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Jase Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander.

Duck Dynasty Jep Robertson

# I'm watching Duck Dynasty on A&E is on my favorite shows uncle Si is one of my favorite Robertsons besides Jase Robertson.
"I'm not trying to brag, I AM bragging" - Jase Robertson
Swear to god me and Kensley just saw Jase Robertson
Dad just met Jase Robertson on the beach and didn't get a picture.
Jase Robertson Net Worth: Some of the hottest TV display stars of nowadays is regarded as Jase Robertson. It’s...
"Doubt has killed more ideas than failure ever will. Don't slay the dragon, ride the dragon" Stu Robertson http:…
May make this account into A Jase or Jep Robertson Which one tho if i did?
LeBron James is averaging 27.6/10.4/8.3 heading into the Finals. The only player to average 27/10/8 in a postseason was Oscar…
I mean if you don't know what you're doing, you might as well do it quickly. ~Jase Robertson
No big deal or anything, but I got to meet Willie and Jase Robertson today. ☺️
When the fish are running I'm running with them-Jase Robertson
Actually, this thing went to my wife who is a big fan of the show.…
"The first step to solving any problem is admitting that you have one". -Jase Robertson
Is it just me or does the guy on tap baseball look like Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty
Big thanks to Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty for coming out to
Good Call: Reflections of Faith, Family, and Fowl with Jase Robertson, of Duck Dynasty
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Trace Embry and Rich Roszel interview Jase Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame
10 Seconds Will Change Your life forever, Every day I fight by Stuart Scott, Good Call by Jase Robertson.
"When God shuts a door, he opens a window." - Hillary Lindsey and Jase Robertson
Great evening tonight at LifeGroup. Introspective study of the parable of the sower with Jase Robertson. We also...
and I went on the ride with Jase Robertson and his family!
Check out Good Call : Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl by Jase Robertson (2014,... via
"Where I come from your truck is a reflection of who you are." -Jase Robertson
Wanted to inquire about the screenshot you sent of the NAS email. Can I email you?
Such a cool experience to see Jase Robertson speak tonight! Very smart, funny, and spiritual evening.
Jase Robertson,awesome testimony!!!Glad I got to go meet him in person
So fun to meet and interview Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty tonight!
Everything in the redneck society is recycled. -Jase Robertson. 😂😂😂
Ready to see Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty at Grace Baptist Church
My boys are at grace baptist church in Brunswick Ohio getting ready for a fantastic service with jase Robertson
We're about to interview Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty! What would you ask him?
Getting ready to interview Jase Robertson from A&E's Hit Show Duck Dynasty! Any questions for him?
Read earlier today the work hes doing right now is only similar to the great Oscar Robertson
New York City kicked out Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson after confusing him for a homeless man.
"The surroundings of this organic" Jase. "Well I love to take a dump in the woods, that's about as organic as you gonna get"~ Phil Robertson
My mom ordered a keychain with Jase Robertson's face on it because he's her "man crush" 😳💀
“Here's what I'm hearing about Dez Bryant. You heard it here first
Lol I think it was Jase Robertson. I will investigate this further and let you know the verdict.
Willie Robertson heeds the call of Las Vegas in ‘Duck Commander Musical’
I feel bad for all the fellas out there that find out today their girl was a catfish. Happy VD :-))
I've been watching Duck Dynasty a lot recently. Jase is my favorite Robertson hands down.
Duck Dynasty personality quiz which Robertson are you? I got Jase!!
If Craig Hicks' neighbors were Willie, Jase& Si Robertson, would he've kill them over parking?
I wish Dylan was allowed to grow a beard like Jase Robertson's lol
Unlikely new musical tells 'Duck Dynasty' family's tale
Disintegration of the Nuclear Family Threatens America's Survival: Jase and Missy Robertson and their three ch...
Thanks to for making Michelle's whole *** weekend. Be safe fellas.
Jase Robertson discusses how EvoShield's ShooterShield improves the shooting experience for any hunter - especially the aspiring hunter and his wife and ...
Jase Robertson. Running about in a kilt. Don't know what it is about that man, I really don't!
Soo Jase Robertson is coming to Brunswick next month, and I might be going😻👍 Duck Dynasty FAN FOR LIFE!
"There's nothing like a hot woman that is hot." -Jase Robertson
The Women of Duck Commander Talk Mentoring at Heart to Home Conference on February 6-7
There's nothin like a hot woman, that's hot. -Jase Robertson
Great morning show coming up! It's stump day with more tix giveaways to Jase Robertson 2/28!
"God's message to humanity is colorblind. The Son of God brings all men together like nothing else on earth." Robertson From Good Call
“Which Robertson are you?! Find out by taking our personality quiz: I got Jase!
jase Robertson goes to the PGA show!
"Si is the obvious choice to drive this outhouse" -Jase Robertson 😂😂🐥🚽
More of authentic grizzly man Jase Robertson not long before "reality" $$ rolled in.
Would like you to believe Jase Robertson is "authentic". Before $$ to act in fake "reality" show
Duck Dynasty Quotes, Jase Robertson two places he plans to stay away fr
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
looks like a tattoo of Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson on his stomach
Jase and Missy Robertson's version of Baby, It's Cold Outside is the absolute cutest.
my sister has a crush in Jase Robertson😳 the heck?
“Through Jesus, your past is explained, your present has a purpose, and your future is secure. – Jase Robertson
"Most things in life are better when you just cut to the chase."- Jase Robertson
Now watching after Country Bucks just ended. "My name is Jase and I am on the case"--quote from Jase Robertson.
"I'm into the true meaning of Christmas. Faith, Family, and Facial hair." - Jase Robertson
"The first step to dealing with a problem is admitting that you have a problem." -Jase Robertson
Camren is so bitter that I met Jase Robertson 😂😂😂
Jase Robertson robertson born on my birthday
Jase Robertson takes you through his spiritual (and eternal) game plan.
me: Jase Robertson is gonna be at a local church Feb 28th. . : Is that the one with the long beard? . Me:
Jase Robertson is in Walmart. No joke. It's actually him.
Jase Robertson of talks about an amazing story of him and a prank caller. Take one minute out of...
Have you seen Duck Dynasty? I like SI Robertson, Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Jep Robertson. Si is really funny! it's a good show.
it's that Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty on the left?
Special thanks to country star Josh Turner for spending time with HNGN!
Jase Robertson after pulling an acorn out of a hen mallard- "she was eating a jawbreaker and swallowed it."
Nah Jase, he's already been knocked out, same with Robertson & Ding, reckon it's his for the taking.
Watching Willie, Jase and the whole Robertson family Thanksgiving special.
Ok. I realize he is married and a family man,but I do believe I am in love with Jase Robertson. My kinda man.
Why do I think Jase Robertson is the second best Robertson? Well other than the fact that he's a real man unlike Willy. But now my main reason would be because of what he just said. "I've taken combat advice from three men throughout my life: number one the God almighty, two my dad, and lastly THE John Rambo." I'm with ya Jase all the way. God, pops, and Rambo will always steer ya the right way in the art of warfare.
I liked a video Jase Robertson from the blind 04 2014
PSA: Jase Robertson is in Hume, listening to old Johnny Cash on his phone speaker, high giving strangers, calling people "brother."
"If you do what make you happy, it's good. But if you doing what make you happy win money, it's best". Jase Robertson
Woohoo!!! Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty followed me first! Love that guy!
Redneck Rule most things can be fixed with extension cords and duct tape. You can't panic in the face of adversity. -Jase Robertson
I have the biggest crush on Jase Robertson
You & Jase and family, a Happy Holidays to you'all and the rest of the Robertson family.
There's a guy at work that looks like Jase Robertson but my oh hot *** 😍😍
All purpose parts banner
Now Jase Robertson follows me.. Life is good!!!
I'm thinking "I don't follow Jase Robertson why is he all in my feed..."
God is good. take just 1 min out of your day to listen to Mr. Jase tell about a moving phone call he had w/a stranger
Frying a turkey this ? Be safe. Think before you fry with Si and Jase Robertson
"Our family tree is Gnarly and bearded." -Jase Robertson
I still have a huge crush for Jase Robertson 😍😏
Willie: "This is Willie Robertson, signing away. Jase: "'Signing away?' What does that even mean?" Willie: "Shut up!"
Happy Thanksgiving to all - here's a safety video from the Duckmen for those of you who deep fry your...
There are three men I have taken combat advice from in life, the Lord almighty, my dad and John Rambo. - Jase Robertson
Halloween costumes I could make out of my regular clothes:. 1. Cowboy. 2. Jase Robertson. 3. Andy Dwyer . 4. A.J. Hawk
Geoff Laforet speaks with Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty about the TV show's success and how they share their faith through the program. Jase Robertson ...
OMGOMGOMG The wait is over Season 6 is available TODAY.
“We’re going to love each other — and we’re going to do what God says to do.”
"My family would not be where we our without our faith. That’s what’s carried us this whole way.”
Sadie Robertson Defends Her Faith, Family and Phil... via good going Sadie!
We've got some quacking good news. Season 6 is available on DVD today! Happy watching!
You may have a sales ad that says Willie Robertson is coming to the store. He's not. Jase is.
I would have LOVED to have seen this. May have to hit YouTube later today. Amazing family bond they have.
I am giving away tickets to see Jase and Missy Robertson this Saturday at diddle arena Bowling Green tell your friends to follow and comment
Who wants to see Jase and Missy Robertson? They will be at Diddle Arena this Saturday September 20th starting at...
Being in the woods soothes the soul- Jase Robertson
Perfect duck calling by Jase Robertson! Loved him 😊
"Give them first base, if you take first base away they're going to a whole nother ball park" advice from Jase Robertson😂
"I wonder if Jase Robertson's child is doing ok. The last I heard she was having a cleft pallet surgery." . Bruh really?
"If your gonna do everything you gotta start by doing something..." -Jase Robertson
Enjoyed the message from Jase Robertson last night at the Care Net . Benefit in Waco, Tx.
"If you live in a society that values a bird more than a baby, that's a recipe for immorality" Jase Robertson in last night
The view from the front of the stage we played at. It was awesome and I got to meet Jase Robertson which was cool!
"Redneck version of Gen. 9:2- Anything that crawls, flys, or swims you can kill it and grill it"- Jase Robertson
I met Jase Robertson tonight. What'd you do tonight?
My grandma made little pillows for all the Robertsons... So far she's gotten a thank you letter back from Jep and Jase Robertson👀
"I don't know about you but I'm planning on migrating north" ~Jase Robertson
Jase and willie Robertson come one stage my favorite show
I'm at a fundraiser tonight with Jase Robertson...but we actually met him over a year ago when we stalked him in...
At the Carenet banquet with Jase Robertson. They didn't give me any food though.
YWA volunteering at the Jase Robertson event!
CareNet Banquet 2014. Getting our duck on! Already got our pic with Jase Robertson!!!
Its Jase Robertson in Waco..thnx for the visit!
Ladies and Gentlemen: Jase Robertson He really "quacks" me up.
. we can't wait to see Jase Robertson this evening.
Most people named Willie are either in prison or on the arm wrestling circuit. -Jase Robertson
I've been showing up late and dirty my whole life. -Jase Robertson
I don't like meat from the grocery store, it makes me nervous. -Jase Robertson
The fact that my uncle is backstage at an Eric Church concert with Willie and Jase Robertson really makes me jealous😒
Pretty sure I'm driving next to Jase Robertson...
"If God can use me to spread the knowledge of His Son… He can use anyone." -Jase Robertson …
The Robertson family of the popular television show Duck Dynasty is no stranger to fame. Jase Robertson and his wife Missy Robertson may be well known for anoth
You can talk any redneck into a challenge. We challenged Jase to become tiny and collectable, and he did just that. Get the Duck Dynasty Pop! Jase Figurine and show that you’re a serious fan of Jase Robertson. The small vinyl figurine features the hilarious Robertson brother with his usual beard, be…
Watching the Washington Nationals play baseball on tv is like watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Duck Dynasty. Nationals first Baseman and former Brave Adam LaRoche looks like Yukon Cornelius from the Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer Christmas Special on CBS because of his red beard and Nationals Right Fielder Jayson Werth looks like Jase Robertson and a little bit like Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty on A&E because of his long hair and his very long beard.
"All I would need to fit in, in New York City would be a little can to put money in" - Jase Robertson
next season must put Jase & SI Robertson on big brother oh the fun
When wearing sunglasses Jason Werth and Jase Robertson look extremely alike. They could be twins or stunt doubles
"When you find something in life that brings you a lot of joy, you just gotta hold tight." -Jase Robertson 💖
just wanted you to know that my 6 year old wants to be a Robertson. He picked two names for our new dog. Jase or Miss Kay.
Can't wait until this weekend! Playing at the CarNet banquet in Waco before Jase Robertson's speech. Can't wait to meet him!
Jase Robertson’s new 2014 Chevy 1500 riding high with Skyjacker.
"Where I come from, you don't mess with another man's woman or his hat." — Jase Robertson DuckDynasty
I just bought: 'The Best of Jase Robertson: Life Lessons... Reply w/ for a free sample via
So much fun dove hunting, so much fun eating them tonight. As Jase Robertson says, they are "the filet mignon of the skies."
Stewart Richey presents Jase & Missy Robertson, the starts of Duck Dynasty on A&E!. We are giving away 2 tickets!...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
oh yeah! He told me he had a concert tonight, when I was out golfing with him and Jase Robertson today.
Duck Dynasty in SWLA! Jase and Phil Robertson at the home of John and Shannon Condos in Lake Charles, with Phil's...
Nothing tells a girl better that you've moved on then a deer in the back of your pick up truck ~Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson baptizing a passenger on the Duck Commander Cruise.
"Baptism is a privilege offered by God to participate in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ." Jase Robertson
So should I pay $30 to see Jase Robertson speak at Baylor?
Jase Robertson is coming to Waco! Next Saturday, the Duck Commander will speak about “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit...
Being punished for anothers sins makes me hate him all the more for doing it in the first *** place
Why oh why can't there be more men like Jase Robertson??? 😭😭
"The kind of fast food i like flys 70 miles an hour there called Ducks!" - Jase Robertson
Take a redneck to a chick flick and he will want to fight. Take him to a wrestling event and he will cry like a baby. -Jase Robertson.
Just finished listening to Good Call by Jase Robertson. What a great book. Very funny and inspiring.
The Robertson men—brothers Phil and Si, and Phil's sons Jase, Willie, and Jep—are known for their long beards and their Christian views.
Jase Robertson kicked out of NYC hotel, they thought he was a homeless man.
3 songs more or less down. Im definitely not used to power chords and running up and down the neck tho. Quite a grip workout.
Little Giant Ladders
On the Duck Commander Cruise we were on. Phil & Jase Robertson baptized over 200 people. The REAL DEAL!
Only the slow and obstinate people couldn't figure this one out.
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