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Jana Novotna

Jana Novotná (born 2 October 1968 in Brno, Czechoslovakia) is a former professional tennis player from the Czech Republic.

Martina Hingis Martina Navratilova Steffi Graf Simon Barnes Greg Norman

is Jana Novotna in the heptathlon the daughter of the tennis player?
The Czechs have a heptathlete called Jana Novotna.
Why is the name Jana Novotna so familiar?
Never more so than in 1998 when Jana Novotna finally won :).
Jana Novotna, for one, should take issue with Daily Mail's misguided remark about yesterday's Wimbledon final being…
On his first try at Wimbledon, yes. Playing Federer there wouldn't have helped. Jana Novotna was simi…
Years ago (before your time) Jana Novotna cried at Wimbledon Final and the Duchess hugged her.This is S…
OTD 1997 - 16 yr old Martina Hingis became the youngest Wimbledon winner in 110 years by beating Jana Novotna in women's fi…
in 1997 Martina Hingis at age 16, became the youngest in 110 years when she beat Jana Novotna in the wom…
That game was a relief but the whole match is reminding me of Jana Novotna. Tears before bedtime?
Crying and Wimbledon finals make some of us remember Jana Novotna.
do you remember watching Jana Novotna? My family were just talking about that yesterday.
Jana Novotna would say it was lonelier when you're about to win...
V Williams collapse must be biggest since Jana Novotna's collapse against Graf in 1993 when she cried on duchess's shoulder
I would like to see it go back to the wood racquets. To see the touch put back in tennis. ~ Jana Novotna
1993 and Jana Novotna's tears on the Duchess of Kent's shoulders. So glad she won in 1998.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yayuk Basuki againts Jana Novotna in quarter final 1997. Although lose I'm so proud of her
My first & only visit to Wimbledon in 1998...saw an early round of Jana Novotna, and she went on to win…
More it's 20 years since Hingis won her only Wimbledon championship, beating Jana Novotna
I was so hoping would do a Jana Novotna and *** defeat from the jaws of victory.
and Jana novotna was a fashion icon for me
I think no matter what you do you go through stages when you play. The...
By a mile. Jana Novotna had a nice serve & volley game too, but a brief presence.
"Seems like most of the kids today are into other sports other than tennis." - Jana Novotna
I think Jana Novotná is a great summariser too, hope she will be coming this year
I was maybe only 13 or 14 when I started to play junior tournaments.
I just wanted to play tennis. I started because I wanted to pick up an...
'Choking made easy' by Thiemo De Bakker, special forward by Jana Novotna
bcoz im old timer. Steffi Graf had an interview where she said samething after *that* jana novotna match
If Djokovic somehow loses this, it will suprass the GOAT choke of Jana Novotna.
Tempting fate... but Federer looking a bit like Jana Novotna with the head band at this stage of the match.
Her partner already has 10 titles in Slams. Her only title came with Jana Novotna in 1998, when she swept all the Slams.
When did Jana Novotna come out of retirement?
Bulldogs making Jana Novotna look composed right now - c'mon Doggies you've got this
Martina Hingis. Could watch her play tennis all day. . Hey remember playing her and Jana Novotna in Eastbourne? .
Williams had never lost to Vinci and the closest she got was winning 7 games! she is the new jana novotna
Serena Williams , never lost more than 7 games in a match to Roberta Vinci about to get rolled in the spirit of jana novotna
Amazing article from Simon Barnes on - what South Africa can learn from Jana Novotna:
Simon Barnes: What AB de Villiers and his boys can learn from Czech tennis player Jana Novotna
Trust Simon Barnes to reference Jana Novotna for South Africa -
Nice piece by Simon Barnes. Greatest choker in competitive sports of all time - Jana Novotna..?
Next up - the Capriati and Clijsters classic of 2001. When Kim succeeded Jana Novotna as the choker par excellence...
Jana Novotna / Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario / Todd Martin / Mary-Jo Fernandez. Great players who had the worst of times...!!!
1997: Martina Hingis, at 16, is the youngest Wimbledon champ in 110 years with a win over Jana Novotna. cc
Nor me! Watched a classic between Steffi Graf & Jana Novotna the other day - shriek-free, no toweling-down after each point etc
Why some people choke and others panic. There was a moment, in the third and deciding set of the 1993 Wimbledon final, when Jana Novotna seemed invincible. She was leading 4-1 and serving at 40-30, meaning that she was one point from winning the game, and just five points from the most coveted championship in tennis. She had just hit a backhand to her opponent, Steffi Graf, that skimmed the net and landed so abruptly on the far side of the court that Graf could only watch, in flat- footed frustration. The stands at Center Court were packed. The Duke and Duchess of Kent were in their customary place in the royal box. Novotna was in white, poised and confident, her blond hair held back with a headband–and then something happened. She served the ball straight into the net. She stopped and steadied herself for the second serve–the toss, the arch of the back–but this time it was worse. Her swing seemed halfhearted, all arm and no legs and torso. Double fault. On the next point, she was slow to react to a ...
Even on the distaff side, it's all war at the baseline. Beginning to miss the likes of Jana Novotna and Martina Hingis.
STRICTLY COME DANCING – 2013 THE FINAL Successful bets. My grandad used to say, ‘there’s only one winner, that’s the bookies. Me fatha wor a bookie, never sober for three years . . .’ And so over the following decades I was wary of the turf accountant at the top of the avenue near The Churchill pub, these the days before the lottery and the Internet. In the years that followed I made about £1.40 when Red Rum won The National for the third time, the same when Dunfermline edged the St Leger, £80 when Tim Rodber scored the first try in an England/Scotland game and £160 when Jana Novotna won Wimbledon. So was I tempted to have a bet on Saturday, Ladbrokes offering Susanna as the odds on winner (11/10), Sophie second favourite, Abbey at 6/1 and Natalie Pro at 10/1? The only gut instincts I had were that the GBP wouldn’t voat for a ringer, and they didn’t, in spite of her impeccable dancing, and that popularity does succeed, look no further than Chris Hollins and Lewis Smith, hardly a dance ...
Jana Novotna v Steffi Graf in the '93 Wimbledon Final.
The only winners I cheered for winning were Jana Novotna, Goran Ivanisevic & Serena 1st time.
Bartoli wins 1st Grand Slam title at her 47th attempt - breaks Jana Novotna's record of 45
The doubles team of Martina Hingis and Jana Novotna
She looks like Jana Novotna, doesn't she?
Male versions of Jana Novotna and Chanda Rubin could very well be engaging in a pretty amazing tennis match at Roland Garros right now.
They are the Jana Novotna's of the AFL. The after party in telsta's telephone booth for all their fans will be very somber.
North Melbourne are the Jana Novotna's of the AFL
Is Richmond football club as disgusting as everyone believes or are they just unlucky?
First day of tennis this year preparing for a tournament :)
Jana \j(a)-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced YAH-nah, JAN-ah, JAY-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Jana is "God is gracious". Feminine form of John; Slavic variant of Jane. Roman mythology: Jana was the wife of Janus. Tennis celebrity Jana Novotna. Jana has 11 variant forms: Janah, Janalee, Janalyn, Janalynn, Janceena, Janica, Janna, Jannah, Jannalee, Jannie and Janny. For more information, see also related names Jan and Johnna. Baby names that sound like Jana are Iana, Jena, Jaena, Jann, Janae, Janea, Janay, Janai, Juana, Joana, Jayna, Jany, Jania, Jaina, Jeana, Jiana, Jina, Yana and Jona.
Learn more about who is now coached by former player Jana Novotna
What is your favourite tennis legend? For me is Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna and Martina Hingis:)
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Feb. 16 This Day in Sports History: Feb. 16 Happy Birthday: John McEnroe (1959) 1961 – Elgin Baylor of Los Angeles scores 57 points to lead the Lakers over the Detroit Pistons 129-106. 1967 – Rick Barry of the San Francisco Warriors scores 52 points against Chicago at Fresno for his second consecutive 50-point game. 1969 – Alex Delvecchio of the Detroit Red Wings gets his 1,000th point with an assist in a 6-3 victory over the Los Angeles Kings. 1970 – Joe Frazier retains his world heavyweight title with a fifth-round knockout of Jimmy Ellis. 1972 – Wilt Chamberlain of the Los Angeles Lakers becomes the first player in NBA history to reach the 30,000 point mark during a 110-109 loss to the Phoenix Suns. 1992 – Martina Navratilova becomes the career singles titles leader by beating Jana Novotna in three sets in the final of the Virginia Slims of Chicago. Navratilova, with her 158th career singles championship, passes Chris Evert, who retired in 1989. 1992 – Chicago's Michel Goulet becomes the ...
Q112::The women's legends doubles semi-final match between American Martina Navratilova and Jana Novotna of Czech Republic and Nathalie Tauziat and Sandrine Testud of France at this years french open was first of what? (nikk)
Can anybody tell me what the 1950 world cup Brazilian team, the 2010 boston bruins, the 2003 chicago cubs, the 2000 philadelphia flyers, 1984 chicago cubs, the 2003 boston red sox, the 2007 new england patriots, the 1978 boston red sox, Kyle Brotzman, the 2000 portland trail blazers, the 2002 san Francisco giants, the 1969 baltimore orioles, Billy Cundiff, Jana Novotna, 2009 Brett Farvre, the 1942 Detroit red wings, the 1986 Boston Red sox, the 1968 Baltimore Colts, the 2008 Memphis basketball team, the 1999 Buffalo Bills, Fred Brown in 1982, 1999 Bayern Munich, Gary Anderson in 1998, the 2007 New York mets, Nick Anderson, the 2004 New York Yankees, Greg Norman, the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies, Chris Webber, Bill Tilden, the 1993 Houston Oilers, John Carney, and the 2012 Toledo Mudhens all have in common? Zach Leach Garrett McEnaney Ben Rome Spencer Branco Shea McEnaney botsford Tj King Zackery Mcardle Keenan Yakola Nick Taber
Is the love child of Greg Norman and Jana Novotna?
Somewhere, Greg Norman and Jana Novotna are getting out the brandy, trying to drown out the sporting gods as they watch Andy Murray.
Back from Catalunya — in Londinium now — off to the Olympics! Tennis at Wimbledon: No.1 Court: Martina Hingis / Jana Novotna / Martina Navratilova / Lindsay Davenport. We are SO lucky! :-
Another boring Wimbledon ladies' final! Traditionally, the ladies finals has always been boring, and over-shadowed by the power-packed quality game evinced in the men's version (traditionally in the quarters and semis!) The last exciting ladies' final I remember, is the rain-interrupted Conchita Martinez vs Martina Navratilova game, back in 1994 - and possibly those few games involving Steffi Graf and Jana Novotna, again in the 90s.
Also spotted with Martina Hingis,Martina Navratilova at the audience seats are Virgina Wade,Tracy Austin & Jana Novotna
I always told u Steffi Graf was better than Jana Novotna ;)
For the Tennis fundis/lovers. This could be weird indeed. The 3 Czech Republic players Martina Navratilova and Petra Kvitova are both left handed. Jana Novotna, I could have sworn she was left handed too. Anyone out there! If yes, then pretty freaky.
Perhaps, Lendl would remain the best player never to win a Wimbledon. From the current gen, perhaps, David Ferrer will be considered the best ever player not to win a French open, all because, there was one Nadal who was just a notch above him. This bundle of grit and energy has everything, from talent to strokes to match any pne on clay, but, just the timing of his peak has coincided with Nadal. Poor Ferrer, hope, one day, he will prove my fear wrong and turn out to be the "Jana Novotna".
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