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Janet Reno

Janet Wood Reno (born July 21, 1938) is a former Attorney General of the United States (1993–2001). She was nominated by President Bill Clinton on February 11, 1993, and confirmed on March 11. She was the first female Attorney General and the second longest serving Attorney General after William Wirt.

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I would laugh so HARD! Get Janet Reno out of mothballs to lead the Charge!!
Actually moron, Janet Reno is where I remember hearing it first.
and to think Janet Reno didn't allow the airlines to upgrade her to first class on her flights...
Only when Janet Reno stormed Miami home to retrieve Elian Gonzalez in the '90's.
Holder is beyond corrupt. He helped janet reno cover up the federal government atrocities at Ruby Ridge & waco
Bigger than the one you got from Janet Reno?
I’m working on a piece about the greatest cop show of all time and TIL that Law and Order’s first DA left the show because of Janet Reno.
another Janet Reno clone. Professor: “We’ll Just Get Rid of All the Whites in the United States” via
Agent Davis also boasts ties to the Bush* family and brags about having gotten Jeb Bush elected to office over Janet Reno.
As Sessions continues to take orders from Schumer as a Janet Reno, should HUMILIATE…
Because Sessions is Janet Reno; but the obstruction, does not benefit a Clinton-P…
At this point Session is now the Janet Reno of this era. In place to obstruct justice only. But, for Sch…
Just thinking about how Janet Reno never lived down having large statue but *** slimey spicey is everyone's love 2 hate buddy now
Yeah but I cant make a joke about Janet Reno being a dude if the answer is Clinton
Wife : Who was that guy that killed those people in Waco Texas. Me : Janet Reno?
Did Janet Reno get you thinking along these lines??? ;-)
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The good lawyer is the great salesman.: Janet Reno
"[Fmr AG Janet] Reno’s record of deceit, brutality, & power grabs should not be forgotten by any American who cares about freedom."
The Establishment loves Janet Reno for wrecking the Constitution & riding roughshod over the law
Not to mention Janet Reno, Bob Dole, Joe Pesci with Robert DeNiro, Michael J Fox, and of course...Dennis Miller
Janet Reno presided over the burning to death of children in Waco & yrs later was invited to dance w/the cast on Saturday Night Live
dude yeah how bout when the real Janet Reno came busting through a wall after Will Farrell
you've heard of elf on a shelf... well how about Janet Reno on Isle Delfino?
Janet Reno should be remembered as being a psychopath, not a defender of "justice".
Janet Reno's record of deceit, brutality and power grabs should not be forgotten by Americans who care about freedom https…
Remember back in the 90s when every woman wore her hair like Janet Reno? "Give me the Reno," they'd say. At least that's how…
Atty. Gen. Janet Reno cannot be canonized without sanctifying vast & deadly abuses of power
Lucky for this ^^^ kid that Janet Reno isn't Attorney General.
23. You said nothing when Janet Reno, under B Clinton, used a tank to kill the several adults and numerous children of the Branch Davidians.
Sad to learn news of the passing of my former boss & 1st female Attorney General, Janet Reno htt…
so this definitely means that Janet Reno was Hils father and that Alan Greenspan sired Woody Allen
sad 4 John McCain I still remember his homophobic joke of Chelsea is love child of Hillary/Janet Reno & Dems who forget that and praise him
Jane Lynch talks about playing Janet Reno in ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’
Premiering Aug 1 8- part series on I play the late great AG Janet Reno
Jeff is indicting nobody and doing nothing about Sheriff Joe Arpio . What good is he? Janet Reno protected Bill Cli…
Thank you, Janet Reno, for that memory. What was your rationale/excuse when you got to the Pearly Gates?
Yeah! Trump's absurd, operatic corruption makes me *so mad* at Janet Reno!
So Janet Reno not recusing herself was message that ethics no matter?
Did Janet Reno recuse herself from Clinton scandal investigations?
Don't remember, but did Janet Reno recuse herself from the Clinton investigations? Think not
And now, in this moment, you choose to talk about Janet Reno and the Clintons? Do you realize how pathet…
Two words. Janet Reno. Sessions could last four years. Very hard to fire AG
Like when the Chinese scientist stole nuclear secrets & Janet Reno claimed the whistleblower was a rac…
I remember Janet Reno for sending a child back to a Communist country after his mother died bringing him to USA. 1…
Could be Trump wants a Janet Reno as AG. As evidence of foreign attempts to interfere with '96 election mounted… 3/
Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.
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& all the Islamberg enclaves amassing guns on FBI terror watch-lists,…
Why? Janet Reno did not resign in the face of outright antipathy from President
Unfortunately, Janet Reno was still investigating Waco up to her passing. Documents…
Ken Starr wasn't trying to take Bill down. He was a lawyer, appointed by Janet Reno, to a s…
Jane Lynch on playing Janet Reno: She owned up to her mistakes: Genius casting move, or what? We’re talking about……
*** You babble on with ur Janet Reno voice--good people lost their jobs at for one won't be…
.dropped by the to talk about playing Janet Reno in
Miamicom: Genius casting move, or what? We love janemarielynch
Jane Lynch as Janet Reno? Better match than Will Ferrell, right?
Speaking of foreign money influencing an election, why didn't Janet Reno appoint a special counsel for Chinagate?!?. https:/…
With a 🍊, in the & a retarded. running the . you are incredibly missed.
.Rundle took over for Janet Reno in Miami in 1993. Since then, she has not charged a cop in an on-…
Suck it up! In 1993 Janet Reno fired 93 US attorneys. Next we need to vote out He's as useless as *** on…
Janet Reno that over saw this operation. Along with Ruby Ridge and Wacko, she was responsible 4 several murders.
In USA Janet Reno, Marie Jean a.k.a.Madeleine Albright and Hillary Rodham Clinton has been secured completely by US Justice Department.
And everyone forgets about Janet Reno's Attorney purge under Bill Clinton back in 1993. Millennials are too young, but we remember..
OMG .. Janet Reno letter to Jeff Sessions!! . How'd that pitiful excuse for a DOJ work out for America? . WACO. RUBY…
Janet Reno: Black Mailed Bill Clinton over Ruby Ridge and . Branch Davidians (or Waco) . FBI fired shots from Helicopter to end it
15. Janet Reno - the first woman to serve as Attorney General of the United States. Actively pursues civil rights c…
That time Janet Reno demanded the resignation of all U.S. Attorneys during the Clinton Admin
People freaking out on Trump for firing the Attorney General like Clinton and Janet Reno didnt fire 93 repub staffers and the AG in '93.
were you equally outraged when Clinton fired all 93 US attorneys when he named Janet Reno attorney general?🤔
Remember when Bill Clinton fired all 93 U.S. attorneys when Janet Reno became attorney general in March 1993?
Okay. Soapbox: An attorney general HAS HAS HAS to be able to go against their POTUS. Janet Reno is the perfect example.
I bet Janet Reno's death really shook Michael J. Fox to the core.
Charlie Sheen should remember Janet Reno's famous last words: "Donald Trump will never be President in my lifetime." She…
In other news, this moron was on "Lie Witness News" on Kimmel. Said Batman's Harvey Dent not good AG, late Janet Reno w…
Janet Reno was an extraordinary public servant who never forgot about the lives of real people.
Janet Reno, who killed children at Waco, is dead. I don't hope she goes to *** because I know she's already there. ht…
Janet Reno died today. Here is how I remember her: THE BUTCHER OF WACO IS DEAD. has blood…
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Hillary has to pay her "friends" to support her. Glenn Beck. Diamond and Silk. Janet Reno.
Janet Reno, first woman to serve as US attorney general, dies at 78 - VIDEO: Reno dies at…
Janet Reno, former US attorney general, has died:
RIP Janet Reno. If you're too young to remember, look her up. 1990s controversies with which she dealt endure today. htt…
Janet Reno who made giant steps for the transgender community when she became Attorney General. Huh? She wasn't transgender?…
Janet Reno, country's first female attorney general, dies at 78
At 78 the first female U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, has died:
Janet Reno's legacy as attorney general includes some of the Clinton presidency’s most divisive episodes…
Janet Reno is dead. As first female Attorney General she gave green light for incinerating women & children at Waco. B…
She was a tough nut this one. Janet Reno, first U.S. woman attorney general, dies aged 78 via
RIP Janet Reno, first female Attorney General, guest of S24E16, 'Dark Knight Court'
She was truly a trailblazer. Janet Reno's achievements & legacy will never be forgotten. .
Senator McCaskill gave admiring assessment of Janet Reno,her mentor. "A prosecutor has (tremendous) power, stay handcuffed to the facts."
"She has truly put people first."- WJC Feb. 11, 1993. Thank you for your service Janet Reno.
3/12/1993: Janet Reno is was sworn-in first female U.S. Attorney General. Find more videos of Reno here:
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Re: Janet Reno. Lets also remember Bill Clinton bragged about *not* killing Osama bin Laden on 9/10/2001 .
Today, we mourn the loss of Janet Reno. A trailblazer and proud Girl Scout Alumna.
Janet Reno, the first female US attorney general, died Monday morning after a battle with Parkinson's disease
Janet Reno, US attorney general under President Bill Clinton, died after battle with... by via
Janet Reno, fiercely independent U.S. attorney general of 1990s, dies at 78
Fun Fact: Janet Reno built her career off the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic, a moral panic that sent a lot of innocent peo…
Vince Foster and Ron Brown were murdered by the Clintons. Janet Reno
Former AG Janet Reno died from complications of Parkinson's disease; she was 78
Janet Reno's toughness, humor and determination to protect the DOJ from improper influence made her a hero to many.
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Janet Reno has died at the age of 78, which is pretty close to the same number of people who died in the Waco raid.
Janet Reno, the first woman to serve as the United States' top law enforcement officer
Thank you, Janet Reno, for your commitment to support & to
The day before the election Janet Reno is in the news to remind us the Clintons burned American women and children alive…
looks like Janet Reno is storming a different kind of Davidian compound, in ***
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I think Janet Reno died on purpose to remind us that being 1st female _ doesn't preclude one from being horrible at the…
For those of u too young to remember what happens when we let the Clinton's select U.S. Attorney General google. "janet…
Janet Reno was a fine lady who sailed with grace & poise through turbulent waters.
it's true, I haven't murdered nearly as many women or children as Janet Reno has. And I don't plan on doing so.
RIP Lady Attorney, Janet Reno - gender barrier breaker, enemy of big tobacco, mistake maker, mistake owner, sister in stat…
CNN just called Janet Reno a "role model" for women. She did this, while working for the Clintons:
RIP ⚡️ “Janet Reno, first female U.S. attorney general, has died”.
Janet Reno, first US woman attorney general, dies Janet Reno, the first woman US attorney general who served eight…
Remembering Janet Reno, the first woman attorney general of the United States:
Janet Reno, first woman appointed U.S. Attorney General has died following complications of Parkinson’s disease. She was…
When I think of Janet Reno, I think of her ordering men, women, and children to be burned alive by the FBI in Waco. https…
Janet Reno was a courageous Attorney General. She faced some of the most difficult enforcement choices I can...
Regardless of what happens tomorrow, Janet Reno will still be burning in *** in flames that burn much hotter than the fires o…
Janet Reno’s trailblazing tenure as the first woman Attorney General leaves an enduring legacy for justice.
Janet Reno liked cutting down trees with chainsaws, because it was "more soothing than dealing with Congress."
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RIP Janet Reno. You were an inspiration & this country will miss you. I will miss you. This is wrong to say but... I hope she early voted
I had a chance to meet her at St. Pete High School. She cane to speak on the importance of the law and its...
Great point . I had forgotten! That was president Clinton and Janet Reno. Clintons are slugs. Trump 🚂
Man alive, Janet Reno was a dangerous AG.
CNN calls Janet Reno a "role model" for women. This is what she did to American women & children.
Janet Reno the best that ever did it. | Welcome to Luke Records
Janet Reno, the 1st woman to serve as U.S. attorney general, has died via
Janet Reno was an inspiration & trailblazer for so many women in law enforcement & government -- including me. She will b…
Janet Reno is dead. I wonder if she'll be waved off Heaven's Gates by Randy Weaver's son Sammy, his wife Vicki, and their dog (Striker)?!
RIP Janet Reno. You were both an interesting and a challenging woman to cover.
Janet Reno was in charge of killing Randy Weaver's son & wife. She was also in charge of killing a lot of kids @ Waco. Let her go.
RIP Janet Reno - I'll never understand how she lost the Dem nomination for governor of Florida in '02 to a very underwhelming Bill McBride
Feels like a good day to throwback to Janet Reno's Dance Party (beating on Rudy Giuliani as a bonus)
Janet Reno, nation's first female attorney general, dies at 78
Janet Reno conceded to Bill McBride for the Democratic nomination for FL governor in 2002
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.My son was 2-years-old when Janet Reno shook is little hand on the White House lawn (no pun intended). She was a nice lady.
Janet Reno 🙏🏻 when I was younger I used to think she was going to be the first female president.
Justice finally comes to Janet Reno. Here's hoping Randy Weaver, his remaining kids and the Waco siege survivors can find peace. God Bless..
I bet she's in the life judgement part about Randy Weaver's dead, pregnant wife. *** to be her right now. "Janet Reno"
Reminds me of Idaho under Clinton. Remember Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge & Janet Reno?? And FBI shot his wife & teenage son…
( e ) to Janet Reno the US Attorney General ( D ) . ( f ) to Hillary Clinton US First Lady (D). ole .
or American Revolution 2.0. Pull out the ol' Janet Reno strategy books.
It was not the president's responsibility to run a law enforcement operat...
Amazing turnout tonight in downtown Reno at Arch Madness!!! 🏀
BREAKING NEWS: Janet Reno comes out of retirement, and has been named as Attorney Gene…
Nothing new. Everyone knows she carpet munched Janet Reno
Not gonna lie, Janet Reno looks just as terrifying now as she did to me in the 90's.
Biden you John Kerry you Sam Farr you Barbara Boxer you Al Gore you , Janet Reno et al confess all your anti social various numerous
HOW bout we remind new voters Clinton position on 2nd Amend Ruby Ridge/JANET RENO/WACO/FBI/ATF Who won't they kill?
Bill how Bout we remind new Gen of Voters what Clintons think of 2nd Amend as in Ruby Ridge/JANET RENO/ATF/FBI/WACO
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Alex remind this Gen of Voters what Clintons did 2 2nd Amend on Ruby Ridge Under Janet Reno They'll kill 4 power
We have initiated programs for re-entry offenders, since some 500,000 to ...
What was the name of the young boy, that Janet Reno's Justice department grabbed and shipped back to Castro's Cuba?
to working with Attorney General Janet Reno to create the Office on Violence Against Women…
That's Hillary first touch by anyone masculine since Janet Reno.
theyre all mad about the "not guilty" verdict, jerking down their Janet Reno posters , knocking their cats off their bellies...
This is Clinton, Janet Reno & FBI killing innocent people, men, women and children in Waco Texas. Trust our govt? NO
Parkinson's Disease is a Neurological Psychiatric disorder. It affects your THINKING big time! Remember AG Janet Reno?
On this day in 1993, US Attorney General Janet Reno warned the TV industry to limit the violence in their programs.
If Hitlary wins she would burn children alive like her and Janet Reno did in Waco Texas
Her advice to hubby can be read at length on the internet. I only say Janet Reno/Waco as one of the more egregious bits of advice. NEVERMORE
Hillary doesn't want to rip children from their homes Bill n Janet Reno did
Hillary was in the White House with Bill when WACO occurred. AG Janet Reno and the BATF murdered Americans Do you…
Hillary doesn't want to rip families apart but her husband and Janet Reno did
Chelsea is Webb Hubbel's daughter. Also Hilary had affairs with Janet Reno and Yoko Ono.
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Rock Calendar 10-20-93: Amid growing complaints, Atty. General Janet Reno takes Hollywood to task about excessive movie and TV violence.
right right. Like when & Janet Reno gassed and burned women n children alive in Waco.
She's just harkening back to when Janet Reno used to push her off the top of Justice Department building.
Im sorry Kathy. That piece of crap was pure evil from birth. Arranged marriage for power. Daughter for show. Had sex w…
Great point. That was Janet Reno. Was that under Clinton?
what about Elian Gonzalez taken in the middle of the night by Janet Reno under the Clinton administration
She's thinking about the boy her husband and Janet Reno ripped out of his home to send back to Cuba?
Georgetown honors AG Janet Reno-The People's Lawyer! Join us in celebrating the contributions of a remarkable woman!
The reason is so dog ugly is her real dad is Janet Reno!
The blame for (and lies with Republicans in Congress helping Janet Reno kill prosecution.
For the record, DNA test results show that Janet Reno is Chelsea Clinton's biological father...
I hope she re-hires Janet Reno and sends you all back under the slimy rocks you crawled out f…
Janet Reno, Linda Ronstadt, Davis Phinney...each of them are facing many of the same related issues that you are.
That outfit makes you look so Janet Reno
good to see Janet Reno's mentally challenged daughter in the hat has progressed to where she can go out
In the mid 1990s Janet Reno, Bill Clinton's AG, bragged about bringing more death penalty cases than then GOP. Jail is bad now, do tell
Remember that time Janet Reno dressed up as an ugly ***
Stephen King & former attorney general Janet Reno look freakishly similar. It's true. Google Images backs me up. Go ahead you know you wanna
of treacherous crime with FIDE and Saddam Hussein I wrote many pen letters tO Bill Clinton Panetta Sam Farr and et al with janet Reno
Bill said hiring Janet Reno was his... Guess who picked her? Obama's Libya, yet she's the most qualified.
Bill Clinton had the great idea mortgages for people who can t afford it,Janet Reno took the ball and ran with that batte…
At this moment I do not have a personal relationship with a computer.
what do you, Janet Reno, Elizabeth Warren and Jane Lynch have in common?
oh no, she is Bill's daughter... Janet Reno is Chelsea's real mother.
) and US Commander –in Chief ( D ) of the US Military forces, Mrs Janet Reno who was US Attorney General ( D ) , Mrs Barbara Boxer
Big O, throw in Janet Reno into the mix, just for some disparity
. Let's see, Melania Trump v electing felonious old hag and her first lady, Janet Reno, or is it Uma? The serial rapist?.
Former Clinton Atty General Janet Reno should've faced charges of murder in Waco,Texas
Fight this dude...or sleep with Janet Reno. You can only choose one option...what do you fo
it's because Janet Reno is her father.
Up next from Waco Texas, former head the FBI, Janet Reno.
This guy speaking now is Will Ferrell as Janet Reno. Making America Great Again.
...withdraw their names from consideration. Next she chose Janet Reno – husband Bill described her selection as “my worst mistake.” Some ...
I wish Janet Reno were here to kick Rudy Giulani's *** right now
Is it bad form to wish that Will Ferrell would come out on stage dressed as Janet Reno and deliver a severe lowblow to Rudy?
Kinda looks like Janet Reno. I think Bill tuned her up too and probably Joy as well...
She kind of reminds me of Will Farrell in the Janet Reno dress.
Madeline Albright again. Janet Reno must be next. Help us God! Enlist in the USFA at Join! http…
Until the day I die, or until the day I can't think anymore, I want to be involved in the issues that I
I can no longer hear "My Sharona" without think of Janet Reno's Dance Party
Whew! that's a relief! I thought her father was Janet Reno.
If you want to know what Hillary would do to our civil liberties, look no further than what her Good friend Janet Reno did in Waco...
you once had a sex dream about Janet Reno.
LOL That just made me think of Will Ferrell's impression of Janet Reno
I think it's fair game, as she's made a living with her large butt. It's not like I'm making fun of Janet Reno.
.. Janet Reno warned about homegrown problems. We never listen when we should. has many fathers.
Many jumped to conclusions re: OK City. Luckily Janet Reno did not!
New black panthers need to meet Janet Reno they are terrorist group but our terrorist president is too!
Both? The SNL misogyny trifecta of my youth involved Janet Reno, Madeleine Albright, and Linda Tripp.
Janet Reno was the attorney general and she was bought and paid for by the Clinton's pretty much…
. She already did. Remember Waco?. She gave Janet Reno order to burn them out. . Blamed Branch Davidians.
The Branch Davidians powered a time travel portal that allowed Elian to time travel. That's why Janet Reno was ordered to take out both.
does Will Ferrell dressed as Janet Reno count
how much did Janet reno cost Bill Clinton?
Topical? The guy was doing Janet Reno jokes in 2012.
She does have a slight resemblance to Janet Reno 🙃
Looks like something janet reno would wear.
Musta been tutored by Janet Waco Reno, and Clinton's 5th Choice for AG as she was famous for nol-prossing her GYN on felonies.
It was Hillary that gave the order to Janet Reno to give the order to the FBI to set the fire
Janet Reno was the fall-guy for Hillary Clinton's attack on WACO TEXAS... FBI & Secret police worked for Hillary not Janet Reno
False! Janet Reno did what she was told by Hillary... Janet Reno was the fall guy for Hillary
Add a few more pounds, and we're talking Janet Reno allure.
Janet Reno and Bill Clinton. Watched this on live TV. Ring any bells yet?
We tried our best for the longest time to negotiate a peaceful resolut...
Well, you would know Bill, you let her choose Janet Reno for starters.
Alex Jones confronting baby killer in chief Janet Reno about ---
where is Janet Reno btw... Halfbright is irrelevant.
If Hillary is next President (God forbid) I won't leave but I will secede... until she sends Janet Reno to 'Waco' me... So be it.
Clinton & Janet Reno killed close to 100 people in Waco & Ruby Ridge incidents.
Waco & Ruby Ridge. Janet Reno & Bill Clinton are responsible for the deaths of these people.
and we are still paying the price for the corruption of hm and his wife. 9/11, banking crisis, Janet Reno
I'll see your Janet Reno.and raise you a RICHARD SIMMONS!
Patty Judge? Seriously Iowa Democrats? Grassley is beatable for 1st time ever...and they run Janet Reno 2.0. She's not mobilizing anyone.
and I get that it was more so Bill & Janet Reno but I'm certain Hillary had her hand in it too. Then that crime bill too but like
HRC insisted that Vince +Janet Reno order ATF to attack WACO. Rumor has it he was sick over the deadly result
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In my book, I will have an amazing story about Bill Clinton and Janet Reno, his AG, and Iraq.
Remember when the Clintons & Janet Reno sent armed federal agents to kick that Cuban family’s door in? 🌚
It is my opinion she is the actual child of Hillary and Janet Reno. Could never pin that on Mr. Ed.
I just try to do my best and make the best judgments I can.
Waco TX,1993: Bill Clinton and Janet Reno ordered murder of 75 whacko Christians. But its OK to let twisted Muslims thrive within US?
That was actually Clinton. Janet Reno was the one who threatened them to comply. Learn your history.
Paul Wilcher (pt 2)... Had delivered a shocking report to Janet Reno three weeks before his death.
how are you doing how's Janet I miss you guys come to Reno you'll have fun let me know when you come X
And you know, we all want to see the second coming of Janet Reno.
I have been surrounded by some of the smartest, brightest, most caring...
Hillary Clinton murdered 76 innocents at Waco - April 19, 1993. That was HER call, not Bill's not Janet Reno's!!!
oh very much serious, Her and Janet Reno.
I loathe Hillary as the evil she is but wasn't it Janet Reno who ordered that assault and murder
How sad Matt Damon respects the man that actually gave us the meltdown: Bill Clinton via Janet Reno and folks like Barney Frank
The president really shouldn't be involved in terms of dictating what ...
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Wow! Time does fly in politics. Found this note from Janet Reno...“For Victor and Carmen and on to victory in 2002.”
Back in January 2006 (yes its been 10 years): . If you ever heard the story of the one and only time Janet Reno...
Anybody that thought that I tried to protect the president has forgott...
This one and Janet Reno know a thing or 2 about killing people
Michael J Fox and Janet Reno never set foot inside a boxing ring.
"Who's pubic hair ball this time, Huma, Janet Reno or Madeleine Albright's ? . ." — John (magnum)
Ppl think the sex scandal in the Clinton campaign is Bill. Folks I know swear Janet Reno & Hillary were lovers. That Janet confided to many.
How are tightrope walking and a *** from Janet Reno the same? In both cases it's best not to look down!
will make Janet Reno LOOK like the GOOD WITCH!
I had concluded when I was the prosecutor that I would vote against th...
Scary time back them. We also had Janet Reno!
Dear trivia master please don't call the Janet Reno hideous. She was an attorney general. You do bar trivia. Also you are hideous.
there is a thing called which is rising up like a in the US. Janet Reno would shake in her boots
Beautifully connected. Yes. What about this kid and Janet Reno's other barbecue victims?
When you think of Bill Clinton in office, Think Ruby Ridge, Waco, Janet Reno, and mortgage debacle. Think Hillary Healthcare & Bengazhi
Homeland security? Janet Napolitano reminds me of Janet Reno. Why is that?
YEP, she's GOOFY lookin' Looks like Janet Reno. Remember Janet Reno's mess in Waco, Texas ?
Probably add Janet Reno to the mix. Won't that be a sight to see.
I have always thought that Chelsey looks like a cross between hillary and Janet Reno
love block feature, teehee. Good description: Shd go Janet Reno on em
The Janet Reno portrait hanging up in FBI Assistant Director Skinner's office is amazing.
Rosie probably is Hillary's main squeeze! Guess Janet Reno was her last one.!? :o)
Does she remember letting Janet Reno burn down the Branch Davidian Compound?
Dem AG Janet Reno gets the credit for the deaths of the women and children in Waco.
so far Trump hasn't told a child that she's so ugly because Janet Reno is her real dad.
my Janet Reno erotica fan fiction is probably more meaningful...
Mar 12 1993- Janet Reno was sworn in as the United States' first female attorney general
I'm not fancy. I'm what I appear to be.
Go to bed wit a kilo, like casino, Janet Reno, we all we got; the creed of Nino.
Just wait until Trump releases the Hillary/Janet Reno sex video. (For Dems: This is called snark.)
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1995 commencement with grad speaker and US Attorney General Janet Reno (and then-Dean Fred Aman)
btw McCain once said Chelsea Clinton was so ugly because Janet Reno was her real father. This is when Chelsea was about 12
.he's going to replace Janet Yallen with Janet Reno
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