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Jason Heyward

Jason Alias Heyward (born August 9, 1989 in Ridgewood, New Jersey), nicknamed J-Hey and J-Hey-Kid, is a Major League Baseball right fielder for the Atlanta Braves.

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Jason Heyward has finally found his swing after a downfall that started long before he ever put on a Cubs uniform - Jesse Rogers (ESPN)
This is the 1st time that Jason Heyward has hit home runs in back-to-back games in his career.
Jason Heyward going deep in back to back games! He is on fire 🔥⚾️
Cubs encouraged by Jason Heyward's progress at the plate
2017 comeback player of the year Jason Heyward
Cubs center fielder Jason Heyward on collision with Javier Baez
Javier Baez was forced to leave Friday's game against the Brewers after a hard collision with center fielder Jason Heyward.
Jason Heyward comeback player of the year 2017
I just figure out that Jason Heyward has more hits this year than Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Ben Zobrist COM…
2016 Cubs 41116 Jason Heyward drives a single with the bases loaded that brings home David Ross: via
David Ross and Jason Heyward are some of my favorite players because morale won that World Series.
Maybe James Earl Jones can play Jason Heyward and deliver the famous speech in the weight room?
I set up, catch it, and release the most perfect throw i've ever tossed. Jason Heyward would be proud. On a rope from RF to the plate.
Jason Heyward is still a turd. The guy just can't hit
Jason Heyward in mid season form already. . Is it possible to have a negative batting avg?
First jason Heyward spring training at bat I have watched on tv and he hits a weak groundball to 2nd base. This guy is so bad it's comical.
Hamilton Collection
Tales from a fantasy tour of MLB spring training.
Tales from my fantasy tour of spring training via
Tales from my fantasy tour of spring training - Andrew Benintendi among players who impressed; slow starts, inj...
May not be a sleeper for much longer.
Tales from my fantasy tour of spring training
Here's what I took away from this year's tour of spring training. Risers, disappointments, injurie…
love that Arrieta will be there. Any chance Jason Heyward and Jon Lester join him?
Jason Heyward has been working on his swing since the end of last season. So far, so bad as fars tangible...
I like Jason Heyward and I openly root for him, but hearing people say his game 7 rain delay speech influenced the outcome drives me insane
.Amy, sounds like your team could've used a motivational speech by Jason Heyward. -Steve on 88
This advocates keeping J-Hey bc he's good for morale and nice guy. WE HAVE A DOM! We need sluggers!
Jason Heyward’s swing makeover: Did it actually work?
Darwin Barney. Jason Heyward. There have always been guys. Middle inf or speedy outfielders
I hope Jason Heyward is there in case this game goes to a rain delay.
Marcus Kruger is the version of Jason Heyward.
Can't wait to get the show and put Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey, and Jason Heyward in that sun trust outfield.
Jason Heyward's swing makeover: Did it actually work?.
Not sure the will ever make a transaction as good as just missing out on signing Jason Heyward.
If Trump swings like Jason Heyward, GOP has nothing to fear.
I had a dream last night that the Cubs traded Jason Heyward for a bucket of baseballs. Been grinding my gears all day that it was a dream.
That'd be a much bigger role than Jason Heyward, to be fair.
Jesse Rogers writes that scouts do not see improvement in Jason Heyward's swing this spring.
If I remember from the White House pictures, Jason Heyward's girlfriend looks uncannily like Kris Bryant.
The guys debating if there has ever been a bigger bust of a FA signing than Jason Heyward. Lol.
Jason Heyward's swing makeover: Did it actually work? -
I'm sure you guys have seen it, but Sahadev does a great job on heyward's swing here
Every time I hear talk about Jason Heyward or David Price I love being the team that "lost out."
I also have something new on today: Jason Heyward has to do very little to improve a lot:
4 hours of Jason Heyward talk coming up next.oh wait, that's not right.
Chicago Cubs don't need a bounceback from Jason Heyward to win - Cubbies Crib
Jason Heyward's swing makeover: Did it actually work? I am so sick of hearing this. This not like my cubs.
csnchicago​.com >> In The Loop: Thoughts on Jason Heyward's new swing?
Since Jason Heyward's swing is still not good, I'd like to see the use Ben Zobrist in RF to get Javy Baez more playing time.
about 100 percentage points higher than Jason Heyward.
This is what scouts (and Joe Maddon) say about Jason Heyward's swing change right now:
A few years after leading off the draft, Jason Heyward goes in the final round. How the mighty have fallen.
Jason Heyward's swing makeover: Did it actually work?
Jason Heyward, $200M bench rider? Glad the avoided that albatross. Have fun,
Per career WAR, Yadier Molina, Brian McCann & Jason Heyward are basically the same player. Russell Martin better. Sorry, just can't buy it.
Joe Maddon insists he sees different swing from embattled OF Jason Heyward, but scouts disagree. Will $184M Cub bo…
Preseason report: With Fowler gone and Arrieta an apparent Trump supporter, Jason Heyward is now the reigning most attractive Chicago Cub.
Danny Valencia out at 2nd on the throw, right fielder Jason Heyward to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. (2/2)
SEA> Danny Valencia singles on a line drive to right fielder Jason Heyward. Mitch Haniger scores. (1/2)
Adam Dunn accumulating -2.9 bWAR in 2011 is kinda impressive. I mean, Jason Heyward was horrible in 2016 but was 4.4 wins better than that.
Theo has a better swing than Jason Heyward. That's incredibly depressing
Jason Heyward staying with the process after 0-for-11 start to spring...
Jason Heyward, Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Rajai Davis -- which one for temporary depth in a h2h categories dynasty lg?
I'm not sure what happens more; Thomas Bryant traveling while in the post or Jason Heyward grounding out to second base..
On August 8, 1989, Anthony Rizzo was born. The next day, Jason Heyward was born.
Jason Heyward made 9 "highlight" plays this year, according to new defensive data.
Bought a Jason Heyward jersey. Braves let him go. Bought a Roddy White jersey. Falcons let him go. Bought a Kyle Korver jersey. Hawks let him go
Julio Teheran had a higher offensive WAR than Jason Heyward this year.
Early prediction: Jason Heyward is going to have a YEAR
Cubs GM Jed Hoyer indicated Jason Heyward will be in Az. this winter working a lot with Eric Hinske as he...
Last Winter Meetings, Cubs signed Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist and won the World Series
Jason Heyward is the most expensive relay man for Jon Jay. 😂😂😂😂
How optimistic are you that Jason Heyward will see a similar improvement like Jon Lester did in Year 2 in Chicago?…
Never forget Dave Roberts intentionally walking Jason Heyward and Chris Coghlan to set up the Montero Grand Slam
Right now, HRC is praying for a 17 minute rain delay, and hoping to get a meeting with Jason Heyward.
I'm not saying the Clinton camp is freaking out, but they just called in Jason Heyward.
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Where's Jason Heyward when you need him
someone please get Jason Heyward on then phone with Hillary asap
Hillary needs a rain delay and a Jason Heyward pep talk right about now
Congrats Jason Heyward on your 4th GoldGlove. U never let the offense affect the D! Never easy to do, but your D was so good it looked easy👍
I hope Clinton HQ has Jason Heyward warming up in the back to give that big pump up speech during the rain delay.
Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward will get Gold Gloves after Cubs defense wins championship -
Congrats to Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward on winning Gold Gloves today!!!
Shout out, Jason Heyward, on winning his 4th Gold Glove! ✊🏽
At least Jason Heyward is having a good day 🤗
Heyward wins another in 2016 for the apparently! Congrats Jason!
Hope Jason Heyward is there to give her a good talking too lol
Jason Heyward needs to call a meeting
Posey beat out Yadi for the NL Gold Glove at C...Zack Grienke wins GG for P. Jason Heyward wins a GG as well.
Right now Jason Heyward is giving Hillary her speech in the weight room. .
Sources in: Jason Heyward is giving Hillary Clinton a pep talk in her weight room. She is crying.
We could really use a speech from Jason Heyward right about now.
For a third straight year and the fourth time in his career, Jason Heyward hauls in a Gold Glove!
Cubs' Jason Heyward wins Gold Glove in RF, beating out CarGo and Nick Markakis
Mike Montgomery on Jason Heyward's inspired speech: "I actually missed it! When I eventually walked in, everyone was fired up!"
Mike Montgomery (from left), Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, and David Ross brought the Commissioner's Trophy to Sun…
They bought a championship! John Lackey, Jon Lester, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist, no way the Reds can afford ALL of them!
Cody Allen just threw 6-of-7 balls to David Ross and Jason Heyward. Good grief.
Jason Heyward is the Jay Cutler of the Cubs
Alright I'm saying it, Jason Heyward is the outfield equivalent of Pete Kozma. Can't take the credit for the idea but I believe it now.
Not even Jason Heyward catches that ball & if he does, Martinez's speed helps him score easily. Every player doesn't run @ foul ball
Joe Maddon has to put play Jason Heyward if he not batting but has a great defense
Must at least make you wonder if Jason Heyward makes that catch (in the air) and holds Martinez at 3rd. That's why they paid him big, right?
Jason Heyward is giving Jay Cutler a run for his money as the worst value in Chicago sports.
Matt Szczur is more valuable to the Cubs offensively than Jason Heyward
Jason Heyward is really difficult to watch at the plate right now. It's like Sam Beckett Quantum Leap'd into him or something.
Jason Heyward struck out? I'm shocked.let em off the hook. Unreal.
Jason Heyward is the Ray Finkle of the Cubs
can someone try and hook up Jason Heyward and Dorn?
Who needs Steve Bartman when you have Jason Heyward?
Making Addison Russell hit rock bottom at the hands of Jason Heyward just feels wrong
Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo, and Jason Heyward are a combined 4-63 in the playoffs. Needs to change.
Anthony Rizzo is officially as untrustworthy at the plate as Jason Heyward. He's that bad in the playoffs. ALEX Rodriguez-esque.
Jason Heyward's beard always reminds me of Garry Maddox.
Last time Jason Heyward hit a triple against the Dodgers, he was a Brave and it came against the legendary Chad Billingsley in 2012.
Jason Heyward hitting about .100. John Lackey pitches 4 innings. get last laugh on big free agent signings.
Even with Jason Heyward being a trash basket this year the Chicago Cubs have had a season for the ages.
This is an awesome read on OF defensive metrics, featuring Jason Heyward, Adam Eaton, Matt Kemp and Mookie Betts:
Brian Dozier has a .763 slugging% (!) in the 2nd half. Jason Heyward has a .626 OPS (!!) this season.
fan behind me actually said this: "I don't wanna be a hater, but Josh Harrison isn't Jason Heyward is." Dude, STFU.
Kris Bryant. Although I just spoke to Brian Kenny and he's suggesting Jason Heyward.
Little Giant Ladders
we would have been better off signing Jason Heyward or Justin Upton. I get your frustrated but DD is not the one to blame
Harold Reynolds just did an excellent breakdown of the mechanical flaws in Jason Heyward's swing right now.
Since the All Star Break, Jason Heyward has a wRC+ of 15. Justin Upton's is 56. Free agency ftw.
The Braves killed it with the Jason Heyward trade. Look at Tyrell Jenkins go!...
...ChiSox and Cubs agreed to a mindF- Jason Heyward, 4.2mil (that's all), in return for Jose Quintana and Daisuke Matsuzaka..
Traded Mike Trout for Kris Bryant and Jason Heyward and made the ALCS the next season. I'm your GM now
Walk off bunt! Jon Lester gets the bunt down with 2 strikes, scoring Jason Heyward to lift Cubs over Mariners, 7-6. https…
Consider this: Alex Gordon is hitting just 20 points lower than Jason Heyward with 3 more home runs and 8 fewer RBI and 122 fewer at bats.
My goodness, that was a $184-million throw if ever I saw one. Came out of Jason Heyward's hand at 98.8 mph, per Statcast.
Eight out of four ain't bad. Both David Ross 5/27 & Jason Heyward in April/May:
DYK: The Braves acquired Tyrell Jenkins along with Shelby Miller in the trade that sent Jason Heyward to St. Louis before last season.
You can question the Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins trade for Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden too.
Do I see Jason Heyward on the roster? With Bryant as DH instead of starting at 3rd or in the outfield?
Been looking for statistical evidence that Jason Heyward doesn't suck. Taking a break, will try again later...
What happened to all those people that insisted signing Jason Heyward would make the Sox a contender? I never hear that anym…
nobody said anything to Jason Heyward when he was beat by the Cubs and turned down a bigger contract in St. Louis to join Cubs
I feel like "slashing" is hardly the right adj to describe Jason Heyward's 2016 stats.
Chicago It’s time for Jason Heyward to move down in the order
not just yet. Jason Heyward got signed to like a 9-10 year deal and is trash now
Mac Williamson is turning into the new Jason Heyward...
Ezequiel Carrera has the same home run total as Jason Heyward...and 40 extra WRC+ points.
Jason heyward pulled a Kevin Durant move by leaving the cardinals and joining forces with the Cubs that knocked him outta the playoffs
I just made the connection...Kevin Durant pulled a Jason Heyward.except Durant is good.
Just saw Jason Heyward's stats for this year what's your excuse for why they are so bad
so Jason Heyward should be on the All Star team too? Defense means nothing when voting for players
Rajai Davis for a fraction of the cost has outpeformed Jason Heyward
but no Jason Heyward, so I'm okay with it!
he also signed Carl Crawford, John Lackey, josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Jason heyward
Just noticed that Jason Heyward has a lower SLG than OBP. I was not aware that was possible
Jason Heyward is the most overrated player in the league IMO
CUBS WIN! In the bottom of the 12th inning, Jason Heyward hits a fly ball to center, plating Wilson Contreras.
Jason Heyward did more damage on that walk than I've seen from him in most games.
Jason Heyward walking up to Ain't No Time by Future
Jason Heyward -- it's time to hit one over that fence.
Maybe it’s time for Jason Heyward to hit one to Sheffield
Brandon Phillips flies out to Jason Heyward in center stranding Joey Votto on 2nd to end the top half of the 7th with the score 7-5 Reds
Even crazy games, it's good to know Jason Heyward will provide stability with his ground balls to second.
waiting for the day that ESPN puts Jason Heyward in the body issue 🙇🏼
The traded Jenkins to ATL in the Shelby Miller - Jason Heyward deal
Source: Cardinal fans are still more butthurt about Jason Heyward leaving than Thunder fans are about Kevin Durant leaving
I don't recall you coming down on Jason Heyward like this
Jason Heyward is the most overplayed baseball player, getting paid 150 million to hit .235😳😳
Jason Heyward is an honorable mention.
Jason Heyward has hit .313 career in the No. 6 spot vs. .248 in the No. 2 spot.
I beg you not to look at Jason Heyward's career split while batting 6th in the lineup, but I wouldn't blame you if you did.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jason Heyward's 2016 end of year wRC+ will be:
Jason Heyward Offered to Move Down in the Lineup and Other Bullets
Even with Nick Markakis slumping this season, this still holds true.
Jason Heyward spark in 6th spot tempts Joe Maddon to make more lineup changes - Chicago…
"I told him, 'Don't be afraid to move me down...'" Love to see a 26 year-old veteran leader who gets it.
I'd be interested in Andruw Jones, Jason Heyward, Dansby Swanson, Andrelton Simmons if you have any.
Laz Diaz aside (hard to put him aside), there is Jason Heyward, .232; Miguel Montero .197; Addison Russell :230. These are issues.
The Cubs replaced Coughlin with Jason Heyward. The Mets replaced Johnson with Eric Campbell
6'6 220 LH, Harold Reynolds calls him the best athlete in the draft, his comparison "Jason Heyward defensively, he hits like Miguel Cabrera"
A lot of people say Kyle Lewis reminds them of a RH Jason Heyward but I see more of an Andrew McCutchen type. Best hitter in draft
agreed on Eaton's value issue with WAR. Jason Heyward poster child of this issue IMO. How can this be fixed?
Jason Heyward can keep batting .220 if he keeps playing in the outfield that well.
Jason Heyward will return to his natural position in right field, and Anthony Gose will become the primary center fielder.
today have had home runs by players born on consecutive days. Anthony Rizzo - born 8/8/1989. Jason Heyward - born 8/9/1989
Anthony Rizzo doubles to the right field corner. Yasmani Grandal drops the relay throw at home plate, and Jason Heyward scores. 2-0 Cubs.
Jason Heyward is doing much better. Thinks he could play tonight but won't. Will post Vid
say Jason Heyward has a contusion on his right side/rib area and will not need to go on DL.
Jason Heyward is under evaluation for an injury to his right torso/abdominal region.
Jason Heyward injured, how many hours until Ryan Braun is a Cub? I'll guess less than 48.
"now has more HRs this season than highly paid hitters like Carlos Gomez, Jason Heyward &Yadier Molina"
Anthony Rizzo grounds out to Daniel Murphy stranding Jason Heyward on 2nd to end the 1st trail the Nationals 1-0
Lose Dexter Fowler so you put in Jason Heyward. It’s good to be Joe Maddon.
Highlights from a laughably tiny sample size: Nomar Mazara is Jason Heyward, Beltre still awesome, Delino, Des & Rua
The injury update; RF Jason Heyward is being rested - RF John Jaso is also not in the starting lineup at PNC today
look at Andrelton Simmons' contract. Look at Jason Heyward and Alex Gordon, regarded as best defensive corner outfielders.
Traded Neil Walker, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jason Heyward for Mike Trout, Ben Zobrist, and Scott Kazmir in OBP lg
Preview: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs: With Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward now heating up, the Ch...
As predicted, Alex Presley has more dingers than Carlos Gomez, Jason Heyward, Luis Valbuena, Chase Headley and Jonathan Lucroy combined.
Solo HRs by Javy Baez and Anthony Rizzo along with RBIs by Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward and David Ross help the...
Hey -- when's Jason Heyward going to start hitting well? via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I wonder how much money Jason Heyward makes every time he records an out.
booing Jason Heyward for switching teams on a night they celebrate Lou Brock...🤔
Class act from Jason Heyward tipping his cap as Lou Brock is wheeled around the stadium.
are you really comparing Enos Slaughter and Milton (wife beater) Bradley to Jason Heyward?
Lackey strong as Chicago Cubs beat Cards: ST. LOUIS -- Jason Heyward wasn't the only player coming back ...
Jason Heyward is brushing the "boo's" by the Cards fans after making spectacular plays. Shows how classless some St. Louis fans are.
VIDEO: Cubs' Jason Heyward receives 'warm' welcome from Cards fans in return to St. Louis.
Booed in first-at bat against Cardinals, ex-Cards OF Jason Heyward talks about decision to join
I'd like to say I wouldn't boo Jason Heyward. Then again, I did boo Edgar Renteria when he came back with the Red Sox.
Jason Heyward says he won't be hurt by any boos. . He believes it's a sign of respect: . Fans didn't want him to leave. Jesse Rogers-ESPN
Sports - Heyward to Cardinals fans: Bring on the boos: ST. LOUIS (AP) Jason Heyward expect... Martin Diaz Alvarez
Jason Heyward has turned into Dansby Swanson, Aaron Blair, Ender Inciarte and Tyrell Jenkins. Solid work by ATL.
Jason Heyward living up to Gold Glove reputation for new-look Cubs defense: Joe Maddon was asked if he’s ever ...
Cubs manager Joe Maddon explains why RF Jason Heyward is such a great defender. Heyward made a perfectly timed...
Jason Heyward showing off that golden leather with a diving grab in right! Beautiful!
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"Yadier Molina has more stolen bases than Jason Heyward, so Yadi is better than Heyward" - Cardinals fans, probably
Jason Heyward grounds out in his third Cubs at bat.
I'm watching a baseball game where Andrelton Simmons and Jason Heyward are both playing but neither is on the Braves. It's very sad.
Extremely weird seeing Andrelton Simmons in an Angels uniform and Jason Heyward with the Cubs.
Nothing would make me happier than to prove Jason Heyward wrong this season and in the upcoming seasons.
We'll go 1-on-1 w/ legend Andruw Jones, update Paul Millsap's health, preview GT Spring Football, & a weird day for Jason Heyward
Was offered Tyson Ross and Jason Heyward for Joe Ross and Starling Marte. Thoughts? 14 team league, 6x6 roto, OBP Thanks Ray!
Who would you take between these two in Octagon? Jason Heyward, MadBum have words over misunderstanding
Wonder who would top the list of managers Jason Heyward has played for. Cox. Gonzalez . Matheny . Maddon. . Fredi G goes bottom for me.
The Braves had Jason Heyward and traded him for Shelby Miller. Traded Miller for Dansby Swanson and Ender Inciarte. Pretty solid.
Kluber strikes out out Dexter Fowler, Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist in order in the third. Tribe up, 2-0.
Mike Matheny did praise Jason Heyward when talking about the need to improve base running. Sd Heyward knows when to push and why.
[Chicago Sun-Times] - WATCH: Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward went golfing today
David Ross will be living the life on road trips in his last season thanks to Jason Heyward
Jason Heyward is assuring David Ross is comfy on the road by upgrading all his hotel rooms!.
Jason Heyward upgrades David Ross to hotel suites on road - NY Daily News
Jason Heyward upgrades David Ross to hotel suites for 2016 road trips as retirement gift
Adam Eaton and Jason Heyward will together destroy racism in baseball scouting comps
Jason Heyward is buying a hotel suite for David Ross for the entire season.
In order to undo the deaths of Jean Papa becz I am LastWILL&Testament executor along w/ former player Jason Heyward when Jean
Jason Heyward receives praise from Cubs even before taking field
works on his fielding as Jason Heyward and chat
Stephen Piscotty will replace Jason Heyward as the St. Louis Cardinals every day right fielder
Bobby Cox on Jason Heyward: "Never seen a player this good, this young since Hank Aaron."
Justin Upton becomes third-highest paid free-agent position player this year behind Jason Heyward and Chris Davis, earnin…
Cubs newcomers are already World Series dreaming. It's why Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and more came to Chicago.
So we can officially classify the Shelby Miller, Tyrell Jenkins for Jason Heyward, Jordan Walden trade as the worst in history
Robinson Cano/Jason Heyward = to DJ LeMahieu/Lucas Duda last year in Fantasy. Don't overdraft for a "name"
I do not have Aunt Jean's last will & testament I have Jean Papa's someone w/o facts wanted to get me & Jason Heyward meaning if ur Jenny u
Defense gets Jason Heyward $200M this offseason. It gets Edmonds 2.5% of the vote a month later.
Mathini pronounced Matheny. Key to this is TRADING Jason Heyward whose adopted family for 15 generations is Aunt Jean Papa and whose real
Can't wait for Jason Heyward to be the next coach of the Eagles
Cardinals manager Mike Matheny miffed that Jason Heyward picked Cubs for youth
MLB manager to Tom Verducci about Jason Heyward: "I just don't see it."
St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny had some choice words for comments that new Chicago Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward made about his
manager Mike Matheny less than pleased w/ Jason Heyward's assessment that young core is better. https…
Really hope Jason Heyward hits a homer on his first swing against the Cardinals. Even if the bases are loaded
getting Jason Heyward would create a super outfield defensively with Harper & Taylor. Bold thinking by Riz…
Joe Maddon loves the addition of Jason Heyward to this team: "I believe he’s one of the top-five players in the Nation…
Remember when we wanted Jordan Zimmermann real bad? I think I'm OK with paying Jason Heyward one extra mil a year instead!!!
Do you think if Robbie Gould gets cut he will call Jason Heyward to help feed his family?
I am amazed at the venom Cardinals fans are firing at Jason Heyward. He's a traitor? He didn't even pick STL. He was traded …
Among this winter’s top available players, Jason Heyward, David Price, Zack Greinke, Jordan Zimmermann and Ben...
New podcast, talking Jason Heyward, Chris Davis and more. Subscribe in iTunes:
Paul O'Neill and Dwight Evans comps on Jason Heyward are eye-opening.
Not even upset. Gould better be cut though. Jason Heyward
Source: Jason Heyward's new deal with the Cubs is worth $184 million over eight years.
The ballpark at which Jason Heyward has slugged the highest with at least 100 plate appearances?. Yup. Wrigley Field.
After signing Jason Heyward on Friday, the Cubs went from being scary to terrifying:
Jason Heyward deal gives Cubs the top free agent at an extraordinary value
Cardinals fans are not happy Jason Heyward signed with Cubs
Kevin Wheeler of 101 ESPN comes on the air to give the St. Louis reaction to Jason Heyward signing with the Cubs.
Jason Heyward had 60 RBI in 547 at bats. In same number of at bats, Michael Wacha would have had 45.
Jason Heyward went to the and Busch Stadium be like...
Jason Heyward is good. Hes also super crazy rich. He is baseballs Alex Semin.
Jason Heyward's $184 mil contact was made possible by ex Cardinal, Curt Flood.
So the Cardinals bid $190M on David Price and $200M+ on Jason Heyward, and missed on both.
Cubs have boosted their lineup for next season, signing Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist in Free Agency...
John Wooden's 1st title was '64, 98-83 over Duke. Jason Heyward's great uncle Kenny Washington had 26 pts, 12 rebs for UCLA, Go…
Jason Heyward's contract will be a 8-year, $184 million deal with two opt out clauses, according to Ken Rosenthal.
Update your maps at Navteq
The Nightmare on W. Addison Street: Chicago Cubs continue pursuit of Jason Heyward
Jason Heyward's 162 game averages are .268/19/68 and he plays good D. Isn't that basically Brett Gardner? Dude got $23 mill a year.
Jason Heyward has taught me that Yankee fans overrate Brett Gardner so much
Jason Heyward is trending above Urban Meyer in Columbus??? What planet am I on?
Jason Heyward's new deal shows just how valuable Brett Gardner is on his current contract.
Trading off Jason Heyward was the best move the made during this rebuild. They don't have an extra $20 million lying around.
An NL Central pitcher after looking at the Cubs 2016 projected batting order after adding Jason Heyward:
Who's the biggest traitor? Benedict Arnold, Robert Hanssen, Anakin Skywalker or Jason Heyward?
The Braves traded Jason Heyward and Jordan Walden for 1 year of Miller, + Blair, Swanson, Inciarte and Jenkins. Game. Set. Match
Actually, Jason Heyward's Wins Above Replacement last year was 6 not 3 so logoff.
The Cubs are even more likable with the Jason Heyward signing. Brett Gardner would be a GREAT fit for the Cubs. Gardner for Soler?
BREAKING: Jason Heyward to sign with the Cubs
The have now signed former John Lackey AND Jason Heyward. 🔥🔥🔥
Cards second place in bidding for David Price and Jason Heyward. Reminds me of Illini basketball recruiting.
The Cubs have Jason Heyward and the Pirates have Jonathan Niese..   10% Off
Jason Heyward to the .. Congrats on the 2016 National League Championship
Jason Heyward has signed with the Chicago Cubs, according to multiple reports
Very happy that Alfonso Soriano er I mean Jason Heyward signed with the Cubs. Enjoy the contract.
JUST IN: Jason Heyward reportedly agrees to sign with the . via &
Cardinals slugger Jason Heyward will reportedly sign with the Cubs.
Jason Heyward was our future once. Bobby Cox is turning over in his grave
Potential hold up in bringing Jason Heyward to is negotiation with Addison Russell over price for giving up 22 jersey...
LATEST: Cubs may have inside track on Jason Heyward. Cubs Den
THIS JUST IN: the Oakland A's signed Jason Heyward and he's going to Nashville to play for the Sounds in 2016. You're welcome.
Right, Gardner is tradeable, but Jason Heyward so far has put up the same (slightly better) is he worth 200M?
I bet the hold up with Jason Heyward is just figuring out his number since Russell has 22 now.
The Worst Sign of 2014: Pablo Sandoval (nothing close). The Worst Sign of 2015: Jason Heyward. We know this before he signs. 200 Mill NO WAY
Don't understand the love with Jason Heyward. He's a modern-day Bobby Higginson and that might be generous.
Need some Jason Heyward rumors. What's the scuttlebutt, Dwight Schrute?
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