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Jason Bentley

Jason Bentley (born July 27, 1970) is a radio disc jockey of electronic music in Los Angeles, California.

Morning Becomes Eclectic Michael Kiwanuka Purity Ring Hot Chip Delta MacHine

how bout you help rebuild the DIY space you over
holy carp the Bauhaus remix is amazing
The Smiths are perfect for a gloomy day. Thanks & Morning Becomes Eclectic (for bei…
you are killing it this morning.mbe+coffee has brought me from bday hungover to normal in 37 min. Thx pal
The full session for is live! Tune in or listen to the performance and interview with here: http…
PHOTOS: Masquerade Ball is back, and it the costumes were wilder than ever.
I'm driving in LA & get the genuine thrill of accidentally catching myself on BIG THANKS
Jason Wanamaker as Bruno Mars is the greatest Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.
He wasn't this year. It was Blake Shelton, Chris Young, Thomas Rhett, and Dierks Bentley. I think it woul…
Cole Swindell, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and lots more have some lookalikes in baseball. Check these out!
in a few minutes will be live on with my feature on Mr. Boots…
You’re The Best Thing for playing this morning! Seeing him tonight! Not to be missed!
Let's go Moon! You're lucky you don't have a crowd in there or we'd c…
You have nerves of steel and you got the groove 😏
I really wish on would not laugh at his own utterances. When we trained student DJs, self-giggles were a no-no.
And Jason had this girl named Tammy with a purple Bentley
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I love how and still giggle when they reminisce about fiasco interview with at
In 's defense, really like Jason Bentley's 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' and Warren Olney's 'To the Point'
Thanks for making my mornings eclectic
Yo, soon to be on talkin with Jason Bentley and crew, tune in.
I refuse to believe that Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, and Eric Church aren't all the same person.
tank u and for making 'Skin' today's top tune 😊 so nice that it has travelled across the waters to you...x
Metropolis: 9/3/16: Hear new tracks by Chrome Sparks, No Mana, Machinedrum and more in Jason Bentley's two *** ..
definitely Wes Bentley as Jason Blood. And then motion capture for Etrigan himself
Gotta love whenever comes to visit cause all we do is grunt heavy, talk about harambe,and listen to Jason Bentley/dierks aldean😎
boy if you don't get this mess out of my face. You can go shave your back now Jason. 👊🏾
Jason had this girl Tammy w a purple Bentley
talk yesterday was so inspiring Bentley did right by bring you
Always good to be back in LA and hearing the sounds of
Nice set to wind up work week! Especially liked haunting Hope Sandoval with Satie, Fiona Apple &
connect the dots: city of Angels : The moody blues
The fest is this weekend - it's 21st year. Here's the very FIRST lineup including
Feeling the Multi Love with the amazing Unknown Mortal Orchestra on the pier!
Guy at the golf course said he thinks Bentley gets the start. "Everybody says he's worse than the other 2, just got a feelin."
Jason had this girl Tammy with a purple Bentley , how she got it? I ain't never get to ask.
gettin' all old school funky this am with Ohio Players because he can
Hey there - just downloaded Today's Top Tune and it's not the right song. Wanted to give you a heads up
hey new sohn dropped today. How bout a spin?
I added a video to a playlist Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)
Quentin owner of a gym. Jaymar owner of a security team. Jason owner of 2 dispensaries. Andre owner of a brand LNC.
Loved hearing Hill St. Blues theme song. You should totally have a throwback of theme music!
Wow, is playing the theme from Hill Street Blues. Let's be careful out there,
like me a little wang chung on my MBE! good call mr. rocks!
.do tell us about the Grace Jones show.
Metropolis: 8/6/16: Hear tracks by Kllo, Bob Moses, Tensnake and more in Jason Bentley's two-hour EDM mix.
Jason Bentley killing it every. single. week. on Man, that Damian Lazarus track is amazing =)
Big Shout out to Jason Bentley and the KCRW crew for their ongoing support to Pappy & Harriet's!...
I f*ing love KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley and this is supreme badassery by Iggy Pop!
Jason Bentley djed my office today which sounds like a joke but isn't
What a massive honor to have play Friday jams today
in yr interview w u mention wanting to play AND yr budz ya in Sept?
One legend interviews another!. talks to about 25 years of Lollapallooza;.
Is coming on to right now on live radio? This is the best episode of I've ever listened to.
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that asked if he's a great lover! With that snake pattern shirt on OBVIOUSLY!
Morning Becomes Eclectic hands down my favorite part of the morning. Jason Bentley and I love you.
Remember when Luke toured with people like Jason Aldean and Dierks Bentley when he was starting out & now he's essentially bigger than them😭
loving the sonic landscape this morning! Perfect grooves for a grey day.
on that sad boy tip this morning. Me too buddy. Me too
great set for this rainy Friday! Making our drive on the LA freeways enjoyable this morning.
Cool is playing every song from my youth to start his radio show
Hi Jason. Would you happen to have any contacts at Bentley? I'm in the market for a borrow. 😬
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hoping to hear that Khun Narim song tonight!
It's true, Jared. You need to look more like Edgar Winter.
I've been nothing but sweet and kind to you, and in turn you use me for sex.
I enjoyed your interview with Perry Farrell. What a generous, down to earth guy! Thanks for hosting him.
Jason aldean Florida georgia line brantley Gilbert or dierks Bentley hmm which concert to go to
if you play brimful of asha from cornershop next. I'm going to be very disappoint.
Ok "New Rose" makes up for Wang Chung. Don't let it happen again.
wang chung like 30 years later STILL is so good. thank you!
Perry Farrell is a true living legend
Greetings Jason. Pls say Hi from me - Looloapoloza 1992
Perry Farrell joins me at 10am to talk Lollapalooza at 25.
I liked a video from Corvette Wagon, Tesla Model 3 is RWD, Bentley Continental GT
By the way, thank you for rolling your R's kid Very well done!
I love that version of Cucurrucucu Paloma thank you for making my day
was hoping might be out at Papi and Harriet's between weekends. 😟
"Trust me, I know these things ha ha" ugh, Jason Bentley. Why do I do this to myself?
This morning's set on with is exactly what I needed on my way into work today.
"If you earn $300 PM, you shouldn't be driving a Bentley" For the full video ht…
I need to find a song played today. I checked tracklist, no luck. Sounds like Andre 3000 and chorus says "I can't explain"
What inspires you in your work at Bentley Systems?!
Not even velvety Jason Bentley could get me to get into this band.
Yes! I may be sick,but I still have my radar on. that's one for me on this Tuesday :)
loved the show today. Nice mix of stuff you don't hear too often. Thanks for making the morning.
Hey: just a "note" to say I appreciNate the XTC offerings of late. Perfect lead-in to Fields yesterday!
that after the gold rush into Thom Yorke gave me chills. Too excited for tour this year.
KCRWs Jason Bentley spins music by Shur-i-kan, Sofi Tukker, Anohni and more in a two-hour EDM mix.
You're knocking it out of the park with this morning's playlist
Metropolis: 4/2/16: KCRW's Jason Bentley spins music by Robyn, Anohni, SNBRN, Cut Snake and more in a two-hour...
On Monday, Jan 25th, tune into to Jason Bentley's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" radio show for a special performance...
Dierks Bentley my favorite country artist behind Jason Aldean.
is for sure one of the most inspirational DJs I've heard. Tru lover of music 〰
ENTRY LIST: Tekno / McLaren entries join factory Bentley, Nissan squads and more on current list. STORY >
Mature women worth more than me were the first to tempt me.. And Jason had this girl Tammy wit a purple Bentley..
Danger Mouse Guest DJ Set on KCRW: MBE host Jason Bentley introduced Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) as “one of the…
nice mix playing Saturday love & rainforest. at 1st I thought somebody changed my radio, this is why I 💙 MBE you make my days
you are just destroying today. Thanks man
I liked a video Bentayga and the Bentley Factory - 'Best Driving Roads Live Here' with Esso Synergy
Jason Bentley, killer show this morning on MBE!
Thanks for starting my day off right, . My Sweet Lord
JB peered into my soul this morning to play that amazing opening for
Come A Little Closer by Dierks Bentley, found with Listen now:
Bentley is *this* close to signing off a two-seat super-coupe for production. More info here https…
Do you know an XMAS song in which Igor grunts the words to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town?
& killin' it on this morning! Didn't even need the tease of Adele tickets to tune in.
Jason Bentley playing a deep cut of Adele is a perfect summation for what MBE has become
Best seller Car covers now with FREE Shipping PLUS 50% OFF!
Did you ever here Calum Scott's cover of Dancin on my own? Brilliant!
Yes Jamming out to you in the office... Thanks
One of the most prolific and talented artist/producers of our time, Danger Mouse joins me at 10am PST
The Bentley I drove today had two more cylinders and two more turbos than the move truck .
the answer is actually simple: Traktor from Native Instruments.
"Cucurrucucu Paloma" always reminds me of the 5 Year Engagement. Thanks for making me crack up at work 😂
When you get to your destination, but stay in your car because is dropping the most magical set ✨
do you have any more info on the Longstreth/Coffman solo projects? Thanks!
Jason Bentley phoning it in a bit today
quandre diggs, Bill Bentley, Jason jones, and kickalicious. No Super Bowls either, I don't see your logic here
Would love for you to check this Japanese-American food/hip hop tale from a dude who just got to LA:
Dude, you makeme feel like I'm 20, again.
Tonight is my last night in Los Angeles. I can't think of a better way to spend it than listening to metropolis ❤️
2k16 Bentley Continental email for details. Would make for a…
I'm on hold trying to get those tickets and I don't have a membership 😩
Jason Heyward's contract will be a 8-year, $184 million deal with two opt out clauses, according to Ken Rosenthal.
Jason Heyward’s deal with Cubs is reportedly 8 years, $184M
I've long thought of as my musical soul mate, but after hearing him teasingly sing Top 40 tunes on I'm convinced.
Surprise! That was my very first time hearing "Waiting Room" by 💁
admittedly my first time although sublime turned me on to Fugazi- I hadn't heard that song. Win!
Hey Jason Bentley, you talking over Fugazi and not over Genesis makes me NOT want to donate during your pop up pledge drive
I just yelled at my radio as if it were my television. Well played Bentley, well played.
Loving this!! rocking my world with Phil Collins Easy Lover on
Jason Bentley is on fire this morning! Floridada, Wipeout, Surfin' Bird...Woohoo!
When you guys team up, it's radio magic! Friends, support 's new space today. pls share. xo
Nothing is whiter than Jason Bentley saying eclectic
Jason Bentley's voice on Morning Becomes Eclectic makes me uncomfortable. I'm always like, please go straight to the NPR headlines.
Hear new music from Felix Da Housecat, Hot Chip and Julio Bashmore in this weeks two-hour EDM mix from KCRWs Jason Bentley.
Jason Bentley, host of KCRW LA radio's Morning Becomes Eclectic, Metropolis, and EDM pioneer is doing an AMA!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Right on Jason Bentley, there was no other way to begin KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. BB King had more than the blues, he owned them.
Jason Terry plans to wear an all black outfit today to represent the Mavericks “funeral” in Game 4.
KCRWs Jason Bentley spins the latest tracks from Cut Snake, Purity Ring, Rob Garza and more.
Saturday night = the ever aural highlight of my week. All hail house hero 🙏🏼
Jason kidd won that game, kidd grew up a coach today!!!
Wish I was at Bentley today so see Jason Derulo
Hugo Lloris must look at his defence and scream FML. Seriously. It's like having a Bentley and putting red diesel in i…
Jason Garrett and Co will win superbowl!!
Cowboys HC Jason Garrett has a nice view of the Houston Rockets bench.
"We stared at each other between the set of John Talabot & Jason Bentley in the Yuma tent"
The way Jason Bentley says lightning in a bottle makes me want to vomit
Nothing ever really goes wrong on a day when I'm listening to thanks to
You need to name and shame them, Samantha.
did all the Father John Misty tickets go? The line is still busy!
Learn why and how $30 billion dollars is generated off of music and whose pockets it ends up in.
This is my jam: What Was I Thinkin' by Dierks Bentley on Jason Aldean Radio ♫
probably Lord Huron on the MBE promo from this morning.
so much fun, great set that night. My wife loves your stuff
sorry for the obscure question: what song was playing behind your 8:45am-ish promo today? Love the show. Thanks.
Thanks to for playing by Headed to tonight for show!
So nice to hear back on the air with ✨ more good new on air monday morning Pshh
What's the song you played during the show intro? before Hozier song started
Finally get to catch opening from the start. cream on chrome is awesome!
Hi, if you are directing 3, I am more than happy to give you some tracks: Tron Legacy was great
I'd love to hear the new Knave during one of your features!
heard this track by via Discover, thought it may fit into a mix!
you played an instrumental this morning heading into a break, I think. Loved it. Can't find it in the playlist. What was it?
I'd marry Jason Bentley just based on his taste in music alone.
I would LOVE to hear in your set the new RedFerguson EP produced by Paul White:
Thanks for the interview at We are always locked on in Los Angeles!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Yuma tent is gettin' groovy with the disco shark and
chats with ’s Jason Bentley about new album drops June 1st
Jason Aldean still looks like an earthworm and also Dierks Bentley should win everything
that DnB track at the end of your weekend one set was one of the big moments of the weekend. So hit the…
Your set in Yuma was ridiculous yesterday. Loved it!
come rain, come shine you bring us the music, great Ivan & alyosha.
KCRWs Jason Bentley spins new music from Hot Chip, Kaigo and Pleasure State in a two-hour EDM mix.
Jason Bentley (born July 27, 1970 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts) is a radio disc jockey of electronic music in Lo
Stream 2 - Z-TRIP (DJ Set Pt.1) by DJ Z-Trip KCRW 5-7-09 Morning Becomes Eclectic w/ Jason Bentley on Yo, you can DL more free Z-Trip mixes at for free on Grooveshark.
Jason Bentley (is playing the new Morrissey single now on KCRW's (Morning Becomes Eclectic (Great track.
Listening to a new track by Morrissey courtesy of Jason Bentley (on 89.9 KCRW's (Morning Becomes Eclectic (
Moby one of 30 top EDM artists, including Neon Indian, Poolside, Claude VonStroke, Purity Ring and KCRW DJ Jason Bentley, performing poolside June 13-15 at three hotels throughout Palm Springs. Tickets (for adults 21 and over) are now on sale at
Yet another reason to love my PotUS, Barack Obama. Eric Flowers, Jason Bentley, Raul Campos, Chris Douridas - I...
Vampire Weekend performs "Horchata", from their new album "Contra", live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley. 01.11.10.
Making her U.S. radio debut on KCRW, Laura Mvula is soulful singer and composer described as "a revelation" by host Jason Bentley. Watch her perform on Morni...
Y MANANA SABADO AVER A Pet Shop Boys EN EL AUDITORIUM L.A JEJEJEJE For those of you headed to see Pet Shop Boys tomorrow at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, you'll not only see Neil and Chris but also KCRW DJ Jason Bentley supporting the show. As for tonight, PSB play Vegas - if you are going, enjoy!
It never fails: whenever I get emails from labels asking about one of our artists, it means just played them on
Can I call in to make a song request? I say you play lots of 90's teen pop.
Just jamming out to Morning Becomes Eclectic and BAM! Neneh Cherry! Nice.
i love !! check out the new Guest DJ Prjct listen2 2day at 11:05 PT
I love that you played Luna circa 1995
desperately seeking tickets for sold out M83 show , any idea if more will be released? Thank you :)
Hope the production improves, incredibly disappointed last year, couldnt get in to see headliner, horrible sound downstairs
Yall should have or REALLY SCARE the audience?! 7th artist announced for KCRW Masquerade ball
Cold War Kids takeover the KCRW airwaves this Thursday at 10am Pacific on MBE
hi jason, what's the best way of getting new music to you, like this new Avalanches remix...
you're killing us in Petaluma. Lay off the world music already.
please name the song played Saturday night Female voice? Please? ♥'d it!!
Loving the new stuff from some of my favorites this morning on
I think I officially have a crush on Jason Bentley...maybe only because he speaks sweetly into my headphones every morning. but still...
New Janelle Monae album is outstanding, but I guess you knew that already!
this morning's live show has you sounding like the Voice of God.
We can send you the whole LP if you'd like?
Morning Becomes Eclectic is jamming this morning (even in washington, DC)
Starting off Monday catching the Metropolis show I missed on Saturday night. Helps, thanks
just submitted our stuff to you via Malcolm! I hope you like our tracks as much as we like Morning Becomes Eclectic!
Jammin out to "The Heat".. premiere of the new single from Jungle right now on via
Thank you and for rocking some this morning. It's setting the tone for my Monday!
thanks Jason! That track is so smooth man. I was just crushing through laurel canyon last night on cloud 9 when I heard it!!!
Metropolis replay on KCRW - new Hot Natured, Darkside, Holy Ghost!, and Jackson & His Computerband
awesome set during metropolis last night. What is the name of the track you played after Morgan pages strange condition?
"I've had the weirdest week, and my life ain't all that regular to begin!" :P Listening to rocking out on ~Metropolis
I wish was the music supervisor for everything.
Join KCRW on the beaches of Santa Monica for GLOW! An interactive live art event featuring unique installations:
don't care to wait for planned Arcade Fire premier Mon? It's streaming here
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Is that towards the end of the track?!
don't care to wait for the elaborately planned Arcade Fire premier Mon night? It's streaming here (for now, anyway)
The top 10 records buzzing on MBE this week.
you bring me such joy when you get FUNKAY, nice set
After being in China for a couple months, it's nice being back in LA, cranking for chill tunes with
c'mon, look at these handsome guys. and Jason Bentley. Braving the curry challenge.
OMG! The Smiths on KCRW (Thanks again Jason Bentley (for playing them in Morning Becomes Eclectic (:)
Some of the great guys I am privileged to call friends are also amazing dads. Happy Fathers Day to Jason Hare ,Perry Rosenbloom , Jim Szekely, John FrascoNicole Carpino Frasco, Alex Ritter, Michael Ventura Lizzie Ventura, Jason Bentley! Your kids are lucky to have you!
\"This room is, to a certain extent, a trophy room,\" Jason Bentley admits, his morning DJ voice rendered even smoother than usual following an in-studio
Atoms For Peace fans alert. Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich on Jason Bentley show MBE on KCRW this morning.
Jeremiah Garcia Queens of the Stone Age Showcase New Material in L.A. By Steve Baltin | June 4, 1:55 PM ET Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme was a little under the weather last night as he and his bandmates played a private show at Santa Monica's Apogee Studios, set to air on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" next week. But thanks to some tequila during a very entertaining interview with the station's Jason Bentley, Homme wasn't going to let a little cold slow him down. It also helped that the group was amped and ready to showcase material from their new . . . Like Clockwork album. "It's nice to be here," Homme said from the stage. "We're excited to play." And it showed in the superb new material. Opening with the album's first track, the catchy, groove-laden "Keep Your Eyes Peeled," the group played eight of the 10 songs from the record (omitting only "Kalopsia" and "Fairweather Friends"), then closed with a two-song encore of "Little Sister" and "Make It Wit Chu." Video: Queens of the Stone .. ...
Heading to San Bernadino for a concert shoot (M&S/Michael Kiwanuka/EELS/Jason Bentley)... It's gonna' be one of those Mumford & Sons, Tom Petty and Hillsong United kind of weeks... It's all worship, to me!...
Today's the day - remember to carpool and come early to secure the best seat - each section is general admission, so your viewing position will largely be determined by how early you arrive! Set times: Doors @ 3pm / Mystery Jets @ 5pm / Eels @ 5:45pm / Michael Kiwanuka @ 6:45pm / Mumford & Sons @ 8pm. Jason Bentley follows Mumford with a DJ set beginning at 10pm, so stay a while and enjoy the night before running back to your car! For more info on what you can/cannot bring, please refer to the "description" (info) section of the event page here: Have fun!
I have two extra AMAZING ~~**ORCHESTRA PIT**~~ tickets to the Michael Kiwanuka and Mumford and Sons show in San Bernandino at the San Manuel Amphitheater this Sunday. The Mystery Jets Official and THE EELS are playing, also, as well as Jason Bentley. The music starts at 3:30 and goes until 10:00. Let me know if you'd like to buy them in a MESSAGE. I'm asking $120 each OBO. If they're not taken on FB, I'll StubHub them at 7:00 pm.
If you know who Jason Bentley is, we're basically music soul mates.
Depeche Mode to appear at South by Southwest panel Depeche Mode are to make an appearance at the South by Southwest festival. Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher are going to take part in a panel discussion about their career with radio personality Jason Bentley on March 13. The 'Strangelove' group are also expected to speak about their new record deal with Columbia, who will distribute their new album Delta MacHine. Depeche Mode's panel discussion is being held at the Austin Convention Centre. It will be one of the group's first public appearances in recent memory. Delta MacHine - featuring the track 'Heaven' - is out on March 25 in the UK and a day later in the US. Depeche Mode begin their world tour on May 4 in Nice, France at... ~MusicIsMyLife
Going to SXSW Music? Join DM and KCRW's Jason Bentley on 3/13 for a talk about 'Delta MacHine' & world tour. Details:
KCRW GM Jennifer Ferro and Jason Bentley putting in the work while our volunteers stand by
Fan question. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. And have a 1 year old. Single. Their father is not around. Having an extremely hard time picking out a name for this baby. Seems like second one is always harder. My first sons is "Braxton Cade". I want the middle name to be "Cole." Any suggestions? PB: ~ Sarah G~
If I could choose some awesome people to enjoy a Saturday night brew with, they'd be: Jake Owen, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Chris Young, and Billy Currington. Pretty sure we'd set the world on fire.
Ok so I had someone ask me if I could put them together a couple cds of sad songs. They are going through a bad break up and although I told them they need cheery music to get past it they insist. But I don't listen to lots of the newer sad songs. Can anyone help me out with some good sad songs old and new any genres??
JUST ANNOUNCED: The KMLE 2013 Country Concert Megaticket line-up is bigger and better than ever! The hottest stars in Country music like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert and Rascal Flatts are coming back to the Valley for their 2013 tours at Desert Sk...
I am extremely boggled. No idea why dangers will not stop peeing in the house. Tell him anything and he pees even after he's been outside. He does it more when asked to sit. Heaven help me... doggie diapers it is.
So uh, whats up with ppl going to concerts lately? So far i seen Rascal Flatts and George Straight playing. Lol so jealus! Ive never been to a concert b4. Oh well some day:-)
Jason had this girl named Tammy wit a purple Bentley
Streets of Gold by Need To Breath. Please Rate and comment. Hope You Like it
Jamie Jones & Droog absolutely destroying the place right, they even have a Jason Bentley cameo 2nite
Tonight as i sit here starring at this screen thinking about my night, and my good friend and his family is on my mind tonight and i just like to ask you all in the sport and outside of it to please keep Shannon bentley and his family in all your prayers, him and his family is great people and love of the sport!! I know he has kept me many times in his prayers and many of us, so lets give him and his family a prayer as we kneel down tonight to give our thanks to our father for all the blessings his allows us, Godbless you Shannon and your loving family you is in my prayers and always here for you brother!!
Big thanks to Simon Rust Lamb of EDC and Jason Bentley of KCRW, for taking time to encourage me to Follow my dreams and give me direction in the process! You guys are right, we do it for the culture of love! Much love!
Props to for playing & this am . Lets go pump up your mornings LA..
I hate wasting my time!!! I could've stayed home and watched the game. Smh
country music ain't even country no more.. Smh.
Just saw you speak at USC, daily listener/huge fan. Would love to work for you (for free!) if you need an intern.
Thank you to whoever shoveled out the driveway this afternoon. I noticed it immediately and sincerely appreciate it!
Sitting in on a panel featuring and COO of Insomniac Events
"No one else was in the gym, only was in there" - playing on Holy Ship. panel
Full name: austin tyler dwayne carpenter single or taken : taken by the best addiction: trouble how tall am i : I think like 4feet 9 girls I trust : guys I trust : current mood : happy favorite color : red last person I hugged shauna who makes me laugh: hannah tesaniar people I do the craziest stuff with tyler ball jacob bentley micheal adams jason bentley andrew matney shane josh bushnail dylan mellon there yall go
Ok, is it illegal to wee wee on the bridge? Can't hold it too much longer .
I was listening to Dierks Bentley and he says "Oh another Kenny Chesney song?" Listening to Jason Aldean, "You must love Kenny Chesney"
in 1 hr at Norris--Panel "Music Festivals: Creating New Communities for a New Generation" w +more
Blake Shelton , Easton Corbin , Brad Paisley , Lee Brice , Chris Young , Jason Aldean , Thomas Rhett , Jake Owen , Keith Urban , Kenny Chensey , Eli Young , Luke Bryan , Thompson Square , Florida Georgia Line , Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts , Band Perry , Toby Keith , Kip Moore , Brantley Gilbert , Tim Mcgraw... What do they all have in common? They will ALL be performing this summer in the Bay Area at Shoreline. Get the lawn and party busses ready. but your country mega ticket asap
Blake Shelton is married to Miranda Lambert,guess we know who wears the panties in that family.lmafo
My boy just took off for the weekend with his dad and Jason Bentley have fun my son!!
Modern jazzman/soulful singer Jose James enchanted a live audience at Apogee's Berkeley St. Studios, backed by an incredible group of musicians..
the live online stream volume is up too loud and is peaking out. Sounds bad.
I need to get an hour long mix of that and others for my drive to Burbank everyday.
Off to see Parker. Ah, the joys of being self-employed.
playing some trap right now please drop some of this at this year. Thanks.
Each generation creates venues where music can be shared. In recent years, music festivals such as Coachella, Outside Lands, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and South By Southwest have drawn hundreds of thousands of people to listen to cutting-edge bands from the United States and abroad. Coachella has grown...
Getting my hair done today can't wait, and get a little break from my kids destynee is going to spend the weekend with her aunt jan and Bentley is gonna over there for a little while tonight while devin and Jason go play pool I hope my hair takes all night lol:)
A St. Paul man has been charged with terroristic threats for pointing an AK-47 rifle at his daughter during an argument over the fact that she got two B's instead of straight A's in school.
Up next - and I talk to Dave Grohl about his directorial debut Sound City. Good stuff about digital vs analog too!
Friday just go better: So good to hear The Selecter's "Celebrate the Bullet."
Why is Jason Bentley on the Coachella lineup? But seriously... anyone else completely jazzed on Postal Service?
We wrap up our Sundance Film Festival coverage with a special guest (and first time documentary filmmaker) today on MBE
You know what my favorite thing about this year's lineup is? is playing.
I love my family so much my son and jason mean everything to me. never in a million years did i think i would be a mom and engaged. if you would of asked me three years ago were i would be today being settled down and engaged and a mom would be last thing i would of said cause i wasn't ready to settle down and i wasn't ready to give up my party life style to be mom but the day i met jason i fell and fell hard and the day i seen that pregnancy test my life changed forever and i wouldn't trade any of it for the world. i love you so much jason wayne cook thank you for coming into my life thank you for standing by side threw everything we have been threw so much together you took care of me when we lost the baby you helped me make it threw it you took care of me after i had my c section and when i recenty got the flu you nursed me back to health . and mommy loves you so much bentley wayne cook you are my heart you have completed my life your gum smile lights up my day with your big blue eyes and your chipmonk ...
It's Friday!! What do y'all have planned for the weekend?!
It is to early for my neighbors to be basing their dang music!
Thankful for the blessing of a loving family and amazing friends to spend special occasions! Kicking off the festivities this afternoon at Chuys with a fellow Januarian, Mz. Tanya Zollicoffer Mounger. Celebrating with my son Casey Gautney who was my early bday gift 28 years ago, then dinner Saturday night with my BFF Linda Castillo Sutherland and Jason Bentley Sutherland. More fun to follow in the next weeks with my favorite peeps! These happy thoughts crossed my mind when I first opened my eyes this morning...took a minute to thank God for putting these incredible people in my life! Happy Friday FB nation!
Hope you folks enjoy your weekend... I on the other hand will have a short weekend because this *** has a date with the rock pile. Yes I called my self a *** lol, my friend Jason Bentley calls me 60/40. 60 % Black and 40 % White lol I love it.
I'm watching Electric Daisy Carnival Experience (Trai... by Steve Aoki, J... on for iPhone.
They should put Jason Bentley and Zane Lowe together on the same stage, battle-radio-hosting.
Shouts to Jason Bentley. He gave me the opportunity to work Coachella when I was 19 and Deadmau5 when I was 21.
Listen Jason Bentley. I love you in the morning when I'm driving to work but why are you playing
KCRW's is spinning at Coachella. Man, I miss L.A.
and the most important one Jason bentley.
I saw the lineup for the fest. And saw that is gonna be djing on Saturday! I want to go now!
COACHELLA: if anyone has any huge favorites on this lineup, please let me know! I'm looking to expand my horizons :)
did Jason Bentley turn you onto her? ;)
Baauer, Maya Jane Coles, Jason Bentley, Major Lazer, Birdy Nam Nam, Four Tet, and Jamie XX sounds good to me
I jt met today and I'm glad I did.. thanx jason.!!
Ok, so there is 7 weeks left until this baby boy is supposed to enter this world and I still cant find a name that I love, any suggestions?
We want a logo for our store, Ft. Payne Feed & Garden.. have a contact? Info on best person or place to work one up for us?
The Eli Young Band is touring with Kenney Chesney... the concert is just after I get back from Costa Rica... Already making my Birthday wish list, or homecoming gift list?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
rotflmbo... Phoebe is listening to 'Shout at the Devil' on Pandora and dancing around the living room... Do my kids have good taste in music or what? :-D
Photo: the afternoon just got eclectic ;) w/ at - one of my...
and Jason had this girl Tammie wit a Purple Bentley.
Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean & Dierks Bentley & annoying Kieth Urban are all going I be here...
Our afternoon just became eclectic with a visit from jason_bentley @ Myspace HQ
Tomorrow's panel on music festivals includes & Dede Flemming of
KCRW's Jason Bentley grabs a moment with Dave Grohl to touch on the making of and influences that led to "Sound City."
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