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Jane Goodall

Dame Jane Morris Goodall, DBE (born Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall on 3 April 1934), is a British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace.

Dr Jane Goodall Dian Fossey John Holdren Sylvia Earle Marie Curie Sally Ride Rosalind Franklin Jane Goodall Institute Rachel Carson

*Jane Goodall* When separated, the male and female communicate affection through exaggerated facial expressions.
Jane Goodall: A lifetime in the field
What YOU DO makes a DIFFERENCE, and you have to decide WHAT KIND of DIFFERENCE you want to MAKE. -Jane Goodall https:/…
Jane Goodall is my favorite scientist 😍
Jane Goodall found that highland chimps like to pick their noses. On their fingers were traces of J…
A beautiful portrait of Dr Jane Goodall by . and a thought provoking quote to go with it.
I LOVE and ADMIRE this woman!! My role model and heroine! Take a few minutes to please watch a 10 minute video... https:/…
I am thrilled to support Dr Jane Goodall's call for a scientific debate around the perceived necessity and...
BREAKING! This is a huge statement by world leading primatologist Dr Jane Goodall - she calls out notorious...
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”― Jane Goodall…
Dr Jane Goodall calls for a rigorous scientific debate about the claimed medical value of experiments
Only when our clever brain & our human heart work together in harmony we achieve our true potential - Jane Goodall. htt…
Dr. Jane Goodall has something to say about the Ivory Game, the most touching film I saw this year. Listen to...
Dr. Jane Goodall discusses the film 'The Ivory Game', by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani. The film is a crucial...
Let's go ahead and bundle up Oprah, Jane Goodall, Ellen, Alice Walker, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews and Robin Roberts while we're at.
A4 Photobombing & world-renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall was a fave photo of 2016 & al…
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Msgs to humanity from Dr. Jane Goodall... beautiful msg. "fighting the power of money". "This planet can...
Milla was the beer drinking/smoking chimp in a bar in Tanzania. In 1990 Dr. Jane Goodall brought her to C…
Tickets to Dr. Jane Goodall's Birthday Tour at the Kelowna Community Theatre are now on sale via
"Making this movie was a very, very courageous thing to do." - Dr. Jane Goodall talks about the Ivory Game, a new...
via Robert Hardy-Aln . A message to humanity from Dr. Jane Goodall
Caroline Gibbons '16 assisted at UF with Dr. Jane Goodall's lecture
I'm a "retired" teacher & avid Dr. Jane Goodall follower/leader & you renewed my spirit to fight Thank you.
Looking for ? Check out . . And learn about its founder, Dr. Jane Goodall. She is a tr…
Dr. Jane Goodall releases a rehabbed chimp back into the wild, but not before the chimp does this...
An incredible woman will be in the Okanagan! Check it out, Dr. Jane Goodall at Kelowna Community Theatre in April!
Dr. Jane Goodall has not had a bank account for a very long time. The reasons for that are becoming more apparent...
Dr. Jane Goodall discusses her transition from scientist to activist
During her visit Dr. Jane Goodall met with some Roots&Shoots groups, at a wonderful event held at the ACS Athens...
A message to humanity from Dr. Jane Goodall
"The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves." -Dr. Jane Goodall, Animal Welfare Activist.
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2016 is almost over. Universe, please allow Paul McCartney, Jane Goodall, Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking and Bernie Sanders to ma…
Jane Goodall brought her message of environmental protection & conservation to a crowd of 120,000 in HK.
.and yet I always find myself sitting between Jane Goodall and Nelson Mandela. Guys, I would cry. I wouldn't be able to say a word
Jane Goodall speaks out about the urgency of her elephant poaching doc
In which talks to Jane Goodall (!) about Donald Trump and the upcoming presidential debates
I love children, but I must admit that I'm Jane Goodall among the toddlers. I'm just kind of Kermit the Frog arms..not knowing what to do.
Given that chimpanzees and many other animals are sentient and sapient, ... we should treat them with respect. Jane Goodall
"The Jane Goodall of *** is the previous drafting. . I like yours.
East Asia/Korea are brutally killing Humans' Best Friends and they will receive what is coming to them one day!
Jane Goodall speaks out about dog meat farms
The greatest danger to our future is apathy. ~ Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall feels sorry for Cincinnati Zoo director:
Jane Goodall demands that reinstates funding for Why won't
For those of you who don't know, Dian Fossey was the Jane Goodall of Gorillas
Carson wearing red velvety jacket for January 1984 interview with Jane Goodall after the Stephanie Zimbalist segment
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"If grizzlies are delisted and the state opens a hunting season might be shot" -- Jane Goodall speaking about the need…
Issue of Jane Goodall, Anita Hill, and our very own interview with
Very honoured to meet with Dr. Jane Goodall today - and delighted her Institute is opening a new office in Edmonton. htt…
"If governments would subsidize green energy instead of fossil fuels, we would be rid of them by now." -Jane Goodall
Happy birthday, Jane Goodall! How this amazing woman turned her childhood dream into reality htt…
Birthday shoutout to the woman who is an inspiration to all who fight for animals! Have a great day Jane Goodall 🐵❤️
As you're about to open at the Dr. Jane Goodall is giving lectures in Austin…
when ur mom funds ur little sisters trip to party with frat boys but u still had 2 pay 4 ur ticket to see Jane Goodall speak in austin ??
neither Jack Hanna nor Jane Goodall will save you from this rapture. there is no escape. IT IS WRITTEN.
The amount of hate I have for Jane Goodall and Diane Ackerman right now is beyond human expectations
"Jane Goodall" tells "Henry Ford" about her life at the Elm School Living Wax Museum!
"There's still a lot left that's worth fighting for." - Dr. Jane Goodall. http…
Jane Goodall tickets sell out: The lecture, titled “Gombe and Beyond: An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall,” will ...
"The small choices we make each day can lead to the kind of world we all want for the future." - Dr. Jane Goodall
"Education is learning through experience..." Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall condemns supporters of as being 'anti-science' |Daily Mail Online
I'm going to Dr. Jane Goodall: Journey from the Jungle
How absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much to Dr. Jane Goodall for your support! This is the first thing I saw...
Wise words from the wise Dr. Jane Goodall. Happy Friday!.
Dr. Jane Goodall has been an idol of mine since I was a little girl.
Jane Goodall gets all animated… talking about her life story and instinct with Ira Flatow.
Just finished watching Surviving Progress on Netflix. The words of Jane Goodall are so profound.
"I got my love of animals from the Dr. Doolittle books and my love of Africa from the Tarzan novels." ~ Jane Goodall
Message from Dr. Jane Goodall for the Women in Science Summit 2016
After filming wraps, will film Suspiria, a Jane Goodall biopic, The Sound of Metal, and Fo…
First influence was Jane Goodall. Mom had her book. Realized a woman could study animals for a living. https:/…
Earth Champions, Superheroes and Stewards: Rachel Carson and Jane Goodall speak via
“We have so far to go to realize our human potential for compassion, and love.” ― Jane Goodall
GERAmb "Honored to meet Dr. Jane Goodall. We share the aim of preserving Tanzania's unique nature"
Here is the latest Chimp bag with the classic Jane Goodall quote...its abga for all the endangered animals on the...
Jane Goodall and others discuss the ethics of hunting at this symposium:.
A message to humanity from Dr. Jane
Jane Goodall's lessons on after a life spent studying chimpanzees: https:…
With Jane Goodall talking about youth, the environment and hope for the future
Women and science: A conversation with Jane Goodall via
With our 25th anniversary next week, find out why Dr Jane Goodall named our programme Roots & Shoots!
Dr Jane Goodall discusses the role of women and girls in science
A message to humanity from Dr. Jane Goodall . Via CloakedTruth
Supporting the together with the UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall.
UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall showing her support for and the rest of the at UN Tanzania
Hear the story of how Jane Goodall got started in on
"We damage nature, we damage ourselves. We protect nature, we protect ourselves." via
"We've broken a lot of the pieces of what holds the world together"-Jane Goodall & Sylvia Earle on vanishing nature
NEWS: New movie for Dakota Johnson! She will be playing Jane Goodall, a primatologist and Animal-Rights Acrivist ❤️💕 https:/…
Women and science: A conversation with Jane Goodall
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Brain Pickings shares Dr. Goodall's life story as a fun, animated video.
At this point, I just despise the entire human population..except for like Jane Goodall and bill nye
Jane Goodall: How she redefined mankind via
is coming to for a FREE event. Reserve your seats! https:…
"I am not sure where I am heading next, but right now, I weirdly sort of feel like that chimp in the Jane Goodall...
Two grand dames reflect on human impact on nature in their lifetime
Jane Goodall is in talks with Hollywood producers about a biopic of her life.
Everyone get their free tickets to see Jane Goodall. i’m making your life better:
i just reserved four seats to see Jane Goodall in March and I DEFINITELY do not have that many friends.
"There's still a lot left worth fighting for." - Dr. Jane Goodall
Novak Djokovic and his wife, Jane Goodall, my Dad, my Best friend Rachel, Emma Watson and Wwf!!
Jr's doing a project on Jane Goodall, so we're researching her. Having a good conversation about colonialism while we're at it lol
Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Jane Goodall are heading to to talk
"Forests = lungs of the planet: threatened by unholy alliance between politicians and big companies" - Jane Goodall https:/…
Jane Goodall on Patricia Highsmith in Anne Summers Reports reminded me of how good the play 'Switzerland' was
Good News for the Critically Endangered Wild Camel - Jane Goodall's Good for All News
Jul 14 1960-Jane Goodall arrives at the Gombe Stream Reserve in present-day Tanzania to begin her famous study of chimpanzees in the wild
.on work: "I think what the lawyers are doing is great; I support these efforts." https:…
"My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with Goodall
Jane Goodall and Steven Druker critique the GMO venture /gw
Jane Goodall an anthropologist who studies chimps for decades to understand humans. Witnessed chimp genocidal wars
"It’s Halloween night & Brennan has to put the finishing touches on Christine’s Jane Goodall costume (Hank is going as a chimp, FYI)"
Working on this week. The kids are so excited! We've got everyone from Drew Brees to Jane Goodall
So far this week I've been told I look like Missy Franklin and Jane Goodall. It's fine
my committee did not appreciate my inclusion of Rachel Carson and Jane Goodall. But I still heart them.
My dream growing up was to be Jacques Cousteau. Then Jane Goodall. Then Kofi Annan or Madeleine Albright.
Tickets for Jane Goodall's Oct. 1 lecture will be available 10a, Thurs. (9/10), via website.
I think Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall may have had the hots for Trump :)
There were 4 women scientists when I was a kid: Sally Ride, Dian Fossey, Jane Goodall, and Eugenie Clark.
Happy birthday to Jane Goodall who turns 81 today! Read our profile of her by
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Will be charged for killing Comments from Jane Goodall, Mia Farrow +NRA memnber says lie http…
What u love in the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall or Aung San Suu Kyi is a quality that is crying out 2 b developed in u.~
Jane Goodall and Peter Gabriel urge to stop ferrying lab monkeys
From Marie Curie to Jane Goodall, get to know these awesome female scientists:
Why is there only a single woman? How about Rosalind Franklin, Margaret Hamilton, Jane Goodall, Ada Byron et al?
Mission Blue via Sylvia Earle is the Jane Goodall of the ocean, It's Inspiring
One day I will make people think differently about all sorts of animals. Just like Jane Goodall and Temple Grandin.
If you see lemurs and you don't immediately turn into the Jane Goodall of lemurs, then you're a heartless evil person.
Tim Hunt wouldn't recognize a good scientist if Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Shirley Ann Jackson, and Sally Ride all kick…
Dr. Jane Goodall talks about Chimps, Nature, Kids and more..
Jane Goodall will lecture in on September 11.
What a Night with Dr. Jane Goodall will do to You.
Volunteering for Dr. Jane Goodall and the Hungarian was an unforgettable experience
Still time to get tickets for Dr. Jane Goodall
for a chance to win 2 tickets to see Dr. Jane Goodall in … winner drawn from RTs on June 19 - or buy at:
Less than 200 tickets available for An Evening with Dr. Jane Goodall. All proceeds to charity
Roots & Shoots in action! We are so proud to learn that the Bye Bye Plastic Bags team from Dr. Jane Goodall's...
Dr. Jane Goodall asks that you do the right thing and...
Peace, love and understanding. Earth emag salutes Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall's belief in bigfoot via
Dr. Jane Goodall joined the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today in their announcement that ALL chimpanzees,...
One year ago today we presented the film to Dr. Jane Goodall at the Bali Green school. . If you live in...
・・・. "There's still a lot worth fighting for.". - Dr. Jane Goodall. 🐾. One of the best parts abou…
"Altered Genes, Twisted Truth" took Steven Druker 15 years to research and has a Forward by Dr. Jane Goodall.
"The greatest danger to our future is apathy" - Dr. Jane Goodall
Dr. Jane Goodall knows best! For the ABANDONED CHIMPS, may we honor her.
Dr. Jane Goodall needs our help to save abandoned
Jane Goodall: SeaWorld 'should be closed down' - WFLA News Channel 8
Nobody asked me, but I nominate a trio for the $20 bill. Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birutė Galdikas . All 3 of 'em.
I read everything about Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey that I could get my hands on. all my projects were about eastern lowland gorillas
Terri & Bindi Irwin claim to respect Dr. Jane Goodall. JG wants SeaWorld shut down. is paid by T&B respect only money
Jane Goodall says sanctuary best for zoo elephants via
Despite dire warnings for our endangered planet, Dr. Jane Goodall says all is not yet lost
Jane Goodall says animals suffering because of foods ht
Jane Goodall says should be closed down Is she a 'radical extremis…
Jane Goodall says to shut down SeaWorld. SeaWorld implies she isn't familiar with new research
Great article about Jane Goodall in Catholic Herald by Katie Scott "..head and heart work in harmony"
Here's the heartbreaking reason Jane Goodall stopped doing what she loved most in the world. via
Jane Goodall reviews Steven Druker's new book /gw
Animal Kindness Art Club painted chimps today in honor of our heroine Jane Goodall.
Animal Kindness Club painted Chimps in honor of our heroine Jane Goodall.
We are still accepting sponsors and vendors for the World Peace Festival benefits Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots...
5 of 5 stars to Reason for Hope by Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall is still wild at heart.
Great video available to give background info on Jane Goodall
Saw Jane Goodall speak tonight, and what a magical presence she has. Her work has helped to bring so many together to do good.
Seeds of Hope - For Lana, together we can make this a better world for ALL! Jane Goodall
"Like my mother used to say: take advantage of opportunities, work hard, and never give up." -Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall said tonight at that ability to connect people to movements gives her hope for the future.
"Lose the fear."--Dr. Jane Goodall on following your dreams.
A moving, transformative speech by the Great Sage Jane Goodall.
Tonight I got to see Dr.Jane Goodall speak she was truly inspirational. She spoke…
Don’t Miss It! Bring your class to our special webinar with Dr. Jane Goodall on April 20!
Blown away by the legendary Dr Jane Goodall tonight at BAM. Inspired to make a difference. @ BAM…
Stranger gives me ticket, Dr. Jane Goodall gives me hope. Messenger of peace & everything awesome.
Just saw Jane Goodall speak. Haven't been so inspired in a while + even got a lil teary eyed at times. What a woman.
It's really good that the APUSH exam is in 3 weeks and I keep confusing Jane Addams with Jane Goodall the chimpanzee lady
It's not every day that you get to hang out with Jane Goodall 🐵
Watching and listening to Jane Goodall at
Have never experienced anything quite like the standing ovation that just happened for Jane Goodall. Not a dry eye in the house.
Jane Goodall "Go out there and do what our indomitable spirit wants us to do."
On April 20 classrooms can connect with Dr. Jane Goodall via
Dr. Jane Goodall is coming to proceeds to charity .. please RT.
I am beginning to believe nobody has ever seen Jane Goodall and Charlie Watts in the same place.
Jane Goodall greets Pax Natura trustee Susen Sawatzki prior to a press conference with Steven Druker author of...
Jane Goodall is coming to Toronto in a couple of weeks. Limited number of tickets are available
Learning Jane Goodall believes in Bigfoot was certainly the most interesting thing I heard today:
Jane Goodall is a world renowned conservationist, animal activist and expert on primates, particularly chimpanzees.
Jane Goodall on instinct and chimpanzees.
Definitely signed thank you so much for caring & sharing. Jane Goodall celebrates her 91st Birthday & going strong!
Jane Goodall talks about her belief in Yetis
"I'm a romantic so I always wanted them to exist" - Jane Goodall on Bigfoot
Jane Goodall had a crush on Tarzan, didn't dig Jane, and believes in Bigfoot.
Read about Jane Goodall's shift from scientist to conservationist and why she is still wild at heart
Jane Goodall tells her remarkable life-story, animated
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"There's still a lot worth fighting for." - Jane Goodall
New Best of the Web video on the Jane Goodall on instinct by Quoted Studios
What a beautiful person is Jane Goodall. So gracious of her to sign my book. The world needs more people like her...
Amazing to see Jane Goodall giving a talk at UPR Mayaguez today!
A delightful interview with Jane Goodall, animated
A wonderful story about the incredible Dr. Jane Goodall: Still Wild at Heart
So my friend met Jane Goodall today 😭
Hey, I parsed your Jane Goodall story for my 2nd-grader, who's learning about "that chimp lady" in class
I got the chance to see my long time hero Dame Jane Morris Goodall, and what I got to see was nothing short from what I expected, incredible
An evening with Dr. Jane Goodall on Sept. 9th! 🐵
And I IMPLORE YOU to read Druker's book - with the Preface by Dame Jane Goodall.
""Each of us make a difference with our life. Each of us impacts the world." - Dr. Jane Goodall
I love Jane Goodall - we can learn so much about LISTENING from her. She has so much respect for others
Jane Goodall is the cutest old woman ever.
The book is prefaced by Dr. Jane Goodall
Honoured to meet the legendary Jane Goodall!
ICYMI: A vintage SciFri interview with Jane Goodall was animated by
Celebrate with ME... JANE, the story of Dr. Jane Goodall's early years by Patrick McDonnell.
I'll give you a dollar if you can help me invite to emerging women live 2015. among Jane Goodall & Brene Brown
and channeling my inner Jane Goodall
I clicked to feed rescued primates. 1 free click=donation that go directly to Jane Goodall Institute
"Jane Goodall, whose investigations has revolutionated scientific comunity
Jane Goodall, whose investigations has revolutionated scientific comunity
Sharing your post. Such a powerful message from Jane Goodall! One person can make a difference!
The illustrated story of how Jane Goodall turned her childhood dream into reality
Another reason to love Jane Goodall: on cell phones via
"If we act now, we will be ensuring the forest can continue to provide services that support us.." — Jane Goodall DBE ht…
If you really want something, & really work hard, & take advantage of opportunities, & never give up, you will find a way. -Ja…
Jane Goodall visited + said this about captive dolphins at Resorts World Sentosa
Consumers need to buy wisely for the says Dr.
Google Street View Spotlights Chimpanzees Studied by Jane Goodall Google Street View now allows you to get a ,,,
Walking with Dr Jane Goodall in Singapore @ Monkey Walk, an inspiring woman and privilege to meet her.
World renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall is in Singapore. You can buy a copy of her book at SOTA stand at .
Vision for Hope: a Roots & Shoots Workshop with Dr Jane Goodall, 2pm at
On the Monkey Walk with Dr Jane Goodall in Singapore yesterday.
Marisol sells PCHEM 5.100: Primatoligist Dr Jane Goodall speaks to students on her ... "… in Miri, put up a stron…
.was in Malaysia. Our lists 12 unforgettable things Jane said in her first ever visit here:
Dr. Goodall just took the w/ and many of you know that Jane has been for decades!
The woman that inspires me to travel most is Jane Goodall.
Tickets are on sale for An Evening with Jane Goodall. Proceeds to Isla Mae Research Fund (MDC) &
"Let us together, sow seeds for a better harvest, a harvest for hope." - Dr. Jane Goodall h…
Calgarians rejoice! Dr. Goodall is coming to cow town.
Watch Wounda the chimpanzee hug Jane Goodall after being released into the wild
can we.. ARE ENOUGH PEOPLE AWAKE !!! or will they only believe the planet is in crisis when it is dead ?
Dr. Goodall is going to be doing two lectures in our "neck of the jungle" this spring. She will be in Washington...
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Breaking news: Dr. Jane Goodall's spring 2015 North America schedule released. Find out now! …
VIDEO: The incredible gesture of gratitude of Wounda to Jane Goodall
Meeting jane Goodall today and I'm so so so excited
is it ok to miss 2 days of school to go hear Jane Goodall speak, asking for a friend
In science we look at the work of Jane Goodall and I'm hoping it'll make it more meaningful for them. What will you adopt???
The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) relies on our donors to ensure that we are able to continue our programs across th…
Well Jane Goodall's coming to north america so it looks like I'll be driving 6 hours to see her if anyone wants to come 🚙
Here's Dr. Jane Goodall's message for 2015. "Respect the views of others, but have the courage of your convictions." ht…
Dr. Goodall does an exclusive interview w/ on how we can save the planet, during her trip to ht…
Listen to our interview w/ Dr. Jane Goodall on The Social Strategist Project h…
You can’t get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. Jane Goodall
My chihuahua, Hazel, loves watching TV. She's particularly a fan of the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love and Jane Goodall's chim…
Today's A Mighty Girl Community Pick honors women in science throughout history: "History of Women in Science Wall Poster." If you're looking for girl-empowering wall art that will both inspire and educate, this captivating poster of great women of science is a wonderful choice! This colorful poster features photos and short biographies on 22 notable female scientists including luminaries such as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Clara Barton, Barbara McClintock, Florence Nightingale, Mae Jemison, and Rosalind Franklin. High-quality posters focused on women scientists are challenging to find and this is the most informative and attractive one we've discovered. It measures 24 by 36 inches. To learn more about the "History of Women in Science Wall Poster," visit is also a new collection of 12 minimalist posters honoring famous women scientists including Grace Hopper, Sally Ride, Ada Lovelace, and Lise Meitner at more girl-empowering posters and wall art on topics ranging from the fanciful to the academic, visit A ...
Here's a great article about Me...Jane, a book we designed for Patrick McDonnell about Jane Goodall's childhood.
Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell turns Jane Goodall's childhood into a picture book, "Me...Jane." This is one I...
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said to me "you're going to be the next Laura Ingalls Wilder, wait no I mean Jane Goodall"
A privilege to meet Dr. Jane Goodall - Instead of saying CHEESE for the photo she said CHIMPANZEE 😉
Good news! We have 10 more pairs of tickets to the talk by Dr. Jane Goodall. Tell us why you would like to meet...
We are inviting all non-profit, religious, educational organizations, corporations and others of your choice, to participate in the presentation of the books in English and Spanish by International Author, Laureate Poet, Humanitarian and Social Innovator, Lucia De Garcia. Please schedule now for book signings and/or conferences and promote your event! Organizations in Southern California are already joining. We will donate the proceeds for educational projects and others! - Benny Nights on January Friday 23 in Huntington Park - Books Signing by the author at Villa Siena, Irvine on February 2 - Nuevo Amanecer Mujer Integral, East Los Angeles on February 27 - MAOF (Mexican American Opportunity Foundation) Women's Conference on May 8, and others to be announced. Presenting the books: - “Building Bridges of Understanding, My Quest for Unity and Peace” with the Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall, an inspirational memoir that will encourage you to live out your dream! It was awarded The Most Inspirational Non-Fi ...
Dr. Jane Goodall visited New Zealand as part of her 80th birthday world tour, a celebration of sell out shows and standing ovations. Arguably the most recognised living scientist and conservationist; she is supported by millions of people around the globe who see her as an oracle for the future and an inspiration for all. Jane Goodall's plea to New Zealand:
Who said it better: Christy Turlington, Jane Goodall, Pharrell Williams, or the Pope?
One hour special on NOW with John Holdren, White House Science advisor talking about climate change & interview with Jane Goodall
Andy, the episode of that airs today Noon ET may be of interest to you. John Holdren and Jane Goodall weigh in
Noon ET: fascinating hour of w White House Science Advisor Dr. John Holdren and Jane Goodall. Watch, or turn in ur nerd badge.
I lived in Austin for 8 years, but never real Texas. I actually like it the novelty hasn't worn off. I feel like Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall and Casey Anderson give me hope for the planet. People who have compassion for animals and the environment give me hope.
Dr. Jane Goodall, speaking to the press before an event at the British Council last night, said that even if...
David Attenborough & Jane Goodall join fight to create new national park in Victoria.
ICYMI: Dr. Jane Goodall said "Poo-Throw Hitler" and lots of other wonderful and insightful things last Sunday night.
Watch John Oliver & Jane Goodall out British and co-monkey each other is healing parts of my soul.
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If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls. ~ Jane Goodall
First David Attenborough, now Jane Goodall joins fight to create the new Great Forest National Park
David Attenborough & Jane Goodall are advocating for the establishment of to save Leadbeater's possum ht…
Heavy weights Jane Goodall & Sir David back the Great Forest National Park htt…
Jane Goodall shows John Oliver how to eat a banana chimp-style
Jon Oliver asking Jane Goodall why chimps make such great pets. Perhaps the best & most appalling thing I've ever seen.
Happy World Vegetarian Day! Did you know that Dr. Jane Goodall is a
Steven Solomon from Rotary International speaks to a full room at W. Salem Rotary about Peace Fellows and meeting Jane Goodall, Desmond Tutu
Michael Jackson used to abuse chimpanzee, Bubbles via
Welcome to the first annual World Rhino Youth Summit: Dr Jane Goodall, Dr Ian Player, and Bear Grylls send emotional messages to the 2014 Youth Summit delega...
Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall says she is for action at the March!
“How is it that the most intellectual creature is destroying its own home? We’ve lost wisdom" says Dr Jane Goodall.
As the UN kicks off, Jane Goodall tells us how to achieve change:
What happened to penguins them titties jane goodall +home address the rumors goin.
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