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Jane By Design

Jane by Design (formerly known as What Would Jane Do) is a drama and comedy television series on ABC Family.

Nick Roux Carrie Diaries

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Yes I still draw my designs by hand!! Design is design no matter how it’s captured!
OMG.. yes,, Jane by Design,, I wathed that one too
The design for New York's new was done by Paula Scher and her team https:/…
Devil wears prada and Jane by design for this week. ✨✨
At Growth by Design, start of Jane in the Woo Week!
I voted for for the Top Social Artist Award jane by design is a good tv series
Trump seizes on the to scornfully mock the media again tonight at a rally. It's by design, and dangerous. ---> https…
Hi i'm just your average person who misses Jane By Design
I'm going to start watching Girlboss. I'm unsure what it is about but I wonder if it is sort of a new "Jane by design".Did u ever watch it?😅
"The taste of tea and Zen are one and the same.". ~Sen Sotan. Tea bowl with pines. Design by Ogata Kenzan (ca. 1700)
TBT to a living room renovation by Beautiful hand knotted in Nepal rug. Jane Beiles Photograpy
.to speak at Online Trust and by Design event at 6 - webcast here:
Watching old tv shows gilmore girls, jane by design, pretty little lairs old episodes. Good day so far!
Great examination by of how changing one rule impacts a game. Good insights for
ICJUK /Inspired By Claire Jane: Brand new design in + Contest time! + 25% off + Free Shipping
Yess! I just finished it ganiha.chada siya cant wait for season 2 hihihi. Ahh jane by design i miss tha…
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Goldwork embroidery beetle done by Larissa Borodich, design by Jane Nicholas. Brooch made by Olesya
Read this article about zero sum games by We are in a zero sum game.
Thnx for follow. I hope you also like our designs inspired by The Lake District & music by hubby
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Why was Jane by Design ever cancelled? 👗👠💄
First Jane by Design, then the Carrie Diaries, then Stalker, then the Astronauts Wives Club, and now Nashville!
Bespoke chest of drawers built to match exsiting furniture. Very simple clean design by Inspired Furniture Design... h…
Roe vs Wade was more than you thought it was. Impeccable design by W Harrington and Jane Cox.
This is Google’s new VR headset reference design, hardware to start arriving in the fall - by Brian Heater
Apple is opening an app design and development accelerator in India - by Jon Russell
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So I virtually bumped into this apartment designed by Katty Schiebeck and I am in awe. htt…
Somewhere between avocado and olive this kitchen is dreamy! Only by Plain English
Should i re-watch modern family, how i met your mother, new girl or jane by design??? 🤔🤔🤔
Did anyone else really like Jane by design and was super sad when it was canceled or was that just me?
Art school grads use tech to tackle big issues - - by
An innovative design concept to make pants fit and move more comfortably.
I hate when shows with good potential get cancelled. Eye candy? Selfie? Jane by design (lowkey) ?
Tea! Jane by Design was everything and super original 😭
abc family was trash after cancelling jane by design & twisted then extending PLL to 2017
Also, Jane by design shouldn't have been cancelled ***
Sorry but still not over Jane by Design!
Does anyone remember the show, Jane By Design? . That show was golden
iTunes update delivers 'simpler design' with modest changes - - by
Pushing the Envelope in Data Center Design - by
This could be our first real look at the iPhone 7 - by Raymond Wong
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Get down to Trinity House today or tomorrow to see some of the inspiring work by our Design Crafts students!
After more than a half century, much can still be gained by asking ourselves What Would Jane Jacobs Do? - CityLab
I'm still not over Jane by Design being cancelled...
produces great shows like but barely promotes them. This is Jane By Design + Nine Lives all over again.
Aegean series sweet dish signed by Jane Brewer. ➡
remember Jane by design :( that show was so cute. I wish shows didn't have to be canceled
My fave always get canceled like 'The Lying Game', 'Jane By Design','The Carrie Diaries, 'Finding Carter' and now 'Faking It' 😭😭
"Apple Services Shut Down in China in Startling About-Face" by PAUL MOZUR and JANE PERLEZ …
5/16 Join us at for Legends of New York City Design & Architecture panelists include Jane Thompson
Why Instagram's new icon and black and white design suck - by Raymond Wong
It’s the first week of spring. See what has to say about spring design trends
Apple made it mindlessly easy to design a custom Watch - - by
It still saddens me that Jane by design only had 1 season 😕
Fun to see Jane Jacob's assertions about good urban design (backed up by data
advise never watch JANE by design because they cancelled season 2 and ive been crying for 1 hour
Airbus unveils the aircraft cabin that social media built - by Jessica Plautz
Razer's gaming keyboards now sport a more pared-down design - - by
it's been years and I still hope that will bring back Jane by Design. I was heart broken when it was cancelled. 💔
Jane by design and the Carrie Diaries
Great piece by stating the challenge of design control (luckily there are some answers too)
my Ss were inspired by Jane Jacobs that we are going to participate/design a walk on her birthday!
vampires diaries, jane by design, Dr ken
Striking shades of on our Regence Double Cane Arm Chair! . 📷 by Jane Page Design Group 💙
They cancelled Jane By Design after one season. That show was cute af.
I don't understand how my Jane By Design posts still get notes in 2016 like i posted those in 2012 and the show got cancelled after S01
just about to see 'If you kiss me kiss me' at with Jane Horrocks and sound design by our own !
The new iPad Pro brings back an old design flaw - by
I literally was just thinking about Jane by Design last night and I started getting emotional
The Jane in Antwerp, Belgium. Spine chairs by ... -
Why thank you. 5 folks in our design team managed by the awesome Jane so Lambert cant claim this work :).
Little Giant Ladders
The road ahead: Designing the cars that will drive us into the future - by Kia
Just been to a session led by Jane Mallet to help with my research for my Design and Make project. Very informative.
"Jane by design is not based on a book. Is is an original concept created by the producers and writers of the show." i cri team fan fic
Ivanka Trump accused of copying popular shoe design - by David Yi
I've just watched episode S01E17 of Jane By Design!
I've just watched episode S01E18 of Jane By Design!
can't wait for I miss seeing you in jane by design
Why did they cancel season 2 for jane by design??? 😭😭😭
First look at the OnePlus 2 shows a safe design approach - by
I miss Jane By design , her friendship with ...that boy...lmao was so cute
yeaaah that's sfilly running actually. But shows like Jane By Design, Twisted, 9 Lives of Chloe King, they
Who remembers the show Jane by design on abc family?
Comment on ‘Jane By Design’ Canceled By ABC Family by Jane: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come up with a... ff
ICYMI: Tech for rhinos, smarter spacecraft design and more - - by Kerry Davis
Crime by Design Ser.: The Warp in the Weave by Jane Thornley (2015, Paperback)
I kinda miss My life as Liz and Jane By Design
Jane by design with Nick Roux was perfect 😅🙈
New design: Jane Doe by domcontinents coming soon...
Okay you smart kids, where can I watch full tv episodes online for free? I missed the last two eps of Jane by design!
Can we just talk about how amazing was in Jane by design?
falling skies , merlin , Jane by design
Jane by Design got me so emotional.. Jane Jane Jane, where was your mind?? You should've realize your love for Billy :'(
Jane by design needs to be uncancelled
reminds me of especially when Nick was Billy from Jane by Design
bring back Jane by design I wanna know what happens to billy
I remember the show Jane by design on ABC family, I loved that show but it was canceled as soon as it got more interesting 😒
I think I'll forever be mad that ABC Family canceled 9 Lives of Chloe King, Jane By Design, Twisted and The Lying Game.
Oh and Jane by Design lol man those were my guilty pleasures
I just watched the last episode of Jane by design and I can't believe that show got cancelled it was seriously so good
Im watching the last episode of Jane by design and they're playing wmyb this is amazing
I do happen to watch all the shows that end up getting cancelled. Jane by design, Ravenswood, Emily Owens MD 😭
I'm already almost done w Jane by design..
Re watching scenes from Jane by design and wondering why on earth would they cut the show before giving it time to evolve.
Designers decorate tabels for DIFFA's Dining by Design at the AD Home Design Show.
This Jeremy Ottoman by Jane Lockhart Interior Design is available at Above & Beyond Home Decor in hundreds of...
Release day of The Better of Two Men by Good luck with book 4 Jane!
Ashburton postcard design . . Illustration by Jane Bark . Design by Jay Roerade
yes!! I read the lying game series and was so upset when they cancelled it! I watched Jane by Design too...I must be cursed
Reminiscing Nick Roux Bring back Jane By Design, PLEASE. It's been a while. :)
I had some young girls come up to me today to ask if I was in Jane By Design! they were afraid I was lik…
I don't care if it's been 2 years Jane by Design was an amazing show
MSI's latest gaming laptop brings a more grown-up design, a couple big *** fans - - by Dana Wollman
i should shower and get ready. cause this days gonna be so long. but like.. JANE BY DESIGN. :p
A new favorite: Work Of Art - Jane By Design Theme Song by rachelplatten on
New release Win a copy of Sincerely Yours (Yours by Design Bk 2) at Jane Started It! via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So I have recently discovred (and finished) Jane by Design. Tell me, did Billy and Janey ever get together?
Flowers supplied by my florist Gracie Jane's - Floral design & gifts stunning
EU ruling allows Apple to trademark its store layouts - - by Steve Dent
“quote this with your top 3 TV show series 😋” gossip girl, prison break & maybe jane by design.
Please bring back The Carrie Diaries and Jane by Design. This is not fair.
abc family always cancels my favorite shows. like The Lying Game, Ravenswood, Jane by Design.
I think about Jane by Design a lot.
why can't my life be like Jane by design and i go to get an internship at a fashion company and end up working for them by accident
So um i never understood why Jane By Design ever got cancelled and im mad about it so yeah
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I keep thinking to myself that I'm half vegan then I laugh and cry about Jane By Design :(
I wish Jane by Design was still on 😫
the real question is why Jane by design never got renewed I mean come on leave us in a cliffhanger and cancel tf
it *** a lot because jane by design was actually good idc what the number of views says IT WAS GOOD
Mirielle is still upset about Jane By Design's cliff hanger. LOL!
I just learned yesterday that they cancelled Carrie Diaries and I'm a sad potato now I'm not even over jane by design yet
what ever happened to Jane By Design? i loved that show 😢
the girl who sang the jane by design theme song sang at st john's relay for life &now im mad bc I didnt know it was her😖 I wouldve fangirled
Why did they take jane by design off Netflix somebody call the cops
Anyone else want jane by design to be brought back on abc family?
should've kept Nine Lives of Chloe King or Jane By Design,. 😭. .
hold on a second! You sang Work of Art from Jane By Design didn't you???
they did that with Jane by Design too... Abc family be tripping sometimes
Whatever happened to Jane by Design?! That show was freaking wonderful then *poof* it's gone
Jane by design, The Carrie Diaries, TVD, teen, wolf, the originals, glee, the walking dead, awkward, HIMYM são das melhores séries
Gorgeous view of the Oakley entrance, with by
Can make more episodes to PLL but not another season of Bunheads and Jane by design? I'm disappointed.
Done watching Jane By design I love this show
Lulu from Jane by Design will never be hot by my standards... even if casted among hunks.
A relationship like billy and jane from jane by design pls & thank you
Jane By Design fans will be glad to see as a new recurring character on The Young & The Restless 4/17!
Wzra Tv chats with Matthew Atkinson about all things Jane By Design! Matt gives up the scoop on how he likes working with the cast, working on the set of Jan...
Jane By Design's Matt Atkinson answers a questions for ! Be sure to tune into ABC Family's Jane By Design on Tuesday nights!
Ive done it to myself again. I've spent my entire Saturday watching Emily Owens, MD on Netflix. Only problem, It was cancelled after the first season. Why oh why do the Good shows get cancelled. In remembrance of Veronica Mars, Traffic Light, Jane By Design, Bunheads(Extra tears for that one), Bent and to round out the list. Emily Owens, MD. Apparently the only shows that get to live are the trashy trashy teenager shows with no originality. Poo Poo I say
They cancel out the best shows: Common Law, Jane By Design *sigh*
No more Bunheads. This feels like Jane by Design all over again. Sad, sad, sad and massively undeserved.
They played WMYB on this show called Jane By Design -A
NO! Seriously? Why does do that? First Jane by Design, now Bunheads? I am boycotting that channel!!!
I have no idea why , I saw it somewhere on the Internet . Just like Jane by design .
from jane by design at the grove on Wednesday :DD
will forever be my Jane by Design crush. Hottie. 😍
Which is your favorite TV show? — Vampire Diaries ,pretty little liars and Jane by design
Thanks for canceling Bunheads and Jane by Design that's very much appreciated
Watching Jane By Design. It's been I-don't-know-when since I watch this series.
10 Things I Hate About You, Jane by Design, and now Bunheads. I might cry. No more weekly Sutton.
RIGHT. when jane by design was cancelled I literally became so livid.. to people who loved fashion it was the best show ever.
I loved Jane By Design too! It makes me angry how they could axe such decent shows when ABC's current shows are not that good...
What is your favourite TV show? — I'm obsessed with PLL, twisted, parks & rec, Switched at Birth, Jane by Design...
literally my life.. jane by design and the lying game i'm just like okay I loved those shows abc is like nah cancelled NO.
Jane By Design was literally my favorite show!!!
It still irks me that Jane By Design ended the way it did. Why abcfamily? Why do you have to cancel the shows I like???
NEEDS TO STOP CANCELING MY FAVORITE SHOWS... First Jane by Design and now Bunheads?! Like seriously.. They were soo good! 💔💔💔
So ABC, explain the logic behind canceling shows like bun heads and Jane by design, and making the fosters.
ABC Family is the reason I have trust issues. I like a show and they cancel it. The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Jane By Desig…
Soundtrack of my favorite TV Series ever, Jane by Design :) ♫ Work of Art by Rachel Platten —
why are you canceling bunheads? Didn't you already have enough "fun" canceling Jane by design and the nine lives of Chloe king?
so mad Jane by design is cancelled.
I miss the show make it or break it and Jane by design. Real talk.
tbh im still really mad that they decided to cancel jane by design like jane and billy didn't even kiss omfG
that's true. Bunheads and Jane by design were so good. I was hoping to watch a new season, but no. They canceled it. :(
Dear ABCFamily. I'm getting real tired of your channel canceling good shows like Bunheads and Jane By Design (1/2)
it was Jane by design lol but yeah I watched all of these shows I'm upset :(
ABC should've cancelled Bunheads ages ago and opted for Jane by Design instead. sigh.
Is that the guy from Jane by design
Does anyone else miss the show Jane by design?
Gonnawatch Jane by Design all night tonight .
Jane by design "What series movie are you currently Watching?
Why did Jane by design get cancelled I really like that show and I want to know what happens to Jane :(
I never watched it. I still miss Jane By Design :/
Been watching Jane By Design for more than 6 hours.. Someone please take my laptop away from me.
no my pain is worse I had to deal with Jane by design and now this ugh life
the lying game was Tuesday.. like Jane by Design right?
First Jane By Design, now Bunheads... I just, can't. I've lost the ability to can.
I wish Jane by design came back for a second season :(
Forever hating ABC family for canceling 'Jane By Design' that was my favorite show. Smfh
I WAS SO UPSET ABOUT JANE BY DESIGN. Why didn't the whole world watch that show? ABC Family is a cruel, cruel mistress.
Omfg. They never made a second season of Jane By Design. I'm gonna go cry in a corner now. 😭
When is Jane By Design coming back on? I really liked that show.
did Jane by Design get cancelled too!??!?
This is like Jane by Design all over again sigh..
ABC Family *** They cancel awesome shows (Bunheads, Jane by Design) and leave on crap like Secret Life for 5 seasons.
I really wish they didn't cancel shows like Jane by design and abdc😭 they just leave you hanging😞
The Lying Games, Jane by design and Bunheads never caught my attention.
Way to cancel my life ABC Family. First, Jane By Design and now Bunheads!? Ugh.
first you cancelled jane by design AND now bunheads. I hate you.
If twisted or fosters makes it more seasons than the lying game or Jane By Design I suing ABC family because of their lack of judgement.
Erica Dasher sounds exactly like Annie Clark! (Degrassi) 😱 It took me 4 eps of Jane By Design to notice & now it’s like I can’t unhear it.
Pan Am, Jane By Design, and 666 Park Avenue all should have never been canceled!
okaay. that's a hard one. Haylor, Annie and Auggie from Covert Affairs and Jane and Billy in Jane By Design. :)
you don't understand how badly I miss Jane By Design! 😭
Rita Shaw from Jane By Design is a college student in Gilmore Girls? Oh.
I just finished the last episode of Jane By Design, it was a fabulous show; I am really sad that it ended after 18 episodes! Why must all the good shows come to an end? I miss Boy Meets World, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Drop Dead Diva, Family Matters, Full House, Step by Step, etc.
Watch as Jane Quimby on Jane By Design, TONIGHT, 9.30pm only on
Your a great actress. I miss you on Jane By Design!:-)
Hi Erica, I just want you to know that I love Jane By Design and you're beautiful. :)
first, merry christmas to you :D second, love to you again in Jane By Design :) {}
: I'm going to throw a fit if ABC Family doesn't bring Jane By Design back. Legit.
Decided to watch Switched at Birth all over again and Jane By Design... I cant wait for JBD to come back on so I can see Nick Roux yess 😍🌌✌👌
I seriously cannot wait for Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, The Lying Game, & Jane By Design to come back on!
they stopped airing Jane by Design like I was waiting for what was gonna happen between Jane and her bestfriend
following your previous role in jane by design. Loved your character
If bunheads can still show,so should Jane by Design!
I am so sad!if Jane by Design ended it ended with so many questions in the fans minds.
think im missing something,, oo Awkward, Jane by Design, Revenge and Missing
I can't kill you yet because you haven't watch all jane by design's episodes u.u
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Mending nonton di star world lah. Eheh jane by design gimanahhh?-_-
Missed a lot of Jane by Design episodes I am not good ok not good
Forced someone to watch jane by design so that he knows how to appreciate a friendship x)
do you know if their canceling Jane by Design for sure? :/
Whyy did they stop Jane by design I loved that show.
I'm falling in love with this show "Jane By Design" she has my dream job before i start my own fashion world!
I didn't know Jane by Design was cancelled. Just found out
When is Jane By Design coming back on?!
Uh Oh by Junior Doctor is on Jane By Design awww yeah
Jeremy and Billy from Jane by Design are so cute 😊
Guy bestfriend like Billy in Jane By Design, I soo want.
Really missing the show Jane By Design right now.. That was my favorite show and it got cancelled:(
I want a friendship like Jane and Billy from jane by design. Is that so much to ask for?
ahh I was til 3am watching jane by design help
OMS. I just finished the 1st(and only..) season of Jane By Design, I wanted a Billy/Jane kiss or something! It can't finish this way!
All my shows are coming back in January!!except Jane by Design got canceled..:(
Is that show Jane By Design on abc family for teens bc I've been watching it online for 3 days now. :shrugs:
Ok Just so were clear Bunheads is still on TV but we cancelled Jane By Design... um u r not picking good shows!
I wonder if Jane By Design is gonna start back :/
Jane by Design . Maybe a second season
Watched 3 episodes of Jane by Design Nanti best friend dia suka kat dia eh? Comel. Thanks btw! 😚
I still cant believe they canceled Jane by design 😤
i know it has been a few months, but I am still ticked at for getting rid of Jane By Design.
"Jane by design" inspires me to get more creative :D
it's times like this when i REALLY miss Jane By Design..
american idol, so u think u can dance and ABDC, Jane by design, WOWP and How i meet ur mother.Foxlife, fox Disney MTV
Am I the only one upset that Jane by design got cancelled?
munching on M&M's while rewatching Jane by design. M&M's are the greatest chocolate ever!!!
I wish I was able to meet you yesterday I go to novi I love jane by design
Great why am I addicted to Jane by Design now said I'd never watch agh
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm obsess with 'jane by design' OMG can't stop see the episodes o:
Mixing everything up like haven't even watch the whole episodes of PLL season 3 and I'm starting to watch Jane by Design. Yup that's it.
Carrie Diaries looks really good. I really liked the promos. And also when it was called "Jane By Design."
Where are you? Me is missing you. Anyway, I now know what you are talking about. Watching Jane by design. Billy!! ♥
Friday come faster please, really wanna do Jane By Design marathon. So addicted
Mom is now addicted to jane by design. You're welcome.
Yay! New episodes of Jane By Design out le!
What do you like watching the most on television? — Jane By Design xx
Continue watching my jane by design marathon
I like the name india. Like india in jane by design. It actually pretty cool.
this jane by design marathon is killing me.i hate how im tired, LET ME FINISH THIS EPISODE.
So bummed bout the end of Jane by Design. Why did they cancel the show?? ☹
I'm waiting for Jane by design oh come on faster
Jane by design marathon with . You missing out
Done watching all the episod for jane by design :D
domain names
I have sad news. Jane By Design has been CANCELLED! 😭 We will never know if Billy and Jane end up together! 😩😭
Katherine having a makeover by one of the girls from Cameron Jane Makeup Design
Watched Jane by design just now so sad
Kristina getting a makeover by the girls from Cameron Jane Make-Up Design
I really do hope there's jane by design season 2 .
Just got to know that the series 'Jane by design' is canceled :-(
I'm home watching 'Jane by design ' and now it rains
Jane By Design is cancelled. :( *** Why didn't I hear about this sooner!?
Yes and everytime I watch Jane by Design, Jane reminds me of her! :)
So sissy bought me Jane by design DVD. Imma happy kid!
Revising while watching Jane by Design with a bestfriend and accompanying someone completing his CV. Life's good. ♡
Jane and billy friendship in jane by design is so cute honestly .
I am so incredibly mad jane by design was canceled, eff you abc family!
I'm so sad Jane by design was cancelled I love watching new things on Netflix :)
I know I'll probably get into Kerri's diaries! It's kind of like Jane by Design!
'kay I'm gonna need to watch at least another hour of Jane By Design so I can't get my mind off of this.
Watching Jane By Design in commerce, and it's so good. :O
So I watched 12 episodes of Jane by Design and I want more. But it's 2 a.m. good thing it's holidays.
Jane by design kept me up till now, strategy to getting fired.
asdfghjkl i finished watching Jane by Design and they left me hanging! Season 2, come soon!
Wai shi 'Jane by Design'.. The girl will just be laughing alone oo, staring at a screen with an Ear Piece inserted.
Happy Halloween, Janeys!! :) What are your plans on this Hallows Eve? Anyone dressing up as a character from Jane by Design? :) Or.
Seriously jane by design stick on my head
All casting of Jane by Design should make a Gangnam Style cover...if there is a second season.
When do i get to watch the next season of Jane By Design?
what billy say it. (eh u should totally watch Jane by design)
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