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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American singer, songwriter and actress.

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Beyonce's net worth is $300m after so many years in the industry. Janet Jackson made more than that from just one job. It's nev…
Janet Jackson did Big Brother for FIVE years and got $500M.
Janet Jackson separates from husband months after birth of her first child
Scoop: Janet Jackson's Post-Baby Split, Bradley Cooper child -seems like celebs marriage is more like dating
I could really see Janet Mock playing Janet Jackson in a biopic.
WATCH: Janet Jackson splits from her husband: ABC News' Jesse Palmer brings the…
Janet Jackson's prenup allegedly guarantees her $500m if she stayed married for 5 years, she did better, she added…
Janet Jackson's prenuptial agreement guaranteed her $500 million if she stayed 5 years. She leaves 5 years, two months in. http…
Janet Jackson splits from Moslem hubby cuz (surprise) he was "controlling" & changed her sexy dress into Mama Cass cow…
Everyone and their mothers side-ting is waiting for Wendy William's spill on Janet Jackson. Including me.
Janet Jackson splits from her £800m Qatari tycoon third husband just 3 months after giving birth…
Janet Jackson when she sees $500 million has gone into her bank account because she purposely didn't sign a prenup https…
Janet Jackson is the ultimate scammer. She canceled her tour and took y'alls money, to focus on scamming her husband https…
Janet Jackson done had the baby then takes the money. Well played Ms.Jackson !
Eeeik Janet Jackson done left her billionaire hubby. I'm sure she's leaving with a good deal
She's 50 with a newborn. Huhu. **and prob millions of dollars richer. oh well.
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Janet Jackson 'splits from husband' just months after giving birth to baby boy
So Janet Jackson on here getting praised cause she scammed ole dude, but French Montana can't call a girl nappy head ?
Divorce is a horrible experience 💯. Regardless tho, Janet Jackson won. 500 Million, she got a pound cake!
Janet Jackson is in fact the greatest female performer of all time. Debate with your granny, not the facts.
Janet Jackson was always gonna be rich forever. But now she's gonna be RICH FOREVER.
At least Janet Jackson was married before she had a kid...where yall baby daddy🤔🤔
Yall can't be scaring me now when i seen Janet Jackson trending
If Janet Jackson is divorcing her husband, she is getting 500 Million... She didn't sign a prenup
Wait .Janet Jackson bout to be a "baby mama". Oh I CAN'T WAIT for all the blogs and think pieces on this one.
In a year's time, Janet Jackson has successfully scammed her fans with the Tour & now, a billionaire. . Did someone call for a L…
Janet Jackson's account was already over 100mill she just secured another 500 mill. Bless it.
I really don't get all of this Janet Jackson "scammed" her husband talk. Yes, he's a billionaire but Janet is also worth l…
Y'all calling a woman who was MARRIED and had a child with her HUSBAND a SCAMMER?! Janet Jackson. A scammer... I just.…
Ahh Janet Jackson has left the Arab billionaire. Better bring back that tour, Miss Janet. We're ready!!
Jermaine Dupri in Janet Jackson DM like hey bighead featured in NBC s Science of Love
OMM they better get Ajiona Alexus to play Janet Jackson's biopic!!😤😤
I'm not Believeing none of it until I hear Janet Jackson whisper it and announce it to the World.
Janet Jackson? Divorce? What a phenomenal scammer she is. First she scams her fans with her concert, then she scams her hu…
So Janet Jackson got knocked up by a billionare and then left him and now getting 500 mill. me:
Janet Jackson been hiding kids and marriages for over half her life. That's why she whispers so *** much. She can keep a s…
Janet Jackson when she looked and seen that 500 million hit that bank account
Janet jackson to her husband after she had a baby
Janet Jackson is an Icon‼️Weirdo social media newborns think she's their favorite IG Model or started out on Love & Hip ***
Janet Jackson is a scammer.. Lol she got that baby and split.. Collect that child support boo
Dude married Janet Jackson when he could of had married someone better in Deen, now she dippin with $500 mil lol
Janet Jackson splits with husband Wissam Al Mana three months after giving birth
Janet Jackson straight took this *** s soul in front of 60,000. SAVAGE. 😈🔥😮🔥
I still can't believe that Halle Berry, Stacy Dash, Janet Jackson, Blair Underwood, etc. are in their 50's, They...
If they don't include da brat faith Evans and Janet Jackson in that biopic I really have nothing to say oh of course Mary J Blige aka...
Today in 2002, Janet Jackson won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording.
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Cookie went Janet Jackson turned Mr & Mrs Smith on that *** ..
A favorite movie of Michelle's was bridesmaids. Her favorite singer was Janet Jackson. She was a die hard for Drum Corp and she loved us!
Women like Jada smith,Janet Jackson, Nia long & etc. make me wish I lived in the 90s 😫🤤
Janet Jackson is the single best female dancer ever in the music industry, past & present. Don't @ me.
For years there have been rumors that Janet Jackson and first husband James DeBarge had a secret child during...
I'm Janet Jackson's secret daughter! Meet the woman behind the massive cover-up!
31 year old woman, Tiffany Whyte claims she's Janet Jackson's love child
Janet Jackson and her alleged secret daughter, Tiffany Whyte, could pass for twins
31 year Tiffany Whyte claims she is Janet Jackson love child
Do Y’all See What We See? Tiffany Whyte Claims to Be the Secret Daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge [Video] https:/…
Tiffany Whyte claims to be the daughter of Janet Jackson and James Debarge 🤔
Meet Tiffany Whyte, 31 years. She is seriously claiming to be the love child of Janet Jackson & James Debarge
throb by Janet Jackson touch me by Samantha fox. Fire by the pointer sisters. And erotica by madonna
A Day in BOB's Life 3/11/17. Today in 1991, BOB remembers Janet Jackson signing a deal with Virgin Records for 2...
This Micheal Jackson was favorite song off this album. The Knowledge by Janet Jackson ♫
Did you oppose FCC when they prosecuted Janet Jackson for her Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction?
Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Cher, Diana Ross, Rihanna, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin.. and more are just as impac…
Janet Jackson's family is opening up about her "beautiful baby boy" Eissa Al Mana:
I'm imagining an opener with Janet Jackson instead of Justin Timberlake.
Time for Cornershop, Janet Jackson and Will Smith coming up from the year Truman had his own show. Gues…
Y'all talking about how Beyoncé was snubbed when Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey were snubbed multiple ti…
Adele stopped the Grammys, honey. And cussed. Thank goodness her name ain't Janet Jackson. Cuz then they would ban her.
Janet Jackson presents the Grammy Legend Award to her older brother, Michael Jackson. 1993.
Carmelo follows Janet Jackson but not Phil Jackson. Players Phil follows are Willy Hernangómez and Joakim Noah.
Yall remember the infamous halftime show with JT and Janet Jackson. But no one rememmbered that p diddy, nelly and kid rock was in there too
Bring back Janet Jackson that was my first set of titties I saw
Super Bowl memorable moments: Beyonce turns out the lights, Janet Jackson bares all to world, and Malcolm Butler’s…
Ja'net Dubois as Willona Woods. Sassy adopted mom of Janet Jackson as Penny. Probably the first episode on tv expos…
Janet Jackson just had her first baby. she used donor eggs, and had an “easy pregnancy" . # via
Janet Jackson had her first baby at the age of 50, but is her story encouraging or an unrealistic outlier?
Janet Jackson's IVF success does not necessarily mirror other people's experiences:
82. Janet Jackson's Rolling Stones cover (1993). One of the most iconic magazine covers of all time.
I grew up dreaming of Minneapolis: Janet Jackson made it cool; Prince made it weird; Mary Tyler Moore made it possible.
From our building dedication in 1991. Pictured are Mary Lazarus, Janet Jackson and AFC founder Cecilia "Cee" Cullman.
Janet Jackson gave birth at 50,Arsenal are still waiting for the Champions League 100 years later 😂😂😂
find yourself somebody who looks at you the way young Janet Jackson looks at Luther Vandross performing at the NAACP imag…
what a difference so much patriotism. Who needs Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande you got Toby and lee
. 1. Janet Jackson . 2.Beyonce . 3.Beyonce. 4.The Black Eyed peas . 5.Maybe Madonna . Katy shouldn't even be in the top 5
One of the more intriguing 2016 announcements: Janet Jackson to Produce Film on 1920s Mobster Stephanie St. Clair https:/…
bell biv devoe (never trust a big butt and a smile) shai, Mary j blige, Janet Jackson, lauryn hill. I could go on.
He's played behind the likes of Janet Jackson, Sheena Easton and Teena Marie. He penned the 1990 R&B hit "The...
can't have a top 10 without Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Lisa Fisher
I went to an HBCU, the dean of the school humanities used to make his points by alluding to old Janet Jackson songs none of us knew.
we're just 5 days into 2017 . so far Chris & Soulja boy started a beef. Janet Jackson gives birth at 50. now nicki Minaj has du…
He writes for Cliff Richard, Janet Jackson & Keith Urban, now Chris Eaton has a song about Kinver Edge 1830 http…
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Janet Jackson welcomes first child, son Eissa, with husband Wissam Al Mana
Janet Jackson welcomes her first child: Find out the baby's name
It's a baby boy for Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana
Wissam Al Mana and Janet Jackson become proud parents to Eissa
Congratulations. Janet Jackson &Wissam Al Mana to welcome the bundle of joy son Eissa Al Mana.
Janet Jackson, aged 50, welcomes first child with husband Wissam Al Mana
Janet Jackson has welcomed her first child, a baby boy, with husband Wissam Al Mana!
Janet Jackson gives birth to first child at 50 The pop star has given birth to a son with husband Wissam Al Mana. She had recently cut shor…
Janet Jackson and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, have welcomed their first child, a boy named Eissa https:/…
1: Hull City sack head coach Mike Phelan. 2:Janet Jackson(51) has given birth to her first child!
⚡️ “It's a boy for Janet Jackson and husband”.
So I share the same birthday as Janet Jackson and our kids share the same birthday too.
Eve and Janet Jackson so winning. They both married billionaires
Congrats to Janet Jackson, who just welcomed baby boy Eissa Al Mana on Tuesday!.
It's a BOY!. Janet Jackson welcomes baby Eissa to the world!
how is Janet Jackson that stunning and is 50 with child.? Like excuse me I could never, you could never, mother nature could never
Janet Jackson welcomes her first baby at 50 years old - a baby boy named Eissa Al Mana.
I took the news that Janet Jackson had a baby really well.
Janet Jackson welcomes her new baby boy!
Congrats to and husband Wissam Al Mana on the arrival of their son, Eissa! ❤️ ht…
Pop superstar Janet Jackson, 50, has given birth to her first child, according... by
Janet Jackson had her baby today. She will be FIFTY ONE in May. .
Congrats to Janet Jackson, who just delivered her first child at age 50! .
Yes. 1st Janet Jackson has a baby at 65 & now this! This is gonna be a GREAT year! Lol. I 💓
advancements helped give birth later in life, at age 50. Will 60yrs old be the next goal?.
Janet Jackson is almost twice my age. She had a kid and I stayed in my pajamas today
Janet Jackson gave birth to a baby boy at age 50 while I haven't put on pants today at age 38.
Top Janet Jackson videos Welcome baby Eissa! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe!
Singer Janet Jackson gives birth to boy: Pop singer Janet Jackson is resting comfortably after giving birth to a… http…
Music Legend, Janet Jackson, Welcome Her New Born Boy Janet Jackson, who is the sister of…
Janet Jackson is Married to a Billionaire. Eve is Married to a Billionaire. . I'm ready to join the Billionaire wives club.
Janet Jackson gives birth to a son named Eissa at 50 years old
'Thrilled' Janet Jackson welcomes first child at age 50..
Janet Jackson gives birth to baby boy at age 50
*** Janet Jackson just had a baby at 50 and soulja boy got robbed on his own live stream.did 2016 start like this or???
janet jackson . named her son Eissa. i love that name ♥️ . arabic for Jesus.
It's all for baby: Janet Jackson has given birth to her first child!
Congrats to Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana on their newborn boy, Eissa (Arabic for Jesus). Mabrook!
Statement: Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana thrilled to welcome Eissa Al Mana. Janet had a healthy delivery and is resting…
Congrats to Janet Jackson. it shows at 50 years old you can still have a child be happy and realize life does not s…
I'm so deliriously happy for Janet Jackson.
Janet Jackson and husband welcome first child!
Pop superstar Janet Jackson, 50, gives birth to a boy, according to People magazine.
Could be giving the Universe Lisa Bonet, Janet Jackson and Nia Long vibes?
Janet Jackson will show us the Unbreakable baby, when she is ready
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I believe Janet Jackson has already gave birth to her baby. You really not seeing her now nor did she give us a holiday greeting. lol
Seven albums. 140m records sold. Any way you look at it, Janet Jackson is a first ballot Rock and Roll HOFer. . http…
Kind of like Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks, Michael and Janet Jackson. I haven't seen Janet ever since Michael died.
Watching the Nutty Professor and I'm realising I know a Jada Pinkett and a Janet Jackson. I'm the closest thing SA has to that brilliant man
Janet Jackson giving his brother the Grammy Legend Award in 1993.
I related to Janet Jackson's character and Kimberly Elise's character the most in For Colored Girls
Kristina better stop with this Janet Jackson love child/half sister storyline before Janet sues her ***
There will never be another Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tiffany Hwang, Janet Jackson & Whitney Houston & no one will ever…
Alan Mark Tong: Listening to Zayn right now. Before that was Janet Jackson and Beyoncé, of…
A Day in BOB's Life 12/03/2016. 1997 - Janet Jackson got an injunction against Eric Leon Christian, who she claimed had been harassing her.
Janet Jackson along with Patti Labelle is nominated for Rhythm and Blues Hall Of Fame.
The Honourable SentleL, We are patiently wa8ing 4de lyks of Janet Jackson, Vanessa L Williams. I got U #
Sign artists like lil bow wow and date Janet Jackson
Outcross Records boss Miguel Campbell's latest release!. Remixing for the one and only Janet Jackson... The... https:…
To all those who let go of true love coz of religion, learn from 'Wissam Al Mana & Janet Jackson'...ethnicity is anoda bad…
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Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana are expecting a baby.
Solange & Janet Jackson did the hardest thing any artist could do & that was following the act of an iconic older sibling…
Anyone in Baton Rouge know the name of the song that's playing on 94.1?. Artist and song please. It's sampling Janet Jackson
Someone needs to tell the Daily Mirror that Janet Jackson's "Islamic attire" is actually an Adidas poncho for men... 🙄…
my kind of Pop: Prince, James Brown, Michael & Janet Jackson, and Tina Marie🤔😋
Today in 1989 Janet Jackson drops Rhythm Nation. Caine, on the low though...
the Bee Gees, Cindy Lauper, Janet Jackson, James Brown and so many ❤️😭
Stephen A. Smith does mid-game commentary? That's the biggest boob we've seen at halftime since Janet Jackson, chachi.
Joseph Gordon levitt danced to rhythm nation by Janet Jackson on lip sync battle!!! Omg y'all need to watch this
In my mind they played "Nasty" by Janet Jackson as Hillary walked up to the podium for the Al Smith dinner.
Janet Jackson and Will Smith throwbacks were exactly what I needed to start this Friday. 👌
Who else wants Hillary to arrive at the Al Smith dinner with an entourage of dancers and dressed like Janet Jackson, circa 1986?
"No, my first name ain't baby; it's Janet. Miss Jackson, if you're nasty." -Janet Jackson
should take Al Smith dinner podium clutching iPhone playing Janet Jackson "Nasty"-her new ring tone!
should take Al Smith dinner podium clutching an iPhone playing Janet Jackson's "Nasty"-with a smile, no comment
Spotify streams of Janet Jackson's "Nasty" increase by 250% after Donald Trump's debate comments
Can we just take this moment to remember that Janet Jackson wrote "Nasty" because of abusive men in her life.
Janet Jackson's "Nasty" was written after she had a terrible street harassment experience, by the way.
Dear please walk out to Janet Jackson's Nasty at your next rally
I would be more familiar with Janet Jackson than I was with the Teardro...
Depeche Mode, The Cars, Kraftwerk, Bad Brains, Jane's Addiction nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
There are many artists to champion for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but lemme cast a vote for
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees include Tupac Shakur,
make the list of 2017 nominees for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
How in the world is Janet Jackson NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
At least rock icon Janet Jackson made it. ;-P
Congratulations to Janet Jackson on her nomination! Vote here:
reminds of how Janet Jackson used to be
CONGRATS! nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Most definitely Janet Jackson, she is a great entertainer
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2017 nominees have been announced!
Tupac & Janet Jackson Headline List of 2017 Rock and Roll HOF Nominees via
Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
“Tupac, Janet Jackson head up Rock Hall of Fame nominees - YouTube”
Guess what honor Tupac & Janet Jackson have been nominated for?:
Tupac and Janet Jackson could both be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame very soon
Tupac and Pearl Jam were nominated to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here's who else made the list.
JUST IN: Nominees for induction into the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame include Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Janet Jackson and Joan Ba…
←← Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017
nominees include Pearl Jam, Janet Jackson & more
2Pac and Janet Jackson are both nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year 🙌
Congratulations are in order for Tupac and Janet Jackson! The music icons received nominations for the 2017 Rock & Roll Hal…
Listen to The Best Things in Life Are Free by Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson on
Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50 by a billionaire and y'all young *** still dating the weed man in y'all city?
Featuring Dr. Shannon M. Clark: Janet Jackson pregnancy: Is it safe at 50? via
Janet Jackson is finally telling the world her big news: She's expecting her first baby at age 50
Janet Jackson first pregnancy at 50, Adrien Broner talkin suicide, Tommy Ford died, & Detective in D. Rose case shot dead s…
• Janet Jackson pregnant. • Tommy Ford is on life support. • Detective in Derrick Rose rape case dead. • Adrien Brone…
Janet Jackson expects to become mother at 50 old: Janet Jackson (Janet Damita Jo Jackson…
Janet Jackson confirms she's pregnant at 50
Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50! Congratulations to this brave woman! Black don't crack!. h…
Janet Jackson announces first ‘blessing’ pregnancy at age 50: After months of gossip and mounting rumors, singer……
COMING UP ON Janet Jackson like you've never seen her before! She's showing off her baby bump and getting ready for her firs…
Janet Jackson has confirmed that she is expecting her first child
People saying that Janet Jackson is "too old" to be having a baby disgust me. She's only 50! Stop trying to give women a "best by" date.
Congrats, Singer confirms she's pregnant with first child at 50
My fave, Janet Jackson. Formally announced pregnancy @ 50. Happy for her. & her family.😆💕(via
Janet Jackson is 50 and she's pregnant. I don't know which is more shocking, the fact that she's pregnant or the fact that sh…
When you find out the reason why Janet Jackson is trending not because she released new music, but because she is p…
I'm not about to play with Janet Jackson & her pregnant 50 yr old self.
Janet Jackson pregnant at age 50 because the rhythm nation method is less than 75% effective.
Janet Jackson, 50, confirms she is pregnant with first child by via
Happy for her! ⚡️ “Janet Jackson officially confirms her pregnancy at 50”.
Janet Jackson Confirms Pregnancy: 50 and pregnant never looked so good.
Janet Jackson having a kid at 50. This is perfectly OK in Amerikwa.
BBC News - Singer Janet Jackson, 50, confirms she is expecting first child at age 50
Janet Jackson showing off her pregnancy glow at the age of 50! 😍
Janet Jackson confirms she's pregnant -- at age 50
Just like Janet Jackson my mom got pregnant after 50 but this is what happened
Janet Jackson finally is having her first child at 50 years old. My grandparents were 47 when I was born.
'We thank God for our blessing.' Janet Jackson announces she's pregnant at 50
Janet Jackson showing off her beautiful baby bump 👶🏽 for People Magazine.
Janet Jackson officially announces her pregnancy ‘blessing’ at 50 – see the exclusive photo
Janet Jackson confirms pregnancy with husband Wissam Al Mana
Madonna, Janet Jackson & Britney Spears are the only female artists in Hot 100 history to have a single in 3 differ…
Janet Jackson is pregnant . at 50. procrastination at its finest
Janet Jackson is trending. I wonder why?
Huge congratulations to Janet Jackson who is expecting her 1st child at 50! She looks beautiful!...
Aww Damita Jo! 😍Janet Jackson showing off that baby bump. Still can't believe she's 50, she is…
Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50...wat
Janet Jackson officially Announces her Pregnancy with an Exclusive Photo
Having a bad day? Well, here's a video of Michael and Janet Jackson, featuring Wonder Woman (Ms.Cart…
It's pretty crazy how the original version of Camp Lo's Coolie High samples Michael Jackson, and the album version samples Janet Jackson.
"Ken Bone" is Buford T. Justice's love child with Janet Jackson
The only female artists to be dubbed the Queen of Pop:. Janet Jackson. Lady Gaga. Madonna
It looks like Janet Jackson is with child... I'm happy for her...
Janet Jackson on doctor-ordered bed rest ahead of baby's birth
Please RT? Did Janet Jackson just announce she&preg
50yr old Janet Jackson and her visible baby bump spotted in London: It was revealed months back that 50-year-...
Pregnant Janet Jackson spotted for the first time with visible baby bump(Photos)
Baby bump on the pregnant Janet Jackson becoming visible (Photo)
Janet Jackson is not allowing her recent pregnancy crisis stop her from flaunting he...
Marie Osmond needs to chill with the plastic surgery. She's starting to look like Janet Jackson. Who is basically Michael in a wig, TBH.
Jackie WillisSeptember 28, 2016 Janet Jackson has that pregnancy glow! ET was the first to report back in May...
- The Dream, Jill Scott, Adina Howard, Janet Jackson and more - The Way My Skil...
It's an Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Janet Jackson kind of day.
The production on Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 by and Terry Lewis is so dope. Still sounds amazing. Industrial AF too.
I didn't realize Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were the brains behind the new Janet Jackson album.
Fact: Prince was considered for a Janet Jackson duet for Love will never do (without you) but Terry Lewis decided a duet wasn't necessary
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis was one of the best things that happened to Janet Jackson.
Cursed be the algorithm that gave me Sister Hazel instead of Janet Jackson when i searched All For You
During the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show what body part of Janet Jackson popped out?
With the exception of my neighbor, Wayne, we're all a part of Janet Jackson's rhythm nation.
NP: Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson. It's time to give a *** let's work together. Come on now.
i rather talk to you you are the real deal how is Janet Jackson doing please reply back from Jason Walsh
Michael Jackson with Lisa Marie Presley and his sister Janet Jackson in 1986.
Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Mary J, Janet Jackson are legends..Beyonce, Gaga, Adele, RiRi are Icons see the difference?
32. Janet Jackson shading Madonna with such calmness 😭
I liked a video from Janet Jackson - Essence Music Festival 2010 (Live Performance)
I'm still confused as to how Paul Mitchell thought Diana Ross was Janet Jackson. Fire the intern ASAP. Living legend!
I like how we just totally ignored bobby brown saying Janet Jackson told him Joe told her couldn't date black men wow😮😮😮
You going to deport Shaq and Kareem and Hakeem and Dr. Oz and Janet Jackson and Snoop Dog?
Artist who deserve perfom next year at the Super Bowl:. -Lady Gaga. -Nicki Minaj. -Rihanna. -Janet Jackson. -Shakira
Janet & James DeBarge’s Secret Love Story EXPOSED!: James DeBarge never got over Janet Jackson, according to...
Michelle Obama and Janet Jackson look similar.. just noticed that
The most expensive music video ever made was "Scream" by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, reaching $7,000,000!
Janet Jackson is hands down better than Madonna and that is a FACT.
Janet Jackson will forever be my favorite female artist
Janet Jackson is the 1st & only black female artist to top the Rock Charts. She did so with her song 'Black Cat'. https:…
"I've studied the best . . . Michael Jackson. I'm not saying that just because he's my brother." - Janet Jackson. https:…
Janet Jackson tixs for Aug 28 at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland OH
Janet Jackson tixs for Jul 25 at Schottenstein Center in Columbus OH
Cedric Polk... Lol. Time to separate Janet Jackson from Freddie Jackson. Let me stop.
I dont like u Chris brown I just heard Kevin Nash wanted to kill u for Tammi mac and them *** men I dont like Janet Jackson at all
Jermaine Jackson they played in my life skid row said prince Micheal Jackson was after me Janet Jackson did something to make Kevin Nash
Jermaine Jackson I don't get how Kevin Nash hates why did find me as his child I been dead these streets cuz of Janet Jackson look like
U ain't suppose to be smiling Janet Jackson that Kevin Nash is killing for u
U carry bombs work Janet Jackson r was Kevin Nash trying kill all ur lovers cuz u ain't that girl on good times all u doing praise ur face
Wasn't Janet Jackson lap dancing on Kevin Nash and tupac passing yall Aids
Janet Jackson tupac shot her and went after tupac him Kevin Nash talking to her about who she hates and kills u they said she mean
Kevin Nash was doing that soundtrack to why I married and been to Jill Scott and Janet Jackson
*Janet Jackson comes on in public*. Friend 1: Oh lord, here he goes. . Friend 2: Please don't ... . Me:
We had Malik Yoba on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and you know I had to ask him about the Janet Jackson rumors...
Janet Jackson's sex apple is timeless 😍
I really do want Jhene Aiko, Janet Jackson, and Tinashe to form an all group and call it "The Whispers."
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What's that film with Janet Jackson where a mad fella throws his kids out the window?
ASAP: Sarah G and Billy Crawford perform Janet Jackson's best hits medle...
Absolutely! Kendrick Lamar, MLK, Janet Jackson and Serena Williams have all battled depression. Let's conquer it! https:…
Well thanks to Janet Jackson's "nipple" incident, YouTube was made.. so if everyone could bow down to her that'd be great.
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