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Janay Palmer

Raymell Mourice Ray Rice (born January 22, 1987) is a professional American football running back who is currently serving an indefinite suspension by National Football League.

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Makovsky: Ray Rice, a running back with the Baltimore Ravens, and [] Janay Palmer, were involved in a brawl." FAIL.
Janay Palmer was black and people were just as upset about Rice's actions.
like Janay Palmer I'll get back up again 🙊see the commissioner for details
Nicole Holder, Janay Palmer, and Jamie Naughright are victims. I don't care if their abusers are football players, that doesn't matter.
I submit Ray Rice for your eval. Dude is caught on tape hitting Janay Palmer in the face so hard she loses consciousness.
If you don't think we had the best costume.. 😏 Ray Rice & Janay Palmer 😘👊🏽😍
The court case and Tom Brady are the Ray Rice to Roger Goodell/NFL's Janay Palmer Rice.
Whenever someone refers to Janay Palmer during the Ray Rice incident as his "then fiancee (now wife)," I just assume they're defending Ray.
I want that Ray Rice and Janay Palmer love 💖😫👊
Bill Parcells speaking about Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer: "It was a very, very unfortunate incident, but young...
Disgusted by making a joke about the deflated footballs via comparison to Ray Rice assaulting Janay Palmer. That’s not funny.
Baltimore Ravens football player Ray Rice (R) and his wife Janay Palmer. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) ...
While the report filed by former FBI Robert Mueller found no evidence that anyone from the NFL viewed the video that TMZ was able to obtain from inside the elevator at the Revel Hotel and Casino that showed Ray Rice striking Janay Palmer and knocking her unconscious, Mueller did find that the league…
Former FBI director Robert Mueller has released his independent report about the investigation of the Ray Rice incident from February, which involved an assault of his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer, in an elevator casino...
New surveillance footage shows Ray Rice and his then fiancee Janay Palmer kissing in the same Atlantic City elevator he had attacked her in earlier that night. Palmer is visibly distraught in the latest clip from the February 15 assault. She and Rice can be seen sitting at separate tables at the Rev…
New video shows Ray Rice, fiancee after punch
A surveillance video that surfaced Friday reveals more footage of the night Ray Rice knocked now-wife Janay Palmer unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator.
New footage of the aftermath of the now-infamous Ray Rice elevator video shows the former Ravens running back and then-girlfriend Janay Palmer kissing before being taken to a police car in handcuffs.
There's more video of Ray Rice from the aftermath of his assault on his now-wife Janay Palmer at an Atlantic City casino - has the NFL gone far enough to stop their players from being criminals?...
Ray Rice and Future Wife Janay Palmer Kissed While in Handcuffs in Aftermath of Elevator Fight: New Surveillance F...
Ray Rice, Janay Palmer handcuffed and kissing in latest casino surveillance .
A new video shows what happened after Ray Rice punched his then-fiancee earlier this year:
New footage of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer in elevator aftermath surfaces via
Ray Rice's Suspension from NFL Lifted as 'Today' Prepares to Air Interview with Janay Palmer Rice Next Week -
Ray Rice, Janay Palmer seen in new video showing aftermath of punch:
More ABC News Videos | ABC World NewsRay Rice and then fiancee Janay Palmer were handcuffed the night of the Atlantic City elevator fight ... and…
New footage shows Ray Rice and Janay Palmer kissing in handcuffs in the afftermath of their brutal elevator fight:
ABC EXCLUSIVE: Newly released video shows former NFL star Ray Rice and his wife just moments after he knocked her unconscious in an elevator. ABC News exclusively obtained the tapes, which appear to show Janay Palmer unwilling to talk to her now-husband, before kissing him as he leaves the elevator. WATCH MORE:
Ray Rice reportedly did not want people to see the new security videos showing Janay Palmer going through a range of emotions in the aftermath of being assaulted by her future husband.
Its truly a shame when women go after the materialistic value of certain men instead of going with the man that fits them best. Ultimately, many times that decision leads to that woman being emotionally and sometimes, physically hurt (i.e. OJ Simpson/Nicole Brown, Ray Rice/Janay Palmer, etc..)...So ladies, a man may be able to give you the world, but a GOOD man & great fit is the one who constantly makes you feel like you are the best & only one in it.Please remember this
Ray Rice arrives with his wife Janay Palmer for an appeal hearing of his NFL suspension earlier this month. Rice was released by the Ravens when...
September 9, 2014 Roger Goodall saw the end result of Ray Rice’s abuse of his then fiancé, now wife, Janay Palmer. That, in Goodall’s mind, warranted a two game suspension. It is the end result of domestic abuse, the bloody photos, broken bones or, in some cases death that normally gets the most attention. And creates the most outcry. We all know what leads up to a man pulling an unconscious woman out of an elevator. With imagination most of us are capable of picturing how a woman becomes unconscious in such a situation. Even knowing what had to have happened in that elevator Roger Goodall and the National Football League (NFL) thought a two game suspension was punishment enough. They thought that until September 8th when TMS released the video of what actually happened inside the elevator and social media went crazy with those who are more concerned with stopping domestic abuse by properly punishing those who abuse. On Monday the Ravens and Goodall finally did what they should have done to begin wit ...
In real life, a video shows NHL player Ray Rice dragging his fiancé, now wife, Janay Palmer, unconscious out of an elevator. In an alternate video created by a Canadian women’s shelter, the woman walks out unharmed with the help…
your the Janay Palmer to my Ray Rice
Ask Janay Palmer. Have you ever been fisted? Like how is that pleasure?
Why Are The Women Always to Blame?: From criticism of Janay Palmer, to all the focus being put on Jay Williams...
How did Janay Palmer find out Ray Rice was cheating on her? She saw another woman's lipstick on his knuckles
A girl in my office just announced that she and her boyfriend are dressing as Ray Rice and Janay Palmer for Ha...
Janay Palmer = struck by her NFL fiance. Colleen Hufford = stabbed to death & beheaded, USA first. Which is bigger story? TV says first one.
or better yet like Ray Rice and Janay Palmer
Saints are getting the Janay Palmer treatment right now.
Great catch by Johnson. Kaep still couldn't hit Janay Palmer-Rice in an elevator. Some very poor throws.
The SanFran O-line is getting beat worse than Janay Palmer.
"We as a nation have an opportunity to embrace this issue, stand together and expect zero tolerance from now on."...
I think Janay Palmer is all healed. Who else is hurt?
just posted a blog entry entitled, "Take Heed: The Christian Message Janay Palmer-Rice Showed Me" Check it out.
Carol Downer's piece on controversy "Why Janay (formerly Palmer) didn’t leave is a no-brainer to...
I'm bout to Ray Rice Janay Palmer this *** bruh frfr
Ray Rice Elevator KNOCKOUT Janay Palmer - Hits Fi…: its really saying Gabe the whole time.
Excited for the Chargers to give the Jags that Janay Palmer treatment tomorrow
Thompson getting beat harder than Janay Palmer. Pick it up o line!
.on Janay Palmer, the psychology of women in abusive relationships, and
To all the Black men defending Ray Rice via blaming Janay Palmer for staying with him, you are part of the problem of domesti…
You guys really need to lay off Ray Rice and Janay Palmer. Their relationship just has some ups and downs.
1 week until October. Sad thing is, I bet so many couples this year go to Halloween parties dressed up as Ray Rice & Jana…
Janay Palmer Rips Media For Ruining Her Life Not Ray Rice: The wife of NFL’er Ray Rice, who punched her out co...
How the can tell us about intimate partner violence
I hope she don't get the janay Palmer treatment 😂
“The elevator video worth sharing,” depicts a scene similar to the one where Ray Rice struck Janay Palmer:
Ethical to watch abuse that stigmatizes/exploits the vulnerable? Or does it incite action and bring attn to PH issues?
"With all of the recent media highlighting the NFL and Ray Rice over his assault on his then fiancé Janay Palmer...
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Ray Rice, Hypocrisy and How the NFL Has Turned Into A Year-Round Sport In the world of sports, the National Football League reigns supreme in the eyes of many born in the United States and has taken over baseball as our “past time.” In the Grantland article, “The League That Never Sleeps” by Bill Simmons, Mr. Simmons talks about how Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has turned our beloved pastime into a 365 day headline and the hypocrisies intertwined in their personal conduct policy. In addition, the article also serves as a retrospective piece to the incident at an Atlantic City casino involving Ray Rice, and at the time, his fiancé Janay Palmer. With some factual information of the Ray Rice case being provided by the article, Rice case: purposeful misdirection by team, scant investigation by NFL by reporters Don Van Natta & Kevin Van Valkenburg, I will be able to shed light onto the Ray Rice incident, compare and contrast a similar incident involving a celebrity and his l .. ...
Hours after Ray Rice knocked Janay Palmer unconscious, the learned all about it. Then they really messed up:
Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh urged team executives to release Ray Rice after Harbaugh watched video in February showing Rice dragging an unconscious Janay Palmer out of a casino elevator, but...
If Rice told Goodell he hit Janay Palmer, & Palmer was unconscious afterward, how does it matter HOW she became unconscio…
A nice peaceful evening tonight. Some NFL news tonight: The NFL Players Association has announced tonight it is appealing the suspension of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. The following information is from an article from ABC News: "The NFLPA appeal is based on supporting facts that reveal a lack of a fair and impartial process, including the role of the office of the Commissioner of the NFL," the union said in a statement tonight. "We have asked that a neutral and jointly selected arbitrator hear this case as the Commissioner and his staff will be essential witnesses in the proceeding and thus cannot serve as impartial arbitrators," the NFLPA said. "The NFL suspended Rice indefinitely and the Ravens terminated his contract last week after video surfaced of the running back punching his then-fiancee unconscious in an Atlantic City casino elevator on Feb. 15. The newly-emerged video shows Janay Palmer, now Rice's wife, being hit in the face in the elevator. Palmer then lunges at the running ...
I wasn’t planning to comment on the tragic Ray Rice/Janay Palmer Domestic Violence situation, but the hypocrisy of the media - specifically the recent monolo...
The NFL is making unwanted headlines again this week. It started with a video released of Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice beating his now wife Janay Palmer, and now a horrific story regarding Minnesota Viking Running Back, Adrian Peterson.
The “man” Janay Palmer loves brought his current misfortune on himself.
Ray Rice receives warm welcome at New Rochelle HS with wife Janay Palmer at side -
Mayweather vs. Maidana fight got cancelled, can't wait to see Ray Rice vs. Janay Palmer
Robin Givens sides with Janay Palmer in Domestic Violence scandal?
I have a question that I have to ask. I've heard commentary for the past couple of days about how graphic and vicious the video of Ray Rice's assault of his then fiance, Janay Palmer on the elevator was. Women's groups and everyone else is coming out of the woodwork to speak on the part of women who suffer from Domestic Violence. Now Ray Rice has been ostracized professionally and publicly for his actions. Okay, I agree with that to a certain extent. He has to bare the brunt of that blow in order for him to be held accountable for his actions. Indefinite suspension, well I don't know about that. I think he needs help and counseling in order to get to the root cause of his actions. Former first lady Laura Bush, ran a stop sign and killed the other driver when she was a teen, they didn't suspend her driving license indefinitely. Senator Ted Kennedy waited 9 hours to contact authorities and inform them of a crash he was in which his passenger was trapped in the vehicle and died. Kennedy fled the scene and l ...
49ers suspended a broadcaster for calling Janay Palmer "pathetic," but are still letting Ray McDonald take the field: ht…
And Ray Rice is being treated as if he murdered Janay Palmer
Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL have denied reports they previously had access to the video of Ray Rice punching then-fiancee and now wife Janay Palmer, which was released ...
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Jesus. Thought about this earlier today with Ray Rice/Janay Palmer - it's such a minefield
An infamous elevator surveillance video of Ray Rice punching his girlfriend, and now wife Janay Palmer, is shining a spotlight on cases of Domestic Violence.
The National Football League's San Francisco 49ers suspended one of its radio broadcasters on Wednesday following comments he made regarding former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice's Domestic Violence case, the team said. Commentator Ted Robinson will be suspended for the team's next two games after questioning the actions of Rice's wife, Janay Palmer. Rice was shown in video footage from February punching Palmer, who was then his fiancee, inside an elevator at a New Jersey casino, her head hitting a rail before she crumples to the floor. Read More...
Ray Rice spat in Janay Palmer's face on night he punched her in elevator, security staffers at hotel tell htt…
So the video shows Rice spitting on Janay Palmer twice. All that "women be provoking" talk is dead in relation to THIS in…
Janay Palmer & the complex psychology of abuse;"asking wrong b/c isolation is part of the cycle of abuse"
WATCH: Janay Palmer blames the media for her husband, Ray Rice, being booted from the
You've seen what Domestic Violence looks like, what do you do now? Yesterday, the world looked on in shock, horror, and disgust as TMZ released the video of Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice punching his now wife in the face a hotel elevator. As the video played over and over, you may have felt helpless. Not only helpless to stop Rice from hurting Janay Palmer, but crippled to help the 1 in 4 women who will experience abuse in their lifetime. You are not helpless. You can give your time, your money, your stuff, and give your voice to help women just like Janay find freedom from Domestic Violence. And you can start right now.
Sources familiar with Ray Rice video say Rice spits on Janay Palmer inside elevator right before she lunges toward form…
Janay Palmer, the wife of former Baltimore Raven's running back Ray Rice, broke her silence Tuesday after Rice's contract was terminated and he was suspended from the NFL indefinitely.
While I believe Domestic Violence is a HORRIFIC issue on so many levels. I think a man that beats a women is a coward in the worst way. I also believe that a woman has no right to put her hands on a man either. With that being said Janay Palmer, the fiancé/wife of Ray has spoken out. So what should one do when the “Victim” doesn't want help or perhaps doesn't know he or she is in need of help? Janay Palmer- Rice addresses the situation as follows: “"I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I'm mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it's reality is a nightmare in itself." “No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his *** off for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific." "THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don't you all get. If your i ...
In the wake of recent Ray Rice footage showing the former Baltimore Raven punching his now wife Janay Palmer...
By Susan Reimer, The Baltimore Sun "Ray Rice" 9:01 p.m. EDT, September 8, 2014 I am so angry right now, I should get a two-game suspension. The National Football League and the Baltimore Ravens have sacrificed running back Ray Rice on the altar of their public image. And the NFL, which claims — counter to other reports — that it had never seen the video before, made sure no other team would give him a job by suspending him indefinitely. What Ray Rice did was reprehensible, but he and Janay Palmer, who are now married, are in court-ordered counseling. Their relationship may survive and flourish. But there is no redemption for a team and a league that can't figure out how it feels about its employees hitting women. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he got the message when public reaction to his two-game suspension of Rice turned to outrage. So the league scrambled to write new rules about beating women. Let's have penalties somewhere between smoking marijuana and vehicular homicide, somebody must hav ...
Ray Rice is out of the NFL, indefinitely. The Baltimore Ravens announced the termination of Rice's contract on Monday, just hours after TMZ released disturbing video footage showing him punching then-fiancee Janay Palmer in February. The Ravens'...
Janay Palmer only married Ray Rice after knock out cuz she woke up with amnesia like Goldie Hawn in Overboard & Ray Rice Kurt Russell'd her.
Security camera footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching—and knocking out—his now-wife Janay Palmer made its way online today, and the cheery panel of Fox News' Fox & Friends, ever the font of guileless turpitude, laughed about the assault right into the camera.
Once upon a time… Way back in February, a big mean NFL player, Ray Rice, knocks his “then-fiancée, now-wife” Janay Palmer out cold in an elevator in Atlantic City.  The couple was arrested and charged with simple assault, claiming both parties “struck each other with their ...
The Ravens have released running back Ray Rice hours after TMZ posted the surveillance video showing Rice punching his soon-to-be wife, Janay Palmer, in an Atlantic City hotel elevator.
NFL players and others offered their reactions on social media following a video that surfaced showing NFL player Ray Rice hitting his wife, Janay Palmer and his subsequent release from the Baltimore Ravens.
News for NFL star Ray Rice drags unconscious ... Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice drags girlfriend Janay Palmer by her legs in shocking video Daily Mail ‎- 7 hours...
In the video, Janay Palmer, crumbled. Ray Rice's punch would've made a man's knees buckle. He was short, quick and powerful.
I very much hope that Janay Palmer, "new wife of a violent and suddenly unemployed man," is somewhere safe tonight.
Everyone is concerned about cover up of Ray Rice attack of his wife, yet nobody seems concerned about how his wife Janay Palmer is?!?!
Hannah Giorgis on Ray Rice, Domestic Violence, and "we who gaze in parasitic rapture." via
They made HER apologize after getting knocked out like this. Ray Rice is a piece of garbage.
Ray Rice is a thug. what name for Janay Palmer? What msg did she send women ? Fair question
If you're making suggestions as to what Janay Palmer could have done to avoid being knocked unconscious, YOU ARE PART OF THE …
If Ray Rice were white, would have him on to tell everyone why he was justified in beating Janay Palmer.
How could Janay Palmer hit a man when she has a daughter?
Janay Palmer your can find better than this ***
Wherever Janay Palmer Rice is right now, I'm praying for her & hoping someone is checking on her to make sure she's safe
Something I haven't seen reported anywhere, but it has troubled me all day: where is Janay Palmer Rice? Is she someplace where she's safe?
the man sickened by tainted beef deeply regrets the role he played by loving summer BBQs so much
It's too bad but, with Ray Rice's release, the first person I'm concerned about is Janay Palmer. An angry abuser has too …
elderly mugging victim deeply regrets the role she played by going to an ATM on the night of the incident
The pedestrian hit by a drunk driver deeply regrets the role he played by using a sidewalk next to a bar
Baltimore Ravens running back who 2-pieces his wife and knocked her out.
It took weeks of humiliation and a videotape before Janay Palmer got some justice, and it isn't much justice.
Something that is making me sit and wonder... TMZ released that video of Ray Rice punching his fiance Janay Palmer while in the elevator. Key word here being "fiance." Why did she marry him if she knew what he was like? Did she think he was going to change after wedding bells? Was the money he made too much to pass up? Unfortunately, she kept herself in a situation for repeated abuse. That in itself is bad. We need more education and help for people like that. Let them know they can indeed break away from crap like that.
This was a really hard piece to write. On Ray Rice, victim blaming, and the spectacle of black women's pain:
"That we feel entitled (and excited) to access gut-wrenching images of a woman being abused – to be entranced by...
Let's support Janay Palmer at this time ! God bless her and their daughter !ore in my blog :
The have terminated after video of him punching then fiancée Janay Palmer surfaced online.
Waiting for someone to say the NFL is hurting Janay Palmer by taking away Ray Rice's paycheck. I know it's coming.
If your questions are about Janay Palmer's choices, STOP, and start over. Your questions are directed at the wrong pers…
The Ray Rice/Janay Palmer video is stomach-turning. I don't know why this is being shown on TV. I don't know why so many people required it.
“In reproducing victims’ trauma over and over, we only expose them to more harm.” h/t
Since Janay Palmer is a black woman and black women suffer from DV at greater rates, lets donate to
Ray Rice is not a victim. Janay Palmer is.
I wonder why Reverend Al isn't on his soap box condemning what happened to Janay Palmer?
Are we demonizing Janay Palmer Rice? Or, is she the true embodiment of forgiveness?
Shame on Ray Rice, shame on the officer who charged Janay Palmer with assault for slapping Ray Rice. Shame on the NFL, shame on all who defend Ray Rice's actions.
How did seeing the video of Ray Rice & Janay Palmer make you feel? Did the do enough?
TMZ has released the disturbing video of Ray Rice punching his wife
While we discussed Ray Rice's assault on Janay Palmer today...thousands of woman in the U.S. were assaulted by their boy…
What did the Ravens think happened to Janay Palmer, fell down and knocked herself out?
Don't watch the Ray Rice video. Don't ask why Janay Palmer married him. Ask why anyone would blame a victim
I just hope Janay Palmer is safe. That's really all that should matter right now. Who's accounting for that?
Really powerful important read by on black women, Domestic Violence and disturbing use of images
Keith Olberman says if you watch the Steelers and Ravens Thursday night you are an accessory after the fact to the beating of Janay Palmer
“The Ravens announce they have cut RB Ray Rice
Mel Robbins says the Ravens, the NFL and authorities mishandled the case of Ray Rice punching Janay Palmer--believing the abuser and blaming the victim
Seeing all the postings on Ray Rice assaulting Janay Palmer, I am sickened and thoroughly disgusted. He is the epitome of a puke and is the criminal. Pointing fingers at her, the victim, insinuating her ulterior financial motives, or that she is totally ignorant is a reaction of very uneducated individuals. They obviously haven't a clue about domestic abuse and the affects it has on the victims. What is really incredible, most of these attacks on her are made by other women. Embarrassing to say the least!
Love how everyone's acting so outraged now that this Ray Rice video has been released (especially Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome). The Atlantic City police summons stated that Rice caused "bodily injury to Janay Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious." What exactly did they think that meant before seeing the video? Sounds pretty clear to me. I would not have needed to see a visual prior to issuing a real punishment. Ridiculous.
Janay Palmer: "Role modeling" to women around the world that it's okay to stay with an abusive man, one punch at a time. Ummm...???
Where is the outrage for Janay Palmer?
JANAY PALMER RAN UP & GOT DONE UP! Now this does not appear to be a modern day Ike and Tina. In fact it looks more like a modern day Bobby and Whitney-minus the drugs. Do I feel sorry for Janay...
You're lying to yourself if you think one, that's the first time Ray Rice ever hit Janay Palmer. Two, that was the first time NFL officials saw that video. Shame on everyone involved in this case for not doing what was right the first time around.
My two cents (if you care) on the Ray Rice situation. Number one. He should have been in jail. He got off because of his status as an NFL football player. Number two. Both the Ravens and the Commissioner were too easy on him until the new video came out. And the biggest question I have is for Janay Palmer. He knocked you out cold when you were just his fiancé and you still married him? Here's your sign lady.
Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer Janay Palmer What happened to you is a crime! and not a Punishment! If we demand Justice for Mike Brown then we need Justice for Janay Palmer! Rice should be charged and not slapped on the wrist - Charge him! "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - Dr. MLK
And Dr. Valerie Hugsy Bridgeman's: I cannot take the verbal battery of black men AND women who are tearing into the flesh of Janay Palmer today. Here's the thing: I've been praying for her and her family all day because her life is in danger right now. This is the time that I fear more and more for her life. Rice is murderous right now.He has been publicly shamed; he's lost his job; and he is cornered. Batterers reach for their favorite targets in this place... I am praying and crying... And I will tell you that I am really, really sad at the women who are saying things like, "well, she was a gold digger, so she got what she bought." There is a sickness I can't even engage in the midst of all the death of Black Life. Let me just say: Black Women's Lives Matter. They MATTER.
NFL: I can't swallow what they are saying. The all powerful NFL,and Rice's own team,the Ravens, they just NOW saw the video...yeah right. For shame. It's my opinion people mentioning Janay Palmer marrying him, even after this heinous act, are missing the point.
Police reportedly have a video that shows Ray Rice knocking his fiancee Janay Palmer unconscious.
:: Praying for restoration, healing and peace for Janay Palmer-Rice and Domestic Violence victims everywhere. I pray that their voices will be heard. That the find the strength to not be silenced. That they are able to escape their harsh realities. That they one day find the love that GOD describes in HIS word. I pray that their self-esteem will increase and that they will one day soon know and understand their worth. I am also praying for the abusers. I will never understand why they do what they do but that will never stop me from praying for them. May peace and love reign.
A shocking new video showing Ray Rice brutally punching his wife Janay Palmer has surfaced, angering NFL fans around the country.
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Very concerned for Janay Palmer Rice. May Ray Rice not take it out on her for what has happened to him today. Abusers never take full responsibility for their actions. Can you imagine being on top of the world one minute, then lower than dirt the next minute? Keep them in prayer.
I have a question. Well 2 questions. Why did it take this long for the Raven to let Ray Rice go. 2nd what the *** is wrong with Janay Palmer. She get knocked out by Ray and she married him. Where is her mother. Is the world going crazy. Now he got fired he will blame her and kill the poor girl. Of course, it nots Ray Rice fault.. My advise get the *** out of there Janay.
Ray Rice Apologize to his wife Janay Palmer for knocking her out and dragging her out the elevator like a doll. Ray Rice apologize to the public, fans, Janay...
I am no more outraged today than I was on the day the Ray Rice fiancee beating scandal first broke, because I have been operating under the belief that, as seen in the initial video, the reason Ray was dragging her limp body off of a casino elevator was that he had viciously cold cocked his girlfriend on the elevator, thus rendering her unconscious. Apparently I was virtually ALONE in that belief. Today, via TMZ, the internal elevator video emerged, SHOWING Ray Rice did, in fact, viciously cold *** his then girlfriend, rendering her unconscious. Judging by the wave of public outrage, and the increased penalties handed down by the NFL (indefinite suspension, up from 2 games) and his employer, the Baltimore Ravens (unemployed, previously...employed), it is evident that the events which transpired inside said elevator were a mystery to many. I would like to conduct an informal POLL. Please respond with the answer that best applies to your belief about what had happened inside the casino elevator, prior t ...
The Detroit Lions are to the New York Giants As Ray Rice is to Janay Palmer
Yet the victimization continues because the burden of proof continues to be misplaced. Why didn't Janay Palmer simply dump Ray Rice? If he was that bad, she wouldn't have married him. But that's even more victimization – another part of what The New Yorker describes as "a deep cultural misunderstanding of how violence operates. We assume that victims incite abuse, or that if the situation at home was truly threatening they would leave." Here again, it's on the victim. It's the woman who should take action. It's the woman who needs to solve her own problem.
People finally realize Janay Palmer is a victim. Before the full video, she was Joe Frazier beating the *** outta
By now, most of you have seen the latest video of Ray Rice throwing a punch at Janay Palmer, and before we get into the sheer brutality of the despicable act—and what the ...
If y'all want to do right by Janay Palmer, respect that she might not want the visual of her assault shared.
If in anywhere of your analysis of Ray Rice brutally assaulting his wife you find a way to point out what Janay Palmer 'should've done'
Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens running back, seen punching then-fiancee Janay Palmer inside an elevator in a new video released by TMZ Sports on Monday.
Defending Roger. . Janay Palmer isn't looking to be abused; just dominated by a man she loves more than ever for...
People, stop supporting these *** !! Wife beaters & animals abusers have NO PLACE in the
Feel free to read the full transcript as well (w/ annotations).
Janay Palmer. You just got your *** kicked by Ray Rice. What will you do now.? Marry him?? What a ***
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Janay Palmer condones and supports Domestic Violence. She defended him with the NFL, and married her attacker after the fact.
. Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and Janay Palmer walk into a casino elevator...
Obama is to America what Ray Rice' pimp hand is to Janay Palmer.
.once she married Rice, police lost Janay Palmer as a witness. No Palmer, no case. No doubt Rice knew that.
New footage of Ray Rice punching his girlfriend, Janay Palmer
Wow, Warren Moon was devoid of class on It took a follow up q for him to show any sympathy for Janay Palmer.
Janay Palmer Rice has to be protected even if she doesn't want to be. Domestic Violence victims need help
I don't have to personally know Janay Palmer Rice to have compassion for her as a human being.
I don't know Janay Palmer but as a human being she shouldn't have been treated like that by any man
(continued) We have also transcribed Rice's press release IN FULL. Take a look!.
.made some comments about Ray Rice's apology yesterday Agree/disagree?.
Why Roger Goodell needs to address Ray Rice issue
Roger Goodell must be more transparent about Rice suspension, future disciplinary actions: (via
Hopefully both Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Rice are seeking help. Just because she is still with him doesn't mean she doesn't need help.
brushes off peoples pain. Janay Palmer Rice Dahkota Brown He needs to step down
Real talk I hope Janay Palmer is okay.I want to hear her side of things and see how she's holding up.Thoughts & prayers to her!
Domestic Violence is complicated, we are here to support Janay Palmer
There is something very wrong with how Janay Palmer's voice has been dismissed, ignored, and belittled in all this. That bothers me, deeply.
I find it fascinating how unwilling many ppl are to allow Janay Palmer to take accountability w/o dismissing her and belittling her.
It's gonna be interesting to watch the rapid back-pedaling from multiple sides when the real Ray Rice/Janay Palmer elevator video leaks.
Personally I've loss sympathy for Janay Palmer and that's how things will stand.
I don't understand how Janay Palmer, could marry a man who degraded her so lowly. No amount of money is worth your dignity.
Perpetrators of partner violence usu. follow patterns. So do the conversations we have about famous abusers via
I thought the government was supposed to protect citizens from themselves. well no one protected Janay Palmer from rice
the government is supposed to protect people from themselves. No one protected Janay Palmer. Not even her parents
...Janay Palmer was not married to when it happened, but now she is..$$$ Couldn't have had anything 2 do with that could it?
Ray Rice took questions from the media for the first time since a video showed him dragging his unconscious fiancée, Janay Palmer, out of an Atlantic City hotel elevator back in February, finally giving the public apology people have wanted out of him for months.
Ray Rice apologizes to Janay Palmer; this will be annotated soon!.
Ray Rice spoke to the media for the first time after his two-game NFL suspension was handed down for his physical assault of his now-wife Janay Palmer
Ray Rice appeared contrite in today's media address. You'd like to believe he was sincere
I Worry That I Know How the Story Ends for Ray Rice and Janay Palmer - No gifs for this one, just going to...
More on the Ray Rice extended mea culpa by
On the IONA magazine Lunchtime Chat Today! Ray Rice and the situation with his now wife Janay Palmer! What are your thoughts?
Ray Rice contrite, passionate in apology for Domestic Violence incident
said had no control over suspension, but able to plead to Roger Goodell with beaten wife Janay Palmer next to him? sure, no control
practice has wrapped up. We should hear from and soon. Janay Palmer is expected to be by his side
will finally apologize publicly to his wife Janay Palmer? Ray Rice Ravens Live Stream: Watch Online presser.
Perpetrators of intimate-partner violence usually follow recognizable patterns
Does anyone on earth care about Janay Palmer . the picture is painted America hurt a women any way u want nobody cares
U know if Ray Rice hit DBs like he hit Janay Palmer, he would've got that extension!
.is worried she knows the end-story for NFL player and Janay. Tales of abuse usually end badly. htt…
Too soon? Ray Rice welcomed back with standing ovation via As a Steelers fan, I'm OK with the 2 games.
"And then nobody learns anything, and we do it all over again." RT
wait, since I'm ignorant/misunderstand the situation, before the uppercut, Janay Palmer was NOT in the wrong for striking Ray?
So I am especially thankful that wrote this: And very thankful for
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shame on him. Wait, does not the street go both ways? What happened to the outcry that Janay Palmer wasn't prosecuted???
"The test is two questions long, and yet, so many of us still flunk it." on intimate partner violence
What really happened in that elevator between Ray Rice and then-fiancée Janay Palmer:.
You're right-Janay Palmer should have walked away, as should Solange, Elin Woods, Jennifer Capriati, & Anna Benson
This week, the NFL issued a pitiful 2-game suspension against Ray Rice, the Ravens running back who earlier this year punched out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer and was seen on surveillance tape dragging her unconscious body out of a hotel elevator. Many critics responded by saying the NFL was sendin…
Jones is on the floor more then Janay Palmer.
Ray Rice and wife Janay Palmer held a press conference on Friday after he was able to strike a deal and avoid jail time for assault on her back in February.
Ray Rice made his first public comments Friday since his February arrest following a physical altercation with his now wife, Janay Palmer. His attempts at what should have been
*Looks like Ray Rice is getting off without any major punishment for Domestic Violence charges. In February, he beat up his fiancee Janay Palmer -- who he
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is facing a suspension for his role of his hitting Janay Rice (formerly Janay Palmer), his fiancée at the time of the incident and now his wife, and his statement on Friday likely won't ease the way he's viewed by the public.
After months of speculation, Ray Rice and now-wife Janay Palmer are finally speaking out on the violent incident that occurred between them in a New Jersey Casino back in February. At the time, sec...
Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice apologized to his fans, and the children he'd let down for the incident between him and his wife in an Atlantic City Casino. He said they are learning a lot from marriage counseling . Rice says he hopes to one day regain our trust. Janay Palmer says she loves her husband. She said they are working individually and as a couple in counseling. He spoke for about 7 minutes from some notes he'd put together on his cell phone. He didn't take questions on the advice of his legal team. I didn't expect him to take questions since his future still lies in the hands of the NFL, but others were troubled by it. Does that bother you?
running back Ray Rice will speak at a 3 p.m. news conference today at team headquarters, his first public comments since his arrest in February. Janay Palmer, who married Rice in March, will also take part in the news conference.
Eyebrows were raised recently when Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice married his fiancée, Janay Palmer, a day after he was indicted by a New Jersey grand
Any opportunity to talk to a Ravens decision-maker these days always includes a question about the status of running back Ray Rice. Harbaugh said the Ravens weren’t surprised by Rice’s indictment last week and noted that it really doesn’t change anything. Harbaugh said Rice will have to deal with the consequences of his actions, but the organization is proud of the steps that he has taken since his arrest. Harbaugh mentioned that Rice is doing a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes, and that includes getting counseling with his wife, Janay Palmer. The two were married last week.
Ray Rice married fiancée Janay Palmer last week - shortly after he was indicted by grand jury in New Jersey.
ESPN ticker: "Ray Rice married Janay Palmer on Friday. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports." this is why nobody likes ESPN or schefty
Ray Rice married Janay Palmer yesterday. That should help Rice during his trial. A wife can't be forced to testify aga…
Ravens RB Ray Rice got married Friday to Janay Palmer, 1 day after being indicted for assaulting Palmer. (via
Ray Rice got married Friday night to Janay Palmer. Ceremony had been planned for couple of weeks. Got in…
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested on assault charges following a Valentines Day dispute with his fiancee Janay Palmer. The event took place...
NFL Football Star Ray Rice caught on video dragging his fiancee Janay Palmer out of Atlantic … via
Updated: Former Rutgers RB Ray Rice and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, arrested ... - The Star
Police say running back Ray Rice and his fiancé Janay Palmer were both arrested on simple assault charges early Saturday morning after an argument between them turned physical.
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