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Jared Dudley

Jared Anthony Dudley (born July 10, 1985 in San Diego, California) is an American professional basketball player.

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Jared Dudley? He couldn't guard you back in the day.
According to Phoenix Suns F Jared Dudley said that Blake Griffin could possibly sign with the Heat in free-agency.
According to Jared Dudley, ex-Clipper, believes the Heat are the best backup team for Blake Griffin if he do…
Lol he used to make Bruce Bowen look like Jared Dudley foh he don't see a defender only the hoop
Fantastic interview with Jared Dudley! Sports & Faith! Will be great broadcast analyst full time!
Former teammate of Blake Griffin, Jared Dudley, says that BG would sign with Miami to be "the man of that team" if he…
C'mon now Jared Dudley was guarding him... I can get 25 on his bum ***
Jared Dudley says Kobe Bryant was much harder to guard than LeBron James or Kevin Durant.
Nick Young, Jared Dudley, Wesley Johnson, Reggie Evans, Bledsoe, and Austin Rivers (i'm assuming we can wait for Du…
Brooks won't be a high level guy. I see an early 2nd round dude that's a Jared Dudley/Matt Barnes wing type.
.Forward Jared Dudley joins at 3:45PM right here on 98.7FM. Listen Live:
.Forward Jared Dudley joins us at 3:45PM on 98.7FM. Listen Live:
Jared Dudley top 10 worst NBA players of all time ( lol but I'll give u 50!!!)
Jared Dudley's off the court presence is really neat.
Great breakdown again, Coach! BTW, is it me or is Jared Dudley getting Oliver Miller-iti…
remember when Jared Dudley called Melo overrated? still funny
idk, the difference between LAX and Laguardia is like Lebron to Jared Dudley, and I've flown out of both often
It's been a weird season for him in Phoenix, but Jared Dudley still seems to have one of the best +/- marks on the team every game he plays
and sounds like one! Hilarious, still not as funny as Jared Dudley looking like Devin Booker's AAU coach though 😂😂
Anybody notice how in this pic showing melo's hustle, Jared Dudley is running back and not diving at the ball? Says…
Thornwell reminds me of a young jared Dudley playing for Boston college
yea he remind me of a more athletic Jared Dudley in college
Jared Dudley lookin like a proud tito
Jared Dudley sitting right in front of me
Jared Dudley looks like a dad that plays in a rec league
Devin Booker dropping 70 made me realize Jared Dudley is still in the NBA and getting paid too.
so I'm over night in the office and this flick called Movie 43 (I think?) comes on. I'm pretty sure I just saw Jared Dudley.
Devin Booker and Jared Dudley really combined for 76 points last night. Wow what a game by those two guys
Jared Dudley low key look like DJ Envy
Jared Dudley dishes out 10 dimes on Friday via
why Jared Dudley look like an assistant manager at T-Mobile
Jared Dudley had a +/- of 14 whilst playing 28 minutes 👀 surprised anyone on Phoenix had a +/- that big tbh.
Jared Dudley aka Jared Deadly as I call ya
Jared Dudley look like he only supposed to play at the YMCA
"But the Suns lost." So what. It's not Booker's fault he was drafted by a team who's giving Jared Dudley 28 minutes in 2017.
Jared Dudley did what against the Celtics!? 😱😱😱
It look like Jared Dudley work at subway
Jared Dudley is still in the league and that might be more impressive than Booker's 70
Jared Dudley out here looking like Devin Booker’s AAU coach
Devin Booker checking the stat sheet after in the locker room after he hung 70 on the Celtics. (via Jared Dudley's snapchat…
Jared Dudley having 10 assists for this game is so Jared Dudley
NEW YORK, March 9, 2017 – Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley has been fined $35,000 for escalating an altercation...
Jared Dudley always had those Eddie Winslow genes
Suns aren't even using Jared Dudley, can he just change uniforms and finish the game for the Raptors?
Very nice of Jared Dudley to bench himself.
It's interesting that the Suns have played 11 players in this half & Jared Dudley isn't one of them - he's been a DNP-CD for past 2 games.
Dragan Bender is likely going to stick in the rotation over Jared Dudley.
Jared Dudley has the best net rating of any Suns player averaging over 20 MPG (-2.1). Next 2 best are Warren (-4.3) and Booker (-5.7)
I’m pretty upset that Jared Dudley doesn’t fit into the Cavs’ TPE
I'll never disrespect the best shooter in 2k . Jared Dudley saved the game for me
Even before the Bucks drafted him, I thought that Malcolm Brogdon would basically be Jared Dudley. I think I underestimated him..
Good thing we traded our 2017 first to dump Jared Dudley's contract and our 2017 second for Doc Rivers
Jared Dudley blocked me because I called him Mr. Potato Head.
definitely. Would love him, Jared Dudley, and Bogut on the Wolves if the price is right.
Since LeBron rests every so often, the Cavs need either Jared Dudley and/or Mario Chalmers. Preferably both.
they also have the great TJ warren and jared dudley on their team...
did you expect him to make a smart move? Please it's Earl Watson, the man who plays Jared Dudley at center
I want Jared Dudley. I don't know how feasible that it. I also want a Jameer Nelson type of backup PG
Jared Dudley is a solid NBA player who went there. Or we only talking nfl?
I need the Cavs to trade for Jared Dudley
NBA wings that need to be traded to contending teams this season:. - Rudy *** - Nic Batum. - Wilson Chandler. - Jared Dudley featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jared Dudley would be both ideal and realistic. Millsap would be perfect.
Wolves need one of those high-energy vets to keep things loose on the court. Someone like Channing Frye or Jared Dudley.
Idk man. Kawhi gets a lot of disrespect still. See it from a lot of fans. Jared dudley had come out and said he was overrated
Iman Sumpert and Jared Dudley miss the most wide open shots in the NBA
other than that, maybe Ibaka or someone like Jared Dudley?
Jeez, it's gonna work out that Jared Dudley is the sole bright spot to come out of BC hoops in 30 whole years, huh
Just found out Jared Dudley is still in the NBA.
They were even up 20 at one point. Briefly wondered if Jared Dudley & Craig Smith somehow went back to school.
Of all PG/SG, only Jared Dudley, Shaun Livingston, and Avery Bradley have a better FG% than Demar. & only Westbrook + AD have made more FG
People are gonna gloss over it but Jared Dudley butt-texting Joe Budden while Christmas shopping is my new favorite story of 2016
Just met Jared Dudley, made him hear my mix he said it was dope so go check it out
- Jon don't u think that guys like Tyson Chandler and Jared Dudley would be amazing bench players for the
Jared Dudley misses open 3 that would've trimmed Houston lead. Eric Gordon responds w/ back-to-back 3s. And HOU has its biggest lead at 15.
I love Jared Dudley because he looks like a dude who plays at the YMCA and he held court for so long they let him into the NBA
2 different positions playa, I'll say they could've did like Jared Dudley & Kelly Oubre
With T.J. Warren and Jared Dudley arriving today, all Suns but Leandro Barbosa (told to rest more) have come to town for voluntary workouts.
Jared Dudley compared Harrison Barnes to Marvin Williams. He's better as a stretch 4, a more natural position for him
And then for the Suns, adding Jared Dudley and Leandro Barbosa in to a Suns team of Bledsoe and Knight (of which one whom is always injured)
Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe, Jared Dudley, Alex Len among others all at attendance right behind the Suns bench at
Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight and Jared Dudley are all in Vegas supporting the Summer Suns.
Joe Johnson (a 7 time NBA all-star) is making less money than Jared Dudley.
If you're pouting about missing out on Jared Dudley, Evan Turner, and Matthew Dellavadova, LMAO
Jared Dudley and Al Jefferson got the same contract today
So you're telling me...that Al Jefferson is worth the same amount as Jared Dudley?.no
Warriors should go after Jared Dudley.. Marvin Williams.. Or Allen Crabbe to replace Harrison.
I hope the Thunder go after Aaron Affalo, Nic Batum or Jared Dudley this summer.
Jordan McRae . Jared Dudley. Damien Wilkins. Josh Smith. Andrea Bargnani. Kawhi Leonard. Guess which one has never scored 35…
serious question now. How does everyone feel about Jared Dudley as veteran presence on the bench? Seen him mentioned
if we want a wing that can contribute now why not just go get a free agent vet like Jared Dudley and take a swing on potential
Jared Dudley should make serious cash this summer. reviewed his season:
Role-player names that Magic fans should watch out for this summer: Joakim Noah, Ian Mahinmi, Roy Hibbert, Jared Dudley, Quincy Acy
I hate Dion Waiters as much as I hate Jared Dudley and Channing Frye.
Batum would be a nice fit in Miami but Jared Dudley would be a cheaper solid option
batum probably won't be a realistic option after Whiteside returns but Jared Dudley would be
.You hearing the rumblings about the Jazz and Jared Dudley? Not sure how credible my source is though.
.You also hearing these rumblings that the Jazz are high on Jared Dudley?
Hearing a lot of rumblings that the Jazz are going to make a run at Jared Dudley this offseason. Totally my own rumblings.
Jared Dudley is who I was thinking. Could start at 3 or 4. Shane Battieresque like you say
this article is bad. i’ve heard Jared Dudley talk about Carmelo’s shooting %s on the left block over each shoulder
Wouldn't mind seeing Marvin Williams. Jared Dudley. Or Ryan Anderson on the lakers
yeah. Jared Dudley is really good at that stuff
y'all also need more veteran players go after Matt Barnes Marreese Speights & Jared Dudley
bruh what team you play for Childress you sorry *** *** You and Jared Dudley can't run a fas…
Offxourse Mirza Teletovic ir Jared Dudley coukd bring scouting from the bench Thats way more than what Stuck gives you
Good call on Bismack. I think Boston should give a look at Jared Dudley and Festus Ezeli cause they provide more offense
Little Giant Ladders
Beyond statistical breakdown, I was pleasantly surprised Jared Dudley on confirmed my eye test on Harry B's value being at PF
GS getting a guy like Jared Dudley who does all the things they like and who I think is a great piece for less $ would be perfect
NBA comp for Malcolm Brogdon would likely be Jared Dudley. Could be a solid backup SG/SF. You'd be happy to have him as a 3&D guy.
think they can fit? . Hassan Whiteside . Joakim Noah. Pau Gasol. Jared Dudley. Matt Barnes. David Lee. Timofey Mozgov
Here's with a player review on Jared Dudley:
What do you think of Jared Dudley's improved 3-point shooting coming to Boston?
. Josh Sitton?. Jared Dudley?. I'll be listening... stuck in my head
Check out our Year in Review for Jared Dudley 👇.
.I was perfectly ok with any shooter that could hit over 40% from 3. I think I wanted Jared Dudley. I'm an ***
Jared Dudley on the Pacers. "I love Paul George and Myles Turner. You can build around them."
I find it hilarious to see the name Jared Dudley and elite skills in the same sentence 😂😂
Ready to sign up for the Jared Dudley skills academy. Who else is in? Lol
who would you rather have at equal money Ryan Anderson or Jared Dudley
Feel like most people don't realize Garrett Temple is 30. Or that Jared Dudley is only like 9 months older than him. Seem like 25 and 36.
Terry, Jared Dudley, Kevin Martin are all possible sniper choices in FA
i was talking about Nash in PHX - helped build Marion, Amare, Joe Johnson, Jared Dudley, etc.. even D'antoni?
Top replacements for Skip Bayless on First Take: Magic Johnson, Jim Rome, Grant Hill, Herm Edwards, or Jared Dudley
Bucks drop the Hawks! Jared Dudley goes a ridiculous 10-of-10 from the field to lead Milwaukee with 24 points in upset of Atlanta.
Jared Dudley drops the bounce pass for on NBATV!
you just made Jared Dudley and Matt Ryan very very sad.
Like what Jared Dudley said on the WoA podcast, he just needs to move his feet more.
Jared Dudley turned a near travel into the prettiest passing sequence via
Jared Dudley plays 12 minutes off the bench in win
The Jared Dudley story and trade is just so brutal. Attached a 1st to him!
they'd be with Jared Dudley and hitting 1 of the 4 first round picks they either gave away or didn't bother developing.
Jared Dudley has underrated facial expressions.
Jared Dudley slowed him down. Bubba Ray Dudley would have stopped him completely.
if only the had someone like Matt Barnes or Jared dudley
Just guard AD with a wing and the Pelicans can't get him going. Jared Dudley, now Trevor Ariza.
Jared Dudley was called for a weird phantom foul at the end of the 1st quarter tonight (VIDEO)
Gotta respect a guy like Jared Dudley. He has all the intangibles and does the little things that makes him a good player
Horrible foul called on Jared Dudley! Guess the refs took the over tonight! We need to keep it going! 1 game until .500
You have got to be kidding me! How can Jared Dudley be called for a foul on Zach LaVine when he never even touched LaVine?! Smh
Jared Dudley looks like he's a character in a movie about a regular dad that woke up one day and was suddenly an NBA player.
Jared Dudley's 3 celebrations are just.idk man, bad
Wow, Jared Dudley did not foul LaVine on that 3 but the refs called a foul. Rightful indognation from and
Jared Dudley called for a foul, for standing 2 feet away from LaVine. Total load of bull
One of the worst calls I've seen in my life!!! Jared Dudley just got called a foul on him and there was no contacts.
Oh my god. That foul call on Jared Dudley. You gotta be bleepin' me.
Jared Dudley left room for Jesus on that play. No foul whatsoever
Jared Dudley wasn't even close to touching LaVine on that end-of-quarter heave
As debate swirls, offers his take on the NBA moving the 3-point line: by
Jared Dudley offers his take on pros & cons of extending the NBA's three-point line
it helps the truly elite shooters, which is fine. I don't want Jared Dudley being as valuable as Blake Griffin bc of the 3 pt tho
Jared Dudley on defensive scheme today vs Kyrie Irving & the
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Jared Dudley's not a journeyman, he's on a journey, man.
Jared Dudley looks like he goes on long walks with Shane Battier
Troy Bell? It wasn't that far back. They made the Sweet 16 in 2006 with Jared Dudley, Craig Smith and Sean Williams.
Jerami Grant takes Jared Dudley baseline, spins inside for score. Brett Brown credited him for energy he's brought over last 4 games.
FYI Jared Dudley cannot guard taj Gibson Ray Charles can see that !! Play Morris against him please !
I can't stand this Charlie Brown looking fool , Jared Dudley.
WATCH: Kristaps Porzingis (dusts Jared Dudley, hammers home a one-handed dunk.
Getting beat by Brad Beal, John Wall, I can stomach that. Getting lit up by Jared Dudley is making me ill.
Jared Dudley hits the 3 with the assist by John Wall Wizards are leading 14-6
Cavs have interest in trading for Wizards' Jared Dudley. (h/t
John Wall has half the league salivating at a trade for Jared Dudley and we basically got him for free.
Jared Dudley AND JJ Redick on a pod together with no he's going to be so jealous.
i said the same about Jared Dudley.
His podcast should be great I'm excited also Jared Dudley will have a good career in media after ball if he wants
NBA rules that Jared Dudley did not foul Harden on his final shot for the win last night, though Dudley said postgame he did foul Harden.
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Jared Dudley admitted to fouling Harden on the final play after the game was over. But it wasn't whistled. Called it 😂
Jared Dudley such a lame *** San Diego *** Dude said Melo was overrated and Melo dropped like 40 on him.. Harden might go for 80
Jared Dudley finally gives the Wizards their first lead in a while (Vine by
F Jared Dudley discussing the Howard/Nene skirmish and the elephant in the room.
Jared Dudley didn't even belong in Movie 43.. Why would I want to watch this herb in a shooting contest
Ooh, this Jared Dudley pick to the John Wall dunk was nice. (Vine by
We're biased, but we think should be in the 3-point…
Michael Jordan may be the goat but he's *** at drafting players .. Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Sean May, Jared Dudley were all 💩💩💩💩
My two trashiest trash picks of the day were Jared Dudley and Carl Landry. Never again will I roster you guys. Neeever.
Hey Randy Wittman, if you want the Wizards to start WINNING play Kelly Oubre Jr more and Jared Dudley less!
Last 3 games for the Wizards (blowout losses) leading scorers have been Gary Neal and Jared Dudley 😑
Last night was exactly what Ernie Grunfeld had in mind when we got Jared Dudley
Carmelo had Saturday's game on his calendar after being called 'overrated' by Jared Dudley:
Dru Hill is Melo and Jagged Edge is Jared Dudley here
Wizards coach Randy Wittman tells ESPN 980 that "our bench needed to get better, and it has. Gary Neal, Alan Anderson, Jared Dudley"
The loss of Jared Dudley and Zaza Pachulia leaves a leadership void for the young Milwaukee Bucks.
Bradley Beal, Jared Dudley, Alan Anderson, Gary Neal, Otto Porter... so much shooting and so many targets!
The Wizards wanted more 3 point shooting this offseason so they pick up Jared Dudley and Alan Anderson easily. Why can't the Grizz do this?😂
Bradley Beal praised the Wizards' acquisitions of Jared Dudley, Gary Neal, Alan Anderson and rookie K...
Wizards got stacked with Jared Dudley, Gary Neal and Alan Anderson
they did improve their bench.. Jared Dudley and Gary o neal..
The Wizards have some good bench players. Jared Dudley, Gary Neal, and Alan Anderson and we acquired all this offseason
Ramon sessions, Gary Neal, Jared Dudley, good enough, nene... Smh if the wiz don't stagger the starters.
Jared Dudley has the same agent as Beal, spoke with Bradley prior. Dudley says he also trains with Alan Anderson at Impact Gym every year.
any pictures of Alan Anderson and Jared Dudley signing their contract?
The sign Gary Neal, acquire Jared Dudley & agree to terms with Alan Anderson to help replace Paul Pierce.
Gary Neal, Jared Dudley and Alan Anderson.hows yall off season going? Average than a mugghfaga smh lol.
wizards just picked up 3 3 point shooters Jared Dudley, Gary Neal and Anderson from nets
we signed 3 great role players and shooters to one year deals in Alan Anderson, Jared Dudley and Gary Neal. Smart moves!!
Alan Anderson, Gary Neal, and Jared Dudley. Eh pretty Gucci pick ups but I had high expectations
Wizards been in the playoffs past 2 years ... our bench got deeper this offseason , Gary Neal , Alan Anderson , Jared Dudley , Kelley oubre
What do you think of the Wizards moves so far? Gary Neal, Jared Dudley, Alan Anderson. Solid and cheap IMO
Gary Neal, Alan Anderson, Jared Dudley...just wish we had a starting PF.
Alan Anderson, Gary Neal, Jared Dudley. Pretty decent for our bench
Alan Anderson, Gary Neal, Jared Dudley thats a nice addition to our bench
so the Wizards lost Pierce and signed Gary Neal, Jared Dudley, Alan Anderson and brought in Oubre
Pierce out. Oubre, Gary Neal, Jared Dudley and Alan Anderson in. Good summer so far for Washington
Our bench about to be stacked with shooters!!! Jared Dudley, Gary Neal, Alan Anderson . so far so good
After losing Paul Pierce, Washington has brought on Jared Dudley, Gary Neal and waits on target David West now.
"ESPN sources say that the Washington Wizards are closing in on a trade for Milwaukee's Jared Dudley."
Talking me out of Jason Smith for a portion of the MLE is gonna be hard. Jared Dudley or McDaniels maybe. Other options? Meh.
Jason terry, Marco belinelli, mike dunlevy nd Jared Dudley should be at the top of your free agent list.
I think what he REALLY meant was most teams dont want Jared Dudley.
Nick cannon and Jared Dudley are straight goofy *** *** 👎
With Danny Granger and Gerald Henderson opting into player options today, Jared Dudley’s decision could come before end of the week.
There's more players in the NBA who don't want to play with scrubs like Jared Dudley than don't want to play with Kobe.
Jared Dudley says Kobe is keeping stars away from L.A. and Melo is overrated. Is he right?
didn't know that. My dude Jared Dudley on that team
I'll call out Jared Dudley while I'm on the topic, too. Massive hypocrite. I sat in on BC practices. He has no business in those commercials
If Channing Frye and Jared Dudley boxed Ron Artest out, this would be Steve Kerr and Alvin Gentry's *second* NBA title.
James Jones is that one *** that everyone says can shoot but no one really actually witnessed.Jared Dudley in that same category
Watching Curry makes me angry that ACC coaches didn't recruit him. I mean, Jared Dudley won ACC POY during that era.
Because in the words of the GREAT Jared Dudley "No one wants to play with Kobe" or something like that 😂😂
If Doc/Clips fans hated Jared Dudley's lateral movement, they will simply PUKE at watching Paul Pierce "defend".
Gerald green, Danny green, Stanley Johnson, mike dunleavy, Jared Dudley, Lou Williams are all better
Two names that stuck out to me in FA now: Jared Dudley and Danny Green
and he will be lol he played by default and last year he was our back up behind Jared Dudley 😂
Have a feeling Hawes is going to pull a Jared Dudley and have a great shooting season the year after he leaves the clips
should have kept Jared Dudley as the personality glue guy
watch though Hawes and barnes will both be like jared dudley
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this year? Maybe someone Gerald green, Jared Dudley. I think we wait till next year n make the big splash
Same thing that happened to Jared Dudley probably
Shouldn't have taken a pick to dump Jared Dudley. Look where that got them!
Report: SF-SG Jared Dudley ($4.25 million player option) wants to return with the Bucks next season.
Jared Dudley wants to return to the Bucks next season.
it's so lucky for a 3 point shooter to hit a 3? And we have kmidd mcw oj mayo Jared Dudley John Henson do bayless u want me to go on
I'll fight Jared Dudley he was hating on me
Just ran into Jared Dudley at in San Diego!
Milwaukee Bucks call out SportsCenter for a Jared Dudley quote
I can't believe u would bring up Jared Dudley again. He's not even worth talking about, he wishes he had a career like Kobe.
Jared Dudley says most NBA players don't want to play with Kobe Bryant via
throw Jared Dudley on the team too.
any news on the Jared Dudley situation? Would love to see us bring back the ultimate glue guy
I don't think players are rushing to play with Jared Dudley either.
*** I swear! And I seen Jared Dudley of the bucks in our lobby
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Basketball Tips: How to defend the 3 with Jared Dudley -
This *** Jared Dudley of the bucks is in our lobby rn yo
V good ep. of Jared(s) & Juice. It's 75% Mayo/Bayless mocking Dudley for not knowing the members of UGK:
he would be a veteran presence that has playoff experience, like a Jared Dudley but actually good
Two weirdest top 20 performances by Single Game BPM: Jared Dudley and Rodney Hood:
if scrub nation leader Jared Dudley hadn't said that you wouldn't be saying any of thjs
your main source of information is Jared Dudley. That's pretty embarrassing
Jared Dudley can't name the members of UGK ...
cuz Jared Dudley is a reliable source
Jared Dudley gonna eat them words when he gotta guard Melo this year 👌🏿
Hmmm...what about Sign-N-Trade of KK for Jared Dudley and 2nd round pick?
Would anyone care if John Henson hit his head? Jared Dudley? Bayless?
2015 NBA Free Agency: The New Orleans Pelicans would be wise to pursue ...
I mess with the and they players cause they just smooth and hella random like I am. Except Jared Dudley! I ain't forget FAT BOY!
Jared Dudley said bron would of took that New York knick team this year to the playoffs yeah okay .
Jared Dudley talking smack about Kobe is like Johnny Manziel talking smack about Tom Brady!
Jared Dudley talks smack about Kobe Bryant and Kevin Love
"If you leave LeBron, something wrong (with you)". - Jared Dudley on Kevin Love
Crowder, Middleton, Carroll, Shumpert, Danny green, tobias Harris, Jared Dudley, Chris copeland, and will Barton are all great SF options...
Obvi100% on Doc. Could have used Jared Dudley, a better FA signing then Spencer Hawes, etc.
GM Rivers traded Eric Bledsoe and later Jared Dudley and 2016 first round pick for Ekpe Udoh, Jordan Farmar and Chris Douglas Roberts.
Caron Butler and Jared Dudley was a better fit at SF then Matt Barnes still like him on the clippers just coming off the bench
Jared Dudley with two quick fouls and Ersan Ilyasova is coming back in.
Jared Dudley and John Henson in for Ersan Ilyasova and Zaza Pachulia. Both subs have played big roles, especially in Game 4.
Jared Dudley will start for Bucks tonight and Giannis will come off bench, coach Jason Kidd said in pregame comments.
"Jared Dudley determined to play through pain to help Bucks reach playoffs. just retire already
except when BC under al skinner made the tournament with Craig Smith and Jared Dudley those years
Jared Dudley (looking for investors in novelty Fernet Branca called Fernetenyahu) is considered questionable to play the Wizards on Saturday
Jared Dudley challenges Milwaukee to sell out the Bradley Center on Sunday -
Jared Bayless, Jared Dudley, and Chris Middleton are all having terrific years. Zaza Pachulia, Henson and Mayo have had good years
Im gonna 21 years old and Jared Dudley is the first i believe genuinely likes playing for Milwaukee. Thats most important
gotta ride with the Wolves, who traded a top 15 pick for Thaddeus Young, or the Bucks and Jared Dudley!
Jared Dudley says Doc Rivers asked him to play with fractured knee - Larry Brown Sports
Jared Dudley: Injury led to Clips woes - via
Jason Kidd has the Bucks at 30-23 with a starting 5 of Brandon Knight, Giannis, Khris Middleton, Jared Dudley and Zaza Pachulia. Impressive.
Jared Dudley hasn't been the same since guarding Kobe Bryant in the 2010 Western Conference Finals.
There was some NBA action going on today as well as the All-star announcements. Here is today's NBA recap! The Chicago Bulls made light work of the reigning champs, as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs 104-81. Pau Gasol was out to show why he's an All-Star with a monster 17rebs to go with 12pts and 2blks. Derrick Rose had 22pts in the Bulls' victory. Kawhi Leonard was the Spurs' leading scorer with 16pts. Aussie Patty Mills had 12pts, but it was on 3/11 shooting. The Spurs shot badly overall as they were 37% from the field. In a game which saw Aussies Joe Ingles and Dante Exum start, the Utah Jazz defeated the Milwaukee Bucks 101-99. Exum had a career high 15pts to go with 5asts while our Big Ballers local boy "Jingles" had 6pts, 4rebs 7asts and 2stls. Gordon Hayward had a mammoth game with 24pts, 6rebs and 6asts Brandon Knight had 16pts for the Bucks as did Jared Dudley. Thanks to a clutch 3 pointer from Evan Turner in the last second, the Boston Celtics have upset the Portland Trail Blazers 90-98. Tur ...
We've seen a first-round pick used to acquire Jeff Green, Brandon Wright, Dion Waiters, and Omer Asik. That Jared Dudley trade is so LOLZ
Suns got Eric Bledsoe for Jared Dudley and a second. Suns got Green and Plumlee and a first for Scola. I have complete faith McDonough
Wrong night (is there ever a right night?) to play John Henson and Jared Dudley in FanDuel. I'm not very smart.
John Henson finds Jared Dudley for the open 3-pointer. »
Jared Dudley, Ron Burgandy, Chase budinger, Aaron harang was good for a while, Terrell Davis, the Gwynns
Jared Dudley lol.him n Craig Smith were beasts at BC those yrs
"Jared Dudley is 1st player in to shoot 100% from field with at least 10 FG and at least 3 3-pointers"
VIDEO: Kendall Marshall celebrates too early as teammate Jared Dudley misses a wide-open three h…
Giannis Antetokounmpo finished with 18 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Jerryd Bayless and Jared Dudley go for 16 apiece off bench
No thanks to Dion Waiters, Lou Amundson and 2015 first-round pick (via Memphis) for John Henson and Jared Dudley !
Most impt DFS question of the night: James Johnson, Jared Dudley, Shawne Williams, or Kyle Anderson?!?!
fault goes to Jason Kidd for not playing Jared Dudley enough minutes.
Jared Dudley: Moving from to rebuilding Bucks 'doesn't matter' -
“The best 5 players in the NBA today are _.” Phil pressey, Gary Neal, Ramon sessions, Chris Kaman, Jared Dudley
The Clippers traded Eric Bledsoe for Jared Dudley last just traded Dudley and a first round pick for Carlos…
I still believe a trade will happen. Maybe a guy like Wilson Chandler or Jared Dudley can be had
Farmar join a bench that now includes him, Spencer Hawes, and Jared Dudley. Not bad to say they least
wow just like how looks like Gerald Laird and looks like Jared Dudley
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