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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda (born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda; December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru.

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Respect, appreciate and love them! Great sacrifice! Heroes! Distain with no respect for protesters Jane Fonda and J…
The Women's Media Center was founded in 2005 as a nonprofit women's media organization by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan…
; John Songbird Mc Stain is disgrace to country he's supposed to serve. Navy 69-73 I never bought the PR, Jane Fonda clone!
Remember Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda went backstage at Cate Blanchett's "Hedda Gabler" play in 2006.
I want to be Jane Fonda when I grow up. Well, her or Julia Sugarbaker. via
U don't learn from success, awards or celebrity. U only learn from wounds, scars, mistakes and failures. And that's the…
See what I mean? Communist lover Jane Fonda's husband Ted Turner owns CNN. No wonder about this kind of story.
Doesn't Ted Turner that was or is married to communist lover Jane Fonda still run CNN?
Let's include The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, and The China Syndrome (but no Jane Fonda). Goal is to freak out everyone, right?
Happy birthday to Jane Fonda, seen here on the set of 'Klute' (1971). . Photo by Bob Willoughby.
where was Jane Fonda and ladies activists when Monica Lewinsky was trashed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the democrats?
Jane Fonda reveals she was sexually abused and raped - NY Daily News
Jane Fonda Speaks Out About Being Raped and Sexually Abused as a Child via
ⒸⒸ➥ Jane Fonda Reveals She Was Raped in an Interview with Brie Larson - Papermag
Way too many women live with this silently for as many years as Jane Fonda or longer.
Jane Fonda says she was raped and sexually abused
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Jane Fonda also revealed she was sexually abused as a child.
Jane Fonda reveals she was raped, abused as a child: "I always thought it was my fault"
Jane Fonda "To show you the extent to which a takes a toll on females; I’ve been raped, I’ve been...
Jane Fonda discusses child sexual abuse of both she & her mother . It took a fatal toll on her family…
Jane Fonda reveals she was raped as a child in bombshell interview
Alzheimer's sufferer Jane Fonda confuses real life with the movie Barbarella
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin start a vibrator empire in Season 3 trailer. htt…
In a revealing new interview, Jane Fonda spoke out for the first time about being sexually abused as a child
Jang Fonda speaking about being abused. I'm sorry that happened to her.
Jane Fonda reveals she was raped via
'I've been raped': Jane Fonda, 79,speaks out in candid interview
Jane Fonda: 'I've been raped, I've been sexually abused as a child'
It's a tough business to be in, and strong women prevail.
Jane Fonda reveals abuse and rape in interview with Brie Larson
(They heard that in a Jane Fonda movie)
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Jane Fonda opens up about rape and sexual abuse in new interview with Brie Larson
Jane Fonda has opened up about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child — and again as an adult…
Jane Fonda was, at one point, considered for a key role in this -
what does it matter? The debt is dropping! What about an article on Hanoi Jane! The ultimate American traitor! Jane Fonda will pay!!
got a question I was in the 82nd went to Vietnam was in the 173rd does anyone remember Hanoi Jane, Jane Fonda is her real name
Lets not forget this woman! Jane Fonda with the enemy n hanoi during Vietnam War 1970,while my brother was in the r…
Looks like she borrowed a page from Jane Fonda's book. Instead of "Hanoi Jane" we have "Damascus Lohan"
If true it explains why he sides with Liberals like Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) & John Kerry. Traitors.
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda photographed for Barefoot in the Park, 1967
Pulling out my Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda posters to my Oliva Newton -John! :-) — Exercising
The "Songbird of Hanoi", John Kerry, Jane Fonda, TRAITORS who will never be forgiven!
Irony in that during the Viet Nam war, the media covered Jane Fonda and John Kerry as heroes as McCain was in Hanoi Hilton
I am a Vet of Vietnam War. Hanoi Jane Fonda & Hanoi John McCain shamed us. is no her…
Tupically RINO, the Songbird of Hanoi. No better than John Kerry or Jane Fonda!~
The "Songbird" of Hanoi is no better than Jane Fonda, or John Kerry. Traitors all.
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Are you saying that John McCain was like "Hanoi" Jane Fonda? Why did Nixon pardon him too?
"ENOUGH! Sen John McCain is now offficially Hanoi John betraying his country and his president like Jane Fonda."
Hollywood flashback: the 1972 photo that turned Jane Fonda into "Hanoi Jane"
do you remember when Jane Fonda was 'Hanoi Jane'? the attacks against are spawned by the same toxic mentality
I remember when Jane Fonda was Hanoi Jane. Bernie Babe Susan is worse to me. She sold us out along with bernie
Ali went to "jail" Soldiers were called baby killers. Jane Fonda went to Hanoi and has never lived it down.
Who Called the Shots in Hanoi?, via I thought this was to be about Jane Fonda.
I've wondered if McCain was brainwashed as a Hanoi Candidate when he was in the HanoiHilton eating Jane Fonda's Coo…
1928 Jane Fonda with director Roger Vadim on the set of Barberella, 1968.
Roger Vadim was born on this day in 1928. Pictured with wife Jane Fonda in 1967.
Jane Fonda calls Donald Trump 'predator-in-chief' on show:
"Love through my eyes". "We are not meant to be perfect we are meant to be whole"- Jane Fonda Balance is life is very…
Jane Fonda is cancelled. I don't have the time. She really up here saying she doesn't understand how WW voted for him. Girl.
No let's not because it always ends with us being the bad one in the relationship. Don't make send Jane fonda again…
Miley Cyrus, Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand they r all ugly people
Kellyanne is like the modern Jane Fonda... go take pics in a Russian tank
New set for Bill Maher's disastrous. 1st guest Jane Fonda couldn't get comfortable in chair, 1st guest to walk trips up stairs.
Scenes from the 1979 movie The Electric Horseman, starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, were filmed in Zion National Park.
. Friday's show was amazing Bill. Great to hear from Jane Fonda.and your interesting panel. New fav...
Jane Fonda says she calls Trump "Predator in Chief".. That's kids play compared to what most of America calls you Janie.
Hollywood democratic hero Jane Fonda giving aid and comfort to our enemy in Vietnam causing Americans to be killed
i'm in my 60s I didn't forget Jane Fonda a traitor to America so nothing surprises me that comes out of her m…
Cannot stand Jane Fonda I never did never will she is a traitor to America
Post-march out-of-body experience last night with icon Jane Fonda at the next table 🙌👑
I'm watching the interview of Jane Fonda on Bill Maher and she tried to excuse the fact the white women voted for Trump. 🙄
Jane Fonda says celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Trump via
Jane Fonda and Richard Perry seek $13 million for Beverly Hills home with glass elevator
Hanoi Jane Fonda says Dems need to put identity politics in everything they do. Go ahead, Dems. Repubs win forever.
As a Vietnam Veteran I firmly believe Jane Fonda along with John Kerry are despised by all who wear or have worn the uniform.
Jane Fonda, Alicia Keyes, Madonna, Julia Roberts and scores more stars join the march - LA Daily News
You can't be a nation of one if you do that. Jane Fonda: 'Have To Include Race and Class In Everything We Do' -
Jane Fonda shares secrets of the LA home she’s selling
recommend a jack Ryan movie to see the real cnn. Sum of all fears. Jane fonda, Ted Turner
Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton to present Lily Tomlin with the SAG Life Achiev.. Related Articles:
Me chanting behind Jane Fonda and Francis Fisher at - photo by
And we will call you the traitor you are Hanoi Jane
Colonization, mercury poisoning, lawsuits and Jane Fonda in this week's update
I just saw Jane Fonda rip into Trudeau on climate change and I can't stop laughing. It's enjoyable to watch liberals destroy each other.
Inside the massive L.A. with and more.
Jane Fonda got real af today. Listen to what she had to say at the 👌💯
Jane Fonda says she will call Pres Trump the "Predator-In-Chief". Talk to a Vietnam Vet & learn why they call her "Han…
like Jane Fonda said on Bill Maher Friday night we need to stick together
Jane Fonda: Celebrities must still speak out against "predator-in-chief" Donald Trump
Role models for your daughters, Madonna, Jane Fonda, Hillary, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, liz Warren, OMG, keep them away from our sons.
Anybody under 60? Where are Jane Fonda and Peter, Paul and Mary?. The party of the FUTURE.
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An open letter to Jane Fonda from Fort McMurray radio host Peter Potipcoe (via
Jane Fonda by Peter Basch for Walk on the Wild Side
CNN, like Jane Fonda, dining with the North Vietnamese while prisoners rot, savors propaganda not truth. No Trump ball - Boo hoo!
campaigner sees uptick in hateful comments after Jane Fonda visit via
"Jane Fonda, Daniel Shore, Jack Anderson...hey! This is Richard Nixon's enemies list, you just crossed out his name…
Suck on this Jane Fonda.and you too Neil Young...
Had to back-track. Mea culpa. Had conflated yr FB post re Fonda in Alberta w/ response calling her Hanoi Jane. cc
Sunday funnies... Hanoi Jane Fonda left her humble abode in the Hollywood Hills to chastise the frozen folks of...
Hanoi Jane bailed on Rachel Notleys invitation to meet with Albertas Energy Minister. Fonda has
Do you have a motor in the back of your honda cause you aint jane fonda
Jane Fonda comes to Alberta to inform them that oil is bad and they should get other jobs
Jane Fonda in Canada speaking with First Nation ppl about oil, every white media attacked her
the only reason u n other media, n Notley put down Jane Fonda is because she is speaking with FN ppl discredit the messenger
Thank you Jane Fonda,Thank you Hollywood for caring about oilsands and ignoring California GHGs.
So nice when people with no clue come on Jane Fonda full of platitudes but no concrete plans leading to any solutions. Go home.
why are you giving Jane Fonda any air time .. actors should stay in LA ..
After the break, Jane Fonda is here to discuss her trip to Fort Mac and will respond.
Jane Fonda | sagittarius . actress best known for her acting career, political activism & aerobic-exercise videos. Decem…
View: What needs to know about where comes from:
Thank you, Jane Fonda Love this piece. Soums it all up beautifully.
John Lewis, we are really going to miss you, Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep at the inauguration.
Guess since Jane Fonda did her duty and bashed the oil sands the left media will allow her on Oprah show to re…
in Mind. Jane Fonda training with cat. https:/…
eagerly awaiting for Jane Fonda and Greenpeace plans to fly over Saudi and Iraq oil fields
Jane Fonda uses more oil and petroleum products than any average Canadian. She produces many of these products also...
Does realize the irony of calling our PM for being just a "good looking Liberal"?
Remember when Jane Fonda stood with the Vietnamese people against her government's genocidal war and was trashed for it? I do.…
Jane Fonda comes all the way from Los Angeles today to protest the Ft.Mac oil sands pollution.
BAM! Helicopter pilot opens up about Jane Fonda’s tour: . "She was being given so much misinformation". https…
Tru"doh!"'s phase out oil sands comment was just him wanting Jane Fonda to like him again...
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Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and Bowe Bergdahl could all be viewed as traitors. And Obama supports them all?
*** I still won't watch anything with Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn or Jane Fonda even in reruns on network tv for free
The helicopter pilot that flew Jane Fonda around talks about the misinformation fed into the celebrities, and why...
I really do have a love for old Jane Fonda, Britt Eckland, and Twiggy
Jane Fonda is an embarrassment. Fails even to attend panel with aboriginals. She wants publicity. That's all.
cant stand Jane Fonda, but she is right on this point. Good looking nice? I could have a beer with h...
"Racism"? Jane Fonda is an entire race all by herself? What utter nonsense from GreenPeace!
visits Fort McMurray in support of First Nations.
The helicopter pilot who flew Jane Fonda over the oilsands knows what's up.
. Should have brought Jane Fonda with you
'dining out on celebrity' but starved for facts, premier says -
Jane Fonda: don't fall for 'good-looking liberals' like Trudeau on environment
The harvest festival is about honoring the sun (and implicitly land). Here's a more relevant watch:
Jane Fonda Robert Redford Barefoot in the Park 8x10 photo H3811 by Fabulous Hollywood Memories
I’d take my home over Jane Fonda and Leo’s home any day.
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Jane Fonda shared her fitness secret with Vogue in 1979. Her insights still ring true nearly 40 years later.
I've eaten waay too much. May need to do the Jane Fonda workout before bed .,.
Didn't Jane Fonda run to Ted Turner now we're seeing all these Turner companies.
of course it was founded by Ted Turner who's married to the biggest and original libtard Jane Fonda
Vancouver Sun 'Have to spread the message:' Jane Fonda lends ear to First Nations on oilsands Vancouver Sun FORT…
Jane Fonda says Justin Trudeau has betrayed his promises on climate change
Who's idea was it to send Jane Fonda to a city who is still mourning from being COMPLETELY burnt down to comment on climate change.
Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Barefoot in the Park, 1967. ~ Broadway's barest, rarest, unsquarest love play! ~ {tagline…
Kerry learned from Jane Fonda, they stood together and threw the USA under the bus, nothing new for Tater Head Kerry ! http…
Need to stick Jane Fonda into the vaults alongside Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller and Neil Diamond 👌😍
'Our Souls at Night' first look: Jane Fonda and Robert Redford for Netflix movie - Entertainment Weekly
Next up on movie marathon, more Dabney Coleman in 9-5 with the FANTASTIC Dolly Parton,Jane Fonda,Lily Tomlin.
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in Our Souls at Night photo
A sex fantasy where I'm Dabney Coleman tied to the ceiling and my BF is Jane Fonda in a 70s nightie beating me w/a decorative pillow.
Exclusive: Get a first look at Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in 'Our Souls at Night':
Little Giant Ladders
Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin lead Action at Wells Fargo in LA via
Happy 79th Laurence Harvey and Jane Fonda for Walk on the wild side, directed by Edward Dmytryk, 1962. Photo by…
BREAKING NEWS: Jane Fonda to remove large financial holdings from Wells Fargo in solidarity with to stop...
A flippant Angela Lansbury tells Jane Fonda she's leaving her husband and that Jane can have him. In the Cool of t…
Breakout the Jane Fonda aerobic workout VHS tape and dance till midnight!
Birthday girl Jane Fonda proves that age really is just a number.
Little known fact: Barbarella was my favorite movie of 1968. How did I memorize the scenes pre VCR?
Jane Fonda is 79 today and she still looks better than most humans I encounter on the regular
A clip from D.A. Pennebaker's documentary about Jane Fonda "Jane" via
PBH!!(it's Welsh, you'll have to guess or google) (Kiefer Sutherland,Samuel L Jackson&Jane Fonda also..lots of cool..)
Emotionality is really easy for me. My father always said that Fondas can cry at a good steak. -Jane Fonda
Happy birthday to Jane Fonda, seen here getting her wardrobe just right with director Roger Vadim filming 'Barbarella' (1968)…
What do Jane Fonda's ex-husband, an Apple investor, a founding Black Panther, and Abbie Hoffman have in common?
Happy birthday, Jane Fonda, born on this day in 1937.
Jane Fonda and Marlon Brando on the set of Arthur Penn's The Chase (1966).
Celebrate Jane Fonda's birthday by watching her in Godard & Gorin's TOUT VA BIEN (1972)!
Happy 79th Director Alan J. Pakula with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland on the set of Klute, 1971.
Jane Fonda celebrates her 79th birthday today, here with Jason Robards in JULIA ('77)
Okay as if I needed a reason to love Jane Fonda more
"It's much more important to be interested than to be interesting." — Jane Fonda
Of course the day Therese goes to Carol's house is also Jane Fonda's birthday.
Great read - it was Jane Fonda who created the category of ‘the celebrity humanitarian’
Sharing a birthday with Jane Fonda is my fave thing
"It's never too late to start over, never too late to be happy." Happy birthday Jane Fonda! (December 21, 1937)
Happy 79th Jon Voight and Jane Fonda pictured on the set of Coming Home, 1978, directed by Hal Ashby.
HBD to the amazing and beautiful Jane Fonda!
A very Happy Birthday to Jane Fonda, who is 79 today!. Seen here in her iconic role as Barbarella (1968).
Jane Fonda decries her biggest fear about - his selection of Scott Pruitt to head the
Not quite the same, but there are *** And also Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Martin Sheen.
If a Mount Rushmore of fitness were ever created, it has to include Jack Lalanne, Arnold, Jane Fonda & Richard Simmons.
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North Dakota has become such an anti-American police state that Jane Fonda had to check it out for herself.
My vote goes to Jessica Walter in THE GROUP or peak 80s Jane Fonda in THE MORNING AFTER
Is it weird that this might be my favorite song ever idk Jane Fonda by Mickey Avalon ♫
📷 afroui: Jane Fonda by Bob Willoughby on the set of “They shoot horses, don’t they?” directed by...
I like this movie BUT women come off bad in it from Matha Rosler, Jane Fonda to Patti Smith via
I think he was once married to Jane Fonda..
Im not the Tom Hayden that married Jane Fonda, don't worry
A contrast to the previous answer. Q: Do you miss the excitement of the ‘60s? . A: I don’t miss it at all. .
Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS Jane Fonda was in her Prime..
Tom Hayden, activist and ex of Jane Fonda, dies
Tom Hayden who was one of the Chicago Seven group of radical activists dies aged 76  | Daily Mail Online- RIP❤️
RIP Tom Hayden. If anyone knows Jane Fonda and is in touch with her, please email me at russ. Thanks.
Tom Hayden, preeminent 1960s radical and social activist, has died. He was 76.
"Tom Hayden, the anti-Vietnam War activist, 'Chicago 7' member and former husband of the actress Jane Fonda has...
She was friends with him in the 60s and his ex-wife Jane Fonda too
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Tom Hayden, 1960s radical, CA politician and former husband of Jane Fonda, champion of liberal causes, dies at 76 htt…
Wasn't he married to Jane Fonda at one time?
Apparently somebody LIED to Malaysia because that Jane Fonda citi trend wig she rockin AINT IT
Tom Hayden, anti-war activist and ex-husband of Jane Fonda, dies at 76 via
Anti-war activist Tom Hayden, former husband of Jane Fonda, has died:
Yes, Hayden was married to Jane Fonda had a son, Troy
I wonder how Jane Fonda is taking it :(
Jane Fonda & Tom Hayden are the reasons your Dads & Grandpas were spit on coming back from Vietnam.
Does someone have a truck I can use? I have an entire storage unit of headless mannequins and Jane Fonda VHS workout tapes I ne…
Wow! He was large back during the late 60's and early 70's. Jane Fonda's either boyfriend or husband.
I will try not to speak ill of the dead.Jane Fonda's boyfriend.
Tom Hayden news is very sad. Of course, if he were a woman, headlines would read, "Former spouse of Jane Fonda dies."
Thanks. The SDS, Chicago Seven, Jane Fonda, Hanoi . . . Hayden was a hero to much of the Left.
My first memory of Tom Hayden was his marriage to Jane Fonda, but my lasting one will be his endorsement of peace.
Tom Hayden, activist and Jane Fonda's ex-husband, dies at 76
The world just got a little brighter: Jane Fonda's ex-husband Tom Hayden and anti-war activist dies. via
I completely support and respect but isn't going on MSNBC a little bit like Jane Fonda going to Hanoi?
Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally... .and Hanoi Hannity. Even Jane Fonda's more American these days than Sean Hannity.
but Jane Fonda is straight up my mommy. both look like they're 36 from behind and 48 from the front (omg this isn't even a sponsored post)
And by that I mean the popular demonisation of "Hanoi Jane" as opposed to Jane Fonda herself.
Carousel of Hope Ball Honors Sidney Poitier, Jane Fonda and More, Raises Funds to Battle -
We asked Jane Fonda if she would like to meet American pilots in Hanoi, but she refused, she d
Rumor is at one point Hannah, Jane Fonda, and Walter Cronkite were all knee to knee sucking NVietnamese *** at the Hanoi Hilton.
It took Jane Fonda a LONG time to come back from Hanoi Jane. These celebs will be old and wrinkled be4 they see box…
Jane Fonda is forever a traitor to Vietnam Veterans and Hillary is a traitor permanently to us!
The greatest thing about the Orry-Kelly doc "Women I've Undressed" is Jane Fonda demonstrating how she'd motorboat Marilyn Monroe.
- Have a listen to Jane Fonda's personal insights about growing older.
I love mistakes because it's the only way you learn.
For the love, Jane Fonda at 78 years old is STILL the hottest woman in Hollywood.
What we view in the media - and who presents it to us - does so much to determine how we think,
CNN is a Ted Turner Jane Fonda co. So if you think they're telling the truth then that's your problem
In a recent interview, Jane Fonda expressed disappointment she wasn't cast in this -
You're supposed to only take it as far as discomfort. Do not go for the burn, a la Jane Fonda.
Love your attitude, your work and your amazing outlook on life. You are indeed a blessed soul. Thanks Jane Fonda.
Women like Jane Fonda too busy to have kids. So she adopted a black girl. To feel good. She could brag about not being a racist. Insanity.
This years have a heavy Jane Fonda influence.
now watching : 9 to 5.. a fave ..and I needed another Jane Fonda fix lol
I'm listening to Awards Chatter and Meryl Streep just said Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve are great beauties
'Jane Fonda on the Set of Klute', directed by Alan J. Pakila, 1970. Photo by Bob Willoughby.
One part of wisdom is knowing what you don't need anymore and letting it go.
I know how gratifying it is not only to work in film but to be acknowledged by peers; producing
saturday night viewing : Walk on the Wildside 1962... I swear Jane Fonda is just the most gorgeous omg
Who needs Jane Fonda when you have YouTube?
Watching Barbarella tonite! Before Jane Fonda, Barbarella was a French comic by Jean-Claude…
NEVER watch the SF 49s again! And will Not purchase ANY products that he endorsed!! He is 'Our Modern Jane Fonda'
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Jane Fonda - “I have known & loved men who had some of the same issues as (Trump) does. But unlike him, they chose to move towards the light
I wonder if Patty Hearst ever met her sworn enemy, Jane Fonda
Woman wearing sweatshirt talking about Jane Fonda throwing food in her husbands face... hilarious
my Dad served in Nam, he always said Jane Fonda's free speech is what they were fighting for and he meant it.
Parents' old beta max tapes converted to dvd. Turns out that they taped the Jane Fonda hosted HBO Making Of: We Are The World from 1985.
When I grow up, I want to be Jane Fonda.
In 24 hours Nick Chubb will be watching Nicholls St film. Larry Fedora will be watching Jane Fonda vhs tapes.
she stacked the deck hardcore. Too bad Jane Fonda can't host too. Really make it a liberal gauntlet
abs are looking CRAZY. Wonder if she's working out with Jane Fonda? LOL.
Phi Phi looks more like Jane Fonda in this get up
I'm not sure that I would have become a Christian if I had continued to live in Hollywood bec
Another great light comedy of the era was "Sunday in New York" with Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor.
I've been waking up on this planet for over 20 years, yet somehow I haven't woken up as Jane Fonda yet
I love her on her Netflix show with Jane Fonda. Perfect odd couple.
"All those responsible for what happened in Benghazi should be put to sleep, too! Typical Jane Fonda's!"
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Concussion *** ! its the large amount of lsd she ingested at the jane fonda hippy commune . 💩 😖
Someone said the Jane Fonda videos are on YouTube. That seems perfect for you. Funny & harcore. Lol.
I hope I look like Jane Fonda when I get old she is so freaking gorgeous
"Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, 1967. In my top 3 movies of all time: Barefoot in the Park 😻
"A man has every season while a woman has only the right to spring." - Jane Fonda
Who Cares?: Celebrities taking up social justice arms used to elicit cries of treason. Jane Fonda was dubbed ...
Rachel McAdams, Margaret Atwood & Jane Fonda joined the mvmt 2 clean up - will you?
Here's Your Chance to Be in a Movie with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda...
We saw the new Star Wars movie together and he kept mentioning "the guy from my Jane Fonda movie." He meant Adam Driver.
yeah I think that's much better throw in legs warmer and a belt it's like a Jane Fonda video. "Down and up, take it to the left"
Jane Fonda can't fit into her iconic red and black striped leotard— BECAUSE IT'S TOO BIG!!!
Up for auction: Jane Fonda's original workout leotard:
Perhaps Jane Fonda (ex-aerobics queen) was right after all when she said: "No pain, no gain." True for everything. Maybe...
"My life is a stairway to heaven, not a 'decline into decrepitude.'" ~ by Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda says her iconic striped leotard is too big now
Vietnam vets say Jane Fonda is "not welcome" in Florence to film adaptation of Kent Haruf's "Our Souls at Night."
If you're a fan of Jane Fonda and have a large bank account, this event is for you.
Jane Fonda doesn't get the credit she deserves. She's a national *** treasure.
and Jane Fonda exercise videos, of course
Well it seems Abedin workd part time for you & full time for radical Muslims! Add Jane Fonda your staff!
I took every chance I could to meet with U.S. soldiers. I talked with them and read the books th
when was the Ted Turner and the traitor Jane Fonda founded. CNN ever non biased?
is that the one with Jane Fonda in it? If so ive been meaning to watch it. It's pretty good then i take it?
with the great trio Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton.
My mother killed herself when I was 12. I won't complete that relationship. But I can try to und
“The challenge is not to be perfect... it’s to be whole” - Jane Fonda @ fofiel33 sur Instagram
It's always new, it's never just more of the same, like Jane Fonda had never made a video...
Jane Fonda. A cosmic anti-climax from the moment she sticks her nose into the camera until The End.
It is 2 o'clock in the morning I am watching Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin I think that's her last name but OMG
I think you'd love this Ted talk w/Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin about women's friendships. So important.
Hamilton Collection
Hanoi Jane Fonda does not deserve to be recognized by Americans. She dishonored our war fighters.
I don't want to make a cheap analysis, but when you have, like I did, a father incapable of show
The Jane Fonda episode of is on a whole other level of greatness.
LOL I've never been a mother in law before. I promise not to B like Jane Fonda
Seek women mentors. If you're a businesswoman, look at the TEDx conferences. There's a lot of bu
My mom just found her old Jane Fonda work out video and I'm having flashbacks to track season
While not impossible, it is especially challenging for teenage parents to develop bonds with the
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