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Janet Devlin

The eighth UK series of The X Factor was broadcast on ITV from 20 August 2011, with the live shows starting on 8 October 2011. The winner was girlband Little Mix, while the runner-up was Marcus Collins.

Marcus Collins Evanna Lynch Diana Vickers Ellie Goulding Newton Faulkner Amelia Lily Little Mix Elton John Cher Lloyd Christy Moore Dalai Lama Bella Ferraro John Shuttleworth Danyl Johnson

White Wedding - Billy Idol (Janet Devlin Cover) via Loved this cover from the talented Janet Devlin
Pick up our Outernet Song Combo in our shop! Get both the "Outernet Song" and "Outernet Song (Remix)" htt…
Watch the stunning new cover by . White Wedding - Billy Idol (Janet Devlin Cover)
It might be 8c, but at least it's sunny Summer Soundtrack by Janet Devlin ( ) ♫
The insanely talented. janet devlin seriously 1 of da best voices ya ever likely 2 hear check her ou…
White Wedding - Billy Idol (Janet Devlin Cover) Never . underestimate Janet , you did it again ! 👏😀
As always a great song by Janet! You can't not like this girl White Wedding - Billy Idol (Janet Devlin Cover)
Check out the one & only 'a latest classic cover... Wedding - Billy Idol (Janet Devlin Cover) EPIC! 💜
Lost by Gareth Emery and Janet Devlin is an anthem.
your new stuff sounds really good!Check my bro he just put outa remix for
Another great remix from William Black, ft. Janet Devlin - Lost (Remix)
Listen to Gareth Emery Feat. Janet Devlin - Lost (Super8 & Tab Remix) [OUT NOW] by Armada Music on
A new favorite: Gareth Emery Feat. Janet Devlin - Lost (Ferry Corsten Remix) by on
The remix of 'Lost' is 🔥🔥🔥! Couldn't have wished for a better 140 BPM edit 👊. 👉 https…
My fav Christmas song: Janet Devlin's ♫December Daze♫ .it's June but it's beautiful!..Song for everyday!
Saya suka video Gareth Emery feat. Janet Devlin - Lost
i don't think I'll ever get over the fact that i have met janet devlin.
He doesn't do much remixes but when he does, he do it big. Check out remix of lost.
Vote for your favorite Gareth Emery’s “Lost” Remix ft. Janet Devlin
I added a video to a playlist Janet Devlin - Whisky Lullabies (English Version)
"Electric Feel" by MGMT, "When A Starts To Burn" by Disclosure and "Whiskey Lullabies" by Janet Devlin. My 3 fave songs atm.
Janet Devlin aka the new soundtrack to my life 😍😍😍😍
Janet Devlin and Bella Ferraro had the best x factor audition for me.
Perfect vocals from Janet Devlin on this sublime cover of Ordinary World.
Have you heard the amazing CD from Janet Devlin check out Running With Scissors and ♫
Why was I not watching Janet Devlin tonight 💔
thanks for sharing Janet Devlin, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Thank you for the 5 star review of "December daze"! Check it out here guys
Janet Devlin - such a nice interview and the new fantasic "Happy Holidays" song, live from the London rehearals
Morning Friday. Have a great friday... ♫ Friday I'm in Love by Janet Devlin —
Janet Devlin EXCLUSIVE Interview - Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin met up with Mus...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
her best official single yet Janet Devlin - December Daze via
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Janet Devlin - Wonderful Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
I'm just absolutely in love with Janet devlin
When did you first know that you had an obsession with Janet Devlin?
hi, thought you might like to know Janet Devlin's playing the Baltic Song Festival in Karlshamn in July .
Janet Devlin will be playing the Baltic Song Festival in Karlshamn, Sweden on Fri 17th & Sat 18th July.
one direction Janet devlin n the script have followed me js
Requested by here are some photos of Lzzy Hale, Kelli berglund, and Janet Devlin
Janet Devlin - The X Factor 2011 - Full Audition . Her voice is so cute!!
it's Monday switch smart TV to youtube warm up the speakers click my Janet Devlin youtube playlist of 17 videos Heaven
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Wonderful by Janet Devlin
Except for Janet Devlin songs. (Thats how you spell her name, right)
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead". Someone Like You- Adele (Janet Devlin Cover)
An interesting read: Looking at Janet Devlin by Joseph Badame
love all sorts of music 🎶. I enjoy alot of diff stuff EDM EllieG Aguilera,demi Lovato, Christina Grimmie Janet Devlin whilst Painting.
"And you can tell everybody, this is your song." ❤. Listen to Your Song - Janet Devlin on
Creatures Of The Night by Janet Devlin, found with Listen now:
i have added the lyrics to all of songs to The Janet Devlin Fan Club
Literally the only motivation that really gets me and makes me not eat is 'do I want food, or to look like Janet Devlin'😏🙈
Janet Devlin is the sweetest truly caring with all her fans too totally she's massively kind hearted!
the janet devlin record is seriously one of my favorite records of the last year. Maybe who knows.
*thinks bout auditionin for TV* *goes to sing* *voice does that weird airy crack thing thats only cute on Janet Devlin every 5 seconds* "no"
yea i saw that but its okay! that the name of the game these days but hope is good for a Janet Devlin concert
*NEW* Janet Devlin (performs Whisky Lullabies for watch here
. Added to bucket list,. See Janet Devlin in concert
I will never forgive Janet Devlin for ruining Your Song
Amazing reaction to Janet Devlin's appearance at Sunday Sessions, check it out here!
I photographed Janet Devlin to s... (Vine by
Janet Devlin's awesome catchy new single House of Cards is out today .
check out the Janet devlin fan club
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
oh my god remember when Janet Devlin was my number one girl crush
Sex won't make him love you, and a baby won't make him stay,n like Diana Vickers? Oh hang on no, you're Janet Devlin,,,
if u don't think Janet devlin is cute ur lying and u need to stop
I added a video to a playlist Hide and Seek - Janet Devlin and Newton Faulkner - Jazz Cafe London
I added a video to a playlist To make you feel my love - Bob dylan/ Adele ( Janet Devlin Cover )
no one can sing your song better than Elton John Janet devlin and ewan mcgregor
S/O to everyone, youtube Janet Devlin, she will blow you away
The number I got was 22 1.I like Taylor Swift 2.My favorite subject is science 3.When I grow up I want to be a surgeon 4.I do random gravity checks in walmart/weis 5.I say "hi'' to random people in the grocery store 6.I want to go on the X-factor 7.I love the song "Your Song'' by Elton John (Janet Devlin cover) 8.I love volleyball 9.Im afraid of the dark 10.I can count to 39 in Spanish 11.I like to cook 12.I love to sing 13. I like country music 14.I'm obsessed with candles 15.I hate black olives 16.I love the show Toddlers & Tiaras 17.I don't like talking on the phone 18.My favorite drink is the baha blast from taco bell 19.My favorite color is purple 20.I like school 21.I watch LMN 22.I cry everytime I watch the Elizabeth smart story
good ol Janet Devlin, we looked though Ollie, her only appearance was Sheffield last Thursday:-(:-( X
The debut single from Janet Devlin. Released on the 25th November. Available to pre order now on Itunes - Copyright 2013 Insomnia Music...
Actually Janet devlin, ahh she's lovely
Does anyone remember when Janet Devlin was almost sick during her performance?
I like; Little Mix, the risk, Janet Devlin and Craig colton and Marcus Collins. Any of them win and i'll be happy!
remember when I used to ship niall horan and janet devlin
Janet Devlin's version of Your Song is so so beautiful.
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I really really really hope ! Janet Devlin does a photoshoot for a poster and they sell them A3 in HMV ! Would be amazing !
my favorite was the Janet devlin year and cher
Voices like Diana Vickers, Janet Devlin and Russian Red, are the most sought after by the music market, perhaps for its strong personality.
They just played Janet Devlin's new song on cbbc.the voice over girl said, FYI Janet is no relation to Devlin the rapper!! Lol
Am I the only one who didn't know Janet Devlin had a single!
X Factor's didn't deserve to be in the bottom two, says former contestant Janet Devlin
Drowning myself in all songs Janet Devlin.
Janet Devlin or what ever her last name is
Luke done a good job but no one sings your song like Janet devlin
People that actually enjoy both Taylor Swift and Janet Devlin music... number of people: 1 =
over 100,00 views on janet's music vid Watch "Janet Devlin - WONDERFUL (Official Video)" on YouTube -
any chance you'll be playing 'Wonderful' by Janet Devlin on Radio 2 again soon?
can you cover a Janet Devlin song :')
remember when Janet devlin was on xfuk and went home the 1st week she was in bottom? Could happen to sam Bailey
That's it fans, until next week we'll leave you with Janet Devlin's cover of 'Your Song'… Chat soon!
Stop slagging off! do you remember Janet devlin? she forget her words like every week! Tamera had a perfect voice💖
Only decent performances tonight were Hannah and Nicholas !! Sam C is only there foe eye candy. Janet devlin sang 'your song' so much better than luke and rough copy need to look in a mirror after they throw a mix of clothes on!! a gr8 night x factor!!!
No one will ever sing 'your song' on x factor as good as janet devlin did.
Janet devlin i like her voice. Its different.
Thanks Trish for your devotional that you gave last night. Everything you said had Janet Ingram written all over it. Thanks Gail, Barbara and Patti for all the hard work you did for the craft night. I look forward to it each year. Love you all. Janet Devlin
So who's coming to sheffield to see janet devlin turn the lights on :D
Mmmm.These 3 Artists are my favourite vocalists at the moment: 1. Birdy 2. Janet Devlin 3. Bella Ferraro Official
Janet Devlin and Harrison Craig make me so happy. Their music is superb.
after blowdrying my hair I look a lot like janet devlin off xfactor... scary stuff
Why do i quite often find my self going through x factor auditions on you tube just got to Janet Devlin almost broke me again time to man up Aaron
Sitting with my lovely sister and brother in law lealeyann Lesleyann Cooper and Robert Thompson listion to Janet devlin
Janet Devlin, looking as good as she sings.
Slightly in love with janet devlin rn
What a great evening last night, got to get autographs from Dean Andrews, Elliott Kennedy, Janet Devlin, Graham Fellowes aka John Shuttleworth (he was so funny I think he was a bit sozzled i was asking him if he managed to send Robert Llewellen's gift over to him, watch the episode Graham is in and you will understand what I mean, to which he replied no you have just reminded me to send him something lol) and John Parr he was really nice. Had a quick talk with Stephen from Baby bird he was adorable and said a quick hello to Glenn Gregory. Shame I had to wait until 2am to get Graham's autograph as there was a after show party cracking off. Should have paid £20 and then would have got all the artists autographs and pictures with them inside the venue and would have been nice and warm too hey *** ! I am off back to sleep as got in at 2.30am :-))) have a super Sunday peeps :-)
Janet Devlin from the X Factor really good!
domain names
Janet Devlin Heaven 17 (Official) Tony Christie John Reilly John Shuttleworth Jon McClure just some of the people taking part tonight for Women of Steel TONIGHT. Tickets available from Box Office
Phew prepping ahead this week creating looks on celebrities Micha B, Amelia Lily, Janet Devlin, Tamara Eccleston, Paloma Faith and collaborating on a special show with the Kardashians. Can't wait to get creative with these amazing talented ladies!
Janet Devlin from the eighth series of The X Factor has premiered the video for her debut single Wonderful.
Janet Devlin radio interview with BBC 3 Counties Radio today at 3.30pm
Doing a live radio interview with Janet Devlin for BBC 3 Counties radio around 3.30pm. Tune in!
HI GUYS! We will be doing a short acoustic set at Crystal Peaks next Thursday for the light switch on. JANET DEVLIN will be there & also *** & DOM! Should be a good event, come down and support us and others :)
VERY Excited about Saturday night - we're playing the after show party (in the ballroom) at Sheffield City Hall, following the Women of Steel concert. We have an up tempo supercharged set lined up, and play for the first time with percussionist Nigel Wiltshire. Only a few tickets remain and there is a supplement to go to the after show.. The main concert line up is: Tony Christie; Heaven 17; Janet Devlin; ; John Shuttleworth; ABC's Martin Fry; John Parr; John Reilly; Baby Bird; Philippa Hanna; Eliot Kennedy; Ray Hearne; Cornerstone Brass; The Purple Cats Choir and the Concord Fanfare Team EXCELLENT! Tony Christie Janet Devlin; ;
Bella Ferraro, Janet Devlin and Ida are some of my favorite to listen to over and over again.
Janet devlin makes me want to hide away forever
Here's a little sneak peek at the finished piece for Janet Devlin, I've altered the diamond shaped centrepiece and...
Why won't wilko let me watch Janet devlin on his smart tv :(
coming from you over obsessive Janet devlin fan
But I'm like in love with Janet Devlin's audition and it's from 2 years ago oops
I am absolutely in love with Janet Devlin. Words cannot express it.
Janet Devlin's album is literally perfection omfg
Someone like you cantada por Janet Devlin♥
Janet Devlin has such a beautiful voice
I know the PERFECT girl for U Janet Devlin. She is gorgeous and sings beautiful
Why did Janet Devlin just disappear after the X Factor, and why isn't she mine!?
remember how in April I was supposed to get a signed Janet devlin poster yeah where is that
I'm very upset that I was not born Janet Devlin
Hide & Seek by Janet Devlin is such a good album.
Seriously, I only listen to Kodaline and Janet Devlin now. Screw other bands.
We're really excited to see at More info right here:
I would really quite like to be Janet Devlin but ok
i need to know if janet devlin's album is out. yet TELL ME
Jamming to janet devlin's latest album x
Remember when Janet Devlin was all like "I just want to make credible music" and rolled her eyes all the time? That worked out well for her.
Hmmm I am listening to Janet Devlin's album and I quite like it. Surprising cause I didn't like her on X Factor but the writing is good...
Actually love Creatures of the Night by Janet Devlin!
Am I the only person that thinks Janet Devlin and Evanna Lynch have a very close resemblance to one another?
Janet Devlin & Christy Moore sing at the event in Derry this Thursday in front of his holiness the Dalai Lama :)
Sansa Stark & Janet Devlin are the same person. Did you know?
I'm talking an Irish Diana Vickers or a blonde Janet Devlin? Genuinely...
2 wks today Janet Devlin & Christy Moore perform for the Dalai Lama in "Children inCrossfire event"..Epic!..he's gonna be well impressed :)
Janet Devlin looks like Luna Lovegood and sounds like Ellie Goulding.
Newton Faulkner writing with X Factor finalist Janet Devlin The debut album for season 8 X Factor finalist Janet Devlin will feature a batch of new songs co-written with Deni Blues
Is it just me or do Evanna Lynch and Janet Devlin look a lot alike?
Is it just me or is that a picture of Janet Devlin, dressed as Ashley Olsen, dressed as Alice in Wonderland?
Evanna Lynch (luna), Ferne Cotton, Janet Devlin&Sophie Ellis-Bexter Apparently, on my phone so can't do pics! Haaa
crying right now because watching xfact 2011.. seeing when my babies Jesy, jade, leigh, Perrie and Janet Devlin changed...
Melanie Masson looks like an older Janet Devlin
Photo: Evanna Lynch and Janet Devlin, requested by anonymous
.. and my Janet Devlin files are now sorted into folders :p
X Factor finalist Janet Devlin is working with Newton Faulkner & Jack Savoretti & now touring in 2013.
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Janet good. What a tone :)
I fell in love with 'your song' when I saw Janet Devlin's aud
people who watched the X factor UK last year! do you remember Janet Devlin?! check out her website!
Carly is good, but her "you song" paled in comparison to Janet Devlin's. Fifth Harmony to finals LOL.
LA you need to hear Janet Devlin sing that song. Carly still rocked it tho! Cheeehee
No Carly you can't sing your song this is Janet Devlin's song back off
listening to Janet Devlin's version of Your Song all night ok
Why isn't Janet devlin huge her voice is so amazing
you should listen to Janet Devlin's version, she's freaking amazing!
While all y'all are watching the X factor I'm just gonna watch old Janet Devlin videos cause she's perf :)
I liked Janet Devlin's version better so did you admit it
Ellie Goulding and Janet Devlin's versions of your song were way better than Carly's just saying
Wowowowowowowo im crying remember when Janet devlin sang your song that was my favorite
I love Carly rose but no one will ever sing 'your song' by Elton John as amazing as Janet Devlin did :')
Janet Devlin is the best at singing this song ok
I remember when I ward Janet devlin sing your song that was my favorite cover by far
Omg your song reminds me of Janet Devlin.
she's going to sing your song by Elton John remember Janet Devlin remember that, that was beautiful
Take a listen to Janet Devlin's cover :)
Your song cover by janet devlin is to die for
My sister was liking Janet Devlin cover of your song now my sister is going the house crazy with your cover !!!
Janet. Devlin did better than Carly on the X factor UK!
Hate to say it, but Janet Devlin's version of Your Song will forever be the greatest ever.
Janet Devlin still does this song better though tbh
my favorite version of Your Song was when Janet Devlin sang it
Last year Janet Devlin, this year hopefully its Union J or District 3!
Carly sing Your Song Great But Janet Devlin sing better than her
that is when the Irish gigs of Janet devlin concert is
He will be coming to ire & taking tracey with him. I will see him, Michelle,Debs at Janet devlin concert in April
Janet Devlin still holds the title for best rendition of Your Song.
Hamilton Collection
I'm writing songs with Janet Devlin this week! Excited!
I'm seeking a young-looking, fairly petite female model (approx age 16-19) for a PAID shoot to take place on a day over the next week. Must have long blonde hair (ideally naturally fair, the longer the better) This is for a bookcover, and will involve surreal levitation! Please get in touch today if you are that model, or if you know of someone suitable. Send recent snapshots ASAP to contactThanks.
Ok i really feel like doing imagines but differently... I want to do it with the boys and they're gf's (some of the choices may be fake but what ever!!) so here are the choices of couples, comment couple and plot and if u dont know anyone from the couples look them up :) :D ~julia Zerrie= Zayn Malik and perrie edwards Elounor= Eleanor Calder and louis tomlinson Payzer= Liam Payne and Danielle peazer Nemi= demi lavoto and Niall horan nanet= Janet Devlin and Niall horan Sarry= sasha pieterse and Harry styles Cherry= Cher Lloyd and Harry styles
The answer is FALSE. True or False (Just for Fun) Liam's girlfriend is Jade from Little Mix. True or False? -SarahMalik(:
My Opinion on... Taylor swift: I'm a big fan I love her music The wanted: not a big fan I like some of there music Comment more ~ Aimee horan
Pre-order Janet's debut album + tons of signed goodies, VIP experiences and receive free exclusive bonus content!
Janet Devlin shares the meaning behind some of the songs she has written for her upcoming album. Pre-order my debut album now alongside VIP tour tickets, new...
I can't stop listening to Janet Devlin now
interesting x factor stuff . Stats to remember: * Male soloists most likely to win - (Have won five out of eight) * Only one group has won - even One Direction only came third * Early favourites rarely win (Janet Devlin, Ella Henderson, Danyl Johnson, Diana Vickers..) * Candidates with early popularity in the voting tend not to pick up extra votes along the way (especially if the votes are regional e.g. Eoghan, Janet) * The age and racial background of contestants who do well are very mixed, suggesting these are not major factors in voting - although you have to go back to series one to find an over 25s winner (Steve Brookstein) * Show producers can use format alterations/PR campaigns to affect popularity - acts that look like they're being unfairly treated can get a spike in votes (Katie Waissel, but Mary Byrne lost to Cher Lloyd thanks to a format change) * From this week, whoever is leading the voting tends to go on and win This year: * Four of remaining five acts are male soloists * Christ ...
I'm obsessed with d3,1d, Janet Devlin and Lucy spraggan...
..this shud take a while & be lots of fun..Naat..suffice to say am quite a nice person & am a huge fan of Janet Devlin :)
Janet Devlin unveils new material on YouTube - video - Digital Spy UK
Thinks its wrong that Lucy Spraggen will get put straight through to the next round without performing tonight because she has flu. Jade Ellis was ill lay week and she still sang. Janet Devlin performed last year an had to miss her grandfathers funeral, so why is 'queen' Lucy any different? Gr
I've decided that Evanna Lynch and Janet Devlin were separated at birth
Janet Devlin's breath taking performance on X-Factor of 'Your Song' by Elton John. I just love the way she sings the line 'How wonderful life is now you're i...
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Janet Devlin's official profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.
2 weeks today til Janet Devlin 's live webcast from the recording studio of some tracks off her upcoming Album with her band. :D
not the case with me, I got Connie Fisher and Janet Devlin! I'll ring u 2moro, I've been meaning to send a message for WEEKS
Looking forward to meeting Janet Devlin 2morrow @ the studios to chat to her about forthcoming broadcast
that fact I don't look like janet devlin makes me want to cry
Janet Devlin's new photo shoot is so flawless.
The Janet Devlin bit of Wishing on a Star is so good!
I wish I looked like Janet Devlin so much omg
you're welcome wish I got a follow from a celeb !:P Got a follow from Janet Devlin tho :P But happy for you congrats :)
Everyone is agree: Janet Devlin is beautiful and perfect.
Janet Devlin is so finnicking beautiful
since when did janet devlin look like this I WANNA LOOK LIKE THIS
New photoshoot picture for Janet Devlin's album cover
Why do you like Janet Devlin? — Because she has an amazing voice, she is kind, polite, friendly, i like her perso...
Is Janet Devlin sexy? — Have you seen her :P she is beautiful :-)
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Janet devlin is the hottest ginger on the planet. Fact.
Ellie Goulding - your song. I love it so much, but the Janet Devlin X Factor audition still continues to amaze me :)
Yeah she always helps. Start a convo with the teacher then you wont be bored. randomly come out with 'do you know Janet Devlin'
Was mimicking Janet devlin and demi at school today w BFF and larvlehh😂 WHUTAJOKE😂
The 2011 (Almost) Winner of The X Factor (Janet Devlin) For those who keep posting comments about Little Mix winning and not Janet Devlin, give yourself a ro...
For info on exclusive album event on the 26th October, please visit
Janet Devlin: rosiehardy posted a photo: Here is one of the shots from my shoot on Tuesday with the awesomel...
still think Janet devlin should have won xfactor last year, her voice is amazing
Sheffield is trending. I once went there and had a Starbucks with Janet Devlin and chilled at her hotel with others. Good times.
How does she do it? She wows me everytime with her soft, beautiful voice. DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment and...
Listening to Janet Devlin...very unique voice. From the XFactor
I wish Janet Devlin would make an album... I could listen to her voice all day.
The X Factor: With plenty of support from her family and friends in Ireland, Janet Devlin is keeping her spirits up. Spirits, geddit, it's Halloween! Now she...
Janet Devlin brings a massive surprise from a small voice, winning audition of the week. Like this ? - Why not take a look at Janet Devlin's YouTube channel ...
Wedding editing, DVD burning, post collecting, label writing, shoot planning and email responding. But tomorrow I'm shooting Janet Devlin in the peaks, it's gonna get cold and smokey up in here! Very excited :D
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The X Factor 2011 Live Show 7: Janet Devlin sings Kiss Me, from the movie She's All That, written by the Cranberries. Janet Devlin needs to re-establish herself with a strong performance tonight. The last couple of weeks have not been Janet's
Janet Devlin's Cover version of Us by Regina Spektor. Top Janet Devlin News, Images and Videos at -
I love Janet Devlin's voice. Seriously, search her on youtube right now! :D
Older janet devlin I dislike her lucy spraggin cant see her goin far delighted christopher the smexy chimney sweeps back
She just reminds me of Janet devlin in 20yrs!
Janet Devlin, I remember her on now after the show she's been forgotten about.
has 1/2m more followers than Marcus Collins, Amelia Lily, Misha B + Janet Devlin combined! Swag!
if you don't like Jennifer Lawrence, Janet Devlin, Lana Del Rey or Marina Diamandis I'm judging you
Basically the people that I've faked before.. Which is a long list, and ok. Emma Watson, Cher Lloyd, Janet Devlin, Eleanor --
The X Factor 2011 Live Show 6: Janet Devlin sings Queen's Somebody To Love. Janet Devlin's performance last week was not her strongest, especially when she f...
Janet Devlin - Your Song (studio version): via she sings beautiful i love her
Think I seen Janet Devlin walking down Dame Street today. Anyone know is she in Dublin atm? :L
"I've got a perfectly healthy son" is an even worse sob story than Janet Devlin's "I live near a field"
Newton Faulkner and Janet Devlin working together. This should be good.
How did you ever think it was Janet Devlin in the coca cola ad ? it says staring Mark Ronson and Katy b at the start.
4 years we have priced up X Factor auditions, favs after first show have been Janet Devlin, Gamu Nhengu & Danyl Johnson, none won
Ellie Goulding and Janet Devlin both singing Your song, Edited together. I made this video out of boredom, I like both singers and i like the song, so i had ...
Marcus Collins, Prince Charles and Janet Devlin top the bill at East of England show: EVENTS locally and nationa...
We’ve been inundated with requests from Janet Devlin and Marcus Collins fans, asking when photos of their...
Here are some of the photos from Saturday's fantastic Janet Devlin & Marcus Collins concert
The X Factor 2011 Live Show 1: Janet Devlin sings Fix You by Coldplay. In the final 16, can Janet Devlin continue to build on her popularity and evolve as an...
To see Janet Devlin and Marcus Collins at Peterborough showground :)
My brother got me Janet Devlin and Marcus Collins auto graphs! Yay!:D
Oh, Janet Devlin and Marcus Collins are at east of england, please shut up
I really don't like many acoustic girl singers.. Most of their voices remind me of Janet devlin or Diana Vickers.
Hi Niall! doya know who's Janet Devlin? She's Irish and she've got an amazing voice... watch this video
Janet Devlin's audition gives me goosebumps, I'm like tearing up :')
X Factor singing sensation Janet Devlin picked up her "better than expected" GCSE results yesterday - but then revealed that education is "Plan B" now that s...
I love Janet Devlin though. Voice of an angel I tell you
Janet Devlin's voice is absolutely amazing, so pretty!
D'you know what? I'm glad Janet Devlin hasn't made a comeback
People are still complementing my account even though it's like half janet devlin now. Cha ching...
are all the Devlin family members nocturnal?
How much do you miss your home girl Janet Devlin from good ol' X-Factor times? ;D
Janet Devlin is too flawless to handle.
What co-owner used Janet Devlin as an example. I'm from Janet's village and she is so popular in N. Ireland so yeah.. shut up maybe?
So disappointed Marcus Collins and Janet Devlin are going to the same show as me on saturday but I'm going to miss them performing
This is a live recording of "Your Song" by Janet Devlin from the John Murray Show on RTE Rado1. The song features Janet Devlin on Vocals & Jim Sheridan on Pi...
without us they would be like Janet Devlin. no where. just the UK
people say I look like janet devlin, no, just no
Janet Devlin has such an incredible voice.
this Janet Devlin girl was on xfactor and is verified before Devlin.
She wants me, Janet Devlin wants me.
What's this meeting about with Janet Devlin?
“Big ups to Devlin” ok when I saw this I thought he was talking about Janet Devlin
Guys, what happened to Janet Devlin? Is she signed or sth?
Wat year was Janet devlin in.xfactor?I can't even remember was it last year or two years ago.also don't know why that popped into my head
Janet Devlin IS NOT rude to her fans. She's the nicest girl ever, and she's so sweet to fans.
I hate that people are now like "omg Janet Devlin was so rude to that fan" she pestered Janet like all the time!!! Omg -__-
What's that? You don't like Janet Devlin? Well, go stick your head down a toilet you pathetic excuse of a human.
What is life ... Crying listening to Janet Devlin ' s cover of Love life so much .Bring on her album :)
Its not like I've all of sudden said "I don't like Janet Devlin" I tried to be a fan of her for 5 months with the name+music on my phone!
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