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Jane Doe

Jane Doe is the name of a series of two-hour TV movies appearing regularly on the Hallmark Channel. In it, Lea Thompson stars as Cathy Davis, a soccer mom, who is secretly Jane Doe, an agent for the Central Security Agency.

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Hi please dedicate "Falling" by Kenny Lattimore to Jane Doe the love I'm gonna find!
Today our mascots Ike the Spike, Jane Doe and Colonel Mustard visited the Special Olympics PA Athletes Village!
Not kidding, Jane Doe's are called Ashok Kumar's in India. Man that is so awesome.
Hair salon bag thief jailed after members of public surrounded car Fifty-year-old woman jailed for string of offences including stealing a handbag and a number of driving offences A woman who admitted a string of offences, including stealing a handbag from a hairdressing salon in East Horsley, has been jailed. Jane Doe, 50, of Turnham Close, Guildford, was given 12 weeks. The handbag, containing a purse, memory stick and money, was stolen from the Headquarters hairdressers in Station Parade on June 14. Doe appeared before South West Surrey magistrates in Guildford on Tuesday last week (October 15). The court was told that Doe gained access to the staff area of the salon after asking to use the toilet. The handbag belonged to a member of staff. PC Stephen Bosel, who investigated the incident, said: “The fact that Doe received a prison sentence sends a clear message that any crimes which impact on our local communities will not be tolerated. “Doe brazenly walked out with a handbag which did not belong t ...
Judge orders exhumation of 'Jane Doe' in Hancock County: A judge has ordered the exhumation of the body of an ...
Judge orders exhumation of Jane Doe in Hancock County
Hancock County judge orders exhumation of unidentified body - The woman known as Jane Doe was found dead on Inters...
BREAKING NEWS: Judge signs order to exhume Jane Doe's body in Hancock County...
Hancock County coroner says judge signs order to exhume body of Jane Doe. Story coming up
Converge "Jane Doe" T-Shirt for Cancer Awareness. 100% of the proceeds go to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
CONVERGE (will release a special edition Jane Doe tee with profits going to a cancer institute.
Good morning from your Cybermommy! It's raining hard here in Kentucky at 7:15am and we're about to head to the airport. We're off to Pittsburgh for the Arts and Lectures event on Monday night and from there, we travel to Hartford CT where David Baldacci is hosting an evening called Mark My Words at the Mark Twain House. Scott Turow and Alice Hoffman and I will do a panel. (Oops, and I just remembered I haven't yet peeked at the list of questions we're discussing. Must go do that before I leave the house.) In the meantime, I wanted to thank you for your sleuthing and support in my search for Leora, who has now been in touch with me. I've been home a day and a half and I've been scrambling around doing laundry and repacking for this final leg of the tour. I won't have time to respond to your many comments but I'm most appreciative of your help. My daughter tells me you've been buzzing about Leora's theory about the Jane Doe from Q IS FOR QUARRY and I'll try to give you those few details after I get ...
Lea Thompson ( Switched at Birth) & Joe Penny star as Jane Doe and Frank Darnell government operatives in the top...
Am I the only one who doesn't want for her to go out a Jane Doe? I nicknamed her Annie Oakley a few Weeks ago
Customising a Jane Doe skull ring with King Diamond make up.
My boys, Michael and James, surprised me this morn by biking over to the garden center and buying me a hanging beauty to replace the one I had just bought on Sunday - but was completely eaten by Jane Doe. THANKS boys! xoxoxo
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MESSAGE MONDAY--- “’I have blotted out, like a thick cloud, your transgressions, and like a cloud, your sins. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.’”---Isaiah 44:22 To Isaiah 44:22 I say, “Praise God!!!” Truly He is a God that forgives and washes sins clean completely! The part though I would like to focus in on is the ending half of this verse where God declares, “’…for I have REDEEMED you.’” It is given in the sense that it has already happened that it has already taken place. It was planned from the very beginning that Jesus Christ would die upon a cross for the sins of those who would be born-again and rise again on the third day (Ephesians 1:4-5)! It was planned that all the sins from the first sin that Adam and Eve committed to the last sin committed by John and Jane Doe in the future were placed on Jesus at the cross and with Jesus’ death, payment was made and sealed with the resurrection three days later!!! It is God’s great name that He upholds in that He can st ...
Last monday at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center The down to earth great Bassist and visual friend, John Heard showed me a masterpiece sculpture he had recently finished.I was awed and honored.John Heard,Jimmy Smith,Ndugu was there one night as was Wynton Marsalis,famous names like Eckstine,Mills,McCrae,Dean,Mack etc and John and Jane Doe! lol etc are welcome and many pros come to witness and ADD to the Priceless weekly Monday night event! "No Nonsense Jam Session! 8 p m
To our fans in the U S of A: Broadchurch airs on BBC America on August 7th. It stars both David Tennant and Arthur Darvill, who also played tge Tenth Doctor and Rory Williams/Pond, respectively, on Doctor Who. It's going to be awesome! - Jane Doe
Smith BR Hazelgrove , 78, of indianapolis, died Wednesday after a brief illness. He was born to the late Donald and Rita Hazelgrove , Nov. 11, 1929, in Savannah, Ga. Mary graduated from Memorial High School in 1938 and received a BA in English from the University of Georgia in 1942. He married the late Mary Jane Hazelgrove in 1943, and they lived together in Athens, Ga., before relocating to Miami in 1960. Smith was a high school English teacher until he retired in 1984 and was passionate about making a difference in the lives of her students. He founded the Miami Reads program for underprivileged children in 1968 and was honored with the Dade County Teacher of the Year award in 1966 and 1970. Smith was an active member of First Baptist Miami Church, Miami Rotary Club and the Dade County Book Club. He loved to travel, and took 20 cruise trips with his wife in his lifetime. Smith is survived by Two children: Jane Doe of Ft. Lauderdale; and David Hazelgrove , of Indiana. He also is survived by 3 grandchi .. ...
Ok FB Friends and Family!! As you know I am on the hunt for names for my 2 male grey tiger and orange tiger kitty's these are the names of my other kittys: Jane Doe, she adopted us, Sadie and Sam they are mom and son, Jack she was supposed to be a boy!! Clark, he had a brother named Lewis, Jack had a sister name Jill, does anyone is a pattern here??? XXOO
THIS JUST IN...SOOO SOOO SAD!'Vile': Jose Montano, 22, and Marcelles Peter, 20, laughed about participating in a gang-rape on a 16-year-old girl after her homecoming dance in October 2009, a witness testified The teenager who was subjected to a horrific gang rape outside her homecoming dance by up to 20 different men took the stand yesterday to testify against two of her accused attackers. It is the first time the victim, now 20, has made a public appearance since she was found by police in October 2009 naked, bleeding, beaten and urinated on underneath a picnic table. Identified only as Jane Doe, she told jurors in Contra Costa County Superior Court that she did not remember drinking that night, nor being sexually assaulted, but said she still bears severe scars from the incident. Jose Montano, 22, and Marcelles Peter, 20, each face life in prison if convicted of assaulting the girl in Richmond, California, after she left her high school homecoming dance.My Point???I only hope that EVERY ONE who was in . ...
Dead Beat Dad, when it comes to John/Jane Doe you are the father so step up to the plate every one deserves a second chance a father is a very important factor in a childs life we need you to teach your son how to throw a football baseball and dribble an shoot a basketball your son needs you to discipline an encourage him through his education process defend himself an so on and your daughter need you to protect her and guide her as well never mind if you and the mother didn't work out or if you don't have a lot of money quality time is more important so take a stand an be a part of your childs life I love you and so does GOD!
My name is John Doe, and I used to love someone, a Jane Doe.
♩♪♫♬ Volume: ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 220% Disco Jazz OxO and Jane Doe reload "Superman" [ 2013] Adventures of Superman was the first television series featuring the comic book superhero Superman. The series, which was syndicated rather than being tied to a network, began filming in 1951, and was first aired on September 19, 1952. The final first-run episode was broadcast on April 28, 1958. George Reeves starred as Clark Kent/Superman with Phyllis Coates as the original Lois Lane. In 1953 Noel Neill, who had previously played Lois in two serials, replaced Coates from the second season onward. Jack Larson played Jimmy Olsen and John Hamilton was Perry White. Robert Shayne played the semi-regular character Inspector Henderson of the Metropolis Police Department. The opening narration of the show, expanded from that of the 1940s radio show and the Superman cartoons, was dramatically voiced by Bill Kennedy and framed by the show's dynamic theme music which set the stage for each program: "Faster t ...
"The Frozen Ground," finally has a theatrical release date. According to movie website CaveOnline, the movie based on Alaska serial killer Robert "Bob" Hansen, is set to "hit theaters and On Demand" Aug. 23. It's been a long time coming. The movie's original release date was Dec. 1, 2012. The last big-budget Hollywood movie shot in Alaska was "The Big Miracle" starring Drew Barrymore, which debuted Feb. 3, 2012 and flopped, pulling in less than $25 million. Hansen has been accused of stalking and murdering some 17 Alaska women between the late 1970s and early 1980s. However, he has only ever been convicted for the murder of four -- Sherry Morrow, Joanna Messina, Andrea Altiery and a Jane Doe, referred to as Eklutna Annie -- and the kidnap and rape of Cindy Paulson, one of the few victims to escape. Actress Vanessa Hudgens portrays Paulson in the film and pairs up with Alaska State Trooper Jack Halcombe, played by Nicolas Cage, to help bring Hansen, played by John Cusack, to justice.
When was the last time you sat down with the Lord to discuss somebody else's future plans? I never had a discussion over a cup of coffee about John Doe or Jane Doe and the Lord asked me well what do ya think?
It is impossible to recognize all the "celebrity" birthdays today, so I decided except for two, this is the way I would honor them. The month of May is the time of birth for alot of American talent, but I really do believe the "cream of the crop" was harvested on the last day of the month. Norman Vincent Peele born in 1898 has been America's Psychiatrist for many years, giving us all a christian perspective on life and how to find the answers we seek. Tom Berenger born in 1949 is one of the most flexible actors out there, and one of my favorites. Many of you will recognize him from his recent work in the Hatfields & McCoys as Jim Vanse, Anse’s Uncle Jim, the warlord of the Hatfield family. Brooke Shields born in 1965, is or has been a "heart throb" for every Red Blooded American Male between the age of 36-56. Not only is she a movie star, she's been a model and spokewoman, and she is still a beauty. Lea Thompson born in 1961, is known to the Hallmark Channel watchers as Jane Doe, on the mini series that ...
Items: 1) If Senator McCain Reprsentated a Democracy it'd be different 2) McCain is not a John or Jane Doe representative
So tonight I mostly watched an old recording of 'Jane Doe' found on my PVR-rather an odd spy come mystery pilot film. Lea Thompson stared.
Today's question comes from an anonymous dancer: Is it normal for Westies to categorize all dancers? Such as using terms "at my level", or put a post level assignment to everyone they know."Jane Doe, novice dancer".or refer to themselves "at my level"... Is that part of just being competitive and not necessarily a WCS thing? It seems like there may be an association of identity to the level of the dancer within WCS? This is strange to me because I have always wanted to be a good, fun dance for my partner and entertaining to watch.and never really thought..."at my level." Is this "level" of association with identity the norm in WCS? To me, it almost seems unhealthy or at a minimum an arrogant approach.
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You had me at first glance, Oh my Jane Doe
Jane Doe found in Madison County Louisiana -- Piercings: Ears pierced.
That she could be my princess and I could be his prince (8) - Jane Doe, Christofer Drew
My sup let me go back home to get something, love staying close
Jane. Doe. I dont think I know ya but I know. Fasho. That I could get to know ya if you let me know... Your name.
“lmao idc idc idc HIM ain't complaining” I know that's right LMAO
“never was” lol TUH so u been gettin it in hm with him
but for real though we can't be seeing the same things lol I don't know where u thick At
Stay true to you, even when nobody gets it. Trust your heart, even when you're scared. Believe in love, even after you've been hurt.
“this rain man smh” oh it ain't raining over here tho LOL
The things I make this fool do, lol I love him!
The two juveniles charged with allegedly making threats towards Jane Doe via social media will be back in court Thursday, May 2.
Jane Doe I don't even know you, but I know for sure that you're beatiful
As much as I love jane doe and you fail me, I've totally let converge go. You've just gotta move on with your life
lmao I jus went to it . It say failed . But I texted you doe . Wyd today
Cause of death for the Hummingbird was hunger. She starved and fell down from weakness. RIP "Jane Doe".
My cat climbing my Jane Doe flag is the most precious/terrifying thing to watch.
Girls who threatened Jane Doe after Mays and Richmond Trial via social media to get probation:
How could you just walk out the door... How could you not love me anymore?!
Two of three charges dropped against girls who threatened
lmao! Got my outfit in Tampa! All I need is some *** shoes! I refuse to pay an additional 39 for shipping +120 😩
lol guess I'll have to wait for the real fun tomorrow
They know the face n they know the name
Last Day of my Internship is tomorrow...
Hood *** never really been my type anyways.. naw, I'm good.
Treat him like School.. give him early dismissal.. bye bye.. be gone!
A DNA match has identified previous Jane Doe remains in Michigan as a woman missing from Fayette County since 1988. Authorities are now classifying her disappearance a homicide.
❤ Card For MOM ❤ Outside of Card: The only thing better than having you as a Mom Inside of Card: Is my children having you as a . ♡
der zweite track von meiner band ist gemastert und online! free download! ME AND JANE DOE "We´ll sway and call it dancing"
Fel Davis I got that idea! The Judge of love! Time we hold John Doe Crime court. Guilty Or Not Guilty? The names "John Doe" for males and "Jane Doe" or "Jane Roe" for females are used as placeholder names for a party whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld in a legal action, case, or discussion..
NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Archaeologists and forensic scientists working with human remains recovered at Jamestown last summer reported Wednesday that their follow-up studies have turned up gruesome evidence of cannibalism that took place during the Starving Time of 1609-10.
Lea Thompson is like my favorite person ever. I mean Jane Doe and I discovered switched at birth!
John and Jane Doe went to see the new film by Alan Smithee last night.
is watching the Jane Doe marathon on Hallmark Movie Channel!
Margaret Cho —stands in solidarity with Jane Doe of Steubenville and the millions who
Jane Doe obviously never heard Jackie Mason's hilarious routine on sex on Date before bedding Bill Clinton's BFF
I never need to know your name, Jane Doe, but I need you to know you're not alone
TODAY: Chicago "Solidarity with Jane Doe" group will march (then rally) at 530PM, Federal Plaza, 50 W Adams. |
This is right on: "Steubenville and the misplaced sympathy for Jane Doe's rapists" | Megan Carpentier via
"...Jane Doe was administered a “date rape” drug snuck into her drink almost immediately"
wow CNN. You entirely missed the point. They are convicted rapists now. The community is behind Jane Doe, not the rapists.
Steubenville’s Jane Doe speaks, verdict looms in rape case
2 Jane Doe, whether or not the Judge of Juvenile Justice system of Steubenville convicts or exonerates,u have changed the world w ur bravery
Jane Doe testified at today. Mad respect for her bravery. I hope she gets justice for the heinous acts committed against her.
Joy Reid & Panel on msnbc did an Outstanding piece on Steubenville and Jane Doe this am.Focus Not to Blame Victim of Rape!
Update your maps at Navteq
Reading about the calamity makes me want to vom. The argument that Jane Doe was a "football groupie" doesn't defend rape!
Poor Eddie! I knew Wren was horrible for ages but no one believed me! A bit weird that dead dudes called John Doe & Spence was Jane Doe.
I can see that war paint smile dripping off his face. It’s a falsetto grin canvassed from ear to chin. The reflection in his eyes is blackballing a confidence guard that’s really nothing more than an intimidation technique. He rocks a surplus store getup with a thrift jacket that was taken off a real man. As a matter of fact the only thing real about him are the boots he walks in but what he'll never tell is that the soles of his feet haven't seen the sand south of Cali let alone a blood beach east of the Jordan, see if you ask him he's a soldier but in reality he's nothing more than a toy. He makes it an effort to come off with an alloy of attitude but he's no stronger than the plastic he came in, he's weighed in and he has been found wanting.  Wanting of the gut strength to swallow the backbone nightmares that he still carries in his pack as if they were postcards from a Jane Doe as he wallows through counterfeit trenches that are ever so real in his dreams. He wishes that he could be a real soldie ...
Volunteering for Tax filing gives me a unique opportunity to meet an average American, a John or Jane Doe from different hues and color. I spend on an average 30-45 minutes with each person/couple and never lose an opportunity have a chit chat. Most of them are nice people but innocently ignorant about the rest of the world including India. Looking into their eyes you can tell they are not pretentious, they just don't care to know. Some of my Indian friends complain about that, but I tell them it is the same if we put ourselves in their shoes. Many educated Indians I know are as ignorant ofTunisia, Timbuktu or Turkmenistan as Americans about India. A few who are aware think about India in terms of cows and cobras, elephants and tigers crossing the road being a common sight (Tiger's cousin cat do so in India on a regular basis) , and of course the Magnificent Thaaz (the way they pronounce Taj Mahal). Many are fascinated with us worshipping cows while they love to devour beef, a life without beef is unimag ...
No one trying to break up anything bro. Jane doe beats joe blow any day if the week. Thats all i was saying.
Deconstructing Tolkien: A Fundamental Analysis of the Lord of the Rings by Edward J. McFadden My rating: 3 of 5 stars Deconstructing Tolkien was a good ,entertaining read.Edward J.McFadden is a definite fan of JRR Tolkien as can be evidence by the forwards and the introduction. The first chapter goes into the biographical details of his life as do most book which is all good fine and well. But then the author makes supposition that I have no way of verifying, it is all guess work. The author rotates on two concepts, authors that may have influenced JRR and writer that he has influenced. First a chapter on who influenced Tolkien and then the next chapter on someone influenced by Tolkien. Figuring out Tolkien's influences is sketchy especially in light of the the fact. That he does not reveal his sources that inform the reader about how he came up with this conclusion. Now this does not make the book terrible but it does in fact detract from the book. There is a very interesting discussion where the author ...
You're extremely rational today when it comes to your feelings... More for Scorpio
Look who is in today's paper for wrestling!! SUPPORT JANE DOE!!!
Unfortunately the vast majority of the people in the USA are a bunch of dumb downed sheep's who only accepts information as being valid when it is spewed out of the mouths of the pretty talking heads that are disseminating misinformation for the ruling elite. The vast majority of people are so deeply conditioned to accept and believe what their so called leaders tell them, that it's almost impossible to get the average Joe or Jane Doe citizen to even begin to grasp that there are people who are capable and would actually carried out such a monstrously evil act as the WTC of 9/11.
Good, means I sent you the right Jane Doe
N my brother tryna make convo, it's to early to talk
My mom being so extra, it's NOT that cold
To the part where I'm starting not to care anymore
Jane Doe is such a cute song aww c:
Aww… The new Nails record has actually leaked- that's totally ruined my Sunday ;)
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Need to locate the new Nails record.
... I think I'm allergic to wheat. Why do these things suddenly develop?
It's actually crazy what some ppl come up w! Made me cross when husband had fancy title & then "& Jane Doe, wife"! I'd castrate the bugger!
No matter what happen tonight we going to church in the morning lol lol
I'm learning to live off like 3 hours of sleep.
jarrett taught me bout 4 times I still never did it on my own lol
lol true!! Swear I was just thinkin earlier if I ever did it would b all bad.
G my nipple hurt so bad I'm thinkin about no breast feeding nomore. Her little *** really biting now.
-Another Jane Doe or a Golden An-gel.. Depending on the angle, watch the chain glow-
I'm kinda starting to get thrown off now
Jane Doe, I don't even know ya but I know, fo sho, that you are beautiful so baby let me know your name
I literally have no one to ever talk to. It's just me, myself, and I. Forget the rest.
Too bad it sounds like Jane Doe. Whatever.
Sean better quit playing wit me hacked by
But i think i lost my had me at first glance...oh my jane doe
I dont needa know ya name ill call yu jane doe i just hope yu *** for the rainbow
Great now my spot is blown up smh ShaQuayQuay Jane Doe Rotten Crotch aka my fiance gonna be tight
I been sleeping on life for the past couple days now I'm wide awake
Music aside, what's your all time favorite album cover?
Jane doe 52 on the news looks scary.
very HEYY much work to do.. I'm all about justice for Jane DOE! Won't stop until justice is served
no, he told me it was open. And get ice cream and pizza...TOMORROW.
People never change. They just start to show their true colors.
Every time I see that text I bust out laughing, idk y he mad lmao
I think I might change my birthday hairdo again
Never again will I teach a Sunday school class.
Some people are so stupid n that annoys me
How Tash gonna say jam with her n only did one line
S/o to Cierra Jane for being pretty ! Coo . Needing to talk more miss you doe
Call me Spider-man because I'm in love with Mary Jane
Alguem me aconselha allguma muusica ai???
After watching "Jane Doe" all evening, I am thinking we may have ourselves some kittens tonight. We are trying to make her as comfortable as possible. As everyone knows she has been here less than 5 hours. We are doing what we feel is best for her, if you have positive suggestions please don't hesitate to post or message them :) We have cleaned the bathroom for her. She has been placed in the bathtub with electrolyte water & dry cat food. She has a long box with half a flap to feel safe and warm because it has about 4 blankets/towels in there including the one from her old house. We will draw the shower curtain and take out 2 of our 4 light bulbs to dim the bathroom lights and close the door. When she goes into labor one of us at a time will sit with her to make sure everything goes smoothy. We have plenty of extra towels near by as well as other instruments that we may need to save a kitten. We are hoping for a calm safe queening for "Jane Doe" I will have pictures up when kittens appear.
She's here! She's ready to pop any day! When she's a little more aclimated I will get some pictures of my very pregnant "Jane Doe". I think I will get a picture of her and we will have everyone think of names for her
Please stay out of my know were I stay you dropped your wife at the house! Lmao €your threats don't scare me€
Some friends call me The Mayor. Today, at the Love Rox Half Marathon, this lady runs up to me and says, "hello Michael Pulley, my name is (Jane Doe)". So, I shook her hand and said nice to meet you Jane and kept running. Post race, a lady address' me by name and wants to ask me about my running plan. If you know me, I love to talk about running but all I could think about was "we'll, at least she didn't ask me about my economic plan."
Waitin on my girl Scandal.. watching her dig her nest on goat TV.
John Doe vs Jane Doe.I DONT KNO.thro bak too much time on my hands 1 wrong turn and im in the kountry .af
Kevin and I agreed that we're only going to listen to Jane Doe by Converge and Josh Groban for the next week until we go into the studio. We've officially named this herculian duo of songsmiths Doe Groban.
Corrupted MSM News is pimpin' the Chip in Their latest ...High Tech Fashion Hitting the Runway. How great it is to have that chip directly in your clothing and look good while your being tracked.
Yall think I'm kidding u better watch ur back, yall are all stupid
We are in pre-production for the next episode of View Point with Kris Pierce and we are centering the conversation on a very contentious yet imporant issue: the TransCanda Keystone XL Pipeline Project. If you would like to be part of the discussion as one of our John or Jane Doe guest...Click on the red & white "W" above and sign up. (kp)
When if I don't want to tell the Barista my name when I order my coffee?
Escape Alive Survival Skills in partnership with Jane Doe No More. Escape Alive is a Personal Safety and Self Defense program created by East Coast Training Systems LLC of CT. In 2009, East Coast Training Systems partnered with Jane Doe No More, joining forces to reach more women of all ages than ev...
The student I have who followed every direction, read through the material, and wrote so well that except for showing her a couple of places where she might tighten her wording a bit, or explaining a rule about placement of commas and quotation marks, all I could do was point out where she had succeeded? After reading through three whining emails about how I made TOO MANY comments and the students were never going to understand what I want (with comparisons to wives, husbands, children, and stray dogs who took English at the college and it was NEVER this hard), I get this (paraphrased): Thank you so much for the A and all the comments you made in the margin. I had never written a paper like this, and I worked very *** it. I was really hoping for a B or a B+, and I am thrilled with my grade. I think writing is very hard, and when I read over my papers, I'm always seeing places I can improve, if I only revised it one more time. Yes, you can share my essay about _ with other students if you think it will ...
Rebecca & Fiona : A shared interest in great music brought the two girls together. Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick not only reign Sweden's club scene, they have become icons for a whole generation of Swedes and represent what hard work combined with talent can do. In May 2010 the girls released their first single - Luminary Ones. As 2010 ended, Luminary Ones had become one of the most played songs on national radio P3. In addition to touring the whole of Sweden they followed Robyn as opening act on her European tour. If that was not enough - Swedish Television followed the girls for several months, which has resulted in their own self-titled tv-show. Wherein you can follow their work as DJs, producers and urban girls. 2011 became an even bigger year for Rebecca & Fiona, they released their double platinum selling single Bullets, the double a side If She Was Away/Hard and the smash single Jane Doe. In November they completed everything by putting out their debut album I Love You, Man. In addition to t ...
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Results of yesterday's photo shoot for Jane Doe
In need of a name for this skull of mine...any suggestions? Lol BTW, its a female.
The Department of Energy has released a proposal that would allow their radioactive waste metal to be recycled into common consumer products.
Step 1 : Like this Status (^.^) Step 2 : Comment your Favorite " FRUIT " Step 3 : ADD whoever likes your Comment
When it says on here that Joe Blo followed Jane Doe I wonder just exactly where was Jane Doe going that Joe Blo felt compelled to follow?
ESCAPE ALIVE in partnership with Jane Doe No More at the Wolcott YOUTH CENTER starting at 12 pm tomorrow (SATURDAY). This session is FREE and open to ladies ages 15 and older with parental consent. Visit registration and upcoming classes!
Who's your favorite painter, and what piece of hers or his strikes you emotionally the most?
Human remains found in Monroe 30 years ago have now been identified. "Jane Doe 1982 " finally has a name.
HAIKU Winner! Jane Doe! (we changed the name to protect the innocent) Sour heart destroys us Devious mother-in-law Will stop at nothing
Why does every show have to have a *** person on it??? There aren't as many *** people out there as Hollywood leads us to believe!
have bled and I have given the longest of rivers and the longest of ropes And you're not grasping and my light is sinking on the horizon Knee deep among your...
I don't wear eyeliner, lip stick or any make up!! I'm a plain Jane Doe!!
You know how they identify people at times through dental records? What if they never went to the dentist? How do they know what dentist they went to!?
so so glad i have angels all around me. i are thinga about to happen for me. i am speaking life into my situation. before i witness to you i must witness to myself. guess what FB your greater is coming to. that new job is about to come into place, that financial breakthrough is closer than you think, that relationship you dread God want to bless you with happiness make up your mind to leave and move.
Doesn't it bother you as a person with even a passing interest in feminism when someone announces an engagement as "the future Mr. & Mrs [dude's name]"? I really can't think of any reason, honestly, that people would still do that unless they buy into right wing culture which implies that women shouldn't be making their own decisions about their body, life, career, etc. Is there any rational reason for that that DOESN'T imply the woman in the (het, monogs) relationship is a second-class citizen?
3rd Annual My Bloody Valentine is dripping down tonight at Fitzgerald's Bar & Live Music! Music from Jane Doe, The Hares, Sugar Skulls and more. Burlesque plus say Happy Birthday to my cousin Harvey McLaughlin (he's in The Hares)!
Belachelijk hoor voice kids Sylvana was duizendmaal beter man.
Anothr Jane Doe or a Golden angel. Pendant on an angle, watch the chain glow...
If my sister approves then she's a go...
Everybody trying dat h** Molly.Mary Jane you no you my main thang lol... I won't leave ya... I'm loyal Lmmfao
i would never talk to a dude whoo pops mollys . thats soo UNATTRACTIVE ! baby we can drink & smoke all day , but them pills , i aint with that .
The two major performances I'm looking forward to at 2rillfest. John Doe and Mary Jane.
83 'friends' deleted. Honestly, most of them had no picture and a name I don't know... How the heck did they become my friend? I need at least a picture and some common interests. well, now a days, I need to know you or the friend we have in common. more purging to come :)
So Tiffany's is suing Costco for claiming they were selling Tiffany jewelry. who bought Tiffanys at Costco and thought it was real is my question??
Greater Boston Real Estate Board reports: Massachusetts recently became the 27th state to grant additional housing protections for victims of domestic violence. Federally subsidized properties have been subject to similar requirements since 2006 under the federal Violence Against Women Act. GBREB has worked on this issue for the last eight years, and was successful in getting a number of changes to the bill which was unanimously approved by the Legislature. Last year, GBREB met with representatives from Jane Doe, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and other victim advocates to negotiate additional protections for owners. GBREB was recognized for those efforts at a bill signing ceremony with Governor Patrick in December. The new law goes into effect on April 3, 2013.
*Do not re-upload. Do not make any modifications to this video. TVXQ are Yunho&Changmin. Welcome to link this video wherever there is a true fa...
This is a sharing page for women and men to share ideas links, solutions and love to promote Womens rights. All individuals have the right to equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment and an environment free of discrimination.These are the rights that every human being automatically qualifies fo...
Join us as we flash mob in Steubenville OH in support of the Rape Crew survivor. Updates will be posted here and at After traveling to Steubenville we nvite you to flash mob in your home town when you get back!
TURLOCK -- A Turlock man appeared in Stanislaus County Superior Court on Monday afternoon for the first time since his arrest on suspicion of sexually abusing a teenage girl. Robert Daniel Gomes, 33, has been charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child, sodomy, oral copulation with a person younger than 14 and unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor more than three years younger. Turlock police Sgt. Stephen Webb said Gomes was arrested Friday evening. Earlier that day, detectives learned of the alleged abuse. The alleged victim, who was known to Gomes, was 13 when she says the abuse started and is now 16. Stanislaus County Sheriff's Dept - Booking mug for Robert Daniel Gomes, 32, of Turlock. Arrested on charges of sexual assault of a minor. Photo from the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Dept "She eventually told her mother, and that's how it came to light," Webb said. A criminal complaint filed in court Monday alleges that the sexual misconduct with the victim, identified as "Jane Doe," occurred from Dec ...
I turn on my tv and this informercial is on and it's called "Muffin Top?" and they have all these women come out but before they do they go "look at her silhouette and look at how her belly sticks out and she gets a muffin top" then they come out and it says "Jane Doe - struggles w/ muffin top." I wonder how much they paid them to get blasted like that on tv
HE WOULDN'T TURN ME LOOSE: THE SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE OF 96-YEAR-OLD MISS MARY   This DVD presents the real-life case of 96-year-old Miss Mary, who was financially exploited and later, sexually assaulted by her grandson. Miss Mary had been living with her grandson and his wife for five years during which financial abuse took place. Then, one evening, when his wife was out, the grandson sexually abused Miss Mary for several hours, leaving her bruised from head to toe.   After the attack and hopitalization, Miss Mary was placed in a nursing home under the name "Jane Doe" for safety reasons. Miss Mary's family refused to believe her and refused to support her; her primary social interactions were with staff and resisdnts of the nursing home, and the advocates she met after the assault. However, Miss Mary retained her strength of character, and fully participated in the subsequent trial and prosecution of her grandson.   Through interviews with Miss Mary, various professionals involved in investigating and tr ...
Danish interview with (Director of "Taken Over") about how she came up with the story for the video
Coroner IDs "Jane Doe" victim of murder at Austintown truckstop in 1992 - Newswatch
The house phone rings and I never answer it ... Lol
I just wanna say talks about my snoring...but it sound like biker gang in our bedroom. Love you 😘
Student Housing in St. Cugat via ...i'd like that as my room now! lovely lovely concrete oi
jane doe needs uplifted i couldn't agree more.And so do other kids and families.Shes not the only one now who has been terrorized
I hope not! That would be awful. we need to support jane Doe and the other victims of rape and rape culture! we need to uplift
Pay the characters who achieve alter grinding poverty in contemplation of alarm watch jane doe episodes: .Sqo
So what a great Jane Doe Pict. handmade artwork created by my friends
"I don't know if anyone has answers to why I was killed. I just know that I want to be identified. "
I swear my heart ain't been in it this semester, but when I have friends like this behind me how can I…
I've been waitin on ah guud nite sleep lik that doe for sum weeks smh I've been missin my bestfriend Mary Jane smh *tear* lol
Exhibiting in T-9 days. someone bring a duvet to my desk and hook me up to a drip consitiong entirely of red bull.
Transforming your vision into a real journey can be the most i... More for Scorpio
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Hate that I gotta go to school today ...
Once upon a time I had a full draft of Jane Doe edited, perfected, and saved... but saved where? It's not in it's folder.
Baking biscuits and listening to Converge. Please tell me there's somewhere you can get Jane Doe biscuit cutters.
Knee caps doe lmao smh "If I get called Plain Jane one more time I'm kicking knee caps"
it was on bbc4, I forgot to mention that!
If yo don't want tha blame, doe touch the Mary Jane
does anyone speak of the Dana Point jane doe from 1987?
Not sure if I'm lying when I say I'm sad about missing volleyball..
Smile. It irritates those who wish to destroy you
heard an interesting documentary on women in architecture. Worth a listen!
Is it really necessary to listen to Jane Doe first thing in the morning?
Nope - but then I realised it was that girl who said she fell asleep and dude inked stars across her face. Makes sense now!
I know right! He fails to mention Jane Doe was unconscious and unaware of of people video taping her and taking pics.
That's my thoughts on it as well! Why else would you report about Nodi and not Jane Doe? Very sad man.
nickname Jane Doe, but i'm so conspicuous ! i swear i'm the sh, won't you come & get a whiff of this !
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I recorded the Jane Doe (Lea Thompson) marathon hallmark movies last week... So today I can watch those and don't have to deal with any football. Thank you Lord! ;(. Or I could watch csi back to back
As far as justice for Jane Doe? I have never believed that would come from the juvenile court. Her justice will come via a civil suit.
RULES OF COMPETITION Official “Biggest Loser Reno Style" Competition Rules 1. First weigh in is February 4. Time & place is yet to be determined. We will use the same scale each time. We are only weighing in 3 times. We will have an unbiased person who is not competing be in charge of the weigh ins. 2. Second weigh in is mid-competition on ___-tbd-_. The winner of this weigh in will receive a special motivation prize, to keep us all motivated. 3. Final weigh in will on June 17. Winner will be determined by total percentage of weight lost. An example of this would be: Jane Doe weighed 200 lbs at start of competition. She lost 50 pounds. Her percentage of body weight lost would be 25%. 4. Each participant is responsible for paying $5/week for the duration of the competition OR $100 for the entire competition if paid in advance. Sara will set up a bank account where the money can be deposited, to keep it safe and legit. Each week when you make your deposit, please take a photo of your receipt f ...
Only 5 more days to get your name in the jar!!! The odds are still low... but someone needs to give Maria a run for her money! Currently, it's Maria 12, Kari 3, Wanda 4 and Sunshyne 1! Good luck to everyone and thank you all for the "likes"! I can't express I much I appreciate you all! *CONTEST: Win a FREE Custom Valentine's Day Treat!!!* HERE'S WHAT YOU DO: Leave a comment below requesting a friend of yours to like our page. ( e.g. "I would love to win. Jane Doe, "like" The Sugar QUEEN") If & when your friend adds me, I will write your name down, put all the names in a big jar, and on Feb. 2, I will draw a name to pick the winner!!! Your friends who add me can also enter to win!!! I will add you name for every friend you get! Your odds of winning depend on you! Once I add your name to the jar, I will let you know you are in the drawing!!
Ready to help us build a safer world, support Jane Doe & honor Attorney General Martha Coakley all at the same time? Join us on Feb 13th in Boston for a wonderful evening.
A lot of people from the era of Roe v. Wade are turning prolife. Jane Roe from Roe v. Wade and Jane Doe from Doe v. Bolton (Roe's sister case) are both proli...
Today FB reminded me it's "Jane Doe's" birthday. I didn't recognize the name but I have a lot of VA connections, so I went to her site. Still don't know her; we have no mutual friends. Just strange.
Five albums that changed my life: American Nightmare "Background Music", Converge "Jane Doe", Black Flag Everything Went Black", Minor Threat "Discography", and Allergic to *** "Shadows in the Killing Field".
::WHATS THE T.O.D?:: 1.23.13 A Harlem woman, "Jane Doe" is suing a doctor for informing her she was HIV positive, the Huffington Post reports. She said she became a patient of Dr. Pavel Yutsis who violated state law by tricking her into submitting blood for a HIV test without her written authorization. “She was never asked to sign a form consenting to the test and was not given counseling to prepare her for the administration of an HIV test,” the lawsuit says. On Sept. 22, "Jane Doe" was informed by Yutsis that she tested positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. “I was tricked with something I had no clue about.” Jane Doe claims her test results were not kept confidential. She said her file was left open near where “a group of employees” were chatting. Do you think she should be suing this doctor who basically tested her for something that could actually lead to saving her life? What would you do in this situation?
I thought KnightSec was about helping suicidal girls like Amanda Todd, or rape victims like Jane Doe. This is why I wanted to be apart of it
Weaving Evil Back Cover Blurb! A tapestry of silk ends it all… Vengeance is the itinerary of a woman obsessed by her past. Vanessa Servais utilizes a myriad of chemical compounds with the most unique of delivery systems, as she quenches her thirst for blood. Riverside Detective Kelli Jordan discovers the discarded body of a Jane Doe, who appears to lack one essential element regarding her death. This leads Detective Jordan to consult quirky but brilliant medical examiner: Martin Dankes, who verifies the cause of the woman’s death, are both intriguing and terrifying. As the body count rises, Detective Jordan uncovers the evidence to unravel the killer’s deadly web, but Vanessa Servais has other plans and soon she will be gone…forever. Will Detective Jordan arrive in time to bring the sadistic woman to justice or is this just the beginning to a new brand of serial killer? Only time will tell…
"Jane Doe" speaks out on the lie which the legal abortion industry is based
Jane Doe' from 1987 is still a mystery 1987 victim one of thousands unidentified   By Jim Balloch   Sunday, November 29, 2009   Ghostly and angular, the image of the young woman's face has haunted Knox County Sheriff's Office detectives for more than 22 years.   There is a slight, quizzical tilt to her head. Her eyes are level and hard, fixed forever in a wary gaze. Her look is of one who has taken plenty of hard knocks and expects more to come.   In the early morning hours of June 1, 1987, at a North Knox County home, her life ended with a 12-gauge shotgun blast to the head.   "There wasn't any ID on her of any kind," said Sgt. Perry Moyers of KCSO's Cold Case Squad. "Not even a wallet. No clues. There was just nothing."   It is just one of thousands of cases of unidentified bodies from around the country. No one knows for sure how many there are.   The FBI's National Crime Information Center lists 7,212 such cumulative cases, including 62 from Tennessee. But NCIC accepts reports only from law en ...
Have a Wonderful Week !!! I love Joe Penny and not only in Jane Doe !!! He should be more on tv ! thanks Hallmark Movie Channel !!!
I am watching the Hallmark Movie Channel. They are having a marathon with the murder mystery "Jane Doe" Charater on today. The first show had the document of the Declarationn of Indepence being stolen. Jane was quizing her son on how many men signed the Declaration and he said 56. Then she ask for what reason it was made. He said "for the purpose and protection of the people and not the legeslators." Maybe our leg. and President needs to read this document again and get back to the principals, for the people, by the people and of the people of the United States of America. Just saying..
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Hallmark channel is giving Lifetime a run for the most ridiculous titles with "Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now..."
[“Jane Doe” walks up to a house in a run-down looking neighborhood. Music is playing inside; a bouncer stands by the door.] Jane Doe: Hi. Sounds like a good party. Bouncer: 20 bucks. Jane: Okay. No problem, I, ah, I just got it in here somewhere. [rummages in purse] Oh god, I’m - I’m sorry, I guess I must have forgotten to go to the machine. Bouncer: Yeah, and ah, brush your teeth. Lady, you don’t have two cents. Jane: I can - I can get it from - from my friend who’s inside, he can give it to me and then I can bring it back out here to you. [During this, a shot of her wrist, which is twitching] Bouncer: You don’t know anybody here. Jane: Yes I do! James, he’s blonde and he’s really friendly and he’s a big talker. [on verge of tears] I need to see him. Bouncer: [pauses, seems to feel sorry for her] Go on in. [Inside the house music is playing, strobe lights are flashing, people are dancing. A tall girl and a short girl seem to take special note of Jane. ] Jane: [wanders through rooms, s ...
|| TRIGGER WARNING || Steubenville, Ohio: Not all of the Big Red football team are rapists or criminals. In fact, the vast majority of young people involved with the team are good, honest and hard-working athletes simply trying to do the best they can. The focus of this investigation has centred upon a very small group of miscreants who are known by their peers and fellow students as “The Rape Crew”. What REALLY Happened That Night: A number of young people in Steubenville were witnesses to various parts of the horrendous crime. From this material, we have been able to piece together a timeline of events on that fateful night in August 2012. During this description, we will refer to the victim as “Jane Doe”. After being convinced, with some amount of coaxing – to attend the parties that night with the “Rape Crew” by by Mark Cole’s girlfriend Santoro, Jane Doe was picked up at a volley ball team party she was attending in the early evening of August 11th and transported in a vehicle with Ri ...
I'm getting irritated as all get out over this Steubenville BS. People are blaming Anonymous for the threats for bringing attention to the case instead of blaming those that committed the acts and then posted about it on social media. A majority of those seeking justice are just as appalled by these threats to schools, Steubenville citizens, and students proud of their school sporting Big Red clothing. This isn't even just about Jane Doe. It's about all the Jane Does out there, all who have suffered bc of the corruption that lies within our justice system. People need to stop with the threats, stop with the blaming people just bc of where they live or go to school. And now bc of the threat at the middle school that has been confirmed to have been made by a student people are threating to shoot up the next rally? Give me a break!
Not a big fan of Nancy Grace but I have to see tonight. Thanks for supporting Jane Doe.
What we know about that nite in August when Jane Doe was sexually abused is vague, at best, because the investigation is ongoing and protocol doesn’t allow for disclosure until after the completion of the investigation, also it appears that the young people at that party are reluctant to come forwar...
Urgent Prayer Request! Please pray that a choice for life will triumph here. There is a 17 year old girl (Jane Doe) who will be coming to court on Monday asking the court to approve a parental waiver so she can have an abortion. Her mother is agreeing to allow her to have an abortion but cannot be at the abortion center in Madison when it is scheduled due to work schedule. The abortion clinic will not perform the abortion or accept mom's consent if mom is not there and the young girl does not have a court order. Please pray for the girl, the unborn baby and the (grand)mother that the Holy Spirit may intervene and the decision to bring the baby into the world and given a good home is chosen over abortion. Some Good News to Report! This past week I have heard from two prayer warriors with positive results because of their vigilance out on the sidewalk! One reported that, after seeing his sign pointing out the spiritual and physical dangers of contraception, a woman left Planned Parenthood, when the staff c ...
Investigators seek help to find additional John and Jane Doe child predators.
Text of my speech today at DA Kearney's re-election press conference in downtown York . . . "Good afternoon. I'd like to thank everyone and District Attorney Kearney for giving me the opportunity to speak briefly with you today -- my name is Pam *** and I am a Republican candidate for York Co. Coroner, and I hope to be YOUR Republican candidate for Coroner. I have had the privilege of serving as a Republican committee woman for 12 years now and for many of those years, Tom and I worked together as committee persons in Springettsbury -- 3rd District. My husband, Jeff is here, and he now serves as a committee person with me. I have been a registered nurse for 31 years and am currently on York Hospital's forensic team. We work together with the District Attorney's office and the police to help individuals impacted by violence, and especially to help rape victims have a choice and a voice with the new Jane Doe protocol. Thanks to the DA's office for their help in establishing that protocol. Many people know . ...
I want to start a section on the site where you guys can send me pics of celebs, baby mammas, athletes and other people who's hair just looks a got *** mess. I need help coming up with the name. What should I call it? Right now all i can think is : "Her Hair Is Layed Like FAIL - Jane Doe" Thoughts?
Amour but not love...wait there's more Jane doe cried before...
She shook her head no no ... Why so resilient Jane doe? You make my heart beat slow... If love is lost should go.
It wasn't much a place to sit. A garden that Jane doe likes to think in. They both sat and began to talk again...
Walking slOw in the Moon light glow they did... Jane doe had a surprise for him..
But my heat has fallen in love... What am I to do? Hush come with me ... Jane doe had a way with words she did.
We talked and such her eyes made me lost... I told her this much Jane doe I lust...
Jane Doe = "a woman who is a party to legal proceedings and whose true name is unknown or withheld"
But this didn't strike me unjust the Madden must know of lust. Jane Doe just need to go with me to lunch...
Wanna kno my name bxtch I'm jane doe
Jane Doe is top in her class mixed and a diamond. Everything a guy could ever want
Jane Doe has long beautiful curly hair .. And plays basketball like a beast.
Let's call her Jane Doe .. She is beauty in its best form.
Wish I could take back some of the things that I doe did in the past!!
How do you go from Jane Doe to Mary Jane? Lol
Lowkey I want school to start already I miss my homeroom buddies.
it's cool I'm up too what u do today
I will forever know the term Jane Doe thanksyou
Jealousy is simply love and hate at the same time.
I'm honestly embarrassed that I ever even considered dating you.
Still in shock about Jane doe svu finally makes sense to me
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I miss you tho ill be back tomorrow to mess with yo ugly self :)
Soon as my phone die I'm clearing it
I told my little sister I was going to sleep with her Sunday night and she said 'I think I'm busy that night. Lets reschedule.'
I have imaginary beef with alot of people smh
My AVI makes me look old.. I look like a Mother.
A man's loyalty to his girl is everything to me
So excited to be shooting with Scott Chalmers Photography and Jane Doe Latex tomorrow!!! :D
Funny happens. And it always happens when comedian Patti Vasquez is around. You don't have to take our word for it either. Lewis Black says, "Patti is simply marvelous." Bill Maher called her, "The funniest woman in comedy since Carol Burnett." For some reason being a mother of two with a "stay at ...
Jane Doe's Return is still on 4.5 Stars "I loved this book from start to finish" Reader Review
Referral Contest! Share this page on yours/friends page. Have them "like" Photos by Crystal & then comment that you sent them (Ex: Jane Doe sent me) when I reach 100 "likes" the person with the most referrals will get 50% off a basic session!
SAY NO TO DRUGS! Who am I kidding? Everyone has a past, what's the worst drug you've done, and are you currently doing anything crazy? LUIS
About us: Jane Doe wants to shake up things a little bit Jane Doe still believes in some people, but prefer animals Jane Doe listens to rock music all the time Jane Doe drinks too many coffees and so on Jane Doe makes mistakes and hates perfection Jane Doe never loses the chance to go on vacation Jane Doe loves happy endings And this is how it works.
"When I speak, my voice is not my voice: it is the voice of thousands of individuals who have been touched by the horrific crime of sexual assault."
One of our all time favourite Jane Doe photos, shot way back in 2005/2006 by David Alexandre Photography with Amelie & Darenzia
She burns as bright as the sun and she falls darker than night She shines as light as these days And she fades faster than time Phoenix in flames
Mja Inc Investigations BNW--041 On June 4th 2011 Brandy Nicole Wilson had been missing for 9 years... The investigation into Wilson's disappearance by Law-Enforcement & the Victims Family still continues.. Our Thoughts & Our Prayers go out to Mrs.Wilson's two Sons, Family & Friends. Profile : Brandy Nicole Wilson : 24 years old Missing:6-4-2002 Colfax Clinton County Indiana in the Frankfort Indiana area.. Mja Case File I.D.-BNW--041 Mother of 2 Sons.. Became our 41st case in June 2002.. Brandy Nicole Wilson has not been found.. Mrs.Wilson was last seen at her home by her husband.. Police didn't find anything in the home or on the property that suggested foul play.. A Small shed outside back door..Police K-9's got a Death odor hit on shed.. Suggesting Mrs.Wilson was stored in shed or evidence linked to her.. Mja saw first hand the work Clinton County was doing to solve the Wilson case.. Jane Doe found in KY July 2005: Evidence suggest she was bound & gagged.. Might have been in location 2 to 15 years.. In ...
ICE is seeking help from the Internet to identify a woman who engaged in sexual contact with a young child in a video discovered by Danish authorities. For m...
If you get 3 toasters, the wrong size sweater or other gifts that just aren't you, think about donating them to a local sexual or domestic violence program after the holidays. Programs need items throughout the year.
Do u understand how I am writing this from my new IPhone 4S and how my internally organs are screaming. ~Jane Doe
All of us at Jane Doe wish you a happy christmas!
What if Master Chief was Snake. Their names are both John. O.O -Rex
My family on christmas eve= no one getting out of their rooms and cereal for dinner ~Jane Doe
OH, C’MON. YOU KNEW IT WASN’T REALLY ICP. We recently polled a wide array of musicians, managers, publicists, label reps, and writers from within the world of metal to find out what they thought the 21 Best Metal Albums of the 21st Century So Far have been. Eligible albums were released between Janu...
Last minute Christmas shopping, or holiday traveling? Check out some useful tips to stay as safe as possible. Always report any suspicious activity. Call your local police agency on the non- emergency line for non-emergency situations or 9-1-1 for any emergency. Both should be operational 24/7. Always lock your vehicle and take all valuables with you. These items may include GPS, cell phone, loose change, and compact discs to name a few. Set your vehicle alarm if you have one. In addition to locking you vehicle doors, make sure if your vehicle has a latch to open a trunk or cargo area, and if it is equipped with a lock feature; that you use it. Do not announce on your email auto response that you are on vacation with the dates you are leaving or returning. This includes both work and personal emails. If you must leave an auto response reply it should contain as little information as possible. Example: I am currently away and periodically checking my emails. If you need an immediate response, please conta ...
ME & JANE DOE is what happens when you put together a techno dj, a burlesque dancer and an illustrator that all share a passion for triphop and new wave.
I got this nugget from my friend Jane Doe who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you Jane Doe :) - Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure
الإخوة الكرام .. هذه الحاله المرضية أضيفت من قبل الدكتور كمال جعوده The ambulance paramedics rush into the emergency dept with Jane Doe, an unidentified woman who looks to be around 30y old, who was found convulsing on a railway train. She was alone in a carriage and has no identification on her person and no medic alert bracelet. She was found lying on the floor shaking her arms and legs and making grunting noises by the guard. He knew what a seizure was because his daughter has epilepsy, and he phoned an ambulance immediately. However, they were a long way out of the station and it took 25min for the train to return. She continued to convulse for the duration of the train journey and subsequent ambulance ride, despite the crew giving large dose of diazepam, and by the time she reached hospital had been fitting for over 40mins. The emergency registrar attends to examine the pt and finds a young woman, unresponsive with eyes tightly closed and resistin ...
Anyone have an exceptional sauce for my prime rib?
I will do requests, so feel free to ask.
Make out you are in a movie. Life is so much more exciting when you glamorise it with the touch of Hollywood. We all love a good movie. Sometimes we are stirred by action adventures. Other times we swell with pride and pleasure as the loser team overcomes obstacles and differences to pull together and against all the odds become the Champions. And we fall in Love ten times over as we gaze into the beautiful eyes of this year's screen goddess, or shiver at the smile of the Hunk of the month. Movies move us. So put the power of movies to work in your creative thinking. Let's say you work for a small company, in an average town, and you've got this new product that you need to promote. But Gee whizz, it's hard to get motivated, because your life is so mundane and a thousand miles from excitement. Okay, well, let's re-script that. You are now in a movie. People are watching that movie all over the world. They've seen the intro, they've seen that you live in a small town... and now they are anticipating someth ...
I'm thinking about making more lyrical videos, what are some ideas? -Brittney
Who went to the film festival on Thursday?! What did you guys think of Jane Doe?! Thank you guys for coming by the way! It really meant a lot to every one of us. :D
We will be live at Muddy Waters tomorrow! together with Jane Doe and Negative Spaces
Re: Federal Lawsuit against HB119 Dear Friends, Good morning. On behalf of a Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physician, a Florida Licensed Chiropractic Physician, two Florida Licensed Massage Therapists, John Doe (representing all Florida Licensed Acupuncture Physicians, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapists), and Jane Doe (representing all those injured as a result of a motor vehicle collision), on November 23 Luke Lirot, Esq., (Luke Charles Lirot, P.A.), and I filed a Complaint in Federal Court against Mr. Kevin McCarty in his Official Capacity as Commissioner of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation respectfully requesting that the Court prevent the State of Florida from enforcing the provisions of the 2012 PIP Act. [also referred to as HB 119, and here I have taken the liberty of shortening the title because the actual title is 63 lines long]. The Florida Legislature enacted the 2012 PIP Act to prevent PIP Insurance Fraud and the provisions detailed below, preventing all care by all Acupuncture Phy ...
Mixed emotions run through your mind as you read the familiar name on your schedule for the upcoming week: “Jane Doe: pro, no X-rays.” This particular patient is elderly, in her late eighties, and she has most of her own teeth, with some fixed bridge work. You remember that she takes a variety of pr...
Interesting state Kansas. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I cannot believe we live in a state where you cannot legally teach evolution and the Johnson County City Council is wavering about an open-carry ordinance. Oh yes, the average John or Jane Doe needs their gun when they are shopping in Overland Park!!!
That time Jane Doe or John Doe don have houses "23.7 MILLION EACH! THE ANC IS TOWNING US!"
Lost in you like saturday nights Searching the streets with bedroom eyes (Ps: somebody help me with the TRUE lyrics of the song!!!) Album: "Jane Doe" Year: 2...
Sue you be running around, Jane Doe you never made a sound, Mary Lu you tried to make me a fool
[THE LIVING TOMBSTONE - INTRO] [YELLING AT CATS - VERSE 1] How to be popular? Well, why do you ask? Gaining popularity ain't just an easy task, You will lose all of your friends, and then you will see, That it ain't worth being what they want you to be, And I know it's kinda cool riding in a big rich yacht, I know it's nice when you're known in Canterlot, But all the ice and the diamonds, they can't make you smile, It isn't worth being well-known for a while, Sit down for a second, and just hear me out, Did you forget what friendship was about? You got a dress to make, your friendship's at stake, You'll lose 'em if you do this. You're making a mistake, So walk with me. Talk with me. I'll show you some fun, I'll give you some tips and when we are done, You'll show them all and be the star of the show, You'll become the pony everypony should know, [THE LIVING TOMBSTONE - CHORUS] See who they hang on every word I speak, My approving is what they all seek, I'm creme de la creme, not just another Jane Doe, I'm ...
Had Susan Rogers for my substitute today. She produced Prince for almost 10 years, and she told me she listened to Converge's Jane Doe driving to her thesis presentation for her PhD. My faith in humanity just shot up so high.
Halloween is coming!!! As you can tell, we have taken a little bit of time off so that John can run his coffin ride along with Chrissy at RISE Haunted House. If you haven't had a chance to vist them, make sure you do it soon! It opens back up this THURSDAY night through Sunday Night & again on Halloween Night itself. Zombie Paintball, 10,000 sqft haunted house & the COFFIN RIDE! THEN. NOVEMBER 10th Jane Doe gets back to business and starting it out with their new guitar player Joshua at The Olde Ice House in Thibodaux.. Can't wait to see everyone at the shows again.
I wake up at the strangest times smh
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