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Jason Grilli

Jason Michael Grilli (born November 11, 1976, in Royal Oak, Michigan) is an Italian-American professional baseball pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.

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And let's not stumble into the suckiness of the Jason Grilli for Ernesto Frieri trade. Trash 🚮
no on more news about Blue Jays bromances, I do however want to hear more about Jason Grilli's cats!!
Jason Grilli is the Grime King. Strasburg a close
When talking to Jason Grilli, I love that he refers to his four legged son in such loving and endearing ways
Jason Grilli is who I aspire to be, in spirit and intensity in my every day world. All 😀 & 💪 & ❤️
"I think it's the best kept secret in baseball"-Jason Grilli on playing in Toronto. How can you not love
RITE OF SPRING: Jays' Jason Grilli talks to about new teammates and 2017 expectations…
Jason Grilli talks to about the unfinished business Toronto has and more. VIDEO:…
I like to imagine that in every Jason Grilli photo he is telling someone how much he loves his backyard hot tub.
Jason Grilli gets excited, part 5,000 (but never gets old)
Russell Martin and Jason Grilli savor the winning the 2013 Wild Card Game over the Reds
In my next life, I would like to come back as Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli is ALL of us excited to see our team back in action
Hi, yes, where do I sign up for Jason Grilli hugs?
Mike Foltynewicz quotes Jason Grilli, says pitching like a fine-tune radio. Have to get station just right.
drafting Biagini in the Rule 5 Draft, trading for Jason Grilli, Joaquin Benoit, etc. I TRUST MARK SHAPIRO!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Ready for Monday's game, BirdLovers?. Jason Grilli is Thankful... And so are we. Beautifully written.
This is what I love to read-A well-written, conversational post that doesn't lack in writing skill or proper grammar
On the Syracuse Chiefs, pitching in Toronto, and - my story on reliever Jason Grilli:…
Toronto reliever Jason Grilli a fan of the Jays long before joining team
Missed this earlier in the week. Love it.
Great Players Tribune piece from Grilli on the confidence the team has
everyone should check out this link to a message to Canada by amazing job
[Metro News] Reliever Jason Grilli a fan of Blue Jays long before joining team
Players on ALCS rosters that spent time in org:. TOR: Joe Biagini, Jason Grilli, Francisco Liriano. CLE: Dan Ote…
Before the begins, has a message for Canada.
I got literally one word into Player's Tribune article and knew I was in for a treat.
Living out his childhood dream, P gives thanks for the postseason on the
"We don’t just represent a city. This is Canada’s team.". New day, new game for the
Two-up, two-down for Jason Grilli, Brett Cecil coming in for Rougned Odor.
If the have Jason Grilli, they make the playoffs. A disappointing bullpen. Sad.
Bob Osuna, asked by "who runs this team?" "Troy Tulowitzki, Jason Grilli and Russell Martin. We do what they…
Jason Grilli is Kenny Powers and I love it so *** much.
Jason Grilli is Kenny Powers and I am so into it
Thanks to Jason Grilli for making the day of our 7 year old, even if his dad didn't Google "knuckle ballers" fast enough!
You could tell me the Brewers' closer was anyone from the last 8 years and I'd buy it. Jason Grilli? Jose Valverde? Latroy Hawkins? Sure
WATCH: reliever Jason Grilli had an emotional moment in Oakland that you might not have heard about:
Hi! Jason Grilli referred me to you to set up an interview - can I email you or DM to make arrangements? Thanks!
Jason Grilli made this kid's day playing catch in AZ today!
"Pinch hitting for Jason Grilli..." . Oh national league games, endless enjoyment 😂
I can't believe how much of a steal Jason Grilli has been. If only the Jays could get another RP like him without having to give up much.
The stats Sportsnet shows for Jason Grilli are always full-season. Since coming to the Jays he has a WHIP of 1.09.
Jason Grilli likes his mounds medium rare hehehe
Delay here is because they had to send out a search party to find grounds crew to fix mound for Jason Grilli. They're set now
Before he begins to pitch in bot8. Jason Grilli requires some landscaping aid from grounds crew.
Jason Grilli getting the whole clean up crew on the mound lmao
Jason Grilli has complained about the pitcher's mound, and they're currently dismantling the stadium to build it back up again.
Jason Grilli doesn't want you to go to bed.
I've never been more happy to see a player go away than Jason Grilli.
he doesn't do cool fist pumps like their beloved Jason Grilli used to
so happy Jason Grilli isn't a pirate anymore
I'm having some horrendous Jason Grilli flashbacks with Ryan Braun up
Jason Grilli made Eddie Aceves's day in AZ just now...
Jason Grilli made this kid Eddie Aceves's day in AZ today. Great guy!!
Jason Grilli made this kid Esdie Aceves's day in AZ today!!
made my sons day meeting jason grilli he wanted his Spider-Man hat signed, made due with a ball
we had a half decent veteran option in Mujica, but like with Jason grilli, we ignored him and opted for crap
jason grilli is listening to ok Blue Jays on his day off because OF COURSE HE IS, PEOPLE. 💙
Grazie for bringing to so that can win 2016 World Series Championship!. https:…
Back to back for Roberto Osuna. He's PROBABLE. Jason Grilli is next in line, per
Jason Grilli gets the ball B8, not Bo Schultz
lose 3-2 but can still win the series tomorrow. WP: Bruce Rondon (3-1), LP: Jason Grilli (3-3), SV: Francisco Rodriguez (24)
My two latest for on veteran Jason Grilli and pitching prospect Jon Harris
Looks like Jason Grilli will be wearing for the Last worn by Mickey Storey and Aaron Laffey in 2013.
just Jason Grilli making his way to Toronto.
The news that will be catching again hit me in the feels
Jason Grilli is one of the, like, six guys on the 2016 Atlanta Braves who isn't just a name from a random name generator, so tha…
acquire reliever Jason Grilli from the in exchange for RHP Sean Ratcliffe.
announce the Jason Grilli trade. As reported here, Grilli to Sean Ratcliffe to ATL.
*** it! We missed out on JASON GRILLI HOT TALK!
add journeyman reliever Jason Grilli - joins NOW to discuss that & more
The Braves have traded Jason Grilli to the Blue Jays for a Weber Genesis E-310. Scouts say it has 3 solid burners. htt…
These players are top of the list All Stars Please vote for the great Jays players Thank you Welcome Jason Grilli
The Gril-King is coming to TO!Veteran Jason Grilli has struggled in 2016, but is coming off a 2015 with 24 saves and a 2.94 ERA.
acquire minor league RHP Sean Ratcliffe from Blue Jays in exchange for RHP Jason Grilli and cash considerations.
added experienced bullpen arm Tues., acquiring Jason Grilli in trade with
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The Jason Grilli trade is the type of trade where you miss who he is as a person more than his baseball ability.
ICYMI: Coppy: "want to go with young pitching," trade Grilli to Blue Jays for prospect, via
C, Russell Martin has celebrated with new reliever, Jason Grilli, before: via
Blue Jays acquire RP Jason Grilli from Braves for prospect via
trade P Jason Grilli along with cash considerations to the Blue Jays for minor league RHP Sean Ratcliffe.
Welcome Jason Grilli to the Another piece to our pennant chase is in place.
Blue Jays acquire Jason Grilli from Braves for Canadian pitching prospect.
The people excited about Jason Grilli as a Blue Jay = people who haven't seen him pitch this year.
The gained a marginal prospect in exchange for Grilli, who was on the verge of being released
Blue Jays get Jason Grilli in trade with Braves for Canadian pitching prospect
The have acquired RHP Jason Grilli plus cash considerations from Braves in exchange for RHP Sean Ratcliffe
Braves trade Jason Grilli to Blue Jays for prospect RHP Sean Ratcliffe. Report on newest Braves pitching prospect
have nothing to lose with addition of Jason Grilli, writes
Also from last night, take low-risk chance on reliever Jason Grilli:
Surprise guest! New Blue Jays Pitcher Jason Grilli aka joins us now!
post-trade Introductions: Jason Grilli. Relief help is the hope.
...It is a coincidence, not irony, that Jason Grilli may end his MLB career with the same team his dad did...
Some “relatively cheap wishful thinking" by on Jason Grilli, who is 39.202 years old today.
Must be a great cook-out pun for the taking regarding the Braves' transactions involving Ryan Weber & Jason Grilli 🤔
.acquire RHP Jason Grilli, cash from for RHP Sean Ratcliffe. ht…
First J.A. Happ, now Jason Grilli. Should the Blue Jays send Ray Searage a case of Keiths?
Former Seton Hall pitcher, MLB veteran pitcher, Jason Grilli traded from Atlanta to the Blue Jays.
acquiring Jason Grilli from in exchange for Sean Ratcliffe, sources say. Story coming soon on
Jason Grilli trade not approved yet, but sounds like it's close
.close to finalizing deal for RHP Jason Grilli, reports Clubs haven’t confirmed.
Ian Krol does his job, and Jason Grilli steps in with looking to preserve Williams Perez's gem.
AND with two former closers (Jim Johnson/Jason Grilli) one would expect bullpen to be manageable. Nope.
Jason Grilli leaves with the bases loaded and 1-out, down a run after striking out Yasiel Puig. Alexi Ogando on.
Bud Norris has thrown 96 pitches through five innings. Jason Grilli is warming in the bullpen.
With Bud Norris already at 96 pitches through 5...Jason Grilli is warming in the bullpen in the top of the 6th
JimBowden reporting Rays looking at Braves RP Jason Grilli. 39 and coming off injury, but high end arm if healthy. Thoughts?
Manny Banuelos to start Saturday, Jason Grilli could be back soon
I was wondering why Santiago Casilla and Jason Grilli are not in the top 300 when they both have closer jobs and other RP don't
The are projected to rank 26th in 2016 team salary. Their highest paid pitcher? You guessed it, Jason Grilli ($3.5 million).
. And Jason Grilli hands out a few grilled cheese sandwiches and some kind of Saint.
Favorite part of this excellent piece: the Braves' highest paid pitcher is Jason Grilli.
lol, the Braves are going to be complete garbage this year, yet have Shae Simmons, Arodys Vizcaino, and Jason Grilli at the back of the pen.
I would assume either Arodys Vizcaino or Jason Grilli would take on the closer's role. The other one will probably be the eighth inning guy
he could be next Jason Grilli..can throw harder when expected to pitch less
what are the chances you would post the full audio of Jim Leyland's infamous Jason Grilli rant from '08?
we get to watch Jason Grilli give up a walk off hit against the Pirates tonight so that's cool
Coach Bader and Jason Grilli - former Baldwinsville Head Coach and Player!!
. Don't tell me that Jason Grilli is actually expecting to pitch again.
Fans of Baldwinsville's own Jason Grilli. Great day for baseball in Central New York. Clay
Fwiw if I had to pick 3 baseball players to join me at the Cespedes family BBQ, it would be Hunter Pence, Joc Pederson, and Jason Grilli.
Pete Rose and Jason Grilli headline the Hot Stove Dinner and Charity Fundraiser.
Watch- is back in CNY! So great to see the Baldwinsville native continue to do great things for CNY.
Great time hearing Pete Rose and Jason Grilli speak at the Hot stove dinner. One…
MLB veteran Jason Grilli: "best player I've ever played with is Mike Trout."
Jason Grilli hot stove young players need to get out and play only way to get better
Jason Grilli signing his book at the HOT STOVE!
Join us tomorrow at 1pm of get your copy of signed by Jason
naturally. Jason grilli would approve, i think.
this dude always trashes the team lol..Jason Grilli
mine is a Triple Threads Auto Relic Gold of Jason Grilli
he is making less than Jason Grilli next year. Think on that for a minute.
also check out Jason Grilli, who's older than Roy Halladay.
when you give Jason Grilli a vote of confidence
All about Jason Grilli ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
He's smoking a joint and listening to Pearl Jam at Jason Grilli's house
Cart coming out for Jason Grilli. Definite left leg injury. Hate to speculate but had the look of a possible Achilles injury.
Jason Grilli should be NL MVP IMO because the Braves were ‘tending until he got ‘jured
Chip Caray: . The Braves are bad because… . *fumbles game notecards and picks one up at random*. A jason grilli injury!
The fun to watch .500 Braves were derailed by the loss of superstars Jason Grilli, Kelly Johnson, and Juan Uribe
way to be honest a lot guys would of said Jason grilli and bought the ball for 10 bucks of the lady
Hate that for Jason Grilli. He was having a nice season and was probably going to get traded to a contender.
they're really lucky Jason Grilli is hurt.
"Am I interested in Jason Grilli? And will I take Michael Bourn along with him!? WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS!?"
At one point in 2015 this inning would have been reserved for Craig Kimbrel. Then Jason Grilli. Then Jim Johnson.
I do the same thing. .in fact the hub makes me Grilli cheese sandwiches. .love it.Get well soon Jason ♡♡
A month ago, with Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli locking down the 8th and 9th, we probably win this game.
Enough copies of Jason Grilli's book to build a functional fort with.
I've watched Jason Grilli's injury replay at least twice a day since it happened and every time I say "ouch" out loud 😧
Jason Grilli had a flexor strain in 2013 and missed six weeks ... and not the same guy when he returned
Jason Grilli of Atlanta Braves suffers leg injury running ...
Hamilton Collection
George Kurtz () reviews the closer situation with the Atlanta Braves now that Jason Grilli is finished:.
RHP Jason Grilli, who ruptured his left Achilles tendon Saturday, officially went on the 60-day disabled list Monday
Ruptured left Achilles tendon for closer Jason Grilli, whose season is done || Career?
SBN Braves have had 'serious talks' about trading Jason Grilli
Jim Johnson has thrived and Jason Grilli might be dealt. Blue Jays, Dodgers make sense:
I mean last year the Pirates traded Jason Grilli and the return was Ernesto Frieri.
Where do you believe Jason Grilli winds up at the deadline?
Read that Braves have had talks about trading Jason Grilli. Wouldn't mind seeing him in a Pirates uniform again
trade for Jason grilli. It shouldn't take too much to get him
Braves have had serious talks about Jason Grilli
News Report: Braves have had “serious talks” about trading Jason Grilli: The Braves are dr...
have had "serious talks" with teams about Jason Grill, according to
He’s probably going to trade for some random guy like Jason Grilli, who won’t change anything.
The save for Melancon, his 99th career, ties Jason Grilli in 2013 for the most before the All-Star Break in Pirates history. PIT wins 5-2.
Heard that the are talking to the about Jason Grilli. Better than any RHRP option they have in the majors now.
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The have had serious trade talks over Jason Grilli. Story:
Braves have had "serious talks" in possible trade for Jason Grilli via
What are your opinions on the rumor of a Jason Grilli trade?
The Braves have had “serious talks” about dealing closer Jason Grilli to a contender, Heyman writes, with the Blue…
The Braves are trying to deal Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli, and Chris Johnson:
Braves trade rumors: Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli, Chris Johnson on the block
are reportedly shopping Chris Johnson, Jonny Gomes, and Jason Grilli.
are reportedly shopping Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli and Chris Johnson:
As predicted, Shelby Miller and not Seton Hall alum Jason Grilli is the Braves rep for the
John Hart can look at the AL East, see worn-down pens in Tampa, Boston, Toronto and do a nice Jason Grilli auction.
Quick 9th for Hughes. McCutchen/Marte/Cervelli due up. Keira Knightley is screaming. Jason Grilli entering.
win, 6-4, knock out of 1st place in NL East. Andrelton Simmons with 4 hits. Jason Grilli nails down his 20t…
Jason Grilli has stepped off the mound like 5 times in the 9th inning of this Braves/Marlins game. Pace of Play rules or no?
Outside of Jason Grilli, Braves bullpen might just be a house of cards. Cody Martin & Avilan can't pitch every day, Jim Johnson struggling.
How much better could Craig Kimbrel have done for so far? Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli combined: IP 9.1, H 5, R …
3 saves in the first 4 games of a season:. 2005 Dan Kolb. 2014 Craig Kimbrel. 2015 Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli has 3 saves to Craig Kimbral's 1, but 🐸☕️
Who says the Atlanta need Craig Kimbrel? They're 4-0 and Jason Grilli has 3 saves. They're doing just fine if you ask me.
"For the first time, it won't be Craig Kimbrel, it will be Jason Grilli"
When he said "it won't be Craig Kimbrel, it's Jason Grilli" I wanted to cry
Remember, it's now Jason Grilli, not Craig Kimbrel, closing for the Braves.
No disrespect to Jason Grilli, Terry Collins said, but regarding Craig Kimbrel: "We're not disappointed that he's not here."
I think I'm going to like Jason Grilli even though I'll still miss Craig Kimbrel💔
We could see something like a package of prospects in return for Chris Johnson, Mike Minor or Jason Grilli. have a need for all 3.
My brother thought Jason Grilli was Derek Lowe lol
If I would have told you six months ago: "The Braves will win the first 3 games because of Eric Young Jr, AJ Pierzynski, and Jason Grilli."
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson: Who Closes for the Braves in 2015?
I would love for Jason Grilli to use Welcome to the Jungle
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson. John Hart has done some head scratching moves since being in charge.
it has to be Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Plus, picking up Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli in the offseason made this easier to swallow. Both reliable, but not Kimbrelesque
Jason Grilli and Jim Johnson in line for saves on Braves
John Hart says Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson will close games for now. WHA? fans are even sympathetic.
Dont understand why traded Kimbrel. Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson are shakey at best to fill closer role
I'm guessing Jason Grilli before Jim Johnson in Atlanta, but I don't run their lousy team. I'm also in Benoit mourning.
Could be Jason Grilli, could be Jim Johnson. We'll see. For the add, I'd make it Grilli. who's braves new close…
This topic is worn out by now, but Kimbrel has been traded to Jason Grilli the add, Jim Johnson the 'cuff, IMO.
“Grilli or Johnson could each close for Braves - Jason Grilli | ATL
Braves: President John Hart says Jason Grilli, or Jim Johnson could close games after trading Craig Kimbrel -via ESPN
Hearing that there could be a combination between Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli to close for the Braves. Not sure how many chances they get..
tough trade but the Braves needed some bats. They have Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli, two guys with experience
Braves bullpen: Shae Simmons to Tommy Johns, Walden to the Cards, Kimbrel to the least we have Jim Johnson and Jason Grilli...
Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson are the closer. That's what I'm guessing. Til Shae Simmons returns. Yes, Upton was horrible.
So the Braves new closer is either Jason Grilli or Jim Johnson - RIP
The other one is Ernesto Frieri for Jason Grilli.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Veras confident in ability to win bullpen job: While Jason Grilli and Jim Johnson received guaranteed contract...
As pointed out, Jason Grilli may actually be Derek Lowe
I didn't know the Braves got Jason Grilli
we all miss him just don't miss his nipples he showed Jason Grilli
.cast of ex-closers bring experience, shared mentality to support Kimbrel, writes
cast of former closers bring experience, shared mentality to support Kimbrel
Had a horrible dream the Pirates brought back Jason Grilli. I don't ever wanna dream about that again.
Congrats to Jason Grilli on his new contract and what sounds like a hilariously narcissistic autobiography:
add another former closer to 'pen, sign Jason Grilli to 2-yr deal
Hardball Talk - - Braves sign setup man Jason Grilli to two-year contract
You know, I might be okay if the Brewers wanted to sign Jason Grilli if it was cheap-ish. Oh, his agent is Gary Sheffield? Never mind then.
Looking forward to seeing the likes of Italian American Baseball players Anthony Rizzo, Chris Colabello, Jason Grilli "Grill Cheese", Nick Punto, and Chris Denorfia once again represent Team Italia next year in the Premier 12 competition. Forza Italia!
Jason Grilli, Gerald Laird, Nate Robertson.easily least favorite Tigers of all time. None can return.
I took it after u disgusted everyone even to Jason Grilli
Just bro'd out with Jason Grilli. That guy truly loves the burgh.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Watching Zack Britton is giving me '06 Jason Grilli flashbacks.
List of available relievers for the in the offseason: Luke Gregerson, Andrew Miller, Pat Neshek and Jason Grilli. Thoughts?
I buy a LOT of baseball books and have never once wished to get insight from Jason Grilli.
I'm late to this particular party, but you guys, Jason Grilli AUTHORED A BOOK:
yea. Andrew Miller would be great set up man too. No Jason Grilli?
How about Jason Grilli and Matt Belisle in the bullpen as FA?
I dunno, Huston Street, Vinnie Pestano, Andrew Miller, or even Jason Grilli sounds good right now.
I hope the Angels bring back Jason Grilli. He's tight.
it's ok I still hate jason grilli and he's not even in the playoffs anymore
Behold: The autographed ball, on discount at Woot!
Jason Grilli's book "Just My Game" is currently On Sale at Amazon. Check it out
Woot has autographed Jason Grilli baseballs today. Just in case you didn't make it to one of his signings at Get Go.
Man what a powerhouse jason grilli ended up pitching for... Got swept and beat up during the sweep at that... HA
Well, Jason Grilli is the only free agent from the 25 man roster, so basically everyone is returning. And Richards is returning in 2015
Now Jason Grilli has time to write a sequel.
“Jason Grilli isn't going to the World Series.” He'll get to write a second book now though.
Jason Grilli is gonna hit up Redbox on his way home to find inspiration for the offseason.
Jason Grilli won as many games in the postseason this year as Clint Barmes, Andrew McCutchen, and Starling Marte
Jason Grilli isn't going to the World Series.
Now Jason Grilli will have all the time in the world to pimp his book.
Jason Grilli has a case of the sads
So glad I switched over in time to see Jason Grilli looking crushed. Love it. ***
Time for another Jason grilli book... I mean he's got all fall and winter off now.
Poor Jason Grilli. He has to be checking out this scene in KC and remembering how great it was in Pittsburgh last year.
Jason Grilli now pitching for his team LMAO 😂 😂 😂 About to get swept
Former Closer Jason Grilli stops the bleeding with a 1-2-3 inning in the game Billy Butler stole a base ,, the 5th inning
You know when your team is not going to win when you go out and pitch a formerly established CL in Jason Grilli and its only the 5th
Jason Grilli to the mound for the in the 5th. Royals up 7-2.
lol I saw "Jason Grilli replaces Fernando Salas" on my phone and read it as Fernando Grilli coming in to pitch.
Angels bringing in RHP Jason Grilli. He's the sixth Angels pitcher in five innings.
How about that I'm JUST learning that Jason Grilli went to the Angels?!?
I will never forget what Jason Grilli did for this city.
John Kruk: I like Jason Grilli, his last name reminds me of one of my hobbies.
Has Nathan passed Juan Gonzalez and Jason Grilli as the most hated Tiger of the past 30 years?
Exciting news! Caden will be taping an episode of Angels Weekly as a Jr Reporter interviewing Jason Grilli (tomorrow!
Angels pitchers show promise in 6-2 win over Royals - Jason Grilli awoke at 4 a.m. He had slept two hours.He was...
Phil Coke like Jason Grilli before him. Men who manage to make watching Tiger baseball a personal health issue.
Is this like Jason Grilli selling books?
I will be surprised if I don't have a fanfic-like dream involving Huston Street or Jason Grilli.
Trivia I just learned today: Jason Grilli's dad pitched in the longest game in professional history.
If you get past Big Papi, you're clutch Jason Grilli!! 0-2 count right now!
reliever Jason Grilli has allowed just one earned run in 10 games (9 IP) at home since joining the club.
Former Calgary Cannon Jason Grilli now on the mound for the Angels in the 16th.
David Ortiz scheduled as fourth hitter in the 16th inning against his good friend Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli in to pitch T16. He pitched last night, and like Taz, was presumably unavailable tonight.
And here comes Jason Grilli in the 16th inning. He's the last reliever. Gotta believe he only has 1 inning.
Jason Grilli now warming up for the
So Jason Grilli now warming up for the
Aybar pumps his fist on a meaningless triple, Grilli goes nuts striking out Papi down by 2 runs, but Ortiz watching a bomb is bad? Yea, OK.
Jason Grilli has pitched 3 of the previous 4 days. This would be 4 of 5. Probably why it's Bedrosian before hi…
Interesting that the have Cam Bedrosian up in the 'pen and not Jason Grilli.
We didn't get to meet Trout but we did meet Jason Grilli. He was so sweet.
“Ernesto Gets Released” written and illustrated by Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli just gave me his baseball⚾️
Jason Grilli's header game is en fuego just like his bullpen game
Fernando Rodney and Jason Grilli sure would be nice to have in the bullpen right now.
hey buddy, just letting you know this old Vietnam Vet & Usher for Angels baseball loves your show! Jason Grilli's book is great!
Jason Grilli straighten his hair for this picture er?
For anyone who ever complains about Ortiz showboating, show them Grilli after striking out Ortiz down by 2 with no one on.
I don't appreciate Jason Grilli trying to show up Ortiz there. I mean, clearly this guy thinks he's bigger than the game, right?
Jason Grilli's excited, me I just think he's trying to get out of the ball game
Papi staring down Jason Grilli after he strikes out
Jason Grilli was very excited about striking out David Ortiz.
watching gm and your boy Jason Grilli just came in to pitch the 7th
Wait wait wait since when was Jason grilli traded to the pirates
With Jason Grilli went 0-2 with 11 saves and a 4.87 ERA in 22 games (20.1 IP).
turn to Jason Grilli in relief vs This season righties are hitting him at .250, lefties at .260.
Jason Grilli takes over for Weaver, who’s done after six innings, 108 pitches.
Instead of saying we DFA'd Frieri, I would rather to refer to the move as giving away Jason Grilli.
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