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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda (born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda; December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru.

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Our Souls at Night, Venice Film Festival review: Jane Fonda and Robert Redford on fizzing form in cosy autumnal ...
Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, Matt Lucas and Niall Horan during filming of the Graham …
She’s the Jane Fonda of the 21st century and no one more is fond of her!!!
You and jane fonda feel ashamed. You both should. You lack integrity as does the rest of the people in hollywood.
Jane is clueless. Jane Fonda on If She Is 'Proud of America Today': 'No!' - Breitbart via
Jane Fonda continues to show what sort of low caliber human being she really is! Thank y…
Right! jane fonda just came out saying she just found out a year ago, regrets not speaking up. She was born into…
Jane Fonda went from being a US traitor to a traitor of those she marched for - WOMEN. That woman has NO worth. Put her UNDER a jail.
Love Jane Fonda, Barbarella did it for me! Ad a small boy that kind of flick gave me sleepless nights! !!!
Yes. Apart from the GOP's long-term insistence that Jane Fonda, Michael Moore and, like, Saul Alinksy are high-rank…
She’s the 21st century Jane Fonda and no one is fond of here!!!
No surprise. The Goodell family has history of anti-American protests. His dad was buds w/Jane…
E.g. "Jane Fonda" becoming synecdoche for McGovern supporters.
Americans who know and/or lived through the Vietnam era will never forget the traitorous actions of Hanoi Jane Fonda or ra…
. Great exchange. We need more Jane Fonda's in the world. Men who mostly have run things need a CHECK. WE ARE IT
Does anyone really believe that the ppl who worship Hanoi Jane Fonda care about respecting US troops? Nope - just pawns.
This week on Movie House, Our Souls at Night, a Netflix movie that reunites Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.
S. America Asia Africa Europe Australia pick 1 & GO! Jane Fonda says she's not proud of America via the App
Another *** elected to congress. Is she related to Jane Fonda?
Jane Fonda said she's not proud of America and elaborated, "I'm proud of the resistance." Do you consider her a traitor?. P…
Jane Fonda stretches her legs in a limo while playing cards, 1958
Jane Fonda canvassing to canvassing to and for You…
I assumed that was about Jane Fonda.
Jessica Lange and Jane Fonda testifying before Democratic congressional Task Force on plight of Farm Families.
Jane Fonda says she's not proud of America … … Then leave! I'm sure you'd find Cuba or Venezue…
Also Jane Fonda was there running through meadows with me.
Thank you Stephen Sackur for interview Jane Fonda-- a beautiful &…
Jane Fonda & People Like Her Should Go to Jail w/ as an accomplice: They Said Nothing to Protect Others
Would you openly admit to getting plastic surgery?
Who cares what Jane Fonda says, Shea a lousy actress too
One more plastic surgery and Jane Fonda will look like Kenny Rogers.
America's not proud of Jane Fonda, either. Time for her to move to a better country.
One more surgical procedure and Jane Fonda will look like Kenny Rogers
Jane Fonda 🤔 Hanoi Jane never let's a chance to talk crap about go I've come to expec…
Reginald Denny with Jane Fonda in CAT BALLOU (1965). Also in 1966 BATMAN movie with his old pal Neil Hamilton.…
Does anybody really think that Oprah, Penny Marshall, Jane Fonda & B Walters & other powerful women in Hollywood ha…
I agree. The powerful prey off the weak. But Jane Fonda?? No excuse.
Fonda is a traitor to our country. Hanoi Jane, remember?
October 12th: Niall with Graham, Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, Collin Farrell, Bryan Cranston, and Matt Lucas on set of The Graha…
Good point. What a sanctimonious hypocrite Jane Fonda is. Just go aw…
Once a traitor, always a traitor! Jane Fonda feels guilty for not speaking out about Harvey Weinstein
Boris: I am ashamed ever watch any of Jane Fonda movie… only because every film after Barbarella you are d…
Jane Fonda you have a lot more than this to be ashamed of!!!
Jane Fonda - no problem speaking out w VietCong enemy during Vietnam, but couldn’t speak out to save women from
She’s absolutely right, the president is a sexual abuser, just like Weinstein
Jane Fonda, one year ago, were you in Hanoi sitting on top of a VietCong tank when you found out about Harvey Weinstein? Just asking!!!
Jane Fonda said she KNEW, KNEW but did/said nothing because her career, her friends,…
Jane Fonda was born & raised in Hollywood, she has know all these years about the rape culture. Said/did NOTHING. Way to go feminist.
Jane Fonda knew about Weinstein's sex abuse for a year – here's why she kept silent
Jane Fonda 'ashamed' she didn't call out W... via
"Jane Fonda" knew for years, they all knew, and Harvey isn't the only one!!! It's a culture in Hollywood! Has been for…
- Jane Fonda can't speak our about Harvey W even though she knew but she called out a POW in Hanoi WTH ?
.I knew about Weinstein, and I'm 'ashamed' I didn't say anything
Harvey Weinstein wanted JANE FONDA to give him a *** .. Bunch of us Nam Veterans that would pay 💰 for that footage
Fonda says this issue is not unique to Hollywood: "This male entitlement [exists] in businesses all over the world"
Jane Fonda: I'm "ashamed" I didn't speak out about Harvey Weinstein sooner
And what happened wth JANE Fonda in Vietnam has nothing to do with this scandal.
Jane Fonda knew about Weinstein. Says she didn’t speak out against him because it didn’t impact her. *** After trashin…
She is afraid of "getting to the end without becoming the best I can be as a person,” she admits
Commie traitor Jane Fonda admits SHE KNEW about Weinstein's assaults, did NOTHING about it
"I'm ashamed that I didn't say anything": Jane Fonda says she regrets not speaking up earlier about Harvey Weinstein
Megyn lacks connection and empathy with her audience. A bit like her idol Trainwreck Coming https:…
Jane Fonda admits she knew about Weinstein rumors and stayed silent via
Jane Fonda says she feels "ashamed" for not speaking out about Harvey Weinstein earlier.
Jane Fonda: "I was happy to loudly protest my own country from Vietnam, but calling out Harvey Weinstein was just a bit…
Bisexual culture is having a crush on Jane Fonda and Robert Redford
via Jane Fonda and Robert Redford talk about chemistry, sex, and aging
Our Souls at Night...A Tribute to Robert Redford and Jane Fonda tonight!
Netflix is going to very liberal and very old "entertainers". Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen and Chelsea Handler.
Where was the speech from Jane Fonda & Dolly Parton at the Emmys about Harvey Weinstein? 🤔
Netflix original with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Grace and Frankie. Wish Martin Sheen and Sam waterston. Different but good
I liked a video Jane Fonda is Fantastic with Craig Ferguson!
I think Megan Kelly is an *** and Jane Fonda exposing her for the lightweight she is was wonderful! You can take…
Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda casually slayed the runway at Fashion Week
Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda dominated Paris Fashion Week and all I can say is "Yaaas Queens!" https:/…
Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren completely slay on the runway during Paris Fashion Week: Pics!
Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda stun as models at Paris Fashion Week
Look at Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren killing it at Paris Fashion Week
"Our Souls At Night," Ritesh Batra's followup to "The Lunchbox," reunites Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. It's out on Netflix.
People like Jessica Lange or Jane Fonda are really interesting choices. I'd put Shirley MacLaine, Helen…
Michelle speaks for me as much as Madonna, Ashley Judd and Jane Fonda do.not one iota! I have always been proud…
. on Megyn Kelly's plastic surgery Q. This is in response to whether or not she was "shocked" by the Q
Wrong time, place for awkward plastic surgery question https:/…
I actually don't mind her pissing off jane Fonda though. Actually I don't mind pissing off…
So you can't plastic surgery shame anymore? We're all supposed to just pretend Jane Fonda has never seen the scalpel?
Megyn Kelly should have asked Jane Fonda if she thinks Vietnam Vets will Ever forgive her for her treachery to American POW's.
A combination of Mike Wallace, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry the Cable Guy.
Megyn Kelly’s obnoxiousness did something I thought nobody could ever do: . She made me support Jane Fonda .
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda attend premiere of 'Our Souls At Night' (2017)
after the trainwreck of Megyn Kelly interviewing Jane Fonda. i hope takes this as inspiration for something for season 4!
Megyn Kelly did not please Jane Fonda today.
Jane Fonda was the real winner at this year's Emmys. Can you believe she is almost 80??
FYI - It’s such a good day to google image Jane Fonda.
Jane Fonda is unrecognizable. Redford fooling no one with his wiglet.
WATCH: “There’s something about him—besides the gorgeousness.” Jane Fonda talks working with Robert Redford again
No matter how much "work" Jane has had done, she can still make this "Are you F-ing kidding me" face when Megyn...
Our Souls at Night review – Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in a moving autumn romance
‘The Vietnam War’: How Jane Fonda Became One of the Most Hated People and still is. via
This Awkward Moment Between Jane Fonda and Megyn Kelly Will Make You Cringe: "We really want to talk about that……
Jane Fonda has zero time for Megyn Kelly's annoying question about her plastic surgery 😂.
From the stone-cold look Jane Fonda gave, she certainly didn't think Megyn Kelly was asking about aging gracefully. htt…
Mood: Debra Messing and Jane Fonda wondering how they ended up on Megyn Kelly
Jane Fonda is NOT impressed with Megyn Kelly, because you can take the girl out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News o…
Jane Fonda with a flawless example of how to side-step personal questions during an interview
Jane Fonda recalls the moment she knew Robert Redford would be a star: via
Ms. has no time for your plastic surgery questions, via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
If I ever need to conjure a Patronus I will close my eyes and remember the transcendent faces Jane Fonda made at Megyn…
Even though she was a legend long before we knew her, me & Joscelyn stanned Jane Fonda since like 9th grade lol.
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Fonda zepcook…
NFL, Goodell. YOU SUCK. You've just made my list up there with Jane Fonda and Michael Moore.
Culture wars aren't won. They go on forever. We're still taking about Jane Fonda, for Pete's sake. Proxy fighting when re…
Will crusaders Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda like THIS reminder?
Where's Jane Fonda 😤 Anne Bancroft and Meg Tilly are at it again with their bs 💀💀
He’s in Grace and Frankie and he’s so hilarious in that: he was also in Newsweek w Jeff Daniels and Jane Fonda.
I have to admit, this one baffles me. Jane Fonda? Barbara Eden? Maybe even Linda Evans?
Actors have always been political, look at Jane Fonda for one. Glenda Jack…
Two living and FREE traitors to their country: Chelsea Manning and Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane).
Jane Fonda, a/k/a Hanoi Jane is the last 1 2 criticize any1. Guilty of death of POWS in VietNam prison, spit in the…
Jane Fonda,via Hanoi Jane trying to look young, but her evil still shows through.
They also reminded us that Jane Fonda was once Hanoi Jane. Too much.
How funny would it be if Jane Fonda, Chelsea Manning, and Patty Hearst all married each other?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Jane Fonda: Hanoi Jane photo was a 'huge mistake' let's forget this JF as u bash Trump
Scumbag so called actors and one in particular Jane Fonda or Hanoi Janelooked horrible 80…
Jane Fonda was unrecognizable at the 2017 Emmys: via Jane the TRADER >>>>OH SHES RECONIZABLE
.steals the show during a reunion with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin!
Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the original cast of the 1980 film of 9 To 5, keeping it relevant at...
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford still have soulful chemistry in Watch the trailer:
Here we go--1st political moment since Colbert's intro. Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin."We still won't be ruled by a bi…
Take a moment, Jane Fonda at 79... Correct 79! Go look after your *** selves!
I don't believe Jane Fonda has had surgery look at the age mine's on her skin...she looks great
The Real Story of Jane Fonda and the Vietnam Vets Who Hate Her - Under the Radar
Reminder that Jane Fonda produced 9 to 5 her own *** self, based on her own *** idea.
BREAKING NEWS: Jane Fonda is wearing a ponytail!!
🚨 Red ALERT! Jane Fonda’s hair is fleek AF because is fleek AF...
Oh man, Jane Fonda is mad at Trump. That will show America.
Jane Fonda looks this amazing at 79. What an absolute goddess.
Jane Fonda is a traitor who literally gave up our soldiers had the nerve to call Trump a danger? Jane, you're an evil gross…
I feel like not enough people are freaking out that JANE FONDA LOOKS LIKE THIS AT 79 YEARS OLD. I'M SHOOK. https:/…
Hope I look this good when I'm Jane Fonda. 🙌🏻
The Army still hasn't forgotten. We were trained to hate Jane Fonda in boot camp as they…
Jane Fonda is also used in training as a classic definition of "giving aid and comfort t…
Here she is: Hanoi Jane Fonda posing with Communist North she poses with Anti-Trump *** …
Also like I'm sure other things happened at the but like I'm still reeling from Jane Fonda
The moment that Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin became President.
Emmy's are disgusting Jane Fonda berating our President. A woman that was sitting on a Veit Cong cannon that had most likely…
Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda "still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, lying, egotistical bigot"
Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Jane Fonda gave us the best award of the night
That's funny… these ladies had no problem with Bill Clinton.
Pretty in pink! told us her look was inspired by Gwen Stefani.
Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda were the BEST part of the evening.
"In that movie we refuse to be controlled buy a sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot"- Jane Fonda. 9 to 5.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jane Fonda has kept it unfathomably tight for 79 years.
Jane Fonda is 79 and straight up dripping in jewels tonight at the
Sexist, egotistic, lying hypocritical bigot. Yes, Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton et al just said this to Trump, about himself. T…
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin take a not-so-subtle jab at Trump. (via Variety)
Jennifer Aniston is going to age like Jane Fonda
Emmy audience adores Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin reunion of "9 to 5."
Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton had an anti-Trump "9 to 5" reunion at the Emmys
Jane Fonda still looked like Hanoi Jane. Forgiven but not forgotten.
Jane Fonda? You don't say! Ole Hanoi Jane still great at hating the country that gave her fame. TRUMP IS YOUR PRESI…
Yes, 'Hanoi' Jane Fonda - traitor to our Nation - who stood on North Vietnamese tanks aiming at our planes.
Jane Fonda's image and name makes me want to hurl. Hanoi Jane
Trump supporters are calling Jane Fonda "Hanoi Jane" after her comment on stage, yet they have no probs w/Trump deferri…
Jane Fonda had a new look for the Emmys, but when she spoke, it was the same old Hanoi Jane. She should go fly one of Rocket Man's missiles.
Sort of kind of not get spit in the face like Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) did the reason why she was in the back
Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda blast Trump at Emmys - NY Daily News Tomlin and Hanoi Jane will be needing the diapers.
Jane Fonda, nearly 80, wears long, faux ponytail to the Emmys, and people are freaking out: - Hanoi Jane nuff said!!
So far, Jane Fonda has not protested Ken Burns' Vietnam at the
Melanie Griffith & Jane Fonda is kinda morphing into each other right?
I just realized how much young Jane Fonda looks like Linda Cardellini.
Jane Fonda urges support for a living wage with Lily Tomlin and Saru Jayaraman at Wayne State University.
Big time Jane Fonda and Francoise Hardy vibes for tomorrow's thrifting adventure ❕❕
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will host public event at Kalamazoo College Tuesday.
here is the new list of favorite actors Jimmy Stewart , Richard Pryor , Debbie Reynolds , Jane Fonda , and Betty Grable
Venice Film Festival 2017: See what Julianne Moore, Jane Fonda, Kate Bosworth and more are wearing. via
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, 2 of the best.
Definitely my real and Jane Fonda must have been married. They are great friends and made a lovely couple.
Compliments don't = sexism. That's Jane Fonda thinking for you.
I'm just... really happy one of Bob's last films is with Jane Fonda
omg yest at Pilates the instructor was trying to be funny and went "Molly you prob don't…
I'm not interested in watching Jane Fonda either.
Jane Fonda makes the journalists crazy... .
Rather is a liberal tired and decrepit and kind meanest just like Jane Fonda nothing…
BAREFOOT IN THE PARK is terribly cute and Jane Fonda is the ultimate turtleneck queen
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda this week at the International Film Festival.
Not very often a movie review makes you weep, especially the last line. Gorgeous. .
He "has been a fantasy of mine for a long, long, long time.” Jane Fonda on Robert Redford at
Do you remember Robert Redford and Jane Fonda? These are them now. Feel old yet?.
I adore this lady! She is just wonderful, both as a person and a comedian. Jane Fonda's lucky to have this lady as her bestie!
Robert Redford reunites with Jane Fonda at Venice Film Fest via
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but for those of you still wondering, yes, Time is undefeated:.
Robert Redford reunites with Jane Fonda as the pair mark FOURTH on-screen collaboration at Venice Film Festival
.Redford's "a great kisser. It was fun to kiss him in my 20s & then to kiss him again in my almost 80s"
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda today in conference at 2 pm..
Jane Fonda, Robert Redford and Marlon Brando - that's just too much classic beauty in one film.
Uuum apparently the Venice Film Festival is happening and Jane Fonda and Robert Redford receiving awards. I would DIE to see her.
The Telegraph - in pictures: Jane Fonda, Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig hit the Lido…
John McCain is a male Jane Fonda. All his adul…
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in Barefoot in the Park (1967)
Geraldine Page & Jane Fonda in Strange Interlude, Uta in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf…
Hope you are all listening to the latest series of about Jane Fonda an Jean Seberg...
Grocery shopping with Jane Fonda, 1960s. Any Californians out there remember Mayfair Markets?
This reminds me of the tv workouts in the 80's/90's and it's better…
18. On golden pond: this was literally just Jane fonda having it out with her actual father Henry Fonda just in mov…
Jane Fonda is a redhead in a hurry as she dashes out of hotel during filming for new movie Book Club -
Jane Fonda is redhead in hurry as she dashes out of hotel
Jane Fonda first ever workout classic from 1982
"It's much more important to be interested than to be interesting." ~ Jane Fonda
Tickets now on sale for my London fans:
On a completely different note, Jane Fonda's 80s workout, the one where she's in the pink striped leotard? It's on Youtube. Brb.
TO ACTRESS TRAITOR JANE FONDA Listen what ur heroes did to MY Military Heroes.
Here's a recording of an impromptu jam sesh with some coast-to-coast AM over the parts where we messed up. Oh, and some 1…
I have a very important question: what have we done to be blessed enough to exist at the same time as Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?
I'm old enough to remember. Even some opposed to the war had a problem with him and Jane Fonda
I think Jane Fonda might actually go for you
Has... anyone heard about this movie? Have you... read this synopsis? 😯 😶 lmao
A reminder how selfish is.Jane Fonda will never be forgotten,but McCain did this to his brothers in arms.
Would you take a picture with Kim Jong Un? Or Hitler? Remember what happened to Jane Fonda over a picture?
Made Jane Fonda look like a Patriot!!! Viet Cong said he sang like a canary when questioned!!!…
If Ravens sign Kaep, as a veteran, I'll feel the same about Ozzie & John as I do Jane "Traitor" Fonda!
I'd HATE to see folks guilt Ravens into signing Kaep. As a veteran, I could dislike Ozzie & John as much as Jane Fonda. Boo LOUD!
How about a juicy interview with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? Love them so much!
don't you ever disrespect Jane Fonda like this again.
Jessica Lange and Jane Fonda really have some good doctors on call.
Thursday we kick off Lolla with a party to 2006! Deets:
Okay i'm going to bed because i gotta run errands tomorrow, goodnight to Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin only
He's a liar and a traitor. Should be treated just like Jane Fonda, a leper
When Jane Fonda shares she loves white orchids, we set her party tables like this.
And maybe Meryl Streep as Kate Hepburn's role as Ethel and Cait Blanchett as Jane Fonda's Chelsea.
La Fonda’s Jack Rabbit is modeled after the original standing ashtrays designed in the 1920's by Mary Jane Colter.…
I love Jane Fonda, definitely adding it to my list of my movies❤️
It's never too late,. Never too late to start over, . Never too late to be happy. . ~ Jane Fonda
I served in Vietnam, this guy is no better than Jane Fonda. Shocked they haven't hooked up by now . or have…
Front page interview with Dani Shay, Jane Fonda coverage, with reviews for movie Atomic Blonde…
Love that this exists. | Jane Fonda talks feminism with Brie Larson
THATS NOT A FAIR COMPARISON: Red River was John Wayne best Western, but Jane Fonda was a *B* Actress, but S…
Happy both Jane Fonda and Lilly Tomlin got nominated for Emmys. Grace & Frankie should have gotten a Comedy nomination though.
Happy Birthday Neil Simon - Jane Fonda from the movie, Barefoot in the Park. The play opened on Broadway at the... http…
Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda at the American Film Institute's 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Diane Keato…
What do you like about Jane Fonda's New Mexico ranch bathroom?. Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Best Kitchen & Bathroom…
David Lynch and Michael Shannon. Jane Campion and Jane Fonda. I could go on, but we'd be here all night.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Song bird of Hanoi. Did more propaganda vids than Jane Fonda
The song bird of Hanoi, Mccain. Did more propaganda vids for Hanoi than Jane Fonda ;)))
In case y'all don't remember or are to young to, Hanoi Jane is Jane Fonda, and here's something for you to think...
And here's all three. Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda and his daughter Jane Fonda in 'On Golden Pond' - 1981
Jane Fonda as in Hanoi Jane? Like from the freaking Vietnam war?
Jane Fonda attends the AFI 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Diane Keaton
Jane Fonda there. Hopefully, gets the best. The best incurable pancreatic cancer there is. Hanoi Jane, there are many waiting to *** on
In her attempted defense, she says that she was thinking about how Henry and Jane Fonda were in On Golden Pond with Audrey.
31 seconds of apologizing doesn't cut it to this Vietnam Army Medic.Kathy Griffin is the Jane Fonda of this generat…
Jane Fonda photographed by Philippe Le Tellier posing with a cat in the courtyard of Campiello del Remer, at the Ve…
Check out Cat Ballou (VHS) 1984, 1965 Version in color, Jane Fonda via
Someone just said they thought michelle pfeiffer was Jane Fonda in .. I honestly want to scream. I'm sitting next to an ***
Jane Fonda should go back to what ever hole she crawled out of, she's still a traitor "Hanoi Jane", an…
Jane Fonda & Taylor Schilling Are the Walking Wounded . Too bad Hanoi Jane did not break her freaking neck.
Jane Fonda once drank moonshine with Dolly Parton and was hammered for 10 days: via Would not watch Hanoi Jane
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Basic. I'd go with a tattoo of Jane Fonda telling Bonnie Bedelia to abort her baby in THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?
Congrats to Susan Smith on selling this $5.45M townhome to Oscar-winning actress, Jane Fonda! (Via https…
Henry Fonda checked into the hotel I was at too. When he did, everyone was pointing at him and saying, "There goes Jane Fonda's father!"
I can never get over how much Jane Fonda and Henry Fonda look alike
That one time I shared a green room backstage with Lily Tomlin & Jane Fonda. Hanging out…
It's people like this that don't need to teach, imagine what he is teaching our kids! To be another Jane Fonda!! Sad
You'd recommend Grace & Frankie? I've never thought of Jane Fonda as a comedienne, remotely funny.
When are Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford going to make the love triangle movie my heart so desires
do you know what is an inspiring friendship - let me tell you. ITS JANE FONDA AND Lily Tomlin!
Propaganda tapes are to demoralize troops and help the N.…
Jane Fonda fondles a vibrator in ‘Grace and Frankie’ trailer: Jane Fonda is bringing good vibes to……
She should just STAY in the NURSING HOME together with those AGING Celebrities like Cher, Meryl St…
How bright was the founder, he married Jane Fonda American Traitor still alive,and America has forgave her with the…
Ellen DeGeneres is STUNNED as Jane Fonda whips out a vibrator on her daytime chat show WHY???: via
Grace & Frankie & Hollywood & female sexuality. "Ageism, unfortunately, is still alive and well." —Jane Fonda
All purpose parts banner
Jane Fonda looks so good because stays woke
Jane Fonda has two Oscars and still uttered this line on Grace and Frankie, so you can definitely make it through your wee…
I have a new business idea for Trump: Adult diapers, they could be called Trumpers help with all the leaks! -Jane…
Another reason to Jane Fonda 'Grace and Frankie' Vibrator Billboard Turning Heads in Hollywood
Lily Tomlin's clutch is covered in a print made up of Jane Fonda's mugshot. Legends only.
Respect, appreciate and love them! Great sacrifice! Heroes! Distain with no respect for protesters Jane Fonda and J…
The Women's Media Center was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit women's media organization by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan…
; John Songbird Mc Stain is disgrace to country he's supposed to serve. Navy 69-73 I never bought the PR, Jane Fonda clone!
Remember Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda went backstage at Cate Blanchett's "Hedda Gabler" play in 2006.
I want to be Jane Fonda when I grow up. Well, her or Julia Sugarbaker. via
U don't learn from success, awards or celebrity. U only learn from wounds, scars, mistakes and failures. And that's the…
See what I mean? Communist lover Jane Fonda's husband Ted Turner owns CNN. No wonder about this kind of story.
Doesn't Ted Turner that was or is married to communist lover Jane Fonda still run CNN?
Let's include The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, and The China Syndrome (but no Jane Fonda). Goal is to freak out everyone, right?
Happy birthday to Jane Fonda, seen here on the set of 'Klute' (1971). . Photo by Bob Willoughby.
where was Jane Fonda and ladies activists when Monica Lewinsky was trashed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the democrats?
Jane Fonda reveals she was sexually abused and raped - NY Daily News
Jane Fonda Speaks Out About Being Raped and Sexually Abused as a Child via
ⒸⒸ➥ Jane Fonda Reveals She Was Raped in an Interview with Brie Larson - Papermag
Way too many women live with this silently for as many years as Jane Fonda or longer.
Jane Fonda says she was raped and sexually abused
Jane Fonda also revealed she was sexually abused as a child.
Jane Fonda reveals she was raped, abused as a child: "I always thought it was my fault"
Jane Fonda "To show you the extent to which a takes a toll on females; I’ve been raped, I’ve been...
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