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Janet Daley

Janet Daley (born 1944) is an American-born British journalist who is currently a columnist and leader writer for the Daily Telegraph.

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'The public are running out of patience with insolent Remainers who drum up fake Brexit anxiety' — Janet Daley in T…
Janet Daley on Philip Hammond’s reluctance to fund preparations for a No-Deal Brexit:
Janet Daley: The Remain rump in government is quite shamelessly colluding with the EU [3/3]:
Our Josh Rosenkranz interviews Dorian Daley of Oracle and Janet Langford-Carrig of ConocoPhillips.
EU Remainers continue to lament but they would do well to heed Janet Daley's advice >
Janet Daley's error is to concede 'honorable intentions.' The Left have none. They believe only in power. Nothing e…
Yes, it was sad to watch, but Theresa May’s calamity was totally preventable. Excellent article by Janet Daley
. Jeremy Corbyn’s clueless admirers have not the faintest idea about his hard-Left beliefs. By Janet Daley.
are analysts, while Laurie Penny, Janet Daley and Anne Applebaum (with whom I happen to agree) are activists. (15)
Janet Daley says the G8 summit is unlikely to shake the world:
Very hard to choose just 5 from so many contenders. (Dis)honorable mention to David Aaronovich, Marc Roche, Janet Daley.
If he is right wing, what are Janet Daley and Simon Heffer?
I added a video to a playlist Janet Daley on Brexit and the judges
It's as if she has taken the mantle of "awkward squad" journalist. A bit like Janet Daley.
Those of you people who have spent time on the shop floor get this joke:.
... and instead look at the front page of the Telegraph (CCHQ crony-graph), and you see silly twits such as Janet Daley attacking..
Very interesting article, from Janet Daley: "Mr Corbyn often says that his political principles have not changed. Take…
most appalling performance by Janet Daley who spoke over the top of Owen Jones who was making salient points.
watched datelondon yesterday Owen Jones told Janet Daley he would tell her when she could speak!
Janet Daley, extreme right of Atilla the Hun, trying to school Owen Jones on failings. Pitiful.
Well done Janet Daley for putting Owen Jones down. He was rendered speechless, red faced when confronted by the Jew…
Janet Daley has just shut down Owen Jones in spectacular fashion on bbc news.
On Owen Jones is blowing Janet Daley out of the water Far Right Daley as usual resorts to smearing
Isnt it wonderful that the stinking, reactionary turds that drop from of the mouths of Charles Moore AND Janet Daley are behind a paywall?
Right? He says he's pro choice but he's never heard of Janet?! Psh
But the only class mentioned is Working Class. Is the Janet O'Sullivan on the list ac…
Janet Daley on the social care U-turn: "Theresa May chose to retreat to the safe ground, rather than defend the high ground".
Janet Daley might want to write a new article.
Janet Daley was a radical leftist who saw the movements moral bankruptcy. She knows what she's talking about.
"Reader, I have lived in Corbyn World & I am here to tell you what it was like"…
Janet is the goal. Beyoncé is the goal. Ameriie is the goal. D∆WN is the goal. Daley is the goal. Melanie Fiona is the goal.
Absolutely, Janet Daley had this to say about 18 months ago. x
Janet Daley wrote in The Telegraph, “Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump represent a nihilistic assault on our democrati…
Janet Daley speaks such sense in podcast. Is listening?
At least Janet Daley and Theresa May are consistent.
Who won Janet Daley, Leo McKinstry, and I give our view…
Thank u so much & your whole team 4 the spectacular Black-Daley wedding cake!
If Trump is "an opportunist rabble-rouser" as Janet Daley suggested in March 2016, what is it that has given him...
Is Trump a ranting fascist? Does he think he is the embodiment of the will of the American people? Janet Daley is...
"You're talking about Janet Daley here, Mike?" "Yes, I am. Sorry I forgot to say so. Getting doddery "
Excellent article by Janet Daley in S Telegraph forecasting Trump the deflated balloon.
At last I can agree w/ Janet Daley: sounds like a ranting fascist. via
President Trump sounded like a ranting fascist - Janet Daley
And that piece is by Janet Daley - one of the most far-right columnists writing for the Torygraph.
Trump is " promising left wing policies wrapped up in right wing rhetoric" ( Janet Daley )
A good piece by Janet Daley: Trump sounded like a ranting fascist. Let's hope he finds his inner statesman
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Trump’s bravado plays to the mob and undermines democracy >> good perspective from Janet Daley
Janet Daley, I would gave assumed she was a Trumpetta.
"President Trump sounded like a ranting fascist" says Janet Daley in the Telegraph. Have double checked that it was the Torygraph. It was.
Because it was written by RW columnist Janet Daley. When Trump is too extreme even for her, we're going…
Wow - even Janet Daley, who is well to the right, speaks of a "ranting fascist." God help America.
"If he has an inner statesman, it must be as small as his hands." Janet Daley
Wow - few columnists more rightwing (but interesting unfortunately) than Janet Daley. Even she's alarmed!
I've just read an entire column by Janet Daley and agree with every word. What strange times we live in.
'He sounds like a ranting fascist.'. This is Janet Daley (!!) in the Telegraph. If he has an 'inner statesman' it...
Janet Daley for Gods sake woman shut up with your hit pieces on Trump. What do you know? You said he would never win!
"It's Left-wing prats who are defending our freedoms" - Janet Daley
Janet Daley observed that the best thing about Marxism is its emphasis upon social analysis: why do people do things, who benefits. It's a
I explore how reactions to Marxism shaped 20th century conservatism. Great interviews with & Janet Daley
Janet Daley 'Theresa May just made Brussels an offer it cannot refuse' - Adams Cartoon
Janet Daley, Mary Dejevsky, and also feature in our Five at Five -
Janet Daley on top form again. This time the via
Is the US still the leader of the free World? UCL's Kathy Burk on Sky News debate with Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
Janet Daley on immigration policy then (c.1890 via Ellis Island) and now:
Janet Daley/Telegraph writes that the point of her emigration to Britain was due to the love of our country and it's values. Hear, hear.
If citizenship is to be meaningful, should dual nationality be allowed? Interesting article by Janet Daley:
Janet Daley: I became British because I love this country and its values - why can't other immigrants do the same?
caught up last night Janet and genuinely blown away by ur professionalism, knowledge and patience. Ur a great spokesperson. 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Janet Daley asks: "How did our voters become so credulous?" I reply: Have you been awake for the past 40 years as our citizens got reamed?
Janet Daley on the inexorable rise of stupidity
Words can't describe how ridiculous this article is. Comparing Corbyn to Trump? Janet Daley - a stretch at best.
Janet Daley swallowed the ridiculous crap peddled by Vote Leave, and now she writes this:
How did voters become so credulous, asks Janet Daley
I've been saying this for a while, but Janet Daley has succinctly summed it up:
Janet Daley on It will not happen. via
Nicola Adams retains crown with another
Update your maps at Navteq
Janet Daley, as usual, on superb form.
We are now entering the Age of Stupid. How did our voters become so credulous? by Janet Daley via News
I'm a subscriber and Honest John & Janet Daley were the reasons i subscribed. I wont be renewing
I am going square eyed tonight Janet so much going on trying to watch Tom Daley/England Hockey and Man Utd match all at once.
Talk about "immigration" or there will be *** to pay Janet Daley. Indeed Theresa May has it Emblazoned on her Bum. …
Janet Daley spot on about the disconnect in politics today: How did Remain get the British character so wrong?
Janet Daley sees the England that I want to live in:.
Who is Janet Daley to 'state' anything 'categorically'? The cheek.
Janet Daley is a source of common sense and honesty.
Bizarre piece by Janet Daley.No anti-Irish feeling in face of IRA atrocities-Has she heard of Guildford 4/B'ham 6 ?
Whatever you think of the merits of here is a refreshing and positive perspective from Janet Daley:
Excellent piece by Janet Daley: How did the Remain campaign get the British character so wrong? | via
The ever spot-on Janet Daley. Incisive. And further proof: Cameron says he won't resign if he loses the ref'
Excellent analogy by Janet Daley in The Telegraph -
Telegraph EU debate: Janet Daley and John McTernan answer your questions  /
That Brexit film. AN Wilson, Melanie Phillips, Janet Daley - great minds of our time? Couldn't face watching more than 2 minutes. Bleurgh.
Did enjoy Janet Daley on very sensible and worthy insights but she does go on. A bit of the Digby Jones' about her. He goes on and on
Jane Merrick, Janet Daley, David Cameron, Andrew Rawnsley and Tony Parsons also feature in today's must reads
Janet Daley puts party considerations before country.
v.surprising if Janet Daley isn't for Brexit. Also seems to rate Corbyn's chances much higher than almost anybody else does
Janet Daley in Nov: "Dedicated, convinced, fervent Eurosceptic". Now wants us IN to help manage EU decline. Tories.
When Dan left the Labour party people just see him as Janet Daley with a beard.
Janet Daley, ultra-scep on EU, hints in her SunTel column today: UK better off In, to reduce Tory divisions and to help manage EU's decline.
"Tory propensity to problematise Brexit.". Likewise Janet Daley in her latest column.
Teapot Janet Daley: Tory party civil war would please no one more than Corbyn & his clique. Is there a clique badge?
Arthur, sorry Janet Daley, is as out of touch as Cameron with reality. We backed Corbyn because we share beliefs
I misread that as Janet Daley. Scared the life out of me.
Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph making the 'moral case' for cutting tax credits.
Interesting article but Janet Daley didn't answer the her own question...
Excellent piece by Janet Daley. Why isn't the Government explaining the moral case against paying people to be poor?
Janet Daley's contrib to tax credits debate: Oblivious to corporate welfare and tax breaks | via
This is superb. Perhaps the Government should employ Janet Daley.
Apparently there is a strong moral case against tax credits, says Telegraph columnist Janet Daley.
Janet Daley: There’s a strong moral case against tax credits – why didn’t George Osborne make it?
Telegraph Janet Daley and the Tories are really only interested in how bad it makes them look.. 30% ESA cut!! Cool
Janet Daley from the Telegraph on the Tories making a bad impression
Janet Daley, The Greeks must come to terms with the consequences of electing Russell Brand to head their government.
"Greece a battleground 4the worst ideas of the 20th century". Janet Daley. Clearly she has never read the Sunday Telegraph
Janet Daley: The illiteracy peddled here by & occasionally Labour depending what day it is
One might imagine Janet Daley has taken a bet on the number of pejorative adjectives she can use in one Telegraph article
Adam Boulton, Janet Daley, John Rentoul, Nigel Nelson and Andrew Rawnsley also feature in today's must reads.
"became a battleground for worst ideas of 20th century writes Janet Daley
Janet Daley spot on - this is a must-read. Yet I fear the 21st century global political economy may be even worse.
Greece has become a battleground for the worst ideas of the 20th century, writes Janet Daley
Janet Daley is my favourite reporter on Dateline Labour should listen! I hear D.Miliband is planning a come back rally in Sept!
Excellent from Janet Daley: the Left's bitter disappointment can poison all rational debate.
Fantastic article by janet daley in the Sunday Telegraph. She totally gets it.
Brilliant article by Janet Daley > “If Labour thinks voters got it wrong, it has learnt nothing”
Find it amusing that some still think they should have been "more left-wing". Good by Janet Daley
Yes he can. Refusal to learn will doom the Labour party. Janet Daley, as usual, nails it:
On how hardcore Left activists are moving in on local protests for their own purposes:. Janet Daley | via
'If thinks voters got it wrong, it has learnt nothing', says Janet Daley
... and did you actually read the linked article? Janet Daley not my favourite, but she's no fool.
Janet Daley writes about how nasty the left is likely to get as it moves from Blairism towards defeat and retreat htt…
Janet Daley on magnificent form - how the left refuse to admit that history has proven them to be complete failures http:…
Janet Daley shes to the right of Ghengis Khan.
if only the politicians could get the message across as well as Janet Daley's well written commentary
After weeks reading the right wing press I've been surprised to find the most idiotic columnist not in the Sun, but Janet Daley.
yup. see for instance this slice of preëmptive sophistry from Janet Daley.
Janet Daley is an outrage to democracy!
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If you've missed Janet Daley's right-wing waspishness, here she is hinting that us Scots are anti-democratic thickos.
Serious Discussion • Re: General Erection 2015: If I read this right, then Janet Daley of The Telegraph is ess...
Not forgetting Janet Daley's article in stating that a Labour/SNP coalition would be an
Just read that Janet Daley piece. Still laughing. Anything but voting Labour or Tory is somehow undemocratic and not fair apparently.
Janet Daley spinning a Labour-SNP pact would be an what with that and the !!
Interesting how Janet Daley rejects SNP influence as 'sectional' + 'undemocratic'. Would she say the same about the DUP propping up Tories?
. Still Janet Daley is a Tea Party American and doesn't really understand the UK. https:/…
I'm rather partial to a Janet Daley rant.. And this one is a classic.
Looking forward to reading Janet "this is why Romney will win" Daley's apocalyptic column on Labour/SNP tie-up
Anything that makes Janet Daley angry must be a good thing: 'A Labour-SNP pact would be an outrage to democracy'
strong piece from Janet Daley spelling out the affront to democracy of a hard left Labour-SNP alliance
loved Janet Daley in today's stating the electorate just don't understand what Sturgeon will do.
“A pact would be outrage to democracy, says Janet Daley " No, what elec…
Dear Ms Janet Daley,. If a majority of Scots vote for that is democracy. Outrage doesn't come into it.
When "privatisation" of the is nothing of the sort Janet Daley savages in
Ed Maybe you’re wondering how he's managing to make such a hash of this election campaign asks Janet Daley
Obama: “the vision of Jimmy Carter and the personal charm of Richard Nixon.” Janet Daley at the Telegraph.
‘Don’t curb in the name of says Janet Daley (via Christian Institute):
I finally gave up on it in the mid-90s. I think it was Janet Daley as well as Starkey who made me race for the off button.
We’ve got over 50 speakers confirmed for from to Janet Daley. Check out the full line-up
True freedom is rarely painless or comfortable Janet Daley
Janet Daley of is the latest speaker to confirm for on Saturday:
It irritated me no end Janet Daley saying in the that shooting was not war.
The term "war" dignifies the senseless slaughter in Paris. By Janet Daley via
"This situation is not hopeless – and it is not war. It is more dangerous than that." | Janet Daley
This is no war, writes Janet Daley in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, more a psychopathic crimewave.
Happy Birthday to our beloved JANET DALEY! . Janet is a behind the scenes powerhouse at Skills... talking to...
from the sane and rational Janet Daley? Oh that is superb. A genuine ROFL there.
Unsurprisingly, I rarely agree with Janet Daley - but I think she's right here. Right (and Left) lacks conviction.
Spot-on piece by Janet Daley in the on the Sadly Cameron is all talk and no action.
as I've said before few hit the nail on the head as accurately as Janet Daley.
David Cameron is all fine speeches and no action Once again, Janet Daley hits the nail on the head
Janet Daley: Cameron is all mouth and no trousers
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"What is particularly dangerous to civil order is the closing down of argument and legitimate opposition." - Janet Daley, The Telegraph
"There we all were obsessing about the threat to the Tories from UKIP, and suddenly it’s Labour that is about to fall apart." - Janet Daley
Great Janet Daley piece ripping into the self-indulgent shibboleths assumed as received wisdom by both legacy parties
Don't always agree with Janet Daley, but.
According to Janet Daley, far left activists disperse themselves so applause sounds like whole audience.
Janet Daley mentioned same thing in USA. With approval.
Thank god we've got bare knuckle politics once more, writes Janet Daley
Janet Daley - The centre ground, once decreed to be the only territory on which elections could be won, is...
Janet Daley in Sunday Telegraph is right -for the first time in many years the voters at next GE will have real choice - bare knuckle indeed
Janet Daley: First time in a generation voters will have a chance to make a real difference at 2015 GE (rolls eyes)
Janet Daley heads today's Top Ten Must Reads: 'British politics is now a bare-knuckle fight again'
Janet Daley actually gets paid for writing this deluded rubbish
Obama refuses to decide and fails to act Janet Daley dwells on possibility Obama's brain may be lightly unplugged.
It may sound like Manchester United have invested in a Braille newspaper, but in Daley Blind they have a talented, versati…
Excellent writeup on the Islamic State madness by Janet Daley:
The world must tackle this mass psychosis - Opinion - Janet Daley via
Janet Daley oped in The world must tackle this mass psychosis via
"This is not a war between Islam and the West." Janet Daley on what to do about ISIL/ISIS via
Janet Daley got it wrong, islam is at war with us. We are at war with islam. Why lie? Why be in denial?
Janet Daley argues that each time the West's nerve fails, Isil's myth of invulnerability is reinforced
Good 'Comment' Article by Janet Daley in today "The world must come together to tackle this mass psychosis".
Speaking of the European Union and stupid ideas -- or, as Janet Daley puts it, "bizarre beliefs":. "Will any of...
Listen to Janet Daley and me discussing Britishness and Trojan Horses on the TelegramPodcast
The brave British abhor uniformity: once again Janet Daley puts her finger right on the nub
The greta Janet Daley on the EU, the virtues of non-conformity, and the meaning of D-Day. It’s a must-read piece.
Janet Daley understands, in way that eludes politico-meeja class, why UK will never be reconciled to mem’ship
Janet Daley is right about the symptoms of Britain's bloody mindedness, but doesn't look at the cause
With Janet Daley prefer she got no space!! But think Esler does give time to journalists with expertise on issues.
Some get more space than others,+ men rather than women,unless they are right wingers like Janet Daley
Janet Daley nails it, (paraphrasing) - This is not a new 4 party politics, it is 3 party politics with UKIP replacing the Lib Dems.
When she wrote this back in March, Janet Daley was 100% right: but now it applies to Thurs local/EU elections too http…
DUP described as "undertakers to a govt" by foaming right wing DTel columnist Janet Daley in 2009.
Prime minister 'wooing' Democratic Unionists in case of hung parliament "undertakers" to a govt. Janet Daley. DTel.
Janet Daley: Labour wants to squeeze Lib Dems out of the picture for 2015 election
Bumped into DT's Janet Daley out canvassing for Greens in E Barnet. Know what she means about people feeling ignored.
Good point by Janet Daley on here... George W. Bush attracted huge Hispanic support in USA.
Another beautiful article by Janet Daley - Labour's policy Ghosts stalk the Earth again
Gone are the days of objective journalism - unless you are Janet Daley of course
Janet Daley: Cameron & Osborne would be fine if they just shouted louder about Thatcherism. With friends like these..
Why Labour's allowed to go back the Forties - Janet Daley via
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Janet Daley, who called US election for Romney on day of the vote, predicts Tory majority in 2015
Janet Daley rides with the Thatcherite Taliban and calls for more earth-scorching free market capitalism.
Janet Daley - I love reading her articles. So spot on. (Out of touch is a fav bit)
Janet Daley lays into Cameroon Vichy-Tories for enabling climate in which Red Ed’s daft ideas get treated seriously
Janet Daley hits the nail square on the head. Again.
“Europe got. the American president it wanted -the one. who would present no threat to its own. delusions,” -Janet Daley in November 2012.
Ancestor Observation: John Edward Beach and Janet Daley married about 1810 in Nova Scotia. Between 1811 and 1817 they had five children born about a year apart. All five children were baptized at Rosette on 1 October 1817. James b. 1811, John b. 1813, William b. 1814 and Robert b. 1816, the first four, were never heard of again. The fifth child, renamed John, has primary evidence gives which us a pretty good record of his life, marriages and children; but what about his four older brothers? I have have a theory which illustrates the inseparablility of history and genealogy. The year before - 1816 - became known as "The Year Without a Summer" as volcanic ash from the Mt. Tambora volcanic eruption caused lower temperatures throughout the world. Crops failed, livestock and their young died in the field and people starved to death or died from associated illnesses. Did the young Beach family meet this same fate so many others did?
Janet Daley hits the nail on the head.
'Ordinary people' who agree with me are angry because politicians don't do what I tell them, says Janet Daley.
Janet Daley is right: Cameron's lack of conviction is his undoing Whatever he says, he's just n…
Janet Daley is the most consistently excellent writer at the DT, especially now that has gone
Only somebody as disgusting as Janet Daley could say such a lie as this so glibly without any shame .
Janet Daley in in a moral crusade against the 'underclass' laying in a "pool of disaffection & despair". http:…
Ed Miliband doesn't speak up for the lost middle class, writes Janet Daley, and no one else does either
Authored by Janet Daley via the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada (originally posted on The Telegraph), Forge..
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
It's as if even Janet Daley can't quite bring herself to make such a spurious leap. How's your new berth BTW?
shout out to Janet Daley for tenuously mentioning Ralph Miliband in an article on this Maoist slavery stuff
Quotes. From our page on education quotations, here are the entries on gender issues — boys and girls in schools: “There is evidence that the female advantage in school performance is real and persistent.” – U. S. Department of Education, 2000 “Just when you thought nothing new could be added to progressive education’s long catalog of failures, yet one more has come to light — and it is a particularly grave and far-reaching failure. For progressive ed, I would argue, is responsible for the epidemic of underachievement among boys in British state schools, now so deep and widespread that it is taking on the proportions of a national crisis. … The real culprit is the radical shift in teaching methods and in the content of the school curriculum that progressive education has wrought. … Lost utterly, too, was any kind of rigor in instruction. … The school dropped formal training in literacy and numeracy in favor of ‘project learning’ — play-like, unstructured, open-ended work, done in ...
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COMMON CORE COMMON PURPOSE? One World Governance - A Common Purpose? One World Governance - Part 1 Sunday, May 30, 2010 - 12:53pm There can be little doubt which word won the prize for most important adjective in 2009. This was the year in which "global" swept the rest of the political lexicon into obscurity. There were "global crises" and "global challenges", the only possible resolution to which lay in "global solutions" necessitating "global agreements". [Would these global agreements] sweep away any consideration of what was once assumed to be the most basic principle of modern democracy: that elected national governments are responsible to their own people – that the right to govern derives from the consent of the electorate. There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government – Janet Daley
Janet Daley on Nick Boles: Banging on about *** marriage & the greenery, Tories seem not modern, but culturally decadent and out of touch.
Stop clobbering the strivers in the middle! - the great Janet Daley via
A bit extreme. But really depends on the panel, certainly without Janet Daley!
Today is another sad day for me I'm in Va but my heart n mimd is home with my family in Turks / Bahamas Fla as they r right now saying farewell to my first cousin Bar n in Nassau my cousin his daughter Janet Daley is mourning the lost of her husband of 26 years Gean God its being rough for my family but God knows best Family I pray that God will continue comforting n strenghting us. Family I'm not with u I'm feeling your pain I'm sending my love many hugs n kisses to you all of you God is with you he will continue being with you through this sad time love you!!
For my generation of Americans, JFK was a seminal figure who spoke of a future only we could enact | Janet Daley
Get Well soon my dear cousin ,so I can put on a smiley face,praying for you Mrs. Janet Daley
Janet Daley contemplates whether the Conservatives can use Chris Christie's magic
“Cameron: Good speech, sound arguments. Just one question got it in one as usual Janet Daley
debt problem can only increase with ageing of population-Janet Daley(UCB)has said RECALIBRATE the state!
“At one point last week in the charade known as ‘the Syria peace negotiations’, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, announced solemnly, ‘This is not a game.’ Well, he was wrong there. This certainly is a game: the trouble is that Barack Obama is trying to pretend that it’s chess, while Vladimir Putin plays hard-faced poker.” – Janet Daley
Janet Daley backs military coup? Fraser Nelson helps Greek Nazis make their case? Tories have joined the racist arsonists?
Brilliant piece from Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph: are you reading this members of the Cabinet?
Why has Cameron delayed his tax allowance for married couples? - Sunday Telegraph leader "If government refuses to provide any fiscal recognition of marriage, or any distinction between those who are maintaining a family and those who are not, it is not being morally neutral. It is actively taking sides in favour of the fragmented, atomised society in which the individual is all that matters. It is loading the dice against the most effective (and ironically, the least expensive) form of community solidarity and mutual support." - Janet Daley in The Sunday Telegraph
Dancing on America's Grave, America Transformed to EUROPE, entitlement state, Janet Daley
By Janet Daley a born United States American~ By Janet Daley 9:00PM BST 17 Jul 2010 166 Comments When David Cameron visits the United States this week, he will find a country whose national political argument has become more like our own in Britain than probably he – and certainly I – would ever have imagined. For America has learned, thanks to Barack Obama's crash course in European-style government, about the titanic force of class differences. The president's determination to transform the US into a social democracy, complete with a centrally run healthcare programme and a redistributive tax system, has collided rather magnificently with America's history as a nation of displaced people who were prepared to risk their futures on a bid to be free from the power of the state. They are talking a lot about this in the US now. Suddenly the phenomenon of class resentment is a live political issue. Some commentators describe it as the Democrats' "middle-class problem", which means that there has been a sp ...
"Virtually the entire country is eurosceptic... and David Cameron finds himself left behind" Janet Daley tells
Via pretend this is not by Janet Daley if you like but it's v sharp on nasty Tories:
Right wing commentator Janet Daley admits that Tory MPs, behind closed doors, really are as nasty as you suspect: http ...
The Rudeness of Toffs: Janet Daley puts her finger on something that I think will resonate with most of us.
Very interesting piece on Tory manners from Right-winger Janet Daley.
Is anyone in the Obama Administration working on this? Posted on September 16, 2012 by mike Janet Daley hits a homerun (or whatever the cricket equivalent is) with this piece in the Telegraph: Obama’s foreign policy of reconciliation lies in tatters. Excerpt: [America's] people are instructe...
Interesting piece by (though wonder why no mention of Janet Daley's Telegraph article
Idea that websites like explain Cameron's lean to Right is "absurd" says Janet Daley in rebuke to Peter Oborne
Janet Daley- The globalised world economy is now beyond the control of any government, state or politicians.
Lots in today's papers, this is a Must-Read though: Janet Daley - "Cameron & Osborne will not even argue their case"
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I was thinking of something cheekier: Starkey - Janet Daley - Street Porter - Kelvin MacKenzie :)
How long until Janet Daley is reported to the police by a Red Ken zealot for her "stake through the heart" comment?
Janet Daley on magnificently aggressive form on the subject of Maude
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