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Jase Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander.

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You only need to see one of Jase's live appearances. He repeats the same thing over and over. Same lines, same jokes.
K, I shaved off my Mustache and cut my hair! My friend Jase Robertson says I must now relinquish to him my Man Card? I wonder what lengths I might go to to make myself worthy of company?
My awesome little "cousin" who is more like a nephew being silly. He saw a picture of Jase Robertson and said Uncle Ryan... Hilarious
Robertson family quotes (Duck Dynasty) "Ya'll might want to go to Walmart and pick up a personality." -Phil Where I live, I am 911. By Phil Robertson Do we look like beauty contestants to you? Si Hands on hands and lips on lips. Everything else, wait till your married - Jase "Hey, I'm telling you we can't fix this. You can't fix stupid." -Si One more yuppy girl came a little closer to becoming a redneck today, America may be saved yet - Phil” "My parents were hoarders before hoarding was cool" -Jase "Having your brother as a boss is a lot like dating your's a bit weird." -Jase "I need honey, honey! Look, when you get honey in your beard it literally stays there for two weeks. I mean even when my wife kisses me, she's like, oh that was good. She don't even know why. She just thinks I'm sweeter than most males." Jase Robertson "I live by my own rules (reviewed, revised, and approved by my wife).. but still my own." - Si “Parenting is a constant struggle between making your kids life better a ...
There are two types of people who don't have beards-- children and women. I am neither. - Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson is my man crush everyday !
Where I come from your truck is a reflection of your personality - Jase Robertson
Is it weird that I have a crush on Jase Robertson? 😁😁😍
There's nothing like a hot woman who's hot- Jase Robertson
"There's nothin like a hot woman that's hot" Jase Robertson
Jase is definitely my favorite Robertson!!!👍 "✂ 2 the 🏃 Jase"
"When u take away first base, they're gonna find another ballpark" wise words of Jase Robertson
"It was like the titanic except I brought two icebergs with me!"- jase Robertson
Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty's son plays baseball for Ouachita Christian, opponents of the Benton Tigers on April 26th at the PINK OUT game!!! Just a little added bonus :)
I would say yes...except I kind of love Jase Robertson's super scraggly one
Book Review: Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl Hardcover by Jase Robertson and Mark Schlabach
Jase does need to do more appearances that allow woman to attend. I think he may be a controlling man in some respects as far as women are concerned. Knuckle dragger.
"There's a bearded man starting a fire in his yard. What are we going to do?!". -Jase Robertson. 😂😂😂👍
"Doves...are the filet mignon of the skies..." -- Jase Robertson
I had a dream that Jase Robertson took me duck hunting and fishing. Why can't that be real life.
"I dont want no yelping woman, i want my woman to purr" -Jase Robertson
So dissapointed! We booked tickets to meet Jase & Missy Robertson next month in Phoenix for my "Big" Birthday! Yea! They cancelled it!
Jase needs to do more events that include women. Doing all these appearances just to include men does not make him look good. It makes he look like an elitist.
Ah layn in bed!!! Duck Dynasty in the DVD player and if I could now turn my mind off I could fall asleep! Until then it's season 1 again and Jase Robertson!! Mm
You mean to tell me that there are Associations that exist ONLY to tell me what I can and can't do at My House??!! And then I Pay You for that??!! - Jase Robertson
I don't like a yelping woman. I like mine to purr. - Jase Robertson
Just read THE best email EVER! Was already signed up as a volunteer for Wildfire Weekend... Which was next weekend and it included Phil and Alan Robertson. Excited already. THEN, I decided to check my emails. Got one that said the dates have been changed to June 13-14. But why?!? Because they have now added.wait for it.JASE ROBERTSON AND Tim Tebow! Let's just say, YAY! Guess we'll be seeing each other sooner than we thought Timmy poo!!! Can't wait! Smooches!
Not the best of angle for capturing Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. But you have to watch this excerpt from his gospel message at the Boots and Hearts Music Festival this morning. Quite a unique church service before 20,000 people
Josh Turner is no stranger to signing autographs for fans, but now he'll be signing his name in copies of his first book, Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood. Turner's first book signing will take place just outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee at the Lifeway Christian Store on April 22. The book signing is free and open to the public and begins at 6:15 PM local time. In the book, Josh shares stories that he's learned over the years as a son, brother, friend, husband and father. Jase Robertson of A&E's hit reality series Duck Dynasty provides the foreword for the new book, which is set to be released nationwide on April 29. Last year, Turner teamed up with Jase's wife, Missy, for a duet on the family's holiday album, Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.
goat love Jase Robertson philosophy on hunting
Talking to Reed, who contemplated suicide at one time: “It’s the most selfish thing you can do”.  -Jase Robertson. I agree
Looking forward to hearing Jase Robertson speak!
Jase Robertson complains way to much!
Jase robertson its true what you said about some people you when to school with you didnt get along with..if I haven't seen u in 20 years.there s a good reason...I could careless about you because you didnt care for me as a friend ...I maybe hitting nail on the head and some people I tried be friends with are a work of art I say..thank you for cleary not wasting my time...
Everything that Jase Robertson says is either a really funny or very deep quote
"Just because your smart, doesn't mean your smart." Jase Robertson
" Necessity is the mother of invention" Jase Robertson
I love me some Jase Robertson, he's so hilarious!!!
My bf said Adam LaRoche looks like Bert from Sesame Street & Jase Robertson had a baby. Astute observations like that is why I love him.
The Robertson's should NEVER support the mainstream media.
Why does Jase Robertson keep talking about sex? We all know he was a virgin when he married. I'm tired of hearing it. What is he afraid of that he has to keep reiterating about this? I hope I never have to open a tabloid to find out differently. His wife has even said in the book the women of DD, where she stared that their love life has waned because of his beard. Is he worried about something?
Jase Robertson is so cute. I can't wait until his book comes out. Getting a signed copy!
My family has always been open to discussions about sex. God is the architect of marriage, and sex between a male and female inside of marriage is a recipe to a guilt-free, adultery free, STD-free society. As a kid there were a few embarrassing moments thinking about our parents in this way, but not only would I not be here without it, it is a lot easier to believe than "a stork dropped you from the sky." I'm thankful my parents gave me good advice and their candid information was a contributing factor in my desist on to wait for marriage. Abstinence before marriage gives you and your partner a strong foundation for all the trials of marriage. As all aspect of life, God give us Grace and second choices, but this doesn't negate that God is always ideal. Prayer: God I thanks you for the gift of marriage. Help us keep the marriage bed pure as we strive to trust You with our marriages and lives. ~Jase Robertson
The family stands for in the mainstream media! Jase & Missy share about salvation & marriage
"Do I look like Jase Robertson, or does he look like me?"
I would love to do body shots off of Jase Robertson. And, maybe a couple of lines of good blow, too. :)
"being in the woods soothes the soul" Jase Robertson. Soothe your soul with Newfoundland goodness :)
My first thoughts? Jase naked. He's so hot! I can't get enough of him. I would love to meet him one day!
Wonderful night out supporting Children's Home of Lubbock 60th anniversary gala. The Jase Robertson family spoke and sang
Wow!! Anthony and I had a wonderful time at the Children's Home of Lubbock 60th anniversary celebration!! From hearing Jase Robertson give his testimony on why Jesus will always be number one, to hearing sweet Mia remind us to "Let our Light Shine" and hearing the amazing voices of the Robertson family sing Amazing Grace. We were just blown away by how humble and grounded this family is. God has given them the wonderful gift and ability of sharing the gospel with everyone they meet. So glad we were apart of that tonight!! Thank You Eric Robinson and family for giving us the opportunity to be there!
With Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty at Lubbock Children's Home of Lubbock 60th Anniversary
Jase Robertson up to bat now for the Nats
Jase Robertson philosophy on high school reunions "If I have not contacted you in years there probably is a reason".
looks like something Jase Robertson would drive
Chris reeves sounds like jase Robertson
WOW! We have at this moment 14 men making the trip to Ft. Worth, TX for "Men at the Cross" "Wildfire Conference" this coming Fathers Day Weekend in June. Tim Tebow, Jase Robertson, Darryl Strawberry, Joe White, Rick Rigsby, Brock Ray, and many more guest speakers.If anyone else would like to attend, please let me know because tickets go from $59 today to $129 tormorrow... :)
Jase Robertson spoke during a chapel service last weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.
Jase Robertson said it best: "Group texts are the worst. They're like a terrible technological snowball." Word, Jase. Word.
don't thank me, thank Jase Robertson
A hot donut is one of life's wonders. - Jase Robertson
oh alright. Thanks for the heads up
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hey was there a fire or something that happened in ingleside? Cloud of smoke looks like a huge fire
Don’t cut a dog’s tail off an inch at a time. If you have a hard decision to make….make it and move forward. Jase Robertson said it this way, “When you don’t know what you’re doing it’s best to do it quickly”
If I haven't called you in 10 years, there's probably a reason~Jase Robertson
"when it all goes south you know what will be on top of the heap...mud grips" Jase Robertson
Group texts are like a terrible terrible technological snowball coming down a mountain and you can't stop it -Jase Robertson 😂😂
That moment when u think Jase Robertson is gonna take off his shirt...
Check out this quick testimony from Jase Robertson. His new book comes out May 6th. You can pre-buy it today for only $19.99 and get a FREE Jase & Missy DVD!
Jase Robertson .I LOVE me some JASE! He is my Duck Dynasty fantasy husband! Yummy!
Men in the greater Tampa Bay area check out the Wildfire conference June 20 - 21 at The USF Sun Dome with guests Tim Tebow, Jase Robertson, Bobby & Tommy Bowden. What a line up! You don't want to miss the Word of God they are bringing to our city. Register now! Pass it on. Bring a friend.
So Wally & I were talking about Easter and I told him I needed to find an Easter dress.. He said that's prolly a good idea so you can wear your Easter dress to the wedding in May ... I lol at him and said (in my best Jase Robertson voice ) NAW.., I will get something else for the wedding! Boy we have a long road ahead of us. It's a woman thang!
Jase Robertson is my don't judge me...
Missy Robertson is well known for being married to Jase Robertson on the hit show 'Duck Dynasty'. She…
"The outdoors is the perfect place to find the bridge to freedom." -Jase Robertson
Showed up @ work looking like a biker guy. Wearing my black Gillman shirt with jeans, white socks, black sneakers, a Thor hammer chocker, and topped with a Jase Robertson hat. Oh fudge! The zipper's open! My bad.
[VIDEO] Jase Robertson on how he became a Christian and why he feels compelled to share his "redonkulous" faith
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Ok. i think we were wanting to get Jase Robertson's book on the monthly credit. when do yall bill?
since when does jase Robertson use mate in a sentence, have never hear that used in Duck Dynasty before? . . . . . . BECAUSE Russell Crow is an Aussie. He's also a tool. Can't stand him.
Jase is my ultimate, favorite Robertson brother. Freakin love him! 👐😄
You can add camo to anything, and it instantly becomes cool! -Jase Robertson.
cast and crew got to hang in the drivers' room for opening instructions and prayers for NASCAR's Duck Commander 500 race on Sunday. Jase Robertson spoke to the crowd about his faith, his family and God's influence in his life. Listen in...
Did anybody else see jase Robertson in that clip of Darius Rucker wagon wheel ?
Meet Phil Robertson this morning then. Jase preached at
Amy Baer & Donna Bell, can you guess where we are? Listening to Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty give the driver introductions!!
Wendy Cooper, Jase Robertson is here at the NASCAR races!! He is announcing the drivers!!
Watching the rain delayed race coverage. We just noticed Jase Robertson in a crowd of drivers.
Jase Robertson giving an awesome chapel service after the drivers meeting
Jase Robertson (Duck Dynasty), led the Motor Racing Outreach chapel service today at Texas Motor Speedway.
Jase Robertson sharing his testimony at NASCAR chapel at TMS. No doubt Jesus Christ is Lord of his life.
Praying as drivers meeting at TMS concludes and about to enjoy Jase Robertson share his testimony at chapel.
"If you take a redneck man to a chick flick, he's going to want to fight." - Jase Robertson
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Full sponsor integration -- Jase Robertson will speak at the driver/crew family chapel service today.
Wow. Jase Robertson is so hot. What a hunk!
So cute :Missy Robertson's first date with Jase was a revenge date! | Fox News via
-"feel like I'm getting into Jase Robertson's truck when I ride with you" 
So awesome! We got to meet Phil Robertson, Jase, Missy, Si, and Godwin today.
I didn't know Willie and Jase Robertson were here! Oh and we're all cute and matchy in our converse waiting to ride Outlaw Run!
Just chilling in Daily Press with Jase & Misty Robertson from Duck Dynasty. No biggie. Lol
When you chase the wrong things, you outrun the right things. Jase Robertson
Best picture I got from this wonderful man last night. Seeing Willie & Jase Robertson topped it off!…
Me and Jase Robertson was great talk to buddy
Follow Jase Robertson on Twter. Shoot him a message, and he might answer you!
Willie and Jase Robertson was there too!!!
"Wrestling to Rednecks is a soap opera. They're addicted to it." - Jase Robertson Watching
I think Jase Robertson is so handsome 🙈😍
"when someone see's a black cat they think bad luck, but when Si see's a black cat, he thinks it's a panther." -Jase Robertson featured in NBC s Science of Love
So cool to shake Si Robertson , Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and Jase Robertson hand in church this past Sunday . :) The painting during service was cool too ... fulfilled Anna Menard dream :) Nice trip
"All great inventions come from an idea that somebody thinks is terrible." - Jase Robertson, 2014
Missy Robertson’s first date with hubby ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Jase Robertson was a revenge payback affair!
"Wrestling to rednecks is like a soap opera, they're addicted to it." -Jase Robertson
Just preordered your book, GOOD CALL by Jase Robertson! God Bless you and your family. Cant wait to read the book.
Jase Robertson net worth: Jase Robertson is an American business executive, professional duck hunter and reality television star who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.
I should sleep but its Duck Dynasty replay and Jase Robertson is in a coffee shop totally clueless. Hehehe
See Jase Robertson share his testimony and learn about his new book Good Call
Don't like any of the duck wives. Yuck. Snooty.
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to our grandson, Payton Samuel Lyons! (aka; Jase Robertson) He turns 8 years old today! Paw and Granny love you Payton!
I want to meet Jase Robertson! Maybe one day. Sigh, think about Jase all the time.
I would do some dirty things to Jase Robertson. . . . . . . . . . . . OMG. I could do body shots off of Jase and maybe a couple lines of good blow. WhooHoo.
Where is that pic of Jase? I can't find any such photos of him anywhere online.
"They are like potato chips, once you eat one. Youre ready for another." Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson into the game for the
I didn't know Jase Robertson pitched for the
"You can talk a redneck into almost any challenge. That's why rednecks die in so many strange ways." Jase Robertson
I'm like the jase Robertson of 7th hour English
"Just because you're smart doesn't mean you're smart"-Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson just said "you could cut the tension with a knife" and I'm thinking about 5sos now
"This place smells like somethin' died" - Jase Robertson in a taxidermist shop
Jase Robertson stop being so Awesome! LOLyou are one lucky LADY!!!
Autographed triple threat by Jase Robertson in Monroe LA $150
I have a photo of Jase Roberson in nothing but a pair of shorts in the water in Hawaii. It's to die for! He is gorgeous!
"I'm not saying I'm the best Robertson, but I always win." -Jase lol
I'm as obsessed with Jase Robertson as Phil is with Jason Bourne.
It's with a sad heart that I have to share that my BFF, Donna Michelle Harris Eggers "Eggs" has lost her mind again. She cracked. She escaped from the insane asylum a little over a year ago, and has been living under the radar.well except for the numerous celebrity stalking situations.anyways.she is on a 72 hour psychiatric hold for breaking into Jase Robertson's house and insisting she is a long lost Robertson family member. She drank all their sweet tea and ate all the dumplins on the stove.leaving only chicken and a little bit of juice. She got her Pacifica stuck in his front yard as she tried to escape. The law was called and the white coats ended up coming for her when she insisted she was Madonna (80's style).and would not stop singing Lucky Star and dancing in the driveway. I'll post updates as I get them. . . . . . . . .OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS, I THINK! HA
I dream about Jase Robertson every night. He's always here with me.
Wildfire weekend with and is coming to Ft. Worth
Just saw 3 of 51 Robertson's that I will being seeing this weekend.SI?Jase?
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Missy Robertson talks ‘Duck Dynasty’ and critics: ‘God is sometimes not politically correct’
My mom calls jase robertson, chase... and that highly upsets me
"It is our mission to embrace, live, and share the good news." ~ Jase Robertson
"I have luxuries I can do without: electricity, air conditioning, toilet paper. The luxuries I don't do without are my black coffee...and that's it." Jase Robertson Amen!
😡 We have a whole gov trying 2 do the same! “Jase Robertson quote, applicable to homeowners associations.
Jase Robertson quote, applicable to homeowners associations.
"When you don't know what you're doing, it's best to do it quickly." Jase Robertson
One of these things looks like Zac Brown and not Jase Robertson LOL No wonder it was on clearance at Walmart
Jase Robertson of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" just called and he is fed up. Wants me to meet him in Shreveport to figure out his new job search strategy. He is fed up with his job (says it is all d**k*d up). Going tomorrow. Carl E Chapman He said you could come too.
Missy Robertson the wife of jase Robertson said today the best advice she got was the best thing you can do for your children is love their daddy. She said some mothers may feel that is a betrayal to thier kids, but that the trend that is happening in America of putting children first is scary because they will expect that for the rest of thier lives and no one will ever measure up to thier mom treating then like a princess or prince. They encourage them and are there for them but she said they are never going to be the best at everything and that they do have to work hard in life. Interesting take I had never heard things put that way.
We were driving all over West Monroe, La yesterday hoping to get a glimpse or say hi to one of the actors, we just couldn't seem to get a chance. I look in my rear view mirror and Jase Robertson was right behind us in his Duck Dynasty Ford! Just imagine Logan Hurst look on his face when I said hey buddy look behind us. $£¥€?&
Happy birthday to hottest chick I know. As Jase Robertson would say, you're hotter than this 🔥
Oh Jase Robertson , how I fall more in love with you every time I watch Duck Dynasty !
I think I'd get along very well with Phil and Jase Robertson
I already met Uncle Si so now Jase Robertson is next!
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Aunty's peanut...I miss you Jase Robertson! See you soon..Alex n Faith I miss you too babies... I love you:-) n let's not forget the babies in Florida love u n miss u all so much! XOXO
"Phil taught me how to blow a duck call, skin a catfish, and how to be hospitable and value people no matter what their skin color or whether they are rich or poor." ~ Jase Robertson
2014 Wildfire "Men's Impact Weekend" is June 20 and 21 at the Tim Tebow & Jase Robertson healdine a great team of speakers!
Is Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty playing RF for the Nats today?
ESPN Analyst, Tim Tebow and Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson will be part of the team of inspirational speakers for...
Missy and Jase Robertson are great parents!
I always thought Willy Robertson was older than jase
Someone I would want to meet more than anything would be Jase Robertson. Seriously my favorite celeb
'Almost weighed as much as Mia': Jase Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' shows off huge catch [pic]
Mia. Not fish & a friend bet me $50 I can't get the Robertson's to follow me Please help me out. Thanks Jase.
True Life: I want to marry someone exactly like Jase Robertson
If G0D can use me to spread the knowledge of His son.. He can use anyone. ~Jase Robertson~
I won a Jase Robertson plushie from the crane machine at lucky's and onyx wants it but she can't have it.. This is her pouting about it..
"Sure. Preferring a heterosexual partner still seems more natural to most folks because it IS…" — Joseph O Morrow
I had a dream about Jase Robertson last night. I'm gonna stop there, but it was a bummer when I woke up.
Hum not sure if my sister or step monster did this to me but I hope they're happy. I haven't worn a belt I'm over a decade. To quote jase Robertson , "it makes me nervous"
“A hot donut is one of life’s wonders!” -Jase Robertson some for our breakfast this morning, and I have to say that I agree!
In honor of my special day I had a visitor - Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty! ( aka Marcus Jenkins from Chilhowie) LOL
What a beautiful day it was today!! went for a walk in the woods and spotted a real live "Jase Robertson" look-a-like! Lol...
This was my Jase Robertson costume before the sock hat. Again, caveman, sasquatch, missing link and Encino Man all come to mind before Duck Dynasty. Now that's a selfy!!
( FROM THE Duck Dynasty Duck Commander DEVOTIONAL ) 1. God's first, then family, then whatever else you love. --Jase Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" 2. If God is your solid foundation, good or bad, you're going to be happy, you're going to be joyous if you're in him. And that's what we stand on. --Missy Robertson 3. What attracted us to each other was what we saw in each other in our faith. --Missy Robertson 4. We simply want to follow God because we knows of the happiness it will bring, that's the reason that we chose to be open about our beliefs. --Jase Robertson 5. We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night. We decided to do it God's way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven. --Jase Robertson 6. It's a great testimony because we're like, 'Look, we don't do this because we're representing some organization. We do it because we trust in God and we believe that his way is the better way, in all things in life. --Jase Robertson 7. A lot of ...
Swear Jase Robertson just walked by me at the mall 😳
"There are about 12 women in the world who are probably ex-cons who look at me and say yeah thats worth a shot"-Jase Robertson
Just passed Jase Robertson on the highway in Monroe, lulwut.
Love how farleft claims to know what the Bible says. And uses it to justify his twisted theology. . . . . . . . It's horrible. I have to spend time all over these forums defending Jase. Everyone seems to include him in everything Phil and Willie says. I have to defend him. I'm so tired of it, but someone has to do it.
Mm. Jase Robertson is so hot! Love him! Would love about an hour alone with him! Seriously!
i wanna give a shout out to Jase Robertson's daughter i hope her health improves
also said "right now I'm just going to pray about it and get advised"... That means in Jase Robertson voice, He Gone
it looks like you kidnapped a family of rats in a blue tote sack. -Jase Robertson
Just a reminder that Jase Robertson 1st birthday is April the 5th this coming Saturday at New Life Christian Church from 2-4. Katye Forrester
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Work without fun, is like Peanut Butter without Jelly. Jase Robertson. ty Peggy Stoner Delmotte for a laugh today.
"You take a man to a chick flick and he'll want to fight. You take a man to wrestling event and he'll cry like a baby"-Jase Robertson
What did Jase Robertson have to say?
Liberal Logic: It's OK to bully and hate those that won't hate back... so naturally Muslims are celebrated...
‘I love everyone’: rspnd to lecture about faith and ‘anti *** stuff’ via
I'm not sure who watches Duck Dynasty but I just watched the last episode and Missy and Jase Robertson are amazing parents! Miah Robertson is a strong little girl.
The latest Democrat goofball claiming Jesus was a Liberal: .
With Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson! (Actually my little brother, Andy, who is apparently a dead-ringer).
The Story of Mia Robertson: Inspiration from Difficult Challenge in Life: Jase & I learned that Mia had a clef...
Well that ended nicely, see we really can all get along if we just try! Love Ya Jase and Robertson family!
Turkey Down! Eli got his first gobbler this afternoon. Wes Tipton, from Sardis, graciously offered to take the twins turkey hunting in Dallas County. Wes reached out to the boys after the Meadowview Worship Rally with Jase Robertson. Wes's Mom, Peggy, and her family shared that special day with us. Something about Wes reminded me of Hudson today. He was kind, sweet, patient, and respectful. His joy came from seeing Eli with a trophy "bird" instead of himself. A very special memory was made on 3/27/2014.
i want a Jase Robertson Bobble-head. $11.99 here at the WigWam store... lolz but really do..
hi jase I was wondering if the Robertson family would kindly donate to the athletics department at a high school
‘I love everyone’: Jase Robertson responds to this liberal a-hole with such grace and class.
Hey I think this is Jeff of Jase Robertson ? Lol
"Bring a redneck to a chick flick n he wants to fight. Bring a redneck to a wrestling match n he wants to cry. Wrestling to a redneck is like a soap opra. It's addicting" -Jase Robertson.
"She's got Jase Robertson nerves of steel . And right now I kind of wish I had them back. " 😍😂
I have the biggest crush on Jase Robertson..
So thinks "do unto others" means there's no such thing as sin & keeps it classy.
please give me one, just one, example where Jase Robertson has discriminated against *** ... Just one ...
'I love everyone': Jase Robertson responds to John Fugelsang's lecture about faith and 'anti *** stuff'
Mia, daughter of Jase Robertson, of Duck Commander & Duck Dynasty on A&E is in this video clip of last night's (3-26-2014) "Duck Dynasty" being brave, and giving speaking, along with reciting Psalm 46:10. At the time of filming, she was going to be undergoing another surgery for her cleft palate and cleft lip. I'd say she was stronger about it than her mother.
I DONT KNOW WHAT IT WAS. MAYBE IT WAS THE DILL PICKLES. I DREAMT I WAS PREGNANT. OH WAIT! I did watch that program about women having multiple births. WOW maybe that explains the Dill pickles! I watched Duck Dynasty last night, their newest one. It really touched my funny bone but also my heart. God bless this family that I would fit into like a glove! God bless Jase Robertson's little girl. May her surgery do what they had hoped for. She's such a tiny, pretty little girl and already tells people of her love for God! This family has such strength and such a tight bond that only God could break it and He's not going to. GOD CREATED IT!! Those with evil and perverse lives can hate this family and what they say or do all they want! I stand shoulder to shoulder with all of them! ITS YOU I WONT DEFEND. EVER!!! My own child and granddaughter, as much as I love them, we don't agree on what I believe in...AT ALL! Guess what.I DONT CARE! I defend what God wants...not man.we sit on opposite sides of the fence. ( .. ...
Go to every messageboard you can find, especially CNN. DD is under attack and Jase needs some support.
Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson talks about his family and faith.
TBT Fall 1983 Atherton High School marching band. L to R. Perry Joiner, me, Gordon Rose and Jase Robertson. I have great memories of being in the band. It appears we are not taking ourselves too seriously. Look at me, I grabbed the lightest thing to play. Smart kid. There are "Karma Records" stickers on all the drums!
sitting here watching the season finale of Duck Dynasty watching Mia the daughter of jase Robertson makes me think of my son jayden. kids are pretty tough these day. when I start putting my eyes and mind on what is "bad" in my life. I remember what I see when I go and see jayden in the hospital. while jayden has a strong and happy attitude, I see other kids of all ages going through life illnesses. when I witness that's when think my life problems aren't all that bad. my problem are only for a season, and most likely wont effect me living. so when we think our problems are bad, just remember somebody always has it worse. but then think, how can I help someone else. have the heart of kid. one time I saw jayden do that. one kid he met in the hospital had a birthday. jayden wanted to give him a card and a gift card. so he hand made him a birthday card and put a mcdonalds gift card in it. when he came back from the party it was realized that he gave him a $50 gift card. and all he said was "oh well, he prob . ...
It's official Jase Robertson is THE only beard I'm okay with and I need to find a man like him. The end.
"take a MAN to a chic FLICK & he WANTS to FIGHT. take a MAN to a WRESTLING match & he'll CRY like a BABY. redNECKS, their ADDICTED. " JASE ROBERTSON
"Wrestling to rednecks is a soap opera." ~Jase Robertson
Wanna meet Jase and Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty on A&E? Arizona Diamondbacks' Date Night event will be giving...
your Mia is a tough little girl, but I guess you have to be when you're a Robertson...cut to the chase
The best can't find you, until you put the worst behind you. -Jase Robertson-
Nice piece, Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson Speak Out on Family and Controversy
So apparently (according to mom) Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty has my number and has been texting me! Lol. That would be so cool if it were true.
Rod and I just saw an episode of the Robertson Family, with Jase Robertson's daughter, Mia is going for her 5th surgery on her mouth. Mia's wish was to have an family party with all Robertson present. It was truly wonderful and a joy of the God in their hearts.
Love me some Jase Robertson quotes... "Send a redneck to a chic flick he is bored, send a redneck to a pro wrestling event... He'll cry like a baby!!"
Tonight was the BEST Duck Dynasty yet! Of course made me cry!! I love Jase Robertson! I want to be part of that family!!!
"When women see me they run." -Jase Robertson. I know that feeling. Lol
Find out about Missy and Jase Robertson's daughter Mia's struggles with a cleft palate as she undergoes her 5th surgery in the Duck Dynasty Season 5 finale
"Wrestling to Rednecks is like a soap opera."---Jase Robertson.
I think my favorite Episode of Duck Dynasty is the season finale of season 5 because they are having a family dinner for Jase Robertson daughter because she is having sugary and also they talk about Wrestling and its amazing
Why did Hacksaw Jim Duggan never have a saw? - Jase Robertson
Looking forward to watching Duck Dynasty tonight. the family will be filming and discussing the medical issues and trials and tribulation of Jase Robertson daughter she was born with a badly severe cleft pallet. This will be the best episode seen.
waitin 4 my favorite Robertsons 2 *** on..gotta get my Jase Robertson fix
"Never challenge a Redneck.That's why so many Rednecks die in strange ways... They would rather die, than be disrespected". Jase Robertson.
Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty at the Tennessee Valley Hunting & Fishing Expo Saturday July 13, 2013. (Bob Gathany/bgathany
"You look like a redneck geisha girl" Jase Robertson hmm wonder what she'd look like
A blaring female is always a deterrent. --Jase Robertson on Duck Dynasty. Yep.
Mark Cramer, Nick Harrison and I are interviewing Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson on ESPN 97.7.
Willy and jase Robertson roll models. Lol
Jase Robertson has a twin brother named Hilmar.
I kinda have a thing for Jase Robertson. I dig his beardy, furriness but I wish he'd brush his hair.. . . . . . He brushes his hair. And yes, he's furry and that is so hot!
When I become a dad, I'm going to be a mix of Jase Robertson, Hank Hill and Phil Dunphy. God, America and my lovely wife will be pleased.
Jesus wept. -John 11:35 "I have always viewed tears as a sign of weakness... Maybe manhood doesn't mean that we never used a tear or feel fear, but that we know Who our true strength comes from--and fully rely on Him." -Jase Robertson
I want to get down and pray with Jase The best way to get over somebody is to get on top of someone else.
In the words of jase Robertson isss on!
Jase Robertson lil girl Mia had her surgery for cleft lip and all went well!Why can't reporters talk about that lil girl instead of all those celebrities freaks acting like fools-Kim,Miley etc. Let's see how many likes we can get for Mia!
so from Jase Robertson, on throwing his daughter a bowling party: "I don't want to pay $3.00 so that I can get a fungal infection."
Wow I had no idea Jase Robertson had a daughter that has a cleft lip and palate...wonder if they donate to any cleft lip/palate charities
Jase is by far my favorite Robertson brother 😂😂😂
But on the real, my dad literally looks like Jase Robertson 😂
Jase Robertson's kid is literally the cutest kid ever
You can throw anything you can think of at me, put me through hellfire and brimstone, and even confusion, and I will ALWAYS succeed and pull through it. You may knock me down, but I'm gonna get back up swinging away. And in the words of Jase Robertson: If you shoot at me, you best not miss!! Right now is a confusing time for me, but again, I will get through it. Ain't nobody gonna stop me, you may slow me down, but the self-proclaimed best in the world is still on the top of the world!
Jase Robertson and Tim Tebow are going to be in Tampa in June for a men's retreat. Why can't I be a man!?!
"I don't have a man crush on him. I have a man crush on Jase Robertson" 😂😂
According to Jase Robertson if a bone isn't protruding out of your skin or if you're not bleeding from an orifice you'll be fine. I like
I love Jase. I hope this isn't the last season of DD.
"You can always turn water into wine...if you're Jesus. Last time I checked you're name is Willie." -Jase Robertson
Who would've thunk that Jase Robertson was right? Frog is sublime
"If we live in a society where a bird's feather is more valued than the life of an unborn human, we are in trouble." -Jase Robertson
That toilet paper we got in there is like John Wayne, it don't take crap off nobody. . -Jase Robertson
Is it just me or is Jase Robertson hot???
Once you bring something that has wheels and enclosed, you are no longer are parking. -Jase Robertson
"Once you bring something with wheels that's enclosed you're no longer camping, it's parking"~Jase Robertson
As Jase Robertson says in this episode "Use your beard for something more than a decoration". LMAO
" I need your man card and you need to shave your face" Jase Robertson
Son of Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson, Reed Robertson sings a really great version of "Hallelujah." Wow! Such a talented, Godly family!
"Let me put this in Spanish for you. NO" - Jase Robertson
'jase i am roughing it, i have no cell phone service' - Willie Robertson
Comedy is the best medicine. Jase Robertson is hilarious!
The rodeo clown just gave a shout out on the loud speaker to Jase Robertson who is cheating on his wife with me.
The best way to show a girl that you're over her is to drive around town with a dead deer tied down to your hood.- Jase Robertson 😂😂😂👍
"maybe you should skin your animals in front of your kids so they're not so traumatized!" -Jase Robertson 😂😂👌
One day Jase Robertson wills be mine!
Limited Edition Jase Robertson Tee - Another great quote by Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson. Every Duck Dynasty fan should have these wacky quote shirts by the gang. Available in women's tee, Long sleeve, v-neck and hoodies. 7 Days only!!!Click the Green button!!!
Just havta frog. Jase Robertson might not even be able to hang with this
Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson’s epic beard and signature scowl may make him seem like one tough dude, but underneath all that facial hair lies a real softie — especially when it comes to his kids. Jase reveals to Closer that his daughter Mia’s bone graft surgery, done to repair a facial cle...
Duck Dynasty on A&E has entered the mainstream of American culture; it came up in tonight's Jeopardy! game. Willie Robertson Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Si Robertson Jase Robertson Call your offices.
He just wanted someone slightly heavier and hairier to make himself look better. -Jase Robertson
"' Oooh, I'm a pescatarian, and I'm running low on my gluten. What do you have for that?' How about a kick in the pants?" - Jase Robertson.
only if we're batting. Lloyd reckons its a belter. Also good for jase chin music.
Wow! Follow Jase on twtr. Love my sweetheart! Hot"
Jase Robertson (Duck Commander) speaking at a sportsman's banquet at a local church, if you don't know who he is check out his website: ...
Hey, look here, it is no surprise to me that Jase Robertson & Willie Robertson are probably cryin' this morning!...
my daughter doesnt wanna bring cupcakes she doesn't want to bring cake she wants to bring flaming hot donut holes to her classroom for her birthday... Jase Robertson would be proud.
As my brother Jase Robertson would say, "There is nothing like a flaming hot donut".
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