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Jason Sudekis

Daniel Jason Sudeikis (born September 18, 1975) is an American actor and comedian best known for starring as a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

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I didn't know Jason Sudekis could sing like that!
My mom and I are catching up and watching the Jason Sudekis drama RACE
Because if Jason Sudekis was a perv Maisie Williams would murder him by plucking his eyes out.
Check out the trailer for BOOK OF LOVE -starring Maisie Williams, Jason Sudekis, Jessica Biel.
Saw a movie about a security guard at the bank robbing the van with cash, Zach whatshisname, Kristen Wiig and (my love) Jason Sudekis star
Baby girls are the best, Daniel Jason Sudekis!
HEY HEY HEY HEYY 💙☘️ I feel like this will be a god one! Especially excited for Jason Sudekis & DNCE❤️
My celeb crush would have 2 be Jason Sudekis idk why but he's hot and so is his wife
Had a dream that Jason Sudekis was directing a play and asked me to be the lead. It went so well that it reinspired me to be an actress!
Sometimes I forget how much I love Jason Sudekis and then I see Jason Sudekis.
I'm really tired of Jason Sudekis showing up on and there being no "What's Up With That?" sketch!
Well, that's something anyway. And we'd have Jason Sudekis back playing him on SNL too.
Alec Baldwin made debut as Donald Trump, the president-elect, on "SNL," Jason Sudekis returned to play Mitt Romney
Y'all Jason Sudekis impersonating Harry Connick Jr right next to him is hilarious!
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis welcome their second baby!
true and you had Kristen Wigg, Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudekis and Kenan Thompson too! Dream team!
if it's not a night of butt sex with Jason Sudekis, i'm not interested
Is it possible for Congress to pass a bill that requires Will Forte & Jason Sudekis to always be in a show for my lifetime?
Will Forte and Jason sudekis actually do a pretty good "falling slowly"
Hey Hollywood random thought, maybe we should stop putting Jason Sudekis in movies?
There's been a Canadian version on the last few years, very close to the original, hosted by a Jason Sudekis lookalike.
has a fantastic cast with Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudekis and more!
Why is Jason Sudeikis a movie star? Do Hollywood executives say things like "I'm really excited about Untitled Jason Sudekis Project"?
"like Jason Sudekis if he were ginger, a Kiwi and actually funny.". - Concrete Playground. OK?.
This guy who just walked into the studio low key looks like Jason Sudekis ?? (I may have not spelled his name right)
is you can't wait to see Jason Sudekis in
I wish Jason sudekis was on permanently. Kind of ruins things when you know someone will die
I pass this poster daily and it's been bugging me how something looked off with Jason Sudekis -…
Im not saying Jason Sudekis and Post Malone are the same person, but have you ever seen them in a room together?
Tonight on where's the campaign to free Adam Whittington? Negative gearing, yah or nay? Plus, Jen Aniston and Jason Sudekis!
I love Jason Sudekis so that's why I will see it
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I can't tell if Jason sudekis is hot or not ??
Bringing together Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts along with Jason Sudekis, it's a celebration of...
Does Jason Sudekis rip Julia Roberts stupid bob out
Will Forte and Jason Sudekis can do no wrong.
.just started crying watching Jon Hamm, Jason Sudekis &Dean Winters impersonate Jamaican women on 30 Rock
Will Forte and Jason Sudekis singing Falling Slowly. All day and forever. For eternity. And then my funeral.
Looking a little Jason Sudekis in that picture.
We are incredibly close to hitting peak Jason Sudekis.
you're thinking of Jason Sudekis in the rom com called "all the romantic comedies"
Will Forte, Jason Sudekis duet it on karaoke. Hilarious. Sing Street looks like Wedding Singer/School of Rock had a baby.
Danny Mcbride and Jason sudekis, probably going to go catch the opening night premiere
Is just about Jason Sudekis banging MILFs? I'll watch that
I feel like The new movie "Mothers Day" is going to flop. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis should've just made Were the Millers 2
Just got told I look like Jason Sudekis. I don't see it.
Another debate is sparked through the confusion of Jason Segal, Jason Sudekis, and WillForte ( wild card)
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Jason Sudekis was wearing an Madisen Ward shirt on snl. Holla
"Sleeping with other people" with Jason Sudekis and Allison Brie is pretty good
Who's Dave? Is he the one who looks like Jason Sudekis fell into a trash compactor?
It's crazy that Jason sudekis looks exactly like Rick
Jason sudekis shouldve been in the vacation movie, not Ed Helms
Watch the interview with and stars of https:/…
is this because you yelled at Jason Sudekis that one time?
Will you be apologizing to Jason Sudekis?
Watch the interview with and stars of
Dear please stop w/ the watered down bio-pics disservicing amazing individuals of our heritage.
The SNL with the cast when Seth Meyers was the weekend update anchor was the best w Will Forte and Jason sudekis and all them
Saw tonight. It was excellent, highly recommend it. Jason Sudekis was great.
It's interesting to me that in Olivia Wilde's Revlon commercials, they have to pair her with someone *way* hotter than Jason Sudekis.
Celebrity week in photos: and the models takeover
2 movie related news today: I saw Race today (love me some Jason Sudekis) and I signed up for Movie Pass!
Jason Sudekis also really impresses. One of the better "SNL guys to drama" performances in a while.
I bet Jason Sudekis gets an Oscar nomination.
Seriously, in what context does it make sense for Jason Sudekis' character to push Jesse Owens up against a wall in Race? Makes not sense!
After watching 'Tumbledown' and 'Sleeping with Other People' - Jason Sudekis is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors.
Will Ferrell calls in to interrupt Jason Sudekis interview via
Jason Sudekis and Will Farrell on was amazing.
Name another show that has Jason Sudekis on only to have Will Ferrell call in also. NONE!! except
Jason Sudekis in a serious film is surprising. But still finds a way to throw his humor in 😁😁
Golin buys the people responsible for those awesome "Ted Lasso" soccer videos with Jason Sudekis.
My 2 favorite new movies.I LOVE Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Jason Sudekis, and Kate Hudson..this is...
id sooner give Jason Sudekis a 10 day instead of Gil
Just hanging with Jason Sudekis:), watching special screening of Race. Just a regular night!
Jason Sudekis helped me get an exam answer correct today furthering the theory that he is the GOAT.
Anchor Bay will have the Jason Sudekis rom com Tumbledown out on Blu-ray April 5th:
Also: if I had Jason Sudekis’ perfectly coiffed hair I wouldn’t be suffering from male pattern baldness at age 30.
Jason Sudekis is on a Paul Rudd Level of Cute in
I had a teacher named Seth McClintock for drama at Shawnee Mission West High. So did Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis.
I missed karaoke with Jason Sudekis for this exact reason.
When you see a preview for "Race" & you lean over to Andy & whisper to him that you have an unnaturally large crush on Jason Sudekis
I want to see that movie to see what Jason Sudekis does to Hitler's toothbrush
Tough to see Jason Sudekis in a serious role but Jesse Owens biopic looks great
She shouted out Kendrick. The black delegation trades Raven Symone and Stacy Dash for Adele and Jason Sudekis.
Jason Sudekis is so attractive it makes my heart hurt
Jason Sudekis also surprised me how well he came out and played early in the celebrity game Saturday night
Is someone working on a look back at when exactly Jason Sudekis became a viable leading man in movies?
Tumbledown with Jason Sudekis and Rebecca Hall has to be my favorite movie of the year...I have weird taste
Is Jason sudekis in like every romantic comedy now? This is like the 4th one I've seen him in
Jason Sudekis will play John Scott in the biopic
Did Jason Sudekis ever do Chuck Todd on SNL? Look a likes, I believe.
Thank you for being good on their word. 25 dollars gc for guessing hall score first. Great service. Thank you Jason Sudekis
If Jason sudekis got Olivia Wilde, i got hope
I just hallucinated an ad for a Jess Owens Olympics movie starring serious Jason Sudekis and titled RACE. Surely that can't be real
Jason Sudekis is in a serious movie about Jesse Owens?
Speaking of jason sudekis, I watched "sleeping with other people" on the plane last week and it was solid
What if Jason Sudekis and Ed Helms have a fued no one knows about
Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde are my relationship goals
ridiculous. Jason Sudekis by himself in that sketch deserves an Emmy.
Me: OMG! you're Jason Sudekis! can you please tell Olivia Wilde, i'm her big fan!. Jason: sure!. Me: Ya. I'm Like 8 inches. J: …
there was an snl skit where Jason Sudekis perfectly encapsulated Ricky's entire shtick
I see a young, up and coming Jason Sudekis in the background of this video (possibly filming).
I'd rather see Jason Sudekis and Alison Brie get nominated than Leo and JLaw
Can you rock your trainers with a tux?.
May I be the first to invite you to the Chiefs Kingdom? We've got Dave Koechner, Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis and Rob Riggle!
Jason Sudekis rocking sneakers on the red carpet might be my favorite thing.
Jason Sudekis wearing Jordan's at the Golden Globes just in case a *** wants to get dunked on
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Jason sudekis (however u spell it) & mark whalberg shoe game always A1 & a half. They got like every pair of j's
The writers must be from the area. I know Jason Sudekis lives in Winston Salem.
Jason Sudekis and Will Forte were hilarious together
Every time I see the trailer, Ben Affleck kinda looks like Jason Sudekis. That's the movie I want to see!
Just had a dream that I was at Chili's with Jason Sudekis and George Strait taking tequila shots. Hopefully it turns into a deja vu dream 😋
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis are such a smoking hot couple.
Jason Sudekis: Check out actor's outfit to the Golden Globes 2016
Jason Sudekis looked like a try hard dweeb rocking those Js with a finely Tailored tux. Grow up son, we get it you like Js
Jason Sudekis & were maybe the hottest couple on the red carpet:
Jason Sudekis, you just played yourself.
Jason Sudeikis shows the world exactly how to rock sneakers with a tux
im sorry Jason Sudekis but you're up for elimination 💀
Jason Sudekis proves you can wear Jordans with a Tux
Did they confuse Jason Sudekis in "Last Man On Earth" with . Matt Damon in "the Martian?" Perhaps why they keep calling it a comedy?
"Olivia Wilde at Golden Globes w/ Jason Sudekis". "J Law & Amy Schumer make appearance". "Anthony Szuhay went to Lowe's by himself today"
ICYMI: Watch bro down with Jason Sudekis on the streets of NYC
Billy on the Street Bros Out with Jason Sudekis and Tailgates ‘Wicked’ – WATCH
I was looking forward to Larry David debating Jason Sudekis on SNL. ***
I thought I saw Jason Sudekis and I got so excited
Jason Sudekis has been doing great in the indie scene. And yes I liked SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE.
Joe should pick Bernie for his running mate. Jason Sudekis & Larry David on SNL for the next 4-8 years
Would likely by Jason Sudekis, who has done impressions of Biden in the past.
Dan Fouts sounds like the character Will Forte played on SNL w/ Jason Sudekis when the would do announcing for women's pro bowling
...Christina Applegste, Jane Lynch, and Jason Sudekis? Would you want to watch it? BECAUSE YOU FREAKING NEED TO.
I bet it tastes like Jason Sudekis' sperm.
I was waiting for Jason Sudekis to pop up as Joe Biden
Jason Sudekis is sleeping around but with the wrong people. Sleeping with other people movie review via
Knew it!! Now I just have to convince her to leave Jason Sudekis for me😁😜
Olivia Wilde has totally dipped into the lady pond: Jason Sudekis asks his baby mama to fess up to her b...
In which Jason Sudekis asks his if she's ever taken a dip in the lady pond:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jason Sudeikis may be in the dog house after putting Olivia Wilde in the hot seat on "Watch What Happens Live"
WATCH: Jason Sudeikis embarrasses on live TV—this is HILARIOUS:
Jason Sudekis presses Olivia Wilde to reveal *** past
Watch Jason Sudeikis embarrass the crap out of Olivia Wilde on 'Watch What Happens Live':
hey Jason Sudekis, I don't think you're using this ear bud correctly
I didn't know George Wendt is Jason Sudekis's uncle!!!
Is it just me or does Coach Brooks look like Jason Sudekis? All I'm saying is I've never seen then in the same...
mason. dixon. line. WHAT?! lol Sean is SO Jason Sudekis in Horrible Bosses.
happened to me once... it was awesome, thank you Jason sudekis
ill fly Allegiant if we have to, however id wanna be player-owners and let jason sudekis manage...
I would be happy for you but sad for Jason Sudekis
Probably because Jason Sudekis is clearly trying to keep the tentacle away in his striped shirt.
lol. She's in love with Jason Sudekis. I'm sorry
Watching were the millers and jason sudekis has the chris pratt syndrome same character every movie
Woke up super early today with the hopes of starring in a romantic comedy with Jason Sudekis
Jason Bateman.Jason Sudekis on the other think Ryan Reynolds is an ***'ve not seen anything
Well I had that Jason Sudekis one on deck before you used it so we are even now.
I'm pretty sure Jason Sudekis is Digger Phelps' illegitimate child. Go look at 1960's-1970's Digger Phelps, there is no denying it
Movie Review: Horrible Bosses 2- stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Christopher Waltz. The franchise goes for seconds and loads up its laugh bucket with a remake of The Three Stooges. I would place Bateman as a modern day Moe, Charlie Day as Larry and maybe Sudekis as the sex distracted Curly. While no eye gouges or slaps are rendered there is a balloon tri- slap and sex distractions by Sudekis to the point of him possibly transmitting a psychic, " Nuk, nuk, nuk !!" Aniston retains her role a sex- addicted dentist, Spacey is still in prison and Foxx is back as MF Jones. This movie carries a maximum Language Alert with combined inventions of bifocal like cursing. Is it funny? Yes at times and Bateman as the straightman is becoming his main play. I am not sure any scene could have more genitalia -related expletives than the two scenes of Spacey. the sex addict support group scene certainly works. You have been forewarned and I'd wait for the hom ...
Louis bag in tow and ill fitting trousers, this couple is straight Kristen Wiig and Jason Sudekis from SNL
The last thing I need to see is Jason Sudekis and Trudy Campbell outside my apt before I go to sleep. Nonetheless.
Pretty questionable decision on NBC's part to have Jason Sudekis and Wade Phillips leading their US Open coverage
It's crazy to think that a couple blocks away from me is Denzel Washington, Jason Sudekis, Olivia Wilde, Floyd Mayweather, Jay Z & Beyoncé
By Felicity Thistlethwaite They welcomed their first child into the world just three weeks ago, but doesn’t look like the dirty nappies and late nights are coming between Olivia Wilde and her fiancé Jason Sudekis. The pair were spotted nuzzling into one another’s neck at the NBA Playoffs at the Barclays Center in New York, on Saturday afternoon. While Jason wore a cap and sported a rather rough-looking beard, Olivia looked pristine with perfect eye make-up and her hair nearly put into an up-do. Pucker up: Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis looked loved-up at the NBA playoffs on Saturday, in New York Olivia and Jason, who started dating three years ago, became engaged in January 2013 and are expected to wed later this year. For now the couple look like they’re happy as they are – with Olivia happily joking about being ‘a milk-stained mama ‘. Their son, Otis Alexander, was born near ...
Congratulations to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis on the birth of their baby boy and a special shout out to Sudekis who took a big swing out of his league and centered a fastball.
It's a boy for SNL alum Jason Sudekis and actress Olivia Wilde. Check out his unconventional, yet still cool, baby name!
It's a boy for former SNLer Jason Sudekis and actress Olivia Wilde, who welcomed Otis Alexander on Sunday—he's the first child for the couple. Otis is an
By Andrea Banks Here’s Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis, enjoying the spring weather in New York City. The couple were spotted going for a stroll. Olivia’s in the home stretch of her pregnancy at this point: she told Ryan Seacrest her due date is May fourth at the Golden Globes. That’s exactly two wee…
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis are baby bumpin' through the boroughs.
Every funny actor thinks he's either Paul Rudd or Jason Sudekis but they're mostly Seth Rogen or the squirrely guy from Always Sunny.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'd much rather see Jason Sudekis as Fletch than Zach Braff who Kevin Smith was considering for a previous Fletch project. Who else?
"It's nice to see a man in Hollywood whose beard is not in a dress and heels for a change." --- Joan Rivers praising Jason Sudekis' facial hair on the Oscars Red Carpet.
Michael Fassbender, Jason Sudekis, Bradley Cooper...I approve of your beards.
How did I not know that Jason Sudekis and Oliva Wilde were together?
Ooooh - Olivia Wilde in Navy Valentino with oodles of Lorraine Schwartz jewels. She's such a beautiful woman, and she's absolutely glowing in her pregnancy! Jason Sudekis looks handsome in Navy Prada. I'm diggin' the beard.
Just knowing Jason Sudekis makes Olivia Wilde happy, makes me question all her choices.
Jason Sudekis, Kristin Wigg, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, and Jimmy Fallon need to join the cast
Damnit, Olivia Wilde, how do you look so hot pregnant?! Ugh. I suppose she deserves Jason Sudekis.
I read nothing about it. Just knew Jake Johnson, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudekis and Ron Livingston were in it. Found it ... odd.
Olivia Wilde has a great idea on how to give back. The actress, who is a budding star on screen and now part of one Hollywood's biggest power couples with Jason Sudekis, is aspiring to be something like George Clooney when it comes to philanthropy. The actress recently started a new business,...
Dax Shepherd . Jason Sudekis. Who is cuter. I do adore a funny guy.
Nothing like seeing Jason Sudekis, Olivia Wilde and Laura Moritz all in one day on the Plaza!
We're the Millers was hilarious! After Horrible Bosses and a good old fashion orgy I am now officially a fan of Jason Sudekis movies.
Sitting next to Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde at Canter's might be the most L.A. thing that's happened to me in five years.
Watching an SNL rerun. Bill Hader, Andy Sandberg, Jason Sudekis, & Kristin Wiig are the "featured" cast. Now they're all grown up 😫 so cute.
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No, that was a little past my time. With Bill Hader & Jason Sudekis gone, Keenan & Taran are my favs on the show.
I'm watching the Halloween throwback/mashup episode of SNL on NBC right now, and it's making me miss Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Jason Sudekis, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg. Sadness.
Jason Sudekis & Fiancé Olivia Wild Expecting A New Family Member Finally, the news has been broken about Olivia Wilde expecting her first child in the midst of a healthy and long term planned ...
Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard, Seth MacFarlane, Jason Sudekis, Leiv Schreiber, Hallie Berry, Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks, Josh Duhamel, Patrick Warburton, Matt Walsh, Common, Johnny Knoxville, Richard Gere and others, all in one very bizzarre movie called Movie 43. Watched it this afternoon on Netflix. Still absorbing it. Funny as *** weird as *** too.
Whenever I watch new SNL I get really depressed. I miss the cast members of yester year. Then I remember I said the same thing after Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, and Norm MacDonald left. Then I grew to love Kristen Wigg, Jason Sudekis, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and most importantly Bill Hader. Bobby Moynihan and Taren Killam have really stepped up to the plate. SETH MYERS DON'T LEAVE YET!!!
Catching up on the SNLs that I have missed this season. It really is not the same without hearing Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Jason Sudekis in the lineup
What do you mean I'm not Jason Sudekis or Jon Hamm I don't get it
Celebrity Hollywood game night NBC, OMG peeing in my pants...Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Jason Sudekis, Sean Hayes...humming a name that tune game **freakin hysterical ** Could use another good laugh today getting ready for my TGIF
I totally want to be on Hollywood Game Night with drunk Amy Poehler, drunk Jason Sudekis, and pregnant Maya Rudolph. I don't even have to win.
a family of Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer vs a family of Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis? SOPHIE'S CHOICE.
The official Mumford & Sons music video for 'hopeless wander' is Jason Sudekis, Ed Helms, Will Forte & Jason Bateman impersonating the band
Just found this pic of me, Jason Sudekis and Will Forte roaming the streets of NYC loaded at 2am a few…
I love Hopeless Wanderer even more now because Jason Sudekis, Will Forte, Jason Bateman and Ed Helms are in the music video
Both my guys Charlie Day&Jason Sudekis from Horrible Bosses are in it&are hilarious! &I love Drew Barrymore, Justin Long&Christina Applegate
Jason Sudekis & Will Forte are out of town this weekend, so little hope of VMA skit with video.
Every part Jason Sudekis has had was originally a role intended for John Krasinski to play.
We're the Millers was HILARIOUS! Best part was that my bf Jason Sudekis was wearing an Arthur Bryant's tshirt :)
Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Ed Helms, and Will Forte as the guys in Mumford and Sons
We're the Millers was absolutely hilarious.Jason Sudekis is slowly becoming a top comedic actor..not to mention Jennifer…
The EPL spots with Jason Sudekis crack me up!
Jason Sudekis as football coach trying to coach soccer.
Digital Dose: Hit or Miss - a twerking warmup, Jason Sudekis as a 'football' coach and the Manning bros' rap group...
is doing that on top of painting NYC subway cars and this Jason Sudekis short |
That lame Jason Sudekis NBC Sports commerical is just another reason people will start rooting for Spurs.
Not a Mumford fan. But when I see Jason Sudekis and Jason Bateman on the same watching
Sam Jones' new video for featuring Jason Bateman, Will Forte, Jason Sudekis, and Ed Helms
Check out Jason Sudekis as an American coach coaching a team in
'We're The Millers' stars come clean about stripping and more in the rapid-fire game show.
that Jason Sudekis Premier League commerical is so perfect
What makes everyman, Jason Sudekis so dam popular? This.
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis face the wrath of
Tonight 5:30pm my fun chat with Jason Sudekis about his very funny movie - love him!
Eh. It was ok. See the Jason Sudekis as Tottenham's coach vid? That one was much better.
- Don't know if you saw this, thought you might enjoy -
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis Answer the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask
I love new music video it's amazing! Laughed so much at Jason Sudekis and Jason Bateman omg
This video is hilarious! Ed Helms, Jason Sudekis, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte ARE Mumford and Sons:
Funny video promoting NBC Sports' coverage of English Premier League soccer, featuring Jason Sudekis:
I felt like Owen Wilson & Jason Sudekis in Hall Pass after their drinking night lls
Missed Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jason Sudekis and Sean Hayes on last week's Catch the repeat tonight on at 8pm!
Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle & Jason Sudekis haven't forgotten where they're from. They came together in Kansas City to help kids. MW-019FR
Rob Riggle, Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis are in KC tonight
Safe to say that Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, and Rob Riggle have all had a lot of at the game tonight.
Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, and Rob Riggle are so lit up at the game. I'm cracking up watching this game.
Who knew you could sing the name "Gene Lamont" to the Imperial March, thanks Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis & Rob Riggle for that
Great to see Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, and Rob Riggle here at the K for
Word on the street is Jason Sudekis (maybe Olivia too?!?) and possibly Will Ferrell. Always such a fun game to watch.
We should go to the Royals game on the 19th. Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle and Jason Sudekis will be there
George Wendt in Cheers with Kelsey Grammer in 30 Rock with Jason Sudekis
Hey Friends ... Please tune in to SPIKE TV tonight @ 9pm to watch the GUYS CHOICE AWARDS. A lot of very talented people (like me) worked very hard to deliver a fun show. See some of Hollywoods hottest A-List stars, including ... Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jamie Foxx, Kaley Cuoco, Jeff Bridges, Clint Eastwood, Vince Vaughn, Vin Diesel, Mark Whalberg, Olivia Wilde, director Zach Snyder & the cast of 'Man of Steel', Bradley Cooper, the 'Workaholics' Adam Blake & Ders, Jake Gyllenhal, Jason Sudekis and more. Ohh, someone even let David Spade in too. Musical performances by Snoop Dogg/Lion and The Lonely Island. Tuuu'NITE! 9pm! SPIKE TV!!
Besides sporting one of the most epic story lines of the summer, animated or otherwise, Blue Sky’s “epic” also lays claim to one of the most epic vocal casts around. So it’s properly named. If the film merely boasted Josh Hutcherson, Amanda Seyfried, Christoph Waltz, Aziz Ansari, Jason Sudekis, Pitbull, Collin Ferrell, and Steven Tyler, it would be impressive in its own right. But what pushes the vocal cast of “epic” beyond really good and into the realm of epic? Two words: Beyoncé Knowles. (Actually, we probably could have narrowed it down to one word and you would have known who we were talking about, but that’s how she’s billed.) In her first ever voiceover gig, Knowles steps up to the mike as Queen Tara, the royal highness of the microscopic Leaf Men, protectors of the natural world who wage war with Mandrake (Waltz) and his evil henchman, who are bent on the destruction of all things green. So you can see why the Leaf Men need a leader as strong as The Queen B. We recently spoke on ...
No Kristen Wiig, no Bill Hader, no Jason Sudekis, no Fred Armison, and no Seth Myers = no SNL...
Ed Helms & Jason Sudekis in the same movie? Talk about confusing. I know feels the same way.
First Kristen Wiig leaves SNL, now I find out the Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Jason Sudekis, and Fred Armisen are leaving! Now it's just Keanan Tompson and a bunch of other people I don't know. Will SNL survive? Who knows
Ben Affleck hosts; it's the end of an era as Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and maybe even Jason Sudekis say goodbye.
Everybody's talking about Bill Hader leaving. No one is talking about Seth Meyers leaving or probably Jason Sudekis and Fred Armisen.
Fred Armisen, Jason Sudekis, and Seth Meyers too. Brb while I go cry
Fred Armisen, Jason Sudekis, and Bill Hader will be missed from the SNL line up.
With Andy Samberg, Kristin Wiig, Jason Sudekis, Bill Hader, AND Seth Meyers leaving SNL, there's no reason to watch it anymore
Bill Hader is leaving 'SNL', and Fred Armisen and Jason Sudekis are supposedly contemplating exits as well.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
New guy at work looks like Keenan Thompson. I'm buying a red jumpsuit for Halloween and getting my Jason Sudekis on.
Well lookie here. Tumbledown starring Jason Sudekis, Olivia Munn and Rose Byrne is expected to film in Vancouver this fall
How CNN got Jason Sudekis and Josh Brolin to report this late at night is a miracle.
Jason Sudekis is so skinny. Ed Helms is so skinny. Dan Stevens is so skinny. :( :( :( :( :(
I haven't really had a good hearty laugh tonight watching But I LOVE Jason Sudekis' John Tesh look. He looks a LOT like him...
we just met Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moyniham, and Jason Sudekis
The fact that Jon Hamm and Jason Sudekis and the guy who plays Dennis are all the nurses at the end is actually the BEST
Olivia Wilde is engaged to Jason Sudekis?! How in the *** did he pull that off?
I'm down to watch anything that has Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis or Jason Segel in it.
I don't recognize anyone on SNL anymore except Kenan Thompson and Jason Sudekis...
"Whathca gonna do when Macho Man Joe Biden comes for you?" Jason Sudekis isn't Phil Hartman, but he's been pretty *** good for a long time.
Jason Sudekis made up like Lance Armstrong looks like Tate Donovan. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write.
There are very few things in life that make me laugh as hard as Jason Sudekis in a red track suit doing the running man.
And just saw that Jason Sudekis proposed to Olivia Wilde. Impressive catch for him. ::fist bump::
whats up with like big time celebs doing commercials recently John Krasinski is the voice of Esurance and Jason Sudekis is the voice of Applebee's like ***
You're saying the ALL THAT cast is better than Bill Hader, Jason Sudekis and Kenan Thompson? I must highly disagree.
I don't know who is the more handsome Jason: Bateman or Sudekis.
Bill Hader, Fred arminsen, Jason sudekis is hilarious
The Campaign is quite possibly the most retarded thing I've ever seen. At least Jason Sudekis is attractive.
So Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis ate dinner here last night. No big deal or anything.
hope you saw Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis were in Lawrence last night for the bball game. Prob went to the Hawk after
Catching up on SNL. "What's up with that?!?". Poor Lindsay Buckingham. Go Jason Sudekis in red track suit!
So I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Jason Sudekis.
Muah to Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde b/c we just left the Sandbar. Have a great time!
Have I mentioned how I would do Jason Sudekis in a heartbeat? Put him in that One Day More costume and it's game over folks.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis munchin at Free State right now. I work at the wrong restaurant.
Idk why but Jason Sudekis is so sexy to me
In the same building as jason sudekis
I wish Jason sudekis was my bf and would take me to ku games.
I missed Jason sudekis at Allen Fieldhouse again? Not cool
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis are to my right and I can't handle this.
Tharpe has 8 dimes already... 7 more than jason sudekis. But in all fairness... his dime (oliva wilde) is much more impressive
Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudekis are at the KU game again. If I weren't sick it would have been 2 years in a row that we were at the same game.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis at the KU game!
Is it a violation if Jason Sudekis talks to Ben McLemore about hosting SNL after he wins Rookie of the Year next year?
Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde are at the KU game. Aren't they lucky.
Apparently is not new tonight as I just saw Jason Sudekis & in the audience at the game!
How the *** does jason sudekis date all these insanely hot women? January jones and Olivia Wilde. More game than
And of course Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde are this KU game.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis in the crowd again at Allen Fieldhouse!!
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis are at the game again? Does Olivia always wear that hat?
Jason Sudekis and Olivia Wilde sitting behind the KU bench tonight.
First game, first Jason Sudekis sighting. I should ask him if he wants Taco Via.
Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudekis in the house
Jason Sudekis & Olivia Wilde behind the bench tonight. That means an encore of SNL tonight apparently
Update your maps at Navteq
That means you have to go on KissCam with Jason Sudekis.
My bestfriend is at Allen Fieldhouse & he saw Jason Sudekis. That is Legend...wait for it...DARY!
I just had a conversation with Jason Sudekis. It's fine. thanks for being too wimpy to do it yourselves :)
Totally just stood by Jason Sudekis for like 20 seconds. No biggy or anything.
Its nights like these where I wish I lived in NYC and was invisible so that I can sneak into Jason Sudekis's casa & hide underneath his bed
If I can touch Jason Sudekis just one time, I can die happy.
8) I would love to marry either Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, or Jason Sudekis.
How is Jason sudekis with Olivia Wilde like I cant comprehend. Whut
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