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Jason Clare

Jason Dean Clare (born 22 March 1972) is the Australian Labor Party member of the Australian House of Representatives for the seat of Blaxland in the western suburbs of Sydney.

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Kickin' off our coverage at 2:15pm w/Clare O’Connor, Anthony Easton & Jason E. Dodd; mod
Hi Clare. Will spread the word. Loved your Jason Donald piece. Hope you're keeping well.
You should definitely include the fantastic exposures of the Carboniferous in Co Clare! I…
Gday Ash. Your table of MP property ownership lists a couple of ALP Members as Lib. E.g. Andrew Leigh and Jason Clare.
And without him there would be no Clare and no Jason
Labor must bite the bullet on this mine! Clear signs now!
You should have your own TV channel. In fact, I pay my TV licence and I demand it! 😀
Rep. Jason Wentworth, R-Clare; audio on House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee work
Its time to remind adani must stand on its own two feet. like the car industry had too, .
Good morning, All!. As long as there was in the world, how bad could things be?. Cassandra .
Fancy hearing about CCD research over a pint? Clare & Jason will be thrilling the punters at this event in May
Tell Barnaby that Gina should have a Bex and a good lie down.Tourism will provide more jobs and a happy environment,
Adani Group stocks take a beating, drop up to 6% - Besides, there were media reports that Jason Dean Clare, an ... https:…
The ALP is going down the wrong tack and we need to support the Aboriginal people whose voices are being drowned...
Adani mine must stand on its own two feet, Labor's Jason Clare says
jason. THIS,, is John P. Clare. i thought u of all people would know that.
If Bill Shorten had any sort of vision for the ALP, he'd step aside in favour of Jason Clare.
Bill Shorten and Jason Clare discuss electronic voting at St Catherine's college in Perth
Jason Clare's NBN zinger gets a smile out of Bill Shorten
Jason Clare not Terminator vs Ruddites yet His Chief of Staff yet to call Planets aligning though. :)
Jason Clare knows his classics whereas Brandis only capable of LV steamer trunk of Churchill bios to London. ;)
George Brandis and Jason Clare have excellent literary taste. I just hope George has sufficient room on his bookshelves.…
Jason Clare was set up by Rudd Caucus to fail under Gillard bc Jason is Keating Caucus. That's clear.
will you ask Jason Clare if he is proud of trouble he caused Essendon F C with his BS press conference about d…
Jason Clare knows only snake in the sleeping bag of Trade is "Admin Duress" derailing Admin, in Nazi beset Nations.
: Why trade is suddenly as popular as a snake in a sleeping bag - Articles - Jason Clare *** what…
Jason Clare knows hasn't demised. Trump is not "presumed" in Diplomacy & so not "shredding" but "tinkering" :)
Jason Clare is getting all, 'I knew it' about demise of the TPP. Zip it show pony until you've atoned for this one:
LOL Jason Clare - Lack of faith in democracy is because of ... wait for it .. the ... GFC !! . Yep. He ac…
Jason Clare thinks people are unhappy with government and politics because of the deficit and household debt. Clueless.…
My friend Jason Crossley has heartbreakingly been diagnosed with If you can, please help us reach the target. ht…
Good morning Clare... thank you on behalf of all the residents at Chez Jason...
Happy Christmas, Jason! Wishing you a lucky and peaceful 2017. . Clare x
Hi Jason !. Merry Christmas and all the best, Thank you for all the info you send me. I appreciate it greatly. Love. Clare x
The PM with Jason Clare as he takes up its UNSC seat for 2013/2014.
Jason Clare gets Resources & Northern Australia, as well as Trade. Joel Fitzgibbon stays in Agriculture.
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is in Western Sydney with Jason Clare and Ed Husic to announce Labor’s plan, 10.15…
Deputy OL Tanya Plibersek, Anthony Albanese & Jason Clare will make an announcement about community digital radio services at 4pm
Jason Clare on Sky News points out that Liberals have not yet selected candidates for his seat, Bowen's, Burke's or Husic's.
Two seats that have over 20% Muslim votes r held by Labor, Blaxland at 22.67% (Jason Clare) & Watson at 20.25% (Tony Burke)
Jason Clare talked today about the latest mess Malcolm Turnbull has made... via
I don't know if you know but Jason Clare is my favourite politician out of everyone. This has made my day.
I began when Jason Clare made the Jar Jar Binks comment on Turnbull a couple of days ago Trish
Jason Maguire, advisor to owners Clare and Paul Rooney: "Fingers crossed The Last Samurai will go to Aintree."
Have you checked via the test socket Jason - Was there any improvement on your phone? ^Clare
Labor's been referring to Turnbull as Zoolander. See: Jason Clare's abortive Blue Steel reference
"Jason Clare said the trials "showed that Turnbull has been lying for months about how much it costs to [build] Labor's superior FTTP NBN"."
Tony Abbott is the Darth Vader of scare campaigns, but Malcolm Turnbull is Jar Jar Binks, according to Jason Clare.
Thanks Clare , it's just another year older with bugger all achieved lol
Jason Clare has been vocal last few days. Must have finished his LSL.
Jason Clare on AM said Labor has an "open mind" about scraping the 2 out of 3 rule as part of gov's media ownership laws
Jason Clare is about to join on air, following the resignation of Joe Bullock and the unveiling of media reforms
Today at some of our Champions & Ninjas met the Shadow Comms Minister Jason Clare & Senator Joe Bullock. http:…
Well done to Jason Hanrahan and the community of Kilrush and West Clare for getting to this stage.
Jason Clare make decisions based on one media company then you aren't doing your job'
Fifield: I've kept Jason Clare in touch. Labor supports reach rule going, 'open mind' on 2/3 rule. Crossbench have 'open mind' too
The Hon Jason Clare has updated the interests register.
Jason Clare: Malcolm Turnbull is 'all feathers and no meat' – video
Just had a great meeting with Jason Clare, ALP shadow minister, advancing the MS cause
I don't know who's to blame but my inner-Melbourne service *** More exy & less reliable.
Sit your *** down Jason Clare how's he still on front bench after being part of failed NBN an shameful act on Aust sport
Here is your chance to talk to Jason Clare about the NBN and other things. Grab your ticket before it sells out
would have to be joking or lying with his kind words about Jason Clare. Drugs in sport this is shocking all on drugs!. Ah not!
Thank you Jason Clare! We deserve the full NBN in Capricornia. "Fibre to the node will be gone," he said.
Been to one of Jason Clare's meets .. well worth the effort .. plenty of inter-action & the pizza was great :-)
Opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare will meet Bendigo residents next week to discuss roll-out of NBN:
Jason is such a bad cop, he will probably take the news about Miss Clare, and call in the whole police force to arrest her.
A clear point of difference with - back to FTTP and less reliance on old copper.
Recap: to switch NBN back to fibre: Jason Clare. Real not Turnbull RKD.
Recap: Turnbull comes a cropper on copper -. Jason Clare. He'll blame Labor for his failure. RKD. …
Launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the Jason-3 satellite! (2)
Reading Born to Rule, I recall comment that Jason Clare has missed a golden opportunity on the
Vote for Labor, vote for fibre: Jason Clare |
DO U believe following article on by IS🔗
DO U believe following article on Shadow MC by IS:
"If you vote for the Labor Party at the next election you will be voting for more fibre." jason clare . if you dont you …
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Labor to switch NBN back to fibre, says Jason Clare via
NBN will go back to full fibre optic under Labor, says Jason Clare. Comm: Then you better win the next election.
Jason Clare's attempt to draw Talcolm out blocked by Sam the Eagle.
Two years of disastrous government summed up in less than 90 seconds.
A great speech given to an empty Parliament House
Jason Clare slams Abbott in parliament 'birthday message'
I'm hoping they will parachute Penny Wong into the lower house and have a Jason Clare/Wong leadership team. Shorten is average.
No words are more truthful than these said by against the toxic Abbott government.goes viral htt…
Labor MP’s blistering speech is viewed more than a MILLION times via
Hasn't it been a horrific 2 years, yes it has. We've been without an adult government for 2 years.
Jason Clare is well qualified to speak about Government debacles. Blackest day in sport anyone?
Labor MP Jason Clare sums up the Abbott Government's "achievements". Ahem.
Pretty amusing (but fair) summary of the Aus govt's work so far by Labor MP Jason Clare
Been saying that since he entered parliament ... he and Jason Clare, Terri Butler are our next generation
Jason Clare called Heydon a Liberal “bagman”! Remember J. Clare & his infamous "blackest day in sports"?
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It would be great to see a mix of old & new faces ... Jason Clare, Robert Di Natale, John Hewson, Paul Keat…
Jason Clare speaking about new body scanners to detect drug smugglers (Ten News 05/07/12)
Clare Watmough & Jason Cullen who're organising garage sale on July 11
Jason Alexander reveals why 'Seinfeld' killed off Susan:
Funniest person of the night award goes to lel
i dont, I'm just pointing out values that are lost in this generation by most
Jason Clare reveals Turnbull for what he is. A f.cking LIAR.
Our Jason Sanchez is excited to train with the good folks at Clare Oaks |
thank u Clare my love to u and the Family x
Shadow Comms. Minister Jason Clare is in Canberra today and will address media on the NBN at midday
Shadow Comms Minister Jason Clare will hold a doorstop interview at Parliament to discuss the NBN, 12pm
One day Jason Henderson walked down the street with a massive erection. There were no survivors.
The week ahead, 4 trips to 2 trips to and 2 trips to , that's 8 trips aleady, this is how we spend …
Morning Nick morning Clare have a great day today see you in nine hours and be safe the pair of you 😎😘
well, yes... That was a mistake. Those happen from time to time...
My story didn't get lost in any noise and your site linked to the wrong piece, so...
curation will be a very important part of the future of media -- too many good things, lost in the noise. So, you're wrong.
Just call it what it is + drop this "curation" lark. And perhaps put in a modicum of effort into attribution ie link the right site!
well, there is this thing in our society where I can write about your work and we can write about yours -- without permission.
Done with this conversation now but perhaps ask a journalist how he or she feels about your "curation" beforehand.
A preferred link?! You mean the actual Forbes cover story vs an MSN post about it?! Sigh!
if there is a preferred link, we can of course do that! we give MASSIVE credit/want it going to right place!
1) It's doing great traffic-wise, but thanks. 2) You linked to MSN, ie not my story, thus dismantling your claims!
We're actually saying "this story is worth reading and here is why"
You're taking my hard work and repurposing it for page views. If you're going to do it fine but don't @ me.
What you're doing is disingenuous at best: "curating" an already edited, packaged piece? Come on.
wait to see Jason in March at The Royal Concert Hall.That's where I first saw him live.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)#
Would be interesting if Bill Shorten, Tony Burke & Jason Clare spruik *** agenda, about how good it's for Muslims at Lakemba!
Mark Dreyfus & Jason Clare HINDERED the SECURITY laws when they joined . Security Committee. Check out ParliView & Hansard.
There were a lot more things happening around "The Darkest Day" Jason Clare should hang his head in shame. …
We need to ask Jason Clare & Gillard/Rudd They gave our money to FFA & FIFA cronies, we never had a chanc…
Jason Clare has seen something that he can't take his eyes off on the back of Bill's neck. . .
Labor Nodders (Jason Clare today) standing behind Bill, need to stop focusing on back of Bills neck like that. It's very creepy.
problem: can't remember which ones I follow except jason clare and his looks are not enough to keep me wait this is about the alp
Bill Shorten "All the knockers of industry should come here" . Who is knocking Bill? LOL . (Jason Clare looking nervous)
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is in Sydney today and will address media alongside Jason Clare at 10.10am
Jason Clare, Actually, I would be happy if you check my Bio, because I'm currently holding a PS4 giveaway now xD
What is happening to the NBN? . Jason Clare useless as Comms shadow, should be holding Turnbuills feet to the fire!
Clare and Jason's confirmation party. (at Steak House in Princeton, NJ)
Jason Clare,Andrew Leigh. How about the young turks having a go?
Awesome day for "The Come Up" ...proud to announce I'm going on tour with htt…
Jason Clare slams NBN broadband quality report after Perth survey -- 1year on and nothing has changed
Ok Miss Clare perhaps I HAD forgotten how good Jason Donavan was, but he is still not signing anything other than your CD ;)
"What charity are you donating all this money to Tim & Anastasia? Cheats don't deserve a cent
Clare don't you see it is rather deceitful?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
JUST ANNOUNCED: Clare will play the Bud Light Plaza Stage at the Bridgestone Plaza during on June 12.
Jason Clare attending the opening of the Bass High Memorial Garden
Wonderful speech by Jason Clare MP at Memorial Oval Anzac event
At Jason's Deli and I made my own sandwich and the waiter called it "questionable." Clare and I are FURIOUS.
Today Show - In the House with Julie Bishop and Jason Clare
Labor's Jason Clare on PM Abbott and "He's shown lying is as easy as A, B, C."
(6-1/4 mins) The video is long, but I've kept the pace right up, and use a wide variety of reflections on the ABC cuts by many of the players. Malcolm Turnbull, Tanya Plibersek, Jonathan Holmes, Leigh Sales, Ben Elton and Jason Clare, among others, are showing that a two second PROMISE ("no cuts to the ABC or SBS") becomes, according to Malcolm Turnbull, a REMARK made in only one interview. That two second, totally unequivocal promise now requires many minutes of explanation, discussion and obfuscation. But no matter how much lipstick you put on it, it's still an outright lie. Turnbull may well say that we need to take Grabbit's comments in context. But to all of us listening the night before the election, the context was pretty blooming plain. If Turnbull is so insistent we need to weigh up what Joe Hockey and Turnbull had previously said about the ABC (ie there would need to be cuts - although they said "savings" and "the efficiency dividend", of course) then the Grabbit promise should have not been m . ...
Member for Blaxland, New South Wales, Jason Clare's metadata will be retained for 2 years
Last year Louis was like who do you got for secret Santa i got Jason and I was like sshh it's supposed to be a secret but I eventually told
.and Jason Clare does look like Rob Lowe (probably Clare looks the more dapper): . .
Fresh from making Jason Clare blush by describing him as Rob Lowe lookalike, Julie Bishop steps out with businessman
Jason Clare. Believe it or not this week Joe Hockey said this:
“Can Brooke and Lauren have sex in my dms again?” but then I'd have to do it again for Jason and ugh work
Not sure why the ABC didn’t invite the local MP Jason Clare on tonight
Jason Clare & Andrew Leigh will be the next ALP PM & Treasurer
Jason miles clare drama is still funny
gabby, Brooke, Stella and Kayley then Miles, Chase, Bently and Jason
I've dated tyler, louis (twice), Jason, Michael, Xavier and Sean and I've liked Bently and Mikey bye
Still want to know what happened with Bryn and Jason on the fishing trip
Clare Bailey elected Deputy Leader of GPNI - what a woman !
And why didn't Jason Clare agree to this related investigation?
Labor praised Allan Kessing for whistle blowing re Sydney airport and then Jason Clare refused to pardon him re convictio…
Hey Clare did you see Jason Isbell at the Ryman???
Jason Clare. This week he revealed he is now planning to break the 6th. SHARE Tony Abbott's Lies.
Jason Clare. The night before the election last year Tony Abbott promised 6 things. In one year he has broken 5
When wrote to ask why AFP not acting on complaint, no response from Clare, threatened by AFP
Keeping metadata for 2 years somehow prevents crime. I don't care how handsome Jason Clare is but that is utter BS.
Don't trust to stop corruption: Don't trust to either.
Also, Jason Clare + Mark Dreyfus will join the committee for the purpose of studying the bill. Here's current members
Piracy is ummm er arrrh ... Jason Clare floundering on questions on . He hasn't got a clue. . What a goose this bloke is.
Website Builder 728x90
Jason Clare brushes over the fact that Shorten is now squibbing on Security. Labor not capable.
2 more shows announced coming to the Dusty Armadillo!! Leah Turner with Clare Dunn on Sat. 12/13 and Jason...
Jason Clare - Senate directs Turnbull to come out of the Kremlin.
hope this is not true: "Jason Clare last night said the opposition broadly supports the proposal"
With a wave Jason Clare was ejected from the House under Standing Order 94A
it's completely at odds with y'day - & knowing ppl who marched like Jason Clare, it's genuine. Stupid from Marles
Bill Shorten's letter may have something to do with Tony Burke &Jason Clare having large Muslim population in their electorates.
Given also that my middle name is Clare, which is spelt entirely wrong, if you ask me, I am particularly susceptible.
Jason Clare is as talented but any good Labor rep is studiously avoided by msm these days... rarely gets a look in
Hi everyone,. Jason Clare and I are now standing by and are ready to take your questions about the NBN, Tony...
For those of you purchasing/purchased Terrace tickets, the Mayo Senior Team will warm-up on "Clare End" side of pitch next Sat…
Sir Jason's class never fail to teach and entertain me while Ma'am Clare was more of entertaining a while ago. Hyper gat kanina.
Too bad I hate this place and never come here! Jason Mark Amy (@ Clare & Don's Beach Shack -
.Jason Clare - should give up on 'CONROYism IDIOTology"
Aug 27- hmwn - must pray for my monastic application for poor clare at sauk rapid, mn. save my father jason first, then my poor clare job
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Hey Jason Clare ... You were telling Conroys FIBS on . What are people ordering?
nosebleed?! God you must have been working hard. Well done you.
8.6 miles 1hr 13 mins 7 secs done. One nosebleed & one are you alright stop by the police! also saw fleetingly
Jason Clare on ABC Breakfast News this morning talking about the NBN cost-benefit analysis. Watch here:
australia: Jason Clare on ABC Breakfast on the most recent NBN CBA
Jason Clare nails Turnbulls alleged NBN savings to the cross & places the crown of thorns as well
Another Labor lie conceded! They really can lie with a straight face; recent e.g. Kate Lundy/Jason Clare
Jason Clare: "Instead of appointing Infrastructure Australia to do the [CBA], he has hand-picked former staff & ...critics of the NBN"
Turnbull criticises anyone playing the man, then calls Jason Clare a "pathetic little puppet."
"Who will save the member from Blaxland (Jason Clare)?" cries Turnbull.
Jason Clare says NBN cost-benefit analysis is biased & flawed! Clare, what say U about the ASADA drug scandal? Labor's black scam?
Jason Clare needs to apologise! MT 'Blackest day' in sport slammed as political stunt
I hate using the term "broken promise" because at this point, why do we even expect a politician to stay true to anything he says before he gets elected? It's human nature to lie and cheat to get ahead. But regardless, this is one promise I wish was broken, the one regarding liberal's commitment to destroying our technology economy as Jason Clare talks about in this pretty darn good speech:
You really should watch this Jason clare on NBN
Jason Clare Shadow Minister for Communications spoke in Parliament about the second rate NBN being rolled out by coalition government. The Government moved a motion trying desperately to explain their lies and broken promises on the NBN.
If you want to hear an update on Tony Abbott's Fraudband. Labor - Jason Clare explains it well.
Jason Clare on the NBN 27/5. Have a look, a PM in the making.
Jason Clare, shadow comm's minister on the
Came across this gem from Jason Aldean. Lol idk
Jason Clare discussing more about the NBN in parliament earlier today
NBN Motion -- 26 May 2014: - Jason Clare is very skilled at articulating the saga of the NBN -
Member for Gilmore sticks head above parapet!!! Removes most of the electorate from NBN...hear what Jason Clare said...
Labor MP Jason Clare had a few words to say about the Coalitions plans -- 26 May 2014: via
"Well, quick newsflash: [the Abbott government has] broken promises on the NBN as well", says Jason Clare MP.
Yourself, Jason Clare and Ed Husic are fighting a good fight, Australia needs a real desperately.
Jason Clare MP: PPL will cost more than real NBN - NBN more important for Australia's future
How do I get rid of *** greenfly off my chilli plants? Only young plants to tryna avoid spraying them. Jason Clare
Going on the air in a few minutes! Our guest panelists this week include Clare Collard and Jason Stevenson from
Not so good, was better last time I think. But was interesting meeting Jason Clare & lovely Sen. Claire Moore was there too.
Jason Clare I think. Or Bowen. Tanya if she toughens up
Adore Albo but. Could Jason Clare be the one?
Jason Clare was also talked about, now onto
what about john Jason clare new work
missed the comma Jason is pretty hot (thanks ) who's Clare ?
Noely you are always good value. It was a good night Jason Clare was very generous with his Q&A.
Nah, not so good, but hey, I learned a lot & got to meet Jason Clare & see Senator Claire Moore (who I really like) again :)
if you'll be at for on Jason Aldean is on Legends Day, guys.
What's happening with this bad mouthing all the last gov Alp backstabber A Liegh Jason Clare Where are the
John Inverdale will be replaced by Clare Balding for this year's Wimbledon coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live
You will be among friends. I'm sure Jason Clare will give you a fair hearing. We all want ALP's not after all. RKD
Abbott certainly to be rolled by his own party. Labor will need to do the same & install Jason Clare to tackle Turnbull.
If you're in area will be talking tonight in & I will be giving updated on survey
Hi Ray & Robyn :) Are you two coming to Jason Clare NBN chat tonight in Tewantin?
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer Steve Ciobo and Opposition Communications spokesman Jason Clare join Emma Alberici to discuss the Budget fallout
Steve Ciobo Parliamentary, Secretary to the Treasurer and Opposition Communications Spokesman, Jason Clare on 10.30.
I feel sorry for Jason Clare the smear/filth of Stephen Conroy has rubbed off on him. lies fall off his lips now
Just reading through the questions presented to Labor's Jason Clare as opposed to those the Coalition's Scott...
What about Jason Clare, he seems to have a Prime Ministerial glow about him?
Jason Clare you are the new Craig Emerson.Absolute joke who will do and say whatever u need to. Absolutely no credibility
Probably. He can be the Press Gallery's answer to Jason Clare and Alex Hawke. Ping
I expect 3000 words on why Jason Clare and Alex Hawke should be the campaign spokespeople on my desk by tomorrow morning.
I'd have you above Jason Clare but Malcolm would be for mine. ;-)
Excuse me. is much sexier than Jason Clare.
Jason Clare was asked how many asylum seekers are seeking to return home, he could not answer and skynews does not follow up
and Jason Clare has gone into caretaker mode and not reporting them. How many on today's shuttle
Jason Clare spotted at Parramatta Farmers' market with Julie Owen. He is shorter and even more attractive in person
After watching Jason Clare for some time I think you might already have one in your midst seems like a very impressive young man
Someone needs to show Jason Clare the evidence that CCTV doesn't stop crime it merely moves it to areas not covered.
Jason Clare announces $7m to PCYC for mentoring programs for at-risk youth & roll out of CCTV cameras to 27 councils in NSW.
Jason Clare just announced $7m to the PCYC movement nationwide! Why are they splashing cash if writs have been signed???
I feel sorry for the voters of Blaxland - Paul Keating for 20+ years and this Jason Clare drongo .. they can't cut a break
Not the Muslim suburbs in Labor Jason Clare's Blaxland, in between "immigration minister" Watson & McMahon:
Jason Clare can fight crime in my neighbourhood any day of the week
You know what I like about Jason Clare? Doesn't bloody repeat key phrases like a kindy teacher all the time, well done young man!
In Sunshine today with Bill Shorten and Minister for Home Affairs, Jason Clare to announce four grants worth more...
Just read Jason Clare's comments in February this year; "This is not just cheating. This is cheating with the help of criminals".
And guess who we have slap-bang in the middle of the standing & ex scum lying Labor "immigration ministers"? Jason Clare in Blaxland
The releases from Jason Clare's office and Customs, which has taken up releasing arrivals since caretaker kicked in.
but you won't see any media releases from Jason Clare
Jason Clare's media release page is way out of date. No way to verify this. Need to rely on Sharon on Christ Is
maybe that's why Jason Clare's media releases have dried up. Last release 3 days ago but more asylum seekers have arrived
EXCLUSIVE: ASADA going all-out to nail SOMEONE at Cronulla before the election in a vain attempt to save flailing Jason Clare.
apparently Jason Clare's media releases have gone into caretaker mode
Labor's Blaxland is Jason Clare, Labor's McMahon is Chris Bowen - both seats are in peril. ASADA is a pure Labor body
WHY IS LABOR'S ASADA ATTACKING CRONULLA? To do with saving Jason Clare in Blaxland, the Muslim reason for the Cronulla riots?
Richard they're right to after that *** Jason Clare's blackest day in Australian sport - and pro AFL ALP.
what is the caretaker arrangement regarding Jason Clare's media releases
Jason Clare & many other Labor MPs & Candidates are too scared to be known as Labor. Simply Liberal impersonation.
Jason Clare MP,you say there were 5 people there? What a whiz!
Anonymous journo friend says he was talking to Jason Clare. He predicts Jason will retain his seat "but he's already retained my heart"
2 August 2013 - Appointment of the Deputy Director of the Classification Board: Minister for Justice Jason Clare...
Abbott proof? Dingo proof for Rudd and the likes of Jason Clare!
Jason Clare is no better! But he thinks that he has a safe seat!
All these Sydney shootings, the stolen guns, they're 95% in Labor's Jason Clare seat of Blaxland which includes Bankstown, Auburn
Merrylands McDonalds violent robbery last night. Bashed the young workers. In Labor's Jason Clare electorate of Muslim Blaxland.
Join volunteers tonight as they make calls for Federal Member for Blaxland Jason Clare
Rudd is not a pop star in Bankstown. He's rightly seen as a trickster. And Jason Clare is just confused .
if you take on Jason Clare I could vote for you. You'd smash him!
two vessels yesterday, and Jason Clare has it posted. working well !!
COULD THE VIET CANDIDATE explain why Viet illegal boat scum are suddenly coming again, after Labor's Jason Clare married a Viet?
Quote-'Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Justice Jason Clare today announced the eight new locations...
The Mateship Trek with Jason Clare & Scott Morrison: . On 13th August, the Sydney Rotary Club will be honoured by...
Map of Labor's Jason Clare Blaxland. ASADA is a Labor body, attacking Cronulla to save Clare:
ASADA is a Labor proxy. Labor's Jason Clare seat is Muslim Blaxland. Why has ASADA only attacked Cronulla, "riot" centre?
Gall, the entire ASADA lie is about saving Labor's Jason Clare in the seat of Blaxland. Attack Labor's ASADA like they attack us.
NSW opposition leader John Robertson joins Jason Clare in throwing the book
"Many criminals are more afraid of losing their money than they are of going to jail," says Home Affairs minister Jason Clare. So...
Govt to consider expanding enhanced screening to other nationalities - grave concern of refoulement, contravenes our international obligations see Jason Clare's media release: THE HON. JASON CLARE MP MINISTER FOR Home Affairs MINISTER FOR JUSTICE TRANSCRIPT Parliament House Canberra 8 July 2013 Topics: KIAPS awarded Police Overseas Medal; asylum seekers; boats . QUESTION: Asylum seeker issue now. Can you confirm that this boat over the weekend, did they threaten suicide when they did [indistinct]...? JASON CLARE: It's my understanding that the people on that boat threatened self-harm and the captain of the merchant vessel made the decision to return to Christmas Island. QUESTION: [Inaudible question] JASON CLARE: Let’s be very clear about this. It's the job of people in uniform to make these decisions, not politicians. If there was a siege and there were hostages, it wouldn't be right for politicians to tell the Police to go in all guns blazing and it's not right for politicians to tell people in unifor ...
there are far more suitable people to lead. Penny Wong, Chris Bowen, Jason Clare in 10y. Shorten's too weak to lead.
The Australian says Tony Burke to be Minister for Immigration. Albanese to Communications. Kim Carr back to Cabinet as Industry minister. Jacinta Collins to Mental Health. Julie Collins to Housing and Homelessness & Status of Women. Catherine King retains Regional Affairs. Melissa Parke to be Minister for International Development. Either Mark Butler or Jason Clare to take Schools Education from Garrett. Ministerial promotions for backbenchers Laura Smyth, Richard Marles, Shayne Neumann & Ed Husic. Jobs but not necessarily ministries for Joel Fitzgibbon and Alan Griffin.
Federal Election again. Sorry to those not really interested but please let your family and friends know. Labor, which includes the likes of Daryl Melham member for Banks and Jason Clare member for Blaxland have approved an intermodal freight depot at Moorebank. This will be the largest freight depot in the southern hemisphere. It is also walking distance from Bankstown airport. So for the freight depot to be successful doesn't that mean massive freight/cargo planes must use Bankstown airport? This along with passenger jets will mean noise pollution and and air pollution. Areas such as Condell Park, Fairfield, Regents Park, Bankstown, Revesby, Padstow, Picnic Point, Punchbowl, Panania and East Hills, Milperra, Bass Hill, even as far away as Sutherland. Of course if a train station is allowed at Bankstown airport that must mean passenger terminals as well...doesn't it??? No where can we find Labor's Jason Clare MP saying he opposes freight/cargo jets landing at Bankstown airport. Labor's Daryl Melham MP sa ...
Same Poll also found the Jason Clare is behind in Blaxland 52-48 Paul Keating seat, Labor held last 30yrs.
Jacky and the team would like to congratulate Jason and Clare on their Wedding Day, we all hope you have a lovely day
Home from home.. Kettles on, anyone fancy a brew?
Thanks to Jason for Clare's new look
AUSTRALIAN authorities are searching the sea about 120 kilometres north-west of Christmas Island for an asylum-seeker boat feared to be sinking.
Just made light work of an Oakfield Chinese, now to put kidlets to bed and down the fosters that are calling my name from the fridge
On April 6, 2013, the Center for Emerging Media board hosted a celebration honoring Marc Steiner's 20 years on the air and 50 years working for justice. This...
With my wife in Oxford for our anniversary drinking coffee before being dragged round shops :)
Attention all fellow singers/tribute acts!!! If any of you are free on the dates below and fancy a free holiday to a 4* resort in turkey - contact Danielle - thank you Free holiday to 4* turkey in exchange for 2 trib gigs a week! 14th June until 7th July or 1st July until 14th July. Includes: flight x1 plus 4* accommodation for you and your friends or family. Contact Danielle Yilmaz urgently!
Two choices today 1- finish painting that fecking fence Or 2- play golf
Actual got depression cauz I should have been on my way to Rockness the day :(
Jason Biggin Clare McElroy hope your journey is a safe and pleasant one,speak when you get there,hope you've enjoyed seeing the family again.Missing you both and hoping you have a lovely time again:-)xxx󾮝😎
Jason Clare to introduce first stage of reforms to National Classification System into Parlt HT
My blog this week is one close to home. It's about my son who noticed signs of balding. It brought up the question, is this genetic or is this dietary? It has been a fascinating 6 weeks so take a read and discover the results, you will be amazed! Share this with anyone who is suffering from hair loss, particularly if they are young like my son!
Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare go head to head in Channel Nine's Today Show segement 'In the House' with Karl St...
they are interested, however Justice Minister Jason Clare told Channel 9 that the Nine network should buy it.
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