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Jason David

Jason Aeron Walter David (born June 12, 1982) is an American football cornerback and is currently a free agent.

Jason David Frank David Jason Green Ranger Fred Thomas Power Rangers Power Ranger

David Pulvermacher replied to Jason W's discussion Arducopter 2.6 willl not recognize RC in the group ArduCopt...
UFTGFC 1st SPORTMANS NIGHT 2015 Great Night had by all. Peter Daicos, David Rhys-Jones, Jason Heatley, Derek...
actually everytime I ask you anything.
Jason Halle has lived and worked in County for almost 25 years
unless it's when Jason told David to get me the candy I hated the most 😂😂😂😂
Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page. This texting makes it so easy to give. I did it in like one minute. If...
Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page. Best part of the trip!
This is why JDK (Jason David Frank) is so awesome :D we should try to be like him. In any state doesn't have to...
Jason David Frank need to let me hit one time
big fan of Kacey and Jason. Not a fan of Pitchfork always. But my buddy David writes for them and is exceptional.
Director David Cronenberg makes a cameo appearance in this 2001 film -
Would Warriors fans take Jason Thompson for David Lee and the 30th pick?
jason smith but it will 99% change after free agency.. david west wants to be a knick so he could play C. hard to predict.
Jason Alexander On Acting in a Play Written by Larry David & Seinfeld Episodes he didn't Care For on Sway
Go to David Locke you tube channel for video breakdown of Trey Lyles
"Pretty sure Knicks will end up wm David west." Off the bench with Jason Smith in the front court? 💪
I mean you saw Jason David Frank, it's as if he never aged, so I think ASJ should do the same
Why draft him if David West is going to sign and you decide to keep Jason Smith
also, most punters would still have a hard time telling you what David Hicks was all about
Sadly, you've got way more people on your side of it. I still love the show, but I definitely understand why it lost so many.
it's just my POV, of course, but Hannibal feels more self-indulgent than a personal vision, like Lynch or Cronenberg
Hannibal has a tendency to fall in love with its own dialogue, and it's not always very good dialogue.
I'm genuinely curious why the reaction was harsher this time than when they had David Hicks ask Howard a q?
it worked for me for a while largely on the basis of Mikelson's acting, and being well made, but it lost me this year.
intervention not possible without invaluable help from David Wolfe,Karon Monaghan,
And I devour every second of it. You could say the same thing about Lynch or Cronenberg and I love them too.
I'd much rather a yummy pic with her and Jason Momoa, David Ramsey or OMG Mehcad Brooks..Any of them would do 😍😍😍. *sigh* Maybe one day 😔😔😔
Hannibal, where the flowers slowly unfolding and glass scattering in slow motion substitute for plot and sense
iNewsReport: The Confederate Flag and the Story of Our Past: A Final Reflection: I appreciate Jason taki...
Join us for : featuring collaborative and new work from Jason Herr, Jason Allen Berlet, David...
David O'Leary: A man bought me a pint recently for 'bringing him into the world':
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
: Thanks for all you did in Casper. Can't wait to see what you'll do in Mason City. Rawk.
HB outside our house makes us smile. What's cheering you up today? :-) Jason.
When you realize Jason terry is going to be sticking you
Jason only held Britney when he thought everyone was watching, David too but Charlie always has an arm around Britney it's adorable.
David Lee Roth needs to hang it up uh uh uh uh uhhh
When Jason terry is going to be guarding you
Nofoaluma's return a positive in defeat, says Taylor Jason Taylor says the return of David Nofoaluma…
I don't know what that's suppose to mean
Am I the only one who is a little creeped out by 2015 David Lee Roth?
Britney and her boyfriend are honestly so cute together. So much better than Jason or david
"I'm so uptight right now. I need to listen to my Jason Mraz." - David Kandler, ladies and gents.
I'd like to imagine that I made alot of good friends in high school that I'll have forever. But I can't think of any so.
David Cameron vows to deliver world's first seven day health service
Well done, David, for only losing 24 seats. While in opposition.
you sound like someone who been dodging Jason David Frank.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jason and David are roasting spices for a north African harass in Rachael's hot sauce class @ The…
Proudly representing American Friends of Magen David Adom at the Acronym Conference of Young Jewish Leaders Jason...
Lynton's opinion might shed light (maybe, 'bloody drongo: lock 'im up with the 1922 lot!')
There it is! . Jason Kipnis has his 8th straight game reaching base 3+ times -- longest such streak by CLE player since at lea…
Jason Kipnis' May average is down to .500 SMH
– CM Punk recently spoke with SB Nation to promote his latest comics offering, which appears in the third issue...
McNeilly on "treated like every other VIP that comes onboard in the sense he was kept in the dark"
Love that David Jason is struggling to keep a straight face. Classic.
What an actor David Jason is though 👌🏼
im gonna go to stl comic con strictly to see Jason David Frank aka TOMMY THE RED/GREEN/WHITE Power Ranger
& have also been awarded the Hal David Starlight award!
were you on my team when Jason did this same exact thing???
Sneakily bought a Jason David Frank photoshoot for the boyfriend's birthday too. Cause I'm so *** great like that.
Jason Momoa just delivered some new pints of guiness to Stephen and David.
Crazy how Chris Paul can't dominate one-on-one with Jason Terry guarding him.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I'm still recovering from how good the Stephen & David panel was, two songs, a mic drop & Jason bringing the Guinness. So…
Error advances Jason kipnis to 3rd David Murphy to 2nd
Watching the old ones are still the best. Laughing my *** off at the pools joke. David Jason is a national treasure.
Here are some stunning images of Kilwinning Abbey, taken by photographer David Kerr. They really help to drive...
Yanks have 4 no-hitters in the 90s; Jim Abbott, Doc Gooden, David Wells, David Cone.
CM Punk vs Jason David Frank. Come on UFC, lets make it happen.
Granted it's better suited for celebrity boxing but a fight between cm punk and Jason David Frank would amuse me even if it's awful
A Sharp Intake of Breath is out now! Starring TV legend David Jason here's a clip of this much-loved series...
Watching this now. I'm guessing Green Ranger wins because this site loves kissing that Jason David Frank ***
This is the Tories 47% moment -in a secret recording John Major provides a long list of reasons for not voting Tory!. ht…
John Major tears apart Cameron's legacy in secret recording. So why is ignoring this? h…
why didn't you just produce a template that said "you can all have what you want so long as you vote for me" until Friday.
Green Ranger Vs Ryu was AWESOME AND it was actually YOU. TOMMY. Jason David Frank. Check the…
lisette, bianca, david, robbie, jason, and I think jesse 😮
Thank you for donating! . 9pm - 10pm donor(s): Joshua, Pamela, Ann, Jason, David
I liked a video from Mortal Kombat X - JASON VOORHEES - Fatalities, X-Rays, Brutalities
Brooklyn Beckham celebrating his father David Beckham's birthday in Morocco
ok, now you have to disclose : WHAT HAPPENS AT 2AM?!? Are you meeting Jason Bourne under a bridge, or something?
- Sounds as bad as Jason Gillespie scores 200 and gets dropped
May 2017 Guardians of The Galaxy 2 that's all that matters
As much as I like ryu, Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page is the man and no one can beat Tommy
Harneet Gill liked what he heard from David Beaty and Zach Yenser at the spring game. More on his decision
Hey Victor, Michael Dougherty, Michael David Anderson, J.c., and Ryan...Jason is now available on MKX.
skip through the boring crap at the beginning- they actually got Jason David Frank and it's AMAZING!!
is going well. Just moderated Nolan Bushnell, Unity's John Riccitiello, and Warner's David Haddad. Very interesting …
You need to be successful in Asia if you want to be a global player - we are green lighting made for Asia games" David H…
*** yeah i love this series and they keep bringing back Jason David Frank aka Tommy for it
I liked a video from LAGCC David Noel
Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank himself) dons his original green to take on…
Btw, regardless of those characters and who won, Jason David Frank is a freaking badass
Oh, I would take David Jason a million times over Martin Freeman.
If David Quinn was in a Friday the 13th movie the audience would cheer when Jason decapitates him
Recruitment for next season sorted, then. David McGoldrick and Jason Scotland up front; Carl Baker supporting:
Great team. Jason Hancock James Williamson Christain Chris ben jack matt and David Hayes
Hey Everyone!! You have to check out Bat in the Sun's Super Power Beat Down and Jason David Frank - Official Fan...
Gotdamn, this is a beautiful version of this song:
That is the most bad *** Green Ranger costume ever. And Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger. Amazing.
I honestly think that if they wanted to they could take Jason David Frank (Green Ranger) give him a Power Ranger show by himself. It be good
David James Gandy's favourite shot from Marie Claire UK by Jason Hetherington Photography (shot with a vintage...
2 David Jason's in the one scene lol
Jason David Frank been cashing in checks because of Power Rangers for a long time.
Buy the Kombat Pass to get Jason early, can't get him because High Voltage doesn't know how to update your game...
David Cameron and Boris Johnson left stumped by angry voter
- radio times advert 1988. David Jason and Nick lyndhurst Rare clip.
They really just got David Jason to read out the word "yew tree" in a poem?
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
23:27 With Great Pleasure: Sir Terry Wogan chooses his favourite words and music, with readings by actor David Jason.
A fun sketch series would be NHL GoPro cams on bad players. David Clarkson falling, Stu Bickel benched for 3 OTs, a scratch i…
Not to sound rude David, but i wish CMP could of been done from the beginning of BF4. Most BF4 maps are poorly designed
Which concept is winning so far David?
is it just me or does Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace look unnervingly like Jeffrey Tambor as Maura?
Turns out even reckons DC's a much better PM, while Ed's simply not up to the job.
David Beckham: "I decided to retire the moment Lionel Messi was running past me."
GATHERED TESTIMONIAL OF THE WEEK: How we helped David find a home by delivering on our promises.
Yeezy J Biebz Jason Calvin David Nick see you all May 9th!
.reporter Jason Rezian has been held by for nearly a year on unknown charges.
David Wong aka Jason Pargin is actually quite a brilliant writer. You should give him a read.
“David and jason lurking like rapists”
I knew I loved Jason David Frank for a reason! What a great guy.
So who is tryna go see Furious 7 today? 😏
David and jason lurking like rapists
David and Jason going to war with this *** soon!
We're on live with Hall of Fame QB on Thursday Night Tailgate. Join us:
Doesn't matter how many times U watch only fools & horses, it never gets boring! Love David Jason &
David Graham voicing Parker in Thunderbirds reboot,why can't David Jason still do DM in Dangermouse reboot?Angry 80sbird!😠
brains dont give him credit I saw a slug in my garden today with a bigger brain
Jason David Frank has been announced as a guest for London Film and Comic-Con
hot off the press! Introducing our new team members, Jason, David and Tyler.
I agree with JDF. The series was founded to be family-friendly, has been family-friendly for over 20 years, and...
Did David Cone just say CC was gonna be comeback player of the year? What's he smoking today?
Then led they Jesus from Caiaphas unto the hall of judgment: and it was early; John 18:28
My baes David Oliver & Jason Richardson both ran a great hurdle race. Hurdlers are the best yo
Jason Richardson is here. And David Oliver touched my coach's back
With costly return of Hinchingbrooke to the NHS will agree cant repeat the mistake again ht…
Does think its ok for tax dodgers run services htt…
Why is David Cameron misleading us about NHS spending levels
Website Builder 728x90
Our NHS is highly regarded across the world thats why is so keen to sell to his Chums http…
Does think its ok that is only 1 in SW Surrey that didnt care http…
Jason Y. Evans spotted these onesies in the NYU campus store. Guess which one's for girls?
is not only a QB but he's also a Hall of Fame person. Here him on
90s day guest: Jason David Frank. The Green Ranger from Power Rangers!
idea for a video. Did you discuss cm punk vs Jason David Frank (green Power Ranger) in a cage fight? That's a good topic.
Saints might as well be playing with Jason David & Fred Thomas at Cornerback
Corey white makes me miss Jason David
Nov-8 the scorpion edition cant wait to share decks with the vatos !! Jason Muinoz Rivera Karlos Leon Juan David...
So many months hard work and its nearly complete. Thanks Jason Gregory and the family (Alison Wilkes, Rosie...
wow man come on I was Jason in second grade
Is Kitt in it? David Hasselhoff wants to keep up with Kim Kardashian — by launching his own mobile game:.
Jason vs The Rock... This will be EPIC "This is what you all have been waiting for.
Jason Segel is going to play David Foster Wallace and I feel weird about this, just cause they're such separate but important things to me
-> "I'd had so much fun on Cosmopolis, I'd do anything for the guy." Robert Pattinson on agreeing to join David Cronenbe…
David Hulchanski looks at the mayoral election and explains the outcome in four maps
David Molk said he is expecting Jason Kelce to start this weekend, and that he will be the backup.
Could sharing of social care responsibilities help councils cut costs? David Brindle in
Disney last week dropped $30K into a group controlled by Rep. David Richardson (D-Miami Beach) who then gave $27K to Fla Democratic Party.
The remains of another perfect meal thanks Tina David and all
Maybe Loomis will do his thing, go after man corners playing in a zone scheme. Worked w/Greer & Lewis tho not w/Jason David
Lovely weekend spent with my Jason David Carr love him loads x
A little chuckle for anyone who saw David Jason's v funny interview with Michael Macintyre.captured in a...
that user on insta, is the actor, Jason David Frank in other words the White / Green Ranger
I suggest the Jason aldean radio station
I won't let my daughter watch EastEnders, Where is the stuff that you can sit with your family and watch? - David Jason
Congratulations to club members David Lord, Tyler Mecklem, Nathan Halstead and Jason Wright, doing us proud at...
-videos including Ryan Higa, David Choi, Jason Chen and so on! Check him out and let me know what you think? :)
Midland D38 team finished 12 RDC's w/22k cubes this week. Celebrating with some wings.
Casting idea that needs to happen: three related men played by Jason Lee, David Duchovny, and Lyle Lovett. Hey, I can see it.
I hope everyone is saving David and Jason as well as priya! We need to get Ryan or Mandra out!
My son, Jason, and two of my grandsons...David on the right and Joseph on the left.
Had a great gig tonight with my DHU band mates in Thorold Ontario at the Canal Bank Shuffle! Also dug Jason...
any chance of U doing chiller autograph show in NJ.david Chokachi..traci Bingham ..Jeremy Jackson .. Jason Simmons all are
Why is Jason David Frank so freaking awesome. Watching Power Rangers with my kid and reliving my childhood precariously through him.
Archibald, Dugandzic & Brown drop out of the City XI, replaced by Jason Hoffman, David Williams & David Villa.
Never thought I'd see the say when David Villa would lead the line with Jason Hoffman behind him in defence. Hugely unbalanced XI.
David Williams and Jason Hoffman return and David Villa start for Melbourne City against Newcastle. Koren has not been selected.
David Villa, David Williams and Jason Hoffman into the starting XI
I can't wait for Alyssa's Halloween party next weekend. 👌
don't believe rumors. Just ask me, I wouldn't lie to you. People just can't stand seeing someone doing bette…
David Villa and Jason Hoffman start in the same XI. I love you, A-League.
See the whole JDF promo on my face book page Jason David Frank official fan page. JDF robanglim
David Cameron: General Election will 'make or break Britain'
typo on my end. He has lost 3 of 4 and yes, win was by split decision against David Gomez
Parker (Trailer) - Apart fr Mr Jason Statham + Ms JLo-Ohhh the movie has a great soundtrack by Mr David Buckley -
I am about to buy a house next week. Please explain to my why I am punished for doing so by having to pay stamp duty.
David Morin say's "Anyone serious about being in the fitness industry Needs to shoot with Jason Ellis! He is the best h…
David Moyes was at Burnley v West Ham today. Read & watch his exclusive BBC interview
David Cameron: There are just 200 days until the general election – and it is the most important for a generation
I hope Priya & Jason are safe. I am ambivalent about David. I liked him at 1st until he started going against Skye
I respect Jason David Frank (Tommy from Power Rangers) because out of all of the Power Rangers characters he...
“We owe Christ to the world--to the least person and to the greatest person. We are in debt to the nations.” –David Platt …
thanks for voting David Hopkin into our Hall of Fame!
Jason David Frank just fist pump me!
Paul Akister to replace David Jason in OPEN ALL HOURS remake
Jason David Frank on stage for his Q&A Panel! it's Morphin Time!
my sons Zac and Rudean,bby gal Toshca-lee,Nuraan,Jason,mom Levona & Bestie Liza,Tennison and David.
Well met the one and only Jason David Frank it was well worth the wait angers
David Jason reflects on Viking times in 'Odin rules and Norses'
is not doing too well in the voting apparently. Jason and David are still above her! Keep voting!
We are now talking w urologist Jason Jameson, MD, and cardiologist David Simper, MD part of the Clinic in
Set up at Dallas Comic Con! I'm on the fourth floor across from Jason David Frank. Come to the cosplay panel...
David Dring wants you to know he has a mancrush on Jason Bateman
must 'carry on' reading my last 3 chapters of David Jason biography so i can get reading your book 'swin…
I liked a video from Meeting Jason David Frank at Motor City Comic Con 2014
David Rocks ran hard if u r playing along with my selections you probably had that one as we had 6-2-4 as picks.
Jenkins gotta sit man lmao he's looking like Jason David
Corey White & Patrick Robinson is the new Fred Thomas & Jason David
P Rob = Toi Cook, Jason David, Fred Thomas. Somebody call Loomis/Payton and tell him make a trade for a CB or let Jean-Baptiste play.
Happy Birthday Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page !!One of the best Power Ranger actors ever! Big Fan! : )
Happy Birthday Jason David Frank!! You're my hero and inspiration in life.
Two people from Only Fools have died now :( I'm gonna be in bits when Sir David Jason goes.
Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page you should check her out. She could be world class with the right training ;)
Yes, Beyonce's birthday is today but let's not forget Jason David Frank's birthday.
I proper want to meet David Jason (del boy). I'd be buzzing with just a picture with him!
Happy birthday today to Jason David Frank, who played Tommy as the original Green Ranger.
Jason Crumer. His album Walk With Me sounds like what I imagine is inside David Lynch's brain.
Jason Heyward & Justin Upton have combined for 10.5 WAR, most by any two National League teammates.
Happy birthday to the greatest Power Ranger, Jason David Frank! Hope you have a one.
I want to say happy birthday to one of my heroes Jason David Frank is an amazing man that made…
Josh Gordon, car salesman. Wonder if he'll take his cues from Jason Street or Larry David.
Happy Birthday Jason David Frank you still look the same from when I first saw you in the 90s in the Power...
exactly! If you watch only fools & horses you will see it on there too. David Jason looked right uncomfortable
Happy 41st birthday to my childhood hero Jason David Frank Live fearlessly and have fun at…
David De Gea making his first start for Spain, in friendly against France.
when David Jason passes it will be the worst day ever . national mourning
Happy Birthday to the face of the Power Rangers!! . Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page . This man never...
Photo: Jason Momoa panel - SGChi 2014 Wasn’t surprised to hear that David, Joe, and Paul just made fun of...
Ya know, today is also the birthday of Jason David Frank... The original Green Power Ranger. lol
Our first big schooling morning on the all-weather.. Jason Maguire & David Bass riding- to see how they got on click h…
Happy birthday to my hero the one who inspired me the most in my life Jason David Frank aka…
2 Samuel Chapter 7. David’s Prayer. 18Then King David went in and sat before the Lord, and he said:. “Who am I,...
Jason David Frank and Beyoncé have the same birthday. Let that sink in
Mike Adams scares me. Manning knows him well and will pick on him all night. i.e. Jason David 2007
Happy Birthday to my favorite Childhood hero, Mr. Jason David Frank I hope your birthday is as great as you are, & just as inspiring
got 34 balloons for his 41 yo bday so far Gift him more!
Jason Rapert: Priest of Toadsuck; Nate Bell: half-ogre were-hog; David Meeks: Magus of Mayflower. Join our crusade!
*listens to VENUS and browses pictures of Jason David Frank*
Happy Birthday to the Amazingly Awesome Jason David Frank I Hope you have an amazing Birthday and that…
You can pre-order my new album OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT from & get 3 bonus tracks:
38 years old this week and about to be released on DVD, David Jason stars in Lucky Feller.
It's the Green Ranger's (and the White Ranger) birthday today. Jason David Frank aka Tommy is 41 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Green Ranger! Lol.
Come celebrate my birthday today at !! JDF.
2/2 will Pick on him all night like in 07 season opener with Jason David after he signed with NO. Are my fears justified?
Happy Birthday Jason David Frank my gift a big smile :D Feliz cumpleaños!!!
This week is our off week. The final Wizard World Philadelphia video with Jim Cheung, J.G. Jones and Jason David...
Jason David – His experience treating Jayden with cannabis, dosing, and how to get started.
Jason David, you have my heart. I love you.
Jason David Frank just greeted us while we wait for his signing.
I wish I was at comic con to meet Jason David Frank 😩
Heheheh.. I didn't know he was recording until the last second. But I'm crazy honored to be up on Jason David...
Lance Moore is close to being on my, MOST disliked saints players list, next to Jason David!
In the "hoppers 2014" movie scotty_adkins14 will be played by Jason David Frank...the green Power Ranger
I personally think Jason David was worse than Fred Thomas
David Jason rules out Only Fools and Horses revival
David Jason, who is working on new Open All Hours series, says Only Fools and Horses won't return again:
Place bets now how long it'll take a producer to buy rights of Bernard Jordan story. My money... Sir David Jason starring within the year!
So Jason David Frank (tommy, Green Ranger) has been calling out CM Punk for a while now for a match. Punk has yet to answer.
based on the Kendrys Morales signing, today I learned Jason Kubel is on the Twins. seems today the Twins learned that also
Just got back from the NFCC and it sucked. I don't recommend going there. It was disorganized and people like to push and shove. 5 celebs didn't show and the dealer room was dismal. I did get to see Ernie Hudson and get a autograph and photo. I did go for Jason David Frank but he couldn't make it.
still showing David price fight on boxnation mate! Hopefuly they show Jason later
.He previously announced a Macabees film, and soon will announce a King David movie & a Golda Meir bio. But it still won't work.
Doncaster's Jason Cunningham beats Georgia's David Kvaratskhelia after the Georgian pulled out after four rounds
Good early wins for Doncaster fighters David Allen and Jason Cunningham in Newcastle tonight. Both remain undefeated.
I kinda wanna see a movie of Jason David Frank and Dwayne the Rock Johnson kicking each other's *** ..just putting that out there -JB
Jason Cunningham defeats David Kvaratskhelia after Kvaratskhelia retires at the end of round four. Cunningham's record is now 12-0.
Bit of a break now before Jason Cunningham of Donny fights David Kvaratskheila from Georgia! He will be called Kvar for the fight.
Vintage sitcom with Ronnie Barker and David Jason starting in 10 minutes on Yesterday
Just listened to that song Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll and realize I haven't shot my guns in a while.
I'm so glad it went well! I hope there's future events in Redditch! In other news: David Jason!
Just got word David will be opening for Jason Michael Carroll on Wednesday, June 11th as part of WYCD's Nashville...
Due to multiple flight cancellations, Jason David Frank is disappointed to announce that he is unable to attend the Niagara Falls Comic Con.
So there has been talks on whenever Jason David Frank will do a British comic con appearance. I think he will sometime soon but I also think it's very unlikely as of now. First, it has nothing to do with JDF having a grudge against non American fans, people have to realise that JDF has a heavy and I mean heavy schedule. This is why as of now, he's only doing the American conventions as I think he doesn't have a space whatsoever to fit a convention overseas. Second, Jason David Frank is a very down to earth person, he always greets the fans with so much respect and I appreciate that. This is to me his thank you to those who have supported him. Lastly, people might know this by now but I know for a fact JDF would not attend a convention that'll feature Austin St John, as the two are still on bad terms.
David, do you have BJ's numbers since he started wearing glasses? Thanks.Jason is hitting well lately.
hi Jason and Lynn :) thank you for liking my videos and please tell people about them?? Thank you!
"Prayer is alien to our proud human nature" - David Jeremiah. So true, something that I have to fight against many times.
I'm half way they David Jason s bio. Can you delete them to stop them filling up the memory?..when's your race?
awwwe jason.. :( LOL I DONT NEED YOU THATS OK. jk youre like friends with my boyfriend so. Im sorry LOL
Acer CEO: Better to make an imperfect smartwatch than none at all: Acer is in trouble, but that's not Jason...
I've been lucky enough to interview many of the true "greats" but the best of all was Sir David Jason this morning. A to…
David Jason is apparently the next celebrity to get done for doing a jimmy Saville. Surly not delboy. I hope it's just a rumour.
Thanks for coming in to see us Sir David Jason, come back soon! http…
and check out what found Jason David Frank
I fear my first and last trip to Beckham’s place! Sorry David, but that was fun ? or nothing
They've got to do it now we've cast Sir David Jason in the role! ;)
get David Jason to play him. It'd definitely be worth watching.
Ha Jason...thanks.but that was many a gray hair ago.
When David Jason dies I will flood tears
Pepe Reina and Iker Casillas have just realised that David de Gea is in fact Superman
Now on - After decades of silence, a vintage spacecraft says hello to Earth
Just met David Bradley nice bloke had a good chat
Please help support corner by ,, ,,and please help RT
corner by , , , , and . Out 10th of June! Y'all jus…
K"corner by , , , , and . Out 10th June…
K"corner by , , , , and . Out 10th June! Y'all jz wait
corner by , , , , and . Out 10th of June! Y'all just wait ;)
FINAL TEAMS: Jason Winderlich a late withdrawal replaced in the side by Cory Dell'Olio. David Myers to start the sub.
Our Sub for tonight's game is David Myers and Cory Dell'olio will play his first game in 2014 with Jason Winderlich rested.
Well guys, I'm off and not sure how much I'll be on from now until tomorrow evening.. Game on, only rage quit games, not each other. And there better not be any trouble or bannings while I'm gone. :P Getting final preparations done and ready tonight, and then tomorrow it's off to Niagara Falls for Comic Con!! Yeah!! Planning this trip for 8 months at least, goin' to catch up with the Green Ranger himself Jason David Frank, as well as several others. Gonna be epic, will be taking pics and vids lol. So my fellow admins and members, achieve, ding, game, but most of all have an awesome weekend! :D
We just had a fantastic phone call with Jason David Frank. Something awesome is coming our way. More details coming.
what's Jason David Frank's schedule this weekend?
Retired CB Jason David's training facility in SoCal becoming a destination for hopefuls:
Former Charter Oak star Jason David (unleashes his first big STARS NFL Draft class this weekend
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