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Jason Terry

Jason Eugene Terry (born September 15, 1977) is an American professional basketball player playing with the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.

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Proper Deep House music, made in San Antonio 'Life on the Road'
to honor terry jason must follow in cohost of the mid day show. It's his rightful place
This must be how Jason Terry felt when LeBron dunked on him
and still was cooked by Corey brewer and a 36-year-old Jason terry
Jason Terry and Zach Randolph are the greatest Crips in NBA history
But instead he got locked up by Jason Terry.
demarco Murray, Jason Witten, miles Austin, Terry Glenn, T Williams, his o line has been great
Doesn't that make Karl the Jason Terry of motivating Jason Terry?
offensively he was! *** got the conference finals with Jason Terry as his starting PG
Add Reggie Evans, Jason Terry, and Wilson Chandler to list of players coming out against George Karl.
Jason Terry says this is one of the most exciting starts to an season since he came into the league
At this rate Jason Terry and Jamal Crawford will be HOFers
Jason Terry says he always had extra motivation facing George Karl teams because Karl told him he'd never make it in the N…
Jason Terry in that run was playing like RS Kyrie. Chandler was a defensive anchor. Kidd great passer, Marion defen…
Jason Terry daps up JR Smith, Tony Snell gets an easy bucket
JR: lock up y'all we need a stop. JR to JR: there go Jason Terry haven't seen him in a minute
how he get enough mt to cop that legendary Jason Terry?
JR: I have to guard my man and protect the hoop on this set . Dark Swish: Yo is that Jason Terry? 😂
J.R. Smith: Play defense and lock in. Inner J.R. To J.R.: Say "what's up" to Jason Terry on the bench first.
JR Smith left his man to say wassup to Jason Terry. Hennessy still in his system.
JR Smith decides to give Jason Terry a hug on the opposing bench rather than playing defense. MORON!.
J.R.'s explanation for dapping Jason Terry. 😂.
JR Smith stopped to say what's up to Jason Terry, as his man scored an easy wide open basket. (via ht…
JR with a sold explanation on why he left the inbounds play to go talk to Jason Terry:
J.R. Smith's response to losing his man on defense while speaking to Jason Terry may be better than the play itself 😂. (…
J.R. Smith stopped playing defense to say what's up to Jason Terry 😂
J.R. Smith gave up an easy dunk while saying hi to Jason Terry on the Bucks bench - SB Nation
J.R. Smith is too busy dapping Jason Terry on the bench to play defense on Tony Snell.
Shoot jumpshot like Brent Barry, Kyle Korver, Jason Terry. and if a *** try to take my cash, No Pastor Troy but we ready !
Dirk, Michael Finley, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry all in the American Airlines Center rn... Suit em up, Cuban!!
NBA All-time 3-point leaders. Ray Allen. Reggie Miller. Jason Terry. wait what
Vince Carter, Dirk, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Manu, and Paul Pierce the only active players from the 90's still in the league.
NBA Players left from the 90s: Paul Pierce, Dirk, Ron Artest, Jason Terry, Vince Carter, Manu
and you got a punk like Jason terry who calls Kawhi Leonard a b player lol
Feels like we as a population really missed an opportunity to nickname Jason Terry's assists "Dishin' Terry"
And if you're having a bad day, just remember Jason Terry guaranteed the win. They lost by 33.
St Arnaud: Double to Jason Lyon whule the Cup went to Golden Oldies for Terry and Karina O'Sullivan & Jessica Eaton
Presume White won't play much / at all this season. Vasiljevic will get buckets anywhere but undersized for SG (Jason Terry role?)
Somewhere in the world there's a Nikka whose basketball player is jason terry
Jason Terry weighs in on the presidential candidates, the national anthem protests and a whole lot more:
Jason Terry forever represents crip when a 3 drops lol
Nothing beats that highlight of LeBron posterizing Jason Terry in Boston
kd said he's a system player. Jason Terry also called him and klay lesser players.
How many texts is Jason Terry getting right now?
Remember when Jason Terry said Leonard was a "B-Side player"???
Yall groupies can have the dubs, my spurs looking solid. Jason Terry has some nerve calling kawhi a B side player 🤔
What kind of B-side player does Jason Terry think Kawhi Leonard is, again
Sorry Jason Terry, we now have a 2nd greatest Mav of all time.
What was it that Jason Terry said about Kawhi? .
if Jason terry gets it tatted I'll believe it.
This is irrelevant because MJ didn't choose who he plays in the Finals... LeBron was guarded by Jason Terry in 2011…
At the ring ceremony, did Lebron James honor Jason Terry who was killed by his vicious dunk in 2013?
LeBron James becomes the 1st player since Jason Kidd (2006) to record a triple-double in a season opener.
Paul Pierce is 4th All Time in most 3 Pointers made in NBA History. . Behind only Jason Terry , Reggie Miller & . Ray A…
Dirk. . Paul Pierce. Vince Carter. Jason Terry. Metta World Peace. Only 5 players left who debuted in the 90's are still on NB…
Bucks will be signing Jason Terry, not Ray Allen, for last roster spot. Everything is fine. Everything is ok.
pulled the Jason Terry and Ray Allen-Heat cards. Ray for real does not miss! Been shooting 60% + from 3
With Kevin Garnett retired now, players from the 90's still in the NBA are:. • Vince Carter. • Jason Terry. • Dirk Nowitzki…
Man nobody was stopping the Celtics when they Had Rondo, Paul , KG , Ray Allen & Jason Terry @ me
KG taking Adrian Griffin, Josh Howard, Eric Dampier and Jason Terry to the Finals?
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
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Luke Walton 'utterly declined' Jason Terry's proposal to bring his 'veteran leadership' to the Utterly declined 😂😂
Jason Terry tried to join the in free agency
Before signing with MIL, Jason Terry made a pitch to Luke Walton about joining the Lakers. https:/…
I have no idea how Luke Walton "utterly declined" Jason Terry but I wish I were there for that
SS&R - Jason Terry tried to join the Lakers in free agency: However, his fellow Arizona alumni was no...
Luke Walton don't want Jason Terry old *** lmao
Jason Terry wanted to join the Lakers, but Luke Walton wasn’t interested
Jason Terry reportedly pitched the idea of bringing his 'veteran leadership' to the Lakers but Luke Walton 'utterly declined…
Jason Terry called Luke Walton to let him know that he wanted to play in Los Angeles for a year and maybe coach after. Luke…
The Jet has landed in Milwaukee. Since John Henson wears Jason Terry has selected to open his Bucks career.
The Milwaukee Bucks have signed free agent guard Jason Terry »
Jason Terry says Kevin Durant's Warriors switch is good for the L.A. Clippers
Jason Terry and Trevor Ariza says on that Kobe Bryant was better than Tim Duncan and LeBron James https:/…
. Point Guards that were facing Curry in the 2015 playoffs:. Norris Cole. Beno Udrih. Jason Terry. Dellvadova
Curry was matching up with Beno Udrih, Norris Cole, Jason Terry, and Delly 😂
all not on mavs. . 1. Steve Nash . 2. Jason Kidd . 3. Shawn Marion . 4. Jason Terry. 5. Josh Howard
Him and Novak shooting the lights out, pipe DM, alley from Prigioni, dunk on Manu, elbow to Jason Terry
My man Richard Jefferson is retiring.I'm happy guys like KG, Vince Carter, and Jason Terry are still around to root for.
Jason Terry do you know who this is? — attending Newsboys with special guest Audio Adrenaline at Fraze Pavilion
“If Howard comes to Dallas they’ll be talking about Dallas in the likes of winning a championship,” -Jason Terry
Mike Bibby and Miles Simon with Jason Terry coming off the bench has got to be the coldest trio of Guards.
Just a note on Dirk's Top 10 all time greatness. He brought a team out the West twice with Jason Terry as the second best player lol
.LeBron James sends Jason Terry to the CROSSROADS. via
Jason Terry said he sees a really good defender in James Harden. The two have been working together on that this week.
Mavs: . Dirk . Jason Terry . Devin Harris/Jason Stackhouse . . I suspect they'll be dealing a couple of guards for a good big guy sometime soon.
I added a video to a playlist Kenny Smith vs Jason Terry - The Real Jet - Inside the NBA
its the same thing when JR Smith elbowed Jason Terry durin the game 3 Knicks/Celtics 2012 Playoffs.Jr got one suspension cuz of it
what about the Jason Terry kick to Michael Finley?
Gotta suspend Draymond Green. JR Smith got suspended for nicking Jason Terry with his elbow.
Jason Terry paid the price for that turn over 🙏🏾
It wasn't just Paul Pierce wasn't a top 7 talent and it was KG and Jason Terry were involved.
that Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, and KG trade gave him hella picks and bread. They got like 3 first round picks lol
They traded Paul Pierce, KG and Jason Terry in 2013 for the Nets 14' 16' 17' & 18' 1st round pick.
When the Nets get Jason Terry, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce & KG, and win the East next year >>>
They gave up the pick to the Celtics when they traded it for KG, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry
Hey Brooklyn how is that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry trade working out for you guy's Smh
nets really traded it all away for 80 year olds KG, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry
Jason Terry on : "I honestly did not know who Sasha Kaun was. He was not in the scouting report."
Reminds me of the minute that Jason Terry didn't know who the *** Sasha Kaun was
Jason Terry the best PG in the league
Joe Johnson and Jason Terry not walking in the Phillips Arena
The three players that should retire. In other words their phone might not ring this summer, Vince Carter, Jason Terry & Andre Miller.
Jason Terry is that drunk old uncle that thinks he can still ball
I still hate Jason Terry even more when he acts like a jet lol
"I guarantee Justin Bieber will go down as one of the greatest artists of all time." - Jason Terry.
Wrote this about Jason Terry's exceptional career last year. Easily one of my favorite all-time Mavericks.
Jason Terry goes scoreless after guaranteeing Game 5 win over Warriors
"Jason Terry had a major fail. jet fuel can't take off beyond E light lol
Jason Terry : 0 points on 0-8 shooting, 0-5 from 3 & 5 rebounds in 22 minutes off the bench
Jason Terry is ready to to his couch with his guarantee
What is thinking about Jason Terry's prediction from one jet to another
"I guarantee victory" - Jason Terry on Game 5 in Oakland tonight . LOOK:
I bet Jason Terry is feeling like an *** considering he guaranteed a win at Golden State tonight! 🤔🤔
Jason Terry just guaranteed the Rockets are winning in Golden State tomorrow night.
Jason Terry. Kevin Martin. Mike Dunleavy. Glen Davis. Dwight Howard. I would buy season tickets to boo this team.
Can we just get Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Jason Terry, and Caron Butler back? 😂😂
This was just in 2011. And that team had Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd.
The closet is Steve Nash and I would consider him a Sun. And maybe Jason Terry or Tyson Chandler would be the closet.
Tim Duncan last guy left from 97' draft. 98' - you still have VC, Dirk, Pierce. 99'-Andre Miller, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Ginobili.
On his way out of the locker room, Jason Terry saw me checking out Jazz-Mavs score on my phone, said, "See you at Gold…
Jason Terry to Mavs assistant Darrell Armstrong: "D.A! D.A.! I'm gonna wear his *** out!" J.J. Barea is guarding him.
the fact was 60 year old Jason Terry created more value for them in the role they NEEDED n Bev outplayed
Jason Terry interviewed for the UAB job yesterday. IF UW ever let Lorenzo Romar go, Terry would be my choice to replace him.
206 town biz “Isaiah Thomas on Jamal Crawford: "He's meant the world to me. Without him and guys like Jason Terry...
I'm calling it now. Jason Terry is bound for the same tomfoolery Fisher got himself into. I just know these things.
I'm truly hoping Drew Gooden, Marquis Daniels and Jason Terry can make it to the final game
Jason Terry been cripping too long to go out like this.
youre stupid if you think Jason Terry, Aaron Gordon, and Stanley Johnson aren't good draft picks
Swap Wes Matthews with 2011 Jason Terry and we'd be killing it
Jason Terry is one of my favorite players all time. I even wore the high socks and headband when I played.
Jason Terry can still get a deuce. 😂
Least favorite basketball players in the entire world:. 1. Derek Fisher. 2. Jason Terry. 3. J.J. Frazier
if I can warm up to Jason Terry as a Rocket, you can warm up to Mike Wallace as a Texan
Jason Terry in for Josh Smith, which makes sense since Smith is basically playing shooting guard anyway. Matched up with Gordon, taking 3s.
lol that line up was not inferior... Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler where great pieces.
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yeah but in '11 he had a healthy Bosh and Wade. Dirk had old *** J Kidd, JJ Barea, Tyson Chandler and Jason Terry.
Jason Terry still hitting huge clutch 3s even though he’s been in the league since like eight Hawks jerseys ago.
You will have to throw in Derrick Williams. And they could possibly give us Ty Lawson and Jason Terry.
Isaiah Thomas was coached by Jason Terry's dad, dating back to second grade. {HT
Isaiah Thomas looking like Jason Terry on the court
Mike Bibby, Andre Iguodala, Richard Jefferson, Jason Terry, Steve Kerr, Sean Elliot, etc... Take the L on this one
Cleveland should trade Tristen Thompson & moe Williams 4 rockets and LBJ's long time bff Jason terry
Jason Terry can only use bad words to describe the Rockets' chemistry
just like Jamal Crawford and Jason Terry were point guards.
Finding it REAL hard 2 believe any of em woulda lost a Finals on team w/ 2 other hall of famers 2 team whose 2nd best player was Jason Terry
Jason Caffey rolling over in his grave! Chris Mills rolling over in his grave, Terry Cummings rolling over in his grave
Throw back to this photo of Jason Terry for ESPN magazine.
Dwight Howard and Jason terry for Hassan whiteside
Arch of the eyebrow at the name drop, Terry crossing his arms slightly. “Jason... Todd?”
Rockets finished in the West & went to WCF w/ Jason Terry at PG. They then added Ty Lawson its farfetched to say th…
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Rockets interim coach JB Bickerstaff on team: "We're broken. It's that simple”
not terrible. Jason Terry is a shooter, right?
This Terry will only be available to download till midnight (friday) dont miss it, dont wanna be gutted now do ya
Jason Terry walks through the media room on way to the locker room. "No chemistry with that group. F* horrible."
"You will have learnt a lot for having read this book"- Jason Terry, Commercial Director of
lol & pierce is not number 3 all time Jason Terry is
Jason Terry throws a little bow at Meyers Leonard, Meyers looking around the yard for a CO
Jason Terry throws an elbow at Meyers Leonard, gets called for a tech, then shakes Leonard's hand. And we play on.
Jason Terry gave a baby elbow to Meyers Leonard and got a Tech. Don't like the call.
Jason Terry with an elbow to the side of Meyers Leonard. More tame than what Greg Monroe did a week ago. Refs call a tech on Terry.
Jason Terry throws a (pretty weak) elbow into Meyers Leonard's ribs and gets hit with a tech.
Jason Terry be rocking that Paul Pierce arm band 💀💀😂😂
Shooting the Heat should consider trading for (in my opinion):. Isaiah Canaan. Wayne Ellington . Jason Terry . Garrett Temple
Jason Terry passed Kenny Anderson for 55th all-time in assists.
I hate when Ty Lawson, Jason Terry, Corey Brewer and Josh Smith are all in at the same time. They all look the same with those headbands on
Andrew just can't stop being violent at games. Coach Oates should call Jason Terry for support
And I'll be four hours away from Devin Harris.. But 30 minutes from Jason Terry..
Jason Terry had no idea who Sasha Kaun was
Jason Terry had no clue who Cavs center Sasha Kaun was. Had to double check his uniform.
Rockets not happy with Richard Jefferson fouling Harrell, Jason Terry chirping at him.
Rockets. Just trade Ty Lawson and keep Jason Terry. Bring back Josh Smith. It is the only way the team can get better.
Jason Terry's cranium is colossal fam. The only thing resembling the NBA Finals trophy 💀
when Lebron ended Jason Terry's career😳🔥. (Vine by
*** it Jason Terry, you're giving me a heart attack bigging up the crowd when the clock is still alive.
Jason Terry is that guy you hate to see face your team, but if he were on your team, you'd love him.
KG, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry were pretty young, right?
How is Billy King still GM of the Nets? He gave up our 1st round picks in '14-'16-'18 for Paul Pierce, KG, and Jason Terry
KG, Pierce, Jason Terry, D-Will, and Joe Johnson lol. Only JJ is there and I think The Nets may move him. Speaking of Shaqtin I
Jason Terry and Paul Pierce are in, for all of our 2008 fans
Fan seated near baseline ejected after Jason Terry falls into first row. Fan might have said something? Unclear at this point.
Jason Terry, Vince Carter, and Ray Allen still have their jumpshot. But Kobe .
salute to all the hoopers from Seattle from Nate Robinson to Jamal Crawford from Jason Terry to Aaron Brooks...Doug Christie to Tony Wroten
Jason Terry planned to join DeAndre Jordan in Dallas, was shocked when Jordan reneged on Mavs
Pierce, Allen, rondo, Dirk never got the prime Nash, his best overall teammate was Jason Terry & Josh Howard
Draymond Green this year will go down in history w 2003 Antoine Walker, 2011 Jason Terry, & all-time Tim Duncan as players I cannot stand
Avery Bradley has turned into a young Jason Terry in terms of cockroachdom
Did you know Kobe Bryant has a lower True shooting % than Scott skiles, Andre iguodala, Deron Williams and Jason Terry
Jason Terry and Marcus Thornton can't hit an open catch and shoot 3, but jeremi grant is Klay Thompson
Kobe, Duncan, KG, Dirk, Vince Carter, Pierce, Jason Terry, and Andre Miller are the only NBA players left from the 90's 😥
Jason Terry and Marcus Thornton, good times in Houston
Trey Burke has grown so well into his current role. Starting to feel like he could be Utah's version of Dallas-era Jason Terry.
Fantasy News: Jason Terry starting, Ty Lawson to the bench - Jason Terry | HOU
Jason Terry never touched Evan Turner on that jump shot what a joke the refs have become...
The Nets salvaged their entire future for the likes of Paul Pierce, KG, Joe Johnson, and Jason Terry. Terrible decision.
Yes he did great Against Norris Cole, Mike Conleys corpse and Jason Terry. COLOR ME IMPRESSED GUYS.
So you saying Dwight Howard, Jason Terry & Josh Smith was better than Klay, Draymond, HB, & Iggy? 😂
& that close out game their starters were getting killed by Josh Smith, Brewer, & Jason Terry...not even Harden or Dwight😂😂
lmao bruh Steph played all 2nd String PGs in the playoffs. Norris Cole, Jason Terry, Delly, Beno Udrih? 😂
2K if the 02 Hawks player is Jason Terry, Toni Kukoc, or Nazr Mohammed I'll die from excitement!
lol I'll tell you. Brian Robertson rd. 1. A one eyed Mike Conley that still put numbers up rd. 2. Jason Terry rd. 3.
We went to a store for terry to get a jason shirt and laugh at them but in the end it I who is the biggest joke
Terry Collins said Jacob deGrom isn't going to throw 125 pitches, but 115 is certainly not out of the question.
Fan in front row sporting a Jason Terry Hawks jersey, circa 1999. Is it ???
how do you sit on the wood with a freakin Jason Terry jersey on thats real bad he should have to turn in his ticket...
The Rockets really made it to the WCF with 37 year old Jason Terry and 38 year old Prigioni as our playoff PG's. That's impressive.
38 year old Jason terry breaks the MVP
Congrats to Jason Terry of Oneida who broke the Allardt Weigh-off record with a 1473.5 lbs. pumpkin. Wow!
Doc Rivers let Corey Brewer Jason Terry and Josh Smith lead a comeback in a close out game for the Clippers
Yep. 35yr old Jason Terry and Pablo Prigioni guarded him in the WCF, like cmon.
How good is Jason Terry going to be over the next seven years?
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and thanks for yours Jason. Hope you are all well?
Matteo Scalera, Wes Craig, Sean Murphy, Jason Latour, Terry Moore - were also some of the artist I wanted to get art from.
Lmao Bron said don't let me catch you wearing my kicks when you playing me you end up like Jason Terry lol
wait I'll be 08 Jason Terry then lol
Jason Garrett says the team addressed Greg Hardy’s "guns blazing" comments immediately:
Jason & Terry lugged this gorgeous monster of a tree in Tuesday and now look at it! Love everything Jason...
Jason Terry should have just retired after this
Big tall goons like dirk nowitzki shoot like Jason terry
did jason terry never play in the NBA?
Like what was Jason Terry thinking when he jumped
Or beating up Jason Terry I'd feel good about that. Oh and Chris Paul
my boy out there looking like Jason Terry 😂😂
Jason Terry of Oneida broke the Allardt Weigh-off record Oct. 3 with a pumpkin weighing 1473.5 lbs. He previously...
Jason Garrett scolds Greg Hardy: Not how we operate as an organization - USA TODAY
Lmaoo they had 37 year old Jason Terry and Prigioni running the point yet they still couldn't close out the game
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Westbrook would give Jason Terry 40 on accident
you up 3-1 and dont end it in games 7 you suppose to give Jason Terry *** 60 like a legit 60
lol i forgot Jason Terry was the starting PG for Hou in the playoffs...and yall keep giving CP3 passes? lmaooo dawg
dude ion kno y but everytime I see that yo name is Jason terry I laugh a lil
Jason Terry not particularly interested in preseason:
howard has 3x DPOY and we started jason terry at pg 😂😂 foh
Watching freddie vs Jason . Freddie is my babe
curry was guarded by Jason terry and Pablo Prigioni, let see if he can do it against Lawson and Beverley
Its my dream job to be a uncut NBA commentator on live TV like "watch Jason terry old *** miss this shot" *brick* "told…
Trevor Ariza looks a lot like Jason Terry.
James Harden brought up the ball way more than Jason terry
Jason Terry, who told me yesterday "See you Oct. 28," checks in. Joshua Smith, KJ McDaniels also in game with Harden, Dekker.
wide range of timelines. Larry Sanders missed two months. Etan Thomas 28 games. Jason Terry five. All had surgery.
that Jason Terry one dont cout..he just didnt get out the deandre jordan on brandon knight
every celtics fan hated jason terry. I disliked jeff foster purely cuz he was only in the league to injure guys
I hate Terry Collins. He's a terrible manager. That being said, you could not be more wrong to blame him here.
a shame that Jason Terry had to die that way tho
that's worse than the leBron and Jason terry dunk😂😤
Jason terry the greatest Celtic ever square up.
3 significant starters down? Jason Terry is help? No man he needs another Elite guard. This year gonna really be crazy watch
It's Past Time for Mavs to Honor Greats of Their Past: Dallas Mavericks' Jason Terry shows off h...
Kylie Jenner did a photoshoot with Terry Richardson and it's exactly what you'd expect
No I wasn't blessed with the opportunity to play along side a legend like him.
Ohh silly me I left out Dikembe Mutombo, David Robinson, Baron Davis, KG, Jason Terry, LBJ, Shawn Marion, and Penny Hardaway.
Jason Terry prob killed himself after that
Jason Terry: Report: Jason Terry has an offer from Pelicans
Til this day I still don't know what Jason Terry was thinking. You not winning against LBJ
Catch the premiere of Jason Terry's video on & enter for chance to win a signed guitar
Jason Terry is like 2000 years old.
Point B- Cavs almost won w Delladova as a starter. Houston went to the WCF w Jason Terry as their point guard...
I knew this was Jason Terry before I even clicked on it 😂😂😭😭
AU where bruce puts out a craiglist ad for a sugar son and jason/terry applies
It wouldn't sit well with Jon if Terry didn't let him start today. He's a vet, gotta let him pitch.
Jason Terry and Josh Howard combined 12-for-41 in game 6 of that 06 finals vs the Heat.
I still wanna know who Jason Terry thought Noris Cole was throwing the oop to.
At least we lost to a great team in year one of the big 3. You clowns lost to Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki.
so we can put Jason Terry on Harrison Barnes...boy you're so dumb
Think his ceiling is a Jason Terry-esque player. Think he gets to a notch below,maybe something like Mo Williams minus AS app.
is marketing former player Jason Terry's condo:
Jason Terry says James Harden 'was all over' him to return to Houston
Jason Terry: James Harden 'was all over me' to re-sign with Rockets
From NBC Sports Talk for Android:. Jason Terry says James Harden recruited him to stay with Rockets.
You're not the main guy, but the main guy needs you. It makes it a lot easier to come back. - Jason Terry on Harden
Report: Jason Terry has re-signed with the Houston Rockets for the vet minimum
A 1 year deal. Jason Terry returns to the Rockets!.
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Jason Terry has decided to re-sign with the Houston Rockets on a 1-year deal, league sources tell RealGM. New Orleans ma…
Norris Cole needs to be resigned right now with Jason Terry gone
Jason Terry could leave the Rockets for a free agent contract with New Orleans
2015 Free Agency: New Orleans Pelicans make contract offer to Jason Terry
Beat a *** *** up like larry holmes 💪👊 ballinn like my brother get my Jason Terry on😎😈
Another fun fact about the 2011 Finals? Jason Terry (18PPG) averaged more PPG than LeBron James. LeBron also couldn't p…
If the don't want to re-signed the free agent Jason Terry, then the should signed Jordan Clarkson
I think the should re-signed free agent Jason Terry and trade Patrick Beverly for =)
There are still some solid free agents out there:. Josh Smith. JR Smith. Carlos Boozer. Austin Rivers. Jason Terry. Delly. TT. Dor…
Gotta love b-ball! Jason Terry could be headed back to Houston: Jason Terry could be headed back to Houston
Fact that Houston had to surrender two guards in Lawson trade, I'm told, enhances chances of Jason Terry returning to Ro…
they basically had Jason Terry playing PG Even tho Harden had the ball most of the time.. That's why he had so many TOs
would rather have a utility player like a Carl Landry, Reggie Evans or Jason Terry who can come in for 5-10 quality minutes
Kenny Smith the real JET. Jason Terry the cheap Walmart knock off version
do you think there's any chance we will resign Jason Terry or maybe Kendrick Perkins?
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Kevin Durant making a fool of Jason Terry!
LeBron James (Although he'll probably come back). Jason Terry. Tristan Thompson. J.R. Smith. Josh Smith. Are all still out there.
I think Jennings becomes Jason Terry off bench. Instant offense guy. Perfect role for him imo for this team
I keep Morris off bench which he's used to anyway. Start Stanley. Brandon Jennings becomes Jason Terry off bench
im really liking Jason Terry, Dorell Wright, and Josh Smith. Terry and Dorell can shoot and Smith comes to start at PF
Trade Machine: Send Gallo to Bulls, Lawson to Rockets, Nuggets get Taj Gibson, Jason Terry, and Trevor Ariza.
I mean being a "6th man on the team" Anit that bad look at Jamal Crawford , Jason Terry , Manu Ginobili and Michael Cooper
Former who are now NBA free agents: Derrick Williams, Richard Jefferson, Jason Terry, Jordan Hill.
I mean you guys had Jason Terry and Jason Collins that one year
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