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Jase Robertson

Duck Dynasty is a reality television series on A&E. It shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-operated business, Duck Commander, operated in West Monroe, Louisiana, which makes products for duck hunters, primarily the duck call named Duck Commander.

Duck Dynasty

We only call at ducks when their rear ends are towards us. If I'm...
No matter what happens, looking forward is the only sensible answer. I think it actually might be nice to hold hands again and mean it.
Really loving the duckiness of the polycarbonate Jase Robertson Highball
I'd even like to spend some time in Houston making music with my old friend
I've a very strong feeling that there will be a lot of victories for me this year with lots of travel but my goal is to make music again.
Jase Robertson were at my hotel last week?
absolutely going to happen. You just say when...
I deserve Buffalo wild wings. And you need to join me in this endeavor lol
👍👏 Don't settle for less than you deserve!
And if 2017 will oblige, I'd even like to try and date again. Positivity and an open heart will be my key to success
Seeing as how it already began, 2017 will bring lots of new changes to my world. I'm excited for them. I'm ready to get back into music.
I've always said the key to killing a lot of mallards if you live...
I want a real date with her. It will happen
merry Christmas Jase to you and family . And robertson family. Love you all !!
If people want to simulate a godly lifestyle - great. If they don'...
I'm just a simple guy. I love being at my house with my family, ...
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well it was my first time that far west and it won't be long at all before I'm back on Malibu Beach watching sunsets fall
life is grand. Just got back from a small vacay in Cali and am feeling like a new man
and quite the right of passage lol. How have you been?
I thought Clint Eastwood was cool in all the western movies, but ...
Check out the new Jase Robertson Duck Call in the Winter 2016 CWA Magazine. .
Check out the Jase Robertson Duck Call ad in the CWA Winter 2016 Magazine.
Jase and Missy should be proud of their son.
Men were created to have facial hair like women were created to be...
I've always been a sort of late bloomer to things. So it's not surprising that I want to write my story from 10 and 15 years ago, Iraq, etc.
lol hey Adam. Lemme tell you buddy, in the grand scheme, you have fared far better. Where ur at, that's the goal.
that's funny because the police specifically said it wasn't tied to the thing. Funny how ur regurgitating bs news
I think if it was possible, I'd probably apologize for every relationship between 2003 and 2015.
I'm going to try and rebuild this page and post more of the things that I like and that I simply cannot put on fb.
Travis' new thing is wearing a beanie and he's growing his beard out. He kinda looks like Jase Robertson and I'm not complaining 😍
At the end of the day, I love eating duck. It's the best thing yo...
My wife hates the beard. When we dated, I would grow it out during...
Be sure to check out the Jase Robertson Duck Call Ad in our Winter 2016 Christian Waterfowlers Association...
Mr. Johnson looks just like Jase Robertson with a beanie
I'm of the opinion that a duck does not change styles every time i...
I added a video to a playlist AH Exclusive: Calling Ducks with Jase Robertson
You probably have heard of Jase and Missy Robertson from Ducky Dynasty fame. What you may not have heard of...
Go to where the ducks are. Forget the duck calls. If you go where the...
Jase Robertson on Gun Control...this is how to frame the issue and be respectful!
When life gives you mud don't be a stick in it- Jase Robertson
"Sometimes in life you have to trust unlikely candidates." -Jase Robertson
Great to see proof that prayer works. Thank you Jase Robertson for sharing this. Encouraging you to stay on...
3 of 5 stars to The Best of Jase Robertson by Daniel Hawkins
A duck tastes the same whether they're shot sitting or flying.
Wikipedia page Jase Robertson has possibly been vandalized.
I added a video to a playlist Jase Robertson Demonstrates the Wood Duck Call
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Always cool to see my friend Mark's tshirts being worn by Jase Robertson. 👍
Jase Robertson giving Brody a shout out, that's big time! delivered in the clutch today for the W
he's a cross between Willie and Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty - with less beard...
Duck Dynasty star, Jase Robertson speaks to Oklahoma Christian University and talks about Hollywood,
Row, row, row your boat with 'Duck Dynasty' star Jase Robertson the square peg in the round hole 😕 oh my gush!
Jase Robertson is at it again -- Watch our new update from the Duck Commander blind
"The Robertson's are disgusting, racist pigs!" *Quote from Jase Robertson in his book*
"I do not take orders from beardless men - as a general rule." Jase Robertson, Duck Dynasty
"If I haven't contacted you in the last 20 years, there's probably a good reason why." - Jase Robertson True.😂😂
Jase ... I hope you are not backing that WUSS Trump like Jep . I respect you and the Robertson name.
Interesting that Phil Robertson is going for . Shall we wait for Jase's endorsement? Rand Paul? Rubio?
Robertson in Louisiana are 100% related things my step Dad Mr Joe L Richardson , I was raised around Phil , Jase and Willie
I met Jase Robertson at the agencyarms party today! He cleans up…
and Jase's best friend whose mom the Robertson's gave a house to.
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