road Gang? Loving the show with breakfast!
Hey's Wells. I was just checking in and noticed you are still pouring all your money into Jason?.LMAO! Not my business!
In other news, I want to see Beltre and Jason Witten in a tough off.
Interesting psychological experiment; if we're honest, how many of us act like the monkeys?. Lesson of the Monkeys
team with Vegeta, kobe bryant, jason Voorhes, James Harden, and jackson wells
it is good! & Jason derulo and hard wells new song is amazing 😍😍 Xxx
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Throwing on my David "Boomer" Wells jersey, Yankee fitted and getting ready for this game
"If you fell down yesterday... stand up today."-H.G. Wells
Jason Wells was once in a knife fight, and the knife lost.
team with shrek, jason Voorhes, frank jones, Damian Bates, and jackson wells
Tonight's live stream with Jason Wells Music and Gibson Wells Music!
team with jason Voorhes, John wall, Damian Bates, Mario, and jackson wells
presents 'Blue River' by Jason Wells (repeat) at 2:39 AM (PST) Oct 4
the fact that 12 of us went to Jason and only 5 made it to the end is super sad
Last year at state convention in San Antonio Jason Baker met Wells. Today they got engaged. Congratulations!
Performing in Kokomo, IN at 9:00 PM today at Elbow Room
Lol. Wells had Paiml cut off the lights. If the lights weren't on, it never happened...
Jason Campbell, Justin Blalock set to retire, Dez Bryant, Jason Pierre-Paul will miss mandatory minicamp and more
Sorry Jason Peters, the Eagles don’t have the best offensive line in the NFL
Why Was the New York Times the Bearer of Bad News on Bill Simmons and Jason Whitlock?
hello, the Jason Wells Band will be in the area in Aug. We are still filling a few dates..
The Jason Wells Band comes through your area often. We will be back that way in Aug...
we'll play ON AIR 'Another Mountain To Climb' by Jason Wells again at 12:38 AM (PST) Jun 15 on
Cant compare no *** Draymond Green to Bonzi Wells. Bonzi use to cook Kobe on that block lol
get some nice packages from Jason Wells, Gary Voight, and TJ Ortowski. Find out what they sent!
Shia'ra - By the awesome Anthony Wells and Colors by Jason Fernandez
My old mate Jason Leonard starts his term as RFU President. He'll be sat next to the Queen at the RWC - I hope she likes…
This week we hear from assistant and u18s Interleague Coach Jason Wells
Right now, amazing rock and roll happening at The Sportsman! Jason Wells Band!!!
Jason Whitlock Replaced by Leon Carter as Head of ESPN’s ‘The Undefeated’
did anyone else do a doubletake at Jon interviewing Harrison Wells during last night's "Remembers Jon Stewart" ?
Jason wells now we know why you have anger issues..
bit slow over here - just seen this. Australian butcher Jason Wells caught in extraordinary road rage rant at cyclist
let's hope everyone who sees this boycotts your business. Jason Wells found out the hard way, you will too.
Wow, just seen your charming video Jason Wells - You are rather a dreadful person
SFG won't be the same without this crazy guy, but you'll always have a home here. 💙 you Jason
Try Jason Wells, of viral fame and small willy (yes really, unfortunate reflective selfie).
no, different, but still in the borough. No damage, involved much shouting ,but not at the Jason Wells level.
Jason Wells has a show on 06/12/2015 at 08:30 PM @ The Sportsman Inn in Monticello, IN
Decide To No Longer Refer To Home Arena As The Wells Fargo Center after bank chose not to become business partner...
also Nahki Wells was £1.2m plus add ons so probably about £1.5m at the moment
what was that £215k vs the near £4 million City got for Green and Wells? Think we won
Boycott - owner Jason Wells is a rather nasty person
Surely never coming back to Wandsworth after watching its Australian owner Jason Wells threatening that cyclist
owner sorry he got caught trying to kill/harm a cyclist. Genuinely sorry I doubt it …
The angry butcher from this road rage video says he’s sorry, but only due to the threat to his business
London cafe-owner who called cyclist a 'c***' in a road rage video apologises for his actions http:/…
we'll play ON AIR 'Live Free ' by Jason Wells at 1:29 PM (PST) Jun 10 on
we'll play ON AIR 'I Feel Alright' by Jason Wells again at 1:08 AM (PST) Jun 10 on
But do they give pterodactyl impressions?
The Brew coffee chain is owned by master butcher Jason Wells who was captured on film in an astonishing expletive-laden exchange with a
Jason Wells founder of Brew Cafe: Cycle to work for a year.
They're even exporting the hatred via people like this:
As a Surrey fan, Jason Roy's start to the ODI series is disappointing. He'll make some big scores soon though.
Don't think we'll be going to in Putney again: Unacceptable behaviour from the owner!
All cyclists should boycott after the foul mouthed tirade from the owner:
At last check, Enterprise Florida's escrow account with Wells Fargo was earning annual interest of 0.25 percent. One quarter of one percent.
Worth noting: EFI keeps its escrow $ in a nearly no-interest account w/Wells Fargo, which has an exec on EFI's board
Our Relay for Life Rooftop Challenge was a great success! Jason Wells, Vice President of Physician Services and... ht…
Jason Aldean can take me fishing any day
Our first tented event! Thank you Jason Wells and Elite Tents! @ The St. Regis Bal…
ok maybe Liz uses more emojis than you and jason do
This is Jason. He's available for adoption from He's at Wells Fargo's Fort Mill office…
“I'd rather have a life of 'OH WELLS' than a life of 'WHAT IFS.'”
Improve & stay Strength Training For Seniors now on written by Jason Scotts!
If you don't know now you know don't miss it!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Jason Wells has a show on 06/13/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Fat Cam's at Garver Lake in Edwardsburg, MI
Congratulations to our Head Hawk, Jason Wells! He was recognized tonight at the Texas Heroes Dinner in Austin as...
Guard it like gold. There are treasures in there!
11-3 Way to show Flowing Wells how it's done good job boys⚾️
Psychomanteum, a collection of poems:
Check out this interview I did with .
NEW BLOG FEATURE 'KUZARADAR INTERVIEWS' IS HERE. Today's artist is check it out here:
Memorial service set for Wednesday for Franklin student Jason Moran. Weds. 1-7pm at FCHS gym.
Hey Scary, I'd love to get the Jason Wells Band back to
Can Jason and his group of sexy friends help Olivia overcome her...Inhibitions? Find out! via
Jason and his friends are more than happy to help Olivia shake those...Inhibitions!!
With my baby's again tonight , Jason, Will, Lacresha, 💁💁🙈
Get a free profile like Author Jason Holloway on the new Kindlemojo!
Watch: Seattle Shooting Suspect Wanted to Kill as Many as Possible: Jason Wells, friend of...
Life changing things are happening today! Later we are doing it again at Eggys! — at Embassy Suites Des Moines...
Jason Wells tonight at 9. See you there!
.added: The Lesson of the Monkeys to his
17 minutes left for the Courtyard activities. Then Jason Wells will take it the blues inside Beatniks…
Excited to share BIG news professionally, that I have just partnered with Jason Wells and Chris Niederhauser -...
Very important read: The Lesson of the Monkeys.
This is trending this month with 200 views so far this month!. Podcast I did with
Jason Wells delivering the blues and Jefferson Street is serving up the BBQ!
Wow, that's pretty disturbing. Makes some social behavior make sense.
Please pray for all my friends especially Jason we will find you man💔 I love you all
I'm feeling some 90s music coming on tonight at Eggy's Restaurant-Bar! Let's get it tonight cool off with some...
It's too bad my friends alex mcmath, jason hinkle, thomas wells, freddie watson, nathan stumpe, ian joaquim they didn't like saguaro.
Our first set of Mentees are recognized and honored by Principal Konkley, President of the SYSD, Jason Wells &...
Congrats to Jason Wells on his Trinity River alligator gar! What a fish.
Friend of Ybarra says he 'took him under his wing' as he battled alcoholism. Jason Wells says Ybarra was disconnected from reality.
Looking forward to Wells Fargo and FlexScore panel at
Whiskey Wednesday is back, the sun is shining and Jason Wells, fresh off a midwest tour, will be on the guitar from 8-11.what more do you need? $3 craft pints, $1 off all Whiskeys with Luxie and Mel showin everyone a good time.
Highly recommend Jason Jason Wells. Easy to deal with, fair prices, super fast shipping! Thanks again for the games.
Vibin with the fam at lil cuz Jason Wells b-day party in The City.
With the Mrs Costco Holiday party — at Riverside Casino and Golf Resort
Jason Street looks like a baby compared to George Tucker.
Oh my goodness!! The people here are so much fun. I'm loving Logansport...and they are loving Jason Wells!
Taylor Spade has one ticket left for the basket bingo to support Parkersburg South Crew at Mineral Wells School...
Three.More.Hours. I've got this. I think. Jason Wells, I'm gonna need to go to the mall after this day! Prepare yourself!
Post-party list The band A number of people have made inquiries as to who that incredible jazz band was that played in my living room. The truth of the matter is, that was not an established band, just a bunch of my most bad *** friends jamming out. How is it possible for them to have played so well together? Jazz, baby. Who were they? I hope I can remember all of them: Michael Shoehorn Conley - tenor sax Anna Leander - trombone, vocals Kristopher White - bass, guitar Eric Stern - accordion, vocals T.J. Arko - xylophone, bass Griff Bear - fiddle Jason Wells - trumpet (or maybe that was his cornet?) Doug Shafer - guitar Willo Niatres - accordion, vocals Anthony Meade - trombone Karolina Lux - trumpet (I didn't witness this myself, but I believe she played during my first nap) Rodya Anna Hutwagner - bass, vocals Jon Lumus - violin If I'm forgetting anyone, please let me know. If anybody took video or audio recordings, please let me know about that as well. It was a profoundly enjoyable and satisfying jam, m ...
Get your tickets for the Jimmie Van Zant show! My band, The Jason Wells Band, will be opening!
Sports Director Jason Van Arkel and his side kick Nick Davis at Wells Fargo Arena.
Great read for all you sports junkies
Help The Jason Wells Band get heard in-stores! Let Atlas Radio know you support us. Post on their wall to request us!
Congratulations to Jason Poole,winner of the prestigious E. J. Wells Cup for outstanding civic contribution.
Even then, I think Tretter gets a shot. Remember, this is the team that handed C over to Jason Spitz when it had Scott Wells.
Tonight rocking our stage is Jason West and West of the Trinity! $5 cover! $1 wells, $2 domestics and $3 calls...
Jason Wells "The Modern Vintage Movement" Complete Album: If you like it you can find it on iTunes.
Jason Taylor said the Dolphins committee on the locker room culture has talked before the Ted Wells report, and they will talk soon.
Former Dolphins DE Jason Taylor said he hasn't read the whole Ted Wells report, but "obviously a line was crossed."
Will Ted Wells be investigating the institutional failures of the Ravens? Or is the okay with spouse abuse?
Wells Fargo’s Tom Price talks to about the US Short-Term High Yield Bond fund strategy
two big wins today for and Jason Day!!
well represented in the with Janina Kuzma and the Wells brothers:
Jason Wells has a show on 02/22/2014 at 05:00 PM @ The People's ... in Logansport, IN
Oklahoma earthquake spike likely linked to fracking boom
Reading - Jason Avant of the Eagles on how to fix the NFL locker room
People still saying what happened in Miami is typical NFL locker room stuff or nah?
Link to the Jason Avant article here
First Brent Celek is in the Wall Street Journal, now Jason Avant is writing for MMQB. It's officially a media blitz.
Well written article by Jason Avant on today's NFL culture.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Very thoughtful piece from one of NFLs classiest, WR Jason Avant, on his reaction to Wells Report
Gotta give mad love to Jak Bruce, for taking Fiona out to buy skates and Jason Wells for taking her to see the Presidents tonight. With me working so many hours so far from home she's almost an orphan. You guys are amazing. Thank you!
happy valentines day Jason Wells i love you baby and happy birthday aunt vicki. wakin up in a good mood check, hopefully today will be warm! hope u all have a awesum valentines especially to my baby Jason and to my daughters
Happy birthday to my wonderful husband Jason Wells! I will have a glass of fizz for you at lunchtime and make it up to you at the weekend!!!
So sad to be missing UIDM 20 this weekend, but I can only imagine how outstanding it will be. Sending love and energy to all the dancers, alumni, and greatest djs alive (I'm looking at YOU Don Black,Brandon L. Thompson, Jason Wells, Troy Williams Sr., Brad Munford)! I cannot WAIT to see the fundraising total tomorrow. You got this, Hawkeyes!
I'm thankful for my upcoming weekend get away to attend a Christmas lighting ceremony and watch fireworks while cruising around Lake Coeur d' Alene with Jason Wells.
Jason Wells won the Everstart Series tournament on Sam Rayburn. Here is more about the winning pattern and the...
Congratulations to Jason Wells winner of the EverStart Series Texas Division on Sam Rayburn. For complete results
Jason Wells takes home the win at the FLW EverStart Series Texas Division event on Sam Rayburn Reservoir presented...
What is the simplest audio editing software for Mac? I just want to chop songs shorter, add a sound effect to recorded music, without damaging quality. Easy to use, don't need fancy features. Jason Wells? All the other musician/knob twisting friends out there?
Jason Wells this is for you. I never forget those who have given kindness to one of my people. Yours are well :) Here is a return on the kindness you have shown one of my people.
The stage is all set and ready for the Stop Light City Blues Society Blues Jam at the Beta Nu Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa House.ok breath! The host band is the Jason Wells band out of Frankfort. Our long time friend Austin Shearer is the bass player. Stop on out NO COVER, inexpensive libations, GREAT music and wonderful fans of the Blues. 2401 Saratoga Ave Kokomo IN. The building opens at 7:15 or so.
I want to thank the 50+ people who wrote on my timeline and wished me a happy birthday. I had a nice semi-relaxing weekend at home with Dean Bergman, Wade Bergman and Laura Bergman and got a nice call from Jason Wells! Did some yardwork, got plants in the garden finally and Laura baked me a cake! (So much better than a store bought cake could have been) Yesterday Dean and Wade made lemon cookies to finish out the weekend. The storm last night was a bit of a drag, the wind, hail and lightning and thunder could have stayed out of the mix, and the power going out for 3+ hours, then blowing the breaker the fridge is on when it did finally get fixed didn't make me real happy but, all is well this morning again and all in all I had a fantastic birthday weekend! Thanks again everyone!!!
This time last year I was getting ready to walk down the aisle, and I was overcome. Overcome with love for Matthew but even more than that, overcome by the outpouring of love from our friends. Both of us realized that day, how INSANLEY lucky we are to have really awesome, wonderful, people to call our friends. From Justus Hawks, Caleb Moore, Heather Bartlett, and Jonathan Myer who all made our ceremony wonderful with songs and readings! Erin Houser for hemming my dress at the last minute! Taylor Jennifer Jacksonand Buddy Jackson, for being a sounding board and leader for us as we prepared to get married, and Buddy for performing our ceremony for us. Josh House for filming for us, the wonderful Jason Wells for donating his time and equipment so we could have astounding photos! Jenna Lee Coghlan, who I had never even met before that weekend- yall, did you get that? She came to help me and I didn’t even know her. I mean…who gets that crazy lucky to have people like that in their lives!? Ruthie, Logan an ...
Are you ready for some modifieds ? This Sunday look who's coming the best of the best. Kenny Phillips, Stephen Klinect, Joe Shannon, Kevin Jaycox jr, Norm Taylor , Kenny Sharp, Jeff Fade jr, Joe Quinn, John Bartlome , Craig Phillps, Travis Eddy, Dave Beverly, Tyler Shullick, Kenny Calhoun, Jeremey Wiggins, Ryan Cypher, Justin Hamilton, Jason Wells and I hope Mike Lawson. I know I forgot people but I left my list on my Racing at 7 pm
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Now THAT was a good time! Thank you Joe Mcmurrian, Rhys Thomas, Darka Dusty, Miri Stebivka, Natalia Burgess, Brittany Walsh, Curtis Carlyle, Deanna Settlemier, Teresa Boyd, Emily Hetrick, Jason Wells and all the other performers for your fantastic talents! Big love to all that came out to enjoy the show as well~ couldn't do it without ALL y'all!!!
"The Ohio SBDC's Capital Crash Course event is a great platform for small businesses to connect with lenders in an environment that fosters relationship building as opposed to just walking into a bank unrepresented." -- Jason Wells, Vice President Sales Manager Central Ohio, US Bank Thanks Jason - we appreciate you too!
This Monday is a great Monday because we have 35 more fans of Hero Energy Shot that are proving that Proud to be an American is not a phrase that is dead. Tigh Gustafson...Rochelle Ferrera...Darren Olach...Brian Andrews...Annette Cashman...Jones Foxx Jr.Chris Eno...Brian Petrow...Paul Holder...Matthew Flowers...Matthew Todd Flowers...Kristin Maynard Cauthon...Tyson Houchens...Robert Scoggin...Doug Asboe...Kristopher Hedin...David N. Wickstrom...Blake Wilder...Jon Paige...Walter Clark...David Gillum...Layne Muszanowski...Jonathan Daniels...Tad Harris...Benjamin Blatt...Ryan Adkins...Rodney Eslinger...Matthew Childs...Shawn Cabaniss...Roy Willhelm...Carmen Vigil...Gaby Nuno...Greg Croucher...Jason Wells...Kara Vaughan Marks...Sarah Clare...John Kamadulski and Rocky Bee thanks for showing you are proud to support the 32 million Americans in uniform that serve and protect this country.
I'd like to thank the following people. Mason Scott Miller, Shawnie Abbott, Jason Wells, James Rodriguez, Bethany Hernandez, Holli McFadden, Erik Thurston, and Leandra Grant. All of you are so wonderful. I've wanted to direct my own play for years and you all made it happen. I'm quite bummed that it's over now. I'm even more excited about the impressions that we made with the show though! We showed them that it's fun to be scared! It's been so fun working on this with all of you. Now it's on to the rest of the season. Let's make it a good one! :)
Jason Wells is an experienced guitarist who has been faithful to his craft for twenty years. Jason does not just play his guitar, but he owns the rights to the soulful music that streams from his fingers. Not your typical guitarist, with his rhythmic edgy blues spell binding guitar action, Jason...
So very proud of Brandon and his partner, Jason Wells, in the NC State Emergency Management Paramedic Competition. They did an awesome job and of course I think they should take the State title. The winner will be announced Tuesday evening at the banquet. You are a true blessing to me. Love you. Mom
Thanks you SGT Tonya Raymond and Miss/SGT Brinker and American Legion for coordinating the going away party for me and the Misses.. Thanks to all who came ouit last night.. I apologize not making it to your Retirement "Roast" CSM Jason Wells
I have the best friends in the world. They wake up with only 3 hours of sleep after partying it up with Somerset, run 5K, all under 30 minutes, and raise $700 to end Pancreatic Cancer. You guys mean a lot to me. You're all rock stars. Matthew Callis, Janet Si, James Taylor, Dave Paek, Sandra Dorn, Jason Wells, Julia Prange Wallerce, Chris Wallerce, Dan Wiener.
Chad Wagner and Jason Wells make up the team that is Glitch Wear. Creating custom, one-of-a-kind bags daily. We stopped by their shop at the Utah Arts Allian...
Thanks Mike Breen and CityBeat for writing this up and helping for algernon out. Jason Wells will be on the show...
Thanks to the great presenting artists at last Friday's Connect: Blake Palmer, Cat Palmer, Nick Ferrin, Matt Smith, Jason Wells, Stuart Hackworth, Chris Madsen, Dawn Taylor, Melissa Wise, Jason Rogers, Logan Madsen, Matthew Hall, Jessica Szerszen, and Mike McQueen A very special thanks to our great, most lovable, guest speaker Mary Ann Hess. Check out art from last Friday's Connect below:
Jason Wells and Bryan Bk Kelley - do you remember the TexAss poster incident from Iowa State? Sincerely, Beth and Lindsay
Donald Trump Chelsea Manning Liam Neeson Mark Wahlberg White House Keith Jackson President Trump Martin Luther King Jr North Korea Las Vegas President Donald Trump South Africa Premier League Ford Ranger Katie Couric Steve Bannon James Franco New Zealand Manchester United New Year Black Panther Meghan Markle Dua Lipa Saturday Night Live Everything You Need Middle East Bruce Weber Ed Sheeran Mario Testino Jurgen Klopp Los Angeles Alexis Sanchez Michelle Williams Taylor Swift Gary Oldman Philippe Coutinho Manchester City Harry Kane Chevrolet Silverado Aliso Canyon Michael Bond General Motors Golden Globes Girl Scouts William Still Mutual Fund Prince Harry Sammy Sosa Democratic Party Northern California New England Patriots Steve Wright Reese Witherspoon Milos Zeman Grand Slam Gigi Hadid Islamic State New Jersey Star Wars Australian Open Harvey Weinstein Woody Allen Washington State Korean Peninsula Puerto Rico Martin Luther King College Football Catherine Deneuve John Humphrys Le Mans Tom Cruise Michael Wolff Super Bowl Hurricane Harvey Matt Lauer West Ham Ramon Sessions Sam Rockwell Federal Election Commission Northern Ireland Kim Jong Un Missouri Gov Long Island Johnny Cash West Brom Folsom Prison Camp David True Lies Eric Clapton Dallas Mavericks Chicken Wings Pep Guardiola False Alarm Oprah Winfrey South Korea Southern California Theresa May Anne Pinnock Anthony Lawrence Ant McPartlin

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