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Jana Kramer

Jana Rae Kramer (born December 2, 1983) is an American actress and country music singer. She is perhaps best known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series, One Tree Hill.

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Now playing: I Got the Boy by Jana Kramer at
Jana Kramer is performing at the Alameda County Fair tonight and I wanna go but it's going to be too *** hot :(
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Jana Kramer - I Hope It Rains on listen all day everyday!
Jana Kramer has a reason to rave about her ex.
omg Jana Kramer is releasing new music!!! Not too many details unfortunately, hope she has a good label!!
Anyone want to go see Jana Kramer with me tomorrow ?
Jana Kramer Can't Keep Her Hands to Herself in Sexy Tango, Earns Her First Perfect Score on 'DWTS' -
Jana Kramer casts aside differences with ex on Father’s Day: ‘You’re an amazing father’
Jana Kramer took the high road and penned a note to her estranged husband over Father's Day weekend. LOOK:
In the over budget house. So many good people to narrow it down, hmm the chicken, Keno, carrie underwood, Jana Kramer, Billy currington,
Jana Kramer is the most underrated celebrity. She's so pretty.
I might go to at Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, CA - Jun 21
Jana Kramer pens special note to estranged husband
You got me spinnin' like a wheel, oh how you make me feel. — Jana Kramer
Jana kramer is coming out with new music soon😻
Jana Kramer writes sweet note to estranged husband for 💓
Great to see them putting their daughter first
Now playing: I got the boy by Jana Kramer (Live at the Grand Ole Opry)! Click here to listen {
I don't know how anyone could ever treat jana kramer badly or be mean to her like she is a literal goddess
Would die to have Carrie underwood legs and Jana Kramer hair
She poured her heart out into this...
Jana Kramer singlehandedly makes me want to kill myself
Jana Kramer pens emotional note for estranged husband Mike Caussin on Father’s Day
Can someone be a good friend and accompany me to the Alameda County fair Wednesday to go see Jana Kramer get a little typsyband ride rides
No matter what happens in a relationship, the kids are most important. knows this:
Jana Kramer - Why Ya Wanna on listen all day everyday!
Just heard a song from Jana Kramer I swear she just knows how to get my in the feels
Jana Kramer - Circles on listen all day everyday!
Sure, Jana Kramer is a singer, actress, songwriter, but her role as a mother trumps all.
I still believe in getting lost in someone's eyes and talking for hours. -Jana Kramer
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I can't get this Jana Kramer song out of my head 😭😭😭😭
Jana Kramer - Whiskey on listen all day everyday!
Fame and fortune are nice, but when it comes down to it, for Jana Kramer, being a mom was better than all of it.
We hope and all of the rest of country music's moms have a happy Mother's Day!
Jana Kramer wishing all mothers and mothers-to-be a very happy !
To two hearts that define something i feel in my heart Mrs Jana Kramer u r carring to having much more. Happy mothe…
This was her true calling all along!
LOVE that she is singing in French! She also looks like the French version of Jana Kramer (Alex from One Tree Hill)
Watch Jana Kramer’s Tearful Speech: “This man just broke me down to absolutely nothing.” via
To all moms-to-be : Jana Kramer reminding you to not let ruin your 1st
I added a video to a playlist Jana Kramer - Whiskey (Official Video)
I'm listening to I Got The Boy - Jana Kramer on American Veterans Radio!
"I've always felt like there was something missing," KramerGirl admits.
"I've always felt like there was something missing," admits.
I wish Jana Kramer would bring out another album .have you heard her albums Sophie? X
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Jana Kramer and Chase Bryant for Spring Concert this year .. Wish it was different country artists coming but this will do!
I wish that you would have Jana Kramer on your show! She has a new movie coming out soon! For the hallmark channel
" I like your mustang. Sexy hot twang. Country friend chicken is a beautiful thing." -Jana Kramer
"I like boots,you, your drunk tattoo. Drivin' in the country when the daffodils bloom" - Jana Kramer
🆘 someone go to Jana Kramer concert with me tonight in linc
Giving two tickets to Jana Kramer away for tonight at the Bourbon!!!
I'm going to at Eichelberger PAC in Hanover, PA - Ap...
Catch Jana Kramer w/ Belles & Whistles Thursday at Listen for free tix from Lizz -or- go here:
I've make that mistake, I've let you crawl back in, but now I don't have the heart to fall for you again ~Jana Kramer
You only want me when you're lonely. You only call me when you're down. But you can't have me now. ~Jana Kramer
Some of my WCW: Jana Kramer. Trisha Yearwood. Martina McBride. Man oh man talk about some beautiful women that can sing😍
Want to MEET Jana Kramer before her show THIS FRIDAY at The City Center?!?. 'LIKE,' 'SHARE' and 'COMMENT' on this...
The best you've never heard Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy
'I Got The Boy' by Jana Kramer is a thirty track
I'm very committed on trying to marry Jana Kramer one day 😍😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If anyone wants to take me to see Jana Kramer at Bourbon tomorrow, I wouldn't be opposed to going with you 🙂
I Got The Boy by Jana Kramer makes me so annoyed for her ex bfs wife.. like no you're an irrelevant high school ex, they're married, bye 👋🏼
Jana Kramer will be filming a movie for the Hallmark Channel USA in Canada over the next few weeks.
I don't! But I'm a huge Jana Kramer fan so I just look up her performances on YouTube. She's the one who danced to Waitress!
I'm sorry guys, but please vote for Jana Kramer if you watch Dancing With The Stars.
Wow, I think I've been sleeping on Jana Kramer. She's out of this world attractive. 😍
'Dancing with the Stars 23' results: Was Terra Jole, Jana Kramer, or Calvin Johnson eliminated?
Someone explain to me how Jana Kramer made it into the finals on DWTS.??!!😑😷
Jana Kramer rules they need to be in the finals
Jana Kramer Run off poophead , your music is stinky.
It's decided, all I want for Christmas this year is for Jana Kramer to love me 🎄
If Jana Kramer doesn't make it to the finals on I'm gonna be so sad :/
Jana Kramer slayed that dance, tomorrow mornings breakfast and every *** on the planet with that dance
Wait but Jana Kramer just killed it!!
Jana Kramer killing it on dancing with the stars
Dancing the Paso Doble, Jana Kramer and her partner Gleb Savchenko, featuring Alan Bersten.
It’s down to the final five. Who do you think will dance away with the trophy? Like Jana Kramer!
Really want Jana Kramer to win DWTS but holy cow that was AMAZING!
why am i just now realizing that Alex on OTH is Jana Kramer???
We'll be watching & voting! Good luck to our favorite celebrity on the Semi-Finals tonight!
Jana Kramer is competing in the semifinals of She grew up in Rochester Hills MI and attended Rochester Adams High School.
on a other note, jana kramer is the annoying girl at school - so pretty, poor me wah wah, insecure. I had to change the channel.
Really really really hope Jana Kramer tours next year
Dancing the Quickstep, Jana Kramer and her partner Gleb Savchenko.
Dancing with the Stars: Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko Dance Spirited Quickstep for…
Jana Kramer on Dancing with the Stars >
Jana kramer's raw emotion is fueling incredible performances and Gleb is one of the sexiest male pros... Finals!!
I agree with I hope Jana Kramer makes it the finals too!
‘Dancing with the Stars’: Laurie Hernandez, Jana Kramer own Showstoppers Night -
'Dancing with the Stars 23' results: Was Ryan Lochte, Marilu Henner, or Jana Kramer eliminated?
Jana Kramer's estranged husband Michael Caussin is speaking out for the first time since the couple announced their separat…
How Selena Gomez and Amber Rose are helping Jana Kramer tap into her 'sexy' side on
We seen Jana Kramer perform at the Wild Bull Saloon!
My niece saw my group photo with Jana Kramer so I asked her to pick her favorite and she chose and every time😕
I wanna hate you, I'm mad as *** oh but a part of me still loves you, and hopes and prays to God you're doin' well. -Jana Kramer
On now: I Got the Boy by Jana Kramer, from Thirty One
No woman should have to suffer through abuse but Jana Kramer explains why she did...
I absolutely love the song love by Jana Kramer 😍💖
I'm telling you, they just need to give the trophy to Jana Kramer and call it a season!
The part that surprised Jana Kramer the most about Dancing with the Stars has nothing to do with dancing.
ICYMI: Jana killed it again this week on DWTS!
In Los Angeles there's, like, this awful image because the girls are so skinny. I don't think i
"Circles" by Jana Kramer. Every star in the sky. Every hello and goodbye. Every moment by your side. Is the meaning of my life
Okay change of music mood-now in a Jana Kramer mood after rewatching an old OTH episode😌🎧
Jana Kramer is such a huge inspiration to me and I absolutely love all her songs they always put me in a good mood❤❤
Jana Kramer "I got the boy" co written by Jamie Lynn is perf too and u can def always count on dolly 🤔
Jana Kramer on surviving abuse: ‘I want to show my daughter what a strong woman looks like’
Jana Kramer reveals her first husband was abusive and tried to kill her. LOOK:
DWTS' Jana Kramer considered suicide after abusive ex-husband tried to KILL her
Jana Kramer(shocking secret: My first husband tried to kill me
Jana Kramer Says Abusive First Husband Tried to Kill Her Opening up about her past to help others
Jana Kramer Says she really feared for her life.
Country singer (kramergirl) reveals her first husband tried to kill her.
Country singer (reveals her first husband tried to kill her.
Jana Kramer talks about her dark past with her first husband.
Jana Kramer delivers a powerful performance in her “Circles” video. =)
Hernandez, hinchcliffe, and Jana Kramer will go far
Jana Kramer, Gleb Savchenko bring big-time sexy to the 'DWTS' 2016 ballroom [video] - Blasting News
I swear Jana Kramer has lived the life I dream of! Played on OTH, is a country singer, and is on dwts 😍💃🏼
Jana Kramer I thought I was in pretty good shape, but my entire body is sore – from...
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Jana Kramer 'Circles' video about estranged husband? -
Is nervous for her her ballroom debut on One word: Yes. 💃📺
That fact that Jana Kramer and her husband are no longer together makes me legitimately upset💔
People are searching for: jana kramer - - September 13th 2016
Me: that Jana Kramer chick is hot. Me, after finding out she's 32:
Because I knew of Jana Kramer of a singer first, seeing her act is weird.
My night took a turn for the worse so I'll watch Jana Kramer do the waltz one more time
.stuns in her 'Circles' music video:
I want to be as pretty as Jana Kramer :((
Jana Monday nights got 200 times better 😊
I agree, Jana Kramer is a beautiful girl and she doesn't need to over exaggerate her sexiness. It was way over the top 😁
I had to re watch Jana Kramer performance on dwts she is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
why did I not know jana kramer played Alex Dupre on oth?
YAS BRUNO! Finally someone with accurate scoring. Jana Kramer killed it!
Jana Kramer is amazing. Definitely the reason I'm watching this season
Jana Kramer, that viennsse waltz was so sexy I think she is a huge competitor for the mirrorball already
Jana Kramer is so freakin gorgeous I'm jealous
Jake T. Austin and Jana Kramer are on dancing with the stars 😍😍😍
ICYMI: and her husband, Michael Caussin, have reportedly split:
FULL AUTOMATIC for BLOGGER BLOGSPOT Jana Kramer reportedly splits from husband…
Country singer Jana Kramer is splitting from former NFL hubby Mike Caussin
Jana Kramer called me cute and pulled me on stage w her 😍
Jana Kramer & Mike Caussin have separated after a year of marriage. 💔
convert short rss to FULL CONTENT Jana Kramer reportedly…
Wouldn't want to do Jana Kramer with anyone else 😜💕 thanks for…
Jana Kramer has separated from her husband Mike Caussin
SIKE if im drunk enough lol. I'm a fan of carrie underwood, Jana Kramer and a lil bit of Sam hunt
Jana kramer is literally so good looking
I Got The Boy - Jana Kramer // I got the first kiss & she'll get the last. She's got the future & I got the past.
Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin have reportedly split and a source says she's 'devastated':
I can't help but think about my ex after hearing about Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin splitting up...
NO!! Reports are saying has split from her husband 😭
BUMMER!! I hope all works out! Sening prayers! Husband Michael Caussin Reportedly Split
Jana Kramer and her husband of 15 months, Michael Caussin have reportedly split after a little over one year of...
Country singer Jana Kramer splits from her husband while he’s in rehab
Jana Kramer Separates From Husband Mike Caussin: Country singer and actress Jana Kramer has...
The rumor mill is saying that Jana Kramer and her husband have split. She's an extraordinary level of beauty.
//Going to see Chris Janson the 17th then Thomas Rhett the 26th and then in Oct. Im going to see Jana Kramer. Nov. Prob going to see MGK😂😂
Yo, can we talk about the fact that I'm just now realizing that Alex Dupre is Jana Kramer
Shorty and I ready to see Jana Kramer (or Alex Dupré if you're a true fan)
Just put 2 together and Jana Kramer is Alex Dupre. What
Lol I'm just now realizing that Alex Dupre from OTH is Jana Kramer
Shoulda just called it like I saw it, shoulda just called for help and ran like *** that day. -Jana Kramer
I'm kind of a gypsy, so I love living out of a suitcase and going from...
After watching twice I'm back to binge watching Grey's & its the episode with Jana Kramer. She looks so little & cute.
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The fact that Jana Kramer is in Knoxville right now and I'm not 👎🏼
Jana Kramer is here and has hit the stage!
This is the best now playing Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy on
I should have went and saw Jana Kramer tonight 😓
Really excited about seeing Jana Kramer I have idoled her since OTH. Kill it
Tonight at the Jo ... .musician.. . Jana Kramer ..shoukd be awesome!
Jana Kramer does not get enough credit
Getting ready to see Jana Kramer in Knoxville! First time at cotton eyes joes!
I did not know Jana Kramer plays Alex Dupré in OTH!
I so need meet and greet for Jana Kramer!
Getting to the venue at 12:30 has its advantages, I'm this close to the stage for Jana Kramer
I can't wait to sing my heart out to jana Kramer all night long
1. I love Jana Kramer, but I didn't like Alex Dupre. Idk for me she seemed unnecessary to the shows plot line and just didn't do it for me
hm...haven't made my mind up, sitting in recliner debating. JANA KRAMER GONNA BE @ the Joe!
Excited to go see Jana Kramer tonight because she's a great singer, but I'm even more excited because she was on One Tree Hill 🤗
I don't understand why Jana Kramer had to be mean on One Tree Hill. I've really been struggling with her since then.
could you play some Jana Kramer that would be awesome thank you
Finding out Jana Kramer is married was definitely a low point for my week
was this you at the Jana Kramer concert in Louisville ?
I cannot wait to see Jana Kramer tonight.
Gonna be weird seeing Jana Kramer tonight since I only look at her as Alex Dupre
holy crap Jana Kramer is in Friday night lights 😍😍
Just want to see OTH Stars Bethany Joy & Jana Kramer in concert this summer, some1 join !
Coming up shortly, Jana Kramer, Keith Urban & Rascal Flatts. Listen at
Trapper John and Mark Phillips getting ready for Jana Kramer. Day 2 of OTR in beautiful FRISCO!…
The secret to Jana Kramer's post-baby body? Hard work and Spanx. A lot of Spanx.
Just made the connection that Alex Dupre from One tree hill is Jana Kramer the country singer... I love her 😍
Hi Gladys, Old Dominion, Dustin Lynch and then Jana Kramer. Hope that helps!
Watch serenaded Baby Jolie with a 90s cover:
Going to be fabulous if it is like what they have been airing with Ashley Monroe, Jana Kramer, Michael Ray, & HH!
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Why you wanna make me keep wanting you? - Jana Kramer
Check out the adorable video that Jana posted to Instagram.
Watch: serenades her baby girl with 90s hit So cute!.
WATCH: sings baby Jolie to sleep with '90s hit:
kinda upset that they were written out. But it's the season w Jana Kramer- so that's fun
Jana Kramer sings a sweet 90's song to her baby!
Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy listen, like, share at
Jana Kramer sings baby Jolie to sleep with a 90s hit we love 💕
WATCH: Jana Kramer Sings Baby Jolie To Sleep With '90s Hit: Looks like Jana is doing great after bec...
.serenaded her daughter with a 90s cover. WATCH:
For Jana Kramer, rehearsal and rocking her baby to sleep are one and the same.
Weeds and wildflowers by Jana Kramer is amazing
what happens if you get the class ring and the wedding band, Jana Kramer?
Who wants to go see Rascal Flatts with Jana Kramer at Denny Sanford PREMIER Center on April 14th? You know the...
Jana Kramer - The Big 98s Battle for the Bones Halloween Music Festival in Nashville
On a Jana Kramer kick because of OTH and I can't get off of it😬😍
CELEB BLOG: Jana made it to her third trimester - and yes, she's still nauseous: http…
for Jana Kramer I Got the Boy. Fav for Jamie Lynn Spears How Could I want More
I got the boy by Jana Kramer just really hits the feels
The left me wantin’ more feeling when he kissed me, shoulda just called him whiskey. -Jana Kramer
I got the first kiss, she'll get the last, she's got the future and I got the past. -Jana Kramer
ranking of women I dream about rubbing lotion on my back on a beach. 1- Rachel from friends. 2-Kacey Musgraves. 3- Jana Kramer
This is why is great "Jana Kramer stops by to have her baby" 😂😂😂
1. Shirtsleeves by Ed Sheeran, Somebody That I Use to Know by Glee, Love by Jana Kramer, Beautiful Day by Michael Buble, For the First Time
Jana Kramer and Austin Nichols just showed up on Friday Night Lights. 😍
Rock out against breast cancer with Joe Nichols and Jana Kramer as they perform at AutoNation’s first Cure Bowl...
Lots of love for Jana Kramer and Chris Janson.
Did you think I'd let you, somehow get the best of me, with some pretty little lies ? 🎤🎧 Jana Kramer ❤️🎧🎤
I'm in love with Jana Kramer, Robert Buckley, Nathan Scott, James Lafferty, Seth Cohen, Matt Saracen, and the list goes on and on
Jana Kramer is prego and folks keep touching her belly. Ladies do you let folks touch your pregnant belly?
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Hot *** i friggin love country jams. & Jana. I Got The Boy by Jana Kramer, found with Listen now:
Happy Birthday to so sexy country singer Jana Kramer 32 December 2nd
Happy 32nd Birthday to mommy to be, Jana Kramer!
Jana Kramer sand Whiskey on the OTH I watched today & that was the highlight of my day tbh
Can I just say the chorus to "whiskey" by Jana Kramer is top 5? you can never not scream it at the top of your lungs. It's involuntary.
On that note, be right back, going to drown myself in whiskey, while listening to "whiskey" by Jana Kramer.
I mean, take a song like Jana Kramer's "I Got The Boy" (about the wistfulness you feel when your first love gets hitched to someone else)...
But now I'm hearing Cam on the radio. I'm hearing Jana Kramer. I'm hearing Kelsea Ballerini. Kacey Musgrave has a new album...
Our girl Jana Kramer turns 32 tomorrow! Spend some time w her mixtape tonight! =>
Jana Kramer is in Greys Anatomy I never knew that!!!
Jana Kramer your songs are hitting the spot!
Wed, 02 Dec 2015, let us all send Jana Kramer the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((32)
I don't even care if I've never dated anyone, Jana Kramer's "I Got the Boy" is my JAM.
Jana Kramer is highly underrated. She is my girl 😍
I added a video to a playlist I Got the Boy (Jana Kramer) Piano Lesson Chord Chart
When ever I hear the song What I Love About Your Love by Jana Kramer, I think of Chris Keller.
Jana Kramer's new album comes out today and I get to see Garth Brooks tonight! What a day to be a country fan! (:
Eating Chinese at home while my family is back stage at the concert hanging with Chris Young, Jana Kramer, Michael Ray, and Stephen Neal 😐
also v jealous of and for seeing Jana Kramer tonight
Jana Kramer is pregnant and doing jumping jacks on stage. U go girl
so sad I couldnt stay to see Jana Kramer at the big e 😫
Jana Kramer just called out some guy and told him he's single bc he's not there when a girls need him
a little wet night but Jana Kramer keeps us warm
you know it's a good day when you get payed for supposedly looking like Jana Kramer 😻😅
drove 5 hours, got stuck in the rain, got lost, it's freezing, but we met Jana Kramer in her trailer…
I got the boy by Jana Kramer is my fav jam 😍
Jana Kramer if you're watching this it means a lot thank you for everything you do. :)
I don't like a lot of girl country singers but Jana Kramer can sing 👏🏽👏🏽 😂
Someone come see Jana Kramer with me tomorrow 😭
Country artist Jana Kramer shows fans a deeper side of her with latest album 'thirty one'.
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whenever I hear Jana Kramer on the radio I will always think of Alex Dupree
RECAP - WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA - Eastern States Expo welcomes today -
My cousin s plays guitar for a living and he is now playing for Jana Kramer. Yea Yall boys be jealous!
Aw I adore/love Jana Kramer so much marry me pls thx
One Tree Hill star and singer Jana Kramer surprised the kids today at Baystate Children's Hospital…
you know you wanna hook me up with meet and greet for Jana Kramer ☺️
Yea :\ Though Jana Kramer did have a t5 single. It's sustained support from radio that's been at issue. Maddie & Tae beat (c)
Jana Kramer is at my rotation site today!! ❤️🇺🇸
We got the scoop on fave beauty products and her GENIUS 5-minute routine:
Coming up this weekend... Jana Kramer, Bridgit Mendler, Collector Car Experience with & DJ Paris Hilton!
So excited to see Jana Kramer tonight at the Big E but so mad it's raining and gross out !!
Coral Springs Center for the Arts to Host 'Country Christmas' with Jana Kramer & Craig Wayne Boyd, 12/18... .
Last year fall fest was Jana Kramer, this year is Chris Keller... I just want or pls
Seeing him on Oct 3rd. he's on the bill with Jana Kramer and Chris Young !
Jana Kramer glistened in Badgley Mischka last night at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. htt…
For you One Tree Hill fans, here's all you need to know about Jana Kramer's concert re-cap.
it happens :/ my best station would either be Jana Kramer mixed with brooks and Dunn or Jason Aldean's
Here's Jana Kramer with followed by on 99.3FM KKDQ Thief River Falls, Minnesota
Tommy talks to Jana Kramer next after the Cadillac Three!
It's all about the ladies! Also got Jana Kramer on 99.3FM KKDQ Thief River Falls,
Jana Kramer is the exact definition of perfect
In this next set, we're gonna hear one from The Wilburn Brothers along with the new one from Jana Kramer, George...
Jana Kramer in Lorena Sarbu green dress at the 2015 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday June 10, 2014 in Nashville.
: | Jana Kramer in Lorena Sarbu at the 2015 CMT Music Awards in Nash…
Okay totally crushing on Cassadee Pope, Jana Kramer, Danielle Bradbury, and Maddie right now. *** girls! Looking good!
Seeing Jill & Jana Kramer all in one day what could be better!!! @ The Rustic
Sorry fellas, Jana Kramer is officially off the market! Jana married football player Michael Caussin, in a small...
Congratulations to Jana Kramer & hunky hubby, Michael Caussin. The couple married last Friday. I LOVE that Jana...
Jana Kramer is officially a married woman
Congrats to Jana Kramer! She married her Michael Caussin this weekend in Virginia and looked stunning!. Think you...
WFMB Radio: Congrats to Jana Kramer and now husband Michael Caussin...they made it official...
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