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Jason David

Jason Aeron Walter David (born June 12, 1982) is an American football cornerback and is currently a free agent.

Jason David Frank Green Ranger Power Rangers Michael Rooker Wizard World Power Ranger White Ranger Norman Reedus Dean Cain Matt Smith Karen Gillan

Two of my favorites! Power Rangers and Spider-man! Especially Jason David Frank, my favorite Ranger of all time! LOL!
at auntie Alice's with Jess + fam, David, Jason and auntie Judith and uncle Spencer. We making up noise already. 💃😂
I'm warming to the idea of Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace.
I'm not playing either!!! Jason David Frank and the cast of Doctor Who are up in Louisville this weekend. If we went.. PERFECT!
Dawg, I missed out on seeing Jason David Frank.. TWICE!
It's like Jason from Trueblood is a complete copy of David Koresh
last night I dreamed I met JDF on an . we talking about ranger stuff then when we met Ainul he was like OMG IT'S Jason David Frank!! OMGOMGOMG
And in car on way back; Mum ; ' I do like that David Jason, from Only Coach and Horses'.
It's days like this when I wish Jason and David could just pop round. 🌏🇺🇸
So our next baby will be...a boy! Yep, 3 boys 5 and under when Jason David will be born (JD for short). Some of you are probably wondering if we will try again for a girl... we are all done:) This will be enough to handle.
David Jason's book excellent read, would recommend it.
Here's a photo of me and Jason David Frank at his academy in Houston, Rising Sun Karate Academy. RSKA, y'all!
David Choi and Jason Chen coming down to Melbourne in April! 😄
Jason you and Jason David Frank are my childhood heros :)
Last day of Comic Con and I'm super sad. I'm tempted to get an autograph from Jason David Frank for Frances Mumaw Kennedy though!
Alrighty fans of the Green Ranger and White Ranger JASON DAVID...
I so wanna go for David choi and Jason Chen. 😭😭😭
Again at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. David Choi will be performing there alongside with Kina Grannis, Jason Chen and many more!
What was it like working with Jason David Frank?
Jason David Frank real fan page if u wanna look em up
Matt and Karen with former Power Ranger Jason David Frank at Wizard World in Louisville
Jason, it's a lot of people's ambition. The hard part is figuring how to do it.Good luck.
YouTube stars David Choi and Jason Chen Music is coming to Melbourne in April! Detail here.
"I suppose that contentment of failure is what drives me on." - David Moyes
jason, dani, david and I. And i can't tell you why. You have to catch up. The producers say it's gonna be super emotional
"Ppl say:'What's your success?' The word for me is failure. How you succeed is how you constantly produce failures." - David Moyes
David Choi and Jason Chen to play in Melbourne in April! Details here
Walao. David Choi and Jason Chen tickets are so ex. :(
Jason David Frank as his ranger colors
Today we met: the Green Ranger(Jason David Frank), Hershel, Shane, Lori, Sean Patrick Flannery, Rocco, Crixus, Khal Drogo, Meryl, the main guy from airplane, Samwise gamgee, and some wrestler...(randy ortan) today was a success!!!
meeting Jason David Frank was awesome hope to see you next year at comic con again and do the meet and greet.
told you I'm going back Penang tskk tskk Jason Chen and David Choi also coming tho
I went to David Nail last week & then I have 2 Jason's coming up and CMA Feat.
A picture with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, AND Jason David Frank. Oh my god, my whole fangirl world just exploded. *epic squee of epicness*
I must go to comic con this year... Veronica Taylor, Jason David Frank, Chandler Riggs, Michael Rooker, Peter Davidson, Kevin Conroy, Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Karl Urban, and more are going to be there... I must get all of their autographs. I MUST!
Me and The Green Ranger, Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page , Dude is incredible! Childhood Hero and still an positive role model and big influence! Thank you JDF for an awesome day!
you're the only person on here that calls me David. What are you? Jason?
Jason David Frank post some cool stuff! I like this!
Ebonee Johnson Keishon Fields Jason David Frank was in Nola last month and I missed it! Omg!
Got this from the best Ranger of all time Jason David Frank :) Thanks so much :)
Tommy all the way. Sexiest man alive Jason David Frank.
Playing Cranium... It's been many, many years. Miss you, Kay Moltz, Kristie Moltz, Benjamin Schwartz, Jason David, and everyone else who we used to stay up late and play with!
Sheena Nelson looks like Jason David Frank just couldn't stop Michael & Jason
Scarface & Jason David Frank was in Louisville and I missed em smh...
Are the fans every going to see Austin St. John and Jason David Frank at the same convention?
So, I've met Jason David Frank, and he's tight with David Tennant and Karen Gillan now, which basically means the Doctor and Amy Pond and I are totally bros now. Yeah, pretty sure that's how it works.
My brother Jason and my cousin David at his 40th.
*quickly checks how long Jason has been a follower* lol
When you're having a bad day just remember, Jason David Frank still lives and breaths Green Ranger. ;)
|Karen and Matt posing with Jason David Frank (Tommy from Power Rangers) at a Wizard World convention ...
Some of the stars that showed up along with me and Jason David Frank
Who wants to go with me to WizardCon in August to see Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver from MMPR, PRZ, PRT & PRDT?
This made my day! I got to meet the person who first peaked my interest in martial arts, Jason David Frank. Was the nicest guy in the world! Go Go Power Rangers!!!
Jason David weed wars rerun on now. Its your episode. Great to see again and know jaydens progress thanks to you. You're an amazing dad.
My kids got to meet Jason David Frank and Michael Rooker today, They LOVED it. Tim took them.
Great day today me and my dad got to go to the comic-con in Louisville and I got to meet my childhood hero and all time legend to this day Jason David Frank your a amazing guy and I think you for supporting my childhood dreams of meeting him
I just spend the whole day in a free market searching for a Dragonzord. Nothing... The LAST THING I touched there was a GB Pocket. I turned it around and see this smug face. Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page
Jason David Frank and that's all I have to say
About to see a panel with Jason David Frank. Pretty stoked.
Standing in line to meet Jason david
Me and Jason David Frank the Green Ranger yeah be jelly
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If everything goes well, fingers are crossed, I'll have the chance later this year to meet Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson/Deathstroke from the show Arrow and Crixus from Spartacus), Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers), Norman Reedus, and Michael Rooker (Daryl and Merle from The Walking Dead).
So Jason David Frank and Dean Cain just walked past us. Too bad I was playing on my phone and noticed as they left 😩
Jason David Frank meet your buddy lol
In exactly 1 week we will be meeting Matt Smith an Jason David Frank!! ^_^
Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page thought you would enjoy these
Man last 20 somthing years my childhood dream was to meet tommy from the Power Rangers he was my hero as the years past by never happen started to lose that dream butt dec of 2013 i won a call from Jason David Frank he gave me a pass to see him march 28 2014 i never feeled so good insided or excided all i can say is yesterday i learned it may take some time butt dreams really do come ture and i should know mine came ture yesterday i know some people are getting tired of me talking bout it butt i just cant explan how it makes me feel inside
Hey Jason David Frank i have a medical disability and people use to pick on me about it but u believed in me and told me to ignore what people say i r truly my role model Jason and my friend
So does someone want to tell me how this ranger, who was at 70% yesterday, is now losing to the MMPR White Ranger? Well...apparently the way the FANS were voting wasn't good enough for Jason David Frank! LETS GET OUR VOTES BACK, RANGER NATION! WE WONT STAND FOR THIS!
the real rangers :P Green Ranger is the best Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page
If you were to meet Jason David Frank, would you have him sign a White Ranger or green.ranger helmet?
I am so sick of seeing Jason David Frank and his soul patch everywhere
One day down. Tomorrow another day of seeing and getting Jason David Frank's autograph!
Tomorrow big day that I meet Jason David Frank and Sean Astin an few cast from walking dead :)
watching mighty morphin Power Rangers the movie starring Jason David Frank as tommy aka the White Ranger if only it started while he was the Green Ranger
Who hacks a Power Ranger voting website? What are they going to help Jason David Frank win.or Lose?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I would like to thank Ashley Dean for trying to get me a autograph from my childhood idol Jason David Frank. I appreciate that it makes me feel good that you tried your a true friend !
Hey everyone, I can't believe it's been since 2000 when I graduated and I have done so much since High School including meeting New Kids on the Block, Hanson, Aaron Carter, and of course Jason David Frank from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, cause of my nickname Power Ranger Patty still trying to figure out who gave me that name after all these years.
So Shawn gets to add another celebrity to his long list of famous people he has met and sat down and had an actual conversation with.although this celebrity is more geared towards my kids and kids their age. It was one of their childhood heros.his name Jason David Frank and they knew him as Tommy the Green Power Ranger.he is in Louusville for Comicon Convention..GO GO Power Rangers LOL!!
Ooh my, is that Jon Heder and Jason David Frank?? And is Jason David Frank about to tell that kid how it is?? o:
Had a blast at Wizard Comicon. Got lots of great prints. Also had Jason David Frank walk right by me. It wasn't Dean Cain but oh well.
Jason David Frank had me do a video
Wolfe showing everyone up in front of Jason David Frank.
Just got to meet my child hood hero Jason David Frank best day every
While filming got a snap of Jason David Frank showing some martial arts
I think that Jason David Frank is possibly one of the best martial artists of our generation.
I wanna go to philly comic con I heard Jason David Frank will be there I gotta go
I bet Jason David Frank kept the original dragon dagger from the show
we gotta go to Wizard World cc and meet Jason David Frank dude. January 24th-26th.
Tbt to when I met Jason David Frank.
So jealous my baby sister shares a birthday with Jason David Franks and Damon wayans all I got was dee Snyder
that's what I'm talking about, the one with Jason David Frank and all the old rangers
Chilling here in Austin going to meet Jason David Frank!
Has had a great day in France with Jason David and josh .thanks Jason for doing a great job with the driving xxx
Congrats Jason Silva - it is awesome. David Hoffman you will like this.. "It has been surreal and wonderful to see...
I'm hanging out with Jason David Frank
Media update on the man David Neily.
.dude ur legacy contribution is truly done! "David Sacks should run Microsoft"
Woke up this morning and immediately put on my old school Jason David jersey.. Huge day for Cougar football!
not sure Tim..heard David Jason with Chris Evans talking about a new one but was in n out cab
bet hes got a new till ! Should be ok with David Jason involved. Was original Roy Clarke written?
This time next year, I'll be a millionaire. Del Boy( David Jason) - Only Fools and Horses.
do you think when the remake is done, the del boy will have a new bike? David Jason doin new one soon.
Waiting for the meet and greet with Jason David Frank (original Green Ranger) to start. c:
Your episode of Frost is on again. I do hope you get some royalties from it, i expect David Jason does ha! :)
surely David Jason as Del Boy saying 'play it cool Trigger, play it cool' while falling at the bar
knew he would bite David . As certain as the rising of the moon Jason lee owen will always bite .
Jason David played cornerback in Indy when Peyton was there an that's all I have to say about that
David Nugent grabs his second of the game, while Jason Pearce scores.
Headed to Austin Wizard-Con to meet Jason David Frank Aka The Green/White Ranger and Bruce Campbell!
What famous person would you like to meet? — Jason Statham & David Beckham
did I miss that?! I was too busy wrapping presents and buying perfume and reading David Jason's autobiography.
David Jason is popular again today but flying past him, as you would expect, is Usain Bolt. In stock now & on offer!
Brilliant brilliant tribute to Ronnie Barker by David Jason in today's as they start filming an Xmas "Open All Hours" Special
I lost a tear in the sea and the day I find it would be the day I will stop loving you,ubbly” thrown at me - David Jason
where's David Jason when you need him?
Client Newsflash: November 2013 - Sir David Jason jokes in new issue of Reader's Digest that he looked like Billy Bunter after piling...
I'm jst going to pretend I'm jason bourne.. Cain.. David webb today.. I'm amnesic.. I don't know who u are.
First pictures of David Jason filming on set of the Christmas special of 'Open All Hours'
Just scraped Frost off my car. David Jason should watch where he's walking.
Jason David Frank and jenna frank Fatherhood makes him even yummier. -
Already saving up!! Still hoping you can get Torri back *fingers crossed* Joe, David, Jason. PAUL I'd love to meet him
Why David roasting on Jason hahha wth
I done made it I baked it. I'm Goliath you David. I keep the pistol like Pete. Or keep the knife like I'm Jason …
So, I got nervous & shaky around Jason David Frank & Michael Rooker today. I dont know how Im gonna keep it 2gether tomorrow with Norman...
My interview feature with Exec utive Producer of the is up on now!
Webstream the show Jason and you can still be the Brown's Chicken Caller of the Show.
I miss Jarrod, Chris, Jeremy, David, David, Alex, Will, Iain, Shane, Evan, Dell, Jason, all of them. 😭 those are my best friends right there
Yep. Jason, that was the sad lesson I learned in Fall 1983.
Interviewed & Jason David Frank from Power Rangers & filmed an interview w/
Got to speak to the incredibly awesome Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver from the Power…
"David Beckham is the only man that I have had an intense crush on for over a decade." plus Jason Momoa
Jason David Frank has a message for you here at
Jason want two box bout JC fi manning cup
David Ellefson interviews Jason Newsted and Mike Mushok at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods.
Omg! This will be my favorite Britney interview in a long time! speaks about David, Jason, therapy, her…
The block had all of us , me brayden morena Melissa Karen Chris the two white girls , boys across the street , Jason David .and much more
hope u are coming near St Louis. Already met Steve and meeting Jason David in April and wanna meet u bad!
Jason Newsted, Frank Bello and David Ellefson. This epic picture is epic.
*** that was great! Was that Jason David Frank at the end? I love these matchups
Had the best "mini" party ever at my house lastnight! Libby, Andrew, Jason, Sixby, David, Brennan, dustin, heather, Anthony, &demetri!! :P
Here are David Jason, Terry Scott et al behind the scenes of Danger Mouse in 1981.
Jason Webb and David Nell pull up to the line for their final battle.Its door to door with abit of nudging...
Huge straight line by David Nell!! In Jason's door but looks like Jason might have the advantage!
And they are off for the 3rd/4th battle, David Nell vs Jason Webb! That was close!! Let's see the second run!!
Wade takes the win after a COC battle for 3rd and 4th will be between Jason Webb and David...
So because their was a substantial amount of people waiting to get into Betty's in Harrogate, Jason David Courcoux has drove us all the way to flipping York just so we can have high tea!
“Great environments show respect for the people who do the work and how they do it.”jason Fried & David Hansson
Let's start off the semis, first battle will be between David Nell vs Wade Van Zummeren and the second will be Jim McFarlane and Jason Webb
Whats next the yellow star of david.
Stunning video mashup in homage to David Deutsch's new masterwork Kudos
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jason Krol, Eric Krol, & Ethan Pearson are up against Kuwait for Team Kata
Sir David Jason to return as Granville in one-off Open All Hours special
Thanks to everyone who helped "The Long Bridge: out of the gulags" outsell David Jason, Harry Redknap & Morrisey yesterday!...
The top two non- fiction hardbacks in ST bestseller list: 'My autobiography' by Alex Ferguson and 'My life' by David Jason.
Clearly,Stanley McGill,Jackie Duke,David liddle&Jason Hebert wanted me out of Cassiar really bad just cause I blabbed about their sex lives
Watching some ORIGINAL Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with Jason David Frank as Tommy and Amy Jo Johnson as...
finished Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson and gave it 5 stars
David Jason's fictional detective has been fondling the pavements this morning.
I also got to meet another legend!. Jason David Frank ,He is truly a nice guy!. I'm on the right
See them in concert was amazing. We were so close it was awesome. Jason, Jordyn, Mary, David, & Demi.
David and Jason are bowling and I'm drinking
Jason David Frank and Bat in the Sun Productions Working on Green Ranger Series
Back when Jason David Frank was simply credited as Jason Frank.
Jason Terry fliies through the air to foul David West. West shrugs it off.
Jason Terry almost hurt himself trying to foul David West lol
They going after Jalen Mills hard just like Jason David. .sigh
Can we please take Mills out. He's worse than Jason David
Jalen Mills out there doing his best Jason David impersonation
When did Jason David start playing for LSU?
you got any titans? Looking for 1st ed Jason mcourty, Micheal roos, chance warmack, David Stewart and Andy levetre
Thanks for new followers David Jeremiah is right here in my backyard.
Jason Kidd calls a timeout. lead the 59-51. David West has all day on his last set shot.
Jason Kidd with the timeout..Pacers up 59-51..David West all alone on that last foul line non-jumper
I've had neither, but I'll trust the Cajun on this one :-)
Happy Birthday! God sure knew what he was doing on November 9. Lou Ferrigno, Nick Lachey, Sisqo, David Breen and Jason Jenkins
Modern day Jason David Frank and Vanilla Ice look eerily similar.
I'd go either David Jason, Elisha Cuthbert, Mila Kunis or Tom Cruise. All seem genuine, likeable and interesting.
He'd be a laugh. I'd probably go for someone like David Jason. Maybe Tom Cruise- he seems very likeable.
I just saw Demi Lovato, Jordan Sparks, Jason Derulo, David Foster and Mary J Blige perform at Disneyland. Is this what heaven feels like?
Jason Statham is Mr. Sensitive in Safe: via //Different usage of David Cook's "Mr. Sensitive".
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Congrats David have those boys getting it done!
" Before Jayden David turned 5, he had tried a dozen powerful medications to tame a rare form of epilepsy. The side effects were devastating. There were grand mal seizures that lasted more than an hour. “If he wasn’t sleeping, he was seizing,” said Jayden’s father, Jason David. David said, he contemplated suicide. Then one day he heard about a teenager who was expelled from school for using marijuana to help control seizures. In the 14 months since, the little boy has been swallowing droppers full of a solution made mostly of cannabidiol, or CBD, the second most prominent of marijuana’s 60 or so cannabinoids. Unlike the dominant THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive, so the sweet-tasting infusion Jayden takes four times a day doesn’t make him high. Down from 22 prescription pills per day to four, he now eats solid food, responds to his father’s incessant requests for kisses and dances in his Modesto living room to the “Yo Gabba Gabba!” theme song. The public debate over medical marijuana ...
Great time at comic con! Heading home now!! Got to see Daryl from the walking dead and Carl, plus hulk from the older tv series, and Ray parks, oh as well as Jason David Frank, who was the white/green/ black Power Ranger lol, and Ray parks and the Power Ranger were great people, it was a lot of fun! Amazing day! Totally coming back next year, oh also Stan lee was there!
so i am at nycc . while going to pick up Alexander Muraca i met Jason David Frank - Official Fan Page i got to meet him speak with him and take a pic with him , a dark pic but yeah still a pic . got to shake his hand . great guy . Hope to see everyone at nycc. i lost a lot of peoples phones numbers so if you are at nycc and want to take pics and or want to hang out please let me know by texting me if and when possible. i noticed i dont have a lot of pics with friends and hopefully this comic con i will get more pics with friends. Soni Balesta Peter Spidey Milo Spencer Doe Nick Cottone Nicole Marie Jean Samm Mielach Michael Knightmage Wilson Eric Moran and so many more. i diff would like pics with friends and hang out with as many friends as possible . hope to see everyone at NYCC 2013
They charge you for autographs. Jason David Frank's is $30 |:
I get to meet Jason David Frank tomorrow... IM HYPE!
I've been watching Austin St. John & Jason David Frank from and my ol childhood crush radar is back up! lol
Personal foul calls can be big. Is there a player on the team that gets under opponents skins like Jason David used to?
Video: Interview with Johnny Young Bosch and Jason David Frank at Ikkicon 2010. Seriously, those two are so...
Photo: Childhood completed. ….well, almost. Now to get Jason David Fank to sign it.
How do it feel to get knocked out by a Power Ranger? Jason David Frank -- Rage in the Cage, May 8, 2010: via
Ever wonder what Jason David Frank thinks of the MMPR Fan Film?
Don't ask Jason David Frank about because he'll get really mad: Thank you Quark and RatherOddR
that's a shame. I'm totally looking forward to meeting Jason David Frank. Yes, the Green Ranger will be at NYCC!!
Jason David Frank (Tommy/Green/White/Red/etc. Power Ranger) liked to take his daughter to panels. Seems cool
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Queue already building for our event at 1pm today at
Maybe Jason David Frank as Tommy can get near that
Learning from Jason about purposeful conversations
Stan Lee, Norman Reedus, Jason David Frank, do you have a favorite in the SciFi ComicCon world? Wizard World...
. We a spin off those are my not top 3 lol. Mario bates. Alex molden (we didn't need Eddie George) and good old Jason David
While "Green with Evil" mini-series introduced Jason David Frank to the world, I was moving to LA, a PR spec script in hand.
Green Ranger Jason David Frank on Friday and Hulk Hogan Saturday. I'm too excited for I'm all nervous.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Derek Del Boy Trotter (aka David Jason) yesterday. Buy his new book, out tomorrow!
Mr. Tancharoen. It is on this night i officially endorse Michael Weatherly to be Johnny Cage and Jason David Frank to be Kabal.
Jason David Frank has a very chaotic schedule, but we are working around all the comic cons to (
I kinda wanna pay 30 dollars to take a picture with Jason David Frank as the White Ranger .
Jason David Frank's children were homeless due to nonpymt of court ordered child support while his new family live luxuriously. --wrong!
Just thot u should know that Jason David Frank is a dead-beat-dad. Kids homeless due to nonsupport while he makes $$$. SAD!
Power Ranger, Jason David Frank abandoned his family - living in a car due to nonpymt child support - making over $45mo!!!
Please follow up with me regarding Jason David Frank making $45,000 mo & his children r homeless due to no pymt for child support!
Original Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, abandoned his family, homeless, living out of a car, son suffering psychotic break!
My ex-soninlaw Jason David Frank the original Green Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Show is a deadbeat dad.
I think so... I started following Jason David Frank on FB. Maybe we could send it to him, and get some cross-marketing going.
If you can't handle a team ripping your heart out, get away from the White Sox ...
I liked a video Power Rangers Tommy (Jason David Frank) Where is he now
The best thing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Can do is add as a series regular Jason David Frank as American Eagle.
Felt good to see Jason David Frank (returning as the O.G. Green Ranger for 20th anniversary! ht…
I am hopefully going to New York comic con this week to meet my long time hero Jason David Frank!!!
Oh? I know one of them plans to wait several hours before it starts, but they also have tickets to see Jason David Frank.
Whom would you like to meet? — Darren Criss, Jason David Frank, One Direction.
I'm gonna freak out!!! I can't believe Jason David Frank is goin to be there with FAITH AND SPIKE from Buffy!!!
i feel you. funny story, Jason David Frank is actually one of my sponsors. he fights now
$95 for a pic with David Duchovny at NYCC. Super thankful I never got into X-Files. I'm stressing over 30 for a pic with Jason David Frank.
Happy bday to the best Jason David Frank
Happy birthday beyonce.wes Bentley,mike piazza,phill Lewis,Jason David Frank,and of course last but not least Danny worsnop
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Jason David Frank and I. I met Jason David Frank at dragon con..
To all of my followers I'm not the real Jason David Frank LOL
growing up, I had a HUUUGE crush on Jason David Frank .
please, Jason David Frank be a batman :D
Jason , David , Zain , Luis , Nabil so manny more — Jason I have a thing with, David is my ex, Zain, Nabil & Lui...
Jason, David and I are having dinner on Tuesday or Wednesday come thru niggs
Jason David talks about his son Jayden's disease and how medical marijuana has saved his son's life: via
Jason David Frank. The greatest Power Ranger in history.
Check out this video I directed and produced for on everyones favorite Power Ranger Jason David...
What about Jason David Frank for the new Batman???!! Much better then Ben Affleck
You know who they should have cast as the new Batman? Jason David Frank, aka the Green Ranger!
There has never been a unanimous HOFer because some writers are stupid. Pretty sure not all from Boston
have you seen Phegley's numbers for 34 games? I think we can agree that the catching position on the SS is no bueno
Jason David Frank raffling the SDCC Gold Legacy Morpher, money going to Crosby Church
James/Jason/David? Rocking Crobar on a Thursday night! I won't forget what you did to my glasses..
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Just found out the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank will be at C4 in November. Wish I could get a Rita Repulsa costume done in two months.
Jason David Frank (Tommy as you know) has been wanting to do a more mature, darker version of (
Through sheer freaking FORCE. I'm becoming a fan of this guy. I was once PR Hipster and feeling he was too...
sarcasm. I watch sports and movies. Also known to have a drink or two.
Video: monkieranger: Jason David Frank gives an exclusive sneak peek at his new reality show, “My Morphin’...
in the future legends will tell of a man who became an icon and the very essence of badass..Jason David Frank the Green Ranger
I'm gonna go buy a free agents jersey and hope he resigns. Bad move
2 trains and a bus 4 hours total but well worth it to meet the shield aj lee lita cm punk and Jason David Frank good luck again
Are you still doing MMA? When will you fight the Green/White Ranger himself, Jason David Frank?
Jason David Frank is gorgeous in love 💕
Florida Superson Ticket winner Thomas sanchez, his child, and Jason David Frank enjoying the event.
Announcement on Haze Situation - Updated 24/6/2013 at 7:30 PM Dear Students, In view of the worsening haze situation as of 7:00pm today, out of consideration for the health of the APU Community it has been decided that Classes will not be held at APU on Tuesday, 25th June 2013, and all examinations scheduled for the day will also be rescheduled to either Saturday 29th June or Sunday 30th June (to be confirmed in due course). All classes postponed from Monday and Tuesday will be rescheduled to certain weekends which will be announced on a future date. Only essential services at APU will be open, which includes the Laboratories & Library Facilities as well as Student Services & Administrative Services. Bus services from all locations to APU, FBMand SCP will operate on an hourly basis from 8:00am onwards. Classes and Examinations will be held as scheduled on Wednesday, 26th June, 2013, unless otherwise notified. Students are advised to remain indoors and to drink plenty of water. Do take good care of yoursel ...
Q U E S T I O N : Who's your favorite STREET SKATER of all time?
Jeff Dombrowski of Oakdale CT picked up his first career win in the Sport4 division. Michael Glad had set the pace just shy of the halfway point, and set the pace as Len Sousa, who started ninth, was making his way toward the front. As they reached the 13 lap mark, Sousa was putting pressure on the leader, with Henry Lavallee right behind. Sousa took the lead briefly on lap fifteen, but contact in the first corner sent the top three cars spinning, with Lavallee being done for the night. Dombrowski took over at the top, but rookie Shawn DeMello worked the outside, moving past at the white flag lap. As the pair came off the fourth corner, Dombrowski slid up the race track, making contact with DeMello, forcing him to lose momentum, and second to Devin Miranda. Tyler Boudreau and Glenn Leduc rounded out the top five. 1) Jeff Dombrowski 2) Devin Miranda 3) Shawn DeMello 4) Tyler Boudreau 5) Glenn Leduc 6) David Gargado Jr 7) Jason Enos 8) Frank Shepard 9) Eric Pelletier 10) Tylar Nailor 11) Chris Bissell 12) L ...
Well thats a bugger as i,me not between 5ft 10 and 6ft 3 i cant enter the hunks in pants comp on this morning
Goodbye Macri friends. I just need to fix my life. I Love you all. Your in my heart. When I get everything organize. If you guys aren't still around in the next 6months or more, I'll find you all to say thank you. Thanks for being there and listening to my sad and adventures life. Love you all. Danielle Stang Sarah Odenheimer Georgina Maughan Ani Monteleone Simon Leahy David Thomas Guggino Jason Jon Emily Yao P.s. sorry to tag you guys. All of you make me really happy and happy I met you all. Love you all always. Carlos
If i were a gambling man i would bet Edward Snowden has an "accident"... You can't run from the government
56 minutes ago Karen Rodger sent us a message please read and pass on. Hi All Please be advised we had a P Plater in a silver car on Costain St running in and out of unlocked sheds today...Please keep your eyes peeled and lock up if going out!
Well fans with Doc most likely being shipped to LA (pending league aproval) Paul Pierce will also most likely be shipped out via trade or buy out. & with kevin garnett having a no trade clause he will most likely stay in boston. Guys keeps in mind the celtics are now in full blown rebuilding mode so dont be surprised if they do not have a winning season this coming year. It is very clear we will be seeing a seriously different looking celtics team then we are use to. -JT4
If there were to be a new NRL team what would be a good name and coach -MB-
Exhibitions in Limerick City This Week: AIB Art Collection from Crawford Art Gallery at Hunt Museum Until 11th August 2013 Exhibition of AIB’s Corporate art Collection which now forms part of the National Collection. On loan from the Crawford Gallery, Cork - The Act of Portrayal Until 31st July Limerick City Gallery, Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick In celebration of 40 years of University of Limerick, and in collaboration with Limerick City Gallery of Art, the Act of Portrayal is an exhibition where 14 Artists from Limerick’s numerous Studios are invited to respond to their own selection from the National Self Portrait Collection (NSPC), held at the University of Limerick’s campus. This diverse exhibition is an opportunity for Limerick’s public and visitors to see 14 works from the extraordinary NSPC, alongside some of Limerick’s most dedicated young Artists. Included in the selection are Robert Ballagh, John Shinnors, Nigel Rolfe and Mary Duffy among others. Artists ...
With Manchester United rated the 3rd most expensive team in Europe David Moyes has some pressure to do well... I have faith though, the team will be on Auto Pilot, it's going to be from Xmas onwards we find it difficult, then there's Squeeky bum time (last 10 games). The 1 thing he has on his side is the the board will give him time, they know the value of long term!!
Poison frontman Bret Michaels escaped serious injury after a scary highway incident in which his tour bus slammed into a group of deer. He was en route from
Heavy Rain is Hitting Sydney Australia and it will bring 30 to 40 MM of rain on Sunday June 23, 2013 then on Monday June 24, 2013 it will bring 20 to 30 MM o...
Colour Haze performing Love.. live. One of the greatest bands ever! ;)
Hello everyone,we really would appreciate your input on this one! Suppliers and Customers alike. We are receiving a large number of enquiries without a contact telephone number. We really are trying to understand why people aren't submitting their tel numbers! Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Your feedback is greatly appreciated :) Regards Giorgio Patino
Is Jesus God? MANY people view the Trinity as “the central doctrine of the Christian religion.” According to this teaching, the Father, Son, and holy spirit are three persons in one God. Cardinal John O’Connor stated about the Trinity: “We know that it is a very profound mystery, which we don’t begin to understand.” Why is the Trinity so difficult to understand? The Illustrated Bible Dictionary gives one reason. Speaking of the Trinity, this publication admits: “It is not a biblical doctrine in the sense that any formulation of it can be found in the Bible.” Because the Trinity is “not a biblical doctrine,” Trinitarians have been desperately looking for Bible texts—even twisting them—to find support for their teaching. A Text That Teaches the Trinity? One example of a Bible verse that is often misused is John 1:1. In the King James Version, that verse reads: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God [Greek, ton the·on′], and the Word was God [the·os′].” Th ...
Anyone else know why I'm super happy to be awake at 3:30 in the morning? Oh that's right. I forgot I'm going with these crazy people (West, Denise, Kierstyn, Brianna, Jason, Alexis, Katie, and David Kellam to Lincoln, Nebraska for a week jam packed with theatre fun!!! First plane ride ever for West and I!
Tipperary Will Play the Losers of Dublin v Kilkenny In The Qualifiers With Dublin or Kilkenny with Home Advantage..
Just some thoughts... Excited to meet Courtney Turner and Jennifer Evans Dolanskis babes, and see (hopefully) my other cousins babes so many months bigger!!! David Jason Reasoner, Talia Nuckolls, Maghan Dammarell...and of course watch my brother wed his BFF :) Tyler Evans. Andd be under the same roof as DougandElizabeth Adelstein and StevenLisa Evans...just some thoughts...
When it rains. it fkn pours people. any one know anybody that repairs outside ac units. .. mine is froze up . please holler at me. thanks
Totally Rad 80's run @ Werner Park on 4/07/13 Best birthday for David Kilton who turned 49 this day! Thank you for making him feel so special, Sam Sam Morris, Chris Hineline, Alan King, Jeremy Drumz Jason Husak, Sean Soucy, Del &Troy!
Hey guys, check out my latest work in-progress! I would love to hear your input on it!!! :) And if you haven't given my page a 'like' yet, feel free to! :) Scott Kirschner Jason Lenox Zalrohg Lekkolo Julie Varga Matt Hilend Becca Way Isiah Xavier B Umi Ryuuzaki Ryan David Lynne Wartman
FIVE AND A HALF YEARS FOR RUNAWAY TEACHER Do you think of the five and half years handed to pervy teacher Jeremy Forrest who ran away with a 15-year-old pupil is a bit harsh when Stuart Hall only got two weeks prison for each of his 13 victims? And serial child abuser Graham Ovenden didn’t go to jail at all?
So Corey says 4 spots left. So my wish list has to be edited to Eric, Jason, David and Pat. Pleeaassee hockey God xx
I know I don't usually post about me ... but for the first time in my life I am realizing I am alone in my journey... I have friends and family who I love more than life its self and I have God ... but I feel alone ... I am so scared not knowing ... this is not a poor me status but rather the true me the me I try not to let people see ... I think its time to let people see who I am and how my life is as I see it... David Sparks Jason Sparks Heather Miller and Howard Roe y'all mean the world to me and I am so proud of each of you. No matter how far we are apart you are always in my heart . Jesse, Addie, Hayden, and Kaysin you are my heart and I miss y'all so much... momma and daddy I couldn't ask for better parents
The New World Order Western global mafia/corporatocracy consists of the U.S., EU nations (which includes the UK), Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and most other countries except for Iceland (who kicked out or arrested the banksters a few years ago), Venezuela, Iran and Syria. The elite members consist of the Royal families of Europe and Britain and their international bankers and high level corporate cronies. Below them are elite members of the military, political lackeys like Bush and Obama, et al, and some nouveau riche like Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, Ted Turner, etc. The Vatican with their pedophile priests are amongst the elite as well. Who is at the very top? I don't know, as I don't go to their meetings. The New World Order has been controlling this country since the instatement of the unconstitutional (Article 1, Section Eight), private, for-profit, criminal "Federal" Reserve Bank in 1913. They intend to eradicate the 200 year old experiment in freedom in the West and restore the Divine Right of K ...
Just watched the film"Dead Calm" starring Nicole Kidman and it was very good but scared the living daylightd out of me! I hope it. Doesn't give me nightmares.
USATF Mens 110mH final... Ryan Wilson at age 32 wins in 13.08 seconds. David Oliver was second in 13.11 seconds and Aries Merritt third in 13.23 seconds. Jason Richardson finished fourth, but he also makes the USA team as he's the defending world champion from 2011.
First candy crush now country music... ik what your doing and not sure i like it lol
I'd like to thank my awesome daughter Hope Marie Vitale for throwing a great birthday luau for me last night at Mulligans Landing. Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us, including my mom Sally, Brian Wilson, John McGee, Run Way, Mark BullDawg Glover, Jax, Leslie, Jason, Ruthie, Becky, Tina, Taylor, Amber, David, BJ, Alex, and everyone else (sorry if I forgot anyone!)
Well i had fun today with David Byers and Jason Brick and Haley Byers love my wonderful kids and now its time for me to go night nite. I love my family there
am I supposed to find david tennant to be aloof and unrelatable and vacuous during his first season as dr. who? and then I grow to like him or something? how does this liking and disliking the dr's work exactly?
David Michael just killed FIFA! Services will be tomorrow at sometime, just don't know if it will be for the game or for David. LOL!!
My co-workers (Jason Bullion David Lee) just did a great job on critter den dr
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Monday-Tuesday, June 17-18,2013 Living Large, London Style The week in London is truly a gift that we will cherish forever.  The wealth of history satisfies the curiosities that David craves, and the quaint cafes in hidden courts offer me the quintessential sense of living large in London. We both find common ground at the corner pubs over a pint and a pinot….but without hesitation, the greatest reward is the opportunity to discover new places with old friends.  Gordons Wine Bar, a dark and damp cave near the Thames that serves only wine, water and charcuterie plates piled high with bread and cheese.  A dark corner offers the perfect place to share a bottle of red with Stephanie & Jason Dittmer, and doubles as hideaway for revealing secrets or hatching illicit plans for unearthing the wiles ofLondon.  Our daily dose of Gina & Harris, the lovely owners of the Blue Onion Café in the Strand, provide our morning with all the requisite perks for a perfect day….an egg and cheese baguette for David, a l ...
It felt so good today to see my babies... They continue to make good progress. My visitors today consisted of my good friend Marisa Romero, Mom and Dad, Nana Jennie Charles, nephew Caleb, my other babies Lil Jay and Ashley Lehman and Grandma Sharon Orca along with the girls Daddy Jason Lehman!! Everyone got a chance to see the girls for the first time including my nephew Caleb which technically wasn't allowed in the nic unit but the nurses were nice enough to allow him in because he was so good... He loves seeing his baby cousins!! My night ended with a movie curious of Lindsey Beasley..thank u and one last trip back to the nic unit to say good night to the girls. This whole experience has been so surreal. I'm a MOM now and I love it probably the best feeling I have ever felt! I'm getting stronger everyday from surgery and I can't say it enough and Jason agreed with me when we both said without your prayers and support all this wouldn't be the same. I can't wait to come home and to have my family all toge ...
Travaganza 3rd edition. This one is newer. Bad filming and skiing set to bad music. Prepare to be let down. Coming soonish or…
Been sleeping bad lately, but will sleep like a muthafukken champ tonight. Team with another championship. Love my teammates for getting it done tonight! Peter Kim Christopher Serafino Tony Ek Jason Dienhart David A. Diep Almond Belmonte Hai Brian Dinh Chris Taylor Steven NoGood
An old white lady in the South said *** at some point in her life. Also, the sky is blue. Seriously - Why is this: a) A Controversy b) Surprising c) A reason for her to lose her job
Gayme Over. Back to work tomorrow. I had a super good this year with Jason, James, Tim, David, Sean, Dustin, Brian, And the list goes on. I love my big *** happy, if not dysfunctional, family. :-)
Ok guys anyone have any good ideas for music to take to the rally?? I have some Sam Cooke, Clarence Carter, Fats Domino.I have country like George Jones Hank Williams, I even have some of the 80's monster ballads. Need a few Ideas since we are taking our DJ system with us to the rally. I even have some David Allen Coe.
Bang ace welcomes y'all to a fresh week.. reach out o ya loved ones now!! breakfast
Trabalho do fotógrafo Federico Chiesa com Carolina Trotta [
IF YOUR IN A CHURCH AND YOU ALLOW MALARKEY TO BE PROCLAIMED TO YOU AND OTHERS YOU ARE IN JUST AS MUCH SIN FOR NOT FLEEING!! NOT ONLY DO MINISTERS DISH IT OUT OTHERS WHO THINK THEY ARE (ELDERS ETC.) MIGHT OR OVERLOOK IT! REBUKE THEM!! YOU THINK IT IS IMPORTANT! YEAH! SEE SOME THOUGHTS BELOW! Jeremiah 23:1-40 - Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. 1 John 4:1 - Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 1 Timothy 6:3-5 - If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, [even] the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness; (Read More...) 2 Peter 2:1 - But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. Ephesians 5:11 - And have n . ...
Mainstream press treatment of the Snowden story is creepy. They seem universally ready to lynch the guy. David Gregory on Meet the Press is apparently ready to string up Glenn Greenwald (the journalist who broke the story in the first place) too! They (and hypocrite Obama) say they're glad we can have a debate about government tactics, but if it weren't for Snowden we wouldn't even be talking about it.
Reposted from the Timothy Network: Leonard Sweet says, "The great tragedy of the church in the last fifty years is this: We have changed Paul's words, 'Follow me as I follow Christ' to 'Follow me as I lead for Christ.' Over and over we hear, 'What the church needs is more and better leaders,' or 'Training leaders is job one.' Really? Jesus said, 'Go and make disciples.' We stopped and built worship warehouses. Jesus said, 'Follow me." We heard, 'Be a leader.' Paul said, 'Do the work of an evangelist.' We've done the work of a marketer. Somewhere back in the past half century we diagnosed the church's problem as a crisis of leading, not a crisis of following. It's as if we read Bonhoeffer's Cost of Discipleship and decided we'd rather talk about something else entirely."
Bo Jackson was the best athlete ever
Prince George Final Four March Madness President Obama Black Death Piers Morgan State John Kerry Malaysia Airlines Middle East Elite Eight Earth Hour Choice Awards Common Core Premier League Wren Scott White House Chris Christie Microsoft Office Chris Martin Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov World Cup Russell Crowe Pope Francis Vladimir Putin Joan Collins New Jersey Oscar Pistorius New Zealand Mad Men Indian Ocean Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hip Hop Elton John Gwyneth Paltrow Kate Middleton John Kerry Los Angeles Kuala Lumpur Full Story Warner Bros Ken Ham Christina Aguilera Daily News Lindsay Lohan Harry Potter Justin Bieber Kim Kardashian Lady Gaga Home Page Long Island Star Wars Alistair Cooke Rowan Williams Darren Aronofsky Manchester United Top Gun 2 White Sox Blue Line Cook County Manchester City 1 Hyde Park Sunday Mirror Manchester City West Brom British Summer Time Happy Mother Slide Show Kate Bush Kenny Dalglish Steve Jobs Wisconsin Gov Sign Up Per Month North Korea Ohio Gov Republican Party Malaysian Grand Prix Rhode Island Tottenham Hotspur Der Spiegel Opening Day Frank Kaminsky Mike Rogers New Jersey Gov Internet Explorer 8 American Indian Long Beach Wall Street American Airlines San Francisco Southern California Prince William Jonathan Quick Wrigley Field Bo Ryan Cesar Chavez Parking Lot Prince Harry Luis Suarez Philip Roth

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