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Jase Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander.

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"If you go with the flow, at some point, it'll all just work out" - Jase Robertson
Jase: "One thing is for sure, the Robertson brothers are competitive."
I needa marry a man like Jase Robertson.
Jase is my fave Robertson ... he is sarcastic, witty and hilarious!!!
"You think jalapeños are hot? Try some regular unleaded." - Jase Robertson. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a while.
"You like that band? I've seen them live!" . Well I met Jase Robertson once so that counts right?
They Call me the Beaver Commander T-shirt Duck Dynasty Jase Si Phil Robertson Fan funny Shirts by NiftyShir...
I have 2 tix to see Jase and Missy Robertson @ Diddle Arena on Sept 20th. I want $40 for the pair...$60 face value
Here's a photo of Jase Robertson with his family:
TV star Jase Robertson and his beard turn 45 today!
And a special to these 4 guys Jase Robertson, +
Happy Birthday Hailey Turner!!! You share your birthday with Jase Robertson!! We hope your day is great!!!
- BEST quote: "If you're gonna do everything, you've gotta start by doing something." - Jase Robertson 👍
I'm not much of a reader but "Good Call" by Jase Robertson is a book I just can't out down! Faith, Family, and Fowl
"Wrestling to rednecks is like a soap opra" - Jase Robertson
"In a world flooded with dissipation, Jesus Christ is always the high ground." -Jase Robertson, "Good Call"
Jase Robertson is sexy. There. I said it. Let the unfollowing begin.
Had to get this for my bearded husband, aka Jase Robertson's twin.
Shout out to Jase Robertson for the touchdown catch
Jase will always be my favorite Robertson Brother!
Jase Robertson on HS reunions: "if I haven't contacted you in 20 years, there's probably a reason for that."
I liked a video from The Art of the Duck Call with Jase Robertson
Happy birthday Jase. May God bless u and the whole Robertson family for being such good influences to everyone. 😊
Happy Birthday to the man who has impacted my life in ways I have never had. I love you jase robertson
tell me about it! Andy Robertson on my bench and he has 6 points plus probably a bonus for goal line clearance
Give 'em first base. You take first base away they're going to a different ball park. -Jase Robertson
We live in a broken world and not until the next world will all be made complete. -Jase Robertson
Robertson of is right is loving him some KMC Wheels and...
Petty stoked. For to see willy and jase Robertson tonight.
when you don't know what you're doing, you better do it QUICKLY! . -Jase Robertson
"It's always easier to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission"-Jase Robertson
There is only three people I take combat advice from, my dad, the Almighty, and Rambo -Jase Robertson
"What do you give the guy that has everything? You give him an experience". -Jase Robertson
I just, FINALLY, finished off Jase Robertson's book Good Call and it, at each chapter, affected me. It Brought tears out, just so great!
"I believe we are masterpieces made by God on purpose, with a purpose beyond simply existing."- Jase Robertson 🙌
"I make duck calls and enjoy Louisiana." - Jase Robertson .
Jase Robertson has a Game Plan for his life. Watch the first part of his story and share it with friends. the new to develop your Game Plan.
"There are three people I have taken combat advice from, The Lord Almighty, my dad, and Jon Rambo" - Jase Robertson
"If you're gonna do everything, you gotta start with something." - Jase Robertson
The only famous person I've met was Jase Robertson when DD just started and I was a nervous wreck meeting him lmao
"Before you do everything you have to do something!" Jase Robertson.❤️
"If u gonna do everything u have to start by doing something "Jase Robertson
New blog post on The Mud Loving Diaries. Good Call by Jase Robertson was amazing.
If you're going to do everything, you've got to start by doing something -- Jase Robertson.
If you are going to do everything you need to start by doing something per jase robertson lol
I'm better looking and my moms favorite. Beat that ding dongs! 😂 - Jase Robertson
(Robertson) has no shame on sharing faith in Christ -
Duck Dynasty’ recap: All four Robertson sons battle for who’s the best outdoorsman
jase has got to be the coolest Robertson. He bleeds Orange!!!
for this week is Jase Robertson from
"Doves are the filet mignon of the skies." - Jase Robertson. Opening day is close, boys.
So like my bf just meet jase robertson at splash country in east Tennessee
When you don't know what you are doing, it's best to do it quickly! -Jase Robertson
So apparently Jase Robertson was at Tanger and I didn't see him
Yep you can just call me jase robertson
"One of his (Uncle Si's) most famous stories is about the time his secondhand smoke made a deer cough." -Jase Robertson, Good Call
I live by Jase Robertson's words of wisdom.
It's awesome that even though Jase Robertson has so many things to do, he still makes time to do…
On page 103 of 256 of Good Call, by Jase Robertson
You can either view them or eat them . -Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson is my new spirit animal
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
he came over & gave me a kiss on the cheek. along with Channing Tatum, Adam Levine.. 😍 oh and jase Robertson ¿ 😂
You can talk any redneck into a challenge... ~ Jase Robertson
Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson has opened up about his experience in the now infamous GQ interview with Drew Magary. You know, the one that caused …
I cannot put into words my love for Jase Robertson and his dry humor. 😂
Some teenagers play the guitar and others play the chainsaw - Jase Robertson
Sooo, I'm in love with Jase Robertson's face (;
it was a joy to meet you, Jase, Mia and the Robertson family. God's Blessings on you and the whole clan.
My first is Jase and Jep Robertson so technically I have 3 but whatevs💕
Pretty sure Jase Robertson is my husband 😍
The moment when you have to get a frog out of your pool and you wish you had Jase Robertson here to catch it.
Jase Robertson's explanation on group texts.
you waited until you got married before you had sex. Interview Started Off With This One Insulting Question
Had an awesome time with JASE ROBERTSON from Duck Dynasty! Interview coming soon!
mmm. Jase Robertson always makes me want a hot old fashioned donut. I don't know if I have ever had blueberry.
Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson reveals new insight on Phil's infamous GQ interview:
Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson, the son of Phil and ‘Miss Kay’ Robertson, claims he and other members of his...
Jase Robertson gonna be in Dothan tomorrow like he was in PC today.. Who's coming up
shook hands with an American hero today!! Rock on jase Robertson
I'm going to see Jesus and Jase Robertson all in the same day this Sunday with my husband. We're so excited. Lol woohoo!!
Well shut front door was close enough to say hi to jase robertson from Duck Dynasty but the cops said no keep moving... oh well good luck with the line folks...
Met Jase Robertson today and copped me a signed copy of his book.
Jase robertson will be at the shillingers rd wal mart tomorrow at noon for a book signing
WPAP is proud to welcome Jase Robertson to Walmart in Lynn Haven! He's ready to sign!
Waitin' in line at Lynn Haven WalMart to meet Jase Robertson!
I really want to see Jase Robertson at Walmart. But I really don't want to stand in line for hours with Walmart...
Clayton is so happy to have met Jase Robertson today lol
Jase Robertson will bring his biblical beard to the pulpit Sunday morning at Lakeland's Family Worship Center.
Jase Robertson is coming to Walmart in Lynn Haven that's weird
Jase Robertson was here for a book signing and I'm to sick to go so my friend went and brought me back…
Join WPAP and Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty at Walmart in Lynn Haven from 8pm to 9pm tonight. Will we see you there?
Gonna go see Jase Robertson with the bestie Sunday!!!
I got to meet Jase Robertson today! He was as nice as I thought he would be! I love the Robertson…
Jase Robertson book tour. But first? Let me take a selfie.
from \\press play// Just TWO days until Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty and…
"You see the heart of a man when you're out in the woods." -Jase Robertson
Currently meeting Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty
I had a great time playing Jase Robertson's book signing at LifeWay Christian book store...
Met Jase Robertson at his book signing today! 🐥 jaseduckman
The three Christian men Jase and Willie, Jase Robertson and Bubba Watson to play classic golf together
Going to see Jase Robertson in a few hours!
Two of my most favorite people on this planet! Jase Robertson and Tim Tebow. Awesome.
met with Jase Robertson yesterday at his book signing.
Hey don't miss Jase Robertson! He's out on his bus again today and coming to see you!
Great photo thanks to Jase Robertson just hangin on his bus!
Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty will be signing his new book Good Call on Sunday, June 29th at 3:30 p.m. at...
Jase Robertson will be on radio today.
Jase Robertson will be on radio show today.
Mike welcomes Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson to the show!
Mike welcomes Dyck Dynasty's Jase Robertson to the show!
Y'all I'm so excited that I just met Jase Robertson. He was so humble and nice.
Mike and Jase discuss the whirlwhind which is Duck Dynasty.
At Walmart waiting to see Jase Robertson!! Book signing
Meet Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty at:. *Walmart off Schillinger Rd., Mobile, 12:00-1:00pm. *NASP Corry...
Jase Robertson is coming to Lakeland and my new Duck Dynasty obsession is telling me I should try and see him.
Standing in line for a Jase Robertson book signing
Jase Robertson compares wedding night to board game
Jase Robertson from is here in Mobile doing autographs for his book
Can I say beyond excited Willie and Jase Robertson will be at The Greenbrier Classic on Wednesday OMG picture...
Can’t get enough of Season 6? Wait 'til you get your hands on the Season 5 DVD bonus footage:
told my mom and brother jase Robertson was in town then I got called in and now their meeting him while im at work ha ha life is cruel
THU 6/26 MIKE GALLAGHER 9a-12pET: Guests include Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty. That and much more at
A little star struck in Meridian yesterday!
The great Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty is on the Mike Gallagher Show. Jase and Mike will discuss God, family,...
Jase Robertson book signing at Schillinger Rd Walmart today 12-1!
Jase Robertson will be at the Schillinger Rd Walmart bet. 12-1pm today to sign his book Good Call.
Duck Dynasty Fans! - Jase Robertson will be in West Mobile Today!. Jase will be signing his book, Good Call, at...
Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty is in Mobile signing copies of his book at the Schillinger Walmart 12p-1p today!...
I still can't believe how rando meeting Jase Robertson was yesterday. How flipping cool beans
Jase Robertson, one of the stars of the hit show, Duck Dynasty, spoke with Newscenter 11 by phone about his new book.
Just a glimpse into Jase Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty! He will be at South Biscayne Church on June 28 for the Freedom Celebration! Make sure you are there! General…
Jase Robertson will be joining us for the Freedom Celebration on June 28! Check out this video of him!
Just bought Jase Robertson Book Good Call Reflections on Faith,Family ,and Fowl. what a great book to read.
We feel so ashamed when we give in to fear, and we pray for confidence and boldness to declare our allegiance to You. Jase Robertson.
Duck Dynasty FYI: Jase Robertson will be at the Viera Books A million on June 29th for a book signing starting at 3:30. :-)
JESUS KNEW HIS DIVINE PURPOSE--- "SO JUDAS CAME TO THE GARDEN, GUIDING A DETACHMENT OF SOLDIERS AND SOME OFFICIALS FROM THE PRIESTS AND THE PHARISEES, THEY WERE CARRYING TORCHES, LANTERNS AND WEAPONS.THEN SIMON PETER, WHO HAD A SWORD, DREW IT AND STRUCK THE HIGH PRIEST'S SERVANT, CUTTING OFF HIS RIGHT EAR.JESUS COMMANDED PETER,' PUT YOUR SWORD AWAY!' SHALL I NOT DRINK THE CUP THE FATHER HAS GIVEN ME?" (John 18:3, 10-11). "Peter was always ready to act, and you just know that the sight of his fellow disciple Judas betraying Jesus to the authorities had to stoke his impetuous fire. The fact that he was armed and struck one of the authorities showed that he was ready to die in a fight to defend Jesus. How shocked he must have been when Jesus gave up without a fight and even healed the the wounded 'enemy.' To be like Christ, we have to give up our natural impulses, and that is not easily done. Jesus didn't come to this earth to overthrow, but to overcome by yielding to the divine plan of sacrifice, salvati .. ...
Getting ready to put my little lady to bed. Then I'm going to start reading the new jase Robertson book. Love me some Duck Dynasty.
What are the chances, we got to talk to Jase Robertson at Broadway @ The Beach. How COOL is that. I'll tell ya how cool. Its Awesome! Very humble man! GOD BLESS THE ROBERTSONS! Kyrsten Burnette, Kayla Renée, Alexus Burnette
Oh my pancakes I just met Jase Robertson!!!
Them Robertson's get everywhere. Jase has made it into the Portuguese World Cup squad for Brazil
I may never be a handsome prince, but I'm certainly not the next frog that Jase Robertson will catch on his next hunting trip!
Reading "Good Call" by Jase Robertson. My favorite chapter so far, "Facial profiling" Favorite quote "There is a place in society for people with smooth faces; it's called the ladies room."
I swear Drew and I just spotted Jase Robertson at Sparky's pumping gas
To quote Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty, "Most things can be fixed with duct tape and extension cords."
Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl by Jase Robertson - No.8 in New York Times Combined Print and E-Book Nonfic
The best way to show a girl that you have moved on is when u have a deer in the bed of your pick up truck - jase robertson
Idk about u folks but doesn't P Brian Schlitter look like Jase Robertson?
"Sitting in a church building doesn't make you a Christian, just like sitting in a duck blind doesn't make you a duck hunter." One of my favorite quotes from Jase Robertson's book Good Call. It's so true!! :)
Super excited!!! Tomorrow Gabe and I are going to a book signing and we get to meet my favorite Duck Dynasty guy- Jase Robertson!!! Sque!
Read a sample or download Good Call by Jase Robertson with iBooks.
What on earth could you be doing.. .where you couldn't wait 10 minutes for some hot donuts? ~Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson y'all!. Ladies! Do you want to go back to school? Every month we're holding a drawing giving away...
It's the friends you meet along the way. The way they become family. And the way you all share the same love for baseball. I've been fortunate enough to gain Ashlyn Nicole Osmer and Brittany Staires as lifelong bffs thanks to LSU baseball. There's something that LSU has that no other school does. They don't have Alex Box rockin on Friday nights. They don't have Jase Robertson or Chase Rice or even Drew Brees pulling for their team they don't have the best fans in college baseball and they don't have the most amazing players off and on that field. But then again not everyone's team is as dedicated to their fans as LSU. Oh and the most important thing other schools don't have? How about Aaron Nola or Alex Bregman. You don't have the best pitcher or the best short stop in college baseball on your team. I've been fortunate enough to watch Aaron Nola over the last 3 years. And let me tell you he is something incredible. Let this sink in: Nola's 1.47 ERA was the lowest single season ERA in LSU history by a pitc ...
On page 67 of 256 of Good Call, by Jase Robertson
best friend in my head: Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson is my favorite Robertson. And on a related note, I want Duck Dynasty to start again. 😩
I think I just seen Jase Robertson biking down Arctic Blvd
Jase Robertson book signing, just may have to attend that.
Started a new job this week. The apprentice I'm working with is Jase Robertson and you all in one!!
Was that Jase Robertson at the Braves game?!?! 😮😮
"Through Jesus, your past is explained, your present has a purpose, and your future is secure." - Jase Robertson in Good Call
YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty on A&E will be joined by the greatest college...
Gail was excited to get her signed Jase Robertson dear! Congrats Gail!
Todd is the proud owner of new signed Jase Robertson gear!
So we have been pruning trees around the yard and I tell Tanner yesterday to gather up all the branches so we can bundle them and put them to the road for pickup. I came home yesterday afternoon and this was the product of his endeavor - a playset turned duck blind! He said, "Hey, Mom, I turned my tree house into a duck blind! Can you tell we watch a lot of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I think Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep & Jessica Robertson - Duck Dynasty, and Si Robertson would be pleased at the attempt! Love this kid!
On page 51 of 256 of Good Call, by Jase Robertson
Mom just told me she's gettin me and dad tickets to go see jase and Phil Robertson next weekend at wild fire weekend!!!
Interviewing Jase Robertson on Friday! Faith, sports, & hunting. Ought to be interesting & hopefully fun. Time for research: DD episodes.
Corpus Christi Police Traffic Safety Officers are conducting speed enforcement on Interstate 37 today.
Jase Robertson says he and Missy were virgins on wedding night
jase robertson's book.. Good Call. great book everyone should read it
Jase Robertson is the funniest dude on Duck Dynasty forsure
Give em first base, you take away first base and they go to a different ball park. - Jase Robertson
if you keep them apart they'll only go Romeo and Juliet on you- Jase Robertson
"Where I come from, you don't mess with another mans woman... Or his hat." - Jase Robertson
"If you try to keep them apart that's where you're messin up cuz then they goin to just go Romeo and Juliet on you"😂. - Jase Robertson
You don't have to be armed to be considered dangerous. - Jase Robertson
Why couldn't Jase Robertson be my dad?
can't wait, watching a marathon on AE right now. robertson
2 of 5 stars to Good Call by Jase Robertson
Tim Tebow honored his favorite carpenter this weekend by chopping some wood. Tebow's friend Jase Robertson -- one of the stars of "Duck Dynasty" posted a photo with the unemployed NFL star on Sunday ... showing Tim gettin' his Paul Bunyan on with a trusty ax in hand. Jase added the caption, "Working…
Check out this article on Jase and his new book!
"A life without forgiveness is a life filled with guilt, bitterness, and misery no matter how many sins you've committed or which ones they are." -Jase Robertson
"True joy doesn't come from what you have, or how you look, but from what kind of man you are on the inside.".JASE ROBERTSON
Amusing story -- we were watching tv last night. We kept hearing this voice like our phone was recording a message but did not ring. After about the third ring & us both checking phones, listening for sounds outside, etc I discovered it was my talking Jase Robertson bobble head the boys bought me for Mother's Day just yapping away! It's suppose to be motion sensitive and it was in another room so I don't know what set it off. We had a good laugh! P.s. There is no off switch
I'm going to download Good Call on audio.
Jase Robertson, who's best known for his sarcastic one liners in the reality TV show "Duck Dynasty," gets serious about faith by sharing his life's experiences in hunting, evangelism, marriage and parenting in his new book, "Good Call: Reflections on F...
Just messaged Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Wonder if he will actually respond. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a line of laminating sleeves or spot transfers from the Robertsons!!
Jase and Missy Robertson made a pact before they got married. The would do things the Godly way, no matter how...
Okay well either Jeb or Jase Robertson and its June 18th 5-11 pm 😊 im kinda excited
So Jase Robertson is supposed to be at Jays sporting goods in *** in June 😊 was just told we will be camping that day lol
Jase and Missy: Faith, family and Louisiana make for a 'Good Call'
I hope all mothers had a great day yesterday! I started out by going to church with my mom! Sometimes I don't think she realizes how much I do love her! But it was a great way to start the day! Then as you can see by the pics each gift that I received from my kids! Gary gave me Jase Robertson new book! So I thank God for another Mother's Day that I had to see my kids and spend a little time with them! Just want to say I love you all and thanks for making my day special!
Really think I just saw willie and jase Robertson...
Goodness, you simply must hear the conspiracy behind the Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty suspension -
Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty/Duck Commander is coming to my church! Nick and I have seen all the episodes at least 5 times! Can't wait! :)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can't wait!!! Jase Robertson will be at our church here in Lakeland!! Make plans to attend!! So excited!
New arrivals... Good Call by Jase Robertson, People of the Morning Star by W. Michael Gear, The three Emperors by William Dietrich, Starfire by Dale Brown, Undetected by Dee Henderson, The Painter by Peter Heller, Border War by Lou Dobbs, Field of Prey by John Sandford, Death at the door by Carolyn Hart, Prayer by Philip Kerr, Robert B. Parker's Cheap Shot by Ace Atkins, King of the weeds by Mickey Spillane, Midnight crossroad by Charlaine Harris, Unlucky 13 by James Patterson.
Did you hear, about the story of the GQ writer who tried to set up Phil Robertson?
Any Jase Robertson/Duck Dynasty fans out there?? he will be at Family Worship Center on June 29th - 9am & 11am Happy Happy Happy!
Very cool event happening at Family Worship Center on Sunday, June 29th! Jase Robertson is speaking at two services - 9am & 11am! Everyone is welcome!!
DD quote of the week: "If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it is broke blow it up." -Jase Robertson.
Started reading Good Call by Jase Robertson, and Allegiant-(3rd book in the series).
Yeah Jase Robertson is on you betcha love him oh yeah lmao
Had a wonderful Mother's Day, church then lunch with my mom and Meggie Mac Then spent evening at Jase Robertson, celebrating Reed and Brighton's graduation. Thank you Ashley White for inviting meg and I,
"We drink a lot of black coffee. We eat a lot of beef Jerky. And we use a lot of toilet paper." -Jase Robertson
Duck season is like christmas eve to city folk-jase robertson
Has anyone read Jase Robertson new book Good Call It is great.I read Willies And Phil's,But this one is great.God Bless JASE Robertson Duck Dynasty
Ryder wanted to shop around Walmart by himself and spend some of his money. At checkout he paid for some Nutter Butters, a Lynyrd Skynrd CD, a book by Jase Robertson, some Axe body spray, Old Spice soap and two packs of Sour Patch Kids gum. I think his purchases reflects the influence each of his family members has on his life.
Just finished "Good Call" by Jase Robertson, in my opinion it is by far the best of the Duck Dynasty Collection!
Wow, I get to let the cat out of the bag first. Jase Robertson is coming to our church in June with his wife to preach at Family Worship Center in Lakeland Florida. My Pastor announced this as we celebrated Mothers Day at the church. He said that Jase and his wife were virgins when they got married and they were sweethearts in high school. I love to hear testimonies from godly people that were raised up Christian by their families and how God kept them pure and out of trouble. It will be a thrill to hear his message. I invite all ya'll who live in this area to come and visit, especially all you rednecks, lol. Thanks for reading.hope you will come. We have plenty of seats in our new sanctuary.   10% Off
When your driving down the Road with a flaming hot dohnut in your hand you ain't worried about 10 to 2 your trying to drive and eat your Hot dohnut. Famous words of Jase Robertson.
Some one buy me the new book by jase robertson... I feel like I'm profiled because I have a beard and the check out lady will judge me...
New books received this week...Unlucky 13 by James Patterson; Poison Spring by Johnny Boggs; Good Call by Jase Robertson; Natchez Burning by Greg Iles; A Family Affair by Fern Michaels; Live To See Tomorrow by Iris Johansen; and Desperate by Daniel Palmer.
Religion Doe$ It Again (Jab at Christianity) The Tampa Bay Christian Conference will be hosting a local gathering in June called Wildfire. A few of the headliners include: former FSU Football Coach Bobby Bowden, former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow and Former MLB Baseball Player Darrly Strawberry. These men, though flawed and occasionally controversial, have yet to be connected to any divisive issues or topics. However, there is one headliner who can be. That man is Jase Robertson. If you're not familiar with the name, let me educate you. Jase Robertson is the son of Phil Robertson. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, who's was quoted as saying, "Slaves were happy, that men need to marry young girls become they become worldly and that homosexual behavior morphs into bestiality". Now, I don't believe that Phil Robertson speaks for all of the Christian population, however I do think that his comments and beliefs do speak for a huge swath of Southern Christians, who either reside or have de ...
Duck Dynasty on A&E star Jase Robertson, gave me life advice today. Listen:
I Got my signed copy of Jase's book! Good read.
so yesterday I got the new Duck Dynasty Nation Jase Robertson book and Michelle Knight can't wait to read both and can't wait for the other twos books later this year
After jase Robertson's interview on the radio they turned on lettin' night the night roll by justin Moore *** yeah! Perfect combo
Excited about Jase Robertson on the show tomorrow. My wife stole his new book from me, I haven't even...
Jase Robertson on Big D and Bubba this morning at 7am on 97.7
Listen in to Big D and Bubba this morning for a Live interview with Duck Dynasty Jase Robertson talking about his...
Reading Good Call by Jase Robertson. Published 5/6/14. Really good so far!
Has anyone set goals to accomplish this summer? Or have you made a book list to read over the summer. I'm getting some books lined up to read. I have to finish my Duck Dynasty book- The Women of Duck Commander. Then I have Jase Robertson's book (Duck Dynasty). I'd love to get the Duggar's daughter's book but walmart is not selling it. May have to just order it online. Then I have a list of other christian books I'm wanting to read as well. Other goals- read my bible more and study it more. Pray more and expand more on what to pray about (especially for my family). Start doing some Beth Moore bible studies here at home. I love her studies and she is easy for me to understand and learn from. Spend more time with the kids. Get us outside more and enjoy life. Take it easy. Then of course, I will continue to work on losing more weight. And hopefully I can help others on their journey to better health- physically & spiritually.
Lay here reading jase robertson book called Good Call think u sisster for by book but I, am bored out of my mind
New book by Jase Robertson is awesome so far! This family is truly blessed and are blessing others !
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Someone once asked, "What kind of role model has long hair?" I would answer Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson. Just a few to start with!
I wish I could see Phil and Jase Robertson's reaction to the "ortho deer-be-gone" commercials.
I just got Jase Robertson's new book "Good Call" and just the first few pages has got me reeling! He's telling about an incident where he had some medical problems and the insurance agent contacted him that "a doctor" had recommended Jase have a psychiatric evaluation. Apparently, Jase had mentioned something about "I'll take my chances with the resurrection". Jase convinced his friend that he was okay, but laughed and quoted scripture. He said, Corinthians 5:13 says, "If we are out of our mind, as some say, it is for God; if we are in our right mind, it is for you." Cute response. I like it!!!
Bible Study at my house tonight at 7. Going to listen to some of Jase Robertson's new book. DM me for address. Let me know if your coming.
baptism is a reenactment of Christ's death, burial and resurrection - Jase Robertson. and next sunday we are celebrating this!
I still have 135 tickets I need to sell!!! It's for a chance to win a Browning Maxus Shotgun signed by Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". All proceeds go to Homes of Hope for Children. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. All money has to be in the mail by May 12! Please help these children out! A BIG Thanks to those who have already made a difference!! Please share with your friends!! I can accept check made out to them, paypal, or cash!!!
I've seen so many posts about the movie "gods not dead", I fully support the message it sends but the movie itself looks like it *** I mean my god jase robertson is in it, that's a sign that its gonna be bad
I ended up with 2 of Jase Robertson's book Good Call, reflections on Faith, Family and Fowl, I will send it so 1st person who messages me their address, Yup its free
Publisher: Howard Books (May 6, 2014) The closer we look at the Robertson family, the more we discover the substance and authenticity below the surface of these well-known TV characters. In this enlightening book, Jase Robertson gives us a deep look behind his funnyman exterior. In addition to stories of life in the Robertson family […]
@ jase Robertson Am I ever gonna get a FOLLOW??
"You boys are in for a world of hurt. Both physically, and menta-physically." -Si Robertson "Just because a teddy bear comes alive, doesn't mean its a family oriented movie." -Jase Robertson Best bobblehead Duck Dynasty members!
One of my favorite Duck Dynasty stories happened in, of all places, New York City. Jase Robertson was actually kicked out of Trump International Hotel after a staff member thought he was homeless. Apparently one Trump International Hotel staff member was not accustomed to seeing a fully bearded guest wearing camouflage pants. “I asked where the bathroom was and he said, ‘Right this way, sir,’” Jase told the hosts of the television show Live With Kelly and Michael. “He walked me outside, pointed down the road, and said, ‘Good luck.’” The hosts appeared stunned by the story, but Robertson smiled and said he took it in stride. “I think it was a facial profiling deal,” he said. Ironically, it’s not the first time the men of the Louisiana family have been mistaken for homeless people. “One time, we were in New York City and people put money in Willie’s coffee cup,” Al Robertson, Jase’s brother, told me. “Dad was speaking at a church once, and one of the members showed him where ...
Go get Jase Robertson's book!! He has a nice tribute to my aunt Angel!!
Everybody should go out and buy Jase Robertson's book 'Good Call'. In chapter 5 he has an Amazing…
Went to Academy tonight and found Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson and Uncle Si Robertson Bobbleheads to go with my Miz Kay, which Jed and JennJenn got me for Christmas. Got two Duck Commander folding chairs, Happy Happy Happy shirt~ ON CLEARANCE! Whoop!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"If we live in a society wher a bird's feather is more valued than the life of an unborn human, we r in trouble. Jase Robertson Duck Dynasty
I swear, people nowadays think that cause your a teenager that you drink or smoke or party or your having sex with your girlfriend. Yes maybe I do make out with my girlfriend. But we go no farther. It's like what jase Robertson said,"hand on the hands and lips on the lips." there aint nothing wrong with that. It's a whole lot better then what most people do at this age.
When did Jase Robertson start pitching for the cubs?
Jase Robertson's book"Good Call"is probably the best book I've ever read. You laugh, you cry and are inspired!
I was once told I reminded someone of Jase Robertson in a way. An after watching some Duck Dynasty we have some things in common.
Tomorrow morning at 8:05, we'll talk to Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty about faith, family and duck calls!
hey don't forget my Jase Robertson in the background!
I loved your piece about Family in the with Jase and Missy Robertson. Is there anyway we can exchange emails?
New books from Jase & Kay Robertson, T.D. Jakes and more
Did you miss our exclusive chat with Duck Dynasty on A&E star Jase Robertson? Listen to the interview on demand now. ~Chad & Kelly
Dreamt last night that I met Jase Robertson in an elevator. He was a pretty nice guy.
Jase Robertson joined us on air this morning to talk about his new book and share funny stories about his life on... http:/…
I'm happy to report that the book I ordered over a month ago, "Faith in the Duck Blind" by Jase Robertson, has been shipped; and it's scheduled to arrive Friday. Looks like I'll be reading this weekend. I'll put my George Washington Bio back on the shelf. Looking forward to Jase's book; I know it will be good. He worked as a minister for five years before going to work at the family business.
Jase Robertson may be the family funny man, but there’s more behind the beard of this ‘Duck Dynasty’ star. This morning, Jase talked to Fox and Friends about his new book called, “Good Call: Reflection on Faith, Family, and Fowl.”
I want that good oil' country boy Jase, in the worst kind of way!
Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson open up about their family struggles... via
what was it like hearing your Jase Robertson's fav wrestler?
Florida Men! Want to meet Tim Tebow, Jase Robertson, or Bobby & Tommy Bowden? Click on the link below to get the...
Jase Robertson from A&E's Duck Dynasty will be joining us LIVE on More Show After the Show today! Download the...
“My first thoughts about God came in a duck blind as I gazed upon the diversity and beauty of creation. There is nothing in nature that can be reproduced or equaled by humans. None of our computers, microchips, or cell phones can duplicate what God has put forth. Viewing the details of this magnificent earth is better than any sermon from any preacher I have heard about the evidence of God.” Jase Robertson
"Wrestling to a redneck is a soap opera. They're addicted to it." ~Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson on Fox News...wonderful interview; he's got a new book! Love the Duck Dynasty family!
Im already adding an item on my Christmas wish list, for whoever draws my name this year! Jase Robertsons book Good Call !! :)
Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson coming up at 8:50am/et! Are you a fan?
Jase is not oldest Robertson brother. Alan has been on show performing wedding for their parents.
Benghazi Brawl...we'll review Britt vs Jane..Bush 43 tal;ks about Jeb being 45..and Jase
If you park a camper outside a donut shop, rednecks will come running from rocks, caves, and mountaintops to eat - Jase Robertson
Jase and Phil Robertson are just perfect. The day I meet them i will be like 👌🙏🙌
I need your man card & you need to shave your face! -Jase Robertson Lol. I'm so lame. Been watching Duck Dynasty all day. Lol
"Duck Dynasty" fans already know the difficulties Jase Robertson and wife Missy have endured due to the ongoing health problems of daughter Mia, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. But the couple is only now sharing what they suffered when they were expecting another child.
Going back to work in the morning. Monroe, La. Mabey I'll get some better pictures of the Duck Commander building. Where ya at JASE ROBERTSON. ??!?'''!!!?!'
Mia Robertson is a pretty little girl and she does have Jase Robertson nerves of steal she is a brave girl
"For some reason this turkey is a little creepy, it makes me think... He needs to die..."-Jase Robertson
"Let me give you coffee drinkers a bit of a warning. If you are planning to go down this long dark road of expresso...proceed with caution!" ~Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson and Si Robertson are my favorite human beings in the world!
Let's be real. Jase is the best of the Robertson boys.
"We are all unique, and being unique makes us beautiful for that reason." Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson and family before beards and fake hillbilly act. It's all a fraud, it's all scripted. . . . . . .No, they aren't frauds. They just kept the beards they grow out for duck season.
Jase's book comes out on Tuesday. Getting a signed copy. So excited!
This morning we have a guest speaker and a guest singer. Multiple award winning singer Hunter Erwin will minister in song and Bible teacher and evangelist Larry West will minister in the Word. Larry is the father of Missy Robertson and the father in law of Jase Robertson of the "Duck Dynasty" television show. He should give us a unique perspective on the Robertson family. Service starts at 10:30. Hurry you can still make it! : )
Pastor Brooks just said that Jase Robertson may come to speak at FBCU... How cool is that? Love my home town!
I take my kids to huddle house and i see a long haired bearded guy sitting with a few local business owners. I tell my oldest son he looked like Jase Robertson. They left and were still outside talking when we left. As we pull off I circle out behind the vehicle he was gettin in and find it to have a Buck Commander and a Duck Commander logo on the back window and Louisiana license plate. But it was Grant Taylor from Buck Commander.
'Duck Dynasty' Stars Jase And Missy Robertson Reveal They Suffered A Miscarriage - In the new issue of Closer...
Jase Robertson told his wife he wanted to wait till marriage to sleep with her. And they did. He just went from 1000 to 10.
"Anybody else think I look like Jase Robertson in a race suit."
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Hi Jase Robertson I'm Mikey Alan brother of Monroe louisiana asking for your add reqast IM blocked from adding rock on..
I knew I'd dream wild last night after taking that melatonin. Well, it didn't disappoint. First John, me and a bunch of high school friends were watching football at an Amish party. Yes, I said Amish. They don't even have TV's but this one did. But as rowdy as we all were, the Amish were very solemn. Then we left, went on a school bus with Jase Robertson on it as well. This little boy about 10 yrs old was annoying the *** out of me, would not sit still or be quiet. I could feel I was losing my cool with him. Went over this LONG bridge on the bus, bumpity bump, kid still annoying me as I'm already afraid on the bridge. Got up, moved seats to get away from him and BAM, I'm awake. Weirdness!
Dad & I swore we saw Jase Robertson leaving a Church in Arkansas tonight. Wouldn't doubt it since he only lives few hrs away or so
Guys I would marry in a heartbeat . Jase Robertson, Putty from Seinfeld /Jeff from Rules of engagement and Mark Schlereth and stoned cold Steve Austin
“"If you add camo to anything, it instantly becomes awesome." Jase Robertson
We are excited to be talking Monday Morning with Jase Robertson (
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