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Janice Ian

Janis Ian (born Janis Eddy Fink, April 7, 1951) is an American songwriter, singer, musician, columnist, and science fiction author.

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I am Janice ian tellling cady the mgozi.
Hi Steve i'm listening, how about Janice Ian fly too high?
Outrage as far-right leader linked to Marine Le Pen spotted campaigning for Conservatives h…
I am obsessed with It's like this movie is Regina George and I am both Janice Ian and Cady Heron.
Staff repeatedly blew the whistle on Ian Paterson. Why didn't the trust, regulators, commissioners or DH step in to stop…
Read about the story of Ian in our June 2017 issue, out on stands now!
Literally never get invited out anymore baso down to the social class of Damian Lee & Janice Ian *** xoxox
Chloe and myself as Janice Ian and her best friend Damian from Mean Girls!
Janice having fun and Ian not sure about the camel !!! X
"Sophia, she's like Prince on the outside and Janice Ian on the inside" . Wish we got to see that knockout
Felt kinda weird walking across campus with a pizza in one hand and my Janice Ian costume in the other...
Scotty P and Janice Ian in the house πŸ˜‚ @ Arizona Western College
Meeting Janice Ian on Halloween what a day 😝
if we do Mean Girls, ur Janice Ian *** .
My sister is being Janice Ian for Halloween and it's actually the funniest thing I've ever seen
I've got a request, could i have Janice Ian fly too high?
Hamilton Collection
I just realized my dad is a Regina George/Janice Ian hybrid
Janice Ian from Mean Girls or 14 year old me?? Who knows ?ΒΏ
we're literally Janice Ian and Damien from Mean Girls
Hey, I loved it. Enjoyed Janice's 1st person view. Also loved seeing Ian Hargreaves again. The period stories work great too πŸ‘πŸ‘
Apparently Janice Ian upgraded from crack to V on True Blood
John's Damian and I'm Janice Ian from Mean Girls
Even the break room at my work has cliques. It's basically like Janice Ian's map of the cafeteria but everyone is 5…
GOING TO BE JANICE IAN FROM Mean Girls TOMORROW. It's going to be pretty lit.
"He's almost too *** to function" (Janice Ian and Damian from Mean Girls)
Beautiful bit from the Basin Reserve DJ, Janice Ian's 'At Seventeen' at drinks, in full. Such a song. Watch:
Right now I feel like Janice Ian from Mean Girls.I have like 15 Bobby pins in my
I love seeing Harry out in sporting gear of any sort [janice ian voice] it's like seeing a dog walking on its hind legs
Why were you talking to Janice Ian? . Idk she's so weird, she just came up to me and started talking about crack πŸ˜‚
i just wanted to know who nominated me 🌝🌝🌝🌝 i feel like janice ian. Who playin?
"Let me tell you something about Janice Ian"
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Janice Ian was right when she said there's 2 types of evil people in this world.
Every time I straighten my hair, tie it in a low ponytail, put on eyeliner, and wear a collared shirt, I look like Janice Ian πŸ‘§πŸ»
Realized I said "Janice Ian, from Bridge to Terabithia" instead of Janice Avery in my presentation today. πŸ™ƒ
When MP's accept 'gifts' it leaves them wide open to accusations of bribe &/or blackmail.
I think Janice Ian is in my sociology class
im about to crack. i feel like Janice Ian
Like Janice Ian, I learned the truth at 17 that love was meant for beauty queens.
Congrats to Ian, Stuart, Isabella, Janice, and Austin for being recognized as part of the ACT 30+ club tonight.πŸ’ͺ🏼
Not just a car but a companion: Janice Ian, 2004-2016
Just realized Janice Ian is in The Interview lol
oh gosh duh. That makes sense. I'm the Janice Ian of RM
Watching a video about the water cycle in bio and the dude said crack like 3 times and now I'm thinking about Janice Ian
love love love that there is a competition that pits Amy Poehler vs Jimmy Carter vs Janice Ian. Killer Mortal Combat bonus level.
whenever someone says Janice Ian in full, you have to yell ***
how's Brianna gonna tell Morgan she looks like Janice Ian and then tell her to calm down when she said something πŸ’€
Janice Ian is the only acceptable response.
There's this girl that reminds me of Janice Ian πŸŒšπŸŒšπŸŒšπŸ˜‚
Janice Ian couldn't have explained you more perfectly; cold, shiny, hard plastic
Who had Janice Ian being the hottest one from Mean Girls today? No. Nobody? Well I guess the jokes on all of us then.
Jingle Bell Rock just came on my Pandora.and I started doing Janice Ian's choreography.
Janice Ian the art freak who has a huge *** crush on you?
There's a Christmas movie with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mindy Kaling, Falcon and Janice Ian...and I haven't heard of it until now
When Cady Heron and Janice Ian leave Damian at the back building on a Wednesday
I'm sure we'll work something out, love to Team Janice x
Everyone talks about the Neville Longbottom effect, but what about the Janice Ian effect?
he just gave the entire Janice Ian is a *** speech I'm crying
Alexis is the Damien to my Janice Ian
when you couldn't hang with your friends so you turn into Janice Ian
Janice Ian learned the truth at 17, you learn it at 7 when you want to be Mary in the Nativity and end up being an ***
At the Franklin Institute with Janice and Ian looking at Legos. Lots and lots of Legos.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Depending on my mood sometimes I'm Regina George, sometimes I'm Janice Ian. There is no In-between...
Woke up with Janice Ian's "At Seventeen" stuck in my head. Cheery song, that one.
A special thanks to Janice and Ian for their help today! The girls really enjoyed it.
Lemme tell you something about Janice Ian...
Daphane and her friends are Regina George and the Plastics and I'm Janice Ian :(
I like to think I have the looks of Regina George and the personality of Janice Ian
Five issues the 2015 climate agreement needs to address - Posted by Janice Ian Manlutac Regional Change...
Casting director: Do you have a monologue prepared?. Me: *clears throat* let me tell you something about Janice Ian...
it is the world's deadliest drug. It killed Janice Ian and Scott Joplin
I can't, Camilla Belle and Katy Perry are like the Cady Heron and Janice Ian in Mean Girls.Like stop trying to attack people better than you
I feel like Janice Ian when Cady had a party instead of going to the art show
Like our own Caty Heron & the police are The Plastics. Black people are Janice Ian lol.
Seriously though Janice Ian is the best character in Mean Girls hands down
But why did they make janice ian date that guy in the end
I identify with Janice Ian post-Cady-party on a spiritual level right now. x
I'm gonna be Janice Ian for senior year watch
Sitting at work texting your best friend about how her mom is Regina George and you guys are Janice Ian
and that Samantha Ronson track Janice Ian hates πŸ˜…
Angelique comes home tmrw. This weekend is going to be AWESOME (Janice Ian voice)
I have transformed from Regina George to Janice Ian.
My sister dressed up as Janice Ian. My father just said "are you supposed to be that fetch girl?"
Fun facts: Janis Ian is a real person, we share a birthday, +she is the inspiration for Janice Ian in Mean Girls
Ian coming out til the sun go down.
Castle is one of the longer running shoes on the network and it's treated the way Regina George treated Janice Ian
Still can't get over Janice Ian from Mean Girls being in 'The Interview' took me so long to recognise her
I'd love to have a friendship like Janice ian and Damien from Mean Girls :')
Watching Mean Girls just isn't the same without my favorite Janice Ian . Miss you beautiful
Janice Ian: This is Damien. He's almost too *** to function. Kellie: that's like you . Me: 😐
This girl just described herself to me as Janice Ian from Mean Girls.
I know all my lines,I could be Janice Ian😏
kidding about Janice Ian. But that guy creeps me out. I'd just appreciate if it was someone easier on the eyes.
IMO Tamra is Regina George, Heather is Gretchen Weiners, Vicki is Karen and Shannon is Janice Ian making Lizzie, Cady lol
If only the lead male character on were better and if the female lead wasn't Janice Ian.
I remember when I did the whole " let me tell you something about janice ian" monologue for theatre two years ago lolol
Janice Ian actually turned out to be really hot.
If you know someone struggling with depression and/or coming out, you can find help via
Still can't believe I never realized Virginia was Janice Ian smh
omg I might cry when I see u omg tats I miss you I feel like janice ian and ur Regina I have a big ol *** vrush on u :(!
Doesn't look like Janice Ian is much of a *** now
Im janice ian and i love macaroni grill
K but seriously could Janice Ian just be a real person Christ
β€œseason premiere this Sunday at 10p on JANICE IAN??vvbbΒΏΒΏ!!!
Masters of sex is my new addiction , janice Ian is the main character
Guys I love Toni I would never cyber bully her she is Regina George to my Janice Ian
If Serena was in Mean Girls she'd be Janice Ian
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"I love seeing teachers outside of school. It's like seeing a dog walk on it's hind legs." - Janice Ian... And me
I'll always refer to Lizzy Caplan as Janice Ian...
But she's so sexy. Gotta get rid of that Janice Ian thing.
maybe I just always want her to be Janice Ian.
Foto: panidsough: "Let me tell you something about Janice Ian." -Regina George
Janice Ian has one of those bald cats idk about this
Apparently I scare people at my school though this is horrible I should befriend Janice Ian
Who ever thought Janice Ian would get an Emmy nom?
I'm having a hard time getting past the fact that Janice Ian is Virginia Johnson in
Janice Ian got nominated for an Emmy AND Spring Fling Queen!?
Kimmy keeps on saying Shirley from Eastenders looks like Janice Ian from Mean Girls. βœ‹πŸ˜‚
Of all Emmy nominations the one that makes me happiest is Lizzy Caplan for Masters of Sex. You go Janice Ian!!
Janice Ian is the Philip Rivers of the girls in Mean Girls. Take that in any way you wish to.
β€œTheir work is their passion. Dont miss the season premiere this Sunday at 10 on Janice Ian
Janice Ian is totally on the show Masters of Sex. I have to watch it now featured in NBC s Science of Love
I hate that Janice Ian doesn't actually end up being a ***
dang Janice Ian could have over thrown hitler easy
Mean Girls prequal when reginia anf janice ian are friends in middle school right before high school were regina ditches janice and turns into queen bee thus far forming the plastics good idea
Cause every time I answer I feel like Janice Ian from Mean Girls. Cause I'm not Puerto Rican brah πŸ˜†
Oh my goodness Janice Ian is in New Girl, I knew it was her! She looks so different
When I work at bath and body works I remind myself of Janice Ian working at fruits and passion
I just realized Janice Ian was in season 1 of True Blood
Let me tell yiu something about janice ian. We were best friends in middle school I know its so embarrasing I dont even... whatever
[[Janice Ian voice]] And the greatest people you will ever meet in your life, [[Points to myself.]]
If life was Mean Girls Alex would be Janice Ian
as long as me and get to be Janice Ian and Damian.
Hi Janice! I'm Ian from Would you be interested to partner up for our hack happening in SF in June?
The USA is Regina George, USSR is Cady Heron, China is Gretchen Weiners, Cuba is Janice Ian and UK is Karen Smith
just got so excited Janice Ian is in this movie πŸ˜‚
I feel like I'm Regina George and you're Janice Ian
should I change my name to Janice Ian
I braided my hair and I look like Janice Ian
"Did you have fun at your awesome party with your awesome friends and drink awesome shooters?" we're all a little Janice Ian 😏
β€œsometimes i just wanna cut all my hair off idk” Janice Ian *hashtag ***
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANICE IAN YOU *** !! I would put a picture up but my phone is still broken :( have a great day LOVEYOU
Janice Ian has formed her own group of beautiful Mean Girls.
Pretty sure I just saw Janice Ian driving
I know like every insult that Janice Ian calls Regina George omg this is ridiculously sad
What millions of British people voted for
You are gayer than Savannah bye Janice Ian ***
Can we talk about the fact that Janice Ian is all up on my man Jason segel in this ep of freaks and geeks
"Regina George is not sweet, she's a scum sucking road *** !! She ruined my life !" - Janice Ian
My biggest fan unfollowed me. Sorry Janice Ian. We just can't invite *** to our pool party.
Rider is North Shore, Ellington is Janice Ian, and I am Damien. So accurate it pains me.
"Janice Ian made out with a hot dog."
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Re; the handwritten lyrics. Had no idea what to charge..this seems fair? Janice Ian charges $300, the geezer from Pearl Jam $5,500..
"You've got your breaststrokers, distance kids, your sprinters." -Janice Ian splitting lanes at North Shore High swim pra…
I wants more friends like Janice Ian
I learnt the truth at 17. Janice Ian is 63 today!!
β€œMean Girls i got a coworker that looks like Janice Ian. Shes the best
Pretending Cloverfield is a sequel to Mean Girls with Janice Ian
Janice K.'s Review of Prestige Appliance - El Dorado Hills (5/5) on Yelp: Ian from Prestige was knowledgeable and...
If I was in Mean Girls I'd be Janice Ian -weirdo goth girl ❀😎
Wait Janice Ian was in Masters of Sex with Michael Sheen when he was still dating Regina George, right? How are we not talking about this.
Can we please just all admit that Janice Ian is amazing
Every time I see Janice ian, I feel like I'm looking into a mirror
Lemme tell you something about Janice Ian
Let me tell yiu sonething about janice ian.
Someone that is with send me a picture of her Janice Ian outfit please.
If I could play one role in Mean Girls it would be Janice Ian πŸ’
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Got well excited because Janice Ian is in a film I'm watching!
"At least Regina George and I know we're mean, you try to act like you're so innocent" -Janice Ian
Janice Ian has won Grand Slam against Tekla and Siopawman with a total pot of $90.
He's a twerp but my best friend , same with Sandra (cough cough) Janice Ian 😝
I would be Janice Ian and Hugo would be damien
don't like Janice Ian when she's pure mean to jess
In 8th grade Regina George made people sign a petition saying Janice Ian was a *** lol
Liv is a real live she's a baby prostitute *Janice Ian voice*
what!! That's not cool man I liked the first one how cool would have been to see Janice Ian grown up lol
Just made the revelation that nick off of new girls gf Julia is also Janice Ian from Mean Girls 😱
This case name made me think of Janice Ian
Regina started a rumor that Janice Ian is a ***
Cheers to the best caddy aka Janice Ian! Can't wait to be your helper this weekend! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
Janice Ian becomes a famous artist and lives in Brooklyn and Damian is a stylist for the E! Channel.
Ew why were you talking to Janice Ian?
A big thanks also goes to Rhys Ifans for cementing Janice’s win.
Interview of the Year Broadsheet goes to Janice Turner of The Times
Louise Was Dorrington Szewczyk Janice Dorrington I didn’t realise Ian was out there looking for the plane. Check...
reminds me of Janice ian off of Mean Girls! πŸ˜‚
I saw a girl today that looked like the blonde version on Janice Ian.
Janice Ian will forever be my favorite character on Mean Girls.
Only if it's Jingle Bell Rock. Janice Ian made up that choreography when her and Regina were still best friends
"Regina George is not sweet, she ruined my life!". - Janice Ian. β™‘
A mate of mine went to see him last night, performing with Janice Ian. She gave her one of her plectrums!
Bachelorette is rather funny but not enough rebel Wilson, Lizzy Caplan aka Janice Ian is looking hot! 7.5/10
We started paying attention to Lizzy Caplan when she played the rebellious and witty Janice Ian in 'Mean Girls' and the doomed Marlena in 'Cloverfield,' and
I am pretty sure Lizzy Caplan and I would be best friends. Janice Ian is hot now!!
Janice Ian from Mean Girls are Chandler Bing are going out in real life 😱
Janice Ian and Chandler Bing are a couple in real life where have I been?!??
I can only tell that Lizzy Caplan was Janice Ian around 20% of the time
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Masters of Sex. Great show. Michael Sheen is brilliant as usual. Lizzy Caplan aka Janice Ian is perfect.
Uh am I the only one who didn't know Lizzy Caplan (Janice Ian) has been dating Matthew perry for years?
Janice Ian from Mean Girls is now beautiful. So you know
I've been watching this movie for the last hour and I just realised its Janice Ian holy
Janice Ian over here isn't even a model
if you followed Janice before her Harry follow” Janice Ian??
Janice Ian guest starred on new girl
"My wedding is gonna be fierce. Beyonce, Ke$ha, and Miley all night. And my bridal party will wear purple tuxes like Janice Ian." πŸ‘° -CD
Things I just learned: Janice Ian is dating Chandler Bing.
If steph was Janice Ian I would be Damien
Janice Ian is at the Jonas brothers concert
Lord Jesus, my supervisor gave me a high five just now…I like being in her good graces! SUCK ON THAT*janice Ian voice*
i never noticed that Janice Ian and Damien dressed alike for their prom lmaoo..
I've been told I look like Janice Ian from Mean Girls 3 times now, no I do not.
Dyker bagels run with Janice Ian and tiner
Janice Ian and Kevin G for prom king and queen
You act like youre going to be Regina George in high school but youre really gonna be janice ian. - my younger sister to my middle sister.
I totally have a Janice Ian story like the one that Regina tells Cady about Janice being a ***
Theres a real life janice ian in columbia
part of me wants to pull a Janice Ian and call out all the girls from high school who think they're sOo c00l
If rob was a character from Mean Girls he would be Janice Ian
β€œlet me tell you something bout Janice Ian , why she so obsessed with me, she doesn't even go here !!” :D
I've decided that I'm going to prom in a suit like Janice Ian did
did you venture into some new territory, Janice Ian?
Bruh like I said. Splanelli from Recess grew up to be Janice Ian.
Are you sure Janice Ian isn't using Caty Heron to ruin you?
its like Mean Girls. Kendrick is Lindsay Lohan and Drake is Janice Ian.
poor Jesse she is the Janice Ian of the Mean Girls saga
I don't need your apologies! I'll sit with Janice Ian and Damian (he's almost too *** to function)
she literally wishes she was the popular, she more Janice Ian
Me NicKayla & Bree should be characters idc Mean Girls. Lol Bree could be Janice Ian.
Spotted: Janice Ian in an episode of freaks and geeks evrybdy
Justin Bieber Janice Ian ah they scare me not guna lie
No way is this Janice Ian out of Mean Girls
"We'll show them what an axe wound she really is," ~ Janice Ian
Ronnie Radke looks like Janice Ian from Mean Girls omg
Same old Janice Ian. Lmao why do I just love Lizzy Caplan?
I love Lizzy Caplan so much, as an actress. She forever embodies Janice Ian in every role she plays.
Who would've thought that Lizzy Caplan, Janice Ian from Mean Girls, would've turned out so pretty!
Lizzy Caplan aka Janice Ian is in the movie Bachelorette. That makes me so excited to watch it.
oddest fact discovery of the day; Janice Ian has been dating Chandler Bing for 6 years?!
I love Janice Ian, Phoebe Snow, Adele and not classically gorgeous women musicians who just deliver, without marketing themselves as a windup Jessica Rabbit sex doll. No offense, really.
And Janice Ian is actually really pretty.. I saw her in a diff movie
"And I'd be like, 'Why are you so obsessed with me?'" - Regina George/Jean Valjean talking about Janice Ian/Javert
Mean Girls the Musical. I'm totally auditioning for Janice Ian.
you totally saw my 'Janice Ian' name.
Mean Girls: The Musical would be great, right? Any young writers want to help me make this happen?
I AM JANICE IAN. Oh if I could look like Lizzy Caplan now? *** YEAH.
you sounded just like Janice Ian then. Mean Girls is so hipster.
Jay is making me go down memory lane--Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. sigh. I swear we grew up in one of the best musical periods in history.
the Janice Ian one, or when Cady is crowned Spring Fling queen? (sorry I know that much about it!)
Happy New Year to everyone, I truly hope you all have a great 2013, AW RA BEST Doug MacDonald
Let me tell you something about Janice Ian.
For all of those who raised funds for the young peoples enterprise centre in 2010 of which sadly targets were never met to complete the monies were then transferred to another charity to help little Tyler walk and his operation and progress in America in 2012, this brought a tear to our eyes to see his progress today and we wish to thank all that fund raised and donated to the c.u.p.minisry, special people like the owners Andy and stuart staff and regulars at the ploughmans pub werrington, dave stapelton ,tracey, rebbeca, mike de hat, carol and family, janice, etc etc etc city centre fund raisers, wiggle stick sellers Antonio and the graig family,richard cowley , c.u.p.members and to then be passed on to the Tyler Fund ,may god bless you all , kind regards, pastor antony slack Special thanks also to simon lilley head doorman city centre for help with pub collections through pub and club managers and peterborough market traders , ian, mike, mr lovelace etc tony cafe etc !
At Blue River with excellent roads all the way.
THE GROUP = THE PLASTICS. I'm cady herron, you're Aaron Samuels, she's Regina George, he's Shane Oman and Kayla is Janice ian
I'm Janice Ian and you're part of the "Plastics."
Tributes have been paid to Irish adventurer Ian McKeever who died on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
I'll give Janice Ian her dues today, I DO smell like a baby prostitute .. So many tester strips! Xx
Just to set the record straight, yes, my plant is named after Janice Ian, as well as Janice from friends...
Let me tell you something about Janice Ian...
Check out Scottish author on the Loveahappyending Bookshelf! Humour and heart!
Oh my gee. It's Janice Ian. Except she's grown up 😳
okaaay, and OMFG, & should pick from Karen Smith, Janice Ian, and Cady Heron. 😍😍😍
"I used to eat lunch in the bathroom like a loser" ohh and Janice Ian *** throws shade!
funnier if my name wasn't Janice Ian? Maybe.
Watching this movie Bachelorette with Fat Amy, Janice Ian *** the nympho from Wedding Crashers and Mary Jane. I'm in love.
holy crap. Janice Ian is fine. Actually, smokin hot.
my life was made when I just saw Janice Ian's boobs in True Blood.
Why were you talking to Janice Ian ?
Then she went on crack Aha Its funny how in Mean Girls Janice ian is supposedly the 1 on crack. But all along its was lindsay
what are you on? My header is the Cake Like Lady Gaga photo you dumb *** This is why me & call you Janice Ian. Dumb ***
The best day of my life will be when someone writes Mean Girls the Musical.
Oh my God. I'm never going to watch Mean Girls the same anymore after seeing Janice Ian's boobs on True Blood. Mean Girls is ruined :(
Did you go to a wedding with Ian and Janice? Loved Sightseers! Good choice Ponytail. Joanne Kremer & Alex Booth
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*Janice Ian voice* some of the greatest people you will ever meet.
β€œPreach it Janice Ian this is why i adore you
This afternoon, Chris and I leave for Florida on a business trip. We have to fly. We are also going without the girls. Both flying and leaving my girls for 4 days makes me sick. Mostly I am nervous about the flight. If you would all please pray for the pilot, the plane, safe travels and me feeling peaceful about it all, that would be great. Although it will be a wonderful time and the weather will be in the 80's... I can't wait till Sunday afternoon when we arrive home safely. It's been hard for me to enjoy the holidays knowing this was coming up. I just really am scared to fly.
Janice Ian started following me long before you came along.
Like seriously, everyone in the Mean Girls fandom should get online, each pick a character, and we all recite the movie in real time.
Had an awesome xmas and new years in Maketu. Was nice to meet up with a few of the whanau - Mum and Dad, Tira & Daniel Patuwai, Mate Colvin, Lawrence Colvin, Aunty Kui and Uncle Mervin, Aunty Katarina Mansell, Uncle Rota, Aunty Lucy & Uncle Dave Mansell, Ngawiki-Anne Moorehead, Rameka Poihipi & whanau, Aunty Jesse Kingi, Cuz Rangimarie, Nan Val & Cuz Jimmy, Aunty Janice, Uncle Tim Roxburgh, Uncle Pedro, Koro Ian, Niece Cassandra Harris. Lots of love to all our whanau and friends. Stay safe and hope to see more of you throughout the year xox
Cant breath dis cold isnt playn help me lord.
If there was someone like Janice Ian at our school, she would be my best friend.
Beverley Kathleen McLeod (born Hollis) Born on 10th July 1954 in Germiston. Died 24th December 2012. Middle child of Joan and the late Tommy Hollis. Brothers Neil and Gavin. Married Des McLeod 11th July 1980. Mother of two daughters Candice and Megan, grandmother to four, namely Kristen, Chloe and twins Braiden and Kellan. Beverley was educated in Germiston and finished her schooling at Opt'Hof commercial school. She worked as a secretary at various companies, ending her corporate career in 1996, after approx 20 years as private secretary to the managing director of Genrec, a Murray and Roberts company. After a year of "chilling" she joined her husband Des in starting up a Dental Supply business. At the time she did not know the difference between a denture and a crown. Her sharp wit, great sense of humor and dedicated efficiency, quickly established her with customers and a very close and warm friendship developed between her and most customers. The shock and genuine grief expressed over the past few day ...
biggest surprise is when my bestfriends new about more animals than i thought they did Tasha Cooney Aimee Black
Ooft! Ouch! Happy New Year dudes and dudettes from Ian and Mari- Anne.
Hapi new year to my titas in ausie, lola, kuya leven and family, ate janice and family :) thx din po sa aginaldo :)
going to be doing some psychic artwork for the oracle cards that I am going to be releasing later this year. 52 cards in all - will keep you posted - happy new year all x
Happy New Year everyone, hope 2013 is a great year! Thanks to all our guests who stayed last year xx
Happy New Year to All!!! May we all cherised the coming blessings of the 2013! To Him be the Glory.
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