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Jason Kidd

Jason Frederick Kidd (born March 23, 1973) is an American professional basketball point guard who plays for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association.

Steve Nash Vince Carter Richard Jefferson Gary Payton Tyson Chandler Shawn Marion Chris Paul Allen Iverson Giannis Antetokounmpo Kevin Garnett Jason Terry John Stockton Chris Webber Michael Jordan Byron Scott Brad Stevens Tim Duncan

Jason Kidd: It's a team effort, we win as a team...guys are sharing the ball and it's fun to watch!
by ur logic, unless the rookie is lebron, discard him. jason kidd & his ilk weren't shooters Day 1 in NBA
This day in history (94) Jason Kidd was 1 rebound short of having a triple-double (10/11/9) in his NBA debut!
I miss the Jason Kidd and Vince Carter Nets days.
LeBron James becomes the 1st player since Jason Kidd (2006) to record a triple-double in a season opener.
Just found out Jason Kidd and Steve Nash played on the same team..
I try to penetrate the lane like Steve Nash, pass like Jason Kidd, and ha...
jus off the dome... Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Lebron James, and tbh, can't think of a 5th. no order
Jason Kidd is my all time favorite point guard.
You're forgetting Raymond Felton and 100 yr old Jason Kidd
I'm talking ala Gary Payton, Sam cassell, Jason Kidd, Chauncey, Dwade style it would add a whole new Dynamic to your game
Jason Kidd says he regrets not signing with the Spurs, playing with Tim Duncan .
all not on mavs. . 1. Steve Nash . 2. Jason Kidd . 3. Shawn Marion . 4. Jason Terry. 5. Josh Howard
Steve Novak, Jason Kidd, JR Smith, Chris Copeland, Rasheed Wallace, Melo, even Felton had a great season from behind the arc
Jason Kidd already said giannis isn't running the point this year. michael carter Williams is the starting PG
also on the fringe of that list, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Willis, Reggie Miller, ..and i think Artis Gilmore is close   10% Off
Man bring back my New Jersey nets wit Jason Kidd and Vince Carter Richard Jefferson my big 3
Nah Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson started all this.. The real big three at one point
Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd... You're right, they were stars at the time, but at some point they were.
Jason Kidd nearly joined Spurs in 2003 after losing to San Antonio in
Trey won't be Jason Kidd. But he's a good kid and a clutch player who needs a change of scenery, BAD. @ most a Fisher type PG
Wall is more like Gary Payton than Jason Kidd. Kyrie is more of an Isiah Thomas/Allen Iverson type than Steve Nash.
Jason Kidd, Jamal, and I think Jim Jackson. Correct me if I'm wrong on the last one.
surprise,look who it is, Jamal, Jimmy Jackson and Jason Kidd!
They could have gotten anyone to take Harrison Barnes spot ! ANYONE !!! Legit I rather see Jason Kidd or Derek Fisher
Tyronn Lue got a ring before Byron Scott, Jason Kidd, & Derrick Fisher
There's a kid in 2017 NBA Draft that looks like a cross between Jason Kidd - Penny Hardaway. I hope the Knicks suck
First NBA game I went to I saw Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash all play on the Suns.
2.) Ingram's maxed-out upside is more Reggie Miller than Kevin Durant. Ben Simmons is a 6'10 Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd . White Magic Johnson just without the height. that is all
Na vice carter Richard Jefferson and Jason Kidd use to kill the Knicks when they were all on nets
Still blown away that Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson have rings and Vince Carter doesn't.
Jason Kidd, James Jones, Leandro Barbosa, Channing Frye, Shawn Marion... All players who got rings after leaving the Suns...
Man i miss that old Nets team with Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, And Richard Jefferson 😕
Richard Jefferson has a ring. Jason Kidd has a ring. Someone PLEASE get Vince Carter a ring now.
I can now sleep at night knowing Dirk, Jason Kidd, and now Richard Jefferson have rings. Now if only Vince Carter got one too...
Bucks and head coach Jason Kidd are finalizing a 3-year, $15M extension, per
it's like if they managed to put Jason Kidd with Grant Hill at their peaks, idk how much the coach would matter.
Richard Jefferson is the last dinosaur from pre-historic era. Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles all extinct
if Lebron has "fake championships" so does other greats like Shaq, Ray Allen, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Kidd. let him be great!
The Thunder will be fine. Westbrook needs to improve his 3 point shot. He shot like young Jason Kidd in this series.
don't forget about young Jason Kidd
The Milwaukee Bucks are adding Justin Zanik to the front office. What's that mean for John Hammond and Jason Kidd? http…
LBJ got locked up by Jason Kidd!!! And D Wade locked up James Harden in LBJ first ring. RESPECT WHAT WADE DID!!!
Pro Rich Beem, Jason Kidd and Ruben Brown are quoted as being avid practitioners of clinical
Richard Jefferson last played in the Finals for the East on a team with Jason Kidd and Dikembe Mutombo.
Nets: . Jason Kidd . Vince Carter . Damien Wilkins . . I just don't feel this team. Kidd/Carter is a great tandem, but they have no backup.
Is it just me or has become more like Jason Kidd than Michael Jordan!
*** he wasn't even smart enough to keep Jason Kidd as a rookie, didn't learn and traded Devon Williams
MILESTONE ALERT: LeBron James passed Jason Kidd last night all-time playoff assist list!
LeBron James passes Jason Kidd (1,263) for 3rd all-time on the postseason assists list.
You are acting like Dunn is Jason Kidd & his only hole is lack of shooting. PG is a stacked position, can afford to wait.
I’m pretty confident that if you called Jason Kidd and started to say “I wanna trade for Michael Carter Wi..” he’d cut you off and say DEAL
you're right. Idk why Chris Paul is in it either. Coulda put Paul Pierce, KG, Jason Kidd, or Rondo
I think more Jason Kidd when I see Dunn play
Okay I can't be the only one who thinks Jason Kidd looks like a white Drake. 😳😂
On this date 21 years ago, Grant Hill and Jason Kidd shared Rookie of the Year honors.
Jason Kidd was involved in Nets trade for KG & Pierce in 2013.Asked him about it tonight. He said the Nets were going for a title back then.
Those Nets teams with Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin & Richard Jefferson were so fun to watch.
Dirk had Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, & Caron Butler.try again
that team still had multiple all star caliber players with Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, and Caron Butler
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Coaches, execs starting to fill in. Brad Stevens, Larry Bird, Jason Kidd, Vlade Divac. Doc Rivers and Rod Thorn.
Yao Ming. Chris Webber Rasheed Wallace Michael redd Jason Kidd lmao dude just talking out his ***
if I'm Jason Kidd first move I make is I get ownership on board with TRADING JOHN HENSON. LOL
OFF THE HEEZY! I used to love doing that to Jason Kidd 😆😆😆
my jason kidd would light up the Big O
no it's not just bc it's the Cavs..Jason Kidd's Nets got there 2 years in a row and they weren't that good. Weak East!
I need this New Jersey Nets Jason Kidd jersey so bad
Y'all remember when Richard Jefferson was supposed the be the next elite player? Dude was buns without Jason Kidd
mavs has dirk chandler Jason Kidd Marion and terry though
going back to his nets days Jason Kidd led that team not him...can't pass up Luke Walton who could be a Brad Stevens
Jason Kidd had to ride Dirk's coattails
It's like saying Jason Kidd isn't a franchise player because he didn't score enough. I don't buy that argument.
Lmfao so you aint watch Steve Nash, Chris Paul or Jason Kidd growing up??? Jesus
Realistically though Joe Budden hasn't had a hit single like Drake has since Jason Kidd was on the cover of NBA Live
NIKE AIR ZOOM FLIGHT '96 AKA Jason kidd. Jason kidd would later go on and played for the New…
If there wasn't any business and it was just strictly basketball, then ther...
24. I'd rather play with Steve Nash than Jason Kidd. -J
Punching and kissing? Are we talking about hockey or former Dallas NBA player, Jason Kidd!?
Stayed on the block like jason kidd
Star Jason Kidd go get it 13.7k bin and 7k bid cheapest in the AH. 🔥🚨STEALS ALL DAY🚨🔥
"I was raised to live, Lord I pray you forgive / If not, I just handle it like Jason Kidd" http…
on my mama I didn't know Rita Ora was white I just thought she was Jason Kidd lightskin
these boys don't know about Jason Kidd. . the original light skin hooper
I don't see how people talk about greatest point guards ever & Jason Kidd or Steve Nash not in the conversation
96-97 Suns. KJ starting backed up by Jason Kidd with rookie Steve Nash.
Jason Kidd really went to the finals with kerry kittles in his backcourt
Best comp I can think of for Draymond: if peak Jason Kidd was a DPOY-caliber center, maybe?
Draymond Green is like if Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd and 2004-05 league leader in blocks Andrei Kirilenko had a baby. http…
Richard Jefferson has played with Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, and LeBro…
with prime Chris Paul and Jason Kidd as point guards lol
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Holy crap. Woke up to a article quoting Jason Kidd, and ME on the vs debate!
The only help that comes to mind is Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion in 2011. Tyson Chandler, maybe? Never had a "sidekick".
nope. It also was hard because there was Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, John Stockton, AI, etc.
no he was the most coveted assistant coach. Can't say that look at Kerr, Quin Snyder, Jason Kidd etc they also had 0 HC exp
it wasn't by himself.. He had Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler in their prime and Jason Kidd
Can we just get Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Jason Terry, and Caron Butler back? 😂😂
man we need some kinda squad. Caron Buter, Tyson Chandler, Jason Kidd etc etc
This was just in 2011. And that team had Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, and Jason Kidd.
pledge support of head coach Jason Kidd, hint at potential contract extension
Chick Hearn, Derek Fisher with .4 against the Spurs, kobes 81, Kobe locking up Reggie Miller and Jason Kidd in the early 2000's. Nostalgic
you must've never heard of Jason Kidd or Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson lol
Lue might have got stepped over by LeBron, but Jason Kidd ripped Bron and Wade in the 2011 Finals.
In the 1 NBA game I've ever been to I got to see:. D-Wade. Jason Kidd. Vince Carter. Shaq. Penny Hardaway. Alonzo Mourning
dw I brought KD fully badged for 50k, I got reward Pau Gasol at PF and Jason Kidd as PG, grinding for that Amerhyst Wade
Top 10 Players of the 2000s. Source: NBA Lead. Hands down Jason Kidd is one of the best Point Guards of the 21st...
Roc-A-Fella Fun Fact: Hov originally wanted Vince Carter and Jason Kidd also on the cover.… http…
Jason kidd sit down, you're probably hammered right now
Giannis is *** electric at point. Well played, Jason Kidd.
yall didnt even want to win tonight. Jason kidd needs to be point guard cuz yall stink
Jason Kidd is going to make him a top 10 pg by next year
look it up. It's crazy, the Greek *** is 6'11 and plays point guard! Jason Kidd said he's gonna play point the rest of this yr
Henson has 3 fouls, Monroe is 7 for 9 and he only played 11 mins the 1st half. I want what Jason Kidd is smoking.
Magic on a 10-0 run with 4:19 left in the first half & Jason Kidd goes back to his starting lineup w/ Jabari replacing Vasquez, who was 0/4.
A pair of easy buckets for Orlando and Jason Kidd immediately calls a timeout. lead 12-10
Jason Kidd said he'll run the point next year. Crazy.
PG-Lonzo Ball is basically the next Jason Kidd (not the next Russell Westbrook).
Jason Kidd said they'll work Vasquez into the rotation the rest of the season. Limit will be around 20 but limits sometimes mean nothing.
Bucks coach Jason Kidd said Greivis Vasquez will be in rotation, maybe work up to 20 minutes at some point.
Pregame reads:. Game preview: Giannis embracing new PG role:
Join Jason Kidd at in Falls Church, VA tomorrow 4/2 12–2p to win tickets to see 4/29!
I wish people would give Jason Kidd the respect he deserves as a legend. It's blasphemous that he's left out of top 5 PGs conversations.
Jason Kidd announces Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the Bucks starting point guard next season.
Just saw a comment saying, "Steve Nash and Jason Kidd were better than A.I." 🙃💥🔫.
Word?!!?? I remember when he played for the Nets, he really helped Jason Kidd back in the good ol days
Giannis is embracing his new role as point guard. Ready to take a leadership role.
Players improve over time if they work at it. Check Jason Kidd’s shooting over his career. It can happen.
"Jason Kidd has turned the Bucks into some sort of positionless mob of players" Hammond did this...
Jason Kidd says Giannis Antetokounmpo will be Bucks point...
Giannis Antetokounmpo embracing new role as Bucks point guard
Giannis: I want to become the leader of this team and push this team as far as we can go
What are the chances of Matt Barnes pulling a Jason Kidd on Derek Fisher?
Bucks coach Jason Kidd said Giannis Antetokounmpo will be the team's point guard heading into next season.
Jason Kidd just said Giannis Antetokounmpo will be playing point guard next season... What will Michael Carter-William's role be next year?
Here's that pic. Top 5 California high school PGs the last 35 years. Jason Kidd tops this list
Of course the Cavs lost to the Nets. They have Michael Ray Richardson, Buck Williams, Derrick Coleman, Drazen Petrovic and Jason Kidd.
we still don't really know what happened with Jason Kidd and the french fries tbh.
ok? What about Jason Kidd? Triple double machine... Russell Westbrook? Many more. So magic was tall?
Williams' 16 assists were most by a Mav since Jason Kidd in 2010. He's the first Mav not named Kidd or Nash w/ 16 since Derek Harper in '92.
Deron Williams also had a game as he became 1st Mavs player with 30 Pts and 15 Ast since Jason Kidd in 1996.
Russell Westbrook now leads NBA in triple-doubles w/ a dozen. First player since Jason Kidd in '07-'08 to have 12+
I didn't. I'll admit it. This feels to me like Jason Kidd forcing his kid on his teammates. Who's going to buck Chris Sale?
"We felt at this point we wanted to get him some minutes and see how he responds going to the D-League." — Jason Kidd on Rashad Vaughn
Hip Hop News. Chris Brown. Jason Kidd. Even the lovable Blake Griffin has added to the ...
In retrospect, I kind of think that the lakers would have been fine trading Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd. Bynum didn't help much in 2009
Only drama left is if/when we see John Henson for the first time after missing 20 games. Jason Kidd said pregame he would get minutes.
Jason Kidd is half black. explains a lot
Congratulations to Jason Kidd, Marques Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar named to PAC 12 All Century team. Kareem named pla…
You could also throw other point guards like Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, and John Stockton in the mix.
yup. I got these Jason Kidd's around then too
Moses Malone, Jason Kidd, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward all were born on March 23.
Just say some old Jason Kidd games and I saw Jason Collins and thought to myself, "That had to be one f up day when he told his wife that."
Draymond Green is on the verge of doing something only Scottie Pippen and Jason Kidd have done before him (since 1983-84).
Shawn Marion was one of the best perimeter defenders ever. Jason Kidd was a great passer, Tyson
Kendall Marshall reminds me of Jason Kidd, for example. Doesn't mean he's even nearly as good, just reminds me of him.
Dude gon' say to me its over for the Nets... They lost Vince Carter, Jason Kidd and now Joe Johnson
Jason Kidd on Joe Johnson: "He’s not afraid of having the ball late, so they get a closer. So wherever he ends up they have a chance to win"
Why does Jason Kidd have Greg Monroe and Michael Carter Williams coming off the bench? 😕
feel like Jason kidd lobbing to you like a young Kenyon Martin on this one
lol, well it doesn't help that the Blazers are making Mack look like Jason freaking Kidd right now.
that was Jason Kidd leadership , what happened when Kidd left
Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson were/are/probably will still be overlooked/unrated as GOATs
I believe in him too. I think his ceiling would be a better scoring Jason Kidd but he should get better at d and reb.
I would take every backup PG of the Jason Kidd era over what we have now
I feel like Jason Kidd was overlooked when he played
*** the nets got a squad now. Deron,KG,paul peirce, joe johnson,brook lopez, gerald wallace, and jason kidd as the coach
accurate! Jason Kidd went behind him and did way better
yo honestly him and Jason Kidd original goats
Parker, Monroe help Bucks hold off Hawks in double overtime (The Associated Press): Bucks coach Jason Kidd has...
Jason Kidd and Steve Nash are so underrated
I'm giving away something for you on 1994-95 SP DIE CUT JASON KIDD RC NMMT. Get it here -
yeah I was definitely going to say magic, Isaiah, Stockton, and the logo. Idk about Jason Kidd though
Imagine Serge Ibaka now imagine Serge with the I.Q. of Jason Kidd & Magic, handles like A.I. and Athletic abilities like Dominiq
Most talented teammate would have to have been JR Smith, but best teammate was probably Jason Kidd.
Magic, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, and Jason Williams' passing ability was so crazy man i wish i could do it
There is no better coach killer than Jason Kidd
If you don't tap in Jason Kidd ghost can't keep u safe
Aye one of you sneaker heads find me the old Jason Kidd East 2 West shoes
Remember folks, Melo's best team since being a Knick had Ray Felton and 40-year old Jason Kidd as starters.
All that was cuz of Jason Kidd. Lets not get it twisted. Notice Knicks haven't done jack since Kidd left.
From the year 2022: "The Sonics have traded a 1st round pick for Jeff Green. GM Jason Kidd says 'He's our missing piec…
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Report: Jason Kidd has 'long been enamored' with Ricky Rubio...
Jason Kidd and Jacque Vaughn also played vs. good competition.
Jason Kidd had 29 more career dimes than Muir’s Jacque Vaughn (90-93) and he holds the career steals mark by quite a wide margin.
nah but you in real life look like a young Jason Kidd
How funny that in my business class we're talking about the Knicks and here I am wanting former Jason Kidd to be president
It is extremely realistic and reasonable that Jason Kidd cycles through MCW, Rubio, Elf, Rondo, and Burke.
It’s Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn and Jim Jackson fighting over Toni Braxton all over again!
Jason Kidd has more rebounds in his career than Alonzo Mourning and Willis Reed...
Dirk just Jason Kidd'd that jump ball.
Jason Kidd going small and Tyler Zeller only playing 10 mins wow
smh so young ... So just cause Jason Kidd one man said it that mean it's right ? That's his opinion 1⃣man its a billion people bruh
head coach Jason Kidd said SF-PF Jabari Parker's game is growing, said he's gotten better as the season progressed.
Jason Kidd believes Jabari Parker is "growing," and that he's "gotten better" as the season has progressed.
I miss watching Jason Kidd in his prime. And Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas, Chauncey Billups, Brandon Roy before the knees.
So my dream just consisted of Jason Kidd doing a string of guest appearances on tv shows. SNL, house hunter, lip sync battle, Ellen 😕
lol I can. I would take Ron Harper and MJ over them Jason Kidd and Vince Carter, tony Parker and manu
Jason Kidd, Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace three most likely to hit your wife/girlfriend right in front of you?
Wow, I love I just won this for free, NBA Rookie Lot - Jason Kidd, Austin Rivers, Keith Van H
Jason Kidd is gonna leave the Bucks to coach the Suns this time.
The only other guard in the last 25 seasons with 19+ Reb in a game was Jason Kidd.
Also taking a team to the finals in the East isn't an accomplishment. Jason Kidd did it twice with a jumpshot like Smush Parker.
U big cone headed👽 Jason Kidd get Michael carter Williams back in the game Milwaukee Bucks coach or u will lose
Steve Kerr, Brad Stevens, Jason Kidd were all pretty successful using that strategy
Where was her anger when the Knicks signed/Nets hired Jason Kidd? Or the Jets signing Brandon Marshall? Yikes.
let's remember Jason Kidd's game winning pass over Yao Ming in the preseason
, but I have to disagree with you when you said Jason Kidd and Steve Nash were better point guards than Chris Paul.
Still can't believe I live in a world where Chris Paul is considered better than Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Kevin Johnson, and Steve Nash
...I mean I love Steph Curry, but ahead of Isaiah? Not to mention CP3 OR Jason Kidd. Ridiculous disrespect for Zeke. PGs, not scorers
Jason Kidd is 2nd in all time triple doubles and yet he's still o dee far away from big O Kidd(107) Robinson (171)
Hip surgery can't stop coach Jason Kidd, who's still up for those critical game-day coffee runs
me either I can't even get an amethyst other than Jason Kidd lmao
Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn and Jimmy Jackson had to break up because of an alleged love Triangle ( or square) with Toni Braxton
I think people forget, that Nets team had Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson and Byron Scott. Now I feel old.
They got T Mac, Chris Webber, David Robinson, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki in the Like Mike movie
Bobby Marks at 54 minute mark on the vertical with Bob Myers talks Jason Kidd and his hip surgery keeping him out of things.
Reggie should go take a Nap!!! I will take Jason Kidd, Paul Pierce and Ray allen anyday over him.
Jason Kidd is undergoing right hip surgery tomorrow and will be out indefinitely. Joe Prunty will be the interim coach.
Bucks coach Jason Kidd tells Yahoo Sports he will be out indefinitely following hip surgery tomorrow. 1st.
Antetokounmpo displays versatility in multiple roles for Bucks: Bucks coach Jason Kidd is developi...
Bucks coach Jason Kidd is developing the 21-year-old’s skill set by placing him in the starting lineup but also...
An example of a mess of a coach this year: Jason Kidd. Bucks are last in defensive efficiency.
.coach S Skiles said in his coaching career he's worked with 3 elite defensive guards: Jason Kidd, Kirk Hinrich &
.. The classless , led by their cockroach coach Jason Kidd, got spanked by the CHAMPIONS. Mediocre at best 🏀
coach Jason Kidd knows something about the that the rest of the league doesn't.
Jason Kidd deserved coach of the year more than atl's coach last year
Jason Kidd always looks like he's trying to determine if he has food poisoning. It's not 'Fear the Dear' but fear what coach ate pre game.
Random fact: this diehard Cal fan saw Jason Kidd coach the Milwaukee Bucks. First time I ever saw him in person :(
Jason Kidd said Jerryd Bayless (ankle) and Greivis Vasquez (ankle) won't be making the trip out west with the
Jason Kidd says Stephen Curry is this generation’s Michael Jordan
Jason Kidd refers 2 Curry as a low maintenance superstar, equates 2 Harlem Globetrotters or UCLA's great streaks
We had Kobe, we had Shaq, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, dirk, VC, KG, Tmac, AI, Chris Webber, Grant Hill, our generation lit!
Jason Kidd on Paul Pierce: "I saw it up close in Brooklyn and I’ve seen it as a player, he’s not one that maybe always starts off fast."
I liked a video from the truth behind Dwayne Wade and Jason Kidd battle for Gabrielle Union
Shaun Livingston is one of the best guards in the post I've ever seen. Gary Payton, Nick Van Exel, Jason Kidd, Jordan and Livingston.
Jason Kidd not starting MCW at PG despite Ennis, Bayless and Vasquez being out. Mayo at PG.
There is way too much Kobe Bryant love going on. Best player of his generation? How about Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, or . . . Tim Duncan.
Bucks coach Jason Kidd said staff will consider options at PG for Knicks game on Sat. Ennis, Bayless and Vasquez all out with injuries.
Tyler Ennis out with left shoulder soreness, coach Jason Kidd said in pregame. Ennis hurt it in practice Thursday.
Jerryd Bayless returns to Bucks starting lineup tonight vs. Pistons, coach Jason Kidd said at shootaround at Palace. Bayless DNP-CD on Wed.
*lobs to the TL like I was Jason Kidd on a fast break. You all are good dunkers.*
Pop and one-time FA target Jason Kidd sharing a laugh and handshake before the anthem
Kevin Garnett has just passed Jason Kidd on the all time minutes list
Kevin Garnett needs to play 12 minutes tonight to pass Jason Kidd (50,110) for third place on the NBA all-time minutes played list.
How the *** you gonna put Kevin Durant down there below Jason Kidd...wait how is Jason kidd on here anyway?¿
still mind boggling how a great PG like Jason Kidd could make that trade. Knight on that Bucks team would be nice.
Bucks coach Jason Kidd suspended for tonight's game after swiping ball away from referee Wed. (via https:…
Bucks head coach Jason Kidd slapped w/ one-game suspension after knocking ball out of referee's hands last Wednesday vs Kings
Jason Kidd suspended one game for slapping ball away from ref
NBA suspends Bucks head coach Jason Kidd: The incident occurred with 1:49 remaining in the fourth quarter of ...
Jason Kidd suspended 1 game for knocking ball away from referee
Jason Kidd is the NBA's 2nd all-time leader in steals. You can't leave the ball exposed like that, ref.
ICYMI: Bucks coach Jason Kidd had no time for the ball the ref was holding. So he swatted it away. And got ejected.
games because of not Jason Kidd, but the players.
I feel that it's not Jason Kidd in general. I feel that once they get a lead the players kinda start to
Jason Kidd is going to be hearing from the after slapping the ball away from a referee and getting ejected.
Remember that time when Jason Kidd had to decide between Brandon knight and Michael Carter-Williams?
Game 9: Michael Jordan & Jason Kidd go head-to-head for 1st time in Bulls OT victory vs Mavericks.
please don't compare smart to Jason Kidd. It's embarrassing. the Celtics hav whiffed on draft picks. I Thomas carries team
Steve Nash, John Stockton, Jerry West, Jason Kidd, Hardaway, Gary Payton, Isaiah Tomas, ect. None of them better than him?
He can't rebound...Jason Kidd was a triple double threat every time he walked on the court...
Thomas never was even close to Steph offensively. Steph is a blend of AI, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.
Its hilarious these young fans dissing B scott because he can't coach. He coached Jason Kidd to back 2 back finals.He couldn't be that dumb.
Jason Kidd goes back to the Monroe-Henson duo for the final 1:15 of the first half. Bucks up 48-44.
Jason Kidd said pregame he had given no thought to playing Monroe/Henson together. They're out there now for the first time.
Jason Kidd and Vince Carter highlights make me wanna go back in time
Gunz N' Butta the whole way through, cause Cam'ron and Vado were like the Jason Kidd to Vince Carter 1,2 punch.
Jason Kidd arrowed this buck on Nov. 7, 2015 in Romulus, NY... Seneca County
Jason Kidd said his only year in Brooklyn felt like five years. These first seven games have felt like 10 ...
Emotional games for both Jason Kidd and Chris Copeland
Starting lineup Jason Kidd, T Mac, Vince Carter, Blake Griffin and Deandre... With Russ Westbrook as 6 man
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As I kid I wanted to play like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and John Stockton. The best true point guards for sure!
"He's 20 years old and he's going to play every position for us." -Jason Kidd
Luke Walton will be a championship winning coach before Byron Scott, Derek Fisher, or Jason Kidd
ICYMI: Jason Kidd made an impact in MIL last season that only Duncan + Robinson had topped in the last 38 years:
Kidd on Henson, Bucks expectations and Jabari's return
How is that amethyst Jason Kidd? I just finished the Current Cavaliers today want to know if the grind is worth it
'No overtime, I'm working double time. Jason Kidd, tryna get my Bucks in line'
Head coach of the Jason Kidd, joins next on .
1.) Air Mags. 2.) Jason Kidd 2. 3.) Gary Payton with the strap. 4.) Dennis Rodman's with the side laces
Derek Fisher hints Kristaps Porzingis will start opening night against Jason Kidd, Greg Monroe and the Bucks
I can't listen to Jason Kidd anymore without hearing impression of him.
Bunch of versatile 3/4s. Couple great passers at the 4/5. And the constant outlier, Jason Kidd.
Video: Bucks coach Jason Kidd's big challenge, according to Tom Oates
I think it was from being a certified baller they knew what's up just like Jason Kidd could probably say it without offense lol
Can we please take a minute to appreciate how good Jason Kidd was as a rebounder (and overall).
That’s not an insult to the metric. That makes a lot of sense. It just shows how everything-man Jason Kidd was.
When I think stretch 4, I always think Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd being on this list is everything.
My team is so stacked now. All I'm missing is the amethyst cards. I only have Jason Kidd. Smh. Idk how I haven't pulled one yet.
Jason Kidd has something brewing out there in Milwaukee, roster full of young studs that can get it done!
Via Bucks Split as Regular Season Approaches: Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd has...
Steve Nash mixed with some jason kidd
waive Jorge Gutierrez, Marcus Landry and Josh Powell, team announced. Gutierrez was a Jason Kidd favorite going back to days.
I like what Jason Kidd doing in Milwaukee. How good they are depends on Jabari knee
Tonight @ 6:33 on WTMJ: Coach on state of the entering 2015-16.
all it's missing is Jason Kidd alley-ooping it
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