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Jason Vargas

Jason Matthew Vargas (born February 2, 1983 in Apple Valley, California) is a Major League Baseball starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners.

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Fantasy Baseball: Could Kansas City's Jason Vargas possibly be this good?
A look back at Wednesday's leaderboard:. 1. . 2. Jay Bruce. 3. Jason Vargas
have now scored more off James Paxton (is really good) in 2+ innings than they did against Jason Vargas (is Jason Vargas) in 8
Jason Vargas is the first Royals pitcher to win his first 3 starts since Zack Greinke in 2009. Vargas is also the...
Jason Vargas and Wade Miley have gotten me 61 points in Fantasy Baseball in the last two days 👌🏻
This is the last time I ever pick somebody from the royals that isnt named jason vargas
Jason Kidd I thought we was friends...I think I still have ur Dallas jersey somewhere
That's good, but he's no Jason Vargas
I wonder how many people would've guessed a year ago that Danny Duffy and Jason Vargas would be our fearsome 1-2 punch in the rotation
Every pitcher is Jason Vargas against the Roys
Just as we all expected, Jason Vargas is the best pitcher in baseball
Jason Vargas now has an ERA of 0.44. Just. Wow
Coming up at 8:35pm ET on I will be asked, "I say Jason Vargas and you say..." Tune in for the surprise answer...
Jason Vargas, Cy Young would be a wonderful story.
The lowest ERA in any month by a Royals starting pitcher is 0.50 by Zack Greinke in April of 2009. Jason Vargas is at 0.4…
Apparently Jason Vargas' Tommy John surgery was performed using the ligament of Cy Young.
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RECAP: Madison Bumgarner pitches 6 solid innings in loss to Royals.
Jason Vargas isn't the hero the Royals expected, just the one they need.
Should you pick up Jason Vargas if he's still available? Probably, but understand it's a low-probability move:
Wire: Fantasy Baseball: Could Jason Vargas possibly be this good?
Been a good run for High Desert pitchers lately. Jason Vargas had great starts. We'll see if…
Wow, Jason Vargas just spectacular. Should have been 8 shutout innings. Will settle for 7.2 after a 2-out error. Standing o…
Honestly, I would like to see both Karns and Wood beat out Jason Vargas for a rotation spot.
Matt Chapman's first Triple-A homer comes off of a rehabbing Jason Vargas. Number 30 on the year for Chapman.
Jason Vargas back in form allowing a one out HR to Matt Chapman of Nashville
Jason Vargas COULD be back. He had surgery last May
what's the timetable on Jason Vargas?
*AMBER ALERT* Here is a better photo of missing 2 1/2 year old Jason Vargas.
Jason Vargas, hmmm where do I begin? He is super funny! Loud and knows how to have a good time!
Vargas called out on an odd call by home plate umpire Jason Harstick, out of the box on a drag bunt. Inning over. | Bottom 7, 7-2 SDSU leads
Somehow, Ned Yost found himself sharing this story about why the Royals signed Jason Vargas this morning:
Pre-triumphant Royals joke: John Lannan, David Huff, Brian Duensing, and Jason Vargas are all members of the squad.
you mean it's not that Jason Vargas is joining the site?
Normani Kordei slaying the red carpet. WORK QUEEN!
Here we have Jason Vargas shagging balls for Alex Gordon from the vantage of a creeper watching through a fence.
When jason sends you a text saying he misses his big brother 😭😭❤❤
pitcher Jason Vargas getting fitted for his 2015 Championship Ring.
Cruz strategist Jason Johnson: Rubio has an "even less plausible path to victory than Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s 'wait for Fl…
Royals say they hope Jason Vargas can contribute in 2016, but they would get some financial relief if he doesn't:
Royals still hope Jason Vargas can contribute in 2016. The history of Tommy John rehabs challenges that optimism:
Jason Vargas is in danger of missing all of 2016. Vargas, had Tommy John on August 5th.
Royals’ left-hander Jason Vargas in danger of missing entire 2016 season
don't expect Jason Vargas to contribute in 2016.
Royals don’t expect Jason Vargas to contribute ...
Timetable suggests Jason Vargas won't be a factor again until 2017. via
KC's Vargas: Too soon to think about '16 return
believe just a slim chance Jason Vargas pitches for them this year. 14 months is their timetable after TJ surgery. H…
Jason Vargas is officially on the 60-day disabled list. The Royals continue to express hope that he'll pitch in the majors …
.sign LHP Mike Minor to 2-year deal with mutual option for 2018; place LHP Jason Vargas on 60-day DL.
proud to host Wade Davis, Jason Vargas, & Mike Moustakas of the World Series Champion 
Now the Dodgers have the savings to get Josh Hamilton AND Jason Vargas.
I wrote a screenplay with you two in mind along with myself&Jason Statham. Please let me send you both the script
Wow! I just won this for free, 2014 Topps Jason Vargas
Yep! Jason Vargas but he's out for the rest of the season he had surgery on his arm. But he's there!!
This is kind of tough to watch… but let's be real, it's also kind of funny!. The ...
Chan *** Park! Mike Difelice! Jason Vargas! Ambiorix Burgos! Julio Franco! Ben Johnson, who we got for Heath Bell! David Newhan!
WATCH: Here's why you probably shouldn't swing your kid around helicopter style:
Casualty of the ALDS: jason Vargas' kid... via
Jonny Gomes celebrated the Royals' win by spinning his kid around and around.and right into Jason Vargas' toddler:
Royals' Jonny Gomes accidentally swings his kid into Jason Vargas' kid during the celebration
Hows Jason Vargas little kid doing after taking a roundhouse to the head?
It's a bad day for kids at the ballpark. Johnny Gomes and daughter take out Jason Vargas' kid
“I believe it was Jason Vargas' little one.” So maybe this is why he didn't make the playoff roster? 😂☺️
Maybe Jason Vargas's child needs to keep her/his head on a swivel.
Nobody with last name Vargas can avoid injuries. Glad Jason and his family are enjoying the playoffs with the rest of
I believe it was Jason Vargas' little one.
I think it was Jason Vargas kid who got hit.
Jonny Gomes used his own kid and Jason Vargas' kid to reenact the Gomes-Fuld collision in last year's AL wild card.
Jonny Gomes straight took out Jason Vargas's kid.
Did anyone else just notice Johhny Gomes and his daughter decapitate poor Jason Vargas' kid???
Jonny Gomes just tried to kill Jason Vargas' kid...
I forgot that Jason Vargas plays for the Royals.
Jason Vargas!!! He won't be playing though, just had surgery on his arm! The team is SPOT ON! We Will WIN!!!
be safe best friend. Hope I see you soon
Too bad Jason Vargas isn't still pitching for the Royals. We would have had two HD boys in the ALCS. Vargas is out with Tommy John surgery.
Friendly Reminder the Angels traded Kendrys for 1 year of Jason Vargas 👀😡😫
Jason Vargas emotional face is awesome
Local Weekly Paper Royals lose starting pitcher Jason Vargas to injury but top the Pirates…
Winning pitcher in Game 4 of 2014 ALCS Jason Vargas makes rehab start tonight. 7:05pm first pitch
Jason Vargas is going on the disabled list with a sore forearm. Joe Blanton will take his spot in the rotation. Brandon…
Speaking of KC, when did Jason Vargas become Ron Guidry?
Jason Vargas and faced off today. Who won the second Clash of the Vargi?
Lorenzo Cain homers, but Jason Vargas roughed up over 3 innings in 8-5 loss to Kennys Vargas and
Jason Frasor pulls Jason Vargas' nuts out of the fire for him by retrieving a bases loaded, no outs jam. Still 5-3 down after 4
Checking out the new True Blue app from the & in love with Jason Vargas' roster picture. 😂 💙
Jason Vargas’ “New” Weapon Against Left-Handed Hitters: Like most left-handed pitchers, Jason Vargas has had m...
jason Vargas didn't come close to that stat line?
that's what I'm saying I can barely get one 😂😂
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Done deal--baseball cleats for Jason Vargas, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals...all handpainted,…
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Alex Gordon, Jason Vargas, Mike Moustakas help Royals blank Twins to move over. 500: These were the Royal...
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Like it was farther than that Yoenis bomb off Jason Vargas, to a similar spot
Byron Maxwell. Secondary should be the priority RT"Eagles Nation: PICK ONE: Jason Worilds or Byron Maxwell."
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Newest Angel reliever Cesar Ramos was teammate with Jered Weaver and Jason Vargas at Long Beach State
Jason Vargas gave up 3 homeruns this postseason. Chris Iannetta, David Freese and Ryan Flaherty
Okay Royals fans: your prediction for Yordano Ventura's outing tonight? Post it below. LIVE GAME UPDATES: Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost says Jason Vargas would be the "long man" tonight: Yost answered the question, but obviously said he doesn't want that to happen.
I finally figured it out ... Jason Vargas looks like John Belushi.
Jason Vargas, Michael Morse, Don Wakamatsu, Raul Ibanez: all former Mariners who are in the World Series in some capacity.
Jason Vargas will do whatever he can to bring the pennant to KC.
Jason Vargas gets the ball for the going for the at home. Should KC have given the ball to James Shields in this spot?
Seriously though can you imagine Jason Vargas vs Adam Jones/Nelson Cruz/Pearce? Ned Yost has to be smart (LOL) instead of loyal here.
I really don't think the Royals are a top 2 team in the American League. Anyone rolling out Jason Vargas in Game 1 won't cut it. Go O's!
Not sure which is better: Lorenzo Cain's catch or Jason Vargas' reaction to it:
Hey, Trout. I went 2-5 with a 2B vs. Jason Vargas in my career. . Get on my level.
Way out! Chris Iannetta ties it up for the Angels with the solo shot to deep left off Jason Vargas. 1-1, bottom 3rd.
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Over/under runs given up in the first inning by Royals pitcher Jason Vargas tonight against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 2
Reminder that the longest HR hit in the major leagues this year was Mike Trout off Jason Vargas. So we got that going for us, which is nice
Ryan Lefevbre just added to the show. He'll be on at 3pm... Ned at 4:15, Game 2 starter Jason Vargas at 4:30, Jeff Passan at 5:25.
When someone makes fun of Mitch, Jerome, adam, Jason, Tyler, or Alex
Jason Vargas reportedly is available December to March for birthday parties, celebrity wrestling & bar mitzvahs.
Jason Peters is walking off after first down run
Your season isn't on the line in Game 163. It is in the potential wild-card game with Jason Vargas starting if Shields didn't.
Can't wait 'til Jason Vargas goes out and throws up 7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 7 K on Tuesday
The more I think about it, the more I can't imagine Ned starting Jason Vargas in an elimination game. He wouldn't, would he? Come on, man.
"good news, you get a home playoff game, but it may involve a must-win Jason Vargas start"
Ned Yost hoping Jason Vargas can channel his inner 2012 Jamie Moyer.
I want no part of Jason Vargas starting the WC game on Tuesday.
You mean the 9.00 ERA in the last 3 starts Jason Vargas?
Yeah, Jason Vargas in KC's first playoff game in 29 years doesn't have too great of a ring to it. Let's not let it come to that.
James Shields would start Monday on three days rest if the Royals force Game 163 in Detroit. If they lose, Jason Vargas would start Tuesday.
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with Jason Vargas or Jeremy Guthrie potentially starting!
I have been watching american dad on netflix for hours so bored
Vargas was dope! Went to catch Digweed after at Verboten also! Was sick
Congrats to Jason Vargas and the for clinching a playoff spot!
Wake and bake but we got no food some one help please
ATTN: KC Royals now accepting applications for a new starting pitcher after the release of Jason Vargas.
Jason Vargas takes the hill. He's making his fifth start vs. DET this season, so he's plenty familiar with the club
Nava hits slam, Red Sox rally past skidding Royals ... Daniel Nava's second career grand slam might not have come with the historical significance that his first did, but it was equally, if not more, pivotal. Nava's grand slam and Xander Bogaerts added a three-run shot and the Boston Red Sox rallied past the skidding Kansas City Royals 8-4 on Sunday. Kansas City blew a four-run lead and dropped three of four to the last-place Red Sox. The Royals fell 1 1-2 games behind Detroit, which beat Cleveland, in the AL Central. Kansas City is in the thick of the wild-card race. The Red Sox chased Jason Vargas (11-9) with one out in the sixth after Mookie Betts and Bogaerts singled. Reliever Aaron Crow walked Yoenis Cespedes to load the bases and struck out Allen Craig. Nava hit Crow's next pitch into the Red Sox bullpen for his second career grand slam and a 7-4 lead. Bogaerts homered in the third and got three hits. He also had a sacrifice fly and drove in four runs, giving him 11 RBIs in his past 15 games. Joe Ke ...
Including today, Yoenis Céspedes is 6-for-27 with 3 home runs lifetime vs Jason Vargas.
just wait until ManU signs Jason Vargas.
Jason Vargas, Peter Bourjos nearing returns for Angels - The Angels' Jason Vargas came out of Saturday’s...
Got a ball from Jason Vargas. Good start to a great night at the k and ready for a big W by the royals
Details? RT"TRADE: Kings send veteran Jason Terry to the Rockets. (via Yahoo)"
Wearing a Mariner Jason Vargas shirsey to a Mets/Phillies game in New York: awesome or terrible?
Jason Vargas is going to be my ace.
NBA veteran Jason Collins talks to Jose Antonio Vargas about coming out.
Recommendation by :Jason Vargas has now allowed 10 or m...
Royals' division lead shrinks with loss to Tribe: Jason Vargas' throwing error keyed a pivotal three...
so, Jason Vargas.. did he just disappear? because.. he wasn't in the shot on that play to first
The "Juggling Jason Vargas" we expected at the beginning of the year, but have seldom seen, appears to be making back-to-back appearances.
Vargas throws the bunt into RF. Always let the catcher field that, Jason. Always.
Danny Salazar takes the mound for the Indians in the opener of a critical series in Kansas City. Game Thread:
are back at it tonight at Kauffman Stadium with Jason Vargas on the mound. Catch them at 7:10.
I need a big game from Jason Vargas tonight
are 8 and 2 at night at home when JASON VARGAS starts last 10.
“Jason Vargas and the open a crucial series with the Indians tonight at 7:10 CT. we got Vargas tonight! Yess
Jason Vargas starts for Royals as critical set against Cleveland ...
James Shields, Yordano Ventura, Jason Vargas, Danny Duffy and Jeremy Guthrie is a pretty good rotation. That's all I'm saying.
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Jason Vargas, David Ortiz and the performances of the week
Jason Vargas, still helping the He shutout the A's, so his former club can move t2 1/2 GB tonight. You know, if they hit a little.
Remember when Jason Vargas was on Johnny Carson in 1985?
Willingham played with LHP Jason Vargas with and KC pro scouting director Gene Watson was w/during Hammer's time.
Vargas gets a tough matchup in return to Royals' rotation: Jason Vargas returns to the Kansas City rotation af...
how did Jason Vargas not make this list?
Vargas, Royals hit ninth-inning wall against M's Lefty gives up go-ahead single after convincing Yost to extend start By *** Kaegel / SEAVargas gives up two runs over 8 2/3 innings KANSAS CITY -- Time for a crucial managerial decision. Two out, two on, score tied in the ninth inning. Royals starter Jason Vargas has pitched a great game. Leave him in or go get him? "You know going into it, if it works, you're a smart guy. If it doesn't, you're the dumbest guy in the stadium," manager Ned Yost said wryly. "And I turned out to be the dumbest guy in the stadium today." Yost chose to stick with Vargas, who promptly gave up the RBI single to Dustin Ackley that gave the Seattle Mariners a 2-1 victory on Saturday at Kauffman Stadium. It was the Royals' third straight loss following a 10-game winning streak. There were few doubters about Vargas' chances to finish the ninth. He got through the first eight innings on 93 pitches. When Kyle Seager doubled into the right-center gap with two outs, Yost went to . ...
Kansas City Royals hold on to beat hot-hitting Cleveland Indians 9-5 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Jason Vargas cooled down hot-hitting Cleveland, Eric Hosmer hit a two-run homer and the Kansas City Royals held on for a 9-5 victory over the Indians on Tuesday night. Hosmer also drove in a run during a four-run fourth inning. Alex Gordon homered in the eighth and Mike Moustakas hit a two-run shot later that inning as the Royals (32-32) moved back to .500 by matching their second-best run total of the season. Vargas (6-2) gave up six hits and hit three batters with pitches, but didn't allow a run until Jason Kipnis drove in a pair with a two-out double in the eighth. Tim Collins entered and gave up another run before Aaron Crow yielded two more in the ninth. Corey Kluber (6-4), who dominated the Royals earlier this season, allowed six runs — three earned — and six hits over five innings. He struck out five and walked two. Both starters dominated for the first couple of innings, Vargas using guile to keep Cl ...
Jason Vargas gives up a two-run double, and he is done. He pitched a great game. In comes Tim Collins.
David Murphy (CLE) hit by Jason Vargas (KC), 5th inning, 87mphFT. B-g1s1c7 P-g1s3c27 David Murphy is now tied for 411th in CLE history
In a ceremony held at Green Tree Golf Course, the 2014 "Athletes of the Year" along with the "Award of Merit" winners were announced. Awards of Merit, which carry a $750 scholarship were presented to: Jed Phillips from Academy For Academic Excellence, Jeannine Lugo from University Prep, and Tommy Anderson and Schae Graham from Oak Hills High School. Named as the Athletes of the Year and winners of a $2000 scholarship were Addison Woods from Hesperia Christian, Daniel Stratton from Lucerne Valley High School, Melissa Fairchild from Serrano High School, and Mason Kelley from Apple Valley High School. Also honored were Pete Delagardelle as the recipient of the "Community Service Award" and the golf tournament sponsors, Jimmy Hall, Apple Valley Communications, Mitsubishi Cement Corporation, Elizabeth Cardenas-Gonzalez Allstate insurance, Jason Vargas of the Kansas City Royals, Rancho Motor Company, Aerospace Manufacturing Group, Inc, and Title Sponsor ISU Insurance Services, ARMAC Agency. Congratulations ...
The Country Mart On-Deck Show with Josh Vernier is on the air now. and White Sox, game 1, coming up in about one hour. Jason Vargas (4-1 3.00 ERA) takes the bump for the good guys opposite Scott Carroll (1-3 5.24 ERA). As the weather heats up, can the keep the bats hot?
win 6-1! Jason Vargas is 3-1 on the year. 8:10 Central first pitch on Saturday, starts.
[Miami Herald] - Jason Vargas shines in return to old park as Royals cruise
Eric Stults will be a Royal before his career his over depending on how long Dayton keeps his job. Fits the Bruce Chen/Jason Vargas mold.
The Ryan Goins-less Blue Jays march into Kansas City tonight to start a three-game series with the 12-12 Royals. Taking the mound tonight is left-hander Jason Vargas going up against the Jays...
Batter Up for Friday Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista is 6-for-17 with two home runs in his career against J. Masterson. Angels right-hander Jered Weaver has allowed five home runs through his first 18 2/3 innings this season. Tigers outfielder Austin Jackson is 2-for-13 and has fanned six times versus Weaver. Chris Tillman of the Orioles has held current Red Sox players to a .200 batting average. Rangers slugger Prince Fielder is 4-for-8 with two home runs against White Sox right-hander Felipe Paulino. Minnesota's Joe Mauer is 9-for-21 with six RBI's lifetime versus Kansas City lefty Jason Vargas. Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun is 7-for-15 with a homer in his career against Pirates starter Charlie Morton. Atlanta outfielders Jason Heyward and Justin Upton are a combined 17-for-39 against Mets starter Jonathon Niese. Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp is 5-for-15 with a pair of home runs against Arizona starter Wade Miley. Padres outfielder Seth Smith has just two hits in 26 lifetime at-bats versus M. Cain.
Longoria singles off former LBSU Dirtbag teammate Jason Vargas. And Cesar Ramos is pitching too - it's Dirtbag Night here…
Only five games left on today's schedule, and one -- San Diego at Cleveland -- is in weather jeopardy. So delay as long as you can before you start Corey Kluber, Jason Kipnis or Nick Swisher for the Tribe. SP-wise, it's slim pickings with a Coors Field game among those left on the docket (needless to say, totally avoid Felipe Paulino and Jordan Lyles). If Mike Moore's command issues are too risky for you (as they are for me), Jason Vargas and Scott Kazmir probably are the best of the bunch. John Lackey also could be in line for a W, facing Tanner Scheppers off his horrible debut start, and now at Fenway. You'll likely see many Rockies lineup stacks tonight. Beyond the obvious CarGo and Tulo, red-hot Charlie Blackmon, Michael Cuddyer and still-reasonably-priced Wilin Rosario and Nolan Arenado can work. And don't forget the White Sox, either. Adam Eaton and Jose Abreu leading the list. I also like Big Papi and hot Mike Napoli for the Sox; Salvador Perez and bargain-play Omar Infante for the Royals.
It's a fact. Jason Vargas' favorite Huey Lewis song is, "Power of Love". The won a World Series last time it was popular.
URPRISE, Ariz. -- James Shields and Jason Vargas will start the Kansas City Royals' first two games of the season at Detroit. James Shields will start the Royals' season opener against the Tigers. Manager Ned Yost announced opening starters Saturday and says Wade Davis is no longer a candidate for a spot in the rotation. Davis made 24 starts before being sent to the bullpen last season. Yost says the decision on Davis was made after Luke Hochevar was lost for the season to reconstructive elbow surgery. Yost says left-hander Danny Duffy and rookie right-hander Yordano Ventura are the remaining candidates to fill out the rotation. Jeremy Guthrie, who led the Royals with 15 victories last year, will start the home opener on April 4 against the Chicago White Sox. Shields, who started the opener last season, was 13-9 with a 3.15 ERA las
Milwaukee has struck a deal that will allow them to keep James Shields. They send Jason Vargas and Johan Santana to Clev for Josh Beckett.
Jason Vargas has been worth 8.3 rWAR since 2010, more than Derek Holland, Justin Masterson, and Matt Garza
Man why is that news tho wow you signed Jason Vargas he gonna win the Cy Young dude 😩😩😩
Better hand over the World Series to my as we signed Jason Vargas today. PATHETIC. I think we need a fire Dayton Moore campaign
Jason Vargas and Jeremy Guthrie are two peas in a mediocre pod.
Jason Vargas gets 4 years and $32 million from the and Matt Garza is the one celebrating, knowing he's got a 5-y…
Pack it in, folks. Jason Vargas is going to win the 2014 Cy Young.
If you like Jeremy Guthrie you should like Jason Vargas. Guthrie career ERA 4.24 & 1.321 WHIP. Vargas career ERA 4.30 & 1.319 WHIP.
Nothing says "don't buy a rotation in FA" like paying Jeremy Guthrie and Jason Vargas a combined $19 million in 2014.
Jason Vargas; when Jeremy Guthrie wasn't quite enough.
You three years from now: "Why can't the Royals resign Eric Hosmer? Oh, they're still paying Jason Vargas."
the four players who are 0-10 for their careers against Jason Vargas: Jason Donald, David DeJesus, Derrek Lee, and...Alex Rodriguez
Jason Vargas. Sounds like we have a LHP Jeremy Guthrie.
Jason Vargas can pick my lottery numbers any day.
Jason Vargas, meet Alex Gordon. He's going to save your a** about two and a half times a game.
Jason Vargas! For when Jeremy Guthrie has taught you nothing at all.
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Nolasco makes sense too “Angels continue to make (Jason) Vargas FA priority and also have pursued most set-up relievers"
I like Jason Vargas most of the group. Not too much of a selection huh?
Stults is probably just as good as Jason Vargas and a *** of a lot cheaper. Angels get another young, controllable arm and perhaps more.
other than JJ.. Colby Lewis would be a solid pickup for cheap..Others: Phil Hughes, Scott Baker, Jason Vargas, Ryan Vogelsong
why don't the sign a pitcher like Jason Vargas? He seems like a good 4-5 guy in the rotation?
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Jason Vargas. Scott Kazmir. They've also checked in on Johan, but he's very, very much a long-shot.
Arroyo is a low-ceiling but solid back end SP, yet I don't think he's that big of an upgrade over potentially letting Jason Vargas walk
Bronson Arroyo is essentially an older, right-handed version of Jason Vargas. Why, then, am I so against signing Arroyo when I'm for Vargas?
I woke up at 5 I feel ready for the day right now lol
Phillies could be targeting Paul Maholm and Jason Vargas: The Philadelphia Phillies are in need of starti...
Jason Peters starts at LT and WR Brad Smith dresses for his first game as an Eagle.
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The weekend is finally here! Join us TONIGHT as Chicago's makes his Apart debut at w/ JASON ALLEN + JOSE VARGAS.
they became a Marlins affiliate the next year & Grasshoppers in 05. (Josh Johnson/Andino/Hermida/Jason Vargas best from FLA era)
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Jason Vargas Music Project has a show on 11/16/2013 at 04:00 PM @ Mel... in St. Louis, MO
Angels pitcher Jason Vargas placed on disabled list - "You always want to keep pitching. But at the...
A's stymied by Weaver in chase for AL's top record Offense held to one run in righty's seven innings as Straily takes loss . For much of the second half, the A's have made a habit out of humbling some of the game's best starters, and that's putting it lightly. Oakland has already beaten up on Max Scherzer and Yu Darvish, also recording wins against the likes of Justin Verlander and David Price. But Jered Weaver? Well, he still owns the A's. A day after being shut out by lefty Jason Vargas, the A's managed just one run on five hits in seven innings against Weaver, who locked up the series win for Los Angeles in dealing Oakland a 3-1 loss. The A's had totaled 49 runs over five games before these two losses, the latest of which sets them back 1 1/2 games behind the Red Sox for best American League record, which would secure them the top seed in the playoffs. However, they still remain 1 1/2 games ahead of the Tigers, who play in Minnesota later Wednesday, while the Red Sox go to work in Colorado. Weaver face ...
Jeff Fletcher (like warnings have been issued after Jason Vargas hits Josh Donaldson with a pitch. Trout got hit yesterday.
Some one make plans with me for tonight
"Of Jered Weaver, C.J. Wilson, Jason Vargas and Garrett Richards would be enough to field a competitive rotation. Within his piece."
If the don't resign Jason Vargas, the should look into a one year deal. Inner eater, left handed and would be a 5th starter.
Given the recent success of the Angels' starters, Alden Gonzalez examines whether or n...
I kinda need some one to talk to ...
What do you think of Jason Vargas, Scott Feldman, or Phil Hughes as FA pickups?
Sign Joe Saunders, they said. He's the same type of fly ball pitcher as Jason Vargas, they said. He'll be fine, they said.
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Jeez, I think even signing Jason Vargas might be worth it.
Guess who's the only player to win an AL Pitcher of the Month this year AND last year...JASON VARGAS.
As LH Jason Vargas was reminded in loss to it's not easy to shut down a team in back-to-back starts.
Jason Vargas of the took his 56th career loss last night, placing him in a 18-way tie for 1,230th place on the all-time list.
Angels' streak ends on rough night for Vargas: Jason Vargas was unable to repeat his recent history against th...
Vargas falters in 7-1 loss to Rays: ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Jason Vargas struggled with his command, and Matt...
Jason Vargas struggles in defeat: Angels starter Jason Vargas suffered the loss Tuesd...
Angels Stung By Rays, Lose 7-1: It was less than a week ago that Jason Vargas faced the Tampa Bay Rays. In tha...
Tomorrow im gunna say and do everything that comes to mind so if im acting weird you all no why
Jason Vargas is done for the night, Juan Gutierrez now pitching for the 4-1 game with no outs in the fifth
Go screw yourself with a waffle iron Jason Vargas.
starter Jason Vargas has allowed the leadoff hitter to reach base in 3 of 4 innings: 2 singles, 1 HR.
Jason Vargas gets Wil Myers swinging to get out of the jam... lead 2-1 going to the bottom of the third
starter Jason Vargas gives up HR to Desmond Jennings, then loads bases with no outs and gets out of it, T3.
Base hit, and now the bases are loaded with no outs. A tale of two different Jason Vargas's, to be certain.
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i remember jason vargas being garbage w the marlins. How is he still in the league?
Gosh our only hope in baseball in the HD so far has been Jason Vargas and he blows ***
Took all of two pitches for Jason Vargas to give the the lead back. Jeez.
Jason Vargas needs just eight pitches to get through the first, allows a single from Longoria, very aggressive against the lefty
My day is made : signed and took a picture with me, Jason Vargas and Iannetta touched my hand 😭⚾❤👼
I might just get suspended so i can get out of school
I really don't want to go to school tomorrow...
Coming up on at 630p, Gubi talks Jason Vargas & chats player evaluation w/ thoughts from Mike Scioscia
My boy jason vargas is pitching tonight. This is the only time I will watch the angels.
Can we not make Jason Vargas look like Cy Young again
This is cool: Jason Vargas' JC coach (Scott Pickler) is throwing the ceremonial first pitch. Vargas throws the real first pitch.
Just for a spot start in a 12 player league who is the better choice, Jason Vargas or Michael Wacha?
btw his reward for dutiful service was release in favor of Jason Vargas. LOWV is a cruel game
Jason Vargas (LHP) to start for Los Angeles Angels at home against Tampa Bay Rays
I honestly didnt no what holiday it was i was just happy to not go to school lol
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Im gunna quit smoking and get a job
Jerry Dipoto decided on getting the 3,4,and 5starters by getting Blanton, trading for Jason Vargas , and trading for Tommy Hanson
Not to mention Weaver, Wilson & Jason Vargas. And Ernesto Ferrari & Sean Burnett are really good at the back end of the pen!
Jason Vargas has been impressive in his first year with the Angels. He has a 3.65 ERA and comes of the DL tomorrow at Yankee Stadium
AJ hit one off Jason Vargas during freeway series just before opening day...
Angels better hope Jason Vargas, and Tommy Hanson return from the DL soon and they beter hope they can get a starting pitcher befor deadline
Psst... Joe, Jerome, you guys do know Tommy Hanson & Jason Vargas are coming back soon.
Tommy Hanson comes back Tuesday, boy do the need Jason Vargas from May to come back ASAP.
Angels updates: Tommy Hanson, Jason Vargas, Sean Burnett: As the Angels' offense is starting to come arou...
RH Tommy Hanson and LH Jason Vargas take significant steps in return from injuries.
The Nats need bottom of the rotation help. No need to sell the farm for Garza. Jason Vargas or Tommy Hanson would be fine.
Tommy Hanson and Jason Vargas need to come back healthy soon so we boot Blanton out of the starting rotation.
Trade Jim Johnson, Jake Arrieta, Pedro Strop, and Travis Ishikawa for Jason Vargas (and a reliever if we could swing one).
So your former Mariner news of the day is a Josh Wilson DFA and Jason Vargas having a blood clot in his armpit.
Jared Weaver, CJ Wilson, Tommy Hanson, and Jason Vargas. 1,2,3,4 but *** we need to find a gem at 5..please cut Blanton! ❤⚾
Jason Vargas deserves to be call Mister May... 5-0 2.30 ERA.
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Was able to tailgate with last nights starting pitcher Jason Vargas
they do have jason vargas dude's good. U goin to one of the regional games i wish i could teleport down
Breaking News: Jason Vargas helps Angels earn a split: The Angels have a long way to go to become the World Se...
Jason is the only pitcher to win 5 games in May
Jason Vargas tops in W this month after improving to 5-0 w/2.30 ERA in May; 1st P since '96 w/5 May wins
You know who didn't get better is Jason Vargas
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