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Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs (born 6 June 1963) is an English actor born in Liverpool, known for his performance as the villain Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, the brutal Colonel William Tavington in The Patriot and as lifelong criminal Michael Caffee in the American television series Brotherhood.

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Apropos of your earlier chats on credits e.g. “but Jason Isaacs”… note the “but… The Buzzcocks” on…
Cillian Murphy replaced Jason Isaacs in this movie
Explaining the Hello to Jason Isaacs ref. in your grad ceremony to your parents. Thanks Thanjeev.
And I thought Jason Isaacs was the voice of Scar from lion king
Can't believe I saw it in London *ahem* years ago and Jason Isaacs and Daniel Craig were in it!
Current mood: Jason Isaacs before and after an interviewer brings up Harry Potter
Jason Isaacs looks pathetic as a Star Trek Captain. He looked much better as a Drag00n.
Saw A Cure For Wellness, which has two memorably horrible bits, a terrific Jason Isaacs performance and is at least half an hour too long.
Get well soon and hello to Jason Isaacs.
Ah shame, he was really good at actually talking to people. The queue was long, but you knew it'd be mor…
Jason Isaacs my god 😍 he can play any role and I fall in love with him even more 😍
Jason Isaacs is the perfect villain
Well we've yet to see it, after all, beyond the shot of Jason Isaacs in his captain's chair.
It really was! Someone even said hello to Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs played a little role named Lucius Malfoy in a handful of movies a while back. I feel this is worth mentioning.
Who's headed to Comic Con? I'm looking forward to all of the pics. .
Reading a new book by Jason Isaacs & Jeremy Isaacs and finding it hard to put down. Every pastor should get a copy of Toxic Soul.
Jason Isaacs is so evil in The Patriot but he's still kinda hot. I'm a terrible person.
Jason Isaacs auditioned for Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man — and talked himself out of playing it.
Jason Isaacs agreed to take money to participate in a movie where he "shot" a young child in the back for no serious reason.
Jason Isaacs looks so different with his natural hair color
Why won't CBS show us any footage of jason isaacs in the new Star Trek series
Wow, he looks so much like Jason Isaacs there.
I've been watching the OA, and I didn't even realise the man is Jason Isaacs aka Lucius Malfoy.
so what you’re saying is that Jason Isaacs is secretly… G’NORT!?!
Jason Isaacs, Jodie Whitaker, and Viggo Mortensen pose for a portrait during TIFF2008
Also a young David Thewlis and Jason Isaacs who worked together long before Harry Potter. :D
David Thewlis, Jason Isaacs, and a character called Draco. Harry Potter or Dragonheart? 😂
Our first look at Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca has arrived:
Star Trek: Discovery first look at Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca
Here's a first look at Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca:
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Layla!!! Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain in Harry Potter alum Jason Isaacs
I've met Stan Lee, Jason Isaacs, Wil Wheaton, and Abraham from TWD all in the past hour. I need a minute to breathe.
My 10 choices for the 13th JASON ISAACS. Would be totally different from any previous lead. Pure Drama.
Jason Momoa's new photoshoot for the May issue of GQ 😍
want everyone to say hello to jason this Friday at midday. Please make my dream a reality
Jason Isaacs voices The Inquisitor on Star Wars Rebels oh my god Lucius Malfoy IS A SITH LORD my life is complete
Not long now until our most awaited night with Jason Isaacs. We are down to our last tickets so grab them now to...
Why is Jason Isaacs always the biggest *** in every movie ever made???
How do you vote for the Wittertainment Party? Oh and hello to Jason Isaacs
Listeners Of Which victory song should I use for Jason in the Zone if and when Darryl Isaacs finally follows him?
OSCAR ISAAC. Jason Isaacs is the guy who plays L…
Jason Isaacs was good in it, I'll give you two that.
Cameron, in reference to Jason Isaacs always being a really good bad guy: "dude, I bet lots of people call that guy zaddy."
Jason Isaacs (on how he modeled his character, Lucius Malfoy, after Tom Felton's (portrayal of…
You don't post food too often. I wish posted more. FYI I'm loading up on some Jason Isaacs films. We sh…
domain names
switching on the tv and there's Jason Isaacs on *O*
Tbh it's right under The OA but the OA takes priority because Jason Isaacs I'm sorry I don't make the rules
You could come meet us at C2E2 next week. The kids from Stranger Things are gonna be there; so are Jason Isaacs and Evie Lynch. 😉
I know I'm late but . wah Jason Isaacs in and Jude Law in is great news!
Jason isaacs was literally born to be ricki Roma
Talk about literally falling asleep on the job.
Now picturing you in the Sam Neill role in 'Event Horizon' (I'm Jason Isaacs, obvs :-P )
Names overheard that were probably just words in a foreign language: Jason Isaacs, Valter Birsa, Dave Nugent and Matt Berninger.
Had no real interest in the TV show until I saw Jason Isaacs will be the new captain...
Lucius Malfoy, aka Jason Isaacs, will be starring in this iconic TV reb
Gillian Anderson and Jason Isaacs need to attend 😄
New | Perrie, Jesy and Claudimar on Perrie's Instagram dancing to Swalla by Jason Derulo🔥🔥
Yes yes and that was awesome *^* I also went to the signing session *^* Jason Isaacs was so nice ! ♥
. I love this song, I love Jason Derulo. I tried to dance this, hope you like it!
The cast of this show is nuts! Sonequa Martin Green, Jason Isaacs, Rainn Wilson, James Frain, Michelle Yeoh, what?
oh man if only I could go! Also I had no clue Jason Isaacs is joining the Star Trek cast. Thanks for the info but I have to work 😢
He also gave me some money for magiccon as meeting Ian Somerhalder, Andrew Scott, Jason Isaacs& Dean O'Gorman is gonna be expensive as ***
Jason Isaacs will follow Sir Patrick Stewart as second British actor to take the captain's chair as he confirms his… htt…
DED DED DED. Also am i the only one who thinks Jason Isaacs could play Paul Ryan in a movie
Not that I can think of. Jason Isaacs changed position on a bill he filed and announced just a few weeks ago. Very…
Grimsby MP teams up with Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs in cancer …
Jason Isaacs' funniest memory of Alan Rickman via
British actor Jason Isaacs will play Captain Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery. Best casting yet.
"To boldly say hello to where no man has said hello before ..."
Contact Music - Jason Isaacs' funniest memory of Alan Rickman
The U.S.S. Discovery has its captain! Welcome aboard & Mary Wiseman:
Jason Isaacs is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Jason Isaacs named as starship captain in the new TV series –
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Isaacs zepco…
Awesome. Love Jason Isaacs this is shaping up very well. Dont let me down
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Jason Isaacs clambers aboard new Star Trek vehicle.
Excited for Sonequa Martin-Green and Jason Isaacs in the new Star Trek! 🙌🏻
Jason Isaacs to play captain on 'Star Trek: Discovery': Report
Lucius Malfoy is probably advising Donald Trump on immigration says Jason Isaacs htt…
Listen, I love Jason Isaacs & all, but after hearing Angela Bassett & Michelle Yeoh first considered for captain, the thri…
Star Trek: Discovery has cast Jason Isaacs as its captain. Brilliant!
Star Trek: Discovery finds its Captain with Jason Isaacs. Details here:
Jason Isaacs confirms his casting in Star Trek: Discovery via
From Harry Potter to Star Trek. Jason Isaacs to play captain in new TV series.
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! How did I miss Jason Isaacs being cast as the new Star Trek captain!
Star Trek Discovery has found its captain in Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs via
This morning we asked new Captain Jason Isaacs about the series. . It didn't go well...
Will Capt. Jason Isaacs recognise Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons? They're... different (and this might be why)…
Jason Isaacs is going to play the captain in Star Trek- Discovery. The new Star Trek series. . One question, who's…
loved Jason Isaacs in West Wing. Brief but good
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Had a sliding doors moment and said "Hello to Jason Isaacs" to He was very lovely! (Early am too!)
Tom with Matthew Lewis,Jason Isaacs and Warwick Davis during the annual celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando, 2017 htt…
Just announced! Tom Felton will join Warwick Davis, Matthew Lewis and Jason Isaacs at next week:
Some interesting British talent in this - Danny Mays, Jason Isaacs and Joe Gilgun (😍) so far
I want a Helen McCrory movie where she's happy, she's not alone, she has kids, husband (played by Jason Isaacs) and it's a rom-com. Thanks
Throwback to the last Comic-Con where I met Katie Leung, Jason Isaacs and Rila Fukushima 😀
Wilbur Wright will be played by Jason Isaacs in the movie. Just FYI,
Staff Favorite: A Monster Calls by read by Jason Isaacs & Nick Podehl!
My main love will always be Chris Evans. Others include Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Renner and Chris Pine. But the list is ever changing.
And He was Marie Dressler? Lucio Malfoy, or better, Jason Isaacs. Me and Sonserina contracening in Anna Christie.-
there are some amazing ones. Jason Isaacs and Charlie Cox too
oh geeze. personally I'd go for jason isaacs and maybe david anders, but there are lots of great people there.
You two should collaborate on a program. It could say "Hello to Jason Isaacs".
someone shove a wig on Jason isaacs head again
holy mother of god I love Jason isaacs and Tom Felton.
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Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton's reaction to a wand being pointed at them gives me life, these two are just too perfect. http…
Of course Jason Isaacs is stuck in Dubai airport when you're not even in the freaking country. Of course!
Is Jason Isaacs coming to Australia for a work based thing or just a holiday?
God, I hate interviews with actors pouncing on. Who wants to know about their lives? I don't wa
say it ain't so, a fellow wittertainee? Wassup Jason Isaacs!
Yeah, I watched the TV series, with Jason Isaacs. Haven't read any of her books, not to keen on crime thrillers.
Yeah, best conversations I've had with actors has been in autograph lines. Jason Isaacs was the nicest I've met!
just want to say one thing. Hello to Jason Isaacs. You must get this all the time
Jason Isaacs would sometimes tell kids visiting the set that Dobby was in his trailer. https:/…
Jason Isaacs on meeting Tom Felton, his on-screen son, for the first time.
I was thinking that as I was reading it! Not even Jason Isaacs could give it a good shot 😪
thanks for sharing Jason, have a great Monday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
wow. What a show. Jason Isaacs is immense.
I would let jason isaacs do whatever he wanted to me
Here's my caricature of Jason Isaacs (after 2 hours artwork.
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Also is very confusing cuz Lucius Malfoy is a total bag of *** but Jason Isaacs is so hot. I Want to push him off a cliff but pretty
Switching channels from Warner TV to Fox Family Movies and seeing Jason Isaacs transform from Lucius Malfoy into Captain Hook
My dad is doing the London cycle ride today with the words "hello to Jason Isaacs" on his back! What a dedicated listener...
Jason Isaacs' pimp cane is my favorite character in OoTP ⚡️🐍
Likewise. Now, can we find a part for Jason Isaacs?
Flipping between The Patriot and a Harry Potter marathon. Apparently tonight is gonna be "Hate on Jason Isaacs Night."
I don't know if it's a romantic comedy but I'm in the beginning of the first of the season of '
Actor Jason Isaacs also aboard as Assistant Director for Fe'dernik.
It sounds like a CW cop show version of that awful show with Jason Isaacs
Hello to Jason Isaacs from the wittertainee on stage in What an excellent Saturday night!
Lucius is an a-hole. Another reason I can't help but dislike Jason Isaacs.
David Bradley who play Walder Frey  at and Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the films.
David Bradley and Jason Isaacs at comic con this year o i am living
what about the live action version they did a few years ago with Jason Isaacs? Syfy's Neverland is pretty good too
Great to see the product line bringing in the riches for and Jason Isaacs!
Jason Isaacs is such a flawless man.
YES!! I haven't seen Jason Isaacs in anything in a while, he's awesome to follow on here though.
And Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. I mean, you're evil. But you're smokin'
Jason Isaacs runs a florist shop so the slogan can be "will love bloom? Or will a mechanic throw a wrench into the mix?"
Lrt: *sweats* I would watch the heckie out of that. Also I read Oscar Isaacs as Jason Isaacs and I'll take either, please
While JK Rowling and Jason Isaacs have fallen in my estimation recently, Sinaed O'Connor soars
is the sound 'Hello to Jason Isaacs' spoken in Whale?
Soairse Ronin on Brooklyn - he apparently referenced it in his speech by using one of its catchphrases Hello to Jason Isaacs.
what about the one with Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook?
The 8 best things we saw Jason Isaacs und David Morrissey at Latitude Festival 2016 | Gigwise
📷 Jason Isaacs arrives at the Odeon Leicester Square London for the premiere of Jason Bourne  Monday...
Jason Isaacs attends the UK Premiere of 'Finding Dory' at Odeon Leicester Square on July 10, 2016
This Peter Pan story is at least 50% inspired by my *** boy attraction to Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook
If I was in a room with Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham-Carter, Alan Rickman, and Jason Isaacs, my head would explode tiny paper unicorns.
Tomorrow I'm going to be in the same room as Hayley Atwell, Anthony Daniels, Tom Felton, Jason Isaacs, Katie Cassidy, & Christopher Lloyd!
Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs' panel at the Calgary Comic Expo! Really fun couple of guys…
Jason Isaacs in Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood, he's the perfect Lucius Malfoy!
Thanks On the weekly newsletter: is Jason Isaacs a big fan of the podcast? 🤔
kseniashevtsova a dit : Hello sweetie! May I ask you some gifs with Rhys Ifans and Jason Isaacs? Please!...
because I have a new but not new movie with Jason Isaacs called dawn if your interested I haven't watch it yet
Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. First the hair, the smirk, and the fact that I wanted to punch him makes him own this
Mark Kermode makes his Dealz/Poundland debut! No in-store signing though. Hello to Jason Isaacs
Question for fans of British actors of a certain age who sort of look like romantic leads but who aren't really: Jason Isaacs?
I really like Jason Isaacs lol hes just amazing
*waves back in the general direction of Jason Isaacs*
I thought Rebecca Front as Ruth, David Bradley as Cathbad and maybe Jason Isaacs as Nelson?
can't be you - you get the day rate. I'm sure you heard the news that Jason Isaacs is to launch a rival film review show on Heart
To celebrate meeting Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs in a month Ive chosen to reread these GLORIOUS pieces of literature
I need you to smack me with some Jason Isaacs pictures and gifs please.
Jason Isaacs just hello-ed in listener's email on Radio NZ movie review segment. Presenters none the wiser.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm at the beginning of it. I'm Elektra's last job before the story kicks o...
Love Harry Potter? We went to the Jason Isaacs panel at Toronto ComiCon!
// Are not I have a crush on Jason Isaacs from Harry Potter... He's 53.
Still in a Potter mood? We kick off our recap of with Lucius Malfoy himself!
I'll always remember the time Mel Gibson killed Jason Isaacs and America won the Revolutionary War.
Mrs. Isaacs is accusing me of copying off of Jason and I'm so salty. I mean I copied but not off of Jason :(
Jason 'Lucius Malfoy' Isaacs. I don't think he's quite got the hang of it, but we need a 12th man
invites HP villains together. Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton will do signings and photoshooting at Grand Palace Tokyo on 7-8 May.
Jason Isaacs is such a good villain in The Patriot.
The face off at the end of The Patriot between Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs was epic. Definitely one of the greatest in film.
I would like to adjourn every Town Hall debate the way Jason Isaacs did in The Patriot.
Not sure which PSC or AAWP I've just listened to, but I'd just like to say, Hello to Jason Isaacs.
will you be saying hello to Jason Isaacs who apparently is also in NY living near a lift shaft!
can play Michael Bay directing as twins: Gilderoy Lockhart and Jason Isaacs.
the Windows phone users can just shout 'Hello to Jason Isaacs' when they walk into rooms...the rest of us will just know why now
Banastrae Tarleton. Infamous and evil. Jason Isaacs portrayed him in the movie The Patriot with Mel Gibson.
Thank you for putting the Ops sale out early! Jason Isaacs and Tovah Feldshuh, here we come!
That's why Mark Strong popped into my head. Him and Jason Isaacs.
the best part is that this line was improvised by Dan on set when Jason Isaacs sprung it upon him without prior notice!
How about Jason Isaacs? Right age, looks great with long hair too, (the Patriot) and blue eyes
If you don't know Jason Isaacs from his other movies, he's worth discovering!
Here's the latest picture from Jason Isaacs' Instagram. Posted about 4 hours ago.
I will come running! You may have to shout a little louder now :( . But, Jason Isaacs is freaking awesome. PS Stopping dissing hp
I didn't know Jason Isaacs was so good. Nothing wrong with his Malfoy. It's just the character itself doesn't let the actor do much.
Watching Peter Pan with family. I didn't know Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) was in it. He gives a delighful performance as Mr. Darling/Hook.
60 bucks to say 'Hello to Jason Isaacs' in person... + a photo...
Stanislav Ianevski,Predrag Bjelac and now Katie Leung and Jason Isaacs attend the People Con (Magic School II) Why do I have such bad luck?
Guys, I'm meeting Jason Issacs!! He's so much better than that other guy, Jason Isaacs 😏
love the hair!. OMG you get to meet Jason Isaacs! So jelly!! Lol at butter confused lady. Sooo excited for tonight's game!!!
Not listening live, but guessing my email got read out on today's show! Hello to Jason Isaacs from Molly! X
So, the movie after Igor looked like crap but, Jason Isaacs is Taylor Lautner's Dad
📷 Jason Isaacs arrives at the ITV studios London for his appearance on the Lorraine show 4/02/16.
our Jason Isaacs announcement ABOVE ☝🏼️ for a chance to win a Photo Op with him at
I think I was probably always a liar; I just get paid for it now. Jason Isaacs.
increasingly resembles the villain in a mediocre action film. The part of WMATA to be played by Jason Isaacs
Maria Bello, you are better than this movie. So are you, Jason Isaacs. Why are you, Abducted?
Finally Jason Isaacs, a guest I care about, is attending March's Comicon. Now I hope they announce Cory Michael Smith as a guest as well.
update: Jason Isaacs is playing the hairdresser and Kerry Fox is Susannah.
Photo Ops with Jason Isaacs at on sale 2/5 at Noon MST (11:45am for vouchers): https:…
I want to meet Jason Isaacs! I'm so excited that he's coming to Salt Lake Comic Con
I do gotta say, David Thewils, Jason Isaacs and Brian Thompson are a pretty great bad guy line up in Dragonheart.
The last really good movie was 2003... because Wendy, Tigerlily, HOOK (Jason Isaacs). More of THAT would be nice.
i falter at Jason Isaacs' every portrayal of unhinged aristocratic men (see also: hook) why?? where's my intervention???
I hate what they've done to Hook, Captain. Give me Jason Isaacs or Hoffman any day.
Lucius wouldn't have made this. Thankfully we have Jason Isaacs to support
📷 Jason Isaacs at Edinburgh Castle for a performance of the Theatre of War.  The evening was started...
Students from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with the amazing Jason Isaacs
War poet Wilfred Owen honoured. Fantastic!! I love Wilfred Owen I love Jason Isaacs!!
BBC Scotland^ | War poet honoured at hospital site: Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs unveils a tribute to the wa...
Jason Isaacs amazing in the Theatre of War event at Edinburgh Castle. Performing tomorrow night
pretty quiet, but really awesome. I worked for Jason Isaacs all day, got a photo from Karen Allen, and chatted with Paul Mcgann
today I learned there is a very passionate Jason Isaacs fanbase online who namesearch him
Jason Isaacs joins Catherine Tate and Nick Frost for monster animation Happy Family: What happens when one cha...
In which scene can you see Jason Isaacs' brown hair underneath his Lucius Malfoy wig?
Sometimes my goals are vague. "I wanna work more." When I watch DIG, my specific goal is that I want to work with Jason Isaacs again.
Are you sure she will say "Yes, I will."? Or will she say "No, I need to say Hello to Jason Isaacs!" 😕
when Jason isaacs kills Heath ledger :/
My Friday night decision making process: "Well this movie is only an hour and a half long and has Jason Isaacs, done and done."
have you seen our short film - Lithgow Saint - starring Alice Eve and Jason Isaacs on
I went on 5live last night to talk about this and didn't say hi to Jason Isaacs :(
(TM) maybe you should also say hello to Jason Isaacs.
Man. Jason Isaacs is so good in the patriot.
Jason Isaacs plays such a good villain in this movie.
its in toumr template Amy! Now all your Word docs will have a Jason Isaacs stamp of approval! 😂😂😂
Jason Isaacs as Captain Hook gives me life
Watch remake "The End of the Affair" & see Voldemort "unveiled" (stars Ralph Fiennes roaming butt cheek, Jason Isaacs).
JC: This next question comes from Mark and Simon, who would like the house to acknowledge that we do indeed say hello to Jason Isaacs.
I want to make a Jeremy Corbyn biopic for the BBC, in the style of Reggie Perrin but with Mark Rylance playing JC. Jason Isaacs as Cameron.
Good cast. Jason Isaacs was great. The film was still rubbish and Peter was American for no reason.
Another 2 homes Sold by Friday in Andover. Congratulations to Jason Sharp and Julie Isaacs Sharp in finding the...
remember when you mentioned Jason Isaacs in a You should actually have him on one!! 😉
i don´t know were the blogger is, but this web site is full with Jason Isaacs nude pics from sweetwater
Jason Isaacs was actually the perfect Hook tho lets be real
Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins, Jason Statham as Burt, David Morrissey as Mr Banks and Jason Isaacs as Mrs Banks?
How sweet! Jason Isaacs, aka Lucius Malfoy, seems really proud of his "son" Draco.
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Hello to Jason Isaacs is well known, though.
You know how in every podcast Mark Kermode does he says Hello to Jason Isaacs? Is that me in your podcast?
Using public transport to support during the perilous Morning Refresh Of Doom(TM). Hello to Jason Isaacs.
Also, that would be 2 Jason's-Hawes & Isaacs. I'd be yelling for Jason1 & Jason2 all night. Confusing. :)
I'm a bit behind on my podcasts, but Hello to Jason Isaacs!
'Lithgow Saint' a film I produced staring Jason Isaacs and Alice Eve is now available on no need to leave the sofa
Did you know...your beloved Jason Isaacs is in Entourage (TV Series) which I hear you also love with a passion?
I love Jason Isaacs. I wish he worked in Tesco so we could hang more often.
if you don't say hello to Jason Isaacs on stage we will be very disappointed.
Photoset: veryreblog-muchtumble-wow: Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy): “My favorite line is actually one of...
Watching Rosemary's baby and Jason Isaacs' ( ) character is creeping me out!
watched an independent Western called SWEETWATER on January Jones & Jason Isaacs are in it. I recommend it.
My favorite dramatic moment in the movie The Patriot is when Jason Isaacs turns to Tom Wilkinson and says, "Tell me about … the YMCA."
The tannoy on my train home just said "and goodnight to Jason Isaacs." Really.
Jason Isaacs looks a lot like Scott Bakula.
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Draco is actually the real hero of the Harry Potter series, according to actor Jason Isaacs via
Then I am shocked that I only have a few dvds of actors I really like, like Clive Owen or Ioan Gruffudd or Jason Isaacs
The only thing The Patriot is good for is Jason Isaacs. He had me willing to lose. LOL John Adams is fantastic, though.
Gahh. Imagine the day we lose De Niro, Brendan Gleeson, Jason Isaacs, Malkovic, and Robert Redford. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. Swayze.
Potterhead, Grace Mck, sent us these photos! . She got to meet Bonnie Wright and Jason Isaacs at Perth Supanova...
Photoset: Bonnie Wright and Jason Isaacs talking to fans at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Sydney, June...
Happy Birthday to Jason Isaacs,Danny Webb,Mike Gatting,Bjorn Borg,Sandra Bernhard and David Blunkett .Happy Birthday to all 🎂 😊
Lot of great performances in BHD. From the pilots to Eric Bana to Jason Isaacs as CPT Steele to Tom Sizemore as Danny.
Anne Heche & Jason Isaacs: Our previous guests' TV show DIG on USA is coming to and Read more at...
Was watching in Peter Pan the other day! Jason Isaacs is the reason I no longer hate Captain Hook!👌
Reminded myself of the fact I used to have a crush on the original Captain Hook. Probably what set me up for Jason Isaacs as Hook.. xxx
(Jason Isaacs is the sexiest Hook, shortly followed by Colin O'Donoghue. Dustin Hoffman was excellent, but not sexy)
Jason Isaacs on the politics, religion, mystery and sex in USA Network's 'Dig' [Exclusive Video]': . "It...
Tonight at 7:30PM on Comcast Hometown Network (Channel 104): Jason Isaacs & Anne Heche talk about their USA...
My top 5 actor:. 1.Alan Rickman. 2.Jason Isaacs. 3.Gary Oldman. 4.David Thewlis. 5.Ralph Fiennes. It was hard to choose in the 1st and 2nd place:D
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She's also in the BBC Case Histories series which stars Jason Isaacs. It's hard to find (my library had both seasons) but great
Watching Case Histories Series I starring Jason Isaacs the Brits do it best!
Rufus Sewell and Jason Isaacs were both considered for the role of Cal.
Oh you know, just having dinner with the mayor of Jerusalem North Barkat, Jason Isaacs and Morgan…
Between The Clone Wars and Rebels, Brent Spiner, Jason Isaacs and . David Tennant have all been in This makes me VERY happy.
Jason Isaacs and a manic pixie dream girl are making out in an old underground mikvah? this seems not okay?
.Jason Isaacs, stop trying to confuse people! (Seriously, is Shirley involved in this? I would not be surprised.)
Is anyone else's mind blown to find out that Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) plays Admiral Zhao in
And then Jason Isaacs shows up in the MCU as Magneto. I'd applaud.
star Jason Isaacs (dropped by the office today. Podcast coming soon!
It would be funny if it was a typo and Jason Isaacs just happened to be nominated that year.
jason isaacs as norman osborn has Changed The Way I Approach Life
Visiting the set of USA Network's new series DIG, which films in Albuquerque and stars Anne Heche & Jason Isaacs
Yeah, but it's been a bit. I need a refresher. You see the last one with Jeremy Sumpter and Jason Isaacs?
Most badass scene in the patriot is when heath leger kills Jason isaacs
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jason Isaacs!! No matter how bad a character he plays I still think he's
Visiting the set of DIG a new series on and meeting its stars Anne Heche and Jason Isaacs
Damian Lewis and Jason Isaacs in the same picture... tbh... I don't know if I can handle it?
Jason Isaacs & Anne Heche at NBC press tour 2015 talk about "Dig": via
Trusty ole when you just can't sleep and feeling crappy. Event Horizon it is then, obligatory Hello to Jason Isaacs as well
And this is why Jason Isaacs is amazing
If Jason isaacs isn't your older man crush you're looking at life all wrong
When I watch Jason Isaacs in The Patriot I think Lucius Malfoy. When I watch him in Harry Potter I think Col. William Tavington.
Saoirse Ronan, Cynthia Nixon & Jason Isaacs attend the world premiere of their new film Stockholm, Pennsylvania d…
Post by the Amazing Gale Morgan Harold III ~. "I had the honor of working with Jason Isaacs on this
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