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Jason Alexander

Jason Scott Greenspan (born September 23, 1959), better known by his professional name of Jason Alexander, is an American actor, director, producer, writer, singer, and comedian.

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I used to listen to Real Time with Bill Maher, once Jason Alexander was on the same panel with a climate denying congressman or something
Who got screwed more Jason Alexander for his role of George or Phill Kessel for the Conn Smythe last year during pens run?
Fun fact: Jason Alexander had to keep his shirt on in The Burning because his back was so hairy no way c…
Jason Alexander with @ Tiger Town Stadium for this year's 6th…
Smart Mouths own Jason Alexander Mr. MC of the hour and Queen Event Coordinator at this year's…
Jason Alexander was in an episode of friends
Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I'm not surprised in the least Kramer was on the show after all, more whit…
Thank you so much, Jason! Words like these are the greatest honor you can get (as a game…
Next to Seinfeld, this is Jason Alexander's best role.
After me explaining the Soup Nazi to my fiancee. Fiancee: Oh yeah, the portly one says it. Poor Jason Alexander got no respect.
I liked a video Jason Alexander discusses "Duckman" -
Both Jason Santana and Carlos Williams get hits in the seventh but they are stranded. Connor Alexander back to work up 9-3.
When the drafted LSU's Kendell Beckwith, GM Jason Licht said that former teammate Kwon Alexander, "sent me a…
GM Jason Licht said that after he picked LSU LB Kendell Beckwith, Kwon Alexander texted him a "goat emoji." 🐐🐐🐐
Horny hunk Kaden Alexander rides Jason Maddox as he twerk his bubble *** in his
Took till now to realize why I still haven't followed Jason Alexander yet... guy is my hero
Today from 2pm hear Mandy Martin & Alexander Boynes examine the social and political agency of artists…
Me myself & I are going to runaway together to elope in the same wedding chapel in Vegas as Britney & Jason Alexander circa 2004 or 3
George Hamilton please follow Jason Alexander in refusing to do any more commercials for brutal KFC…
wasn't Jason Alexander catbert? I remember it having a. great voice cast, and less of a focus on Adams' p…
as always the words of Jason Alexander aka George Castanza,inspire thespians of all ages 2 aspire…
Told a customer at work they looked like Jason Alexander accidentally. Don't fire me please. I meant Dan Fogler
Alexander Wang Logo Hoody (Sz Large) - $190 (Retail/Ship). *I found my Sz after I bought this double up*
Oh yeah! "Voyager" got the most bonkers guest stars. Jason Alexander, Tom Morello, that prince from where ever...
Used FaceApp with that creepy pic of Jason Alexander. Here's how he would look as a woman, as a young kid, and with…
also my answer from that game earlier is Andre Miller in Jason Alexander's body.
When you're at home watching Star Trek Voyager and think "dang that looks like Jason Alexander..." because it is.
It could be argued that the Johnny Gaudreau-Alex Chiasson partnership should not have lasted longer than Britney Spears
Jason Jordan defeats Alexander Wolfe via the Tombstone Piledriver in a First Blood on Smackdown Live
Just stumbled on this great interview! - Jason Alexander discusses his favorite "Seinfeld" line
I added a video to a playlist Jason Alexander Nye - Slideshow
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the second Kellie said Jason Alexander I thought, George Costanza?. Thanks for clearing that up!
Have you read Mark Jason Dominus’ Design Patterns Aren’t? He suggests we had got Alexander wrong & that…
Jason Alexander is the nerdy version of Danny DeVito
Jason Alexander threw a shutout, Jordan Getzelman homered, and Reed Kienle hit a 2B and 3B in the win for Menlo…
Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish at the 92nd Street Y - Jason Alexander, Leonard…
Jason Alexander on working with Estelle Harris and Jerry Stiller on "Sei... via
I can't stop watching Jason Alexander in this 1980s McDonalds TV advert before he became George Costanza. .
Jason Alexander(aka George Castanza)'s birthday is the day after mine. 👀🎉
Try Google next time. The answer was: Jason Alexander
George Costanza is a character not a celebrity. The celeb is Jason Alexander. Game is rigged.
Remember the Cinderella movie with Brandy, Whitney Houston, and Jason Alexander because I'll certainly never forget
Join us for a conversation with Jason Alexander on Feb. 18. More info:
Cruising with the kids at Alexander Beach skatepark - longboard great for training to ride the SUP in the surf-...
If I was I'd make play George Costanza on & Jason Alexander…
Johnny Galecki looks like the lovechild of Jason Alexander and Joaquin Phoenix
Mattie Kelly, orchestra celebrate with Jason Alexander - Destin Log and Walton Log
++feel darkness come over you. Leave Alexander to me.”. Lois stood from the couch and looked over Jas…
Alexander Folie just hit underhand serve after losing 7 straight games...note he is also on the Federbet list for fixing handicaps
I dont think Jason Alexander reels in a marble rye from his window. 🎣
Jason Alexander from The Last Kiss stars in Girls about a negative Auditor named Rani
Jason Alexander is an actor and makes more money off interest in a year than Black will see in his life
Rats!! I guess I'll just have to settle for Jason Alexander..
A set of dinner plates from Czar Alexander III is more impressive than Jason Chimera
lol ok u got me bro dawg Jason alexander 🙃
man u cant even meme right. None of u Trump trills can. even using Uber lib Jason alexander as an avatar lol
jason alexander: boy, remember the hit comedy I was in, Jacob's ladder
Jason Alexander takes 220 lb. match from Harrison.
Jason's birthday is the same day as Alexander Hamilton's! That's so cool! HBD Jason (+Alexander)
I have a different reaction to this film now. "Ooh look, it's Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter!"
Another Russian name I didn't expect to see in our politics: Alexander Dugin.
LOOKING BACK . Film director Alexander Fodor directing us in his feature film DEAD AND AWAKE now on Amazon.…
imagine getting a tattoo of Jason Alexander and then seeing this as his reaction
I wouldn't bang Jason Alexander but I'm like 85% sure I'd bang George Costanza
FYI duck man was the cartoon with Jason Alexander ...pretty funny for its time
i have feeling, and i hope it’s right, that Jason Alexander is a Good Boy.
I will pay for your tattoo if you do this in honor of your dad/Jason Alexander
that's one thing I realised, a la Jason Alexander in a Muppets Tonight sketch.
If you were to see Jason Alexander in the street what would call him?
has been inspiring me lately. Here's some
They're whole relationship had more substance. *** Brit's marriage to that Jason Alexander dude had more substanc…
follow me for proof that is being slandered by former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander
Jason Garrett said the Cowboys have practiced defending the Hail Mary. It's very important against Aaron Rodgers
Jason Alexander headed to Bridges Auditorium -- my excuse for a few Seinfeld references.
Who remembers In my opinion Jason Alexander's second best role
More people should be cool like this guy and down to earth like Sir Jason the 3rd Alexander Hamilton the 4th (in a non play role)=wordy name
"I think the first duty of society is justice." —Alexander Hamilton, who was born on this day in 1755
I don't care about the Wikileaks but Jason Alexander playing Julian Assange looks great. Can't wait! Hope he does a…
that's not a vacation that's a Lol hope you all get better soon @ jason Alexander
'Broadway Bound' is near and dear to my heart, as it was one of...
Well, that didn't even last as long as the Britney Spears-Jason Alexander marriage.
Mac's Jason Alexander hit four 3s in the second quarter. Bullpups up big 35-16 going to third quarter.
Most stand-up comics relish performing 'in one' - solo. They lik...
Congratulations to Jason Alexander, Jr and Bryce Slone for making the All-Tournament Team at the Gateway Classic at Montgo…
All about altruism with Jason Alexander and Matt Parker
It seems sometimes Cosmo and Wanda are CGI but sometimes they are Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines??
I'm not really in touch with those 'Seinfeld' lads except Jason Alexander.
"Which one are you again? The guy who looks like Jerry Mathers or the guy who looks like Jason Alexander?"
I just watched part of a Brad Paisley video with Jason Alexander and Taylor Swift
baby Jason Alexander and Fisher Stevens are great.
Jeffrey Dahmer take the wheel? Jason Alexander? Jerry Springer? Jackson 5? Wait, there's not five of them anymore.
and Pretty Woman featuring a young upstart called Jason Alexander! Worlds are colliding Jerry!
The Burning is a who's who of 80's character actors: Brian Backer, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, Jason Alexander.
Found a bunch of the new twilight zone on the Mac, Jason Alexander steps it up in these, possibly the best voice actor on here
Chris Christie went to my high school. Same with Trek alum Jason Alexander!
it's that fake hair like what Jason Alexander used in Shallow Hal.
Actor Jason Alexander to perform with San Diego Symphony -   Long before becoming world-renowned as the iconic ...
We see and hear about Israelis and Palestinians only when they are defined ...
Jason Alexander has said it's his favorite George Costanza quote and I can't really argue against him on it
Baneposting... Check. Cuck jokes... Check. Jason Alexander meme... Check. Gentlemen, we got a winner.
nice read. . Read my review of this poem - "To the Love of my Life" by Jason Alexander:
Larry David will leave his Broadway play Fish In The Dark on June 7. Who's replacing him? Jason Alexander, of course.
It may be a little misty in but Jason Alexander will be here to warm your hearts:
Forgot how good and creepy Jason Alexander was on
It's just something that hasn't been explored before. -- Jason Momoa on taking the Sea King to new level in AQUAMAN. htt…
Well, let's put in this way, I grew up in West New York, New Jersey.
( ! ! ) Newtown parents furious after teacher arrested for gun: Teacher Jason... - $ $ -
THIS SUNDAY 10th APRIL. at our campus. 10am/12pm. Ps Jason Alexander.
to when Yogi Berra sold beer with Jason Alexander
Man accused of attempted murder in Bay Roberts fit to stand trial: Jason Alexander King of Spaniard’s Bay has ...
Washington lobbyists focus their efforts on making Jason Alexander a furry folk hero for Duckman and having a tail in that Jack Black movie
The wine, I feel it, ah yes, inside me. For I drink the wine that represents Jesus blood on the one night a year. Im the a…
Scarborough Scar Bros vs Jason Alexander Heights at The Slab in an one hour yes
LRT: The McDLT will never not make me think of Jason Alexander!
I said hi to Jason Alexander in the hallway today at work. Pull me out coach. I'm wrapped.
was wonderful. Thanks to Jason Freeman, Alexander Lerch and everyone at Georgia Tech for all your hard work!
Amazing show tonight at the Oasis from . Loved it. And of course is hot hot HOT.
...rogue Thermians to help rescue Jason Nesbit from a new alien threat. Turns out, Alexander Dane died heroically rescuing...
MT Managing Editor Jane Alexander with Jason Putnam of Inpro/Seal at information-packed
If you missed chatting with get caught up right here >>>
Jason don't be that guy who overuses the "nerd" to seem cool. Especially since you look like human silly puddy
"Charlotte Bronte writing Jason Bourne" SOLD! | The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee
What movie most accurately depicts NSA?"Jason Bourne" -Gen Keith Alexander jokingly responds "truly the real world is better"
Ah yes, it featured early appearances of Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter, and got distributed by George Harrison's company.
"Christ has turned all our sunsets into dawns.". — Clement of Alexander
Excited about seeing at Swindon's Oasis tonight. :)
every year at the masters I think of Bubbas shot in 2012. Best shot I have ever seen
the old course at St Andrews, would make a month out of if and your Europe and Rome
good thing it's not Duckman face. Imagine Jason Alexander's voice coming from down there.
In that case, I'd oughta follow Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander.
Jason Alexander, Amber Tamblyn, and Sarah Paulson narrate the ones I've listen to so far. Love them all!
it's based on the NY Times column and I love it so much! Start with the fishbowl one. Jason Alexander narrates.
What are the odds that I would listen to two podcasts today that talked about Jason Alexander’s McDLT commercial for McDonalds?
A quirky, moving story about love, loss & mortality from Dan Berry, told by Jason Alexander
Really, the golden egg of doing a series is that you cross that very stupid...
Bryce Harper, Jason Witten, Alexander Ovechkin, Do the Knicks have a rival anymore? Lol
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Tj Brennan. Born in New Jersey. Joining the likes of danny devito Jason Alexander and joe flacco.
LOL I was going to say, I don't see Tim?. I've always been good @ spotting faces, remember recognising Jason Alexander in LA?
Tickets to see Tony Award-winner and television icon, Jason Alexander, at Ten Chimneys go on sale TOMORROW...
Looking for an audio Bible. suggests version "read by Jason Alexander, Joan Allen, Richard Dreyfuss & Marisa Tomei.”
you would be Jason Alexander's character in Pretty Woman ***
Bernie Art Jam with Jim Mahfood, Jason Alexander and Bill Sienkiewicz streaming live right…
definitely go to the source material. Rene Russo and Jason Alexander can't save the movie
Twenty One Pilots could also be a book about Jason Alexander's career after Seinfeld
Today spoken word artist Jason Alexander stopped by Champions of Faith today. Here he is with Pastor Gigi Palmer.
Ten Chimneys Foundation is thrilled to share that Tony Award-winner and television icon, Jason Alexander, will...
Be sure to check out Ryan on Jason Alexander's Align Therapy podcast:
The transitive property says if Larry David plays a great Bernie Sanders & Jason Alexander plays a great Larry, JA would be a great Bernie.
you need to check out Jodie foster and Jason Alexander in the two greatest McDonald's commercials of all time.
Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, Holly Hunter, and The Weinsteins all got their starts with this fun 80's slasher.
Michael Richards (Kramer) got 3 Emmy's and Jason Alexander (George) was nominated SEVEN times and didn't get a single one.
Ryan Robbins is joining Corby Town on a month's loan, Jason Alexander has left permanently and Conor Green has joined Stamford on dual reg.
The first Modern Love podcast is here, with readings by Jason Alexander & Lauren Molina.
Also for some reason I've always pictured Phil Collins as Jason Alexander and I was shocked to find out he looked nothing like him
Someone tell Lavell Crawford his head looks like Jason Alexander's tail in Shallow Hal.
Successful concert of Peter and the Wolf (narrated by Jason Alexander) and The Nutcracker by the Orange County...
there is another "be cool about fire safety" where Jason Alexander played the fire alarm instead of Gilbert Godfried
No, No, No and No!. I love it, mainly because Michael Richards and Jason Alexander. Call me weird, but I cry with laughter.
Home Alone with Jason Alexander & Michael Richards as Harry and Marv. Think about it.
"As a society, we fanned that flame and we killed her." - Jason Alexander on Anna Nicole Smith.
With the hair, Jason Alexander looks like Micky Dolenz
Jason Alexander and Yvette Nicole Brown need to be on the couch together.
I want to see Jason Alexander and Yvette Nicole Brown together on the couch.
Jason Alexander how would George react if Susan died in the zombie apocalypse? Meh like in
Save the date! Jason Alexander, best known as George Costanza on will be here at ELA on Friday 12/4. RSVP i…
America is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Repubs are Richard Gere. Hilary is Jason Alexander.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Support celebrating his birthday all week and especially at The Starlight Theatre with Jason Alexander!
Yesterday I saw Jason Alexander at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, NY. He told the audience that when he was...
This invention was created by Ashton Cox, Sam Tiller, Haley Sheperson, Jason Alexander, Gracie Edminston and Will Gibson. Made in America
Happy 56th Birthday to Jay Scott Greenspan better known by the stage name Jason Alexander - American actor,...
He's back, baby! Happy 56th birthday to Jason Alexander!
True Detective S3: Jerry Seinfeld as jery.Michael Richards as kram. Julia Louis Dreyfus as elane. Jason Alexander as gerge
Sounds like Amy Poehler joined Jason Alexander, Steve Carell, Martin Sheen, Hugh Laurie, & Jackie Gleason in the Emmy snub Hall of Fame.
You know who else never won an Emmy? Jason Alexander for Seinfeld. Let that just sink in for a minute.
Jason Alexander feels 'officially awful' for comments about 'Seinfeld' Susan's death
They killed off "Susan" on Seinfeld because Jason Alexander felt uncomfortable acting with her.
In June, Jason Alexander finally shed light on why the writers of Seinfeld&to kill off George&fianc&Susan. --
lol *** you. All the blame is with Jason Alexander for horribleness of selfie
.your life was shorter than annulled 55 hour marriage to Jason Alexander
This GIF is trending:Tagged with: seinfeld, burn, insult, George Costanza, jason alexander, …
why is Jason Alexander in an episode of Star Trek
Jason Alexander from discussing shareholder activism at regional conf. 8/27 in Austin, Texas.
so thug with that picture of Jason Alexander in the backround
I've been told I look like Jason Alexander.
Larry is now meeting with Julia Louis-Dreyfus pitching the idea he was going to use for Jason Alexander
Video: (via Talk To Me sung by Jason Alexander. I love this...
I think Jason Alexander is very handsome! Photo by 📷
If you only had 2 words to describe Jason Alexander what would they be? I'd pick "lumpy" and use it twice
**LIVE OPPORTUNITY WEBINAR**. Jesse Clougher, Darik Alexander, & I will be talking about why Jeunesse & why RIGHT... htt…
I will forever associate Jason Alexander as the sleazy attorney who attacked Vivian in
Love this stunning dress by Alexander McQueen. Tonight was perfect. Bride looked stunning. Thank you…
Step three: Judy Greer as Jason Alexander. Goodman could be the guy whose company Hathaway and Greer are taking over.
The show should be about Jason Alexander
I like to look at this picture of Alexander Karelin at least once a month to remind myself of what a…
Jason Alexander was only 31 when he started playing George Costanza in seinfeld's first season.
Last night I dreamt that I tried to get out of an awkward situation with Jason Alexander by doing a George Costanza impres…
They're all annoying. They have Jason Alexander portraying a guy with an Italian surname and he talks like Steve Somers ***
I saw it when Larry David +Rita Wilson were in it. Loved Not sure if it's just as good now w/ Jason Alexander in it
"Lucky Stiff" film opens in NYC with Jason Alexander & today.
Abe Vigoda's in North which costarred Jason Alexander who was in Seinfeld with one Tim Whatley (Bryan Cranston)
JA is channeling him so hard in this role. Delivery is spot on Larry David, and yet somehow uniquely Jason Alexander.
Larry David really is a genius. So is Jason Alexander.
Ya, this just happened! Jason Alexander aka George Costanza!
There's 2 days left to see with Jason Alexander...GO GO GO! George Costanza in full effect!!! So *** funny!
The Emmys are always disappointing, you guys. Remember that Jason Alexander never won an Emmy for playing George Constanza.
Jason Alexander was to funny as George Costsnza on Seinfeld
For his work on Jason Alexander made our most influential list for
I’ll take Marisa Tomei as Aunt May if I can have Jason Alexander as Uncle Ben.
due to rights issues. This show featured the voices of Jason Alexander and Dweezil Zappa voicing Duckman and Ajax respectively
I am watching The Paper right now and Jason Alexander is fighting Randy Quaide. This came after Michael Keaton got beat up by Glenn Close
tbh I miss the Michael Richards show, Watching Ellie, and whatever tf Jason Alexander did
Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander drive around in a '96 Dodge Viper arguing about which one of them played Jerry Seinfeld
I'm watching Seinfeld and thought I should mention that one time Jason Alexander was on Star Trek
Jason statham as homer simpson. Lucy Liu as marge. Jason Alexander as Bart . Pamela Anderson as Lisa. Maggies role is not important
Fact: Jason Alexander is a huge Broadway star. He's won a Tony and is a great singer.
| Jason Alexander is Larry David is the best by xepalito
We saw Larry David's 'Fish in the Dark' starring Jason Alexander!
Jason Alexander apologizes after pulling a classic “Costanza” on Howard Stern
About to watch Jason Alexander in Larry David's play. My first Broadway show
Jason Alexander does not make a believable southern gentleman,
Larry David and Jason Alexander on Should be a pretty, pretty, pretty good segment.
Larry David and Jason Alexander will present the final award of the night. But first, comedy tonight.
A 'Seinfeld' reunion on Broadway: Jason Alexander surprised his friend and 'Fish in the Dark' star Larry ...
Jason Alexander reveals why 'Seinfeld' killed off Susan:
When life imitates art: the reason Susan was killed off in Seinfeld is because Jason Alexander is George IRL
wait, you already had a half-"Seinfeld" reunion with Michael Richards didn't you? Now you just need Jason Alexander.
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Getting ready for on We're talking & Jason Alexander & Larry David's latest collaboration!
Jason Alexander takes over for Larry David in Fish in the Dark It's simple and genius.
I know they are ppl but once I dislike a character that's it,Jason Alexander in Pretty Woman hitting Julia Roberts,can't stand him
We are counting down until Jason Alexander joins the cast of Larry David’s Fish in the Dark on Broadway.
Matthew Weiner sends Jason Alexander out ahead of him when he’s worried about too many questions.
George Louis Costanza is a character in the American television sitcom Seinfeld, played by Jason Alexander. The...
Macaulay Culkin, Lewis Black, Kyle Gass and Jason Alexander were all in Jacob's Ladder?
I also want Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Poison Ivy, Michael Richards as Scarecrow, Jason Alexander as The Penguin, and Wayne Knight as Riddler.
Best part was it was a link to Jason Alexander recording the Costanza Answering Machine song to Kat Denning's v-mail.
Believe it or not, Jason Alexander recorded a custom version of George's answering machine message for Kat Denning…
Jason Alexander does commercials for Big O Tires? And they couldn't fit in a "crib notes" reference? For Shame!
via beautiful black and white photo of Jason Alexander by
Jason Alexander to Replace Larry David in Broadway Show: Twenty-five years after the creators of Seinfeld cast...
Can you name this dancer with Jason Alexander's in the 1993 Comedy Hall of fame awards?...
More on Shlemenko: He had multiple violations of Rule 303. Find out about Rule 303 here
I miss my full siblings!!! I have two older brothers named Jason Alexander and Emerald Storm. *tears up*
If you are Melvin Manhoef, what are you thinking about the failed drug test of Alexander Shlemenko?
Alexander Shlemenko suspended for MULTIPLE violations of Rule 303. What is Rule 303? Answer is in my story
Story I just posted has a statement from Andy Foster on Alexander Shlemenko. Fighter has multiple violations of rule 303
Confirmed by CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster: Alexander Shlemenko's license has been suspended indefinitely
Jason Alexander had a more convincing accent in the adventures or rocky and bullwinkle
Just had rehearsal for "A Night at Sardi's" with & casually met Jason FREAKING Alexander NBD 😂
Cliff Alexander’s counsel said in email that “until we hear otherwise from the NCAA or…Kansas,” they’re still trying t…
Think I've got a little crush on Olly Alexander
this' what Jason Momoa thinks of Marvel lol
I just realised that one of the gargoyles in Hunchback of Notre Dame is Jason Alexander (Insert slap bass jingle here)
Anyone up for a tuna sandwich with coffee? Or better yet, a chicken sandwich with tea?! Jerry Seinfeld, George—er, Jason …
For more info or payments contact one of the event hosts. HOSTS:
Annie Alexander: "Using and not losing older people's personal stories helps inform the social history of the city."
Jason Alexander would pay to hear president say ‘jerk store’ line
Breast Cancer Awareness
Gere's character was apparently awful. Closer to Jason Alexander's character.
Seeing Jason Alexander play a psychopath in Criminal Minds is... interesting.
actually that's me (except I'm more of a Jason Alexander lookalike)
Lol that look when you have just been paired up on the unit with Jason Grace 8-0
Jason alexander . Comes to wolf trap with the symphony orchestra . Like peter & the wolf or the boy who cried lupus only different
Mother . Jason alexander & the golden fleece . Yada yada yada skipped out on stella william randolph hearsts mother phoebe or phoenix park
Was we wont know but his mother is a point of interest right . She says he was crazy yes . Like mein kampf or jason alexander at camp or his
Registered for my first master acting class, with Jason Alexander
styledotcom: The best front row sightings of fashion month:
The best front row sightings of fashion month:
I'm watching Friends, & looking at a Seinfeld thing on Pinterest, & I look up and Jason Alexander is on Friends. It tripped me out a little.
Oh my looks like Prosecutor Jim Mendelson again. You *** W.T.F.
Wish I hadn't read credits on this audio Bible. Jason Alexander is 1 of the voices, now every time Jacob speaks I picture Costanza n a tunic
Jason Alexander comes out firmly on the side via
What to do in Oklahoma on March 14, 2015: Hear Jason Alexander play...
Hmm. Looks like I'm now a charter member of the Blocked-By-Gary-Lawless Club. Ah, well. Alec Baldwin & Jason Alexander have company.
Hats off to Jason Alexander for being more Larry David than Larry...
The mini series, for starters: Peter Rowsthorn (Abbott), Rachel Griffiths (Credlin) and feat. Jason Alexander as Arthur Sinodinos
Scrooge McDuck is just another privileged white duck-man and not the funny Jason Alexander kind.
Or should Talon and Ingo be played by Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld?
Who's the real star of the 1997 Cinderella? How'd a made for TV movie get Bernadette Peters, Whitney, Brandy and Whoopi..and Jason Alexander
Prophet write, confused ape movies.. Prophet thought Matt LeBlanc was the monkey in Dunston Checks In but its Jason Alexander...
Q1. They are about as well suited as Britney Spears and Jason Alexander. Everybody else knows this expect PRs
I liked a video Jason Alexander discusses George Costanzas fiancee Susan on "Seinfeld"-
I always forget that Jason Alexander started out on Broadway and is also the son of Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman
I also hate Jason Alexander since he slapped Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Marc Harmon since he played Ted Bundy.
Wow, THE BURNING plays a lot better than I remember. Fast pace, genuine suspense, good kills, and Jason Alexander & Holly Hunter!
As a joke gift, I gave my mom a poster of Jason Alexander (George Costanza) in that pose one year. 😁
TONIGHT ON WHAG: The animated holiday musical special How Murray Saved Christmas featuring the voices of Jerry Stiller, Sean Hayes, Jason Alexander, and more. Then, it’s new episodes of Grimm and Constantine. Later, after WHAG NEWS AT 11, it's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon followed by Late Night with Seth Meyers.
Sometimes I like to pretend that Britney Spears had married the Jason Alexander from Seinfeld in Las Vegas for 55 hours
PS - Star Magazine, Radar Online, Jason Alexander and the rest of you liars, Ya'll can kiss
Kane has grown a tail on his back like Jason Alexander had in Shallow Hal..
Literally beating joker to a pulp. His inner monologue was like "First Barbra then Jason and now Elliot"
I'm on the lookout for Tina fey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jason Alexander.
"these pretzels...are making ME THIRSTY!" You are a funny man Jason Alexander.
Jason Alexander always plays my best friend in my dreams.
"Jason...Alexander?" - Jason Derulo forgetting the words to one of his songs
Jason Alexander on this Criminal Minds sode is killing it
The original McDLT ad is outstanding. it has a singing Jason Alexander in a bad toupee.
MAYBE. But at least I'm not planning on pledging $2800 for Jason Alexander Dragon. >:c
. Just saying, if you want a Jason Alexander Dragon I'm not judging.
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