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Even the alt left troll who hates me has to correct Jane Sanders and tell her that Open Secrets is not fake news. Low k…
anyone who wants to can join the Dem party. I see no reason why Bernie or Jane Sanders, neither Dems, should be dictating to us.
Jane Sanders is 100% right. If the DNC hadn't cheated and installed Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders would currently be…
absolutely disgusting. I went to Jane sanders feed, they were bashing Marcus
Jane Sanders thinks is a fake website.
"The Jews in Berlin need to work with Hitler" - Jane Sanders reporting from Berlin, 8 November 1938.
what has Jane Sanders got to do with anything she's irrelevant now.
Bernie Gave HRC conditions, he gave NONE 2 trump on Nov. 10th? Jane was eager for the
Just heard Jane Sanders on saying Dems need to find things they can work with Trump on. Have a seat Jane, you don't spe…
. Did Jane Sanders just call fake news??. *** u hit a nerve when she starts to sound…
Jane Sanders is not a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. Will they both please stop telling us what we NEED to do? h…
The Sanders have done more than enough damage. Take a seat, Jane. No one here needs any advice from you.
.Jane Sanders should keep her head down in her $600K house before someone sues her for her role in Burlingto…
Jane Sanders thinks they should make the new DNC chair a Muslim controlled by a terrorist organization. https:…
When commentators broach sexism re HRC, check their TL for how they've treated Jane Sanders, Susan Sarandon, Nina, Tulsi, Melania
reveals that Jane Sanders begged not to endorse
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jane Sanders told to put Jeff Weaver in charge of I warned yall about her, I warned yall
Jane Sanders says Hillary Clinton is “brilliant” and slams Donald Trump for lying about her health
Jane Sanders talked to us at about why Bernie’s voters should not get over it https…
"They don't know your name is being put in nomination. That's the concern," says Jane Sanders on a hot mic at end of Be…
Jane Sanders said to Bernie, overheard by the mic, "They don't know your name will be put in nomination, that's the concern…
Did a hot mic just catch Jane Sanders saying that name was going to be put forward for nomination at the conv…
I'm by Nina Turner, Jane Sanders and Joe Scarborough, I've earned my badge of honor!
Well, I just watched Andrea Mitchell's interview with Jane Sanders. No questions about tax returns or Burlington College just FYI.
Seems like Jane Sanders doesn't understand math, data or CA demographics. This "Hillary is losing CA" or "it's a tie" is pur…
Jane Sanders just suggested Gov. Jerry Brown is an establishment politician, was pressured to support Clinton. Confronted,…
Wolfe Blitzer ask Jane Sanders about her taxes and the College she ran
So both Jane Sanders and Donald Trump have issues with colleges!
Jane Sanders resume of mismanagement @ Burlington & Goddard looks a lot like Sanders mismanagement of the Veteran…
Bernie and Jane Sanders: The Democratic Party’s Thelma and Louise via
Burlington College closes because of "crushing weight of debt" incurred by Bernie's wife Jane Sanders. featured in NBC s Science of Love
No racism in any way shape or form NO immigrant from eastern Europe First Lady N the White House Best choice Bernie & Jane Sanders
0Trumps0No experience. Immigrant from Eastern Europe First Lady?NoNoNo. Our best option Bernie and Jane Sanders
Vermont college to close thanks to the "the crushing weight of debt" accrued during Jane Sanders's time as president ht…
What does Jane Sanders have in common w Michelle Bachman's husband? Diploma-mill-ish PhDs.
Burlington College will close b/c of "crushing weight" of debt accrued during Jane Sanders' time as prez
Jane Sanders buried Burlington College to the ground, got a golden parachute & now trying to sell "Free College".SMH ht…
Jane Sanders runs Burlington College into the ground after giving herself a $200k Golden Parachute.
Burlington College Closing it's Doors! Jane Sanders put Burlington College in Crushing Debt & took a $ 200,000.00 Golden Parachute for it.
.Pretty sure the check for Jane Sanders golden parachute cleared before the college called it quits.
Jane Sanders destroys Burlington College and receives golden parachute, Chris and {crickets}
.Jane Sanders runs Burlington into the ground. Gives herself a $200k Golden Parachute.
The college Jane Sanders ran into the ground with debt is closing. It's ok though, she got a nice golden parachute https:…
Very interesting that Jane Sanders was "stalling the efforts toward faculty/staff unionization" at Goddard College. http…
Yep: Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders, Tad Devine, Jeff Weaver trying to subvert black votes.
I am a Liberal and Jane Sanders is full of BS.BS should not count on his base to change or force his agenda on Dems.It wont…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
This is how excited I am to see Jane Sanders on
LOL.Jane Sanders is hilarious. Her critiquing Krugman is like Michele Bachmann critiquing Stephen Hawking.
Talk about polar opposites. Jane Sanders v Ann Romney.
Dear Erica *** . Please note how Jane Sanders had Bernie exploit Gabby Giffords .
Cnn has not posted the interview of Jane Sanders telling Wolf her husband is still a Registered Independent Senator in the State of Vermont!
What about yours on Susan Sarandon, Rosario Dawson, Jane Sanders, Nina Turner etc? Such lovely words... (not).
National Conference Call on Women's Rights with Jane Sanders, Senator Nina Turner, Linda Sarsour, and Barbara Smith! http…
DC media Rumors indicate Jane Sanders yesterday paid off all their Credit Card debts in the family .What $$$ did sh…
Jane Sanders says Bernie has brought millions of voters into the party and they aren't allowed to vote. Curious, since Democrats…
Jane Sanders: We won't play role of spoiler: Republican front-runner Donald Trump has some free advice for Ve...
SHAME Jane Sanders comparing tax return to speech transcript. Be presidential,release your returns. Why not?Transcript n…
Jane Sanders dismisses Trump advice on independent bid:
I love Jane Sanders. It would be so great to have these people in the White House!
Jane Sanders tells 'We aren't getting out'
Jane Sanders says they will NOT reassess campaign tonight as reported
Jane Sanders: We aren't getting out It'd be nice if they'd post the whole interview rocks
Here's a link to my full interview with Jane Sanders live on incl. response to report today. https:/…
TONIGHT!! Join our call on Friday, April 22 at 8:00 pm ET with opening remarks by Jane Sanders, and special...
Jane Sanders has earned her place in the Ralph Nader Hall of Shame.
Silly Berniebots bragging Jane Sanders would be first FLOTUS w/ doctorate guess they never heard of Juris Doctor degree
Hill does it and accuses others of doing it to her. Jane Sanders: Clinton campaign distorting Bernie's record.
Jane Sanders was fired from Burlington College for financial MALFEASANCE
Catholic Diocese of Burlington lost $1.5-2 million on $3.65 million loan to Burlington College thanks to Jane Sanders.
.Do they know that Jane Sanders received a $200,000 severance package when being asked to leave Burlington College?
They don't want the spotlight on Jane Sanders' golden parachute from Burlington College & the mess she left there & $ to daughter
Jane Sanders overstated donation amounts in loan application for Burlington College | VTDigger. This is interesting
. Jane Sanders made over that amount at Burlington College. She just got fired 3 weeks ago.
.while you're at it, GOOGLE Burlington College&Jane Sanders fraud. Also Burlington College&Jane Saunders& student trips. I dare u
Jane Sanders was removed prematurely from her job as President of Burlington College.
-Can we get the Burlington College records from when Jane Sanders got her $200k severance?
What you don't know about wife, Jane Sanders, but should. .
Jane Sanders only released a tax return for 1 year bc she's hiding the golden parachute she got from Burlington College,…
Does Burlington College regard Jane Sanders as a Superpredator?
"Jane Sanders: We'll vote 4 Clinton if she wins The Nom Now
Jane Sanders: I wish people knew how "effective" Bernie Sanders is
Jane Sanders: We'll vote for Clinton if she wins nomination
Jane Sanders: Bernie and Hillary 'will support each other'.
Jane Sanders on Andrea Mitchell Reports said they didn’t hear the remark?
Studies have shown that liberal women tend to be uglier. Need examples? Look at dumpy Jane Sanders & Chelsea Clinton. 😂😂😂
Group calls for fraud investigation into Jane Sanders' land deals
Jane Sanders makes my teeth itch. After Michelle Obama, I can't bear the thought of her as First Lady.
Today Nina Turner & Jane Sanders did a disservice to Nina went ballistic on TV & Jane says she can't find…
Jane Sanders led Burlington College from 2004 to '11, spent millions on a new campus 33 acres along the bank of Lake Champlain
Bernie & Jane Sanders are basically Vermont's version of Green Acres. They can't get their tax returns cuz the chickens ate them. .
Jane Sanders trending? Wonder what Hillary did now... Oh, she was caught saying a racist joke at an elite dinner.
Tad Devine, Jeff Weaver, Jane Sanders, Nina Turner, Ben Jealous, Van Jones - they all lie for Bernie!
We don't need Bill to spend another day in the White House. I want Jane Sanders, the future FLOTUS with the mostus.
Ironically "Jane Sanders" is Trending as she is Being Attacked by Sexist HRC Supporters via
Yo, HRC camp, you can't claim to be the "feminist" team while bashing Jane Sanders. "Special place in *** " remember?…
Jane Sanders was so great with that interview! vote for Bernie htt…
Jane Sanders speaking in support of Bernie Sanders Rachel Maddow via
Jane Sanders & will make a perfect couple at the WH
Jane Sanders is doubling down on Hillary not being qualified. I'm done with all of them. He made a Republican campaign…
Bernie's plan to break up the banks: appoint someone to do it for him. Who? Tad Devine? Jeff Weaver? Jane Sanders?
Jane Sanders was actually a voter who bought into Bernie Sanders' political revolution before becoming his wife.
What can be better than more Bernie Sanders drama? When /r/IAmA asks for Jane Sanders to do an AMA, a reasonable d…
So I hear Jane Sanders was campaigning for Bernie in AK. Is that the only national Democratic candidate's representative there?
Live stream of Jane Sanders town hall going on in Anchorage, Alaska right now via /r/Sande… htt…
Photos: The Ducks defeat Stanford 2-0 in opening game at Jane Sanders Stadium
I don't believe Sanders voters want to help elect Trump, they are just passionate about Bernie Sanders getting the DNC nomination
Photos: Jane Sanders campaigns for husband Bernie in Anchorage: Photos: Jane Sanders campaigns for husband…
lucky enough to get a picture with Jane Sanders.
T1 | fires the first pitch and we are underway against Stanford at Jane Sanders Stadium!
The link to do the caucus march on Saturday to West High with Jane Sanders! this is the link to rsvp!
adndotcom: Photos: Jane Sanders campaigns for her husband BernieSanders in Anchorage
A full room welcoming Jane Sanders to Anchorage at the lakefront hotel.
Jane Sanders campaigns for her husband in Anchorage >wish I coulda made it gurl! 😔
Don't care how cold is, I'd love to be there so I could meet Jane Sanders. https…
Bernie & Jane Sanders' Blunders in Arizona - Tent City and a Walk Out via
What these families have endured is not right, and it is not the way we want to be as a country. .
I just supported Jane Sanders in on //
Oregon Ducks hail new Jane Sanders Stadium as a $17 million home-field advantage
Jane Sanders on election fraud: There's a petition to the UN to look into this, &1 to the DoJ. I think that's great. ht…
.broke in Jane Sanders Stadium with a W!
Bernie Sanders campaign on youtube does not allow downloads of Bernie's and Jane's campaign speeches. They don't want you to look closely.
Jane Sanders on election fraud: AZ was very upsetting to us,they called winner based only on absentee vote.They called …
In Alaska, we have legalized marijuana but don't have legal dispensaries. what would Bernie do? . "We'd cut the red tap…
Jane Sanders on violent protests: Trump's message is "bringing people out to say 'No.'"
Jane Sanders visits Sheriff Arpaio's infamous tent city jail, calls it 'inhumane' htt…
Jane Sanders visits Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous tent city jail, calls it "inhumane" and "very disturbing"
Jane Sanders on protests at Trump rallies: "I think his message is bringing people out to say 'no'"
Jane Sanders: Trump rallies have anger, ours have hope
Stop lying on Jane Sanders. The truth is readily available. .
This photo of Jane Sanders challenging Joe Arpaio over racial profiling gives me chills. .
Jane Sanders resigns presidency of Burlington College, reaches settlement
Jane Sanders "resigns" presidency of College, reaches settlement
Jane Sanders on "Those are Clinton campaign talking points"
Jane Sanders on Russell Simmons: "Those are Clinton campaign talking points"
Jane Sanders on husband Bernie: "He has moved the agenda of the Democratic Party" (Reuters)
Jane Sanders is crushing it on Wolf Blitzer's show on now. Her husband is pretty cool, too.
HRC supporters are attacking Jane Sanders for saying something that has been said by corporate media at least a zillion times.
Salon and Rolling Stone writer Jesse was shocked by Jane Sanders' racist statement he now can't remember.
At the Bernie Sanders rally/speech with Killer Mike, Jane Sanders and Bernie
In My View: The Bernie Sanders Story. Starring as Bernie Sanders, Rhea Perlman as Jane Sanders, and Charlie Day as Donald Trump
NEW VIDEO: English/Subtitles in Spanish. Paul Lewis of The Guardian follows Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders and...
ICYMI: My interview today on with Jane Sanders wife of
Jane Sanders will make an amazing First Lady that American People, especially young women, can look up to
way to bring it back to important issues! we want Jane Sanders for First Lady!
I would just love to have Jane Sanders as First Lady. Bill Clinton, not so much.
Jane Sanders would be an awesome First Lady!
Jane Sanders would make an amazing First Lady. Who else agrees?
Jane Sanders is the best woman to be the First Lady.
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